Friday, October 2, 2015

Najwa Karam's Former Husband And Tour Promoter Beat Her Up!

It seems the modest and soft spoken music tour promoters Youssef Harb likes to beat up women. You may know Harb as the tour promoter based in North America from Lebanese origin whose name is enough to get all the A list artists to drool. Now it seems according to one news report, the well-known promoter used to beat his spouse singer/diva Najwa Karam. Karam and Harb got married in 2000 and got divorced in 2003.

Najwa said that in one account, she raised her voice on Harb who did not like it one bit and charged to assault the lovely Lebanese diva. In Harb's world, the wife should not raise her voice over her husbands so long as he is able to protect her and provide for her. Those comments were made on a talk show "Awa'el" with host Rima Nejim. We all know how proud Najwa of what she has accomplished and that she takes shit from no one.

The whole marriage was strange for a number of reasons, Harb was already married and he comes from a different faith than Najwa (this is a huge deal in Lebanon and many places) Harb is still a big name in Arabic music and live concerts. He has a reputation for sleeping around with female singers who come to him for his brand name and his expertise.   


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