Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ali El Haggar Remains Egypt' Most Real Singer

He may as well be the Morgan Freeman of Egyptian entertainment. His voice has been telling the Egyptian narrative for more than three decades. He breaths Egypt and has pretty much performed in every venue in that country. He has ruled the radio airwaves, the cassette market and then the movie soundtracks and dozens of highly rated TV dramas.

It seems Ali is ready for more music as he has been signed by Pyramedia to produce music for him. His son is also signed for the same label for a music project as well.I know this when it comes to a mannly voice with a strong vocal showing, Ali is the name to come up.

See his song below where he does a romantic song with an incredible warmth and an Egyptian beat. El Haggar may have never been a bankable name but he has two things most two stars dream of. He has the respect for the audience and the businesses. And he has the name recognition that crosses age groups and countries.

06 Ali el Haggar - Mn Gheer Matetklmy / على الحجار - من غير ماتتكلمي

Bollywood Mega Star Shahrukh Khan Meets His Arab Fans

Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan visited Dubai one more time for the film festival this time. He does own a house in that city where thousands of Indians live and work. He is India's leading bankable star whose name is as good in America and it's at home. He dances, he romances and when needed he blows stuff up.

At his press conference he spoke about arrogance of love. Dubai celebrated Indian cinema for a 100 year of magic, for that event dozens of filmmakers and starts from India showered the city with their love. He is a Muslim whose wife is Hindu and somehow they find a way to raise their children with love and respect for both faiths. He makes more movies than other mega star anywhere in the world. I would say he shoots at least four films a year or so it seems.

"I love Shahrukh Khan from the bottom of my heart," said the Dubai socialite Meena Ramchandani. "My friend called me and said she had a spare ticket so I rushed here in 15 minutes.
"I wanted to get a blow-dry but I thought forget it. I just have to get here and see him."

Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/news/uae-news/shahrukh-khan-captivates-fans-in-dubai#ixzz2GSpt0h5R
Dressed casually in jeans, trainers and a black jacket, and with his hair swept back in a ponytail, Khan was in town to promote his coming action thriller Don 2, which is set for release on December 23.
His last visit was with his costars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma on November 13 for the world premiere of his romance directed by Yash Chopra.

شاروخان يخطف أنظار العرب ElaphVideo·790 videos

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mandatory "Egypt, I Love" Song By ZeeZee Adel

I love Egypt and I want nothing in return  I love its people, their stories and their big hearts and their unmatched sense of humor. I want nothing back for my unconditional love for this land that's dear to each Arab and Muslim out there.

I want nothing but the best and I want to see Egypt rule the world, I want to see their work celebrated and their products all over. It's with that love, I wish they would just chill and let democracy work. Give your president a chance, you voted him in for four years. You cannot take that back form him. I am certain he now hears you. there is no reason for violence and clashes. please

For that, here's a song by ZeeZee Adel, the Egyptian girl that many swoon over her when she appeared on Star Academy. She sings for Egypt, and about her love for it, not her love for a single party or faction.

ZeeZee Adel YA Masr

I'm Digging This Algerian Yasmine Song ياسمين - خدني وروح

I have no idea who this songstress, but I know she has it, whatever it is. I am liking this beat and her vocals to this freshly upbeat rack. You get your dance music, the dreamy tone and I am good to go, the song comes in the beloved and romantic Lebanese dialect.

She is Algerian,  a student of business who loved to sing and was influenced her her uncle who is a famous Algerian singer in France. She released her debut song in 2011, and it's the song below. I call is a fun song with the word catchy written all over it. I like the Spanish bulls sequence.

She had Randa Qideeh the well known Lebanese director shot her music video. Also to cement her skill,s Yasmine has gone to school to study music. I say give me more please. I like this song and people seem to have nothing but nice things to say about this single.

Yasmine - Khodny W Rooh / ياسمين - خدني وروح

The Odd Ball Track By Grandpa Crunk

I am confused by this track, I do not loath it, but since I am not too big on clubbing, I might be missing something. 'Grandpa Crunk' returns with an original banger with long-time emcee DJ Fulo. Fulo from Spanish speaking Panama delivers a chant style sing-songly delivery of the Arabic/English phrases he heard frequently as he lived and taught English and Spanish in Dubai.

Backed with production and direction from Grandpa Crunk, Fulo rides a solid mixture mish-mash-up of Jazz, Soca, Merengue, Bass Hip-Hop, Dub House, and Urban House with a splash of the Afro-Orient giving the track an interesting Eastern yet Western feel - re-creating Fulo's description of the music in Dubai clubs such as Copacabana, Boudoir, Zinc, Kasbar, Vu's Bar, African Star, Bollywood, and Garage Club. In doing so Grandpa Crunk created a flava' distinct enough for play from taste making Mad Decent "citizen of the world" DJs such as Uproot Andy, DJ Vamanos, and Chief Boima.

Alhamdulillah literally means 'Glory to God' and is used by Arabic speakers of all faiths. Fulo created the chant used in the song after the experience of hearing folks in Dubai state "Alhamdulillah" commonly as well as in religiously. The chant also incorporates other commonly used phrases heard in Dubai.

Alhamdulillah Dubai - Grandpa Crunk featuring DJ Fulo (radio rip)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mohammad Assaf Tonight On Arab Idol Brings The Sizzle محمد عساف يا طير الطاير

I am in Gaza right now and happy to report that the Palestinians in there are talking so much about the Arab Idol participant Mohamed Assaf, the folks love this young Palestinian artist who has a rare talent for performing real music live--the guy is a blast, his voice is a riot and even though he is young he has a unique way if making people happy. Tonight is the night he is supposed to make everyone fall in love with him. He has already secured the love of people watching the show...there are other talented people on the show. But Assaf is the whole package.

He is the old school and cool all at once.He is young, but he knows the stories and the songs of those people who came before us. He is smart, sharp, and energizing.  I would have said  he is ok. But to be frank he is a rock star whether or not he wins the title. He brings so much joy in the room. The young love his charm, and the older love his grace and his energy.

He has already had to defend his patriotism (wearing the scarf from Palestine and talking about the prisoners , his faith (reading the Koran and talking about prayer) and his art. He has survived it all. He is classy and we know it.

محمد عساف يا طير الطاير - Arab Idol

Listen: To Ameer Salah 2013 Single امير صلاح شو في ما في 2013

Most people who are young and living in Jordan will greet you with this phrase, "Shu Fi Ma Fi" it's a combination of what's up and what's happening. But for one young Jordanian singer trying to make it in the world of pop music, he took that phrase and turned into a song. a song that was written by Mohamed Bouchnaq.

The young voice is Ameer Salah, he recorded his song in a local studio and released for the public. Ameer has been doing local concerts in Amman with old covers, this is his debut song. It's a happy dance song that will fire up the crowd, a good career starter.

 امير صلاح شو في ما في 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's Cute! Hamaki Gets A Squad Of Cheerleaders

Fans are crazy, and they would do almost anything to get the attention of their favorite star. But some Egyotain stars form some kind of an ultras, or cheerleaders who would follow them everywhere, cheer them on and praise them. Some call it an entourage, others call it a lame attempt to be the center of attention.

The fans I am talking about here, are an organized group that wears matching t-shirts, get in for free and always drum up the event for any entertainer. Tamer Hosny may have invented this tactic, but others have copied him soon.

No doube, there are loads of fans of Hamaki, he is a cool star, but he is no prophet and he is a pop star whose sole act is to bring joy. He should not form a gang of young and confused souls who want to look cool. Just see the young man shouting and making Hamaki feel like a million dollar.

تحية الترس حماقى للفنان محمد حماقى

Listen: مكس تيب - أسلوب مقدسي | Osloob Maqdsi - Mixtape

Palestine won't be liberated because you made a rap song for it, but the rap song will liberate you. Free people can bring about change. This is why I try to promore good rappers, not the attitude and the swag, but the art itself helps some people tell their stories.

The group is called Osloob Maqdsi or Jerusalem Style. A rapper tells his story of growing up in the city of Jerusalem. It's very telling the rapper is for resistance and he speaks volumes about both the Israeli and the Palestinian politicians.

I really learned new stuff about Jerusalem--like young Palestinian growing up listening to music in Hebrew. The song drums the beat of Arab nationalism and unity. Listen to their mixtape below and tell me you are not moved.

 مكس تيب - أسلوب مقدسي | Osloob Maqdsi - Mixtape

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Brightest Star Among Them All Is Balqees Fathi

Being a Yemeni woman, a gorgeous one too but waiting to sing is not a very conventional path. It's certainly not the path of least resistance. The daughter of a beloved composer did her first singing in her school, then a radio executive asked her to do a radio show Tarab style songs. She did and then things started to come her way when she met contemporary composer Fayez Al Said.

Her voice might be the most colorful among so many stars, she feels authentic, and her emotions seem sincere. You really cannot bluff your way through the songs she chooses to perform  she has the artistic chops to bring complex musical experiences.

She is a refined soul who doe snot fake her personality, if she has something to add, she does it. If not she doesn't try to be something she is really not. Now she she is a beloved star in the Gulf region, she has set sight on Lebanon--where she shoots music videos and has few friends.

Her youth and lean figure do wonders, but her first asset is her voice and her temperament  In few short years, she has organically claimed her spot in the pop scene. I love the poetic songs she gets to perform  And she is engaged and soon to be married Nayef Hazazy to one of the Saudi Arabia' finest soccer stars. She does confess to rotting for the UAE soccer team though.       

Balqees Fathi - Ya Hawa بلقيس احمد فتحي يا هوى

WATCH: Arwa - Marhaba (NEW 2012) / اروى - مرحبا

Arwa have had a slow 2012, most stars have but the Yemeni starlet took time off to have a baby girl--Nora. The star of the Gulf--Khalij is ready to reclaim her spot on top of the charts. I feel we kinda of missed her sweet pop songs with a catch dance beat.

Below, you will fine her latest single, she released it prior to her taking time off before her pregnancy started to show. "Hello" is the name of that single. Well, Hello back Arwa.

Arwa - Marhaba (NEW 2012) / اروى - مرحبا

A Good Song, Jury Is Out On The Music Video Wassim El Naggar - Fokek / وسيم النجار - فوكك

He has a good voice, nice dance moves, he is animated and dresses well. He is a young Egyptian pop sensation that goes by the name Wassim El Naggar. He is out with a new single made for dance. I like the beat. It's exciting for young talents to see their first music videos, always has been this way.

He has a style and she held his own ground in the music video--he did not make it into a nude show which is refreshing. I just feel the music video could use some better lighting and a better story perhaps. I know the teen girls and young women will find the music video to be fun. This is a clip about a guy telling the girl she is driving him mad.

I feel good about Wassim who is unafraid to come across as a goof ball, he is just out to have some fun and being himself. He has two outfits, the one he wears at the club and the sport outfit from a guy who likes cars. So this is the balance. the soft and the rugged looks are all in one place. The lyrcis are light hearted and seem to have been written by a relative of Wassim. The music is the work of the singer himself.

Wassim El Naggar - Fokek / وسيم النجار - فوكك

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video: Rola Saad Sabah Tribute Song رولا سعد في كليب ساعات ساعات

Sabah has moved mountains to entertain the masses across the Arab world. This time Sabah gets a tribute song done by one of her young friends and protegee Rola Saad. A classy cover for a classy song about a women who feels lonely or abandoned.

I did not think this is the best cover for the song, but I know one thing Rola is loyal to Sabah and her legacy. A walk on the beach is all what the Lebanese golden girl wanted to do. I love the mixing of the Rola Saad footage with that of Sabah from the original song.  

The song closes with Rola Saad sitting along on empty theater house watching a Sabah picture, and then a quote about the life of the living legend Sabah. I think the song will bring some joy unto the lives of those fans. As for Rola, I think the song could have been a little better production. But the low production value make you think you are hearing the original recording.

My general  rule is don't mess with the classics, you may get burned in the face by the purists and the loyalists. Unless you know you can add something, do not even think about it.

رولا سعد في كليب ساعات ساعات

Friday, April 19, 2013

Watch: Cairokee Ft. Zap Tharwat Bring Down The House

Appearing as guests on the popular and provocative news satire show with Bassem Yousef, those artists brought down the house. Cairokee is the firm believer in the power of the people of Egypt and what they can do. Zap knows how to entertain one's senses and deliver some of the finest raps. Their latest collaboration offers an entire platform for alternative music, the Arab world has never met before.

Together they have put forth a song about holing one's ground, a call to the activists and the idealists to hold their ground. You call for justice, they call you a lowlife. Amir Eid (Vocals, Guitar) did a very fine job with Cairokee, he has taken it from a small garage band into the headline making band. Activist through music is nothing new, but Cairokee has a lot of stories to tell.

Not only does the band make great music that is capable of impressing even Western audience, they also find heart-filled lyrics. Zap brings his A game, he is Egypt's biggest rapper--and perhaps biggest household name. Zap keeps his eyes on Egypt, but he has never forget about Palestine. They want you to be an alternative person...he raps. Zap has also tackled issues of drugs with another singer, he seems to be opne to working with any star whom he shares a message with.

Cairokee Ft. Zap Tharwat Esbat Maknak From Basem Youssef Show - كايروكى و زاب ثروت

Karim Mohsen, The Egyptian Pop Kingmaker

Funny how life works, Kareim Mohsen had a boy crush on then hot record artist Tamer Hosny, he  chased him down and hoped to work with him one day. Tamer gave Karim a shot and listed to his amazing melodies. Tamer would become one of closest friends in the business. Tamer would work with Kareim Mohsen and get his best and finest melodies. Karim would even appear in a number of films for Tamer Hosny.

Karim becomes one of Tamer Hosny's entourage member. Karim branches out and gives some of his melodies to other names in the pop business. Karim would go on and make his own album, months before Egypt starts a historic revolt. Tamer Hosny's stocks drop, and he is no longer the mega star he once was.

Karim Mohsen would keep quiet and tried to push his own record, he does many concerts in universities and malls around Egypt, and he would press on as a composer for the young voices striving for something fresh and dancey.

His first hit came in 2006, after the release of his hit single Yalla Maa El Salama with singer Shady. But Karim wanted something more so he began by composing many hit songs for various Arab singers such as: Waeid Aalia for the Egyptian singer Zizi Adel, He also composed Kan Feen Min Bardy for Khaled Selim. Karim became more prominent as a singer, actor and composer after his collaboration with singer Tamer Hosny. In 2008, Karim worked with Tamer on his "Haeesh Hayati Album". Karim composed four songs: Kol Ely Fat, Taaba Kol El Nass, Haeesh Hayati and Beyhsedoni Aaleek. He also composed the English song "Come back to me".

Karim Mohsen - Ehlawet El Donia / كريم محسن - احلوت الدنيا

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Listen: Mostafa Mezher Is Crying Romantic Man مصطفى مزهر - اشتقت لكل شي فيك

This song is not for me, but Roa loves it so very much. Mostafa has a great voice, and I think ti shows in each of his few songs. I am just not in the habit of enjoying grown men who like to cry for love. I might trying to be tougher than my real self. But this song will move your heart and get you to recall earlier memories.

It's hard to tell the nationality of the man behind the song, but not knowing much, he sounds like a Lebanese lover boy. But Jordanians have been doing similar style songs in the past two years. The young man who a million dollar smile delivers a romantic hit. Plus he has a great hair, so he might be getting the media love.

Keep on mind, he appeared on Star Academy 5th season. He is Lebanese who has grew up in the Saudi Kingdom and educated at the American University in Beirut.

Mostafa Mezher - Shta2et La Kel Shi Fik / مصطفى مزهر - اشتقت لكل شي فيك

WATCH: Marwa Ben Sghaier-Je t'aime (studio)مروى بن صغير-

Marwa came from a relatively smaller Arab country, Tunisia and she took part of the Star Academy music reality show. She left with a huge impression as her romantic and dreamy voices truns even the toughest human being into butter. Her Arabic cover of Fayrous and other classics were dazzling to see the least. But her singing in French opened Pandora's box.

 While Marwa has huge following and the name recognition  she is still not a mainstream success  This is not her own fault, but I am award that she is still engaged in the music scene. Marwa is a fragile artist with delicate feelings, she is no business manager.

Check out her latest song in French, as she performs the song in studio. It makes me feel something--even thought I have little idea what her words are saying. I feel she is confessing how much she adores someone, am I right?

Marwa-Je t'aime (studio)مروى بن صغير-

Video: Good Looking Make Romance Worthwhile

He is Ahmed Ezz, the most handsome and tallest Arab actor. She is Donya Samir Ghannem, she is an Egyptian beauty and fashionista. They made a move last year and it was supposed to be the ultimate love story where good looking people take a swing at love. And in those movies, the good looking ones seem to have a limitless supply of cash to afford them the upscale life.

To make the movie a better experience, the voice of Wael Jassar wrapped it the movie and its promotional song. Too bad the movie tanked so bad--it was not a bad movie it was just released when we were talking about the Arab Spring.

I love Wael and his style, he is an adult in the room when you need one. He sounds like he is giving you his heart on a platter each time he sings. He is a true believer and a dreamer who caters romance. At this point, I think Wael should abandon his warm style for a minute and do a fun song. He is great at what he does, but diversification is always a great idea...in this volatile world we live in 

Wael Jassar - Nekhaby Leih / وائل جسار - نخبي ليه

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Slow And Creamy Romance Of muhannad Khalaf

For a pop star starting out, getting good music is tough, so Muhannad Khalaf did not have to work hard, the music for his new single sounds like a demo music with some affects--I like. The guy sounds like he has a pop game, but this is not 2007 anymore. Average voices do not have a fighting chance. Muhannad does have a pop persona and good looks. He just needs to find that one special song that makes him standout

I would like to think that this young singer is a charmer, but the song does not show him as such. He is based in Ramallah Palestine and sounds like he lived somewhere in between Lebanese and Egyptian pop. Muhannad is trying out a career in music, he gets gigs and local concerts often. Many pop stars do not really have much better vocal strength than he does.

He will be seeing ringing in the new year in the West Bank in what's has been promised as a big music event.
اغنية مهند خلف - وانا بين ايديه | النسخة الاصلية

Hady Aswad Comes With Surprises اغنية هادى اسود - حبك مات - جديد 2012

As a person who comes from Palestine, I have grew up appreciating the Bedouin dialect--sometimes it's called the white dialect. Its' the mother dialect where Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian come from. This might explain why I have enjoyed the new single by Hady Aswad.

Hady was the students who appeared on Star Academy first season--he was turned down. He mhad better luck in the second season in Amman Jordan. Like most, he has enjoyed music since he was a little boy--me too! He hails from Damascus, but moves to Lebanon to refine his music education.

He trained with the star Academy coaches and made few friendships along the way. He was dubbed as the singer with surprises, he came third in that competition. He does romantic and warm songs, but his latest single offer a lot more passion and dance music than he had done in the past.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Listen: Best Arab Single From Tamer Ashour تامر عاشور - بنحبها يا قلبي

Not in a million year, I would have imagined the guy behind some of the most serious and mos dark pop songs would be the same guy to also bring a happy song. Tamer Ashour, for those who know him is a doctor of pain, he helps us manged and navigate through the world of pain induced be failed relationships. His level of maturity and the style of his melodies heal the soul and cure the heart.

But this is the time for him to do a happy song, Egypt needs a lovely catchy tune that gives them a break from all those troubling times. Tamer Ashour rose to the occasion and crafted one of his finest songs to date. Ever time I think Tamer has finally reached his highest point, only to be surprised a month or two later with new material. Material that makes the other previous stuff pale in comparison. So now you know I am a fan of this seasons and sure thing hit maker.

I am ready to call him one of the few Arab singers/composers that have a perfect understanding of two things. The first, his fans, he knows what they want. The second, he knows how to translate all his ideas into catchy songs. He does not need to go to another person to translate his ideas. Instead Tamer writes his own music and picks winners. Just look at his new romantic dance single released last week.

Tamer Ashour - Ben7ebaha ya Albi

Listen: PSY - New Song GENTLEMAN Pop, Dance And Viral?

That's South Korea, Dennis Rodman. "Gangnam Style" rapper PSY has released his new song "Gentleman," and while its fast and familiar beat isn't quite as catchy as his mega-hit, be forewarned: He's unveiling the song and a dance affiliated with it live on YouTube Saturday at Seoul World Cup Stadium. So we ain't seen nothin' yet. But here's the song:

The odds are stacked against an artist hoping to achieve success in pop, but if success does come, then building it into a lengthy career rests on recreating the series of happy accidents, coincidences and right-tune-right-time-right factors that secured the initial burst of interest. That is why pop history is strewn with decent but disastrous second albums. But for novelty hits, and internet memes, and collisions of the two like Gangnam Style, the theory is condensed and accelerated. Psy does have a secret weapon, of course. Amazing as it may seem Gangnam Style did not succeed on musical merit alone and was as much a meme as it was a pop hit, helped by a video that was so strong that it even worked without any music.

I could see this song   being picked up around the world just because PSY is the cool thing he has become. DJs and clubs around the world will cheer this hit-maker and wish he would never go away. But the question is will those short-attention span generation stick with PSY. "I can't tell you about the dance but all Koreans will know this dance," the rapper told a local TV station. "But [those in] other countries haven't seen it." The release of a creative and appealing music video by PSY might prompt the fans to fall in line.

PSY - Gentleman [OFFICIAL] + LYRICS!!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Listen: Hot Single Assala - Ma Tghiar Shi2 / أصاله - ما تغير شيء

She went to Qatar for this song, a live performance of a never heard song by the Syrian diva cum political activist and TV hostess. She fears no-one and she she knows her way around a live orchestra in a multi-million dollar concert hall.

The stars in attendance are many, but I saw Amal Maher sitting next to Angham chatting as they sat in the audience enjoying the music of Assala. Note, those older men who hog the best seat in the house.  This is an epic poem turned into a classy song by the lady with grace.

I love the music, it's so well-composed and actually does something new by reaching back in time when such music was the only way Arabs knew. It's a triumph for the many of us who like live songs with original content. Those are nearly impossible to make today. It makes one happy and wishes he has more time to listen to this track over and over.

It looks like the night was something to remember  you do not get to see songs like this being made, recorded and made live. This would be the closest thing to us at touching the time when Om Kalthoum took the stage. Prince Badr Bin Abel Mohsen wrote those delicate words, and the music is that of Saleh El Harshy. Whoever really did it, she get a big thank you.

Assala - Ma Tghiar Shi2 / أصاله - ما تغير شيء

X Factor Arabia Latest Stunning Updates

X Factor is very close to ending its successful run, they names of the bands and performers is getting shorter by the week, and I think we have surpassed the half point. Every week, the show loses a band/artist. The Egyptian hip-hop R&B band seems to all but have secured winning the first season--if they do they might be the first band to win such a show in the Arab world

Every act is trying to win the title, each has a story to tell, and each wants that contract, but most of all winning the people and their votes. I feel Ibrahim Abdel Azim from Libya might be in the danger zone. Same goes for the Miraya band, they may also be in the same position.

I feel the Moroccan contestant, Mohammed El Rifi will go far, he is the treat that everyone loves, so mark my word he will be among the three finalists. The same goes for Hossam from Lebanon for starter the show is being filmed in Lebanon and I think he will be in for some time. If talent is the only way, the kid from Oman will be traveling far, the dude is a beast on stage--not a great choice.

Marwa had a good night, and the judges showered her with praises. She got better, but not sure if she has the vocal muscles to shine. Iman had a classical song to cover, I think she did well and owned the song--I loved how she took the song and made it work for her. Each judge loves his/her teams, but this is becoming harder to hide as the list narrows.

وملخص الاداء - العروض المباشرة 4 - vote promo The X Factor 2013

 Young Pharoz - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

ابراهيم عبد العظيم - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

فرقة مرايا - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

محمد الريفي - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 3 - The X Factor 2013

المنتصر بالله - العروض المباشرة - الاسبوع 4 - The X Factor 2013

DOWNLOAD: Massar Egbari New Album البوم فريق مسار اجبارى - اقرا الخبر

Aside from making perhaps the coolest and most artsy and meaning rich album cover, Indie band Massar Egbari makes delightful music, and their new album "Eqra El Khaber" or "Read This News" shows the band has morphed into something huge. Not to mention how the band also has one of the catchiest names MASSAR EGBARI means “Compulsory Detour”, which resembles the society we live in today. They specifically chose this title as it explains how we are expected, or rather, dictated to behave and dress in certain manners. Both, in title and in spirit, the band pokes fun at typical social norms and trends, which is clearly reflected in their music and chosen lyrics.

In 2007 the band made its international debut and has traveled the Arab world (and Turkey) taking their music into new lands. I have come to appreciate their balance in finding good lyrics, and fresh sounding music--while they sound a bit more Western than Egyptian, their stories will always be told in Egypt for some time to come.

It seems that their music constantly gets better, the more live shows they book. They really inject a lot of excitement in the indie music scene  and by the way other than ticket sales and record, they have not gone commercial like doing soda and hair gel ads. This allows them to concentrate on their music, and perfecting their craft. I have also loved how they keep away form politics, yet kept up their connection with the people and their woes.

You get a little funk, a little jazz, some rock and a hell of a ride the minds of the band members have created. I appreciate the variety in vocalists the band features. Unlike many other indie bands in Egypt, MASSAR EGBARI has more than on vocalist who can hook listeners. I love the songs I listened to so far, El-Mroor if funky. The title song plays like a lounge music yet its lyrics are very dark about unemployment. This album is a successful attempt to declare the band's inception into the mainstream.

1 - Mat5afeesh
2 - Al-leal
3 - El-Mroor
4 - Hawei
5 - Adef
6 - Sheta
7 - Egbari El-Msaar
8 - Ana Mawgoud
9 - Eqra2 El 5abar
10 - Adef " Remix "

مسار اجباري - المرور / Massar Egbari - Traffic

مسار إجباري | أنا هويت - من مهرجان زروني كل سنة مرة

مسار إجباري حاجة | ختام منتدى حوارات المصرية

The Muslim Entertainer Mohamed Abbas Is Egypt's New Face Of Indie Music فك الكلابش - محمد عباس

A name one needs to know is the indie artist from Egypt Mohmed Abbas, he is indie because he is that young voice who speaks about social injustice without being angry, jaded or political. And if this is not a delight, he has great music and a very intimate style that we have not heard in Egypt in a really long time. This is a breath of fresh air because Abbas is a popular Muslims Munshid that means he does hymns like songs with religious tone. Those have been popular as more and more networks are dedicated to such material. I welcome him to the ring.

His style is similar to that of Sheikh Imam and Sayed Darwish, while he is brand new, his fans are there each time he performs--he has an upcoming concert in a mall. I am a fan of his voice expresses a great deal of sadness underneath his lines--it's like a not very angry volcano.

The sitting of his music video is the well known Egyptian cafes where people go to tell stories and relax. A charming music video for a wonderful song that needed to be sang. Mohamed is a cool dude in my book. He tells the stories of the people who work hard to get by, there are far too many beautiful tales that needed to be told.

Release me from you handcuff, aka unshackle me is the title of this song from the new comer Abbas. I like the feel good the song brings, it talks about many topics in a poetic style.

Fok El Kalabsh - Mohmed Abbas فك الكلابش - محمد عباس

Times Are Changing Saudi Arabia Is Making Movies Now

Dubai Film Festival saw the screening of a new Saudi film that has competed and won in Europe At the Venice Film Festival. A Saudi film with the title "Wajdah" is the talk of town now. The director has made shorts before but this is her first full feature that has been filmed entirely inside the Kingdom.

The director Haifa Al Mansour who wrote and directed the film--she has also acted in the past. This is a movie to celebrate and learn  from--you really cannot limit the human spirit. Saudi Arabia is a conservative society that has shun entertainment--especially the one where females appear. The Sundance Film Institute has supported the film and the director and helped them get into more festivals.

The movie has German producers, making it the first Khaliji--Gulf film brought by a cultural collaboration between Europe and the Gulf region.

"وجدة" فيلم سعودي في المحافل الدَّوليَّة

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Listen: "Open Letter", Jay-Z Wrote Cuba A Love Song

I’m in Cuba, I love Cubans. This communist talk is so confusing,” Jay-Z raps on the track, which is produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz and goes on to reference Bob Dylan’s song “Idiot Wind.” “[…] ‘Idiot Wind,’ the Bob Dylan of rap music. You’re an idiot, baby, you should’ve become a student. Oh, you gonna learn today.”

“I done turned Havana into Atlanta,” Jay-Z raps in “Open Letter,” which he released Thursday. “[…] Boy from the hood, I got White House clearance… Politicians never did s—- for me except lie to me, distort history… They wanna give me jail time and a fine. Fine, let me commit a real crime.”

“There seems to be some confusion regarding how Beyoncé and Jay-Z acquired visas to travel to Cuba. Just days ago, Jay Carney evaded questions on the celebrities’ trip,”

The U.S. Treasury Department that while it approved for the trip’s organizers to travel to Cuba as part of a cultural learning experience, they were unaware that the couple would be attending, as it is department policy not to require organizers’ to provide a list of travelers.

I am certain that conservatives will go to town on: “I got White House clearance.”

This April 26, One Iraqi Hit-Maker محمد السالم - قلب قلب In A Virginia Concert

He will be accompanied by the Iraqi pop band UTN1 (Unknown To No One) This is the one concert that will bring all the 50 shades of Iraqis and appreciators of the rich Iraqi music scene  living in the Mid-Atlantic region for a fun night of music that the autnicity of the land it draws its inspirations form. This is a popular hit song that took Iraqi by storm "Qalib Qalib" by the lovable Mohammad ElSalem who has toured the world with this song and other Iraqi songs.

He is a hot commodity and this time, the music will be upped as the Iraqi rock band will be to his side warming up the crowd and doing what the love doing best, live music that brings home to those who long for it. The band walks onstage and look like your there to play through your songs and to have a good time as well. They tend to do their rituals and let the audience let you know you're there.

The interesting thing about the band is that they play through each song until you know whats happening each second. They have mastered each song by playing them off by heart and concentrate on what everyone else is playing. Thus, the band members are a good live musician is one that can feel the pulse of the crowd and become fueled by their energy. It takes more than practice practice practice to be a good musician. Some things can't be taught. UTN1 Band-mates were born with the chops for those live gigs.

As for AlSalem, he is the kind of entertainer who talks to the crowd and allows them to be apart of the show. He knows how to just relax and have fun. He is not a a show-off, but he knows that he is the attraction and the audience appreciate that.

Tickets are here

محمد السالم - قلب قلب وين وين فيديو كليب الاصلي HD 2011

يا رايح وين مسافر - UTN1 حفلة (تراث جزاىري) ya rayeh

Maya Diab Releases Some Racy Pictures With A Black Model And The World Freezes

The TV hostess, songstress and pop star Maya Diab is second to none in this crazed world of celebrity. Haifa Wehbe has been hogging the news with the release of her stellar music video. Maya Diab did not want the week to end without getting her name out there, so she took to Facebook and shared some pictures that came with no explanation. Creating confusion, and a lot of pissed off middle aged guys. I am the only one who remembers that sex tape by Kim and Rapper Ray J?  

Mind you Maya is married, were those pictures part of a new music video? mind you some comments have been racist about the model who has a darker skin--keep on mind Maya is not the fairest pop diva of them all. Maya does not mind showing some legs, and short shorts. She knows what works for her, and she does what;s right for her. If you do not like her work--turn off the TV or whatever medium she is coming through to grab your innocent soul. 

 As now we know, the photos were taken during the making of Maya Diab's Video Clip "Shaklak Ma Btaaref Ana Min" photographer Charbel Bou Mansour. snagged them. Too bad, the release of the music video was so botched that not even half a million YouTube viewers saw the clip. The delay and the bizarre press ate the buzz the music video had. Plus no one has 8 minutes to watch a movie disguised as a music video for a mediocre pop song. 

The issue with the negative comments stem from the man's inability to understand a woman except in terms of the only two roles he knows how to assign her: virgin or whore. But this song tells us that there is no room inside the mind of the this in this photo shoot for the notion that a woman might be a friend, a lover, or a partner. So Maya doing sexy might be too confusing for some people. I think people need to understand it all those antics in terms of money--the more pissed off people are, the richer she gets. 

Maya Diab - Shaklak Ma Btaaref / مايا دياب - شكلك ما بتعرف

Video: I Double Dare You To Find A Cuter Duet Than This One

they are a couple that has been matched by a number of random elements. He is a music composer with a dreamy voice. She is a young talent from Syria by the way of the United Arab Emirates. She just finished recording voice over songs for a popular TV drama about the life and death of Syrian icon Asmahan. Then she made this cute music video.

The sweet and super sensitive lyrics aside, the music video is just CUTE. While those two are not actors, they pulled the in love looks so convincingly. It's only natural for the music video to be uploaded by countless users. Waad released a good album where her vocal were put to a great use. Diaa keeps busy making melodies for the finest Arab pop stars.  This song was recorded in 2010, but got a wider release in 2011.

The director did a great job making this music video so cute, it makes you want to be part of the story as you watch ans see the games those in love must play. Filmed inside an upscale villa and you can feel the love from the eyes of those two. Furthermore, the saxophone player who worked on the song is worth his weight gold--thanks to Omran!

Youm We Etnin - Mohamed Diaa يوم واتنين - محمد ضياء ووعد

In The Aftermath Of Muslim-Copts Clashes Comes A Unity Song # Egypt

Songs are not enough to protect Christians in Egypt as sectarian violence shows its ugly face again in Egypt. It is not the first time and will not be the last unless the president and government take serious measures to prevent it

The last few days have witnessed clashes and sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims. These clashes have killed eight people, most of them Christians, and scores have been injured. Birdshot, petrol bombs and stones were used in these incidents. The two incidents in Khosous, Qalioubiya, north of Cairo, and the subsequent clashes at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, highlight the plight of Copts in Egypt after the fall of the Mubarak regime.

It should be noted that Copts suffered discrimination during the Mubarak era as well. No one is happy about this, I am not sure who is waging those clashes and massacres--they are a minority that knows how to make a small situation much bigger. It's a sad day, but Egypt son of the South Aly Hussain has a new and short song about the situation calling for unity under the Egyptian banner--we are one people and the Nile belongs to both of us.

I wish those things do not happen and wish people weren't tribal and prone to emotional outbursts. But it takes time, what it should not take is many lives.

Aly Hussain Nheb Baad نحب بعض على حسين

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Listen: #Egypt Exclusive: Bahaa' Sultan " Deny we Denak " / " حــــصــريا : بهاء سلطان " دينى ودينك

Bahaa Sultan is a Muslim, he producer and mentor is Christian and they are the best friends in the world. When this team saw the massacre in Egypt and the attacks on one Christina Church, they worked around the clock for a song. They were moved and their song came through to move you.

 His song is about bringing worshipers closer, it's about reconciliation and peace. Trying to bring people together, we are always friends and same kind--let's not be victims for other people. Bahaa does not do the knee jerk songs, he is the apolitical figure, but this time is seems very personal to him. Ramy Gamal wrote the music. Moammad Atif wrote the lyrics.

Starting the song with an interview of an eye witness who saw the incidents and then Bahaa picks it up. This is less of a song and more of prayer to appeal for common sense and reminding people of what brings them together. The footage that accompanies the song help create the mood for this toxic topic, one people, religion should not be a wedge issue.

Bahaa' Sultan " Deny we Denak " / " حــــصــريا : بهاء سلطان " دينى ودينك

Would You Wear This Shatha Hassoun Outfit?

Shatha Hassoun knows a thing or two about fashion, she lives in Beirut  but works in Dubai, her hearts beats Iraq and her mind is always on Morocco. She makes good music and her online brand is one of the strongest among her peers. Her fans live all over the world and she often speaks to them via a number of media outlets.

She is often in Lebanon doing media interviews on A list shows, and in Beirut for concerts and events. She also records there. But I feel one of her most recent outfits feels little bit not her own. It looks like the sylist of Myriam Faris has finally got Shatha to wear his clothes. Fashion hits and misses are nothing new. You are a star and you wear something you think looks good one you...sometimes you are right and sometimes you are very wrong.

It's just a dress meant to cover your privates and make a statement. So no big deal, I have seen worse and a lot more revealing. Shatha is on her Turkey for a big project she is not talking about so far. From there she will head to Kuwait for a big wedding where she ha been hired to sing.

Shatha Hassoun "Menou Li Ma 3endou Madi"

Listen: The Voice Of Samer Abu Taleb Lightened Up The Voice اغنية سامر ابو طالب - شئ ميخصنيش

Egyptian raising pop star Samer Abu Taleb has just been eliminated from The Voice, but he might be the only one on the show that I cared for. His confidence and skill make all the difference for me. I love his warm and versatile voice. He has a long range of styles and vocal strength that he has been blessed with. The two music video below will show you some of his finest songs.

He is also a young composer who have studied music. Singer and composer and poet, and music arranger. He came to the music business at first by representing Egypt in the of March art in the age of 8 years. A graduate of the Alkonsr Vetoar And moved him to Higher Institute of Music Aribh Traveled international festivals in Russia, Romania and China.

Prior to joining the show as a contestant, he has released an album, a full pop album with many surprising hits back in 2009. So I am hoping his time at The Voice was well spent and his career will see a revival soon. I was in love with this song of his in my engagement period. I see he has stepped up his game a bit and in a matter of two weeks, he has three new singles out.

Samer just released a new single to create the needed buzz for his upcoming album where he tries to relaunch his career after four years of virtual inactivity. The track show the sad boy trapped inside this mega super star waiting his turn.

اغنية سامر ابو طالب - شئ ميخصنيش - النسخة الاصلية 2013

سامر أبو طالب "غريبة الناس" ‏- #MBCTheVoice

سامر ابوطالب "امانة عليك" ‏- #MBCTheVoice

Rest In Pease Salah Abdel Ghafour, Iraqi Legendary Singer And Intellectual

He sang in Arabic and Kurdish, this way he is very Iraqi. Not too many Iraqi singers have this kind of appeal, not only does both Arabic and Kurd love this talented and popular iconic singer, they have come to enjoy his singing in any language without regard to politics. His last album was recorded three years ago, and he has a number of unreleased tracks he has been working on. On his final days he spoke about the toxic mode in Arabia and the many tragedies that make it very hard to release new music.

Salah Abdel Ghafour is the folkloric Iraqi voice that gave Iraq one of its most hit songs that have come to define Iraqi music for decades, "Shlonak" This song of his is one of half a dozen songs the entire Iraqi nation knows like they know the back of their hands. He passed away in a tragic car accident in the Kurdish city of Erbil. One thing you need about him, even the Americans and other nationals have come to appreciate his music and his songs. Shlonak was later released in Turkey by a pop-folk singer ibrahim tatlises.

He has released 30 albums, he excelled in doing Iraqi styled songs as well as Folkloric dance songs. His first singing gig was when he was eight years old on the Iraqi TV and radio corporation he chose to perform songs of the mega Iraqi legend Nithem Al Ghazaly in 1961 "Rokin El Howa" Amateur Corner.

In 1973 he would join the national theater group and make his own path. In 1977 he want back to school to study music and composition where he learned to play the violin. He stayed in the music institute for six years perfecting his talent. He would become on of Iraq's finest voices for generations and would inspire droves of young Iraqis to make better music. He was the go to guy of Iraqi Maqam music 

To me, he was one of those artists who refused to objectify women and he spoke about it for a long time--he was very critical of sexualized music videos by many half baked Iraqi talents (for more about his opinions read here). He also released many sport songs for the national teams, and has sang for Palestine. A singer, an intellectual and patriot passes away in an accident, what's not an accident is his talent.

Shlonak - Salah Abdel Ghafour

صلاح عبد الغفور حلوة يالبغدادية.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Listen: "We Hacked You Tel-Aviv" Song Released اغنية هكرناكي يا اسرائيل علاء رضا

This is a random song by someone who has little talent yet he sings. His new song is about the anonymous hack operation at Israel. It's a current event song, that mentions even the striking prisoners. Alaa Reda has way too many lyrics for this song and his song is about bragging of the operation.

Do not know where to begin, this singer might be clueless about security systems but that did not stop him from singing about something very complicated. He does drop all kind of social media references and so on. I found this song worthy of being blogged about. President Obama even gets his names repeated in this all over the place song.

Sure the young people would find the track of interest. I do not really know what happened. alaa Reda is not the first to sing about this, but his song seems to have gone the farthest.

اغنية هكرناكي يا اسرائيل جديد علاء رضا 2013 الاغنية كاملة

Bertha Abi Rashed Making Pop Songs For The Fun Of It

The hungry good looking people of Lebanon need to make a living and their favorite route out of poverty and average life is becoming famous. Middle class life is fine for those who like normalcy  but when you are an attractive young women in Lebanon, you are inclined to dabble into pop music, modeling or hosting your very own show on some channel paid for by the rich dirty old men of the Gulf.

As I am writing this, I am thinking one of those voices that meets this category is Bertha Abi Rashed! Young and attractive, voice wise she can carry a pop note. The sound engineers have had fewer more complicated challenges than Bertha. Bertha opened up her song in the very Lebanese tradition of doing a Mawal strong singing without music.

As for the name is interesting --Bertha is an old school name--American and British grannies perhaps. The second part of the name Abi Rashed is kind of cool in Arabic and shows some authenticity. It seems that Bertha got the pop persona out of her system as she has not given many interviews nor has she done any other songs.

Bertha Abi Rashed - Ma Beykfiny Atlak / بيرثا أبي راشد - ما بيكفيني قتلك

Haifa Wore The Same Dress Worn By Britney Spears

It's a slow music news day, but those with too much time on their hands, have pointed out that the Lebanese supernova Haifa Wehbe wore a dress that was seen before on Britney Spears. How do they dig this kind of stuff? Seriously, who has the time?

Nevertheless this is a cool music video, the MJK music video which shot in New York and Haifa sports a number of stylish and froward looking outfits. The two Djs she has used for this song did wonders...Lenz Garcia and Noor Q took the original song and turned it into something any given nightclub would love to play on their busiest night.

Anyhow, Brittney is a global celebrity and Haifa is making her way toward a bigger and global audience.

will.i.am - Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears

Haifa Wehbe - MJK (Heartbeats Remix) By Lenz Garcia & Noor Q هيفاء وهبي - ملكة جمال الكون

Despite Clashes, Cairo International Film Festival Presses On

Violence no violence, the celebrities of the world ain't going to stop a party even if Cairo is on fire. The organizers wanted to party so they argued if we do not hold the Cairo Film Festival this year, we risk the event being taken out of the international film festivals agenda. They had to cancel it last year due to the brewing political and social climate.

So the 35th film festival saw the light despite the many hiccups it had--like the minister of culture forgetting his speech and a number of clashes few blocks away. More than fifty films were screened, certainly half of them did not have audience.  Few international filmmakers were present and you will see some of them speaking to the camera. North African cinema was alive and well in the film festival.

Joe Bou Eid won the best director category about his movie filmed in Beirut about his parents love story. and A French film won the best film.

cairo film closing 20121213

The Cute Song By The Sandy About Her Boy Toy

Sandy knows why she is popular, the way she dresses and the way she sells her ditsy image. From the get go, Sandy went for the people who like sexy, she gave them that. Her songs are fun pop songs no classics. She does have a natural limit and she seems to stick to it.

But when it comes to dressing and being bold Sandy has always pushed the envelop. But she is also smart, she toned it down the moment the Arab Spring arrived. She still shows some skin, but no playboy fantasies. She has never shied away form the competition, she took on the older pop divas and challenged them. Sandy has also entered the Lebanese pop domain where the image is as important as the performance.

Her album was released in the summer, and it has few good songs--simple songs with a catchy tune. but one of the underrated songs on the album is the one below. Sand has now been doing pop albums since late 2007 and she has consistently gotten better. She has transformed herself from a one note-one style wonder into more serious songs.

In the song below Sandy shared her trouble with the boy she is sing, she cannot seem to keep up his word

Sandy - Malosh Kilma / ساندي - مالوش كلمة

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bassem Yousef Gets A Guilt-Trip Song On Hafez TV

A conservative Egyptian TV is taking the Freedom of Speech argument to ridicule the funny man of Egypt. Hafez TV has a song--or something pretty close to it about the satire. You do not hear music, but you hear lyrics with sharply worded words for Bassem Yousef. Also keep on mind, there are only male vocalist on this song.

They sort of put him to shame, picking on him is a fair game. They are shaming to him using religion. You get paid but you seem to forget that the big man upstairs will take issue with your lies, edits and jokes. Hafez TV is a popular network, and they have followers too, they seem not to appreciate the man and his style.

They do end the song on a call from him to join in rebuilding the country. This is a heavy song that will get some fans out there, I think it sounds a lot more sobering that some of the jokes that have been flaying around. I do not think using religion is an effective tool, I think there are so many facts that can make a far better argument.

One a serious note, Bassem Yousef was cleared of some charges and a court refused to shut down his popular show.

#قناة_الحافظ تهدى اغنية اتفرج يا سلام ل #باسم_يوسف #الحافظ @Hafeztv

Watch: Cute Guys Like To Cry The Nader El Attat Edition

She left him and now he just wants to die--romantic? perhaps But for Nader El Attat. He is a Lebanese voice trying to chase the attention of women who like music and good looking boys like himself. His breakout song has been composed by Assi Hellani, the Lebanese super star.

Assi seems one of his mentors. and Nader loved Assi Back. The music video is nothing new, but for the nude bathtub scene. Love story and then sourgrapes phase. The music video is about the different things couples want from a relationship--one wants a family and a baby. The other did not have that on mind.

Nader El Attat - Marrat Habiby / نادر الأتات - مرت حبيبي

Listne: A New Classy-Flavored Single By Sabine سابين - عيوني بحبوك

Sabine of Lebanon has a sing song out, but it's not your average pop song. That means the composer and the lyricists are different. For the new single Sabine has lyrics beautiful crafted by the golden hit-maker of Lebanese song Nizar Francis--the legendary songwriter.  And as for the music, it's the creation of Melhem Barakat the man with antics.

The duo of Nizar and Melhem created a unique sounding song that feels original and where Sabine can stand taller and place herself under a different light. The kind of this song is the type one can grow old with, the young people will tune in for Sabine's sake, the older will enjoy the throwback sounds Mehlem has perfected here.

And the recording was at Tony Saba well known studio, this song is about the eyes that love and Sabine wore a different hat to make this song her intro to a whole new world of awesome. This song helps give her some classy credentials by creating for her a song that will make her a memorable star. After this, it's all her she should go on and make Lebanon proud. 

 سابين - عيوني بحبوك / Sabine - 3youni Bihebouk

WATCH: Haifa Wehbe New Hot Music Video MJK \ هيفا وهبي ملكة جمال الكون ريمكس فيديو كليب 2013

Call her an old lady, but this older lady (compared to her peers) knows how to look fresh, rock the scene and get news stories out. She is the diva made for this age and her army of followers do the distance to make her number one each time. She give them her A game and they give her their hearts, tweets and likes.

MJK as filmed in a studio in New York days after she broke the news of her divorce. She moved beyond her divorce and now back to making waves being a single lady that has ruled the pop scenes and made few enemies. She is doing her thin on camera, wearing dazzling outfits and showing off her bud.

Hearing the song over and over again, time after time, I find it never grows over-familiar. It plays like a favorite album; the more I know it, the more I like it. Haifa has that kind of appeal, while she is grownup her fan base has the young and the old, the energized and the tried. She offers something interesting for everyone and she has done so for the past decade.

She does not age she just looks good. Astounding makeup, captivating shoots and not a dull moment. They have done wonders to use some affects with colors and motion caption techniques. I think the mirror dress is something new. I like how comfortable Haifa with the camera bring up in her face.

Haifa Wehbe - MJK (Heartbeats Remix) By Lenz Garcia & Noor Q هيفاء وهبي - ملكة جمال الكون

Why Arab Idol Needs Mohammed Assaf (محمد عساف) To Win

There's a skinny Palestinian guy from Gaza on Arab Idol, and he is making all the news. The judges love this very talented guy. He is a super star and no one can take this from him. His voice is so strong yet so tender. The question is, will he take the title back to Palestine?

He seems to be the best voices on the program, and I have heard and seen a lot of other talents who are very talented, but none of them has the back-story like Assaf does. He is not supposed to be on the show, but he made it and did he dazzle the fans?

Tell you what while he was on the show, he gave many people around the Arab World a reason to smile at those dark times. While far too many Arab states are seeing murder and fear upon them, None has seen it for as long as Gaza has. All suffering is painful, that does not make it easier. But Assaf is a rare talent, he is from a different bread. You give him a song and this guy brings it back to live and puts so much effort to entertain and stay loyal.

He clearly has blown away many Egyptian when he first performed that Abdel Halim song, he was the bomb. He got four yeses from the critical judges. Then he moved on to Lebanon where he did some of their better known songs....and you can see the Lebanese judges were speechless and handed him all the yeses they have.

I will watch him and will speak-up if he had a bad day, but so far out of the three songs he has covered, he won fair and square. There are 27 other talent on the show, I can see him being a finalist and a contender for the title. See him take on the stage and do his bit--it was the toughest part of the song and he did the high and low notes so well--it was a riot.

Arab Idol - مرحلة بيروت - انا يللي عليكي مشتاق

الفنان محمد عساف اليوم مقطع من الاغنية المشتركة انا يلي عليكي مشتاق arab idol

الفنان محمد عساف اليوم arab idol مقاطع أغنية على بابي واقف قمرين

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Listen: Amr Diab New Single اغنية عمرو دياب - تخيل " بالكوبلية الجديد " 2013

The dude is out with a party track from a live concert, he loves Egypt but only when Egypt is doing well. The moment Egypt was having a hard time he shipped out to Dubai and some say he spends a great time in London. "Imagine" is the title of the song, he has performed in one of his concert now it's now made available.

Keep on mind he was a friend of the Mubarak kids, no question he is a huge deal in Egypt. He is a wholesome entertainer and his live concerts are the closest thing to what they call concerts in the West. His new and improved single, it has one more line and it made people happy.

اغنية عمرو دياب - تخيل بالكوبلية الجديد

Video: Khaled Selim Enables Saudi Racing Fans On MBC "Driven"

What's with Khaled Selim, the once beloved pop star and cars? I have no idea. Dudes and bros like sweet rides and talk about them like they would talk about gorgeous women. I have never been obsessed with cars, but I know many how do. So, Saudis who have been seeing a surge in death due to a number of racing accidents, are about to get a new racing show.

The show will air on MBC Action and I am seeing a Lebanese racer in an energy drink car ready to do some stunts. I think it's irresponsible to do these shows when last week few young Saudi died in a car racing accident. Driven is the name of the show and Khalid will help bring in new viewers to this new show. This show is on its third season now and more to come.

There has been many stars on this show before, and simply put you cannot stop young people form doing crazy stunts that might lead to their death.

Khaled Selim ...Promo Program DRIVEN S3