Thursday, August 22, 2013

Listen: Another Fascist Song From #Egypt By @AnghamOfficial اغنية انغام - مش من بلدنا 2013

She might be right and I might be wrong. Angham was no fan of President Moris, and she did not protest Mubrak nor his regime. But she was in the front row protesting the Islamist president

She has a new song calling out the brotherhood as being foreigner to Egypt. Let's ask one question, Angham has at least one citizenship other than the Egyptian, she is wealthy and she can go to live anywhere in the world. Supposedly her old man died upset with her and she has nothing but harsh words about her father--very uncommon in Arabia. Plus she cannot keep a marriage....maybe this is the fault of the brotherhood too.

She has sang live for Mubrak before and she must be happy to see him make a comeback. I recall seeing her sign that famous Tamaroud form and sharing it on Twitter, now I wonder why she is doing this song and has yet to speak about the murders and massacred in Egypt. Those people do not exist as far as she is concerned. They are not citizens of  Egypt as she as she is concerned.

I do not like that due to her politics she sees nothing wrong with the massacred committed by the army and the internal security forces. It's fair to disagree on politics, but it's a shame not to feel horrible about all the blood. I wonder the type of Egypt she has on mind....For argument sake, let's for one second, pretend that those who have supported Morsi are assholes who deserve to die, Angham, how about those local and foreign reporters, who killed those? Aliens?

The good news, Angham has not made a good song in years now, can you name one?

Update: Now we learn the song has been recorded 17 years ago, and just not it gets a wild-release.

 اغنية انغام - مش من بلدنا 2013


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