Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Cartoonist And Pianist War On The Syrian President

Prior to making stands against the President of Syria, two Syrian artists were little known--one of them boasted about his American citizenship. The first is cartoonist Ali Ferzat who has been busy drawing cartoons mocking the Syrian president and his regime. He bacame famous when a video of him resting in a hospital bed after supposedly being physically assaulted.

The other talented Syrian artists is composer pianist turned activist Maled Jandali who made news when a group invited him to play the piano at their annual convention here in Washington, DC. Then he told him he wanted to play a certain song--then all of sudden he sues them for not allowing him to play his song for Syria.  And now everyone knows about Malek Jandali and his rebel status.

The two artists have met and done a piece together where the cartoonist draws his cartons accompanied by the music of Malek. They duo do not seem to be too hear broken, they are having a good time and all smiles. The two artists met in a pro Syrian revolution event held on the 27th of January 2013.

Ali Ferzat with Malek Jandali معزوفة الجوع مالك جندلي وعلي فرزات


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