Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diana Haddad Finds An Egyptian Lover in "Habibi Masry"

Divorced Diana Haddad has just found love in Egypt--at least her song says as much. Diana Haddad continues on her quest to do an Arabic song for each block...She did Iraqi well, and Moroccans well. She has always done well in Lebanese and her Gulf is perfected.

Now she moves with a song for Egypt, where she is flirting with her new guy who seems to be Mr. right. The song uses a dance beat template that we have memorized. The lyrics are cool, but not that cool. This is not a great song, but a decent song that will help Diana and make some folks in Egypt happy as this song counts few things we know are true about Egyptian dudes.

Ms. Haddad reminds one of the voices that works alone, she does her own songs, her own choices, and often times gets rewarded for it. She is a big draw for live concerts and she commends a great deal of respect from her fans and those who follow Arab pop.

اغنية ديانا حداد - حبيبى مصرى ــ نسخه اصليه ـــــ diana haddad habibi masry

Ahlam From @ArabIdol Insults Reporters and Journalists--They Left In Protest

MBC had a terrible idea, have a press conference with the judges of Arab Idol....but no one told them to stick to their memos and not to get distracted in side battles. Especially the UAE diva Ahlam who sits on the panel of judges and claims to have a special status with the MBC network that produces the show.

so things went south when she started insulting the reporters in the room, and calling them names. She also denied that she knew a songstress from Kuwait with the name Shams--she has been feuding with her and her fans. She called Shams a dancer....C'mon a court ruled against tone of your fans for defamation against Shams.

Ahlam is a strong woman who speaks her mind for sure....but you really do not earn any fans by insulting the fans. Wael stuck to the message....and Hassan stayed out of it.... Nancy was sitting in awkward silence. Ahlam does need to work on her tact...Arab Idol is not the same without Ragheb--he made the show. This became an Ahlam conference not the MBC presser. She bacame the headlines not the show.

She called the reporters not asking the right questions...she insulted them once again....they protested her combative style. Commotion started in the room and about half the room left once she spoke to them. The press did not appreciate it....Ahlam is sinking the program integrity for sure. She kept digging herself deeper and deeper and no one dared to stop her....she wanted a question that she liked.

انسحاب عدد من الإعلاميين إثر مشادة مع أحلام من مؤتمر Arab Idol

Download: Shatha Hassoun 2014 Album "Walhana" البوم شذى حسون - ولهانة 2014

Iraqi supernova Shatha Hassoun does more colors and shades of Arabic songs that many can process. With the release of her new and spanking album, she gave a new dozen songs in pretty much all Arabic dialects under the sun. Gulf, West, East and Middle. She is really good at doing these songs due to her diverse background and the places she lived and worked.

The cover art show some maturity and some growing up Shatha has endured. The title of the album is in English which tells you about her fan base....no need for Arabic, her image will see the album. The album is to be enjoyed slowly like a good cup of coffee. Shatha has not done something big in some time, but she has no issue making new songs that people like. She has a solid fan base that defies borders and nationalities. She is a big draw wherever she goes among Arabs and no just Iraqis around the globe.

Here's a smart songstress who does everything by the books. She is a powerful voice in the Gulf, and continues to be a dominate Iraqi voice beloved by Moroccans and immediate by Lebanese. I just listened to each of the tracks on the album, half of the songs agree with me, and the rest is meant for a different demographic. One thing this is a 100 percent sweet album.  

01 - Walhanah
02 - Eadolly
03 - Amout Aliek
04 - Henianah
05 - Ebn El Lazina
06 - Feen Howa
07 - Kahramanah
08 - Laba Qalbah
09 - Thani Shaya
10 - Men Eieny
11 - Ya Weali
12 - Khateya

Promo "WALHANA" Shatha Hassoun - برومو البوم " ولهانة " شذى حسون


Shatha Hassoun ... Walhana | شذى حسون ... ولهانة

Shaabi Music Is Not The Same Without Ahmed Adaweyah

This 1975 by the king of Sha'abi music is still a crowd favorite. Ahmed Adaweyah is the guy who did fun and popular songs was not always a hit. Ahmed was attacked so many times by his contemporary, they accused him of ruining public taste. But forty years later, they are celebrating him and giving him award.

Now his songs get recorded, remixed, and A list artists seek him for duets. Check out this very local song with him singing wearing a Jalabya. Yes, it;s very random, but this is Ahmed Adaweyah classic remains relevant 39 years later. It's a wedding song inside a movie. Same thing is happing with other artists who are trying to use the same formula.

But Ahmed Adaweyah did it with class and charm, he almost never came across as a sleazy bag. He is now still alive and well, he sings and he is the father of a popular hip young singer. Started his career as a waiter, only to being singing in 1971....slowly he took over that genre and owned it.  
أحمد عدوية - ما بلاش اللون ده معانا

Monday, September 29, 2014

This @DianaHaddad Performance Is Beautiful ويلى لو يدرون - حفلة-ديانا حداد

Most artists sound good on records, not many of them sound as good in live performances. Diana Haddad has the better deal on both live and recorded songs, she sounds astonishing. They know she has done the time in the pop circles in close to twenty years she has done it all. Better yet she does songs in pretty much all Arabic dialects and impresses the natives of these dialects.

Now, not many times do we hear her do covers of Lebanese oldies, but when we do, it's worth the time. Take the video below when she did a cover of a Wadie El Safi classic. The song is about trying to be a love affair private from the family because they would not approve of it. The song has all that strong Lebanese flavors of Tarab and groove.

Early on her career, she has become known for this style and the fans loved her for it. Such songs are timeless, and I can say the same thing about Diana's voice. When she is working with the right songs and music, you are always drawn in.

Weily Law Yedroon-Diana Hadad ويلى لو يدرون - حفلة-ديانا حداد

Really? Why Did Murex D'or Gave Melhem Zein Best Lebanese Singer?

Melhem Zein got an award for being the best Lebanese artist. How could you give an award to a guy whose last significant song came out more than three years ago?  Melhem Zein is a gifted vocalist, a nice home boy, and a good artist. The Super Star runner up traveled very far and had many hits for more than ten years--the lenght of his career. His speech gave a speech and a shout out to Gaza.

However Melhem's only song was an Iraqi song....

Melhem Zein Murex D'or Best Lebanese Singer ملحم زين موريكس دور أفضل فنان لبناني

Sunday, September 28, 2014

When He Is Not Bombing Fellow #Arabs He Writes Songs Asking For Forgiveness

Prince Moe of Dubai, the guy who is an innovative leader and open to any good idea--good is loosely defined here. The ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who likes horse racing, and writing poetry just did something else. He authorized his country's warplanes to go bomb targets in Syria and Iraq.

But timed with that decision to bomb fellow Arabs and Muslims, the ruler had a song released by none other than his country's most popular singer Hussein Al Jasimi. The verses of the song are for the meek, seeking forgiveness from the almighty. "O God" is the title of this new song...this is was my first thought when I heard about the UAE bombing Syria.

I think he is getting worried that some may see him in a bad light...so the song's timing is meant to tell folks "I do not kill Muslims, I fear God" and the images that accompany the song show him and his family doing Haj. Never-mind that Dubai is infested with prostitutes and bars.

حسين الجسمي - يا إلهي (أشعار الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم) 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Talal Kontar Does Music Differently....See How in "Ken Ya Ma Ken"

Talal Kontar is not a disposal artist and he does not do disposal songs. Instead he does satire songs that he assembled from scratch. In Dubai he helps sell makeup brands, plans events and produces jingles for TV and radio ads. But at home in Beirut, he does something else....Talal writes and composes songs that express his Oriental background with a modern twist. Talal did study music in both Spain and Lebanon where he refined his craft.

Now he returns with one more odd yet likable track. It's all his music and lyrics. Talal has a really pleasant voice. He goes from an army general to an indie artist in a fraction of a second, he changes outfits and tell different stories about time and changes. A creative song this is, and the guy lampoons pretty much everything in Lebanon. I guess he is unhappy with businesses, fat cats, and privatization....people are broke and he is one of the,

Ken Ya Ma Ken

Written & Composed by Talal Kontar.
Arranged by Toni Abi Khalil.
Mastered by Ralph Sleiman.
Guitars by Juanjo.
Qanoun by Furat Qadouri.

Crazy Tourist Dancing At Vintage Egyptian Concert

There's that dilemma where Arab (even world) artists want to look cool, sexy and life-loving, but they are also aware not to push the envelop or do something indecent at least in public. But there was once this concert in the late eighties in some Egyptian venue where then young and charming singer Medhat Saleh had a concert. He was the cool pop kid then, and I remember him being the big name all around.

And then out of nowhere in the large stadium some tourist lady shows up, kiss the singer, and he parties with her on stage. Maybe she is a student of Arabic who had too much to drink or no care in the world. So, the entertainer welcomes her and asked her to dance on the stage. Minutes later another Arab ladies takes the stage and does her thing...guys win and I have no idea how to make this stop.

I did not appreciate the artists pretending to shower ladies with money as if they were some cheap bimbos. The interesting this this took place so many years ago, and the song is not even the best dance song.

مدحت صالح كليب شبكوا ايديكم (حفله نادره )

Friday, September 26, 2014

@MohamadBash A Syrian Romantic amid A Sea Of Darkness

Syrian pop dream boat Mohamad Bash got his fans rallied up. His many young fans are electrified by his new single, the fans took the song and made it trend on the social media as a note of gratitude. Thought it it's a slow mellow romantic tune and a music video to break your heart.

Not my style at this point of my life, but a really good song for this era. He is a good guy, we need a pink rosy song at these dark hours. We need people who are able to love even those with a cheesy romance. We see so much sadness, and bloodshed in this world. As he is a Syrian and they can use a bit of mental break.

Lyrics by: Safwat Zenhom
Composed by: Ahmed Saleh
Music & Arranged by: Khaled Khaled
Recorded at: Iyad Rimawi Studio
Recording Engineer: Mohamad Taki
Mixed & Mastered by: Khaled Wazaefi
Music Video Directed by: Karim Kabbara

Mohamad Bash - Btehebeni - Music Video / محمد باش - بتحبني

Indie Vocalist Hiba Tawaji Wants To Remove Your Hair @hibatawaji

When Hiba is not blowing her fans away with her octane voice, piano playing, theater performance...she is now doing something else with her time. The brainy vocalist and dreamy indie artist goes mainstream this once as she gets in the product endorsement and commercial venture business. Someone has to pay the bills as theater season and conscientious does not exactly inspire concerts and parties.

I guess she chose to sell woman product for ladies, a hair removal product that leaves your skin looking good. I know hair removal is a big business in the female population. Many Arab women go the honey sweet waxy route....now Hiba wants them to try something else. These are classy ads, and I think Hiba is doing herself a favor endorsing something she seems to like. As the ad says, 9 out of ten women prefer that product she is promoting.

Veet - Hiba Tawaji

Veet Pure - Hiba Tawaji

Somethings Go Well Together! Shoaib ft. Asfalt - Shetan @Asfaltmusic @Axeerstudio

Axeer Studio of Egypt continues to sponsor so many of Egypt's underground indie music scene. The studio produces roughly a song every two months and the stuff they produce is pretty heavy on messaging and positive social observations. They have also done plenty of political stuff. this once they teamed Shoaib (an indie Arab artist who has gone solo since 2012, he is a composer and producer) and Asfalt (Asfalt, an Egyptian hip-hop duo, consists of rappers Ibrahim Farouk and Mohamed Gad. Through their music, Asfalt takes on a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. The) for a song about the devil.

This is a rap song with soul. The track is about the devil each of us have within us. Sure, philosophical some may see it. But the music heals your heart and cures your soul if the message would not get to you. It's a grownup song that only a mind that thinks and operates would appreciate it. It's not for those who want empty stuff, but people who want to reflect.  

@Axeerstudio | Shoaib ft. Asfalt - Shetan | شعيب و أسفلت - شيطان

Mohamed Ramadan Movies Are Garbage محمد رمضان

If you never went to school in your life, you will find Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan of interest. But the guy who can act and looks like a serious talent is putting it all to waste by starring in garbage films and do little good. His movies do either promote thuggish behavior, violence and taken the law into your own hands or they promote domestic violence and sexual harassment. Like his new movie is showing us....grab a girl and kiss her...a blonde girl does not need to be asked...you just do what you want.

Sounds like a classy dude to me...said no one ever Mohamed Ramadan you are an idiot, and I do not think you are cool, and I doubt those who call themselves your fans see you as a role model. Sadly, I thought you had it right, but now I can only say your movies are nothing but a disgrace.

Now he is singing too, not just acting, he is dancing and grinding with a bunch of people with low IQ all of them. The song is shi$....the auto tune and affects burry whatever terrible message the lyrics are promoting.
Did you see his sick dance moves? I am sure the people of Southern Egypt and its countryside whom he is lampooning here are not impressed by this stupidity.
اغنيه علشانك / من فيلم واحد صعيدى / محمد رمضان والعصابه وشاكوش

Thursday, September 25, 2014

This is Khaled Saleh's Last Picture Before He Passed Away #خالد_صالح

Family members of Khaled Saleh have just arrived to the city of Aswan to issue a death certificate from the Majdy Yacoub Heart Center in the city. The renowned heart surgeon was unable to cure Khaled Saleh's heart.

The talented actor passed away Thursday at dawn, and now the family is issuing all certificates for burial and what yet to come. They body will be transported to Cairo where the late actor will be laid to rest in the family's plot.

The above picture is his last known picture where he looks in good spirit surrounded by family members and loved one. Born in January 23, 1964. Below you will find his last message where he assures his fans that he is doing well.

خالد صالح يطمئن جمهوره برسالة صوتية


The Sudden Death Of Celebrated Egyptian Actor Khaled Saleh

The most complicated actor, and most random guy who does so many different characters each time has passed away in an Aswan clinic in upper Egypt. The beloved actor who undergoing a complicated open heart surgery and he was reported in critical condition two days ago. Now he is gone, but his legacy and his movies will stay on this earth.

Khaled never feared doing an evil guy--he does a mean one. His last role will be seen the month of October with the release of Aljazzera 2. He was fifty years old. Prayer services will be held at the Amr Bin Al As Mosque in Cairo. The only reason the public became aware of Mr. Saleh's health woes was because his pal and fellow actor Khaled El Sawy told us on Facebook to pray for his friend. 24 hours later, Egyptian cinema misses one of its pillars.  

The late actor did have a lot of chest pain during the filming of his last TV role "Halwat Roo7" the show aired this past Ramadan. Right after it he had to undergo some treatment. Among his films are box office success "Tito", Hiya Fawda", "Harb Italia", "Malaky Iskandrya" and few other memorable films where he stole the show.

This was his second open heart surgery as he had one in 2004. May his soul finds peace, he was one of the actors that you looked forward to seeing them act. Unlike many of his peers in Egypt who play the same character over and over again....they behave not act. Khaled Saleh, did enjoy a good challenge and he has always done things differently.

The news lead to cancelation of the special screening for Aljazeera 2 out of respect for this tragic news. I do not know if his death will help the film, but I know it makes me want to see it even more.

. RC Khaled Saleh Reportage

Khaled saleh

Photo credit

Dominique Hourani Quietly Releases Her New 2014 Album @DominiqueHorani

Dominique Hourani is a famous lady withing Lebanon and outside...just is best known for pop songs that tend to be either cute or just your run of the mill. Now she got her new album out, but it seems it was buried in the pop mainstream media.

A hefty album with 18 tracks is almost a vanishing act, no one releases these many songs in one album. But Dominique Hourani does things her way, she has always seemed like someone who creates her own path. She is a friend to most pop stars, wealthy and she seems to lead a comfortable life. She also has a daughter. I guess some are singers, others are vocalists, but Dominique is more like a recording-artist than a vocalist.

Dominique Hourani does sing with few other Syrian singers namely Aly Al Deek who did at least two music videos for two duets with her....now she appears in concerts with the popular folksy singer. The duo have an upcoming concert in Dubai. Right now she just finished filming another music video for the album and that took place in Egypt.

Hourani mostly finances her own music and production, in my mind, she has more than a voice....hers can be sweet and girlie....but she offers a persona and

01 - Aam Bzaelni Lello
02 - Mbareh
03 - Battal Fiyii
04 - El Selk Darebni
05 - Ahh Mennak
06 - Sabah El Kheir
07 - Ya Habibi Khalli Balak
08 - Hessak Einak
09 - Elwad Hedka
10 - Ahlan Bikom
11 - Talekni Wemchi
12 - Warrini Warri
13 - Zaalan Leih
14 - Eliilki
15 - Kotta
16 - Madiyyi Maadoum
17 - Khalelo
18 - Dilara

DominiqueH - Hissak Einak / دومينيك حوراني - حسك عينك

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rotana, iTunes, and Shatha Hassoun #Walhana 2014 Album @ShathaHassoun

The Iraqi queen of pop and beloved pan Arab songstress Shatha Hassoun is preparing to launch her new album. But before she does it, fans are encouraged to purchase her album here and the album will be ready for you, once officially released. The Rotana album is available for purchase on iTunes in a preorder to drum up sales and get the fans ready for a good album.

Shatha Hassoun is a savvy hit-maker who sang in more dialects than most Arab stars can, she is also a good dancer, actress and a wholesome entertainer whose songs are pretty much anything she choose them to be.  I like her music, she knows how to pick the right songs and every now and then she does something different that either hits or misses. Consistent she is. Think about this, in Iraqi she is home, but also in Morocco--where her mother hails from. In Dubai she works and thrives, and in Lebanon she works and spends plenty of time. So in general she is a bridge.

 In other news Rotana just released her latest music video which feels a bit gypsy to me but then again, the song is targeting the Gulf demographic who enjoys a different taste in music and in makeup.
Shatha Hassoun ... Ibin El lazina - Video Clip | شذى حسون ... إبن اللذينا - فيديو كليب

br />

Lebanses Airport Authority Detains Syrian Diva Assala @AssalaOfficial

According to one Lebanese reporter for Aljadeed network Ymna Fawaz reported that the Beirut International airport detained the Syrian diva and activists upon her return from a trip to Europe where she picked as an peace ambassador in Amsterdam. As of right now, this news has been confirmed by Annas' Assala's brother.

Airport security had Asalah listed on the Interpol list due to a claim made by the Syrian government where they accuse Asalah of "Collaborating with the enemy" Asalah does not have many friends right now not in Syria and not in Lebanon. But she was invited to take part of Star Academy.

According to Yuman, Asala was detained, questioned and when few people and prominent people called in, she was let go. The airport official confiscated her passport and set her free. Now, we know that Asala has half a dozen passports she is a citizen of Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, and the States.

Assala has been in the front line attacked Syria's president, and supporting the revolution and the regime change. Her political stands put her at odds with members of her own family.

Assala - Shakhsia Anida [Official Video] شخصية عنيده - أصاله

Assi Hallani Sings And Talks Politics

The Lebanese hit-maker and celebrity Assia Hallani appeared in a packed Lebanon concert, and fired up the thousands of audience attending his concert. He gave interviews, sounded by two mean looking bodyguards. This was a small town concert that brought the masses, the singer danced and moved on stage he came loaded with energy and charm.

As a concert it went very well and the Lebanese did what they do best--dance their tails off. Then came the speech and interview where he called for unity among his people and forgetting about the divisions and differences along faith or political lines...we are all Lebanese. Assi is a very proud Lebanese, and then he is a very proud and vocal Arab. As for his music, he has an album soon to be released....he delayed its release due to the car bombs and victims at home.

He is still a beef cake who does not dress his age, but makes wonderful live music at his concerts.

عاصي الحلاني : لننبذ الفتنة والتشرذم

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Good Girl of Lebanese Pop Strikes Beautifully Yara - Ayech Bi Oyouni


Money in the bank is the same thing as Yara. The warmest young and vibrant Lebanese talent can be found dodging paparazzi in her latest music video. See her full of life, fashion, style and grace. The idea is cute and she found her comfort spot once again. Yara lost her pop mojo few years ago, now she returns after her Gulf sabbatical. Where have you gone Yara? But it was worth the wait as her dazzling return comes with fireworks. The new song was an instant favorite of mine, the music video allows it to be the Yara classic it deserves to be.

Needless to say the team behind the song deserves a big credit for the way it came out.

I love the music in her latest single.....and her many stylish looks. I like the bit here she fools the nosy paparazzi. This track is a bit Fayrouz like, and it works well for Yara. She is promising a new solid album. Jad Shwery directed her this once and I think the black and white added a bit of class and vintage depth. I like this Jad, he has shown so much personal development and change of style that sets him to be one of the hardest and most authentic videographers inside Lebanon. And we get a dog, home cooking, shopping, and a guy in a bathtub. I know some will appreciate the elegant shiny ride.

Still Yara is the talent here and Jad highlighted the playful side of her that we only saw once more than six years ago. She was always good at singing, now Jad made her accessible with a sense of humor. So Jad did it again, and Yara got to look like never before.

Yara - Ayech Bi Oyouni (Official Music Video) / يارا - عايش بعيوني

Nicole Saba Returns With Fire In Her 2014 Single "Ma Ba2a Tede2elli"

Nicole is back everyone....I mean she is back to the music world. It seemed for a while that her acting career took off and music took a back seat but with the release of her new Lebanese single, she is back with some serious heat. For the first time Nicole is trying something else in music as she is doing a bit of Tarab feel to her new song.

But this is not all lost, she is still doing all the sexy moves she has, and some of it feels too much. The outfits are a bit insane and the makeup is freighting, but this is art. The song is about a girl asking the guy to call her-he lies to her, but she knows it yet she is unable to turn the page on this dead beat love. She is waiting by the phone like she is in torture. Speaking of which what' with the chains?

Nicole likes to try new and different things. We can use more talents like her who are unafraid to go their own path. The music is good, but the song does not keep me close, Roy Chucri directed Nicole here and at least we see she walked away from the phone as if she gave up on this chapter.

A lot has changed in Nicole's world, she is a big name in Egypt and beyond. We came to know her for the music, but we stayed for her acting. Not in love with this song, but it's a change from what we see every day. Like the hobo look that we do not see often.

نيكول سابا - ما بقي تدقلي | Nicole Saba - Ma Ba2a Tede2elli

The Latin Beat Takes Over For Fahad ft. Mohamed Mohy - Summer Time

Fahad is a well known music producer, music arranger and celebrity among the music world. He almost worked exclusively for Amr diab and Angham for years. Now he is stepping out the shadows for a new single for the shy but popular Mohamed Mohy. Fahad is a big deal that his name comes before the name of Mohy in this track. Now both artists are working on their own albums, but they took a break o record this interesting song.

"Summer Time" releases in the Fall, but still it's a song all the cool kids in Egypt will be shaking their heads to. I like it's Latin beat, and whatever other exotic musical elements they have thrown here. I guess this could be a bit of white boy reggae. You will hear English, Spanish and Arabic in this breezy track. Fahad is singing in English here. The song will be in an album project assembled by Fahad. I think this would be a nice musical revolution in the zombie like Arab pop.

I like Fahad, he has given us so many hits--he is the guy behind the curtain who mixes some sick beats and produces music that makes one's ears happy. So far, we now know Samira Said will have a song in the upcoming album, Khaled Selim will sing a Gulf song, and Mohamed Adawieh will sing once again with his dad. New comer Asma will show us what she has.

Composer : Fahad
Lyrics : Sphinx AK - Nour Eldein
Arranger : Fahad
Production label : GrooveRecords
Summer Time single from the GrooveRecords upcoming album - expected to be released before the end of 2014.

Fahad ft. Mohamed Mohy - Summer Time - فهد و محمد محي

Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's The Happiest Fall Song By Jad Khalife " Jamalo"

I like happy songs that have a dance beat from a first-rate charm riddled honey voiced Jad Khalife. The song is cool because it talks about having a headache and taking a pill. Jad sounds a lot like someone we really loved and truly missed. He sounds like a younger version of Fadel Shaker....the sweet romantic manly dude...

The guy who your mother, your grandma and your own sister like him, something of a wholesome charm with an innocent  sex appeal. He sounds a good hit here and stuck to his guns. I am sure he is the place of envy for many of his peers in Lebanon.

Does that energy not get you? Does this song not make you want to dance? It makes eeverythingbetter really. His song travels well as it just glows and screams happy...get to the dance floor

جاد خليفة - جمالو jad khalife - jamalo 2014

Aljazeera 2 Movie Trailer Will Blow Your Mind Ahmed El Sakka vs. And Hind Sabri (Video)

Here's an Egyptian movie that will blow you away. We have yet to see the film, but the trailer is promising so much firepower and high-caliber acting from the talented Ahmed El sakka and the delightful and fiery Hind Sabri. For a sequel this might be even better than the original....the film picks up where the first one left off. Ahmed El Sakka now a free man returns to run his town once again, only to find it headed by Hind Sabri-his previous love flame.

The duo is a powerhouse in acting and in fan base. They get helped for a large supporting cast Khalid El sawy and Nidal El Shafie This is a serious movie with a serious budget and people writers who take their job seriously. And do not get me started on the action, Egyptian movies are light years ahead of where theuy used to be just ten years ago.

The guns, the mortar shells, explosions and all that stuff seems all too real. There is so much energy, rivalry, plot outfits and all a classic film has. Locations are just right and tells us what Egyptian cinema is capable of pulling if the money and the talents lined up. Epic is the one word that comes to mine 
تريلر فيلم الجزيرة 2 حصريا من موبينيل

The Electrifying Bosy In "Omar and Salwa" Movie And Shaabi Music (Video)

Egypt's alternative pop scene (Sha'abi) music is doing way better than the other pop music. Largely becaseu poor people hold less jobs or work harder and when they party they party harder. So every box office success in today's Egypt feels the urge to feature a song or two of that Sha'abi style.

Luckily, the diva of this genre is a lady with the name Bosy, she really has a sweet and a strong voice, it's just the lyrics she sings that may rub certain people the wrong way. also that men dancing offends some people in Egypt, not the dancing per se, but that these home boys are really shaking it. In a way in Egypt there are people who listen to this music ironically. For me, I may like the song but those around me may puke fun of me for it. Think about how some white folks feel about rap music in its early days.

This is a very local track...and the movie that will have this song is called "Omar and Salwa" romantic story in the slums of Egypt.

 اغنية محمود اية دة يا محمود / فيلم عمر وسلوي / فيلم عيد الاضحي  2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bizarre!The King of Pop Amr Diab Sues One of His Fans

Strange times, first there was a Amr Diab album, and it was meant to release the second weak of September. Then the albums promotion and markting campigh released two or three songs form the album to get the buzz started. But all of sudden, the entire album leaked to the internet and Rotana--the producer has to rush copies into the market to beat the pirated copy.

Now we learn, thanks to these guys here the hit-maker is suing one of his fans for the alleged leaked copy. His attorney Hossam Lutfi filed an official complaint on the 18th of Sept in a local police station against "Islam Rizo" accusing him of copy rights infringement. The complains accuses Mr. Rizo of causing some serious monetary damage to the artist. The kicker Rizo is a big fan of

Why would a fan have access to an advanced copy of the album?  Amr Diab is a smart guy, sure he knows if oyu make it easy for people to steal or download your album for free, they would. No need to pick on some guy...go after the websites where your album is being shared....I name Arabseed, Arablionz, Egyfire, Mazoka2day, Filmey...etc.

Amr Diab - Hala Feb 2014 Full Concert (HD) عمرو دياب - حفل هلا فبراير ٢٠١٤

Tamer Hosny Album Outsells Amr Diab's @Tamerhosny Bests @AmrDiab

Both artists are working for the same label now, Their latest albums released within a weak from each other. Now, one album leaked and the other did not, but it seems for right now the provocative pop artist Tamer Hosny album is doing better than of the dubbed king of pop Amr Diab.

The collection of songs for Tamer Hosny albums had 14 million views on YouTube, Amr Diab songs had only 6.6 million. According to Rotana the Sixth print for Tamer Hosny has just sold out, Amr Diab's is still selling the first print. Tamer has 256 million YouTube views to 187 million views for Amr Diab.

Need to remember, that Tamer Hosny removes any song of his that is not on his channel, Amr Diab does not do that as swiftly. Also many of Amr Diab songs are owned by Mazzika, so he has little control over the views for those hits. Tamer Hosny fans are much more tech savvy and spend more time online. Tamer knows how to promote and market himself, Amr Diab does not do interviews and is inaccessible.

Amr Diab - Shoft El Ayam عمرو دياب - شفت الأيام

كل اللهجات - تامر حسني / Kol Al Lahgat - Tamer Hosny

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Get Excited! Tamer Ashour Finishes His 2014 Album "Ana Rage3" @TamerAchour

"I'm Coming Back" this is how one of my all-time favorite musicians titled his album. Tamer Ashour returns with force, his last album released in 2011, February when Egypt was going under a transformation. The company released it and Tamer Ashour took issue with the timing, needless to say the album was not a big commercial success.

Now is 2014, and the buzz for the new album is getting started. Tamer Ashour is a hard working talent who has a sense of humor yet manages to perform the darkest love songs. Mazzika who gets Tamer Ashour is happy to have him with them. I know he was not very pleased with Rotana, and Mazzika gets Egyptian pop.

Producer Mohsen Jaber looks pleased with the product. See Tamer listens to samples of his own tracks.
تامر عاشور ينتهى من تسجيل البوم عشت معاك حكايات 2014

تامر عاشور ينتهى من تسجيل البوم عشت معاك حكايات 2014

WATCH: The Ultimate Romantic Song From Hany Shaker لسه بتسألى - حفلة-هانى شاكر

The song you will find below has moved me as a kid, and now I got a live performance for this hit by the romance legend Hany Shaker. This is the song of how every decent man sees himself when he falls in love and goes all in, but does not get reciprocated.

The song tells a love tale....it's so poetic. The song kicks of with the lady asking her lover, what she is to him? Even though he thinks the answer is obvious, he still goes and answers it with sweet and beautiful words. He tells her "I got the answer"....and the magic rains.

When you are in my blood, and all I think about it, when I live my dream with you, when your shadow becomes mine, when I spend sleepless nights with you on mind. When You are the best thing that I hold on to, when I go up against the world, and grant you all your wishes....etc. When I long to you and my the feelings I have for you overwhelm me....you tell me what you are to me? You are the light of my world....and the love saga goes on. I guess others may see it as a guy putting himself on the cross, like he is the ultimate lover that is neglected and his sincerity questioned. Still the song is a classic to me and people a bit older and younger than myself.

There is no sweeter lyrics in Arabic pop that come close to those Hany Shaker sings here

Lesa Btesaaly-Hany Shaker لسه بتسألى - حفلة-هانى شاكر

لسة بتسألي - هاني شاكر

هو انتي لسا بتسألي
انتي بالنسبه لي ايه
لا يا حبيبتي اطمني
الجواب عندك لاقيه
لما تجري جوا دمي
لما تبقي كل همي
لما أعيش وياكي حلمي
تبقي بالنسه لي ايييييه ؟؟
لما لك يبقى ضلي
وتبقي أجمل شئ فاضلي
ولما اسهرلك تملي
ويا طيفك يبقى ليييه ؟؟
لما اتحدى الدنيا عشانك
لما اتعزب من أحزانك
لما اوهبلك وانتي مكانك
كل اللي انتي بتتمنيه
كل اللي انتي بتتمنيه
لما لاقي الشوق صاحبني
والحنين ليكي غالبني
يبقى ايه اللي غاصبني
غير هوى بلاقيني فيه
ولما قلبي يدق دقه
من حنين وحنان ورقه
والقى روحي ليكي سابقه
عالمكان اللي انتي فيه
واما عيش واحلم بدنيا
انتي نورها في كل ثانيه
يبقى اي دنيا تانيه
مش معاكي تسوا ايه
مش معاكي تسوا ايه؟؟
لما ثانية تفوت عليا
وانتي مش قدام عينيا
كل شئ في الدنيا ديا
يبقى صعب وقاسي ليه؟؟
مش بقلك يا عيوني
مستحيل ابدا تهوني
انتي احلامي وكوني
والهوى اللي بعيش عليه
ياجنوني واشتياقي
لما بتغرب بلاقي
قلبك انتي وحدو باقي
جنب قلب يخاف عليه
جنب قلب يخاااف عليه
لما بنسى عمر يقبلك
واتولد لحظة ما قابلك
قلبي يبقى ملك قلبك
والغرام مكتوب عليه
واما قلك مهما قلك
برضو مش هقدرلا أقلك
انتي على بعضك وكلك
أحلى حلم حلمت بييييه
لسا برضو بتسأليني
ده انتي قلبي وانتي عيني
وانتي روحي ونور سنيني
عايزة تاني اقلك ايييه
عايزة تاني اقلك ايه ؟
اقولك اييييه؟؟؟؟

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pop Star @SamoZaen Is Now The Official King of Fake Twitter Followers!


Thanks to a wonderful work by @MohamedOmar he was able to expose one of Egypt's biggest pop stars. Syrian Samo Zaen is a successful entertainer who makes good music, seems like a cool guy and gets a lot of wedding gigs.

through careful analysis here. IT seems that lots of people in Russia follow the artist--Russia is one of the big hubs for fake twitter followers. Those numbers gave Samo an advantage that toped Amr Diab (whom Samo claims to love) Plus Samo did not do anything that would explain this surge in followers. Within five months period, the number of followers on twitter for Samo has shot up 125 percent. Other sites used to confirm those numbers include TwitterCounter.com and SocialBakers.com

Samo is hardly the first artist to be accused of such thing, but the data backs the report. Instead of threatening to sue the publication and the artist--on what ground? He should just ignore or stop talking.  I think this is a great job on behalf of FilFan team. Even though Samo got some Lebanese sites to attack the very successful entertainment site.


Samo, you will always be cool, you will always sell records, no need to lose another fight. I would stop whatever I am doing and not argue with the reporter who did his job very well. Just blame someone else for this problem, no need to try to win people over.  @MohamedOmar did his homework and @Filfan back him up 

. El Masal - El Aasal - Samo Zaen المثل - العسل - ساموزين

All The Beautiful Songs of Farid al-Atrash

If you enjoy the music and songs of Syrian Egyptian composer Farid al-Atrash, then chances are you are fifty years of age. For anyone who appreciates his music and not 50 years of age or older--these are the unsung heroes. This music is for heavy doses of Arabic entertainment, it's so concentrated that is may not be suitable for everyone.

Growing up my uncle used to be a big fan and always crank up the volume of the radio when a song of Farid al-Atrash air. Dad was not a big fan but he liked the guy and some of his songs. So in honor of all those who appreciate the gifted and well-rounded entertainer, here are some of his finest songs, about 12 of them.

You are an old soul and you know it. Farid lead a tragic life and he was controversial figure at some point--family and political drama. This examples why the man has a legend status pretty much anywhere in the Arab world. We would be dammed not to mention his lute and how astounding his skills are.

12  ١٢ اغاني رائع من فريد الأطرش ♥♥♥♥ نورا نورا ♥♥ يا جميل ♥♥ دايما معاك ♥♥ إتقل إتقل ♥♥ بقى عايز تنساني ♥♥ يا مالكه القلب بإيدك ♥♥ يا حبايبي يا غايبين ♥♥ تقول لأ ♥♥ منحرمش العمر منك ♥♥ زمان يا حب ♥♥ إياك من حبي ♥♥ عش انت ♥♥♥♥ belles chansons de Farid El Atrache

أجمل أغاني ورائعة من فريد الأطرش ♥ Beautiful songs of Farid Al Atrash

Saad Ramadan, The Most Elegant Pop Star Releases His Most Upbeat Single To Date (Listen)

The flirt within Saad Ramadan comes so out so clearly in his latest single release. He is a freaking handsome young dude with a honey drizzled style. Saad is a hi-maker whose career took the singles approach. He has been an A list for about three years...I do not think he released an album yet, but he is a fixture in music festivals around the Arab world.

The new song is pretty upbeat, I think most exercisers agree that listening to some great music goes a long way when you're working out. It helps increase your energy and motivates you to work harder. In many ways, it even distracts you from the discomfort of exercise so that you'll keep going even when it's tough.

However, not just any music will do. We all have our own tastes and preferences for what we like to listen to when we exercise: pop, dance, techno, rock, metal, hip hop or all of the above. Sometimes, it's not the genre that matters; it's the pace (or beat). Others like inspirational lyrics. Personally, I think the beat matters. It has to match the pace of my workout—something I can't listen to and sit still. At the very least, I want to know (or be familiar with) the song that's playing. When I go to Spinning class, for example, and I encounter music that's too slow for the tempo of the workout, or too obscure for me to "escape" by singing along with the song in my head, I am not a happy exerciser.

Additionally, the world was a more cheery place in the past. Some acts your parents may have boogied to, here is a song that will meet your taste.

سعد رمضان - ياللي مدوبني 2014

اغنية سعد رمضان - ياللى مدوبنى 2014 | النسخة الاصلية

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nicole Saba Dresses Like a Hobo For New Song @NicoleSabaaa

For financial reasons, Nicole Saba--the former four cats does not do as much music as we have come to expect form her. Instead, she does roles in movies, TV dramas, shows and interviews. This way she collects a paycheck and no complications and no fifty other people making money off her talent. I do not blame her for this approach.

But now she is releasing a new single and a music video. It seems like a hit already from a lady who knows how to make them. the song has yet to be released, but the teaser is below. It sounds like a Lebanese style. This is a Rotana song and Nicole does not do any song, so let's wait and see how much sizzle this fall song will pack. Hady Shararah arranged the music. Mounir Bou Assaf wrote the lyrics.

نيكول سابا - ما بقي تدقلي | Nicole Saba - Ma Ba2a Tede2elli teaser

Sh*t Happens! This is The Worst Arabic Pop Song Ever

Bring an Iraqi one hit wonder with a ditsy Egyptian slum pop diva and throw them together to sing a song that makes little sense and music that is an insult to anyone who has ever wrote a note. I may like Amina, but the one in this music video is not something I recognize nor tolerate. That Iraqi guy you see Mohammad Al Salem  cannot sing to save his life.

Let's not even talk about this strange, low IQ music video, it's like a loaded diaper. The outfits are so strange and since the song is about Egyptian babes, neither of the dancers seem to be from Egypt. It's an expensive insult to all things feminism. This is an Iraqi guy who wants an Egyptian lady-- not sure who wrote this song it's so strange and it really does not add up nor does it sync.

Who is the idiot who stand behind this song? This is a duet that appeals to no one, and feels like a terrible no good fusion of styles. Sadly, there has been some serious money spend to make this loaded diaper.

محمد السالم - امينة / مزة مصرية - Video Clip

This Amr Diab Song Sucks! The New Terrible No Good Song For "Jana"

When a father sings for his daughter, we are all happy for it. When your father is Amr Diab and he wants to do a special song and title it after your name, we are all confused.

Jana is the name of Amr Diab daughter, a cool and catchy name....and this was also the title of a new song in Amr Diab 2014 album released few weeks ago. The song is so lame. The chorus sounds like a song a father would sing for his little girl to fall a sleep or to calm her down as she cried in the back of the car. It's not a Amr Diab song. If this is a good song, then somebody should sign up my mother for a record deal. Most of the song, you hear Amr Diab calling his little girl, like come here dad tone.

Beyond that, some see that a melody within the song has been taken form the Michael Jackson Thriller smashing hit. To read more of the humorous response for this terrible song, visit this Twitter link

Amr Diab - Jana عمرو دياب - چانا

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Audio)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Superman Tamer Hosny Saves Little Girls Life (Picture)

Picture this, Tamer Hosny sitting at home hanging out with his family, relaxing in his pajamas, only to be interrupted by a die hard fan. Dare I say a deranged fan? A young woman with the name Hagir or Hajir for some, showed up at the Egyptian artists villa and dodged the security and made it out all the way to his door. She threatened to commit suicide at his doorsteps if he would not come out.

But you know Tamer Hosny he has a big hear and he loves them fans.  Report that she was hysterical, crying and shouting in order to get to meet her dear and beloved singer. Hajir started crying tears of joy when she saw her favorite idol so she fainted. Tamer along with his wife Basma Boussil attended to her till she got a hold of herself.

so Tamer sweetened the deal, he sang for the young woman, sat with her, and he recorded his voice on her cellphone. What a nice guy, he made her day!

Welcome To The Life - Tamer Hosny FT Akon - Official Music Video HD

Video: Joe Raad, Do You Like/Hate His New Song "Nzara Minnak"? @JoeRaad

Joe Raad is many things to different people. For starter he is a renowned Lebanese celebrity hair dresser. No one in Arabia has a bigger name that he does, he can seen kicking it with the pop divas, stars, entertainers and TV personalities, he has the golden touch and the golden scissors.

However, few month ago, a rumor flew around the internet the hairdresser is making a song and shooting a music video. If I remember correctly, he denied this rumor and dismissed it as a joke. I remember reading a Lebanese music blog that called it a bizarre move.  

But comes October 11th, I was shown this music video by a lady from Beirut and her singer husband, both were mocking the music video. Unlike them, I will not do the easy thing and joke about the Joe Raad music video.

I will say the good things about it, the location is one of the prettiest ones I have seen in such a long time. Great choice, I kayak, so I appreciated the shoots of the celebrity hair dresser engaging in this support. I love the birds, and the flamingos, the backup dancers bring some missing colors. Joe brings some of the most fashion-forward outfits I have seen in one music videos. He is trying to have a good time, and his dance moves are pretty entertaining.

The song has a good beat, and the Egyptian lyrics are fun--I have heard worse songs. I like the dancy bit where the chorus kicks in. Now, this is Joe's first music video, I am sure if he makes another one he will do a fine job.

Per his Facebook page

Joe Raad had always dreamed of embracing a singing career, for he had traveled in his dream riding the notes on a musical score, refining his talent through studying to play the Oud (Lute) and the piano. Thus he registered some songs and video clips after which he decided to adopt the hair design career in which he achieved impressive and distinctive successes.
This decision was made with the encouragement of the fine sensitive artist, Majed El Mohandes. He encouraged Joe Raad to benefit from his hobby and turn his dream into reality. Thus, the song "Nazra Minnak", lyrics by Hani Abdel Karim, and music by Tamim and Sinan Akçil , was recorded in Majed El Mohandes studios in Cairo and filmed in the Bahamas. 

I give him credit for not bringing half-naked models--like the others all do. He is not harming anyone, and it's all for the sake of fun. I do not see him doing any harm, and I welcome his contribution.

Joe Raad Nazra Minnak

The Over-Educated Arabs Enjoy Yasmine Hamdan's Music @yashamdan

Yasmine Hamdan became known with Soapkills, the Arab indie band she founded in Beirut with fellow musician Zeid Hamdan in the nineties. Soapkills’ music quickly became the soundtrack to a vibrant, young arts scene which developed in postwar Lebanon, and the band gradually acquired an emblematic status. To this day, Yasmine is considered Yasmine Hamdan lived in the Gulf countries and in Greece. She is considered as an underground icon throughout the Arab world. The amazing thing about Yasmine is she got to live and make music in two cities that Arabs like to lump together. Paris and Beirut--the Arab Paris.

After moving to Paris, Yasmine wrote and recorded the "Arabology" album with musician/producer Mirwais (of Madonna fame), under the Y.A.S. moniker, and also collaborated with CocoRosie for a while.
Yasmine Hamdan then joined forces with Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) to write and produce her first solo album (for Kwaidan Records), which is coming out internationally (in a revised version with five new tracks) in 2013 on Crammed Discs, under the title Ya Nass.

I enjoyed her music, but I must say, you have to be curious to appreciate it. It's not easy, and everything has a story behind it like the song about the different way folks pronounce tomatoes. In Lebanon there was a time when on some checkpoints, they would stop a car and ask the passengers to pronounce it as a way to know what their ethnicity is. As for the artist, when she speaks to my ears, she is Lebanese when she sings she is a citizen of the world.

Yasmine Hamdan 2013 - Aleb

Yasmine Hamdan - ياسمين حمدان

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The New Song From Yara Will Brighten Your Day اغنية يارا - عايش بعيونى 2014

You will always tell her voice apart because it sounds like if she is smiling, even in her most emotional tracks she manages to perform them while giving you the idea she is smiling. This is a good thing. Yara returns with a new single that reminds me of her ealry start in 2005 which she dazzled everyone and just the Gulf like she has been doing for the bast five years.

I am enjoying this comeback and Yara sounds like we have always liked her to be--herself comfortable in her own skin and style. I do not think much of the image with the single, it shows a different shade of this super talent. She says Habibi like you have fantasied about your loved one saying it.

What do you think? The song is about the eyes that can only see the one you love--we see them so perfect always.

اغنية يارا - عايش بعيونى 2014 | النسخة الاصلية

This Song is About Cheating, Jealousy, Desire and Murder

Lady on bed, one on one's arm in the car....a guy walks into his wife having an affair with his lady. He pulls out his gun and about to shoot the guy. This is the song about an old man who marries a young woman and goes to sleep when she wants to stay up and chat. The singer is actually the guy who is sleeping around and he calls the husband to shame.

Wow, I am confused....the guy who sleeps around is the good guy and the ugly husband is at fault? Maybe it's because he cheats around with young bimbos. She cheats on his with their driver, plus she is always wearing sexy outfits and he is not paying attention to her. So the broke driver who listens to women and get them is the right guy?

I do not know, but Ibrahim Said seems to be making this case. How about both here are at wrong? Regrets? Sure, the dude shoots his wife, and serves a light sentence. Fares Iskander wrote the lyrics. I guess the artist wants to make the point, if guys can do it, ladies should be able to do it

Ibrahim Said - Mafi Mara Betkhoun / إبراهيم سعيد - ما في مرا بتخون

The Coke Studio Continues To Do Fresh. Asala And Kool & the Gang

This time they paired Asala with Kool and the Gang. They did a beautiful fusion and they artists get along well. For those who do not know Kool and the Gang, they are are an American jazz, R&B, soul, funk and disco group, originally formed in 1964 as the Jazziacs based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Asala is a mighty Syria diva with a strong voice, sharp personality and a versatile style that travels well. They were coupled by the executives at the soft drink company. I like this collaboration where Eastern melodies meet Western beat and the product is pretty cool and exciting.

She's Fresh أكتر -- Asala &; Kool & the Gang - أصالة وكول آند ذا غانغ -- Coke Studio بالعربي S03E01

Monday, September 15, 2014

Adham Nabulsi Is Here To Stay (And Entertain)

Adham Nabulsi is a rock star. Since he first appeared on the X Factor program and the judges seemed to like him, and that mystery element he has. The guy is naturally good looking guy in manly way. He has a sweet smile and dreamy eyes. And slowly he is becoming a public persona among the music circles. Jordan needs these kind of talents. He hails from there with a Palestinian heritage.

Here's his second single, it's an upbeat romantic song with a shot of energy. I like the charm offensive. I like this single more than his first one. He sounds like everything you appreciate about Lebanese crooners.

Adham Nabulsi - La Ba3d Khle2na / أدهم نابلسي - لبعض خلقنا

The Good, Wholesome Muslim Music of Mr. Nice Guy @SamiYusuf

Sami Yusuf just released his fifth studio album in his career. This global hit-maker and Muslim rock star with an inspirational message is getting jazzed up about his latest. 13 full tracks the work of few years in recording and performing.

He is like a seasoned music curator who roams the world to bring the latest new trends, and sometimes he makes those trends. I love the tittle of the album, as Muslims search of the center they feel tired from the negative news of terror. Sami Yusuf answers the call with a good selection of songs that mixes social, religious and inspirational.

This is a good looking guy with a pure in heart. He is not a business, just a guy who enjoys good music with positive and hopeful notes. Though he did not ask for it, he has a cult following. Unlike many Muslim entertainers, Sami has kept the positive guy image. He cares with passion, but he never come across as a guy who wants to sell you something or a guy who wants to make a buck of you or your cause. I admire that about him.

Link via Amazon or iTunes
01 - Pearl
02 - Fire
03 - Go
04 - Khorasan
05 - Prism
06 - Cricle
07 - You
08 - The Centre
09 - Lament
10 - The Key
11 - Jaaneh Jaanaan
12 - Sari Gelin
13 - Khorasan (Arabic.Version)

More samples and tracks to enjoy here

Sami Yusuf - The Centre (Official Lyric Video)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Download: Amr Diab #عمرو_دياب "#شفت_الأيام ‪#‎AmrDiab‬'s new 2014 Album ‪#‎Shoft_ElAyam‬ (Get Your Copy)

Amr Diab releases another album and the world is still a dangerous place. What's supposed to be the biggest name in Arabic pop, and perhaps the best selling among his peers, Amr Diab recorded and released a new album in 2014. The man has no rival and no match in Arabic pop, he is good for the music scene and he speaks little and comes with virtual no drama.

Amr Diab continues to churn hits, but that does not matter--no one buy music anymore, the public mood is not in a good place. Not sure where the money is, but that does not stop him and stop Rotana from making and signing deals. It's easy to dismiss his music as doing the same over and over again, which can be true. But what do you expect him to do? He has already done many great things with his life. He is a true hit-maker and has been on the number one spot for the past 30 years.

The album leaked a week before the official release date. So what does team Amr Diab do? They change he cover art and make it in color then they ask fans to buy the original copy. Amr Diab has maintained his good looks, and his body is in a good shape. His style has evolved a bit too. You still get your Spanish guitar that made his career. The king new album offers the same mix of Latin ,Chillout, House, techno and Egyptian drum. Keep on mind he is 53 and still beat any young talent out there.  

Check out the album here

01 - Shoft El Ayam
02 - Gamalo
03 - We Hatebtady El Hekayat
04 - Ana Mosh Anani
05 - We Neesh
06 - Mosh Gedid
07 - Saet El Forak
08 - Jana
09 - Kan Kol Haga
10 - Aiwa Etghaiart
11 - Aho Leli We Adda

Check out the album here

Amr Diab - Shoft El Ayam عمرو دياب - شُفت الأيام

Checkout the album here

Download: Arwa 2014 Album"Ya Moumayyaz" البوم اروى - يا مميز

The Yemeni pop diva who has conquered the hearts of the Gulf a decade a go retruns with a new release. Her album "Ya Moumayyaz" comes with Rotana--this is her first with them. The Saudi company knows the local Gulf makret well, and I am certain they are pleased with this collaboration. Arwa can benefit from their gigantic marketing arm.

Arwa remains one of my favorite female voices in that part of the world. She did very well in Egypt and Lebanon with special release songs years ago. Now she sets sight on the Gulf and that's where the money is. She comes from there. The title of the album--outstanding, unique, special. Just like Arwa's look and sense of fashion. She is more than a singer, she is also a host of a popular talk show.

I enjoy her voice and her warmth. I like her in other songs, but this allows us to hear her voice, so be it. There will be dance, romance, drama and funk. The lyrics are the world of the best Saudi poets and and Gulf based spoke word artists.

Find it here Link

01 - Ya Moumayyaz
02 - Safhati Fe El Hob Beda
03 - Ya Folan
04 - Naker El Maarouf
05 - Besalamithom
06 - Azibtina Ya Khafef El Rouh
07 - Bahibak Bezyadah
08 - Louab
09 - Ely Hako Anak Awarek Fehom
10 - Hawino Aliya

Arwa ... Ya Moumayyaz | أروى ... يا مميز