Thursday, February 28, 2013

Listen: Amanda - Mosta7il 2013 / أماندا - مستحيل

There's an up and coming Lebanese songstress with the name Amanda and she just released a new single--her debut. Radios in Lebanon picked up the song and the music seems to have agreed with what's hip in club mixes. The success prompted Amanda to talk about releasing a new music video.

The thing about this song, it's a good package the loud music overshadow the lyrics  so they do not have to be perfect, just good. And this is the story of all those Euro style electric/funk music. Amanda has another thing going for her she has the textbook mermaid look of fantasies.

This is a good star, I am sure she will get better as she moves forward....Amanda welcome the entertainment industry. Her song is titled "Impossible", like having a thriving career at the moment.

Amanda - Mosta7il 2013 / أماندا - مستحيل

WATCH: منى أمرشا - رفع ضغطي | Mona Amarsha - Rafaa Daghti

She is Morocco's most known pop star in the Gulf region, had you not known this fact, you would think she is a local girl from some country in the Khalij region. The former contestant on Star Academy  made a bold decision early one. She walked away from the program and moved to Dubai for work. It all worked out for her and she opened Pandora's box.

Concert gigs, record deals, music videos, and celebrity status of a Goddess. And her latest songs takes the gold a love song about a husband who drives his wife insane. The song's titled you made my blood pressure shot about that? This song was being hyped for sometime and now it comes at this minute.

This is the story of a casting director who has to pick a leading female to play a role. His wife tries to get the gig by elimination other ladies to win her over--as well as the part. The song and the videos are made for teens, I am guessing. How come is everyone looks so perfect, dressed so well and seems to be clean cut?  I do like the rap lines by Mona.

I do not like the stalking part and showing women as fighting over a man--he will win. Again, this is mixing business with personal. I have appreciated the retro looks of the sixties. Then again, this is a fun music video with many amazing looks for everyone involved. Some of those dresses are just stunning.

منى أمرشا - رفع ضغطي | Mona Amarsha - Rafaa Daghti

Download: Mostafa Amar Finds God البوم مصطفى قمر - مولاى سبحانك

Egyptian King of pop Mostafa Amar has found good in his most recent album. The guy who usually sings dance and romance songs--he also acts went on a quest to find God in all things, so he came back with a nine track album which was released today.

While Amar has done religious songs in the past--timed for Ramadan, this one comes at a slow season where we are not even close to Ramadan. But all times are good times to release such work. He may have been inspired to release it for his kids as he is a family guy. Often times religious albums help preserve an artist legacy.

The thinking comes, if the artist has passed away, such songs will stick around long after he has gone and those are good deeds. I like that line of thinking. I am looking at the titles and those are are straightforward songs, some fresh titles. Some new songs and others are covers. Mazzika , the label which produces Amar's albums has put together this album as well. At those dark times in Egypt, it's so easy to find faith or lose it.

Those do not have to be long songs, I like what I have heard in the promo, Amar delivers some of his finest performances in really long time.

01 - Amien
02 - Alb El Rasoul
03 - Mawlaya Sobhanak
04 - Sobhan Allah
05 - El Basmala
06 - Saly We Erfaa Edeek
07 - Wallah Zaman Ya Ramadan
08 - Ghairak Maleesh
09 - Salla Allah Ala Mohamed

برومو ألبوم مصطفي قمر _ مولاي سبحانك

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

List Of Youngest Arab Singers By Names

  1. Natasha, Lebanese a combination between Nancy Ajram and Warda! She is young, talented and under 20 years of age. Her father is a musician by training and her brother runs the business side. I love her many characters she is able to produce. She can be pop and fun, but when needed she can be classy and deliver heavy doze of mellow pure Arabic hits with the oldie flavor. She has two albums, but I think Rotana is not helping her career. Video
  2. Carmin Solimna, Egyptian who finished high school this year, she shot to fame by winning the Arab Idol contest. She comes from a loving family and has yet to release one single original song. But the tracks she has left behind cover the classics. She has an astonishing voice that can move water and breaks glasses. She can convey complex emotions with few vocal notes. With Carmin the sky is the limit. She is a free agent, but she is often contracted for nights of music in big galas and cultural events. Video  
  3. George Zogheb, the youngest on the list. He is a preteen, but his music is not for the young ones, but rather who those who have lived in the 60s and 70s. He also loves Lebanon and his first original song is made for the motherland. He appears in concerts around Lebanon and slowly but surely he is making a big splash every where he goes. On the list, he knows the most about making music as he is well trained on the Oud.      

جورج زغيب - قارئة الفنجان

He's Baaack Listen: Tamer Hosny - Elly Rah / اللي راح - تامر حسني

Egypt is ready to meet a whole new Tamer Hosny, the grownup one that he has never let out of the bag. The song below could not have been made into a good song had he not been through the worst those past few years. A very sobering song from a man who does not seem to have a lot of fans out there at the moment. He is heartbroken even though he is happily married.

The song's mood in unlike anything he has made before. And to be frank the music lives up to the song. After this song fewer people will hate the most hated pop star in this generation. "Elly Rah" means what has passed, the past. The years and the experiences that one can never recover back. I like this new tone for Tamer Hosny, it might show that he was only letting us see the tip of the iceberg of his multi-talented artist. Cannot help but drool over this nice collaboration, the music is like a magical rug transferring us back to the time when original music was created.

This song is the best defense for Tamer Hosny, about how much he has seen most recently since he made that phone call to the state TV in Egypt and starred in the viral Tahrir Square video. This time, he sounds like a bird he can no longer fly unless those around him/her make it right. Call is his closure song, but I am inclined to give him two thumps up for this single

Tamer Hosny - Elly Rah / اللي راح - تامر حسني

Download: Mohamed Abdo Releases His 2013 Album مينى البوم محمد عبده - يصيح الليل

The grand Saudi Artist just released a splendid mini album of two songs. We are talking about two full length songs that have been turned from poets pieces into a pop art. This is how Saudi artists Mohamed Abdo does it, he is the artist of the kings and royals. Plus his must is produced by a Saudi label-owned by a real wealthy prince.

That means, he has never to worry about money. He has always made good music, though some of this music traveled well outside the Gulf region where he is a constant hit-maker. This album has two lengthy songs, and this is all what folks need from him. This albums seems to be a reaction to the reports of his death--there are so many of them.

The title song comes with the title "The Night has cried", sounds like the perfect motto for those recovering lonely hearts. It comes with classy Arabic music, and beautifully written lyrics. Abdo sounds a lot wiser from an experience that has given him so much pain.  

01 - Allah Gabak
02 - Yeseh El Layl

اغنية محمد عبده - يصيح الليل | Mohamed Abdo - Yeseh El Layl 2013

WATCH: Syrian Nassif Zeytoun - Larmik Bbalach / ناصيف زيتون - لرميك ببلاش

The best looking and most charismatic Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun has made one hell of a song and the music video is a piece of art work. This young Syrian showed real talent in making this mature selection. He is going on the right path. I am just happy to see him making a good song that has wide-range appeal.

It's easy to make cheap songs, and dance friendly beats. But to find a song that mushes all this beautifully is no easy task. The music video shows some serious acting cred for this former Star Academy winner. I would say he is the last well-rounded selection before things go sour throughout Arabia.

When you are in love, you should always be on the edge, because if this was so good, you would not it to last, like all things, they come with expiration date. The director is also a new comer, so I am happy to see this meaningful collaboration.

The emotional conflict about love/hate/jealousy and all other things people who have been in love know beat.  His new look, makes him look cool for his age without coming across as someone who has tried too hard. God bless, Syria and its finest entertainers who have guarded the Arab aspirations for generations.

ناصيف زيتون - لارميك ببلاش - 2013

@FragrancePost My Best Smelling Blog To Date

If you like perfumes, then chances are you like to be informed about the latest news, updates and quirks of this 5 billion dollar industry. Also, you know that your favorite celebrity have endorsed perfumes, and beauty products. Some Arab stars even have their own lines of fragrances.

I happen to be one of those Arabs who like perfumes, and colognes--there are so many of us indeed.  I am Arab and from what I read, we have contributed a great deal to the science and popularizing of perfume since the 6th century. The crusades and Muslim traders took this scents around the globe.

To keep short, I have started a blog to keep up with the trends in perfume, if this interests  you please visit my new blog which I have called The Fragrance Post

The blog will cater to both men and women--pets will also find things of interest. There will be reviews, lists, celebrity news in relation to launch of new scents-- Kim Kardashian will keep us busy. I hope you would join me.


Palestine's Finest Raed And Ahmed Kabha Duet

Raed Kabha is one of the hottest pop/folk singer in Palestine. For a wedding singer who has done hundreds of weddings, he has done well having a career on the side as a mini celebrity. Checkout this song where Raed writes his son a letter about recording a new album.  They letter exchange could have been saved for something more serious like Ahmed going to school, but making an album is no huge deal.

It's a song for the son to show his love to his old man, "your voice is my guide dad" sings the young man. It's a low budget music video, a song meant to introduce the young Kabha to the broader audience that has loved his father for two decades. Some singers do not like their kids to take on singing as a profession, but the Kabha family has always been known for music.

The dad mentors his son in music, life and religion. It's all about having a blance in life.

جديد رائد كبها ونجله احمد كبها كليب يا ابني

Nancy Ajram - Dancing With The Stars نانسي عجرم في

Pop stars boom and others go boom, Nancy Ajram is one of those names that have not peaked yet or so it seems. She is enjoying the success of the new single--millions tune in to see her latest singles and media appearances. Then she took the song to Dancing With the Star, a pathetic Lebanese attempt at being cool.

Nancy is cool, no question about it, she seems to be the always nice girl and seems to give each appearance the right energy level. Her eyes reveal so much about her, and you hear her out when she speaks and so does her body language.

She will be a judge on Arab Idol, and I am sure they will be luck to have this nice entertainer. Lebanon loves Nancy as she is a goldmine of that country's entertainment industry.

Exclusive Nancy Ajram - Dancing With The Stars حصرياً نانسي عجرم في

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Video: Silly People Talk About Silly Things #TheVoice

Assi Hallani was laughing when Sherine was walking on the stage and she fell to the ground. People did not appreciate Assi laughing when Sherine was falling on the live recording. But Assi would not let that one go, so while on The Voice, Sherine took a minute to defend Assi Hallani.

Sherine said, he was checking her out as she was walking on the stage and then she fell to the ground. Superstitious people do not like these things. So in one way he jinxed Sherine who was looking like a million dollar. The show host tries to interjects and say what seems to be like funny stuff on his mind.

While people are being murdered as the show films, Assi was trying to speak Egyptian in a pathetic attempt to look popular as he was talking about Sherine's good looks. This is really lame because at first, Assi said he and Saber El Robaei were laughing at something else when Sherine fell. Now he admits he was laughing about the fall, but in a nice way. I hope they all fall from grace.

برأة عاصي الحلاني من سخريته ع شيرين أثناء سقوطها

These Young Pharos Have Moved Me

On X Factor there is a group of R and B / Rap band made up of there young folks who go to college. There are two dudes and one fine lady that sounds to have come from a place like Chicago or Detroit Motown. They are 17, 18 and 19 years of age and they have already rocked the show unlike any other act.

I am not a big fan of rag tag rap, but these guys really have a working formula to bring a wife audience to their songs--Angry Arabic lyrics and smooth English lines that make you think. The trio blends a number of styles and Arabic dialect to talk about issues of important to the Arab mainstream and the young people. The judges have showered them with love and praises.

Check them out, and get to enjoy their own writing which give them an extra zinger as they take on the stage, they really know how to cheer up the room. They got four Yeses and they indeed deserved everyone of them. I am consider myself a fan, now the burden on them to make a worthy followup for this song that has won them fame.

فريق Young Pharos - The X Factor 2013 TheXFactorArabia

The Secret Marriage Of Janet Jackson And Qatari Businessman

Saudi Online news website Alarabiya is out with a new story about the marriage of Janet Jackson to her Arab boyfriend, Qatari business mogul Wissam Al Mana 37 years old. Jackson, 46, the younger sister of the late singer Michael Jackson, was married to billionaire Wissam Al Mana, 37, last year but kept the news under wraps.

“The rumors regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony,” Jackson and Al Mana said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. “Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities.” The American singer is known for keeping her private life from the media, rarely speaking out about her ex-husbands.

This is Janet's third wedding, she was previously married to soul singer James DeBarge in 1984, and the marriage was annulled a year later. Her 1991 marriage to music video director Rene Elizondo (Mexican Americam) ended in divorce in 2000. That wedding was also kept private. Jackson has shared the news with Entertainment Tonight. She denied all the extravaganza that was reported by numerous media outlets.

Wissam Al Mana has been dating Janet for three years, and he is the son of the late business mogul who controls a number of business (watches, cars, fast food, construction jewelry and may more) franchise in that affluent nation. While Wissam is a Qatari citizen he was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The couple met in 2010 after a concert for Ms. Jackson in the Middle East and has asked her for marriage in 2011.

It's now reported that Janet Jackson wants to be a mother and Wissam seems like a family oriented man.

Janet Jackson Confirms She's Married

Sam Zayan Can Do Better Than Lebanese Pop

The fresh face of Lebanese pop has a name Sam Zayan, the Beirut native is seeking commercial success with a new pop song. The young singer seems like a fun person who enjoys his life and wants to make a go at pop fame.

It's your typical boy likes music story, Sam began singing oriental and traditional songs from his tender years as a student who carried his Oud instrument around and was always encouraged by his peers to sing in class, especially in the absence of teachers. Then from the Oud his voice and his warm personality set his sight at a music career.

With time, his singing talent developed and progressed to higher grounds with several singing performances which helped him gain knowledge and build confidence. His skills later paved the way to approaching singing as a profession and soon opened up new opportunities.

Finally the journey of a talented singer reached its first intended destination as the sound of sweet music heralded the birth of a new artist. This time he is collaborating with Salim Assaf, one of Lebanon's hottest composers who is always scouting for new talents to experiment new things with.

 Sam Zayan - Sho Na2isni- سام زيان - شو ناقصني

Monday, February 25, 2013

WATCH: Divanessa - Aman, The Amazing (and beautiful) Lebanese Violinist

Lebanese violinist Divanessa is busy making Arabic music more universal by adding a touch of class and violin on everything she does. Among her early supporter is Lebanese pop star Ragheb Alama whose brother's label has singed her. The two have performed together in a sold out concert in Tunis. She also has a A Nigeria concert as well.

Cannot deny how hard working she seems as she plays her instrument of choice. It's like she is writing magic straight out of her violin. I love the fantasies her music creates as highlighted by her most recent music video. There's so much tension, conflict and peace in her strokes. Aside from her wonderful look and impressive choice of wardrobe, Divanessa seems to have it all figures out.

Divanessa has an rare and an incredible talent not available to too many men or women in our part of the world. She is a master and it shows as in her short years she has manged to get her name out there and perform around the world. She is Canadian by birth and Lebanese by the events helped shape her life. She picked the violin at age 9 and it seems that was the best decision she has ever taken.

This is the kind of music that comes form the world, and travels the world- but first it stops in Lebanon. Her music goes where words, fail. I am happy to see a star contribute to universally themed music like Divanessa has in her short years. And something tells me, she has a lot more to give.

Divanessa - Aman / ديفينيسا - آمان

Eastern European Music Arabs Dig

I have no idea why, but it seems more and more Arabs are tuning in to European music videos from the East side. Maybe because the language sounds for close to the Arabic one. It might be that there are so many Arabs living in this part of the world or the fact that Eastern Europe is very close to the Arab world culturally.

I do know this, clubs in Eastern Europe are crazy, and many Arabs attend universities and colleges in those countries so they bring back that music with them. I am impressed by the quality of the music videos they make. Sex is no taboo in those places, so you get a mixed bag of such entertainment.

I just wanted to bring your attention to a song where an actual Arab singer did a song with one of those stars Reda Al Abdallah & Cvetelina Aneva Romania and gypsy culture are hot all over Europe

Neblagodaren - Andrea (Costi Ft Sahara) - HD

Djena - Ne stavash

Azis 2012 - MMA / Азис 2012 - MMA

Marina Tadic - Ljubi, ljubi [OFFICIAL HD VIDEO]

Reda Al Abdallah & Cvetelina Aneva - Habiby Laa

It Took Charming Salah Al Zadjali To Warm Up Khaliji Music

He came from Oman and stood to be the limelight recently for his pop style songs on Arabic music TV channels. This guy had the gulf dancing their tales off to his hip songs all summer long. He is now back to the past doing folklore songs that will beef his credit with the music appreciators among the old men.

Salah has not professionally training, but this has never stopped great people from making timeless music. His passion for music that led him to pursue this route. He points out that it was his father who encouraged him and as Salah defines himself ’a self-taught’ individual, it was also a combination of his skills and him meeting the right people at the right time that gave him his lucky break. The best musicians are self-taught, you cannot teach creativity and the land of Oman can be inspirational.

Salah believes that on of the factors that catapulted him into the media’s glare was the fact that Omani musicians are under represented in the Gulf music industry, and him being one gave him an edge. He sees the lack of Omani music is the fault of the absence of good production companies. And yes, local talents are not given an opportunity to shine.

Even though there are singers emerging from Oman but there are not enough institutions to train potential musicians. It seems the ruler of the land offers his support  ’His Majesty Sultan Qaboos does appreciate music and he encourages classical music and we have two professional orchestras. The Royal Symphony and the Oriental recently formed a music society and soon we will have a grand opera house which shall have a huge department for music development.

While Salah is too busy making fun tracks for the larger Gulf market, his heart remains at home with his people.

 ‫صلاح الزدجالي - تباعدت يا صولي من جلسات صوت الخليج .mp4

‫الا باس - صلاح الزدجالي من جلسات صوت الخليج‬

The Orientalist Wet Dream Bulgarian Song

Being in some kind of desert, wearing some loose and bright clothes, dancing like a pro with Arabic alphabet creeping on the stage, tells me you know nothing of Arabs. But that should not stop you form making a good song. Dancing for this music video got all the right elements. I had no idea that people of Bulgaria cared for Arabic culture, but this music videos gives me hope.

This is a duet by two young and gorgeous Bulgarian songstresses. This is a song that sounds like the ones they came in places like Beirut and Dubai, the Bulgarian language does also feel a bit like the Arabic language for the untrained eye. The lyrics have a lot in common with Arabic songs lyrics  they might as well have been written by some lyricists from Egypt.

This is a music video by Petya Koleva Ivanova, best known by her stage name Preslava who is a Bulgarian pop-folk singer. She was born in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Preslava completed her musical education with the specialty ‘folk singing. She is the crown of Payner Music BG Stars. She was found for pop-folk music from Svilengrad's playboy - Milko Kalaidjiev. Preslava is from Dobrich and have studied singing there. Preslava had 4 albums created for Payner Music. Almost every songs from this snger becomes a hit. They made this singer a star from her debut. Some of her songs are: "Final words", "Bitter remembers".

As for Galena She was born in Smyadovo. She enrolled in music school in Shumen with folk singing. After 2 years she moved to a music school in Dimitrovgrad. 18 years old Galena made her debut video for the song "Can". On the fifth annual TV awards "Planet", in February 2007, Galena was awarded the prize "Miss Sexy 2006".

So, there you have it two great and talented ladies from the land of wonders take a shot at Arabic tradition and deliver a song to my surprise, Arabs would love. This is an ward winning young talents who seems to value other cultures, and for that she chose the Arabic culture  At first I thought this is some Hebrew attempt to claim another Arabic thing, but then I was wrong.

Preslava i Galena - Haide Otkaji Me.HDTVRip (Official Video)_-_by kibo_-_.mpg

I'm walking on broken glasses
did i say that i would give up?!
I will prove u that i'm the woman
who deserves the most to be with u!

And i lived through your women
when u were losing,i was with u
When you were making mistakes,i didn't fear
did i say that i would stop?!

Do i have to stop?!I tasted you just one time
and the other tastes bitter,come on,make me give up
I tried to want some other (men),
but i want only you,make me give up
I tasted you just one time
and i don't wanna see nothing else,come on,make me give up
Try,but you won't make out
and no one could,no one didn't manage

I've heard a curses for me
that i've swore your ex-es
And i was lying because of you and i was killing my soul

And i lived through your women
When you were losing,i was with you
When you were making mistakes,i didn't fear
Did i say that i would stop?!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Listen: Nassif Zeytoun "Larmik Bbalach" ناصيف زيتون - لارميك ببلاش - 2013

Ouch, this is the song you can play as you walk away from a relationship that's not working. Thanks to Nassif Zeytoun, the dude hit-maker and Star Academy winner brings it all out with his new slick song. A breakup song that we needed...I love the line

"I Won't Sell you (as give up on you), I will give you away for free" This charming young and talented Syrian has a new image to sell and I love that tattoos with various Arabic words on his left arm. I am certain, some may hear is like a breakup song with president Bashar Al Assad, but it's what it is. A good breakup song made just right.

ناصيف زيتون - لارميك ببلاش - 2013

Listen: Sensual Salim Assaf : Ya Sheti - سليم عسّاف :يا شتي

If the stones could feel, they would break in tears when they hear the latest winter blues by composer tunred singer Salim Assaf. It's a short song, two minutes long and it's perfect size before the song gets old and made up stuff makes it worse.

Salim has made many hit song in Lebanese pop, he wrote and composed many songs from names like Elissa, Fadel Shaker and many more. The outpouring emotions are his signature when he gets you to hear what it feels in the inside of his mind and heart.

"Ya Sheti" is that kind of a song, it's a sad song but it's about love and commitment. I do not mind it one bit, and this short song is a winner in the cold--the warmth has an incredible spillover affect. Salim makes music in his studio when he feels he has something to say, that means we hear a song of his once a month--he sometimes sing them and other times he gives them away to his pals.

Salim Assaf : Ya Sheti - سليم عسّاف :يا شتي

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rola Saad Sabah Tribute Songstress

It's no secret that the lovely and golden girl of Arab light pop song pioneer Sabah is a huge fan of her friend and country girl Rola Saad. Together they made two duets and they were really well made. Rola never forgets her love and appreciation for the iconic diva Sabah.

I thought Rola Saad was going to play the role of Sabah form two years ago, but then Carol Samahe got the role. Yet Rola Saad is working on reviving one beloved Sabah song "Sa'at...Sa'at" a romantic song made in the 60s. Rola Saad record the song more than a year ago.

And just now she is making a music video for that classic Arabic song. There's a rumor that Sabah will share the screen with Rola Saad for the music video--something Rola rules out but maintains  this is a tribute song for Sabah and her rich career. The music video has been filmed in Beirut in three different locations. They will feature rare and never seen before images of Sabah and her career.

رولا سعد تكرم صباح وتغني لها "ساعات ساعات" T

Marwa Nasr And The Republic Sweet Collaboration

Marwa Nasr teaches boys about the importance of taking care of their ladies. To get more boys interested  she brought the manly band The Republic. In the song, the artist goes the extra mile in telling man what it feels to be a female. You need to put her in your heart, I left everything behind to love you....etc.

A sweet song if you are grownup woman, and there is a lot of love. But the Republic also keeps things in check as a men they have something to say about this ordeal. They have written the English Lyrics and their rap flies very high. Their remix of the song makes it a lot more fun than the original.

Marwa's loving husband and music producer can be seen toward the end working behind the scenes, making sure this is a hit collaboration. I do not find much info on the band, but they got something making them perfect as a guest in those mega summer concerts. I will be surprised if these guys are from anywhere but the US of A.  

 Marwa Nasr - Wahda Bas Remix Ft. The Republic / مروة نصر - واحدة بس ريمكس

Listen: Mohamed Maghraby New Single اغنية محمد المغربى - اهو ده اللى صار

Mohamed Maghraby is the dark horse of Arabic romance music. The son of the Egyptian city of Alexandria who appeared on the Star Academy 7th season is kicking off 2013 with a new single showcasing his uniq blend of pop and heartfelt emotional patriotic songs.

Other pop stars were impressed with his warmth and spoke in favor of the young entertainer. Mohamed Maghraby credits his loving family and friends who have helped him grow and reveal his personal style. He is a talented guitar player, and has showed his acting chops as well.

I appreciate the new song, and think if the time is right, the artist would have a no issue getting a recording deal, but things are tough all around. I hope he sticks around, makes few good songs and make his fans happy all over again.

اغنية محمد المغربى - اهو ده اللى صار | جديد 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 Concert With Omar Khairat

Egypt's most seasoned and better known classical music composer and pianist Omar Khairat will be standing in the city of Dubai early 2013 for a concert. Omar Khairat  is the type of composer and pianist  you would love in any language and in any country. He makes original and inspiring music.

Omar has been part of the Egyptian music scene since 1959 when he joined the music conservatory. His music has graced dozens of films and TV shows. He is a guy that means business and never repeats himself. So for him to hold a concert in the city of Dubai where a global audience will await him is a big deal.
Omar Khairat in Dubai on 4 Jan 2013.

Omar is the pure the sound of the East made in away that Westerners can appreciate. He also teaches courses around the world including in England. He regularly performed at the Cairo Opera House and all the Egyptian and Arab ceremonies. Omar Khairat is a gift to Arabic music, and he has manged to make a career with a commercial success and without insulting his audience.

Omar Khairat in Dubai on 4 Jan 2013

عمر خيرت Omar Khairat - ''Slovenia'' - 2008

The Assassination Of Haifa Wehbe And Other Jokes

Haifa Wehbe is in Turkey now vacationing with her family in a resort. She will get back to Beirut to finish working on some projects. But then a news story broke, an assassination attempt on this pop diva's life. The reports of three armed men breaking into her home with weapons (including a blade in one of their mouths) three guys.

Haifa found time to speak to the press about this exaggerated report. "This is not an assassination attempt, I am not personally targeted." Haifa added, "My home is in a safe area and my guard are there." As for the reported incident, "it's some skirmish between my guards and few regular guys" Of course she lived in an upscale neighborhood, of course she has guards and of course some deranged fans would want to try to visit her at home.

But Haifa found time also to talk up her upcoming music videos--one shot in New York in the editing stages, and more recent one shot in Beirut (Izay Ansak) also in the editing room. They will be released in the right time Haifa stated. Haifa has weathered the divorce storm very well, and has manged to escape the media circus. She had also to talk back to some of her peers who have called her out on her weight issues.  

Haifa Wehbe - Mat2olish (Izay Ansak)(Karaoke)

WATCH: The Arabic X Factor Airs الحلقة الأولى كاملة - تجارب الأداء

Pepis is dancing as the latest singing competition show airs in Arabia, the X Factor brings together four of the true biggest pop stars in Arabia are set to judge the show. Three Lebanese and one guy from the United Arab Emirates. Egypt is missing, but at least three of those singers are a huge draw in Egypt.

The first episode aired with an introductory tone by talking up the stars who will judge the upcoming singers. It's an education too. 25 thousand young voices from all over the Arab world wanted to join in, only few will make the cut. The good news, the winner will get a contract for a music label  and will be touring around as the Pepsi star. That means good voice won't cut it, you need to have that personality and sexy attraction to be the worthy winner.

We are months away from that time, but the four stars will make sure we are entertained. I hope this show does not turn them from greats to goats. You have to be in the age range of 16 to 80 years old. Four different groups based on age and gender. Not sure how different this will be from the Voice, it sounds similar to me. Note how the voice over is in Egyptian.

I will follow it when I sense there is a reason to do so. I give it to the production company for singing the four best and most relevant voices in today's pop scene. I love the exchanges between the judges, Hussein Al Jassmi, Elissa, Carol Samahe, and Wael Kfoury are making sure we are tuning in.

 الحلقة الأولى كاملة - تجارب الأداء - The X Factor 2013

With "Al-Mohareb", Mc Dahab Delivers The Most Accurate Warrior Song

If war games ever needed a theme, song then those game designers have finally found the just the perfect song  for their game. Egypt's most prolific rapper delivered a very personal song, he has told me that he won't record the song until he feels inspired to channel to complex emotions the song is all about. The song starts in a romantic set up and happy music, till the thunder strikes.

Well, that time has finally come and Mc Dahab recorded this epic war song about a guy who has fought but fighting is not in his nature. A song about a warrior who fought for God and country, yet finds the safest place when he is close to his mother and she talks to him about standing for what's right. She asks him not to go forward with his plans, but he must go...and not even a letter form his sweetheart would slow him down. The homeland came knocking and he would answer to call of duty.

Mc Dahab describes the battle so beautifully like I am watching an ward winning war movie, he buries other warriors like he is on cruise control. Then comes the news to his family, your son was killed fighting for his country, this is an honorable death, they said. They brought back the coffin, and the flag, there were no dry eye in the house.

I know the song is a little dark, but those are very dark times for many Arabs and the rapper has captured such mood with his creative and fresh take on war, honor and love. I was moved and inspired as I listened to this song for the third time. The artist is a naturals lover, but he cannot say not to what will be the end of him, his poetic lyrics make sense of the things we say and the things we do not say in such circumstances. 

Mc Dahab | " Al - Mohareb " - " ام سى دهب | " المحارب

Maya Nehme, And The Girl In Love Song مايا نعمة كيف يا حب

I think of myself as a follower of Maya Nehme's music and dances. She is a talented across the board entertainer and it shows as she makes her own path in this crowded pop times. She is back with a romantic song which she released for the lovers out there. I did give the song a listen and it's a surprise from Maya who tended to make let's dance songs.

See, I have come to enjoy each of her very active songs where you get to dance from start to finish non-stop. It might be me that does not gravitate toward slower romantic songs, but Maya may have fans in the ranks who like such songs. I feel those songs are lacking something, the complexity of the human nature, such as the style of artist Pink...she loves but she can also kick ass.

I like the new angel she is working, it's like her song is playing in her head when she looks back at the past love stories she may have lived. I like songs where the artists does a self-assessment. I know I will be checking out her videos from her older live performances.

 مايا نعمة كيف يا حب 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jimmy Amar, And Who Is The Real Father Song

Amar, the songstress from Lebanon had a baby out of wedlock, she named him Jimmy and she sued the alleged father who is a business mogul. Jimmy, the father counter sued and refused to take the parental test. Then some low key drummer turned out and said he is the father of that little kid.

But before this had happened Amar had made a song for her son, telling hims she loved him and that the no good father of his refuses to admit his linage to him. No one really knows who the father ids, I still think the business man may have to confess that he is the secret father, and that guy was paid to play the role of the father.

Amar is back in business as she starred in a movie this year few months ago in a forgettable film that makes some quick cash.
Amar- 2enta Amari / قمر - انت قمري

Checkout This Fun Lebanese Hippies Song By Zuhair Francis

Smooth, very much so! Zuhair Francis has the right nostalgic song brought to him by his kids. He remembers the 1974 when he has a big concert with his pals. His song is about the youthful days when he was ready to party, fall in love and try to make it right. The artist enjoys a great deal of affection from the crew, his sense of humor made this music video much better. He has already recorded a fun song that people form different generations will find appealing.

I was impressed by how cool this song feel, the song makes me want to go back to that colorful time where style was more about being care free. I love the ending when we learn he got the girl and has a gorgeous famous with her.  The character the song brings out if that for "Abu El Zouz", the very Arabic word that could fill in for "The Dude" Anybody can be that guy according to the song.

I love the rolling good times, the music and the dance beat where the East meets the West, and the old meets the modern. Groovy melodies remind me of the simple time I can only watch on YouTube. These guys knew how to party and how to make decisions  Life seems so simple and they could care less about what people on their Facebook think.

Zuhair Francis - Meza'alha / زهير فرنسيس - مزعلها

WATCH: Haitham Al Shomali Wings It- Na' W Za' / هيثم الشوملي - نق و زق

Haitham Al Shomali likes to wing all things in life, including the girl he likes but unsure if he wants to make the move. Sounds like something strange, but this is the feeling I get form this manly and hairy singer. He likes to party and play cards with the buddies. But he is having issues with his lady...and he dares to tell the world about it. Haitham was one of the pioneers who took part of the Super Star third season right before it was taken over by the Star Academy company.

He is a Palestinian singer from Lebanon who despite tough circumstance he found his own path in a place that has some identity crisis. He has an album out from which this song was taken. I like his groovy style and care free. Haithem took part of one of those realist singing shows and got his name out there. He does have a strong voice, unlike many of his peers.

He is living the dream, surrounded by females, enjoying the companies of his friends and doing whatever the hell he wants. But then with that kind of thinking, you will always be alone. I like how the edn of the clip where the credits start rolling, we get to see the artist kicking it with the fans in a New year party which he sang at.

Haitham Al Shomali - Na' W Za' / هيثم الشوملي - نق و زق

Listen: The Samer Issawi Song Is Here #Palestine

As and democracy loving Israeli court denied bail for a Palestinian prisoner after calling for an emergency hearing to consider his case. The decision comes amid a 24-hour hunger strike in solidarity with Issawi and other hunger strikers held by at least 800 Palestinian prisoners detained by Israel.

Issawi  has become a Palestinian legend among his peers and country men. He has already inspired so mant social media activists and on the ground activists look up to him. Issawi has been refusing food for more than 200 days and his health has deteriorated rapidly since he began to refuse water.

Under Israeli military policy a prisoner may be held indefinitely without trial or charge. The United Nations has called on Israel to end this policy, known as administrative detention, and immediately release or charge detainees. I love watching Israel destroying their own image by their own actions and indifference. I do not think such actions go unnoticed anymore.

Ahmed Dari, a Jerusalem, based activist singer is out with a timely song, the songs that are not market drive. He has become one of the faces to make non-disposable songs in very disposable times. Dari isjoined this time by a new voice of Yousef Zaid. Israelis have no idea why they are detaining this man, but it looks like arrogance is only matched by his strong will.

ضلك قاوم٬ إلى سامر العيساوي من أحمد داري ويوسف زايد

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Assi el Hellani, Is It Time To Go? عاصي الحلاني - مصيبة

This is one disposable and market-driven song by the glowingly boring pop star Assi el Hellani! He is already overstretched, and this Khaliji song of his has the word stinks all over it. Not to mention the model is in his own daughter's age. I can understand wanting to live forever and look your best, but at least do not make it obvious that you are trying too hard.

Seriously, where is his face this guy? where does the real Assi begins and the botox shots end? I freaking find no flavor in this music video, and now the title is funny in a bad way. The song's title translates to Disaster, and this is is the one word that can describe this witless dim song.

I thought Assi want us to think of him as the serious voice form Lebanon. While he is a big talent, his talent has been out of touch lately and I mean like four years. Where's his soul? I can understand wanting to be out there right now, but with this song?

I realize I might not be the intended target for this dull song, the Gulf is. But is he is a huge draw over there? I mean do locals in places like Saudi Arabia, and Qatar find him appealing?

Assi el Hellani - Moussiba / عاصي الحلاني - مصيبة (HD)

Country Music Super Star #Egypt Hegazy Met'al Delivers Much Need Wisdom

Country music is about so many things but in its essence its about celebrating home, friends, the food and the landscape of the motherland. That means you do not have to try too hard to impress folks, you need not to change your speech patterns, you only need to speak common words like you would talk to your grandfather. If you come across as an uneducated, then be it.

One of the voices of this art form is Hegazy Met'al, the guy who has the word country spelled all over his body, he wears country and rides horses. And his music is all about simplicity. And now he has a reconciliation song out there. About being the bigger man and asking for starting over. Not sure if the time is about Egypt's political difference of the moment, but it feels like more of those decision makers need to borrow Hegazy Met'al's tone and approach to conflict resolution.

I love the simplistic music, the artist has his fans, they are the ones who have built Egypt and did not care to stick around, instead they went home once the job was done. And those well-dressed and over-educated bunch came in and took credit for it.

Hegazy Met'al - Mategy Ya Sa7by / حجازي متقال - ماتيجى ياصاحبى نتصالح

اغنية حجازى متقال متيجي يا صحبى نتصالح من شعبى استايل

Toni Qattan Sends #Palestine His Heartfelt Song

Toni Qattan has made a lot of music videos, but the one he has made and will always be a relevant track is his songs for Palestine. Each time Israeli feels testy and bombs the hell out of Gaza, songs like those seem hot once again.

While not romancing on camera some models, Tony  shows his true colors and sing to where his heart. This socially responsible star has been taking the Jordanian farther than most of he peers have in years.

To his credit, Toni has always been close to Palestine, not only does he perform there often, he visits often and some of his family is from there. This song talks about the fallen and the children who find ways to resist a brutal occupation. Nothing screams Palestine like a good looking man in khakis and an all Palestinian Kufyah

Toni Qattan - Rah Terja' Falastin / طوني قطان - رح ترجع فلسطين

@StevenSyden Releases The International "Lonely" Hearts Anthem

Some artist with the name Steven Syden has a cool marketing concept, give his music video for free. He allowed music notworks all over the world to air his music video--this would make sure his song is out there and his new hit "Lonely" travels the world and then back. Then folks can buy it on iTunes for price.

This is your average pop song, with a cool vocal guest in L'Mars. This is how I found this video on Melody Hits YouTube official. The dreamy Syden may feel some guys feel repulsive, but that's all fine as younger ladies find it interesting. I do not find much info on the two artists, and I do not see them linking themselves to a given country. I am inclined to say Australia.

I have grew out of this phase, feeling lonely and wanting some texting skills. The shower scene and that crying might turn on some teens. But you may find the song fresh on your eyes. I like to see some more on the artist, other than that he started in 1996.

Steven Syden & L'Mars - Lonely

Listen To Alaa Zalzali's Finest Song To Date

He is no Iraqi, but Lebanese Alaa Zalzali may have just released the best Iraqi song in the year. The father of three little boys who sounds like a voice of reason if asked about the political reality in Lebanon is also the same guy who likes to party live. The balance of the romance, pop, blues, and funk elements in the song are done in harmony

The new song is a perfect dance companion, made just right for that unique Iraqi group dance known as Chobi dance. She warns him her family might beat him up, her dad is related be the president of an Arab republic, to keep him away, he won't go away. He wants to fight for his lady and form the words she chose  she seems not to mind this romantic tale. It's the most romantic exchange where passion meets cultural defiance. She lets him know that her brother might stab him with a knife if he comes asking for her in marriage at home. She says, nothing will keep me away. 

Alaa should be excited about his new hit he has under his belt, it's a total concert magnet. The Lebanese party singer is back after months of mourning for the loss of his new born little girl. I am certain the appreciation of this song goes beyond Iraq and Lebanon it's a trans Arab hit.

 علاء زلزلي عشقت الصبية Alaa Zalzali 3echegt el sabiya

عشقت الصبية اغنية جديدة وحصرية علاء زلزلي

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Download: Magdy Saad 2013 Album البوم مجدى سعد - من يوم ما غاب

Magdy Saad is not trying to be something he is not, he just wants to do one thing thatr he is very good at, making music. This explains the release of his new album with an incredible 16 tracks. This is hardly the best time for such release, but for two years and there has not been an ideal time for an album release.

One one thing, Magdy's style is so dark, and those times allow for that. His new album is sort of like the last thing you hear before you shot yourself out of sorrow. There's a demand for those songs, the people who buy those CDs are the poor kids in Egypt who cannot get married but fall in love, when the love bails out on them, they play Magdy's new album and find some peace. This is not a market driven album, there's no sweet cut for anyone, just a guy who like to channel his emotions on record.

Why? It makes them think, I am not the only one! It must get better

01. Enta Bt7lam
02. A3`la El Nas
03. 7elm B3ied
04. B3ed We 3`ayeb
05. Fe 7odnak
06. So2aly 3alek
07. Men Yom Ma 3`ab 3any
08. 2ool kalam
09. 7aga Metratba
10. A2ol Eh
11. Kol Sana We Enta 7abiby
12. Kalam Yday2
13. Keda
14. Fe Eh Ya 2alby
15. Mesh Fadl Badry
16. Hikayat

مجدي سعد - من يوم ماغاب عني / Magdy Saad - Youm Ma 3'ab

مجدي سعد - كل سنه وانت حبيبي / Magdy Saad - Kol Sana we Enta 7abibi

Blondes, Chicken Wings, Chips And Pajamas With Lela Al Maghribyah

The bros have a dream, never having to wear anything buy pajamas, eating potato chips all day, and watching TV with a peace loving blonde lady who likes groovy dance. There's a Moroccan pop personality that understands that and she is honoring this culture with a music video. Better yet, chicken wings/wife beaters are involved. This s a man dream set to the tunes of a catchy pop song. Lela is not legend but she is great at the choices she comfortable making.

Lela is posing as a popular chick with too many dudes wanting her affection, she is taking them all for a ride as judging from the Identification cards she has. She is some assassin and a sort car collector too (hint, there is a racing scene). Get this, she likes hamburgers too. Seriously  who is this lady?  This is one foxy lady who understands what it takes to get every man's attention and thing things he truly appreciates.

This is an upgrade clip from Lela's last music video, she has something the bros want and she will make it out there with the song that translates to "For The Thousandth Time" I like the dance floor bit, it makes the video feel like a retro funk feast. The reason I liked the music is because some of the finest names have touched it, Mohamed Yehia composed the music and the production went to Touma--an A team indeed.

Lela Al Maghribyah - Alf Marra / ليلا المغربيه - ألف مرة

Download: Magdy Saad 2013 Album البوم مجدى سعد - من يوم ما غاب

Magdy Saad is not trying to be something he is not, he just wants to do one thing that he is very good at, making music. This explains the release of his new album with an incredible 16 tracks. This is hardly the best time for such release, but for two years and there has not been an ideal time for an album release. This is a huge risk that may come with big rewards...

One one thing, Magdy's style is so dark, and those times allow for that. His new album is sort of like the last thing you hear before you shot yourself out of sorrow. There's a demand for those songs, the people who buy those CDs are the poor kids in Egypt who cannot get married but fall in love, when the love bails out on them, they play Magdy's new album and find some peace.

Why? It makes them think, I am not the only one! It must get better. Saad is eschewing previous dips into blues, and pop and heartache-oriented sound; in that vein, he's been logging studio time with his friends to turn out this album.The hard work at recording the follow-up album is clear, with that comes a dash of hope to thrive' The album, titled , already has a first single going viral online.

There are happy songs too, but Magdy might have locked himself into one note performer  Another feedback, the music is pretty sophomoric, it 's very simple and lacks proper layering. I believe "Hikayat" is the boldest and most fresh song from Mr. Saad, he should find more gems like this one.

01. Enta Bt7lam
02. A3`la El Nas
03. 7elm B3ied
04. B3ed We 3`ayeb
05. Fe 7odnak
06. So2aly 3alek
07. Men Yom Ma 3`ab 3any
08. 2ool kalam
09. 7aga Metratba
10. A2ol Eh
11. Kol Sana We Enta 7abiby
12. Kalam Yday2
13. Keda
14. Fe Eh Ya 2alby
15. Mesh Fadl Badry
16. Hikayat

Magdy Saad Men Yom Ma Ghab Aany | 2012 | مجدى سعد من يوم ما غاب عنى

Samira Samira Said Tribute Duet

Samira Said is the subject of this new song. Samira Said, is a Moroccan songstress that has been making music for more than 30 years now. From Morocco, she came and Cairo she conquered! She might not have released a new album in more than four years, but she is working on one right now and she makes her presence known on TV by judging the "Sawt Al Hayat" or "Voice Of Life"

Two young fans of hers braved it out and made a homage song for her, one likes her physically, and the other likes her work. It's a duet by Kareem Foud and Najla El-Sharif, a tribute song in both Arabic and English for their diva.

I cannot name one singer I want to thank. They get something out of their making music for us, and we get something too. So, it's all a business transaction when it comes to it. But if you want to make a song thanking your idol--who am I to stop you?

Samira Samira -Kareem Fouad & Najla El Sharif

WATCH: Akmal - Msh La3eb / كليب اكمل - مش لاعب

Akmal is one of the Egypt' average pop star, but unlike the many average singers, he is releasing a new music video. This song was released in 2011, part of his album, it was the best song on that album. The dance beat is pretty refreshing.

So he filmed a music video for that A song, it seems like your average night club with the chunky belly dancer. The music video won't win any award, it's really nothing special, but Akmal wanted to be out there and get his name on in the concerts and parties roaster.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Nadia Ali Makes Time For Desert While In Egypt

The global pop star of American and Pakistani/Libyan origins Nadia Ali visited Egypt, while there she stopped by s fast food joint and ordered some Zalabya (sweet fried dough). This is the third time for Nadia visiting Egypt in the past six years. Her biggest musical inspirations at an early age came form Madonna.

Beginning in 2001, Nadia’s lush vocal style would take the world by storm, becoming a globally recognized trademark in the dance music industry, and keeping her in nonstop demand by the hottest innovative DJ’s worldwide. Her tracks often rank the # 1 DJ in the world Her dance tracks have been generating a white-hot buzz. Jointly, Nadia and Armin shaped the brand-new dance track: “Feels So Good” and are currently carrying out a rigorous tour schedule on the "Armin Only Mirage" tour. “Armin Only” is an entirely sold-out world tour, filling arenas with tens of thousands of fans nightly.

Nadia Ali - Rapture (Avicii Remix) [Official Music Video]

WATCH: Dounia Batma - Badri | دنيا بطمة - بدري

Dounia Batma has just shot a music video in Beirut--her first solo since she walked out from the Arab Idol program--a close second. The young Moroccan songstress is playing it safe by resealing a song in the Gulf-Khalij dialect. They are the ones who can afford her now, and they would pay to book her for concerts. The three finalists seem to have done well so far as they continue to make noise and talk about their careers.

She will also appear on a trio along side her former contestant on the Arab Idol, Carmin and Yousef. But her single "Badri" or "So Soon" will land song, but not before making few bucks through phone downloads and ring tones.  The clib has landed on YouTube this morning. Her Platinum Records company is hoping to make her a big success and make some dollars. I think they might be a good venture.

I do not love this style of the song, but I know it's a hop style in the Gulf region and if they are happy, I am happy. The music video tells a story of a house wife who sits in her million dollar home getting pretty and prapring surprises for her hard working husband. Nobody is this rich, this creative, this good looking and certainly no one has this much time to waste. But thanks for the fashion show    

Dounia Batma - Badri | دنيا بطمة - بدري

Listen: The Comeback Girl اغنية وائل جسار وشيماء الشايب - فى قلبى صورتك | جديد 2013

Remmeber the girl that sang the famous Oum Kalthoum tribute songs in the late nineties? She was the teen who shaked the music market at that time and made her name by paying homage to other legends. She added her own flavor and touch on those timeless classics.

That's the story of Egyptian Shima El Shaib. But then she disappeared from the music radar. She was 15 years old and her mom is a an Egyptian legend Fatmah Eid, the one who has so many folksy hits. Shima was a fixture of the Egyptian music scene since she was seven years old. She is an award winning before she became an adult. She did release a solo original album "Ana Taibah" it wasn't the big hit her fans expected form her. The music production was not done right, but overall the album was satisfactory. She took a break until she finished her studies. 

However, she is back with Wael Jassar in 2013 with this romantic duet. Her nostalgic fans have been through a lot, but they are ready to take her new song for a test drive. It's a sweet song delivered with such a delicate style, both artists sound very compatible and like the best of friends. Shima has a good voice, but now she needs to develop something to call her own as her voice naturally changed with growth. Wael, was a star since he was a kid, so he knows what it takes.

اغنية وائل جسار وشيماء الشايب - فى قلبى صورتك | جديد 2013

Saudi Sex Symbol Tomy Omran Pressured To Give Up His Passport

Also read "A Saudi Shows His But, Saudi Arabic Freaks Out"

For a country that has a hard time with sexuality, a country where most of its people have to leave it to go on fun trips that involve so many acts they are unthinkable at home, the Kingdom has a funny way of telling people how to live their lives. Saudis would admit in private of their double standard and pi-polar attitude about sex and sexuality.

The American born Tomy Omran has had enough with the attacks and name calling from people living in Saudi Arabia where his family comes form. Tomy is very proud of his family, and his last name, but it seems people in Saudi Arabia have a limited understanding of what it means to be a Saudi. That means you can do fun stuff away form the camera and not on camera. It seems that a picture of Tomy's passport was leaked to the press where his name has the famous Al Saud last name--which makes him a royal in that kingdom.

His old man told him not to use his last name, so the California born young man who has shoe the Arab world by posing close to nude for a Greek beach magazine. He is now had enough and wants to give up the problematic side of him--he won't call himself Saudi anymore. So Saudi men can feel good about their reputation in the world as pious worshipers in public and party animals and first rate club goers in private.

He made the announcement on his tweeter account  @Tomyomran that he will be giving his citizenship for his own peace of mind. Tomy has been accused of being a foreign agent and spy whose mission is to destroy the conservative Saudi society's image. Rumor has it that one Saudi princess is among his biggest fans and supporting him to stir the debate on freedom and expression in the Kingdom. I think this might be the right call giving the lame attacks on Tomy. At least he is an American and they cannot harm him no matter how they try.

Tomy denies those connections and asserts that he is trying to give Saudi Arabia a makeover as more and more people talking about this former Saudi talent, he has gotten the world media to take notice of his provocative songs and choices.

Angel in the sky - Tomy Omran - 2013 تومي عمران