Saturday, August 31, 2013

WATCH: Gorgeous Dina Hayek Romantic Comeback دينا حايك تعود للرومانسية ب "إتركني حبك"

Dina had what I call a gorgeous comeback, and it's all about romance. Dina Hayek has a song in the can, she has not sang romance in few years, but she is only a star because she had a pop song that was so romantic and it came out in 2005.

In one way the Lebanese beauty has just finished a new song, and I love these sweet lyrics Dina and her team created. It seems the lyrics were written by "Nicole Hayek"a relative for Dina.  The music is by a young composer names Jad Qattrib. This song is change of page for the hit-maker after releasing dance, and folksy songs in the previous three years.

Dina had a sold out concert in Jordan as she works her way quietly in a steady comeback. Seriously, Dina, this is the one we miss, stick around.

Dina Hayek - Interview دينا حايك تتحدث عن "تركني حبك " وتصورها قريباً

دينا حايك تعود للرومانسية ب "إتركني حبك"

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hussein Al Jassmi Sings In English "A Moment Of Anger"

His song is about rage, our real enemy as the song suggests. It's up to us and only us to make a change from our bad habits of getting mad. Good song and great performance by Hussein. He sounds like his English is really good.

What is not as good is the way the song is approached  this is not an Arabic songs, and the notes are very different as well as those keys. The trouble is, Arab singers doing songs in English, they keep doing this over and over again, they stress on the wrong words and extend them as you would do with Arabic songs. But in English it's a different ball game. I know we Arabs like to stretch our last word, but in English songs this varies.

Aside from that, Hussaen is the man for trying his hand on doing songs in a language different than his own. Thanks to Dubai--his home, he is already a big star with non Arabs.

اغنية حسين الجسمى - Hussain Al Jassmi - A Moment Of Anger

Where Is Wael Kfoury When You Need One?

Romantic song most notable star, the one was dominated the Lebanese song and romance's genera Wael Kfoury has released an album last summer, it took him more than four years to bring out an album with 8 songs. But the album was good, and it had some great moments in music, lyrcis and as always the sentimental voice of Wael Kfoury.

Needless to the the music business is a tough one and if it's not dead, it's not exactly alive. Blame it on the political instability and the revolutions here and there. Wael is staying quiet, he has concerts and TV appearances, the cash is never been a problem. He plays and promotes tennis at home in his down time.  
Ever since I have heard his first song back in the early nineties, and I am a fan.

The mood in Arabia does not seem to be perfect for making or listening to music. It's like if the oxygen has been sucked and all of us are in a crappy mood. I hope thing change to the better, we can only hope. In the meantime, here is one of his other songs, about thinking of someone that you are not supposed to even remember.

"وائل كفوري "قولك غلط

WATCH: Rabih Baroud - Mennak T'allamt / ربيع بارود - منك تعلمت

When love goes bad and grows sour, you want to play the songs appropriate for the occasion and the mood. This is why Lebanese pop sensation Rabih Baroud sang his latest song and filmed a music video.  Throwing clothes off the balcony might be the Arab equivalent throwing the towel.

This is a dark song that looks at the beautiful past and with forgetfulness is the goal. It was fun when it lasted, you are both young and dress in  a sexy way and hang out with your equality good-looking friends at the bowling alley and the club. Then you realize it was all a mirage and your love story is not for the ages.

Rabih Baroud - Mennak T'allamt / ربيع بارود - منك تعلمت

Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Direction Is Both Famous and Unknown

Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayne, and Niall each auditioned separately for The X Factor when they were just wee ones in 2010. They were all cut from the competition. But soothsayer Simon Cowell, who created and judges the show, saw the future. And the future looked like this: $$$$$. He decided that the five teens could have potential if thrown together as a group.

One Direction’s experience on the show actually resembles the fame and recognition they have now, which is to say they were both a phenomenon and a flop at the same time. Young girls were instantly obsessed, mobbing the X Factor studio each week and tweeting about the group with a rabid intensity that landed them on the front page of the U.K.’s biggest entertainment rags. But the group actually finished third on the show in the public voting, and a distant third at that.

Still the impressive obsession of their fans—dubbed Directioners—was enough to convince some of the world’s best songwriters to pen music for the group’s debut album. The first fruit of that labor, “What Makes You Beautiful,” became the most pre-ordered song ever released by Sony Music. It went to straight to Number 1 in the U.K., and has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

More popular singles followed—“One Thing” and “Live Like You’re Young” among the best. Then came two albums and massive success, to the tune of 30 million records sold in just over two years. Success to the tune of a massive worldwide tour of 120 venues with an average (sold-out) capacity of 12,500 fans. Success to the tune of becoming, according to Business Insider, the first boyband to be worth $1 billion.

For The Full Article, please visit The Daily Best

One Direction - Best Song Ever - Live at Teen Choice Awards 2013

WATCH: The Bizarre Video Israeli Soldiers Dancing With Palestinians In #Hebron

Not sure what to make of this, and want anyone's help make sense of this video. It seems a group of Israeli soldiers were walking in the occupied Palestinians city late at night and they ran into a bachelor party in the Palestinians city of Hebron. They officers did what everyone who likes a good time, they joined the party. Their song of choice is gangnam style by K-pop sensation PSY.

While their behavior is rare and so random, the Palestinians reaction was even more outlandish. They dance with the officers of the army who would kill them at any chance they get. And guess what the youth in Hebron carried they soldiers on their shoulders and had themselves one great party.

I do not know if this video is right or wrong, but my creed is this, it's always good to have a good time. But the Israeli army is not too happy with this, they are investigating the officers and reports state they will be punished for "taking a risk and putting their lives in danger" In other news, some online commentary from Arab individuals had this to say, "The Arabs are murdering one another and the Palestinians and the Israelis are dancing together!"

The Israeli army has this to say, "luckily this dance episode went without problems and the soldiers went home with their weapons without incident" The videos who thought they can dance their way to peace are being suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. I do not have any reason to think that the video is fake.

جنود إسرائيليون يرقصون في حفل زفاف مواطن فلسطيني في الخليل

Duet Impossible Doing Something New With The Oldies

This is an idea that I cannot have enough of, bring back some of the legends to live, toss in a new generation singer who idolizes that figure and have them perform a song together in a duet fashion. The show currently airs on MBC and it has everyone talking. This is the Arab version of a little known show with British personality Vernon Kay.

Oum Kalthoum seems to be everyone's idol, Arab entertainers chose to go back on time and perform next to her on stage. Among the super stars who have appeared is Moroccan diva Asma Lemnawar, Sherine, Wael Jassar Yara, Katehm Al Saher as well as others. Abdel Halim is another cool pick, those ones who really want a heavy doze can stop by Farid Al Atrach and Abdel Wahab.

I do not seem to be drawn to the different changing hosts who change between Lebanese and Egyptian ones.  The quality retro music videos where the new stars is super imposed on the video, it can fool us. MBC gave top spot to singers who are on contract with them--like the judges of The Voice. They also invite only stars on their music label. 

أسماء المنور وعاصي الحلاني ويارا ووائل جسار ومشاعل وكاظم الساهر ودينا بطمة التي غنّت مع أم كلثوم.
دنيا بطمة و ام كلثوم - انت عمري / بحلم بيك / ديو المستحيل

بحلم بيك | ديو المستحيل | الحلقة الثانية - جزء 5 / شيرين

بحلم بيك | ديو المستحيل | الحلقة الاولى - جزء 4 / يارا

صابر الرباعي - بحلم بيك / ديو المستحيل - الحلقة 4 - جزء

More Pictures From Ramy Ayach & Dalida Said Wedding #Lebanon

No need for words, this seems to have been an epic wedding, a wedding that Beirut will remember and Arabic pop will keep it in its memory. The union of pop hit-maker Ramy Ayach and fashion designer Dalida Said. This seems to have been in a great location, and the attendees were in the hundreds. 


Ramy Ayash Wardiye رامي عياش وردية 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet Ms. Ramy Ayach, Fashion Designer Dalida Said @DalidaSaid

The gorgeous Lebanese fashion designer Dalida Said just married pop star and Arab heartthrob Ramy Ayach after being engaged for about a year. She is not just another celebrity wife, she is a career woman who has her own brand in fashion. Dalida might have been Ramy Ayach's second finance, but from the looks of it, she is his first true love. To see pictures from their epic wedding, please visit this link

Dalida's Design was founded in 2010 by the designer Dalida Said, the brand offers a wide variety of fashionable designs. To see some of her beautiful and fashion-forward designers, visit this link 

She became the artist muse, he sang at least four songs for her and these songs were pretty awesome, it's rare for men to expresses their real emotions. Ramy Ayach does not seem to have this problem. He sang for romance for two decades, and now she is singing about his wife and love Dalida Said.

Ramy Ayach had released a song for their engagement, and another sweet and passionate love declaration love song on their wedding day--both songs are below.

داليدا سعيد مصممة ازياء

Ramy Ayash - Ma Baddi Shi _ رامي عيّاش - ما بدّي شي

Ramy Ayash Wardiye رامي عياش وردية 2013

Listen: Hassan El Shafei "Mafeesh Mostaheel" ft. Nicole Saba & Abd El Basset Hamouda - اغنية نيكول سابا وعبدالباسط حمودة - مفيش مستحيل

This is the odd music video between the guy who sings for cab drives and poor people in Egypt, and the pop diva from Lebanon who happens to be a big supporter of women rights in the Middle East. But when it comes to music, both are rock stars with a loyal fan base that defies borders!

The beloved and hit music producer Hassan El Shafei--yes the judge on Arab Idol put these two odd elements together to make a pop duet to close the summer season. This is two random elements--good on their own put together to make one interesting track that came with so much hype. This is a fresh attempt to do something new by Hassan whose skills are hard to deny.

His work makes me like this kind of music, it's not too loud and it certainly does not get boring like club mixes tend to be. Abd El Basset Hamouda is the entertainer for those who do not get to be on TV and those who want to live outside the mainstream, he reaches those types. Nicole Saba reaches the more educated fans and chic demographics.

Two Thumbs up for this production, Hassan spoke about this for a long time, and after hearing it I begin to understand why. His song is about how nothing is impossible, and these are not just lyrics, the mere fact that those two entertainers who comes form two vastly different worlds are together, it's a testament to that.

Please note, this is one of the first Arabic songs where the name of the producer comes before the name of the artist to rightfully credit him for his hard labor.

Hassan El Shafei "Mafeesh Mostaheel" ft. Nicole Saba & Abd El Basset Hamouda - "مفيش مستحيل"

Indie @hanyadelartist Makes A Controversial Song

Truly, I am a fan of his, and his music. Sometimes I have liked his politics, but the vocal anti-Mubarak indie artist has been one of those voices that hit the mute button on politics. Hany is an active member of Egypt's lively entertainment industry, the same industry have either supported ouster of the democratically elected president or stayed silent.

Hany Adel is awesome because less than five hours Mubarak and his regime were brought down, Hany Adel had a hit song ushering in the new era of freedom, justice and equality. He also kicked off the race for great indie rock music that took over Egyptian airwaves for two years. Almost two months have passed, and the same singers who sang for freedom and democracy have been mum. Some fear that their songs might lead to more bloodshed so they sat out of the airwaves. He remains one of the biggest indie names in Egyptian music and had he not been a big deal, we would not have bothered writing this critique of his new sarcastic song.

After all is done, Hany released two songs, one romantic and the other sarcastic. has a new song about being alone or feeling lonely, but it's a love song where he is telling a story about things he fears going wrong. Hany Adel can sing, but his songs won't change a thing as long as he does not speak up. As a song separate form everything else, it's a sober song about love in the time of war and hatred. He delivered a great performance.

Then But this does not stop there, the artist shared a new song where he makes fun of the military curfew, and for the first time in his career, the artist puts a declaimer on his song. The song is about a guy who is unable to go on date in Egypt due to the curfew as the movie theaters, gyms and other fun hangout places shut down. If this is not fear, I do not know what. Had Morsi put the siege, I think Hany would be more aggressive in his charges. But as the army will stick his ass in jail, he chose to use light-hearted song. He even sings in English here and I am having a hard time taking him seriously. Those are simply my opinions on this matter, it might be much bigger than Hany Adel, but this is the sad reality.

Update: As the artist says in the message before the song starts, this song does not intend to disrespect or offends anyone. Hany values every Egyptian life that has been lost. He is a super star among cult music fans. If I understand correctly  his message is intended for slackers who live in disconnect from whatever happens in Egypt. He wants to remind people that not everyone is involved in politics and not everyone is as passionate as they are. that every body has to involve in what happened in his/her country and not to think only about your self   Obviously Egypt is too big for one party, one leader and once voice. Hany wanted to talk to a group that has not yet spoken out. They just want stuff to work, they do not care who is running the show or who is in parliament. In this sense Hany has tried done something that stirs the pot, which is what good art does.    

Hany Adel - El7azr Ya Baby | 2013 هاني عادل - الحظر يا بيبي

 اغنية هانى عادل - الوحده 2013 hany adel - elwehda  asmaa moaa

Listen: The Other Nancy Ajram Rarely Heard Voice @ Beirut Holidays نانسي عجرم بتونّس بيك

Nancy Ajram has two kind of voices, the one millions around the world know well and love. The other she does not use that often, but it's a worthy one to get to know. The Tarab voice, mellow songs with long lines and heavy musical backup. I think she is saving this voice for the future when she is no longer able to be the cool cat. She is now thirty and has few more years of being able to do the cute and ditsy girl.

Then comes the serious music muse stage where heavy listeners want to be blown out of their minds with sober music and lyrics that make sense and come in full sentences. But in her recent appearance in Beirut Holidays music festival, the young songstress offered that site of hers rarely seen. Watch and feel the music as Nancy takes her time to entertain.

Her choice of songs is the beloved classic by the late Algerian Warda who had this song really legendary song about waiting and long distance love tales. Nancy covered this song years ago, and now she does it again. Note, hoe Nancy Ajram fashion changes to keep pace with whichever song she is performing.

Nancy Ajram Batwannes Beek / نانسي عجرم بتونّس بيك Beirut Holidays 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WATCH: Elissa Full Concert In Beirut Holidays اليسا في مهرجان اعياد بيروت

She is a popular songstress and a trend-sitter, she has been in the spotlight for fifteen years and has not aged one bit. She has not bored us either, and every time she releases a new album--it takes her two years to release an album. In the meantime, she sings in music festivals around the Arab world, she is a big draw everywhere she goes.

She has her fans and followers who would rally around her when she is being picked on. Now her most recent concert was in Beirut few days after a bomb went off, she unleashed a bomb of excitement and love and she spoke about the current events.

I think with that much experience she has, Elissa is more than conformable doing covers, like she has never done. At this concert she covered a song for Fairoz and another one for Salwa Qatrib. Maybe she sees her place in the industry somewhere in between these two divas. Elissa even tried to do a dance number when she was doing a song for Abdel Halim Hafiz--this is a first thing.

She has always sounds just fine, but the more years she has spent in the industry, she has gotten better, her confidence boosted to the skies, and her voice has gotten sweeter.

Elissa in concert Beirut Holidays 2013 اليسا في مهرجان اعياد بيروت

WATCH: Sherif Abd El Mon'em The Isolationist #Egypt Song شريف عبد المنعم - باب بلدنا

Egypt, I fuc*ing Love you song just arrived by new comer Sherif Abd El Mon'em. There are flags everywhere, but what the artist fails to see his version of Egypt has no place for 51 percent of its people. He calls for isolation, shut our country's door and protect it. This is a song written by an idiot who does not read the news, and has no idea what is going on. According to the clip, the only fallen ones are the ones who died on January one after that. This is a nationalistic song that likes to talk unity but fails to deliver.

Sherif Abd El Mon'em - Bab Baladna / شريف عبد المنعم - باب بلدنا

In the second track he is supplicating to God to protect him and preserves him. He is a new comer who has the looks and decent voice, but little brains I can attest to. Sherif is yet another pop star who is trying to reach stardom by singing about Egypt. He calls on people not to destroy their country, funny the only unit that has been destroying the country and bulldozing things is the army.

Sherif Abd El Mon'em - Ghany W Fa'eer / شريف عبد المنعم - غنى و فقير

Here Comes @HaifaWehbe As Sexy Catwoman @ Ehmej Concert #Lebanon

No other pop star generates the volume of news Lebanese pop star and media personality Haifa Wehbe does. In her concerts, she chose outfits that literary makes people want to look, even those who do not usually listen to her, they are helpless.

She is gorgeous, the world already knows that. But her looks is all hers. She works hard on her fashion and all her appearances are worthy of the press. Take for example her most recent concert at home, for the Ehmej music festival. Haifa Wehbe. No idea what kind of dress she is wearing, but I know this, you will look over and over again try to figure it out, analyze it on the hopes you will be able to see something interesting.

Her concerts are huge draw, and you know if you book her, you are getting everyone and their mother including their little kids too. It doe snot matter what she sang that evening, I am sure it was entertaining, but the press has gotten her message over and over again, this is never boring pop personality that has the brains and the savvy of the world's finest self-marketer.

It does not matter if she sings the romantic duet she released last week, or that big hit from seven years ago, so long as folks see her, they are enjoying themselves.

Haifa Wehbe dancing live in Ehmej - 7arramt Ahebbak هيفاء وهبي في اهمج

Haifa's Cam: Ehmej Concert

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Always Amazing Ghassan Saliba الرائع غسّان صليبا

Before he was a big restaurant mogul, before he was a loud tourism promoter for his county Lebanon, Ghassan Saliba was a wholesome entertainer. The amazing Ghassan Salib graduated from the number one talent and star making show Studio El Fan where he won the top spot for that year. Then he was picked by the house of Rahbani who made him a leading man on a number of plays.

Ghassan has this calm look and charming personality that drew people's eyes and hearts. He was the folksy voice that brought make some not so distant memories, made thing the good old days are actually the present days. While he had been around making shows, singing and appearing in plays and TV, he hit the big times in 1988 when starred in Summer 840 for the legendary Mansour Rahabni.

The last play he took part in was in 2008 also with the Rahabni "The Return of The Phoenix". Keep on mind Ghassan was never a pop star. He made several albums including a 1981 album where Melhim Barakat gave him his first original hit. But the relation between the two cooled off, reaching a new low.

Gassan Saliba Law Fiya غسان صليبا - لو فى

 Ghassan Saliba is Amazing الرائع غسّان صليبا

فلكلور لبناني .. غسان صليبا

WATCH: PSY Impersonator Scams The Country of #Lebanon And Her Music Loving Folks

When I first read that Korean pop sensation PSY will be in Lebanon for a concert, I was like, this is a big deal. Few weeks past and then there is PSY takes the stage, and people were very please to see Lebanon becoming a destination to such big name entertainers.

But then, now things got clear, it wasn't the real PSY The Gangnam Style guy  rather his impersonator who did a live show in Lebanon. Facebook is really mad like this Facebook Group Stop Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon page Others were very pissed of by this farce....

A lot of people who attended Friday's Gangnam Style Official Tour 2013 at Fouad Chehab Stadium are angry and disappointed at concert organizers, calling the whole thing a scam. Headliner Cheb Khaled cancelled, explaining that he didn't feel he could perform after the "sad, bloody incidents that happened in Beirut." He was referring to the Ruwaiss car bombing on August 15 which claimed the lives of 30 people. In a video response posted to You Tube a day after the concert, he said, "concerts can be rescheduled, but people's lives can't." Now as for the next reason that people were upset after the concert, I really can't fathom why anyone would actually believe that South Korean singer and rapper Psy would come to Beirut, but that is what organizers promised.
read more

The issue here is that the organizer Jean Saliba said during the course of an an interview with 3ishbeirut on August 13,  clearly states that: “Psy is coming to Lebanon as part of his official tour and he will dance with the kids on Gangnam style rhythms.” But it turns out this was one big joke, most people had no idea that they were getting an impersonator not the real entertainer in body and soul. The party loving people of Jounieh deserve better. Even media outlets in Lebanon were humiliated as they interview the fake star assuming he is the real deal. The questions is did the dancers know he was fake too?

Call Jean Saliba directly to voice any complaints at 03.101098 or 03.220304, or by sending an email to I can also be possible that the fake artist duped Mr. Saliba, and it could be that wanted to get a deal.

PSY Impersonator live in Lebanon!

WATCH: VMAs 2013 Craziest Moments: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus & More (VIDEO)

Did you miss the MTV Video Music Awards 2013? Or maybe you’re a One Direction fan that just wants to relive the night? No worries, we have you covered. It was a night of endless Justin Timberlake, limited ‘NSYNC, more Miley Cyrus than some fans could handle, and not as many emotional songs (like “Same Love” from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) as we might have wanted.

It's her party, she can do what she want -- just not make veiled drug references. Miley Cyrus performed her hit summer song "We Can't Stop" at the 2013 MTV VMAs, but without one of the track's signature racy lines.
Cyrus' VMA performance featured a bunch of dancers in bear costumes, her reference to "molly" was notably absent. MTV bleeped out the "dancing with molly" line during Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" performance. (Kanye West was also muted by the MTV censors when he rapped "molly" on the "Yeezus" song "Blood on the Leaves.")

Lady Gaga danced in a seashell bikini. Miley Cyrus twerked with teddy bears. Watch video of the craziest moments from MTV’s big show.

Video: Assaf Goes To #Morocco And Entertains His Fans

Last night, Morocco met the Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf. Not only is he a worthy singer to listen to, he has befriended one of this country's own, Salma Rashid. Salma competed on Arab Idol, she was a favorite for so many of us, but due to her young age the judges thought she will have more time.

Did Assaf do a Moroccan song? The locals love their versatile musical heritage, but most singers fear to dabble into it because it's a tough art to copy. His army of fans were awaiting their idol, they have followed him on TV for over three months and now they get to meet the man behind the legend.

Assaf took his all-Palestinians songs to a wider and wilder audience who danced and sang with him as he took the stage. Doing that Kuffyah song-video below. He also did party loudly with the droves of young people. Assaf performed a number of romantic songs to good reviews.

محمد عساف من حفل المغرب

Mohammad Assaf Makes Them Dance In #China

A cute Chinese boy in the mainland has been recorded dancing to the beat and the song of Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf. It's a cute video and hope it's real and not fake. It's unclear how the boy got to know about Assaf and his most famous Palestinians Kuffyah song, that won him the show.

The Palestinian star has been talking about concerts in Morocco and Bahrain where he will travel to meet with his fans and do his most famous songs. The talented singer will entertain his audience and travel to wherever they are singing for them for once and two telling them Palestinians stories.

In other Assaf news, some are upset with a hand gesture he made--the four fingers, a gesture that has been used by supporter of President Morsi. In fairness, it's unclear what Mohammad meant, and if he meant to get political. Here's the post with the picture in question

دبكة ولد صيني على انغام اغنية محمد عساف - على الكوفية

دبكة ولد صيني على انغام اغنية محمد عساف على الكوفية

فيديو اغنية (علي الكوفية) .. محمد عساف

Dabke Chinese boy to the music of song Mohammed Assaf - keffiyeh
生於中國Dabke的音樂歌穆罕默德·阿薩夫 - keffiyeh

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video: Egyptian Songstress Booted Off Stage For Supporting General Sisi

Pop star and Egyptian celebrity was in Morocco for concert, and she spoke politics while thanking her fans. But the concert goers did not appreciate her words in support Egypt's strong man General Sisi who lead a coup against a democratically elected president. The reports came from the Tétouan Music Festival.

Long Lives Morocco, Long Live Sisi....were the words she said toward the end of the concert. Then the audience, booed her and shouted back Morsi, Morsi in reference to the jailed president. She supposedly attacked the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters too. The She heard the uproar, and reportedly have said, go play with someone else....and she stormed off the stage without saying goodbye to her audience who paid some serious cash to see her perform.

Sherine is also in hot water for singing on the day hundreds of Egyptian were murdered in cold blood by the army and the police who are answering the call of General Sisi. Not to forget hr famous song she released in 2010 welcoming former president Mubarak from that hospital in Germany.

Sherine did not even take part of a presser at the music festival, she did so in protest as she thinks the organizers should have received her in a way worthy of her stature. Now, we ask you to view the video and hear the booing and the frustrations her fans had when she brought up General Sisi. See these folks do not hate Egypt, they love her Egypt song, it's the action of Sisi that upsets them and many like them around the world.

جمهور تطوان يطرد شيرين بعد هتافها للسيسي ويهتف لمرسي

شيرين واسماء المنور في إختتام مهرجان تطوان

ردة فعل الجمهور التطواني بعد تحية شيرين للسيسي

Listen: Ramy Ayash - Wardiah 2013 / رامي عيّاش - ورديّة

He walked down the aisle and Dalida Said walked right next to him, the latest celebrity couple will now officially be called Mr and Mr.s Ramy Ayach.

Salim Assaf wrote the new song and the music, and the music production by Dany Helou, it's a sweet romantic song with a lot of promises of romance filled future. It's a rosy song that will make ladies feel like a million bucks.

As for the song , it's a good fusion of slow songs/loud dance songs, tarab , mawal, pop and high low energy. This is a manly song about a guy who likes to think he is the first love and the last love for his lady. Sweet lyrics, a little possessive for me, but the general mood and feel are happy and a smart choice for Ramy and the song behind this team.

Listen: Ramy Ayash - Wardiah 2013 / رامي عيّاش - ورديّة

Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Look: Ramy Ayach And His Bride 2013 Wedding الصور الأولى من حفل زفاف رامي عياش

He was the most handsome pop star, the man all the ladies wanted to be near his sight. He tried to get married once, it did not work out. Years later he is tying the knot at home in a private wedding attended by the likes of Dina Hayek, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Nichan, Said Al Marouk, Joumana Bou Eid, Salim Asaf, Anabila Hilal and countless others.

Ramy Ayach got sealed and some ladies are not too happy about it, only one feels she landed him and I hope he treats her right. The fashion designer Dalida Said will be going with him tonight and call him her husband. Droves of celebrities and politicians were in attendance. The Pavilion Royal in Bayal complex was the lobby of choice for the wedding.

Something I ought to say, Ramy Ayach seems more concerned about the photos than paying attention to the lady standing next to him. It's the same comments people gave the global pop star Justin Timerlake from his wedding earlier this summer as the bride appeared to be a guest at her own wedding.

This was also an internet wedding where on Twitter, there was a special hashtag #ramyayachwedding.

حفل زفاف رامي عياش - زفة البوب ستار رامي عياش / (Pop Star Ramy Ayach wedding party

The charming hit-maker had a single recorded for his bride and it's fresh and focused on good times.

Melissa with PSY in Jounieh / حفل ميليسا في جونية

She had the wildest live performance, and it was not just the dress, but her choice of songs are catering to the young music lovers who like someone that never stops so long so the music goes. Melissa is her name and she had a sold out concert in this Lebanese city. She is kind of a big star among those who consider sexy as part of the pop star personality.

But then, something else happened, PSY emerged on stage--yes, the South Korean global star who went viral. Melissa is no stranger to performing with international stars, she has at least performed with three others--O am looking at you Akon. Melissa and the global star owned the night.

Among her latest news a song being made for her by the global celebrity and dance doctor, the French DJ  David Vendetta.

Melissa with PSY in Jounieh / حفل ميليسا في جونية

Download: Bahaa Sultan " Bandwar 3ala El Sa3ada " / " بهاء سلطان " بندور على السعادة Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"

This is a social album, or a socially responsible album. A new concept album with broader themes, it's about love but that the selfish or the romantic love. Love they neighbor sort of story, do well, fear God and be the best version of yourself you can be. Producer Nasr Mahrous is one my favorite producers in Egypt--minus his politics. He is a record doctor and only works with a select few out of whom he chooses to finest voices and gives them his attention.

Among his most loyal and biggest stars is Bahaa Sultan, his protege who have said if Nasr was not producing my albums, I would quit. This is the kind of loyalty a producer likes to see. Nasr made the career of so many most notable Tamer Hosny--walked out on him, and Sherine who abandoned him for Rotana. But Bahaa has been with Nasr company Free Music for a really long time.

And this is why together they put out a solid album with many social themes, they sold the album on iTunes and now it has found it way to the bigger world. This album has religious messages but the bigger and bolder ones are of social feel. Let's be better people and start with oneself. This is somehow a new album, albums that are about different topics other than home and love do not get made in Arabia.

"Searching For Happiness" is the title and the lead song is below. I also like Sa'aban it's a fun track with a message that will resonate with you and stick with you. Satan also has his track too. Just do the right thing or choose the right is the ultimate message. This is an interfaith album put together by an active Christian and a Muslim who thought the common grounds are hard to ignore.

01 - El Shetaan
02 - Ana
03 - Bandwar 3ala El Sa3ada
04 - Fe Set Ayam
05 - Ma7desh Ya2ool
06 - Mahma 7asaly
07 - Ra3eey Dameraak
08 - Rabna Bayseena
09 - Sa3ban
10 - 3asfora
11 - Bad3y Ya Rab

Bahaa Sultan " 3asfora " / " بهاء سلطان " عصفورة

Bahaa Sultan " Bandwar 3ala El Sa3ada " / " بهاء سلطان " بندور على السعادة Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"

Friday, August 23, 2013

WATCH: JDViolinBoy, 9, Performs A Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles Mash-Up That Will Blow Your Mind

There is a video that got everyone talking on the internet, those who talk more are the people who like pop music.  His name is  J.D. and he is way younger than you at the tender age of 9. He sings, plays violin, ukulele, piano and you're about to fall in love with him.

While he has many videos, the video that caught fire is the one where he perfomrs a mash-up cover of Katy Perry's "Roar" and Sara Bareilles' "Brave."  the insanely talented little boy performs

Mash-up: "Roar" by Katy Perry + "Brave" + more

WATCH: David Vendetta - Interview Hot Summer Dance #Lebanon #Beirut

The celebrated French DJ David Vendetta stopped in Beirut for one hell of a concert where his fans from all over the world have gathered to enjoy his latest mixes, and record spinning skills the world have come to love. Beirut did not stay indoors that night, they all went out to party with David and his crew. David feels like he is in his natural habitat in this party hard city. For starter, the folks there love music and almost never say no to good times. Second, tons of them speak French so David does not have to switch to English.

This was some dazzling show with dancers, and mixologist showing off his bud and bottles. Some show this was for the young people of Beirut who like to wave glow sticks and enjoy super-hyped music. This is not his first in Lebanon. He ha also worked with other singers including the names of Haifa Wehbe.

David has anew album which will release in the States. But he is also working on a song for Melissa of Lebanon. He also has a new track with a Turkish and Iraqi artists. The interviewer was way over his head, he tried though. His questions sounded canned. This must have been the place where droves of young people, and Lebanese expats who are vacationing in Lebanon to do something different

David Vendetta - Interview Hot Summer Dance

Medhat Saleh, More Under Hits Than You Can Ever Count

The first month of January is not yet over and I am counting at least three singles from the well-known Egyptain star Medhat Saleh. Here, he just released a pro revolution song about those who held their grounds during the tough days in Tahrir Square.

To be blunt, most of those who are just now singing for the revolution were the ones who dismissed it or did not think of it. To be clear, on the revolution first three days, the activists were there alone. Days later, when the Mubarak gangs started murdering people and the camels came out, only then more people joint the fight. I do not know about Medhat Saleh, but I know his song is real. He may not have led the revolutionaries, or may not have shared pictures of his protest...he is ready to embrace the spirit.

The latest single is about being courageous and not worrying about the cowards.  Seriously, he has been releasing so many songs lately, I do not know what to make of it. He might have his own studio or he might be trying some new strategy.

مدحت صالح _ الجدع جدع

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Listen: Another Fascist Song From #Egypt By @AnghamOfficial اغنية انغام - مش من بلدنا 2013

She might be right and I might be wrong. Angham was no fan of President Moris, and she did not protest Mubrak nor his regime. But she was in the front row protesting the Islamist president

She has a new song calling out the brotherhood as being foreigner to Egypt. Let's ask one question, Angham has at least one citizenship other than the Egyptian, she is wealthy and she can go to live anywhere in the world. Supposedly her old man died upset with her and she has nothing but harsh words about her father--very uncommon in Arabia. Plus she cannot keep a marriage....maybe this is the fault of the brotherhood too.

She has sang live for Mubrak before and she must be happy to see him make a comeback. I recall seeing her sign that famous Tamaroud form and sharing it on Twitter, now I wonder why she is doing this song and has yet to speak about the murders and massacred in Egypt. Those people do not exist as far as she is concerned. They are not citizens of  Egypt as she as she is concerned.

I do not like that due to her politics she sees nothing wrong with the massacred committed by the army and the internal security forces. It's fair to disagree on politics, but it's a shame not to feel horrible about all the blood. I wonder the type of Egypt she has on mind....For argument sake, let's for one second, pretend that those who have supported Morsi are assholes who deserve to die, Angham, how about those local and foreign reporters, who killed those? Aliens?

The good news, Angham has not made a good song in years now, can you name one?

Update: Now we learn the song has been recorded 17 years ago, and just not it gets a wild-release.

 اغنية انغام - مش من بلدنا 2013

WATCH: The Anti-John Kerry Song From Jerusalem #Palestine مستر كيري لاقيلك شي أهبل غيري أحمد داري ويوسف زايد

Mr. John Kerry, go find yourself another idiot is the title of the new indie song from the Jerusalem based Palestinian artist Ahmed Dari. The song is about common sense, negotiation in Palestine have brought close to nothing. The song goes and explains that if a donkey falls in one hole, he won't do it again. Yes, the Palestinians leadership keeps going back into the same hole.

The artist also lampoons key Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat--he should go and open a construction company. This is a light song with some fun in it, I think the message is clear and most people in Palestine agree with it yet they are so helpless. The duo of Ahmed Dari and Yousef Zaid have a music partnership/friendship that seems to extend beyond music.

 Mr Kerrey. مستر كيري لاقيلك شي أهبل غيري (نسخة مخففة) أحمد داري ويوسف زايد  ahmad dari

WATCH: @CAROLE_SAMAHA - Wahshani Bladi VC / كارول سماحه - وحشاني بلادي #GetExcited

Rare are the songs that make one fall in love with a distant land all over again. Carole Samahe and her team released a song in March 2013 where the music from that distant past that we cherish, the lyrics are also timeless. But her performance is timely. They just do not make many well-made songs that call for unity and inspires hope. Millions of Arabs have left their countries, but they have never moved their hearts. This song from Carole talks to both the mind and the heart.

The song is about immigration and people who leave behind the good things they love in search of better things that will earn them a paycheck or buy them some freedom. I love how inclusive this music video is, it weaves together lots of Arab looking immigration headed away form the motherland in the heat of the sun through the desert.

Carole leads the pack and walks the walk with them looking very appealing and leads the march for freedom. "together we make the freedom", the moment this becomes a dance battle, I am at loss, but this is a really good songs that blends so many musical instruments. The sound arrangement takes no back seat and keeps you on your feet...the music video is like a mini movie, where there are twists with high and low emotional moments.

The music videos tells the store of the Arab Spring perhaps, or that made up borders between various Arabic-speaking people who were told they are different. The song is about unity and gathering under one banner. The good happy/sweet days will make a comeback. This is a bold song from an artist who also doubles as a thinker. She had the courage to wear that traditional veil and short skirt as a warrior.  I like what she stands for as I am sure many ladies appreciate the positive role mode Carole has been for so many young women.

Carole Samaha - Wahshani Bladi VC / كارول سماحه - وحشاني بلادي

WATCH: The Fascist New Song From #Egypt @amrmostafa اغنية عمرو مصطفى - الارهاب | جديد

The farce musician turned political commentator Amr Mostafa is back and he has a song. It's a face this gifted musician has never stopped loving the Mubarak regime, why not when he has benefited from it and have enjoyed a great deal of connection and support. Plus this guy sees nothing wrong with corporation and corrupt business tycoons who stole the riches of Egypt and pay dirt to its people.

Two things I do not like from: Amr he sees nothing wrong in killing thousands in the name of protecting one's country and imagined identity. Meanwhile if he thinks someone might be killing in the name of religion, he calls it terrorism. The second thing I do not appreciate is his philosophy young people have to love the country for existing in it, that country does not have to neither represent them or do anything for them. Please note, how the army of Egypt takes money from taxes and turns around and tells people we will give you money and services from our budget--like they print money.

So what does he do when he sees thousands murdered in Egypt, he releases a song and titles it terrorism. If you think Islam has a place in politics, you are terrorist by default. When it comes to his love for the army, he is a fascist to the extreme. Foreigners are bad news according to Amr Mostafa. This is not a new melody he just used it last month and now reuses it with new lyrics to vilify 51 percent of Egypt. Amr must be so proud his idol Mubarak is free and all of his foes--liberals and Islamists are either rotting in jail or being vilified. Tamer Hussein wrote the lyrics and most of the new Amr Diab album.
اغنية عمرو مصطفى - الارهاب | جديد

حصريا اغنيه عمرو مصطفى الارهاب

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Video: When #Lebanon Parties, They Call On Wael Kfoury #Beirut

There are many things that has been happening in Lebanon. a bomb went off, and a number of previously- scheduled concerts also took place not far away form the place where the bomb went off. Singers got on their soapbox and talked politics before they did their act.

Wael Kfoury did a special song talking about the very people who put Lebanon in danger with their policies of assassination. It's a fresh and bold song that comes in a critical time, from a man who has rarely commented on politics. Wael is a clever entertainer whose fan would travel seas to see him perform live. This is a history lesson is mentions the German reunification in the nineties. This is a zinger for those who live in one side of Lebanon belongs to a certain political faction.

Like a master Wael delivers a song for the first time, that shames people who are pulling Lebanon backward and downward. He even talks about Islam, Christianity and Druze, all of us are wronged.

The artist to do cover of his old and new songs, the crowd went wild and savored every instant classic Wael Kfoury spitted out. This was a memorable night. The cheers and the energy on the stage are not easy to match as Wael knows how to get the fans to raor

 موال وائل كفوري من حفل اعياد بيروت 2013 Mouwwel Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury in Beirut Holidays 2013 وائل كفوري في اعياد بيروت

WATCH: Ziad Rahbani live concert #Beirut Holidays 2013 زياد الرحباني في بيروت

The Lebanese stage is indeed a global stage. This is why the accomplished Lebanese composer Ziad Rahabni appeared on the Beirut Holidays stage and performed with English singing divas. This seemed like a scene from some sixties jazz saloon. This portion of the evening featured "DAKT" and Cinda Ramseur, Claudia Patrice, Peral Ramsey and Manal Semaan

This was a well-planned night with thousands of overly educated an opinionated folks who like to savor world's culture. I am not a big fan of noise, but in the right circumstances and presentation this music can be appealing. I am not sure how much rehearsal time they had but something seems to be off key. However, the Ziad Rahabni bit when accompanied by Arab artist, the show shines like these Fayrouz tribute songs. And why not all those indie singers with magical vocals,

 Last performance of Ziad Rahbani in Beirut Holidays 2013 نهاية حفل زياد الرحباني في بيروت

Ziad Rahbani live concert Beirut Holidays 2013 زياد الرحباني في بيروت