Sunday, August 18, 2013

Listen: New Single By @AmrDiab - Garaly Eh #Awseom عمرو دياب - جرالي أيه

Amr Diab is working over time and extra hard to get the word out about his soon to be released album. No word if the album will still release on August 22nd as it has been planned. The king is worthy of a perfect release date. There has been few good things coming out of Egypt....Amr Diab is one of the good things going for Egypt.

This is a better song than we have heard so far, this is something I like about Amr Diab, if you do not find one hot song on his album, you will find ten decent songs. But then again, his fans love this popular star and his cult following would celebrate whatever he does.  So far, we have heard three single out of his El Liela album, and I must say 2 out of three are dazzling.

What's with super loud music? Lyrics are fresh here, but I feel the music is geared toward clubs and dancing young people. It's hard to see any of these songs going viral globally, like Amr Diab's older songs. I think for now Amr Diab is happy to enjoy his fame and fortunate living large in Dubai.

عمرو دياب - جرالي أيه


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