Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Most Bizarre Video By The Most Bizarre Singer / Egyptian Harlem Shake

First of hand he is naked as the video shows him, smoking I do not know what, surrounded by a bunch of dudes who sound high. Then he starts singing, "When I went to the wedding, I found that the folks in attendees where assholes", then he insults each and everyone's mother in a vulgar fashion. Even the family and the good people are assholes.

This is not so guy doing the Harlem Shake, but an Egyptian no class and little education Shaban Abdel Rahim (Sha'abolla) stars in a bizarre video where he is doing one of his low intelligence yet fun songs. Here's the kicker, Shaban made most of his money by singing at weddings and here we is insulting people that go to such events where he is paid to entertain.

All of sudden Shaban's wardrobe is not the one getting the headlines, the singer's leaked high song is. Is this something fun or a meltdown for this once popular (does not make him good) entertainer. I have no idea what to make of this video or the song itself.

While he is not dancing, he is out of it as he rants and raves inconsistent song, just like every song he has ever made.

شعبان عبد الرحيم سيجارة والناس الواقفين في البلد خولات

Music As Worship, The Muslim Sufi Style

For a really long time man loved to worship something....and soon after music emerged as a tool for worship. Most religions have a role saved for Music as they worship. The Muslim faith is no different, for the untrained ear, the call to prayer can seem like singing.

But here, I wanted to talk about music like Sheikh Yaseen Al Tohamy has used to deliver his praises and songs for the prophet and the faith. The subscribers to the Sufi ways have perfected such art form for about a thousand year now. Yaseen belongs to those Sufi worshipers. He memorized the Quran early own, and perfected his own language and grammar 

He studied the Sufi poetry and got really close to those circles. When he started performing such poems in public he became an instant star in the mid seventies. For thirty years and he was the go to guy for such art from and worship. Aside form knowing the religion and the poetry very well, he is educated musically and knows the musical styles of various Muslim pioneers including "Maqamat" He is a well traveled performer where he goes to Muslim nations and take his popular songs with him.

ياسين التهامى 2011 " الحب دينى وإيمانى "

قصيدة في حضرة المحبوب - ياسين التهامي كاملة

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shayma Helali, The Invincible Arab Pop Star Latest Is Magic @shaymahelali

Shayma Helali is an amazing woman whose voice can be anything she wants it to be. Frankly she is to be compared by no one...but think she is the next Magida El Roumi with the cuteness of Nancy Ajram--she is the perfect combo. Her music is about making you think good things are possible. After a quite four years, Shayma came back with a new album this year and reaffirmed herself as Arabia's top-pop queen. She is a contender and her songs have the natural and much-desired longevity

In her latest music video, she is married to a stockbroker or a guy who has a lot of money in the stick exchange and she is telling him, do not worry about them, I am by your side. Shayma Helali comes across as your favorite crush that grew up and remind the same way you remember them being. The closes thing to perfection as they come.  She makes pop music exciting, it makes you really wait for her next act, and she uses her time well.

This Tunisian pop star is a serious entertainer whose talent is worth of exploring. She has the grace and the humility of a dozen stars combined. I like that her style is all hers. Tunis does not make weak stars, if you are form there, you better be good or else. You cannot be mediocre and popular if you are not form Lebanon or Egypt. I wish Shayma Helali gets to do more songs, and more people tune in, she deserves hat kind of attention because she seems to take nothing for granted.  

A simple songs with her voice becomes a hit, a humble music video with her presence travels worlds. Thanks to both her dreamy voice and her dreamy eyes. I am curious to see what makes her who she is? Why is she is good and so different that anyone in her peers? In Western music references, she would be a mush up between Adel with the warmth and personality of Cheryl Cole 

Shayma Helali - Wala Yhemmak / شيما هلالي - ولا يهمك

WATCH: The Hot Lebanese Man Fady Harb - Aa'el Baitouty / فادي حرب - عاقل بيتوتي

I like Fady Harb, at least he had the courage to sing about being a home boy--a guy who likes to hang around the house. In Lebanon, and where the city that likes to stay up at night, this might be a stigma. He is connected with nature and outdoors to make his point about how much he loves that woman.

He is incredibly good looking guy with so much charm and easy going outfit. He gives that bad boy vibe, but I think he must not have let it all out. I like the simple nature of the music video, nothing to elaborate. The beat is good, and the sight of the sun makes me warm. He does not shout like many of his peers in Lebanese pop, which is a plus.

He does not care of beauties of the world, just you is what he is after.  

Fady Harb - Aa'el Baitouty / فادي حرب - عاقل بيتوتي

People Of The Gulf, Lets' Dance To Jamila's "Yegoulo Yegoulo"

Jamila is here to make good music that prompts people of the Gulf to dance, she plays it safe and lays that recognizable Gulf beat that gets men to dance in circles and with sticks. I like the special effects like a fish in the desert. I love the huge drums, I like her choice of wardrobe which is a bit of both hip and folksy. Jamila is a new comer, for one who just made her big break, she has done very well.

Her songs is out with a major production company, I know this shows some creativity, the apple and thus...simple things but fresh nonetheless. If you don't like this style , you won;t think much of this, but I still feel it's upbeat and the music video is certainly intriguing.

#جميلة - يقولوا يقولوا | Jamila - Yegoulo Yegoulo

Will This Fat, Old Catwoman By Haifa Wehbe Fly? هيفاء وهبي -ازاي أنساك

Lebanon's most notorious pop diva is not through yet. She is still the big star she was once five years ago. As you know divorce can kill someones' career, but that did not seem to bother her. She went to New York in the day after she made her divorce public and filmed a new music video, where we now know she is going for the famous Cat woman look.

No other entertainer local or global has manged to make the cat women outfit look sexy without looking too ridiculous. Haifa might mange to make it something else. Ever since Hale Berry wore it in the early 2000 for that lame movie, and no other ladies have manged to revive the look again. Till Anne Hathaway sort of wore it in the last installment of Batman.

Haifa is a cool cat, she has always been so and has acted as much, but then more and more people have started talking about her weight gain--some big names in the entertainment industry in Lebanon even have pointed to it. Will this cat woman be fat? I mean we all know she is older than her peers, but to her credit it never showed.

The promo shows a club scene and a lot of light and laser affects. I wait for the music video, you do not shoot average music videos in the City of New York, if you do. You need to fire your crew. But then again, this music video might be filmed in Abu Dhabi, Rotana (her music lable) does not seem to hold back on Haifa--they know she is huge.

 Haifa Wehbe-Ezzay Ansak English Subtitles/هيفاء وهبي -ازاي أنساك

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Viviane Mrad's Anti-Immigration Lebanese Love Song Is Here

Viviane Mrad is a Lebanses babe with a gentle voice, that makes guys think they have found love when they hear this dazzling lady. Another thing Lebanese (and some Arab) guys like is immigration. They all fantasize about going somewhere for work in a country where they have jobs--Canada, Australia  US and West African nations are popular choices.

So it took one babe to tell them, do not go chase after visas, and citizenship. You will be granted royal residency in my heart. It's a cute song about a women in love with a young man who headed for the embassy to get approved for a work visa. The clip for the song is a collection of concerts for Viviane a raising pop star at home. Keep on mind Viviane is an expat herself, and her song has hit it way big throughout Arabia. The song came during troubled times of the Arab Spring and more young people are thinking to flock away.

Lebanon is filled with people who go away and build other countries  some forget about the motherland. She wishes she was rich and had the land to make him stick around. But her song reminds us of what's at stake when we immigrate--loved ones.

Viviane Mrad - El Genseyah / فيفيان مراد - الجنسية

WATCH This Moving Children Living With Cancer Song ميس حمدان - قوة فى قلبى | Mais Hamdan - Qewa Fe Albi

I like music, I am crazy about it too, but the music I love the most is the kind that tries to bring people together united in their support of a worthy cause. Here is a dozen of Egypt brightest entertainers some indie some mainstream--TV, Cinema, Music and Sport they come to inspire hope. Do not give up, keep up the good fight. The song is for kids living with cancer.

You can sport the beloved American soccer coach Bob Bradley next to dozens of Egyptian celebrities trying to do do the right thing and urge one to do the right thing. The band that provides the song keep the song going while the artists lip sync. It took a while, but the name of the band is Sound of The Streets    

I love the song and how it rocks the music scene doing something good-that';s some powerful guitar strokes. but the cause is why so many A listers joined this project, children living with cancer is something that moves all of us and makes us want to do something about it.

The song is about believing that one is never alone, and one has strength in his/her heart to see life is worth it. For change, celebrities are doing something that will make things better for the little ones.  

 ميس حمدان - قوة فى قلبى | Mais Hamdan - Qewa Fe Albi

WATCH: Moroccan Diva @SamiraSaid Sings To Erbil Iraq A Latter-Day Classic

When you are Moroccan diva Samira Said and you take a trip to Erbil Iraq, it certainly makes the news. The ageless hit-maker has been riding a high wave of publicity and a wonderful dazzling comeback song, you think what can I do next? She went to Erbil and performed song for that city, a specific song for the people who love Arabic music, yet they do not speak it as natives do. As you can see the song is being filmed and recorded in Beirut--I hope the song has at a word or two in the local language.

She calls it the capital of beauty, land of freedom and the sun of Kurdstan. It seems like an epic song. The city of Erbil has been chosen as the capital of Arabic culture in 2013. Eribil is a city run by smart business-minded people who want it to bloom. It's a classic song that brings out the diva inside Samira. It's been a very long time since we have heard such songs.

She spoke with a number of media outlets, and told us how happy she is with Mazal, it was an instant hit. Where has been this hit-maker hiding? She has game, it took her five years to make a comeback and it's a timely one. Samira Said connected the dots and released a hot song that no only made her hot again, but also made her popular at home--the song is in Moroccan.  
Samira Said Making Of Erbil's Video Clip

سميرة سعيد تصوّر "إربيل" وتستعد لـ"مازال"

The Romantic Jordanian Guy Song By Tony Qattan (Video Clip)

Tony Qattan is a a cool cat of the Jordanian pop and romance song, he is out with a new music video, and I think it could have been much better, he deserves better songs because he is a hard working artists and his concerts are often a big draw.

Here's what I did not like, the makeup made him look at times creepy or too old and other times, made him look too groomed, like a Photoshop of himself. I feel the model was not feeling the love, she seemed uneasy and holding back. Maybe that her real personality, and maybe this is what the director asked of her.

This is a slow song, with a slow melody written y Tony Katan
 فيديو كليب طوني قطان افا يا غالي 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

This Folksy Jerusalem Lady Knows How To Party in #Palestine

She is no diva, but she sings Palestine from the heart. She is in a band, called Asayil, they sing Palestine and try to be protective of the heritage of the land that gave birth to them. She is Niveen Al Sawy, the daughter of Jerusalem. She is a fixture of Palestinians music, she can be often heard and seen perform around the cities of the West Bank. Similar Palestinian bands and dance troupe are now on Arabs Got Talent.

To help you understand Niveen, imagine being able to hang out with a younger version of your grandmother with all her stories about country and folks back in the days. This is the kind music Niveen embodies.

Now Niveen boasts about one title, the ambassador of the folksy Palestinian song. She has a degree in business, but when it comes to music, she has been in the city of Ramallah as a member of the Asayil group. She is a local celebrity and her name is even traveling outside the boundaries of Palestine. When people want something different, you can hear Niveen doing covers of popular Arabic classics.

The cool thing about Niveen, is that she is the salt of the earth, someone who you may have gone to school, someone you may have shopped next to. She is that, and then you learn that she is an entertainer who places Palestine in her heart. She is one of the new breed of Palestinians who strive to make a name for Palestine in whatever means they can--art seems to be a popular choice.

It's not easy growing up a Palestinian in Jerusalem under an occupation that wants nothing but failure to you. Niveen knows that and through music she is able to get back at the occupation. She has grown to become a proud Palestinian women who rocks that old dress look and reach out to other women in Palestine and beyond.       

نفين الصاوي وفرقة اصايل موال في مقر الرئاسة

حفل باب العامود للفنانة نيفين الصاوي

عيد ميلاد نيفين الصاوي عقبال 120 يا رب احلا مقدسية القدس

وين ع رام الله - نفين الصاوي

Listen: Assi El Hallani - Ya Nom / عاصي الحلاني - يا نوم #NewSongs 2013

If there was ever a dude for this generations's Lebanese pop songs, Assi Hallani would be him. Assi has been popular for 25 years and his music has always tried to be fresh, relevant but most of all he tried to focus on many things without losing the Lebanese flavor that made him famous in the first place.

Ya Noom was on his most recent album, and it reminded many of his earlier work the blank dialect with Bedouin style. It has sizzle, but for me it has been harder for me to connect with Assi, I think he is full of himself which is fine had he been making good music lately, but he did make it years ago.

I know this to be true, younger folks have been finding him interesting, so he must be doing something right. A  raving review for his album can be found in Arabic here

Assi El Hallani - Ya Nom / عاصي الحلاني - يا نوم

Tamer Hosny, Soccer (Football) Player? Video @TamerHosny

Athletes wants to be actors and singers, entertainers want to be athletes and so on. But in Egypt this just happened number of actors and singers player a friendly game against other entertainers. The ones that got all the news is Egyptian singer cum actor Tamer Hosny and Egyptian actor Ahmed Saqa. There were some professional soccer players. Tamer helped score a goal.

This felt like a major soccer game, needless to say Tamer Hosny had the most photographers and attentions--of course he wore jersey number 10. He got some skills, and Ahmed Saqa is as close to professional soccer players as it gets he plays the sport often--he loves horses too.

This seemed like a fun game, helps ease the public mood in today's Egypt.

تامر حسني يلعب كرة القدم

WATCH: Hala Al Turk - Happy Happy #حلا_الترك - هابي هابي Children Songs

The is the littlest big-time hit-maker and she knows it. Most of her peers are popular, but she is so and richer. She is a young celebrity who knows her value! See her sing with her pals in a very happy track about birthdays. She might be up to something here in making over a beloved global classic--the birthday song.

I like Hala Turk, she has a good team, and her Arabic is as good as her Arabic. But the best thing about her is her confidence around camera, she has so much energy, and it communicates that energy to her listeners. She got it and wherever she is, the boasts that level of joy. This is a surprise song where she is asking her fans to raise their hands if they like her. Then she tells them I love you, and I swear I do. I love when she talked about the brotherhood.

This is a clever song from a bright little girl who is in the transition to being a woman in very short years. She came a long way from her days with Arabs Got Talent, now she has been well-advised in every move she makes.

Hala Al Turk - Happy Happy #حلا_الترك - هابي هابي

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Listen: Nancy Ajram Upcoming Song Voiced By Mahmoud El Khayamy اغنية محمود الخيامى - اتنين صحاب | اغنية نانسى عجرم

Some guy names Mahmoud El Khayamy has worked on a song with Nancy Ajram on a song for her upcoming album. It's meant to be a bittersweet song and it sounds very good and dramatic a bit. Then he released the song weeks before the official release of his song on Nancy Ajram album. This active composer with a different style and amazing charisma and the ability to deal with many kind of music style. Khayamy works with the most famous singers in the Arab World.

I am not clear what his credentials are, but I think he is the composer of the song which Nancy bought from him, but most Arab composers reserve the rights to performing their own songs. Mahmoud has a good voice, and the song sounds really cool, Nancy Ajram will do it justice.

The song is about friendship mistaken for romance.

اغنية محمود الخيامى - اتنين صحاب | اغنية نانسى عجرم | جامدة

Drop Dead Sexy! @shaymahelali Wala Yhemmak Teaser Delivers!

Few ladies can do well in too many characters, but Shayma Helali has a wonderful voice, and a warm voice has done the impossible. In Lebanon she is popular, in the Tunis, she is the it girl, in Egypt they drool over her romance, and now the Gulf is ready to see Shayma take center stage.

This will happen with the release of her latest music video which will be a Gulf song, a song about not caring too much about people, just keep your eye on the prize, the one you love. This seems to be a chic style that brings us closer to Shayma Helali who take sup yet another character. She manged to make a song for the Gulf that does not alienate non-gulf people. In fact the song puts them at ease and allows them to enjoy something different.

The highlight of the clip is the first three seconds when Shayma hits the high note and reveal a stronger vocal muscle--her peers in the business may fear her talent. I also appreciate the jogging scene where the artist looks like natural runner.

 Shayma Helali - Wala Yhemmak Teaser / شيما هلالي - ولا يهمك قريبا على ميلودى

@HotArabicMusic Presents @tonykmusic Tony K - It's All The Same (Music Video)

Here's a new music video for fresh song It's All The Same with you, we are featuring it on the site. This comes as the first release from Tony K upcoming mixtape YNOT coming November 19, 2013 the song is basically about the struggles many people face trying to live out their dreams but often get stuck in an endless routine instead. For More visit the artist website

It's All The Same Music Video Link:

Short Bio: Tony K is a Hip-Hop artist, producer, and songwriter born in Iraq, Tony and his family moved to Detroit, MI in 1991 barely escaping the horrors of what was then the Gulf War. 

By Fall of 2005 Tony released his first album with fellow rapper and friend Peleboy titled Partners In Crime, the album had great success locally and helped open the door for Tony to perform alongside rapper Trick Trick, singers Kevin Lyttle, Karl Wolf, and Massari doing shows in Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Canada. In 2008 Tony began releasing solo records, he released the album "By Any Means Necessary" which included features from Sean Kingston and rapper Young Noble. Tony quickly started to build a buzz on the internet and was invited on the Tyra Banks show for remixing the shows theme song on her REDO's episode.

Tony has produced for Kurupt, Royce Da 5'9", Swifty Mc Vay (D12), Kobe, The Outlawz, Willie Da Kid, Scoe, and Big Herk. He has had features from Sean Kingston and Young Noble and is now preparing to release a new mixtape titled YNOT coming November 19, 2013.

This feels like a personal song from a guy who has lived it so many times. America is all about routine and that kills some people. You play by the rules and somehow, you get screed by someone also playing by the rules. It's a song many people around the world will relate to, the young ones fear their lives would be something like what hey will see in his video, it really slays their dreams. I am happy to see Tony K living the dream while talking about those who are waiting on their.  

Tony K - It's All The Same (Music Video)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Watch: No Woman, No Drive, Saudi Women Driving Song

Saudi women are fighting to gain the right to drive--life is simple. And the debate is in full-swing, will they get it or will they not? Women and men in Saudi Arabia argue that women of the Kingdom should be able to drive their own cars....the status quo people think this is too much to ask for. Women should not be afforded the right--out of some vague religious doctrine and male insecurity.

This song is different, it started by an activist who does not really listen to music, but when he was in America, he liked a song "No Woman, No Cry" by the legend Bob Marley. So he did his own version of the song and it feels right. The topic is off course women driving or not in Saudi Arabia

He did not use music because some deem that to be Haram--forbidden. No woman, no drive! Alaa Wardi was a big help for the making of this song. Yes, acapella singing is OK even with the most Orthodox Muslim.  This song satirizes the argument made by these religious figures without mocking them.

The Driver can take everywhere....because the queens do not can cook for me the song goes. Hisham Fageeh thank you

Aside from that a social media campaign kicked off in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, aimed at winning women the right to drive. Dozens of Saudi women have recorded and uploaded YouTube videos of themselves driving and, so far, no arrests have been made. This is a significant change from 1990 when the first such protest occurred and ended in many women being arrested and losing their jobs. One of the women who took part in that first protest, Dr. Madeha al Ajroush, posted a video of herself driving on Saturday and said, “It is now time for Saudi women to drive. I am ready. My daughter is ready. And society is ready.” Zaki Safar, a protest organizer, said activists believe that authorities are beginning to take a softer stance on the issue.

No Woman, No Drive

Revolutionaries Are Still Making Music For #Egypt

I thought Egypt would not be releasing more songs about rocking the system and distrusting the government  but I was wrong. Meet El Joker, one of Egypt's most fiery rapper released a new song, a deceleration of how frustrated he is with Egypt, and the education system. He is worried about the corruption  politicians and soccer games. The name of the rapper tells me he might think he has a twisted personality just like his namesake.

El Joker has a big hit here and I love the extra vocalist featured. He talks about his love for the land and the national anthem. It's a dark song that breaks the stand off down. He is no fan of the now former Islamic government--I think it's a fair game to criticize them all one wants at this point. I just hate how everyone now thinks they understand the problems and offer their untested prescription.

El Joker ft. Ibi "Baladna" - "الجوكر و ايبي "بلدنا

Then came came a guy who sounds like he wants to cry. A song for the love of Egypt, not one hint of frustration there. But there are plenty of pain in this track, His name is Mohammed Sorour, he is the performer and the song's writer  He is also another young soul that is hardly pleased with what he sees, but he is not angry....but rather heart broken.

Both songs bring the topic of death, sacrifice and the Egyptian woes, but they come shorts with a sober call for unity. No question, Egyptian adore their land, hell some of them worship it too, but we all express such emotions differently.

محمد سرور - يابلادي / Mohamed Sorour - Ya Blady PyramediaChannel·216 videos

Friday, October 25, 2013

Listen To The Most Passionate Lebanese Song of 2013

Najwa Karam is the first lady of the Lebanese song. She has the movie that can make mountain move, the tender and sweet that can bring a smile to your face and inject hope into your life. Her voice also can bring you to tears if she chooses to go the extra mile. I do realize some people resent her for looking so good giving her age.

She has not released one new song in 2012, but she is excited for 2013 and we are excited her with the release of her most recent single. The song "Ykhallili Albak" a love song about the big love, she seeks form that very nice and lucky man. Najwa's tone seems very personal to my ears, as her name means generosity in Arabic. She sings, "God has not created me stingy", "I come form the house of Karam", which to say generosity is my last name, so I will not be less than that with your love.

I like Najwa's performance here, she brings back some of her older songs flavor where Najwa had to work on the emotion side and bring our the passion. There are reports she is in love, and that might have something to do with thins mighty song of hers.

The song ends with the fireworks, the the world has perished form this earth, our story will be eternal. The Lebanese song is known for two things being very loud, and very passionate. Najwa does not disappoint fans of such genera.

EXCLUSIVE Najwa Karam - Ykhallili Albak / نجوى كرم - يخلّيلي قلبك

Listen: Fella El Hawa Sultan George Wassouf Oldie

This is a song that pays homage to iconic Syrian hit-maker George Wassouf by Algerian diva Foula ,Fella, Fulla!  This is a remix in an upbeat fashion for a beloved classic. The popular Syrian singer has given his blessing and permission for this song when he first heard it performed by Foula.

The original song and the remix happen to have been recorded at the same studio--Tony Saba. Foula wanted to perform this song when George Wassouf was asked about me on a popular program, he had nothing but kind words, this is a payback song.

Fella El Hawa Sultan

The Three Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Murder Of Shafik Kabha (Shafiq Kabha)

  1. The most common conspiracy theory is that the artist was gunned down by a guy from Umm-Faham wanted the Shafik Kabha to sing at his wedding, and the artist has refused to perform at that person's wedding. He threaten Shafik to shoot if he he steps into Umm Al Faham. The artist had a concert in that town on the same night he was gunned down.
  2. Relatives of the singer who owed him money, where Shafik has checks from them, he could have turned them in and had these people arrested. So a family dispute that went wrong--frankly this was my first thought.
  3. The more colorful one takes a political nature, Shafik supports a coalition in the local election for the municipality, so the opposition had him assassinated for his active role and high profile endorsement. 

Nothing will bring him back, I only hope he rests in peace and the assassins have karma coming after them. 

If you ever wanted how a Palestinian sounds like, this song below will take you there to one of these night parties where guys dance till the rise of the sun. These are some crazy people who like to dance, and have a good time,  Shafiq Kabha got them masses to dance in all styles and moves. 

shafik kabha

Thursday, October 24, 2013

WATCH: Anam Eshlon - Waad Al Bahari انام شلون - وعد البحرى #Syria

She is Syrian by blood, raised in the affluent country of the UAE, shot to fame when sang for an Egyptian drama about the life Asmhan. She lives and works in between Dubai, Cairo, and Lebanon. But no work one Arab singer offers more financial rewards as the song sin Gulf Khalij dialect come with. See some find it shameful to do such songs, and I see a limit.

But Waad is different she grew up in that culture, she grew up speaking that dialect. She has to earn a living, a good voice is a good voice no matter what. Now there are smart choices  and bad ones, I think this songs will help Waad a big deal. It's a commercial song performed with heart, I love her performance and like to listen to her and look at her. This an intimate song where the singer has to show some emotions and some real pain as the sing.

The lyrics are for the Saudi poet whose talent is meant to put words on bittersweet situations like this one; and composer from Egypt, the music video was reported to have cost 55 thousand dollars. Hope you find it entertaining.

Anam Eshlon - Waad Al Bahari انام شلون - وعد البحرى

The Most Stunning Music Video Of The Year! @BalqeesFathi | Majnoun Video Clip - بلقيس | مجنون فيديو كليب #Yemen

Whatever it's Yemen does it best. Look no further than the hottest pop star n the entire Gulf region, Balqees calls Yemen her home. The daughter of a well-known Oud master, and composer Ahmed Fathy has been rocking the scene of Gulf pop for five years now. Balqees is changing words one music video at a time. And her latest kicks off with osme fine oldie feeling our music. Then comes the work of a seasoned DJ who did a beautiful remix.

Oud music, chatting, and nerdy gone geeky look with some pinkish headphones. The song is about a nerdy lady and a guy who looks good wearing a suit, who would go the extra mile to be with the one he loves. One time he wants to arrest her, another time he wants to shoot her? Is this not criminal? The song is about insanity or how love makes us do crazy things.

I love how the music video transitions from one little movie to another with a total different feel, style and storyboard, this is work of someone who wanted to do something new and something that has not been done in the past. This is a cute and funny music video for a fun pop songs from Balqees who can play any character and make it look believable. But this is a first-rate romantic song. The music video makes me want to go find this song now--even though I have it. Not only was she blessed with that natural good looks, she has some talent in both singing and acting.

These is chemistry among the stars....and this feels like more than one song mixed together and it was done by smooth DJ. I love the social media aspect, Youtube, Facebbok, instagram and more. There are muppets too, Bollywood, Turkish style are also there, animation, action and real dazzle fest. The director shall not be unemployed for as long as he lives. This took some real work and it paid off...Balqees is the real pop star of the Gulf region--can you think of any other lady in that region who has better songs, hotter career than she does. Rotana has a winner in her, and hope they keep up their collaboration.

Balqees | Majnoun Video Clip - بلقيس | مجنون فيديو كليب

When Wadih Abi Raad Met Hiba Tawaji And Oussam Rahbani

One of the finest talents in Lebanese music, the sensational vocalist Hiba Tawaji, collaborated with Oussam Rahbani on a play and later on an album, they both worked with the vocal coach and handsome musician Wadih Abi Raad. The album feels like an old soul made by guys who come from families who has raised them on original music and showed them the world's music as well.

Together they made a romantic revolutionary album that really adds to the Arabic music library. These are very fine talents who do music differently. This is a live album with at least fifteen tracks for Hiba and her mighty voice. The trio appeared in the Virgin Mega Store to sign their album, this was some treat for the city of Beirut. I love the live nature, the duets and most of all the topics their plays bring up

This is a new kind of a musical experience put forth by three friends who happen to have the world indie spirit. This albums that talented artists do not have to strip in order for them to get the media excited and the sales skyrocketing.  Now, the long-waited release of the D & DVD "Oussama Rahbani feat. Hiba Tawaji & Wadih Abi Raad LIVE" taken from the 2011 concert at the palais des congres, has hit the shelves.

Tawaji’s voice is certainly impressive. The singer switches from jazz to pop to more lyrical numbers. Her voice is as sensual and smooth as it is powerful. Lucky for us that it is. Rahbani writes in the liner notes that he wrote several of the tracks a while ago but was unable to find a voice powerful enough to sing them until he began to collaborate with Tawaji.

It's fitting that one of the albums's songs comes with the title change the system and it talks about politics and the status quo in Lebanon and in the region. While Lebanese legendary diva is unique and unlike any other. I feel strongly that Hiba is the closest performer who comes close that revered diva's style and legacy

أسامة الرحباني وهبة طوجي ووديع أبي رعد يوقعون البومهم الجديد

HIBA TAWAJI هبة طواجي Lazem Ghayir El Nizam / I've Got To Change The System لازم غير النظام

Hiba Tawaji ﻫﺒﺔ ﻃﻮﺟﻲ -" Sabah El Kheir ﻛﻞ ﻳﻮم ﺑﻘﻠﻚ ﺻﺒﺎح اﻟﺨﻴﺮ"

Palestinian Local Artist Shafik Kabha Laid To Rest In Large Funeral (Pictures)

Their home boy and the local guy who dared to reach for the stars was gunned down, Shafik Kabha was laid to rest in his hometown and the ceremonies were well attended by a large crowd from all walks of life. Some of them likes his music, some did not, but that did not matter. They love him, and they showed up to his funeral. Even these often stereotyped straight -edge bearded men. Shafik was a an of faith, he started his career with reciting the Koran and he can be seen in the video below praying.

This video pays homage to the fallen local legend who has brought so much joy in the lives of Palestinians living inside the land and on the borders. Shafik talked like my grandpa would, partied like my older brother (at his prime) would and worked as hard as my father does. He was also a good son, to his parents, and his community.

Police are still looking for a motive and investigating the assassination. This is a bizarre incident and as for now, no unknown motives,enemies or such. This is tragedy, and his family which includes his wife and his kids must be at loss.

فيديو مؤثر جدا عن حياة الفنان شفيق كبها رحمه الله

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

US Aid To Egypt Gets Its Own Sarcastic Song By Mostafa Shawky

Egyptian singer Mostafa Shawky--a C List Egyptian singer with a sense of humor has partnered with Libyan Hamid El Shari mocking US aid to the country of Egypt. It's a light song with a lot of fun zingers and pop references from every Egyptian street.

Obviously, talk is cheap and these entertainers do not feel the pinch, so they can afford to mock US aid to their beloved country. I like when people talk, they match their words with action, otherwise it's just up hot air. As a song this is a karaoke song done by a keyboard....but the voice of Mostafa Shawky makes it worth the listen.

I find something different in his voice, it might be the affects, but still he has a ear-friendly voice. His education is actually in agriculture, but he makes good music which he sells to his peers in Egypt. He got into music composition at the college theater. He collaborated with many musicians but the one that seems to work with him the most is Hamid El Shari.

مصطفى شوقي - المعونة

Wadie El Safie = Umm Kulthum, Says Najwa Karam

She is the proudest among her Lebanese peers, she is so proud that she refuses to sing in any other dialect that her own. Najwa Karam stood tall and spoke in an interview about her father in in the music, the man who sang with her and released their much celebrated duet. Wadei El Safi passed away and Najwa Karam flew back home to be with his family.

She is upset that his funeral, she said the funeral should have been bigger, people should have done more to mourn this legend. She talked about Egypt and how they take care of their legends unlike Lebanon. In her own words, Umm Kalthoum we loved her, and Wadie is no different he is a legend of the same size. She did not want to point fingers, but she seems disappointed in the weak reaction to Wadie's passing at home.

She made made the Umm Kaltoum comparison few times. I do not believe she was unable to arrive in Lebanon for the funeral,--if she wanted to make it on time--she would have been able too--private jets anyone? I like Najwa and I think she loves the legend who loved her back. I do not see the need to compare these two amazing legends of Arabic music, though not sure if Wadie and Umm Kalthoum were part of the same circle.  

Najwa Karam نجوى كرم: فقدت بيين بشهر وكان لازم كل لبنان ينزح بوداع وديع الصافي

Checkout This Randomly Good Song By Camilia #SheIsGood

I did not know who Camilia is, I have no clue where she comes from. But I know about a decade ago, she blew me away with a song of hers that no one saw coming. Her song has the flavor and chracter to make most pop stars jealous.

No idea what she is up to now or what she is up to, but her song  "Almtiny" had all the right elements that makes a song memorable. This song came from her album released by Egypt's finest music producer and hit -maker Nasr Mahrous who took her under his wings.

Her album has a number of hits, and she was a nobody who made good music by her very strong voice that hits all the notes and then some "Bano Bano" is another hit from the same album. Her voice is a cross between the late Zikrah's voice, and hints of Syrian Assala and the pop persona of Sherine. his Cairo native is a rock star. Aside from being very good looking, she studied music and has her professors as fans.

Camilia " 3allmteny " / " كاميليا "علمتينى

3ALMTNY كامليا علمتني- BY ZIZO

Iconic Palestinian Singer Shafik Kabha Killed! Rest In Peace (Video)

He was the biggest entertainer to come out of the Palestine 48--Palestinians who reside withing the elusive borders of the State of Israel. Shafik Kabha is his name and Palestine all Palestine loves him. He was the cool singer who know how to get a party started, he was well-known for his performances at weddings where he made a good living. He was a go to guy to get a round of Debka going, he knew what it takes and what his listeners liked. He also was able to do many covers of classical songs, like these of the romantic style for the likes of Abdel Halim Hafiz.

But aside from the wedding gigs, underneath is all he had a strong talent, he released albums doing Iraqi folksy songs, they are really hard to perform. He did well, and the most difficult of critics have given him their raving reviews. He wanted to be so much more than a wedding singer, he had so many parties, New Year parties, and his fans strongly defend the man and his career. Think of him as the Cadillac of wedding singers. Simply, there is no bigger names than the name of Kabha. He has more than 100 cassette and record from his live performances.

Now, thus talented singer was gunned down by unknown gunmen who shot him few minutes past midnight in the city of Umm-Al Faham. He was on his way back from a concert, where the assailants caught him by surprise and shot him four times. The gunmen were on a motorcycle and sped away form the scene of the crime. His body was transported to the local hospital where he had the gunshots, the medics tried to save his life in the trauma center by then its was too late to save this Palestinian icon. Police have opened an investigation. In my mind he was one of the singers who took the folksy Palestinians songs and made it catchy, faster and something to dance to. He was also was the first to fight the occupation with his songs--he paid a price for that as they Israeli occupation banned him from singing in the West Bank for ten years.--(don't miss the video to his mocking the Israelis and President Mubarak is below)

He also liked his life, and wanted people to enjoy it, this is why he sang and this is why he made so many people happy. I now thousands of Palestinians celebrated their most special day--their wedding to his music and voice.

ملك الدبكة شفيق كبها فرقة ليالي الربيع 2013

شفيق كبها على حسب وداد - b.alzeir

شفيق كبها 2013 - موال يبهدل إسرائيل - حصريا ً

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BREAKING: Popular Palestinian Singer Killed--Shafik Kabha Gunned Down

Palestine's biggest wedding singer Shafik Kabha was gunned down tonight by unknown gunmen who shot him at the intersection of the Haifa city umm al-fahm. He was taken to a local medical center where he was pronounced dead. He was in a critical condition at first and soon after he was pronounced dead.

He will be missed, he might as well be the first pan-Palestine singer and he was a huge name inside Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and the North. As for his style, he seems to be closer to the Iraqi style in the fashion of Nazim Al Ghazaly. He also knew how to fire up the crowd. He has more than a dozen records and they are best sellers in the area.

At the get go he was reciting the Koran at his school, at age 16, then he joined a local band and in few years he was the mega star. He was banned by the Israeli occupation from singing in the West Bank for his fiery patriotic songs. He has also faced a ban in both Jordan and Egypt--he happens to be a citizen of Israel.

Police are investigating the motive and looking to see who would commit such atrocity.

shafeq kabha ** شفيق كبها قديم ونادررررر

WATCH: Tarek Al-Attrash - E2ta3lo Karet طارق الأطرش - اقطعلو كرت He Wants To Be Your Business

Young and hip Tarek Al-Attrash wants to party, will you make room for him on your playlist?  He is that cookie -cutter masculine dude with a good look and a knack of fast cars and babes. He means party and likes to keep the ladies happy with his catchy dance-intense lyrics. On the upside, the song was written by the performer and so have the music. Tarek has the kind of charm that makes expats fly him over oceans to see him perform. He is like that first dominoes you tip over and unleash a chain of fun events.

He wants no trouble, and he wants to make sure when you are ready for good times, you would play his songs. One thing, it's fine to have ladies in shorts, but it's kind of cold....I like the barbecue by ladies , those are fun times. Tarek has a sweet voice made perfect for good songs that bring joy and fun. The kind of songs guys like listening to and wish their ladies would understand. In very short months, Tarek's name has become a household name withing the boundaries of Beirut as the purveyor of upbeat light pop songs with a a tiny hint of folksy songs.

There is demand for this kind of let's get wasted style of songs, Lebanon seems to be the right place for them. I do not hold it against him, he is a fun guy, a boy toy of sort. I think the lady to whom he proposed is in love with some TV guy. Like theses in the Turkish Dramas, and the song talks about soccer games. I think this is pop culture at its best. You talk about what's hip in a fun way. This song is a dream sequence, so good luck.

He is forming his own style and his name is getting out there...and now he has took the party to Tunis where he is scheduled for a number of concerts.

Tarek Al-Attrash - E2ta3lo Karet طارق الأطرش - اقطعلو كرت

WATCH: Said Senhaji & Fadel Mazrou3i | Ya Sahbi 2013 #DudeSongs

The UAE has many talented young artists and not all of them want to do the same songs...they got the Iraqi making music for them, the Indian ladies are their go to models, and the Lebanese to run the show. Here's an example of a song written for dudes.

A guy fell in love and he is love sick, he approaches his pal for advise, and then the conversation goes on inside that intimate coffee. It's a good song that talks about something that's too common, guys like to seek advise from their best friends. I like the artists style and how they sang while sitting in a cozy surrounding.

فاضل المزروعي وسعيد الصنهاجي يا صاحبي

The Most Exciting Tunisian Pop Star Of The Year (Twerking A Bit)

It's time to party, and Iman wants to be at your party, will you let her in or leave her standing at the door. Her new and catchy electric track is a sure crowd-pleaser. It comes loaded with dance moves, energy, and dazzle. I like the song. To my huge surprise she is no Lebanese but comes from Tunis.

This lady does not have to have a good voice, but she really does. People who make these kind of music videos and wink often do not have to have the sort of good voice Iman brings out here. Again, this is a relevant music video that comes with tasteful sex-appeal and a decent style. This is no cheap thrill either, I love the outfits and the choreography  

She has that international aura pop stars h\strive for, and then she has a lock on allure that will allow her to be memorable. Her songs comes with a good beat, and lots of fun bits and pieces. Iman means faith in Arabic, and this is what he team had when they worked with her==they hit the jackpot.

Iman Bi Hayati HD

Monday, October 21, 2013

Listen: Dominique Hourani - Aam Bizaaelni Lilo 2013 / عم بزعلني للو - دومينيك حوراني

Lebanese beauty Dominique Hourani is back with a new single and it sounds like that your all-time favorite song when you want to be silly and make no senses. It's a good song with some serious song that feels both old and energized. Dominique Hourani this time comes back with a better song that has some value and not just random lyrics and music that falls flat. This time her new song is catchy and may be the start of her legacy....

The trouble for Dominique Hourani is as songstress she has no brand--nothing special she does very well. She does many good songs, but you do not think of her having her own style. But as a celebrity she has done well, she graces the cover of many magazines both international and local.

if you are in for a silly song that will get you to shake no matter how blistered your feet are, this will do the trick. It does sounds familiar doesn't?

Dominique Hourani - Aam Bizaaelni Lilo 2013 / عم بزعلني للو - دومينيك حوراني

Rihanna Sings And Goes To A Mosque--No, She WASN'T Kicked Out

Global songstress and hit-maker Rihanna went to the UAE city of Abu Dhabi for a concert. The concert was a big hit and we almost we would not have heard about it had the diva not visited a local mosque in the area while she was in town. The site she chose to visit was the courtyard of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. She was in town for Diamonds World Tour

Pop princess Rihanna sells albums for her sultry, attention-grabbing poses. But during a visit to the United Arab Emirates, her poses got her into hot water.

A covered-up Rihanna was decked out in a dark outfit, complete with what looked like the head gear worn by Muslim women. She posed in bright red lipstick and posted the pictures on her Instagram account. Rihanna's Twitter selfie sparks scandal

According to one account, "She was asked to leave before entering the actual mosque, (she was in the courtyard taking pictures) after taking some photos that did not fit within the rules and regulations set out to preserve the sacredness of the center," the mosque said in a statement. The singer did not immediately respond to the controversy about her photos. She was in town for a concert Saturday night.

This is not a big deal, she is fine to visit the courtyard, people do it all the time, no reason why she should be treated any differently. The mosque officials, said this was a personal visit and they had no prior knowledge of this visit. They are looking into the matter they said.

According to a reliable news-site, the mosque officials did not ask her to leave, this was reported by a number of international media outlets. The mosque committee, they welcome such visits and this is why they direct all tourists and visitors to go through the visitor center area. I do not there is a scandal, or something to explain, if anything this is good press for the landmark site.  

Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

WATCH: Mohammaed Assaf First-Ever Music Video Clip Ya Hal Arab | #محمد_عساف - يا هالعرب

It's only logical for the young man the Arabs called their idol to release his debut professional song and post show fame song to address them all. Assaf, the young kid from Palestine releases his first professional music video, and it goes through the news headlines he helped captured this past summer, he gave an interview, and the press statement. The video does one thing well, sputtering. It's a soft explosion of this glocal pop star whose name has traveled the world and back.

He knows how much joy he means to his fans, watch the folks follow him and his news, and shower him with local and kisses. Cooks, managers, airport attendants, families, maids and more all tune in to watch him. He is one hell of pan Arab party. There are dancers, but he is playing it safe, conservative music video that focuses on him and his smile.

It's a good choice for him to sing about all Arabs, not just one dialect, and one country. He is a big name, and even the Chinese know him and dance to his beat. He also shows his power that defies the borders and politics. He shows some of his vocal muscles. There's a private jet and even African dancers who like him. Then he reaches Paris. I like Assaf and know he is trying to do what's good for him and what's good for Palestine. He is an artist and not some magician, it's important to remember that.

The timing of this release is to come before his world tour which will bring him to North American and Europe. He has already covered the Arab world. He has the skills and his voice is mighty---he tries to show his rock star persona a bit. UNRWA and other sponsors get a shout out in the end. Even a Dubai dentist who has befriended Assaf is listed among the sponsors. But nothing bests that million dollar smile.

Mohammed Assaf - Ya Hal Arab | #محمد_عساف - يا هالعرب

Listen: Jad Shwery We Don't Care ft Chadash Cort @jadshwery You Can’t Help But Dance!

Jad Shwery strikes those who know him and his work a someone who does not really care about what goes around him. He what his gut tells him to do, and now he can say he has a song to show proof that. Jad, the singer has done a wide range of songs and has sang in languages other than Arabic. You’re out with your friends having the TIME. OF. YOUR. LIFE tearing it up on the dance floor. You go to take your seat at the bar for a much needed dance break, when all of a sudden you hear it - the song you can’t resist. The song you just HAVE to dance to. Even though your feet are blistered and bleeding and that one creepy guy keeps trying to rub his junk on you, you HAVE to dance. You really have no choice in the matter.

I cannot seem to find the story behind the song, but it's actually pretty catchy. This is the result of teaming up with skillful Turkish DJ turned producer Chadash Cort. Together, they made a fine club song that young people will enjoy. This track is meant to engage the clubs in the Middle East and give them something made by local artists whose eye is on the global prize.

The thing about Jad's career is interesting every few years he redefines himself, re-invest his image and his work speaks for him. As a director he showed that he is full of surprises....he knows how to bring out the sexy, and when he has to do he tones it down and gives us beautiful music videos (Look for his music video for Diana Haddad and Nawal Al Zoghby)

Jad Shwery We Don't Care ft Chadash Cort -Online (VEVO)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Listen: فيفيان مراد – عذاب الحب – The Mighty Viviane Mrad – Azab El Hob Great Song

I needed a good song on this slow Sunday and I got just that...thank you Viviane Mrad for this rocking song. The music for the song is so sharp, and to tell you the truth it's original and fresh. The lyrics are out of this world. The song come sin two halves, the first half is how you imagine your loved one talking, and the second part the wisdom of your grandmother.

 Lebanese pop is alive as the one in Egypt is stumbling and too busy singing for the army and the politicians, the ones in Lebanon can do two things at the same time. I really think Vivian challenged herself her, and manged to hit the high, the low and everything in between. At times she is soft and sweet and at other times, she is heartbroken....this song is the middle ground. This is a worthy single to make us all think about how gifted she really is.

She settles for number one always and her songs climb the charts in no time. She has good luck with Lebanese lyricist and composer Salim Assaf.

Music Library : فيفيان مراد – عذاب الحب – Viviane Mrad – Azab El Hob