Thursday, October 10, 2013

Video: Lebaanes Soccer And The Asia Cup Get A Shot In The Arm

Lebanese soccer had a good year lately, but the national soccer team remains unable to seal the deal and qualify for the world cup. Tough competition in Asia--too many countries. I am also looking at you Saudi Arabia. Now two of the top Lebanese entertainers join forces to make a promotional video to get people to rally around their national team.

Nawal Al Zoghbi and Assi Hellani stood together in a soccer stadium and shot this video with director Adel Sarhan in the Sport City inside the Lebanese capital. The goal is to generate buzz for about team qualifying for the Asia cup tournament.

We know Nawal likes to work out, and Assi likes riding horses, 15th of October the home team meets Kuwait's National Team. The flag takes center stage, and the video will air on TV and inside cinema houses at home. I think, there will be other stars joining the roaster. The good thing about sport at least in Lebanon it unites people despite politics.  

عاصي الحلاني ونوال الزغبي يجتمعان لدعم الكرة اللبنانيّة


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