Tuesday, June 30, 2015

These Composers Won't Work With Elissa And Her 2014 Album

 Samples are here

Elissa who shot to fame with catchy lyrics. Elissa is Arabia's highest-paid musician, and that success is due only partly to the mass popularity of her music. After all, there are many artists who get more radio time but don't make as much money. Ms. Khoury has made very astute decisions on how to monetize her music and image and position herself for a lengthy, successful career. However her musical stylings strike you, her thoughts on the future of the music industry—an industry she has come to dominate ealry on in her career are worth considering.

Elissa  didn't advocate a handful of singles and some OKish fillers, of course, she recommended trying to create albums that fans will cherish for years to come. Elissa seems to think "music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for." Her rise to prominence owes much to the loyal fan base she cultivated on her social media pages, where listeners could discover Elissa music for free on radios and where fans can still stream dozens of songs free. Once this fan base was built, however, Elissa embraced the concept of rarity.

Elissa is preparing for the release of her latest album with Rotana...other than having an interesting cover art, the album will not feature two of her biggest collaborators in the past. It seems she lost some serious talents that gave her some of her better songs and most memorable hits. I think this will be a good album, it sounds like she is the same again and that's not too bad. Rotana will market the hell of out of this album, here are the two composers who won't be collaborating with Elissa on this album.

  1. Marwan Khoury who hated fighting with Rotana over his rights and payments. He got sick of them and asked them not to include his song on Elissa's album. Marwan is still cool with Elissa though. Rotana talked back and said they do not care about Marwan or his song. This is a big loss for Elissa as Marwan knows how to make a song perfect for Elissa.
  2. Mohamed Rahim shared on his Facebook a post where he denied that his songs were removed from Elissa's album. He said, that he did not even record any songs with Elissa, and stated that he chose not to work with her from the get go on this album. He did not say why he chose not to collaborate with Elissa this once, but he wanted to make sure we knew he was not eliminated. 
Elissa is a smart markerter 

Monday, June 29, 2015

She's Got Her Eyes On Toni Qattan

People love Toni Qattan, they love his music, his family and they love his persona. Many more love about him that despite a serious illness in the liver he has not slowed down. Now comes a new song by this Palestinian/Jordanian pop star.

His song is about the lady whose sight is on him. It's a happy flirty song. Produced by Toni himself and released to his millions of fans. In the hopes of scoring some eid concerts Toni rushes the release of this song during the month of Ramadan--not a very usual move.

Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya / طوني قطان - عينها عليا
Lyrics: Abd Alrahman Asem
Composer: Kareem Ashour
Arranger: Mansi
Mastering: Haytham Kawar
Producer: Toni Qattan.
طوني قطان - عينها عليا / Toni Qattan - Einha Alaya

Islamic Songs Don't Have To Be Sad...Here Are Few Happy Ones

Have you ever noticed that Muslim or Islamic songs tend to be sorrowful, depressed and, miserable. I know the idea is to give people the sense of meekness and regret...and you cannot be these things if you are too happy. But you know we are not sad all the time, so happy songs that are upbeat there is certainly room for them.

Sami Yusuf did it more than a decade ago with his global hit, and he did it in more than one language in "Hasbi Rabbi" It was a sweet song that checked all the boxes. Not many have been able to pull such a magic trick.
Sami Yusuf - Hasbi Rabbi | سامي يوسف - حسبي ربي | Official Music Video

Egyptian pop star and iconic singer Mohamed Mounir did an upbeat song that does not seem weak on force. A song worthy of celebration, the music is awesome but the lyrics are what make this song best. No surprise there Mounir has done many dance and party songs and this song celebrates Islam in such a way that open many hearts and souls. The song even mentions the virgin Mary, so take that ISIS.

مدد - الارض السلام - محمد منير

In the weird fashion of street songs in Egypt (Mahrganat music) this is not a traditional religious song per se, it's folksy song for the month from Egypt about the customs of the month not the worship party. So two party artists take the song and with the help of auto tunes, you get something to dance to--if you will. Sadat and Haha are a punch of many jokes but they are powerful music force in the world that does not listen to music.

مهرجان ( هاتو الفوانيس ) سادات - فيفتى توزيع عمرو حاحا جديد 2014

Similar thing here, this is not a song about worship or even about God, it's about the social customs of the holy month. It's about the food, the gathering, the crescent and all the joy. Sure it's the month of Koran and redemption.  Moroccan native Jannat's song highlights all the good deeds of the month. It's song that sits well with the masses, it might be something that airs once the fast is over with.
Jannat - Ramadan / جنات - رمضان

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Watch How @JohnnyHomsy Takes A Different Approach To Arabic Music

Lebanese excel on many fields at home and abroad. They as people are unafraid to try new things in the hopes of being better than the next guy. Everyone in Lebanon tries to dominate whatever industry they find themselves in.

Here's a guy who is not a singer, yet he did a song that has a global reach. Johnny Homsy owns a production company in Beirut and he seems himself as a singer, composer, director and a creative talent. In just one song he has shown that he is really all these things. His new single "Ma Fi Haki is something really different than pop music in Arabia. Even his music video tells a surreal love story"

The song itself is beautiful and the lyrics capture the spirit of what Johnny is trying to do. The music in the song is closer to what you hear on American radios than in the Middle East, though the lyrics are in Arabic the song's theme feels universal.  

This is a music video that one has to watch few times as it's filled with many elements that may goes unnoticed in the first viewing. Well, it's official we have a breath of fresh air in Lebanese pop who is not short on words.

Johnny Homsy - Ma Fi Haki | جونى حمصى - ما فى حكى

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rana Samaha Prays For Ramadan @Rana__Samaha

The bubbly young songstress from Egypt, Rana Samaha released a hip song last month that took over the internet. It was a catchy tune made better by the funky persona Rana Samah has. But during the holy month Rana did not forget to release her very own supplication. While many of her peers are more than happy to go away and disappear for a month, not Rana. Ms. Samaha would not bail out on her fans like that.

It's a slow song follow of humble tones and come as you are attitude. Rana came a long way from her days on Star Academy,  she is doing something differently that made her last after the program has wrapped up. She has a very strong online presence, the internet loves her (just ask my twitter account) She has also done different things like host a talk radio show. She is also active on the social media as she was quick to seize on events of the day and engage her fans.

I must say this new track/ song/ supplication / Dua by her is pretty good. Rana sounds sincere here and the images accompanying add to it. Her quality voice has shown me so much flexibility and for a bit it reminds me of the voice and warmth of Angham.

رنا سماحة - مسبب الأسباب | Rana Samaha - Mosabeb El Asbab

Friday, June 26, 2015

Listen: Kareem Salama - Michael Says (Michael Jackson Tribute)

American song-writer and singer Kareem Salama just released a tribute to a music legend like no other. The Late Michael Jackson may have been different things to different people, but when it's about music he is the only and the only MJ. So Kareem wanted to commemorate MJ's passing in a special way and the only way he knows how, to sing.

Kareem composed this song's music and lyrics and took it to the recording studio, what came out is pretty awesome, a true American song celebrating an American legend. The song is about hope and faith in people. Taking a chance.

Kareem Salama - Michael Says (Michael Jackson Tribute)

The Satan Of Egyptian Makes A Cameo In Black Theama New Song

Not many bands in Egypt are as cool or as talented as Black Theama is. Also when it comes to Soul, these three guys have plenty of it. This band which is made up of three dudes who come from three unlikely places from Southern Egypt. A land rich with music diversity and appreciation for all things that has soul.

Here's the latest release from the band, a song that asks of us all to do soul-searching. The band puts the question, "Why have we arrived at this?" This has a lot to do with Egypt in post the army coup on the democratic president--who they have now sentenced to death. No one feels safe in Egypt as citizens feel as guests in their own land as if the army is letting them live in it, but it they break the rules, they will pay.

This can also be a social song about how society has progressed or regressed, the media has changed the country and the social media have caused a lot of changes. Posing the question, why do we only smile when we are divided? Is it our own fault? I must say this is a bold song without making waves, it poses serious questions without hating on anyone. Egypt has a lot of questions to answer....I love the line why parted away with Satan because we become him. The song is not about politics or government, but rather about people who run it.
Black Theama - Leh Weselna Le Keda | بلاك تيما - لية وصلنا لكدة

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amr Diab's Last Global Hit "Wala Ala Balo" Has He Overcome That Success?

This song was so dupe and everyone making music in Arabia wanted to clone it and succeed like it did. But Mohamed Raheem wrote the music, and Amr Diab made it the regional hit it has become. It was a catch track and beat the summer's heat. A track worthy of a king....Amr Diab took the throne once again and he has not bee able to capture that magic ever since.

He still makes good music, and fresh tracks, but that magical stuff we have used to expect from him. He is a king on stage, and a crowd favorite whose music and only his music is what we are after...not his rumors, not his outfits, not his personal drama.

He had many great songs since the release of this one song, but has any of them lasted as long? I do not think so. Has any been generated so much buzz around the world? I do not think so. No doubt Amr choses the right songs and works hard not to repeat himself, but we all cannot be great all the time.

Wala Ala Balo - Amr Diab ولا على باله - عمرو دياب

Eslam Ammer Chose Well! His New Single Brings Out The Sweetness

A young man always likes to boast about the choices he made, and upcoming pop star Eslam Ammar is no different. I love his voice, the guy has some real voice and a true talent. This time he got his song about in a new film--the one where Sandy stared. Sandy is a singer, but she transitioned into movies. I am happy to see another singer featured in her film. Sandy has recorded at least three songs fro the film, this time she brings out a new talent.

Hope you guys find him good, I like the material of his voice, the western elements, but I think he can go somewhere with his sweet emotions, and joyous performance.

 اسلام عامر - عرفت اختار / Eslam Ammer - 3erft A5tar Moseeqa TV

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The 80's Hanan Marks A #Comeback (Video)

Remember Hanan? It's okay, this means that you are younger than 30! She is a light pop star from Egypt who did sing in the 80s and made life a little bit brighter for many of us. Her last song came in 1996 and then Hanan called it quits. She stayed home and did not make any appearances. That's until she got together with her manger who is also a famous talk radio host. Wael Ghaneemy persuaded Hanan to record one song and she did.

The song is about prophet Mohammad. Radio 8090 go the exclusive and here's the song below. Wonder boy Hossam Hosny (also from the 80s fame) arranged the music. This song got some much coverage by the media as the resurfacing of Hanan is something worthy of celebration. She sounds good and the topic is timely.
حنان - صلوا على نبينا Hanan Salo 3ala Nabena l

Egypt's Biggest Commercial EVER! (Video)

One of the biggest phone companies in Egypt pulled a stunning act with a commercial that puts all the other commercials to shame. It's about family and how they are the source of one's strength. And yes, since we talk to them the most over the phone, it makes sense for a cellphone company to promote them.

The secret pack as many stars who come from well-known families, like if there is a celebrity mother-daughter or celebrity father son or sisters, the company brought them together and had some perform a bit of funny song. The company hired actors, singers and sport figures to make this commercial relevant to as many people. I think it worked.

Brothers Mostafa and Hussin Fahmy talk to each others,  Dalal Abdel Aziz calls her daughter Amy, Mohammad Adwyah calls his father Ahmad Adwyah. Mai Selim calls her sister Mais Hamdan (they are the  only singers here), but the biggest surprise perhaps the best part is the scene where soccer player Majdy Abdel Ghany makes a phone call to the Dutch goalkeeper Van Brooklyn reminding him of his famous goal in the world cup in 1990. Though some say that's a look like for the goalkeeper not the real one.

And the last secne shows actress Yosra speaking to her brother in law actor Hisham Selim who is hanging out with his brother (Yosra's husband) Khalid Selim.

This is a funny ad and it works....It's about family celebrities, humor and a company that wants to do something big and major.

ڤودافون، قوتك فى عيلتك رمضان 2015

Tunisian Raper Declared War On Fanatics @SamOnTheRoad @tamhussein @FadilAliriza @trdeghett @tsweden

Guito'n took on rapping in the summer of 2008, his first song was titled "Kalashnikov", and it all went to hell from there. The self-taught rapper turned producer and started on his own studio project. Slowly, he started gaining momentum in Tunis's underground rap scene. His bold raps got him in trouble with the local press, and radio but now he is savoring the hit song she released in  as trong message to extremists.

Guito'n is unafraid and cuts to the chase in his war against fanatics. there are some really scary faces and prophets of hate that have taken on a new kind of war-- a war against their own people. It's a minority and a vocal one that wants to go to heaven by turning out lives into hell. They beat people up, murder them, lash them in public, blow shit up, gave fiery hateful sermons. And this is not an attack on Islam or Islamists. Just the violent minority that targets civilians. This is an angry humanitarian song. It stands for women rights, the rapper feels liberal but in the face of extremists this is not meant to be an insult.

From Revolutionary Arab Rap Blog

On the other hand, Guito'n is one of Tunisia's influential MCs and his credentials as a revolutionary, a political radical, and as a pious Muslim give him real credibility on this issue. Throughout its history, Arabic hip hop has focused its anger on state violence from Arab regimes or from international actors such as America and Israel rather than on Al Qaeda and similar extremist groups.

 The lyrcios for this song are to be found in both Arabic and English here One particular line jumps at me, الجهاد مش في تونس الجهاد في فلسطين "Jihad is in Palestine not in Tunis" which is a common phrase most people use to fend off these crazies.

Guito'n - Ya Mitchaded يا متشدد New 2013

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Classical Music Meets Ramadan Karim By Ehab Sami

Ehab Sami is a musician and a guitar player in Egypt who likes fusion so he did a piece of music where he combines one of the most recognized classical pieces in the world and plugged in a little big of a beloved Ramadan song and that's how you have oneself a Ramadan Kareem.

It's pretty sweet efforts that brought in the keyboard and the lute as well. Ehab is like his own band, a one man show who did something light and something cool all at once. Ramadan music is pretty classy so the merger seems flawless.

It really does not take much to do something stunning and memorable, you just have to think differently and Ehab Sami was willing to try something.

Ramadan Karim - Ehab Sami رمضان كريم - ايهاب سامى

Canadian Assia Hallani Faux Rage About #Lebanon

Macho man Assi Hallani who is a very old man who seems addicted to botox and fake tans is filming yet another music video. I do not think anyone cared much about his album, and he just gave an interview.He always picks a model young enough to be his daughter.

The good news is he has tabbed a young talent to direct Assi's music video. There will be action and showmanship. The director is promising new image for the old pop star. Aside from that, Assi got to talk about the political climate in Lebanon and the gridlock. He is telling them to get along as they have taken a long time.

The interviewer is a little bit informed and unafraid to ask hard questions. The director is young and he is trying to find his way, but he needs a little bit of work on his communication. In other news, Assi has a play that's been touring--he stopped in Qatar for a show. He is also on the Voice as a judge.

عاصي الحلّاني لسياسيي لبنان: ألّفوا الحكومة و"إتفقوا بقى لأن تخنتوها"!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Stupid Nicole Saba And Her Funny Bodyguards @NicoleSabaaa

If the leaders--forgive me I do not know what else to call them- of Egypt maintain their country is safe and the army is making it such a nice place then why would a B list entertainer feel force to surround herself by an entire unit of bodyguards who looks like straight from a movie about Backwater mercenaries in Iraq.

If things are cool and clam why would such a security company exist in the first place? Now, why would Nicole hire so many bodyguards? Is this part of the show? Why do these silly men have to wear facemasks? Are they in some Banana Republic?  Can you imagine being at a mall minding your own business only to find yourself surrounded by massive fat guys dressed like the cast of the expandable? Seriously Nicole you went to the mall to promote a brand that's paying you to do so, and you ended up messing the event up and turning the conversation about your funny looking bodyguards?

If I was that company, I would ask you to apologize and ask form a refund...if I was the short man running Egypt I would ask Nicole to apologize for scaring people at the mall and making Egypt look like a war zone. Why do you not feel safe around your fans? Why do you need half a dozen bodyguards when if you walked in the mall la by yourself, people may not even recognize you? You are meant to entertain people not scare them, you are a celebrity who is supposed to pose with fans not with your little army. Shame on you!


New Ramadan Dua/Supplications Arrive!

One music production company in Egypt got few of its stars to perform Ramadan songs, Dua for the season. It's nice to hear new tracks from pop stars whose voice we have come to love and appreciate.

NJ Music just released three different supplication tracks by three different artists about three different topics. Sure the theme is the same which is the spiritual fuel during the holy month and how special the prophet really is.

While some of these artists have done many party songs in Ramadan, they put all that away as their search for a spiritual experience.
سيف - سيدنا النبي - Seif Sedna El-Naby

مصطفي حجاج - صلاة النبي - Mostafa Hagag - Salat El-Naby

Moustafa Yazan Lek we Leya l مصطفي يزن ليك و ليا

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lebanses Celebrities And Happy Father's Day

In the Middle East and ariund the world, we know of Mother's day. But we do not really do much for Father's day. In face, not many outside the States, know it exists. Lebanese celebrities are informed about American culture, so they took on themselves to send their own father's happy wishes on their day.

Elaph caught up with few celebrities to talk to them about their dads. It's a good day to be a dad and try to give back to your little ones. Some of the celebrities interviewed have dead fathers, so it might be a bittersweet moment.  

المشاهير يعايدون أباءهم عبر "إيلاف" في عيد الأبّ ٢٠١٥

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tarek Fouad New Song, Prophet Mohammed and ISIS!

Tarek Fouad seems like a fun guy, the sort of you would like to have as a neighbor. He is a Muslim-style singer who likes to praise the prophet in the hopes he will end up in his company. So, in Ramadan, we get a new song from this Munshid.

His latest is about the light of the prophet and how nice it would be in his company along with his family and loved ones. While the song is pretty nice, I think the song comes close to worshiping the prophet which is Muslims are discouraged from doing. sure you can love and honor the prophet and his life story...but we do not/have never worshiped a man. It's cool though to hear songs like that since the prophet is being killed everyday by the actions of people like ISIS.

Music does not harm people, so Tarek Fouad knock yourself out.
Hob El Naby Mazhaby - Tarek Fouad حب النبى مذهبى - طارق فؤاد

All The Muslim Millennials Love This Show, @KhawatirTV

The popular Ramadan program with an uplifting social and religious message is on its final season. As the host decided to end their run. The Jeddah of Saudi Arabia native Ahmad Alshugairi will be ending this show after all seasons. Ahmad who is also used educated traveled the globe for this program looking for positive things to share with his viewers. He likes to challenge them to do good things and to live the teachings of Islam. Many of his examples are inspiring, and his message resonates well with younger Muslims.

Ahmed's final season comes with a theme song, every season has its own positive-feel song. This seasons is voiced by new comer Humood AlKhudher who did a find job, his song is about doing something good and leaving a legacy because this is what God wants us to do. Work now and you will reap the harvest tomorrow.  Do not give up! The show is actually entertaining, educational and just wholesome.

I think young Muslims are on a search to find something fresh in the faith, something to speak to them personally, Ahmad Alshugairi filled that voiced and I know when he talks, people listen. I know the show will be missed, but I will miss the most about the show are the inspiring songs.  
اغنية خواطر 11 - أداء حمود الخضر - KHAWATIR 11

Friday, June 19, 2015

All This Year's Ramadan Drama Songs In One Place

Thank you for whoever published a channel on Soundcloud (Link ). Now in one place you can find all the songs from the various TV shows airing this Ramadan, some of them are by household names like Nancy Ajram and Mohammad Fouad, some by B list vocalists. Some of them are just music and no lyrics. To be honest, most of these shows are trash anyway and they all have been doing the same script. What I wish they do is more historical shows like they did five years ago. This year I do not find one appealing show. sure, there are big names like Adel Imam, Ahmed Sakka, Haifa Wehbe and others.

I do not feel there are great Ramadan songs playing over the opening/closing credits for the various TV programs. It almost feels like they are all throw away songs, meant to be forgotten. The link features more than two dozen songs from such shows. It seems Mohammad Fouad did more than one song and the same goes for Bossy.



Badih Is Blaming Life For His Love Woes

Here's a new track that was written, composed, and produced by Shadi Abou Said for the dreamy Lebanese Badih. A fluffy romantic hit from a young and good looking artist. There are too many singers out there and to tell them apart is becoming harder and harder by the minute. This is Badih, and he got himself a song.

It's a song from someone who has not figured life yet, he is blaming it for taking away his loved one and it seems to be more than a fair conversation one of us has at some point when we fail to process something. The song gets boring for a little bit, but it never pulls you away.

Badih - Btow3edni Terja3 2014 / بديع - بتوعدني ترجع

Thursday, June 18, 2015

All The Great Arabic Pop Songs From The Nineties Are Here (Listen)

nostalgic for the nineties? You are in luck, here are the best track of that era. Your favorite pop stars from that time--most of them are still around. Najwa leads the way. Nawal Al Zoghby, Ragheb Alamah, Assi Hallani when he was cool and good. The man, George Wassouf, Elissa, Ehab Tawfik, Hani Shaker....Mohammad Fouad, the funky days, Kadem when he was so young and hungry. Amr Diab when he was making his best tracks, Wael Kfouy when he was a heartthrob. Asalah, Fadel Shaker,  Zain El Omar, Angham, the young years, and Alaa Zalzali when he made a name for himself. Elissa, when she was still Lebanese....Pascale Mashalani, the cute years. Hisham Abbas, the coolest and hippest artist--he was a riot. Mostafa Ammar when each track was a freaking dance party that keeps on giving. And who is better than Ali Hamdia, the Libyan Egyptian pop star with that signature hair.

You will cry, you will fall in love, but most importantly, you will fall in love.

مكس لأجمل أغاني التسعينات

Bahaa Soultan Finds The Sweet Spot Sample His New Album "Sigara"

Here's an album I cannot wait to get my hand on to. It will release this March, no clear date, and the title is worth pondering about..."a cigarette" No idea what's with the title, but this seems to be catchy. I do not even know if there's a song about smoking and I only hope it's not making this bad habit seems cool. Bahaa is a brilliant singer who only makes music with Naser in face for the past 20 years, they have worked together.

Nasr and Hani Mahrous, the brothers are taking the biggest credit for the album--after all they have the golden touch. They wrote lyrics, composed music and mastered the tracks and produced them. I am loving the sweet out of Bahaa, he seems to have rarely shown that tender side of his--he is great with the dark side, and life-wise songs. He had a number of catchy hits, but sweet and romance has rarely been his forte.

You still get Bahaa style songs about the past and the good days, I love the sample and happy to see this star release his first album in three years.

 Bahaa Soultan Simble Album "Sigara" l "بهاء سلطان رينج تون البوم "سيجارة Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ramadan 2015 New Special Songs For The Holy Month

Leave it to Egypt's premier music network to released special songs for the month. There must be thousands of Ramadan songs from all over the world, there are a million tradition and there are more than  a billion people who will observe the holy month.

So it's such a big deal, sure the Musli nits will do some crazy things and murder more people in the name of the religion they claim to sure with the masses. So do good this month, more so than other months, it's good to give people a break.

Here are few songs that talk about the blessings of Ramadan, it's more than just a holy month, it's a social one too, and keep on mind the people of Gaza were murdered in masses during the month.   
Ya Ramadan - Mohsen El Sayed يا رمضان - محسن السيد
Imam El Morsaleen - Ammar امام المرسلين - عمار

Visionary Director @JadShwery Moves Mountains For @CyrineAbdlNour

I was one of these people who believed Arabic music videos have reached the point where they are  lackluster, tired and dull. Once in a while, we get to see something interesting, something inspiring. This time, Jad Shwery delivered that very thing. He released a music video that feels more like a short film where the viewer is emotionally invested in the characters and the background stories. Of course it helps to be working with a songstress/actress that enjoys larger than life talent.

Changing his style and his format to make a music video for the lovable cross-talented Lebanese songstress Cyrine Abdel Nour. You would think you are watching a regular love story that has gone bad. Where the lady is the ultimate lover and the man just does not care. Something that we have seen a million times. You know the story where there's a gulf between the couple and someone if putting a lot more in than they are getting back in return.

Then Jad's idea changes that as you watched till the end, you will learn of a twist. The twist it may have been something you've seen in a Hollywood film, but Jad captures it beautifully and makes the music video a memorable work. Not to be overlooked, the location and set used for this picture. You are so attached to the story as there are no distractions or unnecessary subplots. Jad outdone himself here and this makes him (at least in my book) one of the most creative and original music video directors. See him tackle a serious issue in his music video that many entertainers shy away from addressing. So here you have it, a fresh music video right in front of your eye balls.   

I am sure not many singers can challenge Cyrine on her acting, as she is no stranger to this art form. She is so expressive and this is why her acting career has been going strong for a decade. She is a heavyweight actress who spared no effort to portray a complicated character. Cyrine Abdel Nour's grace keeps the music moving in such an interesting fashion. She plays the same character that has too many sides, and too many personalities within her. I do not see many pop stars able to paint such a picture like Cyrine could.

Jad knew he was working with an A list pop icon, and he and his team brought their A game. So pay close attention to all the details. Enjoy the reality and the alternative reality told in this music video. You almost do not get tired of watching this music video, it actually gets newer every time you watch it because you notice something you may have missed the first time.

Cyrine Abdel Nour - Aadi [Official Music Video] (2015) / سيرين عبد النور - عادي

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

@AwakeningRec Should Sign Up @MayAbdElAziz She Rocks!

She is a force for good and has dedicated her voice for God and elevating fellow humans. A graduate of the American University in Cairo and later a student in the States who studied sociology. Later, May who chose to go to South Africa and work with children. In there she worked and helped the little ones grow. But during her time over there, she had a colleague who had "misunderstandings" about Islam. That lady refused to write a comment in May's journal, which can be a shocking experience for many. May did not stop there.

She went on to work in an animal shelter for rescued animals. I came to respect May and value her insight when I've learned she actually did not like how many Muslims responded with hate and violence to the film about the prophet of Islam. May wanted to respond to that offensive film with a song and asked many folks to join her.

I really think the world is a better place with May in it. There's room in Islam for artists with big hearts like that of May's. I only wish that the producers at Awakening Records who are based in London would work with May on some music project. There's no need for her to be alone, they need her and they certainly need her message. Unless of course these London based producers think a woman is unworthy of their label. I know some Orthodox Muslims would struggle with a woman singing, but while I respect them, I think they should not be allowed to silence other Muslims. And yes, May would be the first female to join the label.

This lady makes good music with the uplifting teachings of Islam. Her vocals deliver every time and her emotions are right there on display (See Here). When she is not doing her music, you can see her collecting toys from children in Africa. She is a good will-ambassador. We do not have many like her and wish her nothing but success.
مطمنه | مي عبد العزيز - Metamna | May Abd ElAziz

This Ramadan Prayer Will Give You ADD

Egyptian pop star and artist Esaf has a prayer this Ramadan and his prayer will air on TV this holy month. There type of songs are often done for free by artists and they are more than happy to give away the copy rights to anyone who ask. In return the singer and his/her team get credit with the man upstairs.

Essaf or Esaf is sharing his prayer with us, and it seems he likes to ask for a dozen of things. I do not like how there are too many things playing at once and the sound mixing making it hard to follow through. This prayer is cool if you have ADD!

Basaalak - Esaf Gabal بسألك - ايساف جبل

Beirut International Awards Festival 2015 Happens @BIAFLebanon

Beirut International Awards Festival (BIAF) was held few days ago and the themse was to honor the late Lebanese golden girl Sabah. So every celebrity in the region under the sun showed up dressed to impress with their outfits. Held on a famous Beirut Zaytoona bay. There's was lots of fashion, makeup and interesting people.
Celebrities turned out for this event, many good people were in attendance, and certainly the big egos were there as well. They had a drama and some thought the events would be canceled. They only had spots for 600 people, businessmen were also in attendance. 800 people RSVP'd for the event, so they had to apologize as they could not accommodate them. This is sad as this is the 6th time this event is held. An interesting award was horning the Egyptian businessman who is Haifa Wehbe's ex.
Interviews by Elaph caught with scores of entertainers and organizers on the red carpet. there was government types present. There was a handful of international icons from Turkey, Spanish and France. Nancy Ajram stole the show, Wael Kfoury was also there. Kuwait was represented by Nawal. Tunis had Saber El Robaei, Algeria had Fulla. Many Lebanese celebrities shows up.        
For full list of awardees, please see here
ماذا قال نجوم مهرجان "بياف" ٢٠١٥ ومكرّموه لكاميرا "إيلاف"؟

The Young And Impressive Natasha Strikes Gold Again

Natasha left her home in Lebanon to settle in Saudi Arabia, her dad and her family went along and I am glad they did. In Lebanon there are a million pop stars and Natasha was just one of them. Though she was very young when she started singing--maybe 15 years of age. She did have one best-selling album even before she was 20.

So Natasha took her loving family on a journey to make music in Saudi--the home of Rotana who has singed Natasha. The young lady sounds like a seasoned pop star, she even has a voice and grace to deliver Tarab songs for more mature taste. She could also do playful songs like she did in both Lebanese, Egyptian and Saudi fashions.

Here's a sweet song that feels like an original Arabic song it feels like something you would have heard in the 80's in one of the many famed Egyptian concert halls. I am impressed by her performance here and think with a  bit more luck and some clever marketing, there's no reason why Natasha should not be a number one selling-artist.
ناتاشا - إنساني خلاص Natasha - Ensani Khalas - HD

Monday, June 15, 2015

Haifa Wehbe Is "Mariam": The Holy Lady Of Pop (Video)

Wael Jassar just released his cover song for the new show by Haifa Wehbe and Khaled El Nabawy. There are tow high caliber artists whose collaboration is newsworthy. Haifa likes acting and some think she is good at it. El Nabawy has a long resume in roles both international and local ones. This looks like a love story and Haifa Wehbe always gets in trouble for playing that role.

The roles played by Haifa for this show are challenging as she will portray a twin, one of whom has lost her ability to speak. So this would be fun to watch. This is Haifa's third TV drama--only one of which has aired last year and one show still having trouble with production.   

The name of the show is Mariam, a holy lady in needs. The song is for Wael who flew into Egypt to record the themes song. I can see that this should will make the top ten list of most watched shows. I did mange to spot Egyptian singer Mohamed Kilani appearing in the show.   
Mariam Series© | أغنية مسلسل مريم© - غناء وائل جسار - فقط وحصريا على قناة النهار

May Khalil #Lebanon Women Beirut Marathon Sports For Women

The president of the Lebanon Marathon is urging Lebanese women to run forward not backward. This is a marathon reserved fro women. Changing society through sports, it's about women empowerment...in Lebanon and in the larger Arab world. Give women a chance is what I hear Mai is saying.
The 10 K is the competition, and 5 K is open for everyone men and kids can take part of it. No domestic violence, equality, no discrimination and also in Lebanon women should be able to give their citizenship to their spouses. This is a big event where about 104 countries are represented and three dozen NGOs support it. Sure thing these women celebrities do not shy away.   
 مي الخليل للمرأة اللبنانيّة : إركضي لقدّام بكفّي رجعة لورا !

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Top Ten Arabic Pop Songs This Week (Video)

This is a good list, it features artists from Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco Yemen, UAE and they all have something in common--they made it to the top spot in Arabic pop songs this week. I know I have heard this songs before, but happy to see more people are tuning in.

These are popular songs around the internet, there is at least two Tarab song sin there that show a bit of class, there is romance, and the top one spot went for the funk by Rana Samah. Let's see this inclusive lists of songs that have mad this week's top songs lists.

نتائج وترتيب | TOP10 هذا الأسبوع | 14 \ 6 \ 2015

Saudi Video-Gamer Hamza Hawsawi Just Won The X Factor

Six months of preparation and nine weeks of live episodes, the fourth season of The X Factor Middle East has a winner and he is a Saudi vocalist whose love for music is only bigger than his love for action video games (more on his games of choice can be found here).

Hamza Hawsawi is that happy contestant. The 24-year-old was so shocked when he was announced to be the winner for the fourth season of X Factor. Hawsawi, who competed within the “International” category during the show, avoided singing in Arabic throughout the competition, preferring to sing in English. Week after week he wowed the judges with his impeccable accent, his confident stage presence and, of course, his amazing voice.

After months of anticipation, the winner of "The X Factor Arabia" has been revealed. Although millions were rooting for the Arab world's hottest up-and-coming boy band The Five to win, Saudi Arabia’s Hamza Hawsawi took the winning title home on Saturday night, Albawaba.com reports.

MBC The X Factor - حمزة هوساوي - All Of Me - العروض المباشرة

Lebanese Abel Karim Shaaer, The Voice For Arabic Oldies Throwbacks

There singers who make pop songs, and there are who like to revisit what once was a pop song, only years after that they became classical songs. One of these artists is Abdel Karim Shaar, A Lebanese vocalist who like to do songs form the forties and fifties.

His voice was made from doing the Mowashahat style songs, the Syrian, Iraqi and Andalusia style of singing. There's no money in this art, but there is a lot of recognition and interest, so cafes and lounges fro Arab intellects. He is a Lebanese artist who has an old soul and rocks the bow-tie look.

Mr. Shaar has been singing for generations, only not as many people know of him outside the fans of the musicals style he performs, he has that very manly strong voice that can do the forte without coming across as shouting.

كريم الشعار يحتفي بـ"غنيلي شوي شوي"

عبد الكريم الشعار الليلة عيد

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pascale Machalani Cruising Towards The Past! # YaAlhanoun

Pascale Machalani used to be a big deal a decade ago. I want her to make a sweet comeback, I really do. She is a lady who won't quit, she did take a break to have a family and she manged to do that so well. But her album from last year, I felt did not offer anything new, no lead song that stood out or a song that felt organic.

She did have that Jordanian song that was rad, but other than that one it felt tired. Here's an song of hers with old footage from a classic Arabic film. he one couple that each Arab male and female fancy being with. Good luck with that, Pascale Machalani could not turn back the clock, and neither can you.

Since Rotana controls the rights for her album and the rights for that song--an album they produced, comes the random pairing.

بسكال مشعلاني - ياالحنون | Pascale Machalani - YaAlhanoun

"#Syria, I Love You" In Indie and Pop Music Sham is the Name

It was not easy for me to pick a Syrian flag, there are two right now. Each of these symbols makes a political statement. My love for Syria and it's very innovative people is bigger than politics, because politics teaches you to resent others--I cannot find anyone in Syria to hate. Obviously criminals are criminals, but Syria is a big story and a big deal for many Arabs.

Here are two different songs, one life from an indie artists and intellect Samih Choukeir was the first singer to take stands against the Syrian military in places like Daraa. The other is from mainstream pop star Rouida Attieh whose political stands are vague to me. Both love Syria (Sham) no doubt. Both long to the day when they can see Syrian strong again.

I like both artists and what they have to offer--both claim to be singing for all Syrians and I hope they keep true to that.

إشتقنا للشام، سميح شقير، Samih Choukeir, Ishtaqna Li Sham

تحية لسوريا يا شام

Tania Saleh Is Something Else “A Few Images” @TaniaSaleh

Tania Saleh is a true indie soul in that crowded music seine at home in Lebanon. She just released the most serious album in the region as her album is not meant for mass consumption. This singer/songwriter/visual artist is a real gem and a real bright light in a see of repetition. She emerged in the 90's and has been perfecting and expanding her craft ever since.

Granted a voice that 's most suitable for mixing between the traditional Arabic music and more Westner styles she grew up around. She is certainly one of many artists who feel comfortable in this middle ground, but she is unique in the sense that she herself has become a melting pot for the genre.

Among the names she collaborated with are the likes of Ziad Rahbany, Toufic Farroukh, Charbel Rouhana, Iman Homsy and Mounir Khawli in various albums. 

Another cool collaboration for Tania is her writing the lyrics for Nadine Labaki’s second feature film "Where Do We Go Now?”

Which brings us to her latest album of 2014: She released her fourth album, “A Few Images”. Get a taste of her music and step into her very own world.

Beirut Windows 2014 شبابيك بيروت - تانيا صالح [Official Video]

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Al Samer" Is A Palestinian Dance That Is Older Than Israel Itself

In the West Bank and some parts of Jordan men at weddings have been celebrating happy occasions with this dance known as Sahjat Al Samer a traditional dance done in weddings with men dancing and singing in a group.

the dance has a cool story behind it like this video from Northern Ramallah, it utilizes story-telling, taking pride in family and country. There is also flirting, this is cool and families want to make sure to do this dance that represents folks who lived in Palestine centuries ago.

There is a leader for the dance who everyone follows to make sure things sync, according to the spokesperson he dishes on the history and how fathers teach their kids. I like how there are different styles that blends real stories with fictional ones that keep this an entertaining.  
سحجة السامر في بلدة سنجل شمال رام الله - هارون عمايرة

Bossy's New Song Set #Ramadan Nightclubs

Bossy continues to dominate the airwaves, the lovable Egyptian songstress turned actress wouldn't even give us a break in Ramadan. For the holy month she will be in every home with a theme song for a TV drama. Mai Ez El Deen is starring a new show and Bossy is doing the song for it.

Mai is a clever entertainer whose shows are usually a big success. For a change we see a woman centered works that are actually good and well-budgeted. Bossy is also business savvy and a tough lady in a cruel business. She has sang many styles and her vocal flexibility show a wide range of styles. This is good song that speaks love in simple terms and in a language that people in Egypt from all segments can relate to.

Sure it has its dance moments, and you can actually move your hips, but since this is a Ramadan show, why did it have to be a song in a night club with a thousand belly dancers and not one attractive male? Please note, this is one of two songs Bossy will have this Ramadan as she is singing a funny song for another show also airing throughout the month of Ramadan.

اغنية تعالى " من مسلسل حالة عشق "غناء بوسى

This Ramadan Brought To You By Heineken!!

Sure the title is strange and even offensive, but I could not help but notice how more and more brand label beers in Egypt are paying top dollars for product endorsement on Egyptian TV dramas. Savvy beer marketers figured a cleaver way to get themselves in every Arab home, they may not be able to run advertisements or rent billboards, but they will not be stopped.

That famous beer marker in Egypt who got sold to beet giant Heineken is placing its products in most TV dramas this Ramadan season. Yes, they pay for the product placements and Egyptian producers are a cheap data and have no virtual morals. So more and more characters will be shown this Ramadan drinking beer in a country with a Muslim Majority.  Thanks to Filfan for pointing that out. Even in Ramadan it seems the passive Arab consumer cannot have a month holy as it used to be. He will have to ensure nudity, cursing, sleaziness and now alcoholic beverages on his TV screen. I do not blame the consumer for turning off that device and spending time with family instead.

This is such a shameful practice, and it has little to do with reality, yes sadly, a lot of Muslims do consume alcohol, but not the rate shown in movies and TV Dramas.

After furtrther research:
It seems that the company that makes the most appearances in movies and dramas is actually brewed by Al-Ahram, a government conglomerate that also publishes the most widely-read newspaper in Egypt. So there you have it, you have the government running a beer business that's sole mission to give people a break from all the shit they (they government) are not able to address


The Handsome Lebanese Young Anwar Nour New Single

Anwar Nour knows that he is attractive, so he dresses well to complement the package.You get that impression by surfing through his Facebook and seeing his pictures and the comments he leaves. He also happens to have a bittersweet voice, that draws you in. His songs and voice make it so easy to cry, and I know the kind of songs fit for his voice will bring you to tears.

He is Lebanese and studied business and music is now his business. The music of his single is the work hip Egyptian composer Mahmoud Khayamy.The song is about being alone, when one could have the option of being in the company of a loved one.

Anwar Nour - Wahdi 2013 / أنور نور - وحدي

Designer Elie Saab Goes Home--Where He Is A Proud Son

One of the biggest fashion designers in the world is none but Lebanese Elie Saab. To my ears, he might be one of the top designers working in today's world. He is everywhere he wants to be and nowhere where he does not want to be. An iconic talent whose fashion woman kill for.

But when he goes home to visit or to work in Lebanon he is so proud of his country and its history. Elie's career took off in 1982 when he started his Beirut label with 15 employees. But before then he did a stint in Paris where he studied fashion in 1981.

Elie Saab's style is a unique fusion of western and eastern culture. He uses noble materials such as taffeta, organza, noble and satin paired with more fluid and light fabrics.  1997 was the year when Saab made history by becoming the first non-Italian designer to become a member of the Italian Camera Nazionale della Moda, Then he went on to dresses Queen Rania of Jordan and the royals in Morocco. But it was not until 2002 when his career exploded right after dressing the Oscar winner, Halle Berry, in 2002.

So let's meet the man behind the legend, he sounds like a regular business man. He sound like a proud Arab Lebanese. He talks about elegance and the history of Beirut. He also spoke about Fayrouz and her music. He dressed a lot of important and rich women.
إيلي صعب لـ "إيلاف": يليق ببيروت العزّ والجمال والفخامة كما كانت في التسعينات والستّينات

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

+Aziz: New Orleanian tones with a Flavor of Khaleeji Beats via @Arab_America @Plusaziz

Here's something you do not see every day!

Recent years saw a change in the Arabic music scene. While classic music, or what is known as Tarab, was trending during the sixties through the seventies, the rest of last century saw  Arab music taking a different theme, especially with the introduction of video clips. In order for singers to become more popular, they based their music on fast rhythms and simple lyrics, and presented the song with a video clip of high quality.

But recent years saw the rise of a totally different music genre, a genre that is more independent, uses social media to spread, and mixes different music genres from around the world to produce new styles.

+Aziz is a Kuwaiti singer- songwriter, as he loves to describe himself. On his about.me page, he writes: “Drawing on the ethos of alternative rock and folk, I am an Arab songwriter crafting songs that bring together Middle Eastern and New Orleanian heritages.”

The first thing that attracts you to the name is the + sign, and for that Aziz has a story.
“The + sign in front of my name is for branding purposes. I started using it in high school as a nickname. Some people thought I use it out of arrogance, others thought it comes out of my love for math. But at the end of the day, I love receiving different interpretations from people.”
+Aziz was born in Kuwait, where his parents originally come from, but has a strong relationship with United States. He was raised between Kuwait and America. He moved to New York in 2008, and then to New Orleans to deepen his understanding of music.

As a teenager, he used to listen to Kuwaiti music, but his real passion was towards western music. He also started having interest in the independent music scene in some Arab countries, such as Jordan and Lebanon. However, +Aziz realized there was no such scene in the Gulf where he lived. So that’s when he wanted to be part of a new landscape that could happen in that part of the world.
“While I was in the US, I started writing Arabic songs, and at that time, it was not about the meaning, but about the feelings it evokes,” says +Aziz.

Full Interview at Arab America

The Next Big Morccan Music Thing Will Habe Houda Saad's Name

No woman makes better music from Morocco (or inspired by Morocco) like Houda Saad does. I think there's a special place for her in Arabic pop, but also her bigger and more prominent place is in Morocco where she can be the authority in her country's music.

Sure there are scores of artists from Morocco who have done well, but many of them they do not stick with it. Houda Saad can. She has shown in the past four years that each song she has done using that dialect is a stand alone story.  Moroccan pop does not have to be weird or too exotic for the casual Arab fan, Houda makes it accessible. I mean in a way, she meets the listener half way through, she keeps the dialect but on the music she can work with a number of elements.
This is why I thought her "La Hadi Oula Hadik" is a perfect song to speak to what I am thinking. I know she has done many songs in all Arabic dialects, but the Moroccan ones seem closer to her heart. Beside having a capable voice, she is a music composer and a lyricist, so she can contribute in all fronts.   

Houda Saad - La Hadi Oula Hadik (Official Video 2014) / هدى سعد - لهادي و لهاديك

You Should Be Excited For Kaline Asmar @InfoMastergate

New, up and coming and dazzling Lebanese singer Kaline Asmar does not do easy. In his first major music video, you see him sporting a private jet, a fancy mention, and a rare sport car. Not to forget the lovely model-like partner awaiting his arrival at home.

Then comes the song and the news that he misses her as much as this life. Sure, he is good-looking he can say anything he wants. This is the first I hear of this pop star but I like his voice material. He is super talented and his choice of songs shows that he has the skill of a seasoned professional singer. The melody and the change of pace and styles within the song is telling about this very welcome voice from Lebanon to the world.

Asifr from his voice, the song it all his work--the lyrics and music are all his creation. Filmed in Lebanon on a lake and near the airport. This song serves Kaline's second single and in my book he is already a star.

Kaline Asmar Shta2tilik video clip كالين اسمر شتقتلك

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Samira Said Goes Back To 1981! 1001 Arabian Nights

90.90 Radio in Egypt is back with a new radio series about 1001 Arabian Nights. Aside from the show, the song for the show made all the news, as it's been performed by Samira Said. The Moroccan diva who wanted to do this song for the show lead by colorful actor Yehya Al Fakharany.

Samira Said is a big time artist, and radio is not a big business anymore, but nevertheless Samira did the song and it's actually a change for him. The song reminds me of her songs from the 80's era. Lately, Samira has been doing Moroccan electronic fast-paced pop songs. This one is a lot more mellow.

This song has a special meaning as Samira did a song from a similar TV show with the same title back in 1981. So this will be some radio program in 2015!
مسلسل أحلام شهرزاد - النجم يحى الفخرانى - الراديو 9090 - فى رمضان

اغنية المقدمة الف ليلة وليلة سميرة سعيد

X Factor Adham Nablusi Denied Entry To Lebanon @AdhamNabulsi

Officials at Beirut International airport have denied entry to the young Jordanian singer Adham Nabulsi. It's such a bizarre incident as Adham has lived in Lebanon during his time on X Factor which he ended up being the most successful participant. It's unclear why they would do such a thing, but Adham shared on his Facebook a picture of his Jordanian passport and said that he was denied entry and was kept for 4 hours at the airport. He says it was because he visited Palestine. Adham has already made it clear he does not have any Israeli stamps on his passport--an excuse often used by some government.

Adham did have a concert in the West Bank and he did mange to visit the holy sites in Jerusalem. Adham did have a tour in Palestine where he performed in a number of venues and helped bring some joy into the life of many struggling with Israel's occupation.

A number of Lebanese celebrities and commentators have already offered the young artists their solidarity and support. They too think it's bizarre that their own government would deny this young artists entry as he is neither a terrorist nor does he have ill-well.

So far we have yet to hear a comment from the Lebanese officials, my money that they would come out, apologize and say they made a mistake.
Adham Nabulsi - Keef Bhebak Hayk / أدهم نابلسي - كيف بحبك هيك

Lena Chamamyan – 2013 – Ghazl El Banat #Syria

Lena Chamymyan is back and the world better take notice. The young indie diva has had a lot of concerts in the most important theaters in Syria (castles of Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, calques de chevalier, Golan heights , opera house

Asmar Ellon (2006)
Shamat (2007)
Road of the sun (soon)
She was a guest with the German accordion player (Manfred Leuchter) in his album (zina - 2006), and the Syrian saxophone player Basel Rajoub in his album (Khamir – 2010)
She sang in a lot of the Syrian series sound tracks and Arabic and Armenian movies and some international video art ( Nizar Quabani series – Sweden Armenian movie (grandma’s tattoos) – Algerian French movie (behind the mirror)

Dears all, awaiting to have the album available "legally" online and in the market, I would love to share with you one of the song "Sheherazade".

I would like to thank, once again, all who worked on this album and all who supports to protect it's copyrights.

سلام أعزائي ,في انتظار توفر الألبوم في الأسواق و أونلين بشكل قانوني، .أحببت أن اشارككم أحد أغنيات الألبوم شهرزاد
أود أن أجدد شكري لكل من ساهم بانجاز هذا الألبوم و كل من ساعد بحماية حقوق القيمين عليه
محبتي لينا
Lena chamamyan- Extracts - album "Ghazl el banat" / "لينا شاماميان مقتطفات من ألبوم "غزل البنات

Sheherazade (Lena Chamamyan) / (شهرزاد (لينا شاماميان


Awal Mousafer (أول مسافر (06:20
Ya Hali 1 (يا هلي 1 (05:46
Oror (Yalla Tnam) (يلا تنام (02:40
Shehrazad (شهرزاد (05:36
Akher Elaan’oud (آخر العنقود (04:46
Ghazl el banat (غزل البنات (03:56
Manfa – Exile (منفى (05:28
Diramayren (03:59)
Henna w Zahr Intro (حنّة وزهر (01:24
Henna w Zahr (حنّة وزهر (06:18
Ya Hali 2 (يا هلي 2 (04:37
Gher shi (غير شي (02:14