Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saudi Singer Ismail Mubarak @ismaeel_mubarak Charms The City of Cairo

Saudi singer Ismail Mubarak went to Cairo for a concert and it seems he was a huge hit over there too. Not too many Khaleeji artists feel they are famous in Egypt--frankly they do not have to be anymore goes to Cairo. Two decades ago, they would have been asked to go to Egypt and launch their career. But thanks to Satellite TV and the internet, they do not have to be anywhere in particular.

Though many singers form the Khaleej like to go to Cairo for concerts. Since droves of their fans live there--most would be natives to the Khaleej area. So a concert in Cairo is something cool to do. In this case Ismail Mubarak used the footage from his concert for his music video. I like this young artists and his warmth. He seems like a poet whose voice gives a needed hug.

I like the verse in the song "My love to you has no limits, there's no one but you, and I love you forever!" This must be nice to be on the receiving end of these beautiful crafted lyrics.

I like this song "Habibi" It's a sweet song that shows the depth of his fame and talent. Tons of his fans lined up to takes selfies with this charming singer. While many Arab artists dream of singing in Saudi, Ismail is doing the opposite he sins in Saudi but he also can have a sold out concert in Egypt. Ismaeel seems like a nice man who is fun to be in the same room with. There's an Iraqi singer who is a popular name in the Khaleej, I think Ismaeel has bested him with this song and this style.
Ismail Mubarak ... Habibi - Video Clip | اسماعيل مبارك ... حبيبي - فيديو كليب


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