Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exclusive Single - Melhem Zein - Enti Lli Khserti / ملحم زين - إنتي لي خسرتي

Melhem Zein was denied a visa to Qatar due to his political opinions, now he just released a single titled "You Lost" it's a song about divorce that came a s a result of betrayal. His wife cheated on him. The song is very rish lyrically, "you have demolished a man," She is a mother of his child and has just give him an injection that pointed his blood says the song.

I like the idea of singles, because only the good stuff gets released solo. Melhim is tearing up for this breakup, his tears will avenge him in this life or the one after. Melhim goes back to his dramatic strong bone and brings this song that will bring him some love for the fans.

This is a bitter song from a guy with a lot of love, the love now has turned into hatred.

Exclusive Single - Melhem Zein - Enti Lli Khserti / ملحم زين - إنتي لي خسرتي

Mc Gaza: Gaza's Angriest Rapper

A young rapper from Gaza is gaining momentum at the moment, his rhythms and his poetry really does fly, and his rage too obvious. Rap is not a popular art in Gaza with the masses, but it's becoming something of a reality. Dude tot he complicated and sometimes tragic circumstances in Gaza, the young of Gaza are frustrated and lost. Many are doing a drugs to help them cope with their problems in the short term.

Rap is Mc Gaza's drug of choice, it helps him take a bad situation and turn it into a positive experience. like he just. Releasing a song for the Palestinian prisoners who just have finished one the longest hunger strikes in the history of man kind. It's a very good work indeed. I look the way he spits lines faster than one can predict them.

The track is nostalgic to old leadership, Yasir Arafat and Ahmed Yassin. Using clips from one of Arafat's interviews in English The rap song raises good points about the divisions between Gaza and the West Bank. It's official the internet memes are taking over the world and they have now turned to Palestine.

I really would love to see a song from Mc Gaza about the dangers of drugs....he can tell those kids that such things won't make anything better--I know they would listen then.
 Mc Gaza - The Story Isn't Worthless - القصة مش خاوية (Music Video)

Renee Sleiman A Rocking Lebanese Songstress

Good girls are hard to find is what the average guy will say. I would say good girls of pop are difficult are rare to find. But I just found another one...she is Lebanese and has a French name Renee Sleiman. She is ready to party and dance Debka. That's what her new single does, get you to move.

These kind of songs can only be made awesome if the singer's voice is strong, enjoys a great deal of confidence and comfortable with a loud beat. Renee does it so well here, and for a first song of hers, she promises to be one fine young pop star. This is light song that gives us a glimpse of Renee's talent. She reminded me of a young Diana Hadad in Ahel El Eshiq But Roa thinks and I now agree she sounds like a Najwa Karam.

I first wasn't sure if this song would be as cool as the title makes it out to be, but then when I gave it a listen, I was hooked, I played the song once again. The dialect used is the oldest Arab one, the white dialect as known in Lebanon. I am sure some other Lebanese diva is regretting not having bought the rights for this song. Handsome devil Ziad Bourji composed the music and the creative dude Walid Al Massih did the arrangement.
 Renee Sleiman - Leish 2012

Shando, Egypt's Jamaican Looking Son

Shando pulls one of the hardest and most exclusive looks so well. The Reggie personalities are popular among the world, but when it comes to our Arab world, the look does not fly so well. But Shando, a singer from Egypt manged to make that look mainstream. Shando is the kind of celebrity that the educated and the uneducated appreciate.

Shando has also starred in a number of movies where his hair gave the movie some cool factor. But in the song below Shando changed all that by doing a slow song that differs from what he has done in the past. A song for fishermen, but the songs is about life and how people look forward for better days.

It's a grownup song, Shando has had no trouble being the cool and hip kid onscreen, but now he is reaching a new territory. Saddly, Shando thinks he got shafted by Mohamed Mounir who promised him a duet, but when the song came out, Shando had less than 10 seconds on a song that was originally his.

  Sayad - Shando صياد - شاندو

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Times With Warda Al-Jazairi

It's hard to imagine, that Warda is gone forever. She would take a break from now and then, but at the end of day, we think she is out there, working on something new. No more, she has passed away. This brings an amazing era to an end....the golden era of Arabic classical music would end with Warda who was a witness to history.

Her death brought generations closer as a song would listen to his mother's stories about the time when Warda ruled the airwaves.

Many new listeners are now rediscovering her and learning her importance. This moment will live on, and I am sure we will remember it years from now, every time we hear one of his beloved songs. Please enjoy this short clip where you will see Warda on a number of concerts how much she loved the fans. She was a diva....not the stiff kind. She earned the love of her listeners and their loyalty.

 Warda El Habbouba - وردة الحبوبة

WATCH: Qusai In Yalla Single Ft. Farah قصي - يلا

Some know Saudis to be religious than most people, but in reality is much more complicated to grasp. Take the example of Qusai aka Don Legend the Kamelion, he is a hip singer from the Kingdom. By watching his music video for Yalla, I cannot help but conclude that this guy cannot be from Saudi Arabia, just look at how many female dancers he has with him. Qusai came to fame after his appearance on Arabs Got Talent. Therefore, he filmed his music video in Lebanon.

His style is something of a new age hip hop that mixes both English and Arabic with a flow too fast for m to comprehend. But then comes Farah, the female lead with him who does not disappoint. The song is part of the Qusai's album The Inevitable Change, this is a change you can believe in. At the song has its moments and I think it's change in heart and soul of Arabic music.

The garage dance by those barrels feels expired, but the cinematography doesn't have to. I like the lyrics toward the end asking people to stop being hypocrites. "no shortcuts to your dreams" goes the song. The outfits seem to be picked in one trip the mall and mushed together for this music video. Yes, there's a famous fashion store that gave them the clothes. The graffiti is colorful and the Lebanese dancing troupe allows a frame of reference. In the scene where Qusai flees from the police, the girl tells him to hide in her car and puts him in the driver seat.  

قصي - يلا | Qusai - Yalla

How Corporations Bought The King of Egypt's Pop

While Mohamed Mounir is no populist leader, he commands a great deal of respect at home and abroad. This legendary folksy funky singer has finally get a huge paycheck from a global  telecommunication company Vodafone. They have used the singer in their promotional material and TV ads to try to steal the thunder from other national telecommunication networks--even the Egyptian ones.

The story goes like this, they first approached him, and the money changes his heart. I know things are not going well in the music industry in Egypt, and artists need to get paid too. That's all fine and dandy, until the company did not like some of the proposed lyrics for the song Mounir will launch as part of the marking bonanza.

Written by Nasir Eldeen Naji, and composed by Mohamed Rahim. Vodafone did not think the lyrics are fit for their marketing, so they got the lyrics changed to fit their marketing campaign. The song was kept out of Mounir's latest album (we really love that one) Mounir perfomred the song in his latest concert of few weeks part of Sham Al Niseem celebrations. The song is about breaking free and doing your own thing.
 محمد منير .. كل المفروض مرفوض ( كامله و حصريا )

Najwa Karam Rents Out Her Soul To L'Oréal Paris

Najwa Karam wanted to be on the red carpet of Cannes few weeks ago, and she got to do it. I thought it was really awesome this super Lebanese diva was there, but then I see her ad below and I figure it out. This was part of a promotional stunt by the L'Oréal beauty company. The company hired Najwa Karam, the stunningliy naturally beautiful singer to represent them in Arabia

Part of the produce endorsement comes this video below where Najwa is walking down the red carpet with other big celebrities who got nothing on her other than the fact they speak English as a native language. I think the choice of Najwa is a smart one, she is somebody adored by both the young and the old women in the Arab world.

Najwa Karam & L'Oréal Paris on the red carpet in Cannes

Jamaican, Japanese, Folks And Cha Cha Dance

The dancer is the one and the only Myriam Faris, the Lebanese pop star who has been making waves in the social media lately. Not sure where the fire has gone from Myriam Faris, but she seems not able to produce anything at the moment. Her last single, was a rip off melody--she acknowledges as much. Sure soe of her outfits are dazzling in the videos below, but I do not know how the Japanese feel about some putting so much makeup on to look Japanese.

Those are clips from her dance Fawazeer show from about two years ago. Anyhow, the show was popular as its production value was higer than usual. But I think i was intense to keep up with the work schedule. Myriam's YouTube is uploading these videos now, due to the lack of any new material to run now. Myriam was in Miamia for a vacation, celebrating her birthday. Fawazeer Myriam Jamaican dance / ميريام فارس رقص جامايكي
Fawazeer Myriam Japanese dance / ميريام فارس رقص ياباني Fawazeer Myriam Egyptian Saidi dance / ميريام فارس رقص مصري صعيدي Fawazeer Myriam Cha-cha-cha dance / ميريام فارس رقصة تشا تشا
Fawazeer Myriam Twist dance / فوازير ميريام رقص تويست Fawazeer Myriam Indian dance / فوازير ميريام رقص هندي

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Going To See Antoine Bleck Tonight

Many call him best French singer in the great city of New York and he is coming to Washington DC for a concert at the French Embassy. Antoine Bleck is a recognizable performer in French music. While I do not speak French, I know a good song when I hear on and I get all kinds of warm and happy feeling enjoying Mr. Bleck's tour de France.

God knows, I love a good piano and I even love it more when those minor keys are doing their thing. While he moved to America in 1981 from his home in Norther France where he first learned to play the piano first. He only started writing music once he turned 30 and owned his own instrument. Bleck's style is a fusion between blues and funk with a French twist.

I am looking forward to enjoying some of his hilarious and sentimental songs which he switches manged to transition from one mood into another with ease in between moods. This is a singer for mature audiences who are no too old in the inside.  

Antoine Bleck Mlle Nostalgie

Mohamed Kamal Turns His Back البوم محمد كمال - وحشت قلبى

He did not exactly turn his back on music, but in his album cover he is doing just that. Check out Egypt's cool kid of pop. The vocals leave something to be desired as the singer seems to be hiding behind a wholesale of computer affects. This is a good pop album, but there is little originality in it. Mohamed sounds like a watered down version of Mohamed Foad.

Offering a number of songs with different styles and energy reaches out to more people, but it fails to cement in a certain demographic to make them loyal fans. Kamal is a local singer with a fellowship in Egypt and beyond. What he lacks is hard to make up for, good looks are important. In the meantime, there you will find something for you, give this record a spin.

01 - Ya Maa Ya Maa 02 - Wahasht 2albi 03 - Mabyetneseesh 03 - Shoft El Donia 04 - Kalam Ser 05 - El Lahza Deya 06 - Betsadaa Nafsak 07 - Bahebo Fi Kalamo 08 - Ashan Gaban 09 - Albi Beyewlaa 10 - Abl El Kalam

اغنية محمد كمال - وحشت قلبى | 2012

My Interview With the National

If you want to take a look at Arabic Music news at the moment, make sure to read my latest interview with the National. This is a quick read if you want few words here and there about the state of Arab pop at the moment. Thanks.

For people completely new to Arab music, what three musicians shouldn't be missed?
For pop, tune in to Haifa Wehbe. If you want real music from a singer with rock-star swagger, it's Mohamed Mounir. Indie bands: Cairokee and Black Theama. For something really different, listen to [the Syrian traditional singer] Sabah Fakhri. 

Read here  

An Assortment Of Singles From Melody Hits

The Karaoke Album is out now, this is an album with dozen of new name. New up and comers line up for such albums, they want attention. Production company can give them some money in exchange for the rights of their songs. It's a perfect match. Young voices can claim, they are on some album, send fans to purchase their music. Companies, put something forward and earn a bucks.

The music can be the victim, but sometimes, you get decent songs from new names. I can recall few names that made it big out of such albums. By no mean, this is a new phenomena....this has been around since the 80s from Hamid El Sahri days. While most singers have little benefits from such albums, it does not do them real harm, so enjoy few tracks

Hany Khaleil - El Babanny / هاني خليل - الباباني

Mohamed Zafer & Rahal - Masada'tesh / محمد ظافر و رحال - مصدقتش كلامهم
Sherif Mo'men - Bahlam Ma'aky / شريف مؤمن - بحلم معاكي

Morsy Or Shafik? Either Way Most Get The Shaft

The title is inspired by the song below, by Mado and Wael Amar, the boldest indie singers in post Mubarak Egypt. I have always liked them because they seem free spirited and tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to politics in their home Egypt.

This is not an ordinary song, it's a humorous one. In these song, they apologize to the president and tell him we did not mean to take you out and those who have been murdered are nothing but Photoshop. Mado and Wael have collaborated before, but this song of theirs seems to be the most sarcastic to date. Not only do they pick on Mubarak, but also on the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsy.

I am afraid that these two guys are right on the money, but the reality is there seems to be little chances anything will change. Either one guy who's part of the old guard or another guy who might have too many skeletons in his closet. The guitar and the clip seems to be rushed as protesters go back in the streets asking for Shafik to be shown the door.

مادو.. وائل عامر .. حكاية مرسي وشفيق الممنوعة من العرض

Mounir, The Egyptian Hit-Maker And Superstar

Mohammed Mounir is a legend, there's nothing that will change that. When did I really love this guy? I mean he has always been around since I landed on plenty earth. But then, he has many hit songs that speak volumes of his musical taste and choices. But in all honest, the one song that reminded me of Mounir's super powers was this song below.

My heart is a housing project. A modern day tale of a person who lives in one of those low income housing, and goes to one of those popular schools yet he still can love everything around him. The song came in 2001 from his album with the same title. The song sort of introduced him to the internet age, 2001 was when many started log into the internet, msn messenger and file sharing websites boomed.

The music here is pretty fresh for an Arabic songs, the lyrics are as creative and as real as they come. They tell a story about people who rarely get to speak up. Keep that in mind as you enjoy his 2012 album which is a very nice one indeed. Simply put Mounir doe snot make any bad songs, we just have to mature enough to like some of them. Having said that, we all like different things, but a hit is a hit my friend.

 4 - قلبي مساكن شعبيه - مساكن شعبيه - محمد منير
محمد منير(قلبي مساكن شعبية)حفلة القوات المسلحة

Monday, May 28, 2012

Maher Zain And Band In Malaysia Concert

Make no mistakes, this is a business. But some businesses are better than others. Maher Zain, his band and his lable are in the business of making you smile by giving you uplifting music that speaks to your soul. In return, they ask you to follow them spread the word and buy merchandise and tickets. Why Not? You already do it for other artists who do not offer you Islamic songs

So to power up his concerts in Malaysia, the Muslim super star, R&B and rock music dude Maher Zain is taking his band for the ride. They have booked one gigantic stadium in a city with millions of affluent and lovable Muslims.  Even the video has Canon brand flaunted. However, Maher seems to be excited for his concert so he gathered his band and give you a little taste of what you will see the night of his concert. Just like other pop stars he is promising surprises.

Maher is no longer a local singer, he is a true global star with brand recognition that defies borders and tend to bring people together to enjoy a musical experience.

Maher Zain - KL Merdeka Stadium Concert 2012 | Promo

Ahmad Dari's New Song For The Prisoners

The Jerusalem based Palestinian singer who has been lampooning all the obscure in Palestine politics is back with a short song dedicated to the striking Palestinian prisoners. It's one for solidarity, a shout in the dark using the first person about the mixed feelings of a prisoner. As you might know, there have been waves of support coming toward the prisoners and their cause.

Israel sort of gave promises, and things will get better in prison for those in it. But the reality, too many of them are being held under no charges. Hats off to Ahmad for his work in behalf of the people of Palestine and its people. He brings so much to the table.

 إلى الأسرى٬ ناموا الأغنيات٫ أحمد داري ويوسف زايد

لسانك حصانك - مريم صالح Maryam Saleh: Your Tongue Is Your Shield

Talking too much might be one of Egypt's main problems. It seems that everybody now has turned democracy into chaos. Everyone has an opinion, which is cool, but then the troubles start when they start mistaking their opinions are facts. This is why there are so many confrontations and disputes leading to a civil strife.

Thus enters Maryam Saleh, a young Egyptian women with talent for sobering songs that is based in the real world. Sadness seems to be the national mood in Egypt, so are her songs. Her single talks about how people should watch what they say now. But she also sticks it to the snipers who have murdered so many people and have given many others various forms of disabilities.

I do love the music, and the performance of this song, this is the kind of song you do not listen to on the go, it's the one that challenges you by agreeing with what you already know.

 لسانك حصانك - مريم صالح Maryam Saleh: Your Tongue Is Your Shield

Andrew McKenzie, Helping Arabs Blow Stuff Up

South Africa has many legends and celebrities, one of them has just made it big in the Arab world, and his name is Andrew McKenzie, this south African stunt coordinator has just collaborated with what might the biggest action flick the Arab world has produced to date. Al Maslaha Andrew has worked on big box flicks like Doomsday, The Island, and The Scorpion King.

Andrew has been helping Arabic movies with stunts and action since 2009 when he first collaborated with Ahmed El Sakka for Ibrahim Al Abyyad. But his better work with Arabic films was in "Escaping Tel Aviv", an action packed film that respects the mind of viewers. Andrew was there at the premiere for the movie along with the stars, man this guy looks like a giant. He is a giant among his fans and those who have seen his   work on the big screen.

His showreel for some of his stunts are also attached below. I am impressed that Arab cinema is able to attract top talents like that of Mr. McKenzie. His work makes going to see a movie in theater a compelling experience. I was very pleased with the quality of the stunts and the work that went behind the scenes to make such a first-rate movie.

I wish more people would go to the movies, and more movies where Andre McKenzie can put his expertise for our entertainment without putting others in harm's way. He is indeed helping Arabs blow stuff up on cameras in a big way. I like ti credit Andrew for making Arabic action movies fun to watch, and worth the experience  no more crappy explosions and car chases.

 International Stunt Team Showreel

 أحمد السقا في إفتتاح فيلم المصلحة

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marwan Khoury Back On The Romance Saddle

This is Marwan Khoury's redemption. Call it his first single in two years. But this is not just a single, this is Marwan being all romantic and cuddly. He has always sounded like the romantic, but he rarely looked that part. Now comes a makeover where he is clean shaves, got those dreamy eyes and a blonde lady showering him with love.

But wait, there's more...his brother is directing him. The dude dances, seems upbeat and ready for a new phase. The song is about a relationship that has lost its steam, the couple have forgotten their early promises to be always fun and always in love. Communication is key, it's amazing to see a guy finally getting that. The lyrics are second to none in terms of meanings.

Keep in mind Marwan Khoury is one shy entertainer, he does not like to be filmed being intimate. But it seems that his brother manged to persuade him. This has been a really good song to take in, I am sure the music video will be worth the wait.

 مروان خوري يكسر حاجز الخجل في "كنا اتفقنا"

The Only Sabah Fakhri, The Legend From Syria

Sabah Fakhri's music is where you separate the boys from the men and girls from the women. That means you are not born liking the kind of music he sings, you acquire the taste for it. This heavy eastern melodies that blends the best of Spain, Damascus and Iraq music. His kind of music that older people have the taste for. He is for sure the radio voice.

Syrian legend Sabah Fakhri is an icon of heavy tarab music where you sit in one place for hours just listening, and taking in all those lyrics he spits out. The son of Aleppo who has enjoyed 50 years of fame and popularity. Simply put, there are no other singers who can match his vocal strength and the level of harmony of music.

You listen to Sabah if you want authentic unadulterated Arabic music. He has toured the world and the world has loved him back. He has been credited for singing the longest concert ever on the record. Sabah did something no other Arab star has done--he kept away from Cairo. His fame is all based on his work from Home. One of his earliest performances was in 1948 at the Presidential Palace in Damascus. Think about the fat lady at the opera....he is our fat lady and then some.

Sabah has been given every award on the books, his music often credits God, Wine, and other supernatural acts. He does not talk to the press, nor does he try to promote himself, his work is his best agent.  He sings for beauty as he seems to be on quest. Enjoy the best songs of his as suggest by one YouTube user.

أجمل ما غنى الفنان صباح فخري

Madonna To Auction Off Her Memorabilia In Dubai

Madonna to auction her belongings in Dubai. Why not and the world's sleaziest tax dodgers call it home. Making Dubai a very fine city a capital for white collar criminals and people who lack a culture of their own so they go on and buy themselves one.

Madonna has so many concerts and she does them often, but if you want more of her, there are 50 items that Madonna has wore or used during her reign of world's pop of 3o years. As you can tell, the items are being sold by some American or British company who figured they can make some money in Dubai selling some celebrities trash. The English speakers who gave the interview seem to know what they will do....$2000 and $600,000 a piece.

Keep in mind Madonna who is a die hard fan of the state of Israel and a supporter of that state will have a concert in Dubai and most concert goers will overlook that little details about this diva's political stands on a state that has brought so much pain to the Arab people, a state that has assassinated people in Dubai itself..

مقتنيات مادونا للبيع في دبي

Raef Transforms Pop Hits Into Islamic Lyrics

Something strange has to happen when a Muslim singer makes it big. It happened to Sami Yusuf, Maher Zain, and now I am seeing it with Raef. Once they start a strong base, they have to flaunt a ring. It seems that many Muslims get on their case to see if the singers are doing this for the babes or for the right reasons.

Sami Yusuf in 2005 I think had to take a picture on the album of his and show his ring. Maher Zain wrote songs for his wife. And now Raef, the American bred singer of cool covers is showing his ring in his latest music video. This means he is not a big name.

I did see Raef perform two years ago in George Washington University for a function for the Muslim Student Association. He was good and his sense of humor was impressive. Raef's latest cover is "I'm Yours" By Jason Mraz. Making a music song out of a popular hit is not easy because one sets the bars too high. Luckily Raed was able to do a fine job. I adore his modern take on faith inspired music.

Raef had a sweet voice and the way he flows is worthy of an A list pop star. Raef does something many Muslim singers have not tried to do before....taking hip songs and customizing them for Muslims. This is a man and his guitar sort of entertainment.  

Raef - [Rabbee] I'm Yours (Jason Mraz Cover)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Egyptian Retired Diva Shadya Is In Critical Condition

The young woman who made millions of fans in the Arab world, the spoiled golden girl of Arabic cinema and music who has retired years ago is not in a Cairo hospital where her condition has been described as critical. Shadya has earned few fans last year even though she has not sang in more than a decade.

That's due to playing over and over her all too famous song in her love to Egypt and its youth. A song about hope in the future in the young men and women of Egypt. Shadya retired after her last film La Tas'alni Man Ana (Don't Ask Me Who I Am) The song remains the most sincere song about Egypt in history.

Shadya has had trouble with her lungs and was transported to El Safa hospital where doctors have banned any one from visiting her. I pray from the bottom of my heart that she recovers and return to normal...she is a true national treasure.

Update: The Head of the Actors union has confirmed Shadya is doing well and he has visited with her, the doctors have said she will leave the hospital withing two days.

Ya Habibti Ya Masr - Shadya شاديه - يا حبيبتى يا مصر

Assia Hallani Hearts Palestine And Everybody Too

t Assi Hallani plays the knight card so well. He likes horses, swords, and plays a role where he is the Muslim leader Saladin. To his credit he is often times, the fastest singer to release a song for any occasion. He sings for just about every other Arab country, Lebanon, Syrian, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Palestine.

I know he has released an all Palestine album in 2007. He is big on Arab unity and nationalism, there's money there. This song of his mentions just about every other Arab country whom he is rallying them to come to Palestine stop the murderers of the occupation.

This time he has some kid leading up the song. The clips he uses are older, I would say late 90s and maybe 80s, there's rage and there's Assi's angry songs. While it's true, Palestine doe snot need songs, songs can give people some peace--just like a painkiller. عاصي الحلاني نحنا جاين.asf

Soccer And Music On Arabs Got Talent

A young Yemeni who knows well to do a thing or two with soccer balls appeared on Arab Got Talent for the second time. He really dazzled them with his flexibility, moves and attitude. I like what he had to offer, Ammar Al Khodiry has confidence and seems to have won some hearts.

The judges who at least two of them do not seem to know what this talent is about as they asked him for new moves. One judge had a great deal of fun watching the moves and the tricks with the soccer ball. I do also enjoy the music they played part of the show...songs from 1999 and 2000 by two charismatic Tunisian singers.

 #ArabsGotTalent - S2 - Ep8 - عمار الخضيري

Mansour Zayed, The Gulf Music's Best Hope

Let's break down the makeup of Mansour Zayed, He is young, charming, good looking, and has a warm set of vocals that the artists can mold to fit any song of his. Now, there has been a lot of singers from the Gulf who have made the dialect popular. In my conclusion, Mansour is one of a kind. He has all what it takes.

Let me explain, in the past good singers form the gulf have either been too old, too stiff or not that good looking. And the famous ones and young ones have not manged to make decent songs that would draw in listeners form around the Arab World. Mansour is back with a new single that I am crazy about. Needless to say the music has been composed by Fayez Al Said who has a studio in Dubai and who also insists on being featured on most songs to which he composed the music.

This is a poem that has been turned into a hip song where the 11th hour of romance meets a hopeful soul. Mansour has manged to make a big name for himself in few short years. His concerts click with local residents of the Gulf and foreigners alike. So, the only place I see Mansour is going is up....and for that I am grateful.

 حكم حبك - منصور زايد - 7ukom 7ubok Mansour Zayed

Friday, May 25, 2012

Du In Abu Dhabi ! How To Party Without Drinking?

Abu Dhabi never wanted to be known as a party place. But Dubai makes a compelling case. Flash is an entertainment and event booking company, they have been around for four years and help bring high profile names to the city. Now, Flash has a new partner, DU. DU is a stage for live performances. Some of the events Flash have brought to the city involved American and World famous names, Brittney Spears, Beyonce and such caliber.

See the ladies dancing in the music video as the jam to the music, DU wants to bring more events like this as the city's intentional fame is built around party with us, and spend all your money here. DU will be launching their stage, with a concert that will be with Madonna. For the past 20 years or so, there has never been a bigger name in pop that Madonna. Come to DU and spend all your dough. I do not think, the place will have bars in public---yes, you can still get a drink in the UAE, but do not piss off one of the locals. I do not drink, but I know many out there do and I am being told that certain concerts and certain sporting events are much better when one had a drink or two.

 مادونا تحيي الحفل الأوَّل في "قاعة دو"

Fathel El-Mazroui, Fancy Rich Gulf Pop

He is young, handsome, charismatic and fitly rich. This is the career of Dubai native singer Fathel El-Mazroui He is a popular local singer with hits that are well know to his fans. Now comes a new hit of his that gets the music video treatment. This music video will make you regret your life as the rich life of Dubai can shock some Arabs. So do not hate the player, hate the game.

Fathel is a poet whose work is celebrated on many online forums. But poetry is not a new business, music videos are that business. Watch his music video, the music is one of the safest Gulf musics around, the one that makes your move your head. Fathel is not trying to shake up the local music scene, he just wants his lyrics out there in a fashionable way.

I do not know why there's a helicopter scene at the end--we get it you are really rich. I love the local dance bit in jeans. Rakan, another Dubai natives directed this picture.

فاضل المزروعي الله الغني

I Hate When Celebrities Vote And Make A Scene

One Egyptian celebrity took a camera inside and showed the ballot and who she will be voting for-Hanan Turk. Another seems to have a whole entourage with him as he walked into the polling station--Mohammed Mounir. Some gave interviews as they stood in line and talked about their dreams and visions for their country-Yosra is one.

Most seemed to be happy to give interviews, but unwilling to reveal the names of their candidate. Another incident, an Egyptian actress Najlaa Fathy stood in line to vote and spoke to others about her candidate, we only see a lady shouting at her and getting upset that the Najlaa is talking about her candidate at the polling station.

Egyptian actor and legend Adel Imam voted and gave an interview to some French TV station, but not after he has teased the reporter. Adel was all smiled when he voted.

 محمد منير يشــارك فى انتخابات الرئاسه

حنان ترك : أبوالفتوح أنسب واحد لمصر
الفنانة يسرا تدلي بصوتها في الانتخابات المصرية سيدة تهاجم نجلاء فتحي بسبب الدعاية لـصباحي

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hatem Fahmy Pop Stars Will Starve "حاتم فهمى"

It seems for average pop voices in Egypt who have made music videos and albums in 2004 and 2007, their old careers are not going to make a comeback. Due to the cash, many TV networks had to burn, many of those singers who look good in jeans were given money to make music videos, that will drawn an audience.

Needless to say, since it was so easy to break into the business back then, many joined the party. Now, they do have the name recognition, but none of the production houses are funding their albums. What gives? Well, it seems that most of B list pop singers in Egypt are living off their old fame, they are often booked in private parties, weddings and campus parties.

There's some good cash, not too good, but enough to make a living. Hatem Fahmy is just one on those many singers, he does have a good voice, but I think the music of his songs are often cheap and have low production value. Thus the music feels dated. There hundredns of other stars who are standing in Hatem's shoes. At least he had one catchy music video of 2005, that was played on TV at least once an hour. I know I came to appreciate it.

 Hatem Fahmy We Galak 2lb - حاتم فهمى وجالك قلب Hatem Fahmy - Matkhafsh 3alaya

Mena Fadaly Haters Won't Go Out of Business!

Few celebrities can boast about the many hate groups that have dedicated for them. Tamer Hosny is a legend in this department. The female version of Tamer is also Egyptian and her name is Mena Fadaly. Up to 2010 she was one of the hottest actresses in the business. She is the cute and home girl spunky chick that all guys wanted to see in movies and tv shows.

Then she had an idea, why not do a birthday party for herself. Something usually would be cool and fun. But then the party has turned into a bash where Mena wore half a dozen of outfits in the evening and danced rather suggestively with a number of guests. It was men who caused the trouble for the actress and then other men took the pictures and leaked them to the press.  

If there's anything Egyptians hate is a girl trying to have fun at some dudes present and then some older guy will appear on TV and talk about the corrupt society. Mena had a nervous breakdown, appeared on many TV shoes deafening herself and then she said she will quit. She blamed the sleazy people whom she used to call friends for the scandal. Things went back to normal few months later and the whole country got busy with the Arab Spring thing.

And then few weeks ago, Mena said one more outrageous thing that opened an old wound. There are not a single man in Egypt who she likes, she said no man could impress her enough. She said she has a crush on some Turkish soap opera actor. That was something stupid to say, but Mena is releasing a song about how proud she is of being Egyptian. If you can call this is a song, you might be too drunk to tell the difference. Mena does not have any vocal talents, she can only be a cute face.

I did though enjoy the soccer clips she has incorporated in the music video.

منه فضالى مصريه انا اغنيه جديده لمصر

Qatar Denies Lebanese Singer Melhim Zain A Visa

The charming Lebanese singer Melhim Zain just got denied entry into Qatar. Melhim has performed many times in Qatar before where he has many fans in that country. Here's here it gets weird, Qatar has granted all his band members visas to Qatar, but they denied the lead singer Melhim a visa.

The reasons for denying Melhim his visa were political. How so?

Melhim is well known for his support to Bashar Al Assad, the Syrian president. Melhim has said so in a number of interviews he has given and you can conclude he is vocal about this support. Now, Qatar hates president Assad and have been leading the fight against him in the Arab League, the United Nation and most recently with arming rebels. Therefore, Melhim's opinion are not too popular with Qatar. Meanwhile Fadel Shaker, the singer who defied Assad gets to live in a nice home in Doha.

Melhem Zein - Baddi Hebbik / ملحم زين - بدي حبك

Lebanese Amar Making Sexual Harassment OK In Egypt!

I have been to Egyptian produce market, the people there are not at gorgeous nor as well dressed as this music video make them out to be. In the clip below, you will see three Egyptian dudes duke it out over a Lebanese girl who dances and moves in suggestive manner. These people live in a vacuum, this is yet another crappy movie from sleazy Egyptian movie producer El Sabaky.

These movies do make a profit, and their formula is simple, get a Lebanese girl, a local singer and two other actors with a little girl, then you get yourself a movie that no blockbuster, but makes enough money. This time, they hired Amar, a mother out of wedlock and we do not know who the father is. This is an issue because Amar sued a big TV exec alleging he is the father only to find out that the father is some broke guy.

Anyhow, Ammar is not the only one to blame here, but she seems to want to work now and she got a role in this movie due this summer. She seems to play a little Lola character girl that drives other men crazy. She is at the market now shopping when three different duded try to win over her heart. Ammar who is at least 27 playing a 17 year old girl. Her comeback to all of them, I will tell my brother and my father!  

Rannet Kholkhaly - Amar رنة خلخالى - قمر

Heba, Not All People Who Can Sing Will

Heba is an Egyptian singer who can sing live like she has done in the video below during a music festival in the Stadium of Cairo. The huge stage and the thousands of screaming fans did little to intimidate this singer. I have not heard much from Heba before or after for that matter. I am sure things did not work so well, but local concerts are always a good place.

If this is Heba Youssef then, I have always been a fan, but if it's a different Heba, then I also like. I really just cannot tell with a first name anymore. Why? Makeups maybe? cookie cutter look where singers are all going for the same look at the same time.

Heba has chosen toe sing the blues, and I think she is Ms. Youssef, this is her kind of music and her label is the same one putting the concert.

Aref Hasebak leih - Heba عارف حاسيبك ليه - هبه

The Last Time Elissa Worked With Tamer Ashour

The year was 2006 and he has given her the music for her album of that year--Bastanak. She has not worked with her 2008 album neither. But for her 2012 album Tamer will compose two songs for her. The album to come out in June and the songs have been recorded is and sealed. The album has to be good and Elissa has always manged to sell big, but the issue is this, with twitter and Haifa scoring number one on iTunes, Elissa has to match that. And that's what I think.

Tamer is a gifted composer who innovates. But it's true most of his music is dramatic which fits his voice when he sings. I am looking forward to Eliss'a new album, by reading the title of the songs I almost cannot wait. Elissa can afford to work with the A list composers and lyricists who know her style too well. This has to be a sad, happy yet romantic album from the singer who has mastered this genera.

Elissa need the album as much as her fans need it. Rotana has a lot of young female stars who are battling Elissa--word there's trouble in paradise. Then the reports about her fans and the fans of Iraqi singer Shaza Hassoun now under the same label. And lastly, her twitter account details every minute of her life which can be boring. People want to chat with you, not hear you had a green tea in the morning and lunch in Istanbul.
 حكايتي معاك _اليسا Elissa

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Egyptian Karim Naguib And His Arabic 3D Song

3D pictures are so 2009, but they have landed in Arabia a year ago. Few have attempted at using them in Arabic music videos, but those were lame attempts, as the technology is not ready in Arabic market--they are not still completely ready here either. But the level of awareness on this technology is higher here for sure. Now comes a hip and a bold Egyptian singer/rapper who gave the technology a shot

Filming in Europe does the trick. At least we get to see some cool scenes as the artists walks around town followed by a camera. This is cool song that sounds fresh in terms of the flow and lyrics. It's a stand alone song rich with meaningful lyrics from a guy whose critics are many.

To his credit, his music video is a smart move, plus London looks good in 3D
Karim Naguib - Hayah Mn Gheir Malameh In 3D / كريم نجيب - حياة من غير

Safaa Abou El Seoud Comes Out Of The Dark

There was once an Egyptian actress in the 80s that made movies and showed a lot of skin in addition to her acting and singing talent. She was the face that every casting director wanted in his movies, because she used to bring people to cinema houses. Then something happened in the late 90s and she married a wealthy Saudi sheikh. That sheikh was the man behind the pioneering satellite TV ART.

That actress is Egyptian Safaa Abou El Seoud who had her own talk show on the network. But then things started to get ugly as rumors have surfaced her jealous husband bought all the original fims she made from the state TV in Egypt and then he has these movies trashed. Many in Egypt were enraged about that one and I am not sure if it was true, but it's not a far fetched scenario.

Forward to 2012, there's a new Egypt and Safa wanted to be part of it, she just released a song without appearing in the music video. Her song is about the Egyptian youth boys and girls and what they can do for their motherland. The song made me think how much we really miss the singing of Safaa, she had this party voice that can make you really happy. After all she still have the best Eid song that we play every Eid Holiday. This is a proud song about the people of Egypt and the new democracy.      
 انشودة الشاب للفنانة صفاء ابو السعود VOB

Behind The Scenes With Mashael

Mashael, the Lebanese singer whose nationality in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia still confuses me. One thing, I am certain of, she is a good voice. Good as she offers warmth and sweetness that sounds real. Mashael can sound at one of those tender souls that places all her trust and hopes for the best. And if anything goes wrong, she makes a good song out of it. But Mashael wanted to do a cute and a catch song, romantic yet playful so she made a song about flirting.

The music video for the song was a favorite of mine, its art direction and colors are stunning. So when I saw a clip for behind the scenes for the music video and I had to see it. I needed a peek. I get to see the tricks technicians used to bring about a really cool music video. Hats off to the director who manged to entertain. Together, the manged to give us a fresh concept and something you really want to look at. Unlike most Arabic music videos, they feel dated at best.

 .مشاعل - كواليس بغازله | Mashael - Making of Baghazelahe

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tob El Hamal ربيع المهدى A C List Who Can Rock It

Rabea El Mahdy is no celebrity, but at least one of his songs is pretty awesome. Wolf in a sheep's' clothes is how Rabea's song is titled. He has a sweet voice, and his voice works well for this song he chose. I love the karaoke music it comes with, the lyrics are pretty light yet fresh.

I am thinking he is doing that easy style of Lebanese/Syrian bittersweet songs. It does have a happy feel too as the music helps lift up the song. Rabea seems like a naturally cool guy who you would want to have a hookah with.

Tob El Hamal - Rabea El Mahdy توب الحمل - ربيع المهدى

Fayrouz, The Arab National Treasure

I cannot think of one singer who is more beloved that the Lebanese diva Fayrouz who has been an Arab idol for generations. While Fayrouz is still with us, something we are grateful for, we want to celebrate this lady. Fayrouz made so many people happy, but the question is who is out there to make her happy?

I know every Christmas and New Year season, she hold two to three special concerts at home. Her tickers sell in seconds, and the concert has one of the best security out there. One cannot bring his phone into the concert, no media is allowed in....but for that the production company of her son. I am sure these DVDs will surface in time for us to see them.

Nothing brings Arabs together like her music, in the front row, you will find Egyptian celebrities, politicians, wealthy Lebanese and dirty rich Gulf men who know good music when they hear it. Fayrouz no longer tours or travels anywhere. Gone are the days when she came to DC and NY, if you want to listen to Fayrous you have to wait, shell top dollars and go to where she is. In the meantime, here's a list of her top ten songs are curated by some big fan of hers. music top 10 fayrouz P.S. There are currently two Egyptian singers who go by the name Fayrouz, they both offer different music, but in all honesty, they have started good careers.

Egyptian Family Friendly Porn Movies

There's one popular production house that makes sleazy movies in Egypt, Al Sabky Film. The owner of the company knows one thing, his movies will make money if they play up five things:

  1. Naked or almost naked women dancing and revealing a lot of their bodies.
  2. Dirty and sex filled dialogue. 
  3. A cute little girl that talks like old women do--this one I have the most hatred for.
  4. A local singer who dances like  one of those Las Vegas dancers can be hooker. And yes he has a heart of gold
  5. A family who is trying to keep it together.
Three times, a year the company released a movie like that. Critics hate it and talk so much about it giving it media coverage. Then there are only dudes who go to movies in droves to see it. So you go to the theater and it's all dudes. I really hate those movies too, but the best approach is to ignore them and they tend to hate it when you do that.
اعلان فيلم حصل خير بطولة سعد الصغير و ايتن عامر

Vivian Azar and Melhim Zain Drama Over Song

Business comes first, it even comes before do gooders. Melhim Zain and Vivian Azar. It's a song meant to communicate a message to the youth. The team wanted them to stand united, work hard and keep away from all the harmful stuff. It's a social song that asks the Lebanese youth to bring their A game.

Word got out that Rotana, the label under which Melhim Zain sings is not too please with his appearance as they think won't help his stardom. Anyhow, here's the video for what really happened and how this song came about. In a nutshell, the song was recorded, but things got funny when the team wanted to shoot a music video. Melhim agreed, but then later called in and asked to postpone his shoot.

Vivian felt that Melhim is backing out or that he does not want to film with her. Vivian stated that she was the one who has nominated Melhim for the song. I think it's all about business, Melhim did not want the song to air on radio, he did not want to be over exposed. So the song will be local song and stay this---hard to do with the internet age. In other news, Melhim was troubled by the leak of some of the songs he is recording for his big comeback album.

 هذا ما حصل في كواليس ديو ملحم وفيفيان

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Jadal" and Barakah Two More Indie Bands In Egypt

Jadal is a rock band from Jordan, they have perform din Egypt in a music festival for indie bands from the Arab world. This was a night for original and different Arabic music, it's night to rock out. The song of choice for this band was to turn a beloved Arabic classic into a rock song, or give a classic the rock treatment.

This is a smart move to get the audience to tune in, sometimes you can have original music, but if your lyrics are experimental you might not connect with audience. Vocally speaking the song leaves a lot to be desired but the music is pretty awesome.

 جدل - التوبة Next is a grage band from Egypt who want to grill the next president for their country. I love the vocal variety the band showcases, the male and the female vocalists are super charged. The lyrics are of theirs. Barakah, mocked the jail sytem where the big wigs have been hosted, they call it prions, we call is a resort. There were more than a dozen of bands, who offered their music to a hungry crowd. Needless to say, some bands were more refined than others. بركة - ماله الريس

Paul Jabara, The American Lebanese Hit-Maker

While doing some research--trust me, I do it sometimes, I came across a little know American composer who comes form Lebanese origins. His name is the late Paul Jabara (January 31, 1948 – September 29, 1992). While his music is the best thing about Mr. Jabara, this American actor, singer, and songwriter. Here's how I stumbled upon him. Jabara wrote Donna Summer's "Last Dance" from Thank God It's Friday (1978). A hit song that won awards and helped shape the career of then young Dona Summer.

But Jabara was the creative force behind many hits like that one of Barbra Streisand's song "The Main Event/Fight" from The Main Event (1979). Jabara also cowrote the Weather Girls hit, "It's Raining Men" with Paul Shaffer (David Letterman). This was his last major successful track. Unfortunately, Jabara career lost steam as the Reagan era loomed.

In 1979, Jabara won both Grammy Award for Best R&B Song and the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the song performed by Donna Summer, "Last Dance". Jabara's album Paul Jabara & Friends, released in 1983, features guest vocals by a then-20 year old Whitney Houston. It also includes the song "It's Raining Men". That song was later re-recorded several years later by drag supermodel RuPaul and Martha Wash. Wash sang on the original recording as part of the group the Weather Girls.

Jabara won the Acadamy Award for Best Original Song in 1978 for 'Last Dance'--picture is taken from that event. The song was the theme to the bizarre disco movie Thank God It's Friday starring Jabara himself, a very sleazy Jeff Goldblum. Jabars's friendship with Donna Summer brought them together on many adventures. Like they did in Foggy Day/Never Lose Your Sense Of Humor. This is a really great tune if you're into disco at all.

He passed away in 1992. This is one many very few Arabs are aware of him and those who know the name should look him up, this was one phenomenal composer who have given the world of entertainment so much. There are many gifted Arab American musicians, not to forget the great Dick Dale. For more on Paul Jabara, visit his official website
Paul Jabara - Honeymoon In Puerto Rico SUPER DISCO

Amr Diab Likes To Tests New Song Live First

I have written before about how pop icon Amr Diab teases his fans at his concerts with new material. Amr Diab sings one of his new songs, the one he has yet to release in his concerts. If the fans like it, he then considers and often add them to his next album project.

This is a smart business decision on so many levels. First, this helps make Diab's concerts a treat for many. You are not getting the same stuff, you can get on a record. Second, the the fans love a song, then chances are, they would want to hear it again on the album. It allows people to get a teaser, a taste of the next big album form Amr Diab.

Amr had a sold out concert at the American University of Cairo where this video comes and this song was released. Few days later, via his twitter account Amr announced that he will be adding the song to his either late 2012/early 2013 album. It's hard to tell how the finished product would sound like, but this is a song that has the lyrics similar to what Amr Diab has covered in the past.
 amr diab al fakrenek عمرو دياب قال فاكرينك

Haitham Nabil And The New Egyptian Citizen

I know I have called Egyptian singer Haitham Nabil the first mainstream singer to release a song for the January 25th revolution. He did is before it was hip and certainly it was not all that safe to sing. I salute Haitham Nabil for doing one of the hardest things for a celebrity to stay silent.

Among all the singers of his class, Haitham has yet to comment on the days after the revolution--something he cleared supported. Unlike dozens of other entertainers, Haitham Nabil has not taken sides. He has always played himself in the side of the common man in the streets. He is not a politicians like many singers seem to forget nowadays.

Haitham released a song about the new Egyptian, the new bread of people who really want unity, but are not willing to settle for less. Nabil's voice has always gotten better, he picks all the right sons that suit his vocal ability. I love the fact that he doe snot super impose his image on his music videos when he is singing for Egypt. The lyrics of his songs are hard to beat, they offer poetic justice. This is what all activists should be like, dreamy yet know the reality--knowing does not mean accepting.

 هيثم نبيل - ليل الخير نهار ( المصرى الجديد )