Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drop Dead Sexy! @shaymahelali Wala Yhemmak Teaser Delivers!

Few ladies can do well in too many characters, but Shayma Helali has a wonderful voice, and a warm voice has done the impossible. In Lebanon she is popular, in the Tunis, she is the it girl, in Egypt they drool over her romance, and now the Gulf is ready to see Shayma take center stage.

This will happen with the release of her latest music video which will be a Gulf song, a song about not caring too much about people, just keep your eye on the prize, the one you love. This seems to be a chic style that brings us closer to Shayma Helali who take sup yet another character. She manged to make a song for the Gulf that does not alienate non-gulf people. In fact the song puts them at ease and allows them to enjoy something different.

The highlight of the clip is the first three seconds when Shayma hits the high note and reveal a stronger vocal muscle--her peers in the business may fear her talent. I also appreciate the jogging scene where the artist looks like natural runner.

 Shayma Helali - Wala Yhemmak Teaser / شيما هلالي - ولا يهمك قريبا على ميلودى


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