Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Listen To The First Two Songs Of 2014 Amr Diab vs. Kadim Al Sahir

The two biggest male singers, the kings of their domains, Egyptian hit-maker Amr Diab and Iraqi versatile musician Kadem Al Saher just released a song each. Hours before the 2013 ends and 2014 kicks in--both artists have big concert planned for the new year...one in Dubai and the other in Romania.

Each of the singles are pretty awesome, they are both darker, offering wisdom and commentary on life and the things that comes and go. The timing is ideal, ushering a new year at the time when the media is keeping score.  Seasoned Hit-makers have to work harder to keep up their legacy, they will always be compered to their earlier work. Happy to report that both have done well, and done their homework.

Amr Diab out done himself here, he is the better version of himself here, and so is Kadim who seems all matrue and jaded a bit.

Amr Diab - Dawam El Haal عمرو دياب - دوام الحال

جديد كاظم الساهر قلبي قوي اول اغنية لكاظم الساهر لعام 2014

Ramy And Dalida Ayach "My Favorite Celebrity Couple" Open Second Restaurant

Ramy and Dalida Ayach married this year in an epic wedding, but the pop star and his fashion designer bride have shown how to be a power couple without all the drama beloved by the press and the celebrity world. The couple seem to have chemistry, they seem to have genuine love and appreciation for one another.

Mr. Aych joined his wife as she opened her new posh boutique in downtown Beirut. Dalida is often spotted showing support for her husband on his concerts. The couple had a great year, she seems to be full of grace and humility. Elaph interviewed them at the grand opening of Ramy's second restaurant--the first in Morocco.

I do not like how the interviewer asked them about wanting to have kids--dude chill. This is a celebrity couple who like to dip their toes in the business world. Ayach sang at the grand opening of his new establishment and it seems to have sold out.

Interview With ramy ayach

Download: Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا Stylish Comeback

If sexy was what Tunisian diva Latifa wanted, then sexy is what she got. The new sexy image, outfit and look has been accomplished by the beautiful comeback for this rare-bread of hit-maker. I honestly wrote her off three years ago, but Latifa has not changed--she had the talent bu good material is what she needed. This is the work of a true pan-Arab songstress, both wings of the Arab world embrace her and enjoy her voice.

She gave us 14 different reasons in her new album "Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا" to celebrate her triumphant return to the music scene after five years of absence. The album feels like a carefully curated verity album from a lady who knows what works, and knows she can make things work given the availability of great material. This is the last great album of 2013 and 2014's hit album--she manged to release it on the last day of the year in time for all the big concerts around the world.

I love how she sounds, upbeat, spunky, chick, wild and happy. She is a smart entertainer whose absence was missed. Look no further than her cover art to know she is not aging and her sense of style only got better. Now, if you are a young pop star, you will be very afraid--as Latifa has been awesome for almost thirty years.  

Latifa should be very pleased with the album and her hard work. She even marketed it cleverly, by producing by herself, then singing the marketing to Mazzika, she was able to make the album she wanted and get the word out by releasing two songs and one dazzling music video. The word was out and Latifa was back on the hot commodity.

01. Ahla Haga Feya
02. Bil Arabi
03. Maktoobli
04. Ya Hayati Ana Janbk
05. Bnetabel
06. Yeoul Kerehni
07. Ostor Ya Rab
08. Baha Baha
09. Sebha Ala Allah
10. Kol El Nas
11. Ma Bansash
12. Meavwarha
13. Etghayar Alaina
14. Ebed Anni

Latifa - Ahla Haga Fiya | لطيفة - أحلى حاجة فيا

Monday, December 30, 2013

Haytham Shaker Sings With His Steller Abs Not Emotions

Have you had this situation where you really like the music and the feel of a song, but HATE what the lyrics are about? Have you ever liked a singer so much, but then you get a new song from him/her and then you are like....did you actually understand the lyrics?

Egyptian romance and blues who got the rhythm too released a single from his upcoming album. And the cover art is pretty much the first mainstream Egyptian pop album where the artist is showing off his sweet abs for any one with eyes. The affects is too loud to tell the real quality of Mr. Shaker's vocal chords.

Again I like the beat and the music, I just  thing it's some stupid idea that guys have, they want to marry someone who will make sacrifices and make sure everything works when the man is playing video games and watching soccer with their buddies--the song wants her to be pretty and carry her weight yet the lyricists did not ask anything for males. Of course he wants to be the first love in this lady's life--sounds familiar?

Haitham Shaker - Ahla Qarar / هيثم شاكر - أحلى قرار

Arab Idol Carmen Soliman And Salma Rachid Tour Ramallah #Palestine For Concert



A promotion company in the West Bank city of Ramallah in concert with a famous hotel in the city have teamed up to bring the Arab Idol winner of the first season Carmen Soliman from Egypt, and runner-up songstress and Moroccan beauty and Salma Rachid to sing for the New Year party/concert.

Not everyone in Palestine is happy about this, but they agree to welcome the guests who want to show solidarity with the people living under occupation. With that in mind the city of Ramllah is the center of power and business in the occupied territories where they actually have nice things and seek a thriving economy.

The young artists will be headlining a concert, but before then they have been touring the city, and visited the memorial and gravesite of iconic Palestine leader Yasir Arafat. They also took pictures with their fans who ran into them at this location. they also placed wreath at the site and read a prayer for the late Palestinian leader.

Let's not be jerks, if you have issues with the Palestinian Authority, do not take issues with the guests, they were invited. As for the promoting company, make all the money you like, also do not forget about the dozens of Palestinian artists who could benefit from the exposure.

Salma Rachid in Jordan - دق الماني،عالعين موليتين

كليب " كارمن سليمان " كلام كلام | Carmen.Soliman Kalam.Kalam

Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf's Energetic Concert in Atlanta, Georgia


The Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf has just left the United States after spending 3 months touring around American and Canadian cities to meet his hungry fans. Bless his Palestinian heart, he has given them all he could and made them happier and prouder to have something in common with this true showman, the little kid from Gaza who grew up to be an Arab Idol who has the attention of the entire world.

his final two concerts were in the American South, Atlanta, Georgia and then the North Carolina city of money Charlotte. I have visited these two cities and I know they host large Arab communities--many many Palestinians who run businesses and have seen wealth since they have left their small and villages at home. Mohammad Assaf brought them that home or the things they miss the most without the drama, being one in a community who wants to have fun.

In Charlotte, there are many young and old Arabs who work in the banking industry, others who own business, even some academics and all of them were at his concert that night. There is always the flags, and that scarf, there is always music for Palestine and at some venues Assaf was joined by Ziad Khoury and Farah Yousef, his best friends from the Arab Idol.

In these two cities, the communities are about families, in some cases, the entire family actually lives in the United States, and for them it was a treat to see the idol, sing and smile with them. Assaf now is on his way to Doha Qatar where he has a big planed concert for the new year--then I urge him to take a break.

Arab Idol - الأداء - محمد عساف - على الكوفية

Your Favorite Drunk Syrian Singer Is BACK! George Wassouf's New Single

God bless his heart, this colorful Syrian iconic singer is making a go for a comeback in 2014. After spending most of 2013 in a number of hospitals and rehab facilities, he is now feeling better and recovering from the stroke. He has not changed much, and his health seems to be back to normal, as the signature voice is still kicking.

The new single sounds exactly like you would expect him to sound, talking about life and aging as he searches either for his past love or the love that has never materialized. Nothing changes this legend whose fans come from all walks of life--they all love him, but they too know he is a joker and enjoy his persona and stature more than his music. Even those few who hate his voice, they still love the legend behind the man.

جورج وسوف - شوق العمر 2014 HQ

برمو بشوق القمر جورج وسوف 2014

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Maher Zain Filming His Next Music Video In #Lebanon

This sounds like a Lebanese dance track with religion, a Muslim club music. No, this is just some music to show you the filming of the new music video for Muslim rock star Maher Zain who is filming a music video with a bunch of kids.

Maher's roots come from Lebanon, and this is why he is shooting his next video in the Lebanese city of Sayyda. Over there, he is home among friends and fans. The set for the upcoming music video is about Prophet Mohammad, a man whose life seems to drive Maher Zain and his fans.

The director, and the crew spoke to the camera about the filming. The song will come in two versions one in Arabic and Turkish. I like how they made the set seem like it is in the morning when it was actually night. Cannot wait for this music video, but I think Maher needs to do something major, unlike anything he has done before.

Maher Zain - Muhammad (Pbuh) [Waheshna] - Teaser

If You Want To Vomit, This Song Will Help!

Where's the art in the song below? Yes, this is a track from what's hot in the slums of Egypt "Mahrganat" is the latest assault in music, auto-tune and voices that wouldn't sing otherwise. But no denying, these guys make party music, it really makes you want to dance--even though the song is very random and very street.

I do not know what the young guys in Egypt who sing this style would do otherwise, but it seems to make them happy and give them one more reason to wake up in the morning. This is beyond "Sha'abi", the Mahrganat music makes the Sh'abi seems like smart and classy entertainment which is really scary. This style has survived for at least two years, and its stars get to star in movies now too, so I do not know what would the next trend be, but I hope these guys find something better to do with their time.

In the meantime, here are two hot tracks, where to my ear they sound like noise, but the lyrcis sound like a cab driver who spends too much time at stoner convention wrote.

 مهرجان القمة وشاكوس " حرب الموت " - فيلو وحودة ناصر والتونى | جاااااامد | جديد 2014

مهرجان هنكورة فى كرشنجى - وزة مطرية وقردة | كامل | جديد 2014

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Once Again, Some Jordanians Cannot Take A Joke...So They Assault Some Musicians

Update: there is a petition to fire the director of the Center, find it here

A talented and indie Jordanian singer was appearing in The King Hussein Cultural Centre in Amman, and his band was putting a show for the local people--they had a flute player, Chillo, base, lute players and few more.  All Jordanian composer and pianist Ghiya Rushidat lead the band. Tarik Al Jundi who was playing the oud (lute) wanted to break the ice with a joke by saying, "I cannot talk due to the cold, it seems the government is unable to pay the heating bill just like the citizens"...the audience laughed and enjoyed the show.

The show ended and right after the security officers started attacking the musicians verbally and then they assaulted them. The hotheaded security officers were reported to have said, "The government is on your head, you are not native to this country", "The government made a mistake by giving you this venue for free", things got hairy then, and the security officers attacked Tarik and other band members. The guards even assaulted Ghiya Rushidat.

The band headed to the local police and reported the incident. This is unfortunate as this is the first concert for Ms. Rushidat at home. I think the government owes her and the band a big apology. The incident is filmed on tape, and the video will come out--this will embarrass any Jordanian. Bullies and thugs have no place in modern Jordan, Innocent jokes should not cause a firestorm. Because, this security guard will wake up one day and find that all the local talents have moved to places like Canada. People pay dollars to see musicians perform, security guards cannot say the same thing. Ghiya and Tarik raise the Jordanian flag high around the world, no need insult and assault them.

I think, the government should not be something to fear, otherwise this is not the democracy the dazzling King sells it to the west to be. Ghiya has performed outside Jordan on many occasions, no one has assaulted her before. At home, why does she get this treatment by guys who do not even have any self-respect. Rushidat's last concert was in the Italian city of Venice.

Ghiya Rushidat - Rouhani (Pictures from Amman) - غيا ارشيدات - روحاني - صور من عمّان Ghiya Rushidat

Saif Shaheen's Guitar and Voice In "Madarena" Deliver A Sober Cry For #Iraq

Iraq is a music powerhouse for real original talents, the type has a crossover appeal, their music really appeals to outsiders more than any other Arab country. you got your Lebanese pop, and plastic ladies, that's all fun, but when it comes to smooth music, Iraq is where you need to search--Algeria is another place in the West side.

Said Shaheen, is your favorite professor who likes to jam and make music about the surrounding, he is all about the dreams, and imaging a better tomorrow for the little ones. God, his voice is something one misses, the type that can put you to sleep gently while you reflect on your life. This is the power of dreams from a guy who likes to sing about bigger things.

Saif is one of thousands Iraqi artists who are living in the diaspora, he resides the Canadian city of Toronto. Guitar and rock is where he is most comfortable. His music video takes on the issue of violence and random car bombs at home--no one is happy. But then, you see all these kids and you cannot help but wonder, will they ever see a safe and secure tomorrow? If the answer is not, what's their fault? 

In other news this indie spirited guitarist has gone through a makeover where his earlier fan had a hard time recognizing him as he seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Saif Shaheen Madarena سيف شاهين ما درينا

Friday, December 27, 2013

#Sexy With Your Clothes On! Yes, See #Lebanese Yara In " Ajik"

When you have a big name in the music industry, when you have a fat bank account, and producers who would green-light any project with your name on it, then you would know your name is Yara. This Lebanese songstress who released a Christmas album last year is also the same lady who makes the Gulf swoon when they hear her sing.

This is the latest hit song from Yara, she is one of the most talented voices in the young pop music scene. She kept to her pledge which is not to rely on her skin and sexy side, but only her voice and emotions. Yara is a pretty smart, she launched her career in Lebanon and poked fun of the fashion singers who think an image is all what it takes without a decent voice. Yara, has been given a capable voice, then she impressed the Egyptian music scene, and finally starting 2008, she found the Gulf and she seems to have never looked back.

The Gulf region was generous to Yara, they gave her security and comfort, and then she unleashed her talent. Local poets and lyricists stood in a line o get her to work with them, she chose the best and worked with the best, and the result was great collaboration that attracted the non-Gulf music listener to tune in. This is yet another reason I like her latest single "Ajik" a romantic song with a catchy melody. A song written by a woman who has given all, and she misplaced her trust. She takes her case to you the listener and song and the music video tell an epic love tale unlike none. Love Is not a shame neither is it a sin.
Yara - Ajik / يارا - اجيك HD

Lara Scander Calls For One Giant Party In Cairo

Lara Scander speaks Arabic like a drunken sailor. But when she sings she rules the pop scene. It's a girl night out, her boyfriend is documenting the girls night out so, what you see is what a guy sees--he is also in the fitting room too.

She is talking up her new positive message, let's party Arabia....mainly Egypt and Lebanon where she works and call it home. I love how in interviews, she speaks Arabic and English and gets away with it....her mentor and musician guiding star Jan Mari Chi.

Watch the launch party, many celebrities attended the event and celebrated the occasion. Many of her father's friends also made an appearance. The parry was in downtown Beirut and no one wanted to talk politics at the event.....they are right no one wants to talk about politics, they need a break

لارا اسكندر للمصريين: تعالوا غنوا معايا

Shahinaz Sings For New #Palestine Movie "Turning Point"

Mohammad Nour composed the music, Gamal El Kholy crafted those lyrics and Shahinaz Dia perfected the song with her god-given voice. The former star academy season five has been doing singles, two a year. And she seems to have good friends.

The song is about a past love, it's super hard to forget them. The song is meant for a Palestinian movie about the struggle, resistance, love and the will. The film's title "Turning Point", I have to find out ore about this film, but the song is pretty sweet.

Shahinaz has a grown up voice, mature emotions, and complex narrative....she is young, but in few singles, she has shown that she packs talent, class and success.

P.S. The film is 100 minute long, it tells a story in the seventies, the post production is being done in Cairo. The man behind it is a Palestinian businessman in the Netherlands.
Shahinaz - Howa Elly Hab Hynsa Belsahel / شاهيناز - هوة إلي حب هينسي بالساهل

Palestinian film Turning Point by Saleem Dabbour سليم دبور and Refaat Adi رفعت عادي

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mohamed Nour "The Next Amr Diab" Releases His 2014 New Album!

Even singers who are keen on romance like to go the gym, Mohamed Nour opted out for a muscular version of himself to be photographed on the cover of his brand new album. He came across as "Beef Cake" who is really good at the music game. I like Nour and I love his music because he is one clever artist. He carefully curates his album better than any one from his WAMA band.

I get it, when one spends a lot of time at the gym, they feel compelled to show off, why not. However, for a guy who is a dreamboat, a guy who sing for the ladies trying to win their hearts and make them feel elated, he is trying too hard. He has the handsome look, he cheerful personality, and the hip vibe. If I am Amr Diab, I would watch my back. Nour is leaving nothing to the King of Pop

It's freaking winter out there, and just looking at the cover art, you cannot help but ask yourself, "isn't he cold?" Now, to the music, I have written before about this album, and have said it will be great. I listened to it, and love it. This is a wonderful album, it makes up for all the delays, and hope Nour soars with the successes.

01 - Ana Neseetak is great for a cry, it's sweet without being spineless
02 - Awel Mara, a pretty boy finds love, but it does not go his way, for change he has to do the work.
03 - Helwa El Ayam, dream on and fall in love, life is prettier with love, lyrics are where the magic is
04 - Helwa El Ayam Remix, making a great song even better, make it a bit faster and funkier
05 - Howa Elli Hayeksab, a fun song that we have already enjoyed, a perfect dance song
06 - Kalam Aadi,  I appreciate man who is begging for love--even though he has the sex appeal
07 - Kelmety Wahda, the proud and cool man strikes again, he lectures his lady on his style.
08 - Mesh Hasaalak, I dramatic conversation filled with bittersweet emotions, Nour transcends here
09 - Omt Bel Wageb, His sweetest, there's a lot of guilt in it, It's one of the top three great songs here
10 - Rooh Bel Salama, dark songs are on demand, Nour does them better than any other male group in the same rank and style.
11 - Teaady Seneen, emotions are running high, sounds like a broken bird.

Awell Marra - Mohamed Nour اول مرة - محمد نور
سيمبلات البوم محمد نور - حلوه الايام 2013 | كامله

WTF?! Amr Diab Will Be In A New Year Concert In Bucharest Romania

No Idea what that means, but the king of Arab pop--he has been so for more than thirty years won't be even singing in an Arab country this year. The Egyptian entertainer who has moved himself, his office and his family to Dubai will be ringing in the new year in the Romanian capital Bucharest. I did not think there was a vibrant Arab community in that nation--there are dozens of families and students, but not a solid presence.

The concert will take place at the Romexpo Sa downtwon and Amr Diab will be joined by Paul Anka (born July 30, 1941) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor. Anka became famous in the late 1950s, '60s, and '70s with hit songs like "Diana", "Lonely Boy", "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", and "(You're) Having My Baby" Now, wait a minute, Paul Anka's parents are Greek Orthodox Lebanese.

Not sure how these two names got paired, a Canadian old school entertainer, with an Egyptian pop sensation together in Romania is sure like a strange ticket to me. I am certain these are both important figures who bring different marketability. In terms of the age group, this maybe a hard sell. However, the show will have Western and Eastern elements, just like the host country.

Paul Anka medley 1966

WATCH: Sami Yusuf - Hope Survives | Unofficial Video #Philippians

Entertainers get approached all the time about endorsing campaign and charities around the globe. One guy who seems to take humanitarian work seriously is Muslim rock star Sami Yusuf. His latest efforts is to bring attention to the plight of the people of Philippines!

Then his songs about hope plays, he wants us to be a force of good, but he knows he is an entertainer , a world-class indeed. But he has a big heart, he is not about helping one group of people and not the other, but rather about helping everyone out there who needed help. It really shows in his voice.

His voice really brings comfort to people, and now he is hoping people would help him bring comfort to the Philippines at this time.

Sami Yusuf to release charity single "Hope Survives"

The people of the Philippines need your immediate help. Feed a hungry or help a needy. Take a moment to donate, and make sure you support World Food Programme relief efforts.



Sami Yusuf - Hope Survives | Unofficial Video

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Download: البوم مصطفى قمر - انا مطمن Moustafa Amar 2014 Album #Review

It's officially out, the much anticipated album of the self-proclaimed king of pop, Mostafa Amar. I am in love with the album cover art, I adore the colors, the light green blazer, and the orange and Hawaiian blue background. As for the album, I have listened to seven tracks so far, and I am satisfied. Good pop songs that vary in mood and melody. Good energy too, and Mostafa tried to mix things up and make them upbeat. It mostly worked.

Has this album added anything for Mostafa Amar's legacy? I highly doubt that, but it's a really fun album. At times, you may get bored listening to Mostafa trying to dazzle you. Mind you, Amar's music has always pushed him to the top, do not feel this is happening for me this album. "Albi W Elli Hasalo" is the golden track. It's as good as it gets."Ana Metamen" is decent, for a lead song it's not the sharpest. "Howa Grali Eah" is another sweet song will get your hips to shake, I like the way it flows.

"Enta Aref" for those older and younger women who like dreamy slow songs is the one to spin over and over again. "Etneen W Arbaah" is a cheerful love song that allows Mostafa Amar to show off his better self, a happy track."Badhak Awi" the saddest song about a breakup that won't go away, I like most of this song, Mostafa sounds good when he sings softly.  "Had Gheri" a wary song with simple lyrcis, and so for the music, it ain't fresh, but it's actually decent. "Da Kalamoh Talat Terbaao" L love the title, and appreciate the dance portion in the middle, it reminds of Amar's nineties song. "Halla Ghareba" same for this track, it has that Carlos Santana feel, and it puts Amar in his elements.

This album is a solid A minus, but that feels like this is the best one can do given the circumstances in the music industry and the mood in most Arab countries. Mostafa Amar should walk tall, and hank his team for a wonderful album.

01 - Ana Metamen
02 - Albi W Elli Hasalo
03 - Badhak Awi
04 - Fena Men Keda Allah
05 - Lahzet Daaf
06 - Enta Aref
07 - Da Kalamoh Talat Terbaao
08 - Howa Grali Eah
09 - Etneen W Arbaah
10 - Had Gheri
11 - Sebni Aaool
12 - Halla Ghareba

مصطفى قمر - جميع سيمبلات [12 سيمبل] ألبوم - أنا مطمن 2013

Badhak Awi - photo - Moustafa Amar بضحك أوى - صور - مصطفى قمر

Merry Christmas From Elissa And Her Dog #Santa

Elissa, the romantic Lebanese gem shared some pictures of her Christmas at home with her brother Kameel, his wife, and their little girl Ayya. And off course Elissa has a puppy and she named her "Lady". It seems that Elissa had a festive holiday in this time of the year. The sad reality, two days ago she was speaking out of concern on the Syrian and Lebanese victims.

Her Facebook page has this message...

Christmas is a time to celebrate love, forgive and forget. In this holly night I'd like to take a moment and wish each and everyone of you a warm and loving night with all your beloved ones, and thank you for your eternal support, I'm blessed because of you.

Elissa is playing Ms. Santa at home, and I have no doubt Elissa is a good gift giver. I know a lot of people give Elissa a hard time for not having her own family, but she says she is happy and that what matters. She will be in Ritz Carlton Dubai for a new year concert.

Elissa - Saat / إليسا - ساعات

Lebasnes Babe Sabine Puts @Beyonce Moves To Shame

I do not see much of a big difference between Lebanese pop stars and their western counterparts. They have a lot in common, and the boldness of the Lebanese performers makes up the difference that has traditionally kept them apart. With that, we end up making music in Lebanon just like they do in the West, which means the loss of diversity and the lost of unique flavors.

Take fro example, one of the youngest pop stars in Lebanon is Sabine, and see her rehearse for one of her concerts, this is some raw footage from a dance studio and some guy's voice telling Sabine how to better her moves. Is this appealing to Western audience? Not really, but it might be surprising to see a talent like this come from a what's considered conservative region

This is a rehearsal fro one of Sabine's new year concert

Sabine's Rehearsal New Year Eve Concert 2014 سابين- في بروفة حفل ليلة رأس السنة الجديدة

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Listen: دوللي شاهين – روح زورهن – Dolly Shahine – Roh Zorhon #Christmas

A Christmas song for the poor, a song that urges Santa (of perhaps people in general) to go visit with the poor people who do not have a lot going for them. This is a cover song of an old Fayrouz song, about spreading joy and good energy around. Christmas is nothing if it was not for the sense of community, togetherness and good spirit. This is a song that combines the religious part with the fun portion--

Dolly who is a Catholic Lebanese Brazilian married to an Egyptian attended services at the Cairo Catholic Center

To Listen to the Dolly Shahine version Click here

فيروز - روح زورهن ببيتهن

دوللي شاهين – روح زورهن – Dolly Shahine – Roh Zorhon

شاهد دوللي شاهين ترتدي بابا نويل وهاله صدقي وشرين في حفل الكريسماس

Majida El Roumi Shows #Christian Spirit With New #Christmas Hymn Album

The soft-spoken, octave voiced Lebanese diva has officially released her Christmas album. This is the first album on this subject she releases. However, this is not the first time she sings Christmas songs and hymns. For years the super-diva Majida El Roumi has been singing in churches and Christian functions.

For a really long time, the artist wanted to release this album, this time only she got to package them in an album. "Noor Min Noor" in English that would be light from light...is the title of the album, it's about love and joy. A timely album when Lebanon is really struggling to talk among itself, comes an album that reminds them how great moments are born.

In a downtown church, she release the album, and gave a speech. The cool thing, she gave the rights of the album to any Christian, or Muslim charity who wants to raise funds by selling the album. This is pretty neat. A cool idea to take the higher road. Any Lebanese charity with credibility, has the rights to use the album and make money form it to benefit their causes. The awesome thing about it, the album is worship one, not just about that fat guy in a red suit giving our presents.

This is a wonderful act of kindness for a lady who could have made millions on this album, instead she wants it to be about faith and not just bank accounts. This album has 12 tracks, and two concerts in Beirut downtown churches took place on Dec 19 and 20th. The album can be purchased in the Virgin Mega Store.      

ماجدة الرومي تطلق البومها الميلادي وتصلي للمخطوفين وضحايا الحروب

The Very Entertaining Act of Samer Gabro,

The expats from Lebanon like to party, and if they decide to have a dance party, Samer Gabro is on the top of their list. He just had a concert in the Netherlands  He has pretty much performed in half a dozen European capitals, and in Africa as well.

He is a big name in the party circuits. And he knows that, each of his concerts are packed with people who want to dance and drink booze. The Lebanese styled songs of his travel far. This is why he often releases new songs, and takes those songs with him on the road. Most of his songs can be about superficial things, but Samer knows how to make any song a dance feast.

His formula is basic, the Lebanese dance beat, with one hell of passionate love tale about a man whose life will end if he has not gotten the lady he loves. He has this good looking young Arab man who is not short in confidence even if her is not the best looking in the room. Just look how close the camera get to his face in this music video.

Samer Gabro -Weily Mn Hobak / سامر كابرو - ويلي من حبك