Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maya Diab Releases Some Racy Pictures With A Black Model And The World Freezes

The TV hostess, songstress and pop star Maya Diab is second to none in this crazed world of celebrity. Haifa Wehbe has been hogging the news with the release of her stellar music video. Maya Diab did not want the week to end without getting her name out there, so she took to Facebook and shared some pictures that came with no explanation. Creating confusion, and a lot of pissed off middle aged guys. I am the only one who remembers that sex tape by Kim and Rapper Ray J?  

Mind you Maya is married, were those pictures part of a new music video? mind you some comments have been racist about the model who has a darker skin--keep on mind Maya is not the fairest pop diva of them all. Maya does not mind showing some legs, and short shorts. She knows what works for her, and she does what;s right for her. If you do not like her work--turn off the TV or whatever medium she is coming through to grab your innocent soul. 

 As now we know, the photos were taken during the making of Maya Diab's Video Clip "Shaklak Ma Btaaref Ana Min" photographer Charbel Bou Mansour. snagged them. Too bad, the release of the music video was so botched that not even half a million YouTube viewers saw the clip. The delay and the bizarre press ate the buzz the music video had. Plus no one has 8 minutes to watch a movie disguised as a music video for a mediocre pop song. 

The issue with the negative comments stem from the man's inability to understand a woman except in terms of the only two roles he knows how to assign her: virgin or whore. But this song tells us that there is no room inside the mind of the this in this photo shoot for the notion that a woman might be a friend, a lover, or a partner. So Maya doing sexy might be too confusing for some people. I think people need to understand it all those antics in terms of money--the more pissed off people are, the richer she gets. 

Maya Diab - Shaklak Ma Btaaref / مايا دياب - شكلك ما بتعرف


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