Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video: Egyptian Songstress Booted Off Stage For Supporting General Sisi

Pop star and Egyptian celebrity was in Morocco for concert, and she spoke politics while thanking her fans. But the concert goers did not appreciate her words in support Egypt's strong man General Sisi who lead a coup against a democratically elected president. The reports came from the Tétouan Music Festival.

Long Lives Morocco, Long Live Sisi....were the words she said toward the end of the concert. Then the audience, booed her and shouted back Morsi, Morsi in reference to the jailed president. She supposedly attacked the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters too. The She heard the uproar, and reportedly have said, go play with someone else....and she stormed off the stage without saying goodbye to her audience who paid some serious cash to see her perform.

Sherine is also in hot water for singing on the day hundreds of Egyptian were murdered in cold blood by the army and the police who are answering the call of General Sisi. Not to forget hr famous song she released in 2010 welcoming former president Mubarak from that hospital in Germany.

Sherine did not even take part of a presser at the music festival, she did so in protest as she thinks the organizers should have received her in a way worthy of her stature. Now, we ask you to view the video and hear the booing and the frustrations her fans had when she brought up General Sisi. See these folks do not hate Egypt, they love her Egypt song, it's the action of Sisi that upsets them and many like them around the world.

جمهور تطوان يطرد شيرين بعد هتافها للسيسي ويهتف لمرسي

شيرين واسماء المنور في إختتام مهرجان تطوان

ردة فعل الجمهور التطواني بعد تحية شيرين للسيسي


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