Friday, January 31, 2014

WATCH: Hamza Namira - Wa Ollak Eh | حمزة نمرة - واقولك إيه | Official Video Sada Almidan

In one week, the music video have been seen by two million viewers from around the globe--this is not counting the unofficial version of this song. The song has been re tweeted and quoted  by a Noble Prize Winner. Hamza Namira should be so proud of the good song he recorded and released on a music video format. The song is about great things and bigger things....justice and fairness. He is not going down in rage...

Though the artist is upset by what he sees in Egypt and all that makes her sick....he does not lose sight that even people who wrong others have emotions and a guilt he can tab into. Well done, Sir, you made a song embraced by even those who disagree with. Vilify no one and make a wonderful song with a positive message.

The bold thing about this song is that it's the first hit to take on the establishment and criticize the bloody path Egypt has witnessed since July of last year. Most artists are one either in the army camp, two staying mum. Hamza Namira did not take a break, he related one hell of a human song. He did it after he had shown in 2012 that indie musicians can thrive in Egypt.
Hamza Namira - Wa Ollak Eh | حمزة نمرة - واقولك إيه | Official Video Sada Almidan

Thuggish Sherif Kasem Busts A Move And She Likes It

Sherfi Kasem is a thug, who likes to harass ladies who pass by, showing them his move, his crazy hair, cheap glasses, and out of this world dance moves. Guys, it's never cool to stalk women around town looking like a sissy or a thug. It's sad but I like the song and think outside of this music video, Sherif may be a cool guy to chill with.

But his music video does not help him with me. It will certainly help him earn few teenagers who will regret their choice of artists years later. I do not know what style this song is, but it sounds exotic and I like. The model they got dancing all over the place, may have done it as a favor, clearly, her idea of dancing is not perfect.

Give the man some credit for making it all on his own, he does not care what folks think as he busts a move in the street.

.. Hatohalo - Sherif Kasem هاتوهالوا - شريف قاسم

The Ahmed Ezz And Zeina Scandal Continues... He Is Chicken Shit...

To begin, it seems that the handsome boy of Egyptian cinema likes to sleep around, and it seems that he there are consequences to his actions, he refuses to take responsibility. We know that according to claims by Egyptian actress and beauty Zeina that he fathered a twin with her. We do not know if they were married, or legally married, or even if they are in a relationship. When Zeina found out she was pregnant, she left in the summer of 2013 to the States. She issues a press release that she is heading to the States to take acting courses. She also wanted to make sure the boys will have American citizenship which would make it harder for Ahmed Ezz to evade his responsibility. Also being in the States, she was away from the media, and most certainly away from Ahmed Ezz who was not happy with the pregnancy. He has been reported to have denied that those were his kids--which suggests that the mother of his future children is a whore. And then he has also been reported to have instructed Zeina to have the pregnancy terminated.

We know at least the twins have a strong mother who wanted them and was unafraid to face an entire population who would blame her and call her names. Good for her, she chose life, and she called out that asshole Ahmed Ezz. Now a third party who claims connection with Zeina had shared with the media, Zeina tried to get Ahmed to come to the States and be their for her when she delivered his twins. Ahmed did not dare to go to America, and created some excuses. Ezz refused to come to America, but Zeina had planned to smooth things over and proof via DNA testing that he is indeed the father. After Ezz has not being wiling to show up or take reasonability. Zeina was forced to return to the Egypt and face the music. To the credit of the Egyptian media and talking head, most of the blame has been shaming Ahmed Ezz for now coming forward and taking ownership of this blessing in disguise.

Now for the twins, I am sure your parents love you very much, I just know that Ahmed Ezz is an idiot who is afraid for his name and his marketability. Now, he will never be that carefree handsome man beloved by the ladies and copied by other men. Daddy is in denial right now, and he eventually will come around and make things right, but since he is an idiot he wants to ignore it for as long as he could. So far, he has closed his cellphone and he is not talking.

read more in Arabic

حقيقة زواج احمد عز وزينة بعد عودتها من نيويورك بتوأم ابوهم احمد عز

Thursday, January 30, 2014

WATCH This Fun Video La Tehogas - Samo Zaen لاتهوجس - سامو زين

Samo Zaen never cared enough to make a song for the local market in the Gulf, so this time he is working to change that with a new rad song...but he has done something awesome, he included translation of the song into Egyptian. The promo video guarantees the song to be a hit all over the map. Samo has shown this time to be a clever marketing guru as well as a gifted musicians.

The track is about love, but the title makes no sense for the average Arabic speaker....yet the title sounds like an English word turned into Arabic. Samo is entering the Gulf market with force, but on his own terms, he is doing it while looking cool, not like someone who wants money or someone who is too shy about it.

This is an experience rich in iconography, camels, sand, swords and hummer. This Syrian has broke into the Egyptian market a decade ago, and this time he is doing the same going after another market. Make an effort to read the translation from Arabic Gulf Dialect into the Funky Egyptian slang.

La Tehogas - Samo Zaen لاتهوجس - سامو زين

Jasiri X Sees Injustice In #Palestine So Calls Out The Israeli Occupation

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he comes swinging. "Checkpoint" is based on the oppression and discrimination Jasiri X witnessed firsthand during his recent trip to Palestine and Israel "Checkpoint" is produced by Agent of Change, and directed by Haute Muslim. This is the creative work of Emcee and community activist Jasiri X is one of the rising stars in Pittsburgh's burgeoning hip-hop scene

We are pleased to share the following video - "Checkpoint" - just released by Pittsburgh-based hip hop artist Jasiri X, who traveled to Palestine earlier this month as part of a delegation of African Americans.  The injustice he witnessed inspired him to write this song.
Checkpoint - Jasiri X

Journal of the hard times tales from the dark side
Evidence of the settlements on my hard drive
Man I swear my heart died at the end of that car ride
When I saw that checkpoint welcome to apartheid
Soldiers wear military green at the checkpoint
Automatic guns that's machine at the checkpoint
Tavors not m16s at the checkpoint
Fingers on the trigger you'll get leaned at the checkpoint
Little children grown adults or teens at the checkpoint
All ya papers better be clean at the checkpoint
You gotta but your finger on the screen at the checkpoint
And pray that red light turns green at the check point

If Martin Luther King had a dream of the checkpoint
He wake with loud screams from the scenes at the checkpoint
It's Malcolm X by any means at the check point
Imagine if you daily routine was the checkpoint

Separation walls that's surrounding the checkpoint
On top is barbwire like a crown on the checkpoint
Better have ya permits if your found at the checkpoint
Gunmen on the tower aiming down at the checkpoint
The idea is to keep you in fear of the checkpoint
You enter through the cage in the rear of the checkpoint
It feels like prison on a tier at the check point
I'd rather be anywhere but here at this checkpoint
Nelson Mandela wasn't blind to the check point
He stood for free Palestine not a check point
Support BDS don't give a dime to the checkpoint
This is international crime at the checkpoint
Arabs get treated like dogs at the checkpoint
Cause discrimination is the law at the checkpoint
Criminalized without a cause at the checkpoint
I'm just telling you what I saw at the checkpoint
Soldiers got bad attitudes at the checkpoint
Condescending and real rude at the checkpoint
Don't look em in they eyes when they move at the checkpoint
They might strip a man or woman nude at the checkpoint
Soldiers might blow you out of ya shoes at the checkpoint
Gas you up and then light the fuse at the checkpoint
Everyday you stand to be accused at the checkpoint
Each time your life you could lose at the checkpoint

If Martin Luther King had a dream of the checkpoint
He wake with loud screams from the scenes at the checkpoint
It's Malcolm X by any means at the check point
Imagine if you daily routine was the checkpoint

At the airport in Tel Aviv is a checkpoint
They pulled over our taxi at the checkpoint
Passport visa ID at the checkpoint
Soldiers going all through my things at the checkpoint
Said I was high risk security at the checkpoint
Because of the oppression I see at the checkpoint
Occupation in the 3rd degree at the checkpoint
All a nigga wanna do is leave fuck a checkpoint

Saudi Tomy Omran Ridules Saudi Arabia Culture (Picture)

The magazine cover is from Jaras Magazine.

Saudi American entertainer and envelop-pusher Tomy Omarn has been attacked by his countrymen for his choice of clothes, style and his handsome looks. The attacks have been vile, so Tomy took them to task and called his Saudi critics a nation of Kabsah and yogurt -A Saudi dish made up of rice and meet eaten almost every day of the week. I recall seeing a news segments from some morning show in the Kingdom where a physician came out and spoke about the danger of this unhealthy diet.

A day later he posted a picture of some Saudi man who is resting after he had an overload of the national dish--that's a food comma. Tomy later clarified he was mainly speaking about a certain segment of the kingdom--not the entire place.

Think of Tomy Omran as Justin Bieber intersected with an Miley Cyrus. Tomy is unafraid to be seen naked, he often shared half nude pictures of himself. For now, Tomy has left California and make Istanbul, Turkey his home.

I think one of the many reasons other cultures do better than places like Saudi Arabia and in general the rest of the Arab world is that outside, each person minds his/her own life. In ours everyone is in everyone's business--this is why no one dares to be different. Tomy and many others have broken free from these shackles years ago.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Egyptian Army Shuts Down Ramy Essam Concert! Really!?

Indie and rock persona dude Ramy Essam had a concert yesterday and it looked like the army did not approve of his choice of songs. Ramy Essam is an angry singer who equally hates everyone, from the army to the brotherhood. He is one of those young voices that feel they have been taken for a ride.

While he was singing in his concert which was held during the Book Exhibit in the Egyptian capital. At first the power plug was taken out and the DJ could not play the music. Ramy Essam was shouting down with the military rule when the concert was shut down. I think this is not just an assault on the music industry, but also an assault on freedom of speech and freedom of assembly--who are we kidding armies do not build democracies.

Ramy Essam has no songs that suck to power, he is the furious hard-rock personality that makes loud music and speaks loudly. He is a big deal with young ideologues. Ramy piles on the Mubarak regime, the military rule and of course the brotherhood. Does he have anything to propose?

Ramy Essam - Mahnash Mn Dol Music Video رامى عصام - محناش من دول ولا دول ولا دول

Kinda Gets An Arabic Song Soon By Marwa Nasr (Video)

Egyptian pop songstress (and lately a mouth piece for the brutal Bahrain regime) is ramping up the work on her new album. He released a video of her session with one of the composers of the songs that she will soon be releasing. Sherif Badr got his fifteen minutes of fame. It's a soft song and it feels sweet. The guitar helps the song move along.

The song is titled Kinda, about a crush that won't go away. He even prays for her and asks God to protect her. But it might be also a daughter as the name is sort of a new age in Arabia.

Sherif Badr - Kinda ( Soon By Marwa Nasr )

#Egypt Celebrates Dear Guest Event

Egypt like to pimp out their stars, they really like to give awards and recognition to their folks--more so than other nations. Ramy Sabry got an ward for the complete artist. He released a new album 2013 and it did well. In am in love with Ramy Sabry, but his album went unnoticed. Do not care much for his politics, but he is a wholesome musician.

I like his voice, and the energy he puts into each of his songs, he seems like a down to earth guy whose charisma is hard to deny. I think in Egypt, there is Amr Diab and there are four other names who can be his heir, Ramy Sabry is one of those four.

As for the event it's organized by one of Egypt's leading newspapers to allow them access to wh9meever is relevant in the entertainment industry.

Dear Guest Event - Ramy Sabry جائزه دير جيست - رامى صبرى


Tamer Made Another Hit Song 2014 Single! تامر حسني الموضوع فيك

Tamer Hosny and I have a relationship of love/hate. Love most of his songs, and hate most of what he does. He is a bright star who works hard and recentness when it comes to being the best. He tests everything and knows how to make a hit even better. I love how all by himself he can turn out a good record. Tamer Hosny of today is a guy who works at being better than himself yesterday. He seems never happy with things, as he often finds a way to make them better, and make a bigger name for himself.

When you work this hard, and when you are this good, Tamer Hosny has to love Tamer Hosny. His latest track is about life, do not settle down, keep pushing the envelop. It's sort of his story that he has been narrating.

تامر حسني الموضوع فيك 2014

تامر حسني الموضوع فيك جديد 2014 النسخة ماستر El Mawdo3 Fek Tamer Hosny Wowvideos

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Angham, And Why She Is Beloved?

She just celebrated turning 42 years old and pretty much everyone wished her the best.

Angham might be an iconic diva in the Arabic music scene, but years ago she may have released her better songs. Among the songs of hers that I am impressed by is her music video for Omry Maak--she filmed it with her son. It's a song about love, and she chose to go with the Platonic love.

It's a cute music video from a mother and a rock star who made a super sweet love song into a song about the greater love and family. I like that especially as more business types turn love into a sexy show instead of the great feeling it is--I am done preaching.

Angham delivered a powerful performance here and she stood tall during the filming, she speaks to the camera and the crew on the set. If I remember correctly, this song came out in 2002. I still like that fuzzy feeling one gets watching this song. All those who are younger than 18 years old, should see this music video to appreciate this gem

Omry Maak - making - Part 3 - Angham عمرى معاك - انغام

#Egypt Is A Country Of Dicks--Says This Song

I know the songs says, this is a country of men, and this is to them a great thing. for me this is the problem. First, one of the guys who released this song Mohamed Nour had released a song in January 28th that celebrates Mubarak. Now you know what type of guy he is, the type who likes to suck up to anything or anyone that has power.  The second guy on this song is a nobody.

Egypt is a great country, too bad it's being ran by a bunch of dicks. The song is meant to be a compliment to that land, but by ignoring the female population which is  at least 50 percent, you say they do not matter. Just the dudes who kill one another count. Good luck with these type of douche bags, Egypt will be in good hands. No amount of nationalism can cure all the ills that Egypt is going through.

"Patriotism is the last refuge for scoundrels" said one gifted Samuel Johnson in April 7, 1775 to point out the false patriotism of some. I wish Egypt best of luck....and wish its people all the best as what comes may be darker than what they have already lived through.

Balad El Regala - Mohamed Nour & Younis بلد الرجاله - محمد نور و يونس

The Senior Iraqi Vocalists Amer Toufic Takes The Voice By Storm

The Lebanese network MBC has produced the Voice, but when they did, they had no idea they would be attracting voices like that of Amer Toufic, an Iraqi singer who is 64 years old. Amer is a guy who should not be on that show, he should be judging the judges, his voice puts them all to shame and scare the hell out of them--no one on the panel can match this deep voiced Iraqi vocalist.

Though he comes from Iraq- the motherland for Kasem, he is a friend of his and they used to sing together back in Iraq. Assi Hallani told him, we learn from you, you are our teacher. Assi won him over and added him to his team. This is man who can sing, not pretend or fake his way, his voice is something out of this world.....he sang for Lebanon and Iraq...and the studio was heads over heels.

Even thought the teams have been assembled, they made a spot for him...there was a bidding war between Assi and Kadem. You might as well hand Mr. Amer the trophy and call it good. No one can out sing him, and now one has a better voice than he does--this is a chance for the Voice to tell people that they are about the voice only and not the best haircut.

اغنية عامر توفيق - إسقِ العطاش فى برنامج احلى صوت ذا فويس الموسم الثاني

Monday, January 27, 2014

@hanyadelartist Transitions Into Acting--Music Can Wait

He may have started as an indie artists, but there is no shame in going mainstream and starring in a commercial movie...Egyptian musicians Hany Adel made the transition into films years ago, he starred in indie films. but this time he is talking up about his new movie, a comedy with drama and romance. A film that appeals to all ages. according to Hany Adel Interview, the film will cheer you up with a message. He is content to do small parts that leave an impression.

His good looks, and charisma carry him far....Hany also helped with the music for the film, inspired by his early days at his school where he learned his first music lesson. He released at least two movies this year, and if anything he is causing some actors to envy him for his roles. Hany the actor is rolling, but due to the crisis in Egypt, he is not holding any concerts at the time.

هاني عادل: "لا مؤاخذة" فيلم تجاري

Listen: نانسي عجرم - بقى كل ده "مش ناسي" / Nancy Ajram - Ba2a Kol Da "Mesh Nasi" Sample

We know 2014 will be the year Nancy Ajram released her eight album. Her last album came in 2010 and featured 16 tracks in Lebanese, Egyptian and Gulf dialects. The album had, the funky songs, the cute ones, the romantic ones and the darker emotional types. As for her upcoming album, here's a flavor of what will come.

This will be titled N8 album, just like she named her previous seventh album N7! The album has been in the works for some time, and Nancy will be collaborating with artists from mainly Egypt and Lebanon. Perhaps this time she will release an Iraqi track or maybe a Moroccan one. I know this time, she is taking music from the firebrand composer Melhem Barakat, that means the album will have some class.

Here's the fun side from Nancy Ajram going full Egypt---Keep on mind the Egyptian army has bought Nancy Ajram, she often stars in their concerts over the bodies of so many dead Egyptians.

نانسي عجرم - بقى كل ده "مش ناسي" / Nancy Ajram - Ba2a Kol Da "Mesh Nasi" Sample

Sunday, January 26, 2014

SCANDAL Egyptian Playboy And Sleezy Actor Ahmed Ezz Fathers Twins With Actress Zeina

She is a babe and the darling of Egyptian cinema, her name is Zeina. She filmed a movie in 2007 with Egypt's notorious playboy actor Ahmed Ezz. Seven years later, Zeina came back form the United States with a twin, and at the airport. She told the immigration officers, these are my kids from Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz. Funny thing happened, few days earlier, both Zeina and Ahmed Ezz denied the allegations which were made by an Egyptian who lived in California. That person had spotted the couple in town and saw Zeina frequent a weight loss/gym facility in town.

One more fact, in August of last year Zeina had moved to the States claiming to have some training in Hollywood, when now we know she just wanted to be away from the spotlight and giving birth to twins who are now American citizens. Also we now learn that in November 2013, Zeina had sued Ahmed Ezz to proof paternity of the children. Zeina gave birth in October second and they boys named Zain El Deen and Ezz El Deen. The couple also seem to have one of these sham marriages where it resembled a contract not filed with any official entity.

Now, your move dips hit Ahmed Ezz, will you do the right thing? and come public? Keep on mind Ahmed Ezz had been bragging about his hot wife. It takes two but Ahmed Ezz is a smooth operator who is a gifted bullshiter. Also to blame the airport officers who shared the news!  

This is one bizarre chapter and hope things end up being fair for all parties involved. Here's the reality, the father has walked away from his children, and Zeina despite the stigma has kept by her children and risked it all to bring them home. The sad part, the female would be the first to be judged and attacked on her character. 

La libanaise Aline Lahoud ألين لحود The Voice en France (Video) @alinelahoudoffi

Watch Link

Aline Lahoud tried hard enough to launch a music career in Lebanon at home for years, but it seems her efforts have yet to bear fruits....Fed up with the stalemate and her inability to get her career going, she took a leap of faith and appeared on the Voice--not the Arabic one, but the one in France. The four judges adored her and showered her with praises. Aline is a talented voice who has the right gene, the charisma and the persona to have a blooming music career.

Aline chose to do a cover for a beloved Lebanese classic, the one her mom legendary Salwa Qatrib performed decades ago. The audience in the French studio were cheering and some of the judges were breathless. Aline was not a complete failure, she had released half a dozen songs, but her style is a bit closer to the Western style than to the Eastern one, but in France, she found her roots and over there they awarded her.

I look forward to her next big act on the show, I am certain she will do well in whatever path she chooses next. Remember Aline Lahoud remains a Multi Talented person, Singer, Actress and Director. She is the daughter of Lebanese singer Salwa Al Katrib (A Cedar from Lebanon) and producer Nahi Lahoud and she's a member of a family full of artists (Mr Romeo Lahoud, Mme Papou Lahoud).

Watch Link

Download: Haitham Shaker 2014 Album - Ahla Qarar / هيثم شاكر البوم - أحلى قرار

He is the fresh prince of Cairo, the guy who was waiting to get passed January 25, 2014 to release his album, and it seems that the worst of the anti-coup demonstrations is behind, Haitham Shaker released his much anticipated album. His first in more than six years at least. This is a huge album with a lot of work, Haitham has come a long way from his days as Tamer Hosny's side kick. Now he is his very own brand and his die-hard fans are still roaming the land.

This is a big album at 13 tracks, we love the variety, the sounds, the styles and for sure Haitham's very own unique flavorful voice. This is an album, the internet loves, while his average fan is now older than the past ones, Haitham is also more mature this time, and his album cover art is pretty telling about where the artist spent his time--at the gym.

You can listen to each of the tracks on this album, and I am happy the album just came out, Haitham is a great entertainer who has the stamina to keep going through a song with his sweet yet manly voice. Something about his voice makes him unique. Not too many artists have a talking voice and singing voice, Haitham does seem to sing in a completely different voice than the one he speaks with. Think about that, the voice you have when you have a cold or when you have a stuffy nose, it very similar to Haitham Shaker's voice.

This is an album made for dudes, and the ladies who want to know or do research on the way guys think. Haithm and his lyricists and composers know romance only from their own vantage point. This makes sure the album and the artist don't sound pathetic.

01.Ahla Qarar 
02.Akdeb Aleik
03.El Eioun El Somr 
04.El Heneya Eib
06.Howa Ehna
08.Kol Makan
09.Lessa Fady Makanak 
11.Sabab Wahed
12.Ya Hawa
13.Youm Maoul


Saturday, January 25, 2014

WATCH: #Alternative فيروز كراوية- راس شبّاكى Fayrouz Karawya- Ras Shebaky Fayrouz

She is a leading female voice in alternative music in her country Egypt. She is a physician by training, but she also has theater experience. Her voice was first discovered by a nun who decided to add Fayrouz Karawya to the school's choir. She also put together a movie about six girls living away form home. In 2006 she launched hr music career.

Fayrouz Karawya was herself a middle path, not the commercial songs and not the classical and sophisticated path, but she was the third thing. Her style is something that did not exist in the past--certainly there are others with this formula, but Fayrouz Karawya manged to make a name for herself in short years.

Her first album came in 2012 and it was a best-seller. Alternative Rock, Funk, Oriental Fusions, World Music is what she sounds like. I hated her when she got into politics and released an anti-Muslim song that was loaded with generalization like your beard is so fake style. I did not appreciate that call, but I admire the artist nevertheless.

Fayrouz Karawya kicks off 2014 with a new single, the average girl standing by the window looking out for love. I love the music and the style, it feels international, the lyrics are very alternative. This city of Port Said native shows a sense of humor toward the end of the music video.  

فيروز كراوية- راس شبّاكى Fayrouz Karawya- Ras Shebaky Fayrouz

All The Celebrity Spotting You Need--Assi Hellani Hospital Room


Faris Karam

Wael Jassar

Najwa Karam

Nancy Ajram?

Composers and Lyricists 

Who is this?

Nizar Francis

Saber Robaei

Ragheb Alamah

A Bunch of Friends

Walid Tawfic

Assi Hallani, the singer and judge on the voice has been in a Lebanese hospital for time time, he is due for some knee surgery. The hospital where he is resting and recovering has been too busy with celebrities coming and going to checkup on their pal Assi. Making the hospital is the best place for celebrity spotting in the Lebanese capital. 

Note how almost everyone who comes to visit Assi takes a picture. And yes, Assi was supposed to appear in a concert under the banner one Lebanon, but he won't be able too. But not to worry his gifted daughter will fin in for her father--she has some singing experience. We wish Assi a speedy recovery and hope he would get back to making better music.

The hit maker has already left the hospital this morning.

Assi El Helani - Jan Jnouni

Friday, January 24, 2014

WATCH: Ramy Essam - Mahnash Mn Dol رامى عصام - محناش من دول ولا دول ولا دول

Ramy Essam is losing his shit over Egypt, and this is a good thing, he is making way better music. His music is louder, his lyrics are angrier. He is going out of his way, taking off his shirt and painting his body in a fashion that makes him like a superhero.

This is rocking hard, insane very Western style, metallica has a friend in Ramy, he is taking indie music and Rock music in Egypt into a whole new level. He is bold, breaking barriers and tackling cliches that has gone unchallenged. He released the song to say, we are neither of these parties, we are upset, no one will take our revolution.....he means he is neither with the army nor with the Brotherhood...clearly he is not.

The end scene is pretty ballsy....throwing a cocktail Molotov at images of former presidents. And an army general.  Hands down Hamdy Hasan did a fine job directing this music video.

Ramy Essam - Mahnash Mn Dol رامى عصام - محناش من دول ولا دول ولا دول Ramy Essam

"Seneen" The Best Egyptian Boy Band

Boy Bands are kinda of dead, they used to get all the hype, but one band has taken the cool factor back and they are Seneen--they are all Egyptians who make good music. Nothing to groundbreaking just happy music and good looking artists. Ahmed, Bassem and Mohammad are the bands soul. The band had a member walk out previously and another one joining their ranks.

It's hard to do just happy songs now, as most bands in Egypt sound too serious just like their country. I like the let's dance and by happy feel their song creates. I like the trio band members who seem to fully understand what it means to be a boy band.

They make fun pop songs, romance and dance tracks. I like their style and how they also make music for their songs--but let's not kid ourselves, they are a boy band so let's all chill out. I like how the trio different voices are all in sync in such a smooth fashion.

سنين - من حبي فيك / Seneen - Mn 7oby Feek

Thursday, January 23, 2014

These Egyptain Turds Want The Little Man To Run Egypt 3ayzinak | عايزينك

It's a shitty day when some of the brightest pop stars in the land of Egypt release a song urging a murder, and a violent short man who is power hungry to run their country. These singers are all part of a music label by another short man who has been a vocal supporter of the army--he is Christian too.

So he gathered one whore, and three douches--there is a lady I like in there too to sing for Sisi. He even found an Iraqi guy to endorse the upcoming dictator. One of the singers has yet to finish high school. Who are these guys telling Egyptians who should run their country. Such songs and campaigns have mysterious sources of funding.

Nasr Mahrous is on the army's payroll, and even though he is in a business that 's all about freedom of speech, he hates to hear his critics. I think these assholes deserve Sisi, he will kick them to the curb like he did with everyone else--liberal and conservative. These are nothing but fools and clowns who manged to get a song made---do they agree with it? No idea, but their music boss demanded they record it.

The troubling thing is that the same producer who stands behind this song is the same guy who released a song "Enzel" urging people to protest on June 30, which lead to the army takeover. This is the moment where one is meant to get scared....artists supporting violence and undemocratic rule. The reality remains, these artists who star in this video  live in alternative universe. They get to ride in fancy cars, live in villas and vacation abroad. Things were good for them, so it makes sense for them to clone the old regime.    

Sisi may be the next guy to run Egypt, and he might not be---the honeymoon won't be long.

3ayzinak | عايزينك

WATCH: Sandy & jana Fiki Haga Keda ساندي وجانا - فيكي حاجه كده

Sandy, the Egyptian temptress aka pop star has found herself a new job, a movie star. She aced the music scene, not she moves to assault the cinemas with the release of her debut movie a comedy about a girl that farts--and other things as well.

But this time, she is not alone, she picked Egypt's cheekiest young girl and asked her to be her sidekick, not sure what to make of this duo or of the movie for that matter, but the movie will be a hit with teens and horny men who have a crush on Sandy.

It's a tradition for Egyptian movies to release a song as the, Sandy seems to be happy to record a new song that makes little sense. I do like the hair-wigs. Jana holds her own with her cuteness and innocence in the face of Sandy's sex show. and pole dancing.

The song is not bad actually,

Sandy & jana Fiki Haga Keda ساندي وجانا - فيكي حاجه كده

Police Charge Three Local Men With The Murder of Beloved Singer Shafik Kabha

According to one Hebrew website, it seems that the local police is charging three young men with the murder of Shafik Kabha that took place late last year. These charges were filed today....

Amal Mohammad Mahameed--20 years old, Mohammad Saad Mahameed-24 years old and Khalid Ahmed Jabareen--23 years old will be charged with the murder of the popular and charismatic singer. These suspects hail from the same city as the singer Om Al Fahim, inside the green line. The motive? One of these men contacts Shafik to book him for his wedding party, Shafik could not due to a prior commitment the month of October.

Then that person plotted with a second to rent a motorcycle and gun the artists while he drove off in his car back from a local wedding, they followed him on their bike, and right next to the roundabout, they fired, four bullets were fired and one landed in the singer's heart.  The crime took place the night of October 23, 2013 that send chilling affect all over the Palestinian territories.

الآلاف يشيعون جثمان الفنان المغدور شفيق كبها الى مثواه الأخير |

WATCH: El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen @SamoZaen Arabic Hollywood المثل - العسل - ساموزين

Samo Zaen is gearing up for the release of his latest album. It seems he is gone full retard, hired some world-class talent and you can even hear him speak English--He gets to share the taxi with a babe. It seems like they filmed this in some European capital. I do not get the part where the lady in the taxi puts on a show for Samo Zaen. Seriously this is bullshit, but this is not Samo's fault, it's a problem with formulas that have worked so no one dares to change them

He is making music video for stupid douche bags, woman are all sexy and cute for anyone. Then he starts to up his game. This happened to be a decent song with an idiotic music video--the ladyis an X factor alumna from London. Samo raises the bar to set himself apart form all the singers in Egypt who do the same thing over and over again. He keeps tabs on what's trendy around the world and puts it to get use. 

No surprise there, Samo is the guest of the show and the lady is headed to his event nonetheless. This is a rip from every Hollywood romantic comedy. But this is two for the price of one, two music videos mushed into one, making it close to 8 minutes long.I like the second part, we do not see dudes get involved in the show business and dropping some moves.  The end is kind of predictable, but entertaining nevertheless.

I salute Samo for doing something new, and working extra hard when the same lame music video would have worked out well. He is a talker but some may say he is a cute one. This is something he was able to do because his label put their weight behind him. This is how you make a buzz for an album that should be releasing early February in time for Valentine Day....Samo keeps the charm offensive which tells me, he is feeling sure of the music market in Egypt may be back to normal.

El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen المثل - العسل - ساموزين

Listen: Diana Haddad - Halalo [New Album 2014] / جديد ديانا حداد - حلالو

The tired pop star of Lebanese origins, Kuwaiti upbringing and UAE be marriage released a new single--the song will be on her 2014 upcoming album. It's rumba dance song like it's common throughout the Gulf region. This is her second attempt at Iraqi songs, they are making a comeback and pop is happy to make more of them. Iraqi songs are exotic to the ear and on demand throughout the Arab world.

The song does not feel cheap, I like the lyrics, but same issue remains the music is way too annoying for one to enjoy this lyrically speaking good song. I like Diana, I grew up listening to her and falling in love with her and her voice. But she has yet to peak my interest. No one denies that she has many successes, but these singles lack a theme or direction. One time she is up with a Lebanese song--lease make more of them, the other with an Iraqi song and then she released a gulf song that stays in that block.

Diana Haddad - Halalo [New Album 2014] / جديد ديانا حداد - حلالو

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marwa Naji Is the Strongest And Finest Voice On The Voice

Marwa Naji appeared on the Lebanese produced The Voice and she scared everyone off including the judges with her talent and her mighty voice. She is no amateur singer, but a seasoned opera singer in Egypt who has been singing in the House if Opera for years. Her voice is stronger than at least two other judges.  She sang in Alexandra, Cairo and other Egyptian cities house of operas.

It's sort of unfair, because she has the training and experience to perfect her craft more than her peers on the show. But it seems there is more drama....Sherine who sits on the judges panel did use to belong to the same groups with the Children Coral in the opera along with Marwa. When Marwa sang and appeared, Sherine did not remember or pretended not to know Marwa. This is one of the reasons Marwa chose a different team--she joined team Saber El Robaei.

Her style of singing is in line with the oldies, she moves mountains with her powerful voice--it's resonant voice if anything. Her voice offers a rare variety

Marwa paces her voice well, she has the right level of high pitch and her pauses allow you to let it sink in and she is certainly not short on passion: This all-important quality will be the biggest selling point you have. know your voice.

#MBCTheVoice - "مروى ناجي "موال برضاك

Lebanses Police Arrest A Local Rapper Mistaken For A Suicide Bomber

He is a rapper with swag, but the Lebanese army arrested him anyway thinking he is a suicide bomber.  This is yet another sign of intense and complicated situation in Lebanon. Abu Ali does sport a beard, an off the hook haircut, and different outfit. These were enough to raise suspensions and lead to his arrest.

Abu Ali was riding his car in a Beirut neighborhood, minding his business when the security officers thought he may be driving a car bomb--based solely on his looks. He was arrested and his picture made it to the social media. Joke was on the Lebanese security agencies as it turned out the person they suspected is Hussein Sharaf Al Deen aka Abu Ali. He had no bombes of anything, and he speaks little Arabic. Abu Ali is a local rapper and musician in a band "Double A The Preachman"


Listen: Album Zay Ay Atnen soon - Samo Zaen البوم زى اى اتنين قريبا - ساموزين

Seven Times Best Arabic Singer Awards Winner,Top Selling Middle Eastern Artist, this Kuwaiti born Syrian singer who was well traveled in Europe since his youth is releasing anew albu, his last was last year it was pretty cool one. He is a sound engineer by profession and by training right before he got his big break in a London restaurant that asked him to sing. Years later he would release a single and then an album--and soon enough the Arab world got a new star.

Samo Zaen feels like a party album, upbeat and exciting but also a bit of romance and drama. This is how he rolls and this is what the fans expect from him. Samo is based in Egypt where he gets most work done. Promos are always exciting and loud, they make you want to party like a flash. He knows what makes a party song so fun and better yet he is able to make them whenever he feels like it.

Samo Zaen has many fans, but he seems never able to close the gab and be a king of his style, he is a fun artist and exciting voice, but I do not find myself attracted to his personality.

ِAlbum Zay Ay Atnen soon - Samo Zaen البوم زى اى اتنين قريبا - ساموزين

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Here's To The Most Sincere Egyptian Song--You Will Cry! | حمزة نمرة - واقولك إيه

Hamza Namira is only one voice, but he is a bold voice who refuses to be fed the bullshit by the Egyptian state owned media. He is back with a new song and the guy is rocking. He has been one of the most vocal revolutionaries in Egypt during the January 25th revolution. He released an awesome album in 2012.

But ever since the army did their thing and overthrew a democratically elected president, and Hamza had been upset by the murder and the injustices. I love him for his new song, it delivers the message to the heart....the path of hatred, will it take you to? His song does not vilify anybody which is way better than these songs produced by the state media in Egypt. Even the security officer is not shown as the evil force they tend to glow.

This seems like a personal song, Hamza is taking a lot of risk by releasing this track--the army may throw him in jail for his song that gently reveals their abuses.  We are one people, friends, not some fifth column. This is the finest song to be released from Egypt since the army killed and imprisoned thousands of activists. The reality is grim, the singers of Egypt have all rallied around the army and decided to collectively look the other way while holding their noses. Not Hamza, he knows these feelings are foreign to Egypt--we are all one. The music video features a young Christian woman who crosses herself and another Muslim lady holding the holy book.

There's a devil in between us, and our hope has ran out, we are all at loss--says the song. The music video translates those feelings very well, it shows the different faces of Egypt, even the security officers who attack demonstrations. The lady that wears the head cover vs. the one progressive activist..someone is pitting us against one another.

Hamza is all tears in this song, I believe him in his emotional appeal. The nationalist call in Egypt has lost its mind, they are willing to kill their own people to create their so called imagined community. You have a beard or a hijab? You are not part of today's Egypt. This is the message they have muddied.

Hamza made a human song, he really cares about Egypt all of it, unlike the guys in power he is not holding a gun and he is not shutting people down for expressing their minds. Hamza is releasing a song that serves as a wake up call to all sober Egyptians--hate does not build a country nor does it govern nations.  

Hamza Namira - Wa Ollak Eh | حمزة نمرة - واقولك إيه

Download: Carmen Soliman 2014 Album "Akhbary" تحميل البوم كارمن سليمان - اخبارى


She won the first season of Arab Idol about two years ago, she is Carmen Soliman, the young Egyptian songstress who at that time was finishing high school. Now that she is famous, the Gulf has took her in and she has sang for them in their very own dialect. She is so big out there, that a Saudi telecommunication giant bought the rights for her album and made the ringtones available inside that country.

A week later Carmen Soliman released her album in Egypt after delays. This is her debut album and we know she can sing, she has a wonderful and a capable voice that makes things better. This is mostly an Egyptian pop album, but track 12 has a music video already and the music has been composed by Saudi Legend Mohammad Abdo.

Carmen has already recorded a number of songs for TV dramas, she is pretty talented for someone who is not 20 years old yet. She has many great things going for her, a loving family--her mom even sang with her. A wealthy production company that wants to be in her business.

Links have yet to be released officially by Carmen and her team. Carmen is a good voice, a warm soul and a humble yet life-loving spirit. The album cover is a piece of work, it brings the best style for Carmen that preserves both her elegance and innocence. The background is pretty fitting as well.

01 - Habiby Mesh Habiby
02 - Mesh Hatkalem
03 - Sabra
04 - Qalby Ydoo2
05 - Hatha Fia
06 - Haga Mesh 3agbany
07 - Magnoon Rasmy
08 - El Hal Men Ba3do
09 - 3esh 3la A3sabak
10 - Ghayart Kalamak
11 - Kalam Kalam 
12 - Akhbary

Carmen Suleiman - Akhbari | كارمن سليمان - أخباري#

Sabine And Fairuz Mother Song Oummi Ya Malaki

Sabine, the cute Lebanese pop star just sang a classic song by Fayrouz. Her song is for mothers out mom, my angel is the title. The original song is about longing for one's mother--mother's day is March 21! So Sabine paid tribute to Fayrouz with her cover. She performed it on TV and seems to mean the words.

Sabine usually done happy, light pop songs, for her to do a cover by one of the most quoted Lebanese artist  means she wants a serious phase. She will now be known as the amazing and beautiful songstress from Lebanon. The song is about how little credit moms ask for, but how much they do for us--and how little we realize.

Enjoy the interpretative dance Sabine provides. This is a tour of force from a young artist who appreciates good music.

Sabine Performing "Oummi Ya Malaki" سابين تغني أمي يا ملاكي

السيدة فيرو - امي يا ملاكي Fairuz - Oummi Ya Malaki

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Welcome Comeback Of Hossam Habib 2014 حسام حبيب - بتوحشني

It sucks to be a working Egyptian artist with a comeback album and no certain release date....this is the tale of many artists in Egypt. Hossam Habib had his album ready for more than a year, he divorced his production company and his album is not about to be released.

He let a single out and it seems to be on the romantic side, which he had excelled in years ago. It's not a hit song per se, but it seems like a good track with all that you know about Hossam Habib. The pretty boy who can sing or the singer who happens to be so handsome. It feels like Hossam stopped form crying on this track....

I do not know for guys the fine line between pathetic (or cheesy if you prefer) and romantic is very thin. This song almost goes over the line, but the music saves it...Hossam can do more--he has done better in the past and I hope this is the weakest song in the upcoming album.

حسام حبيب - بتوحشني - من الالبوم القادم 2014 جامده

Hossam Habib - Betewhashny حسام حبيب - بتوحشني

Khaled Selim, When Bodybuilders Sing Like Sopranos

He should be called the falsetto. That means he has the tenor is the vocal range of a man who can sing higher than the average man. A male soprano is a man who can sing very high notes which usually only a woman is capable of (a female who sings high notes is called a soprano), for example, opera singing. An incredibly high man's voice is soprano , but a generally high man's voice is alto.

This is how I think of Egyptian singer Khaled Selim. Aside from that the actor with a well built body like a bodybuilder is a class act. Each time he takes on the stage you do not know if the fun guy will come out or the guy whose voice meant for the classics will shine. The general rule, if he is sporting a suit, we are in for a night to remember. If he goes casual, you are in for a party.

Not only does Khaled spend a great deal in the gym, he also goes to great length to breath a new life in the songs he chooses to perform. This is why he has performed in the Egyptian House of opera on more than one occasion.

Khaled Selim Arabesk / خالد سليم ارابيسك

Sunday, January 19, 2014

WATCH: Nassif Zeytoun - The Promise - Sawt Rbaba @ZeytounNassif

The Syrian talent and star academy winner Nassif Zeytoun will be landing in America for a tour. He is one of the youngest and most gifted among the many young singers. He released a wonderful album last year that mixed pop with Tarab in a very good balance that the listener was never bored. He kept mostly to his Syrian dialect.

He shot a music video form that album and it was pretty rad, now he brings out a new music video for a song that will help him earn his street cred with the musicians. A tough song to perform get served in a very classy music video. It has a sad set of lyrics, but the music is not dead or slow. The song may be a great fit for Syrians who have gone to hell and back in the last 25 months.

Nassif Zeytoun should stand tall among his counterparts. He is one of the most serious talents to come out of Star Academy since Iraqi Moroccan hybrid Shatta Hassoun. Nassif got to spend time with the legendary late Lebanese Wadie El Safie whom showered the young gun with love and admiration.

Best quality is here
فيديو كليب صوت ربابة - Nassif Zeytoun - Sawt Rbaba HD 2014 hkwan1100