Monday, August 31, 2015

Mona Milan, The Aftermath Of A Breakup

Mona Milan is heartbroken and she is all tears in her latest song and music video, she is crying about a recent breakup she had. The Lebanese singer does have an album that she has been working on, but due to some family emergency she took some time off. She has already collaborate with few A list composers and lyricists. Had I not known she is Lebanese, I would have guessed she is Syrian or Egyptian.

Essam Karika wrote the music for this  song? I do not believe it. I like her voice, I may not like the song or the topic, but I appreciate the sense of hope.
Fataht Einey - Ana Baadak - Mona Milan فتحت عنيا - انا بعدك - منى ميلان

An Egyptian Pop Singer Worth Listening To....Soma

Soma makes great pop songs, thanks to her producer, Nasr Mahrous. But also thanks to him, the world knows little about her. Not sure what it's, but Nasr and his music label "Free Music" keep their artists on a short-leash.

That means they mange them well, and make really amazing records for them--the Mahrous household is one of the biggest names in Egyptian pop music. So that means they make an artist, and get to tell them where to go as in events and private functions that they split with the artists. The dozen artist with the label stay because Nasr is a one stop shop for all for their music needs. Naser writes, composes, arranged, produces directs their music videos and promotes them.

Soma is one of his top female performers. And they are releasing her in a music video where she seems to take on a new sleek look with funky vibe. I consider her one of the nicest vocalists in Egyptian pop, she just entertains....and now she is ready to enter more homes. I wish Nasr would aim for a broader audience. He could do well outside of that place. I say this because none of his artists appear in mega concerts outside of the republic of Egypt.

Nasr makes cool songs that are turned into catchphrases and cultural nuggets....Soma will do that here.
SOMA - AM Al Rawish soon I سوما - عم الروش برومو قريبا

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Revolution "Coup" In #Syria Gets Another Song

She is their biggest cheerleader, and she made her stands known to the masses, then she toned it down a bit. Now she returns with a cover of an old Oum Kalthoum song in favor of revolutions. Keep on mind, the original song was performed by the legendary Egyptian songstress who has also sang for the king before he lost power and the army took over.

Assala is a super star and she has the high for the octave and whatever comes below it. She has what it takes to rock concert halls. She did not have to support the revolution in Syria, but she did and she paid dearly for that. Now comes a more intimate song by her where she sings with no music and noticeable lack of makeup.

"Revolutionaries" is the title of that song and as a song Assala knock it out of the park....I do not get the politics of the Syrian revolution, I know this murder and thugs in Syria have to be stopped.

أصاله تغني للثورة السورية .. أغنية أم كلثوم " ثوار "

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pop Goddess Nawal El Zoghbi 2015 Album Arives #‎MeshMesamha

Nawal El Zoghbi just delivered one hell of an album. She really did work with the best out there and they gave her the cream of their talent. Enjoy each of these tracks and savor it because each of these song will be around.

This is an album that you enjoy with your friends and also alone. To be frank, each of these songs is an experience in an emotional state. There are the happy ones, the dramatic ones and everything in between. So Nawal can take a break and get back in full-swing to the concert season. And yes this is one of the times that the world comeback should be used generously.

Each of these songs will play here in this playlist....there are so many hits, even the song about the sound of quietness is a new thing that cures the soul. Nawal has worked on this album and has taken her time to carefully hand pick each of them and live with them before she headed to the recording studio to record them.

Nawal is a pop star who hot hot in the 90s, she was on fire in the 00's and she is still warming up in 2015 and it is still an honor to collaborate with her.

01 - Ya Gadaa
02 - Mesh Mesamha
03 - Men El Awel
04 - El Nas Beyesaalooni
05 - Leik Wahsha
06 - Malaoun
07 - Sawt Al Hodoo
08 - Eyouni Lama Beyshofook
09 - Ghareeba Hal Deni
10 - Ghazelny
11 - Wala Bahebak

Sawt Al Hodoo - Nawal El Zoghbi صوت الهدوء - نوال الزغبى

The Enamored Toni Qattan Lands The Love Of His Life @ToniQattan

Toni Qattan has built himself a comfortable career in pop music--he is a fixture of Jordanian and Palestinian concerts. And sometimes he lands a gig in the Khaleej and things are good. The charismatic young singer also composed most of his songs, he is a songwriter too.

We like him because we almost lost him few years ago when he had trouble with his liver. Now he seems to be back in full-speed as he is spending a great deal of the music video running to make it to his date. He is certainly a charming voice and the dialect he uses allows him access markets in the Lavent, Iraq and Khaleej.

He is enamored here and has found happiness with this lady. He would fight for his lady and wants her family to know his intentions--he wants her to be his life partner.
طوني قطان - مغروم | Toni Qattan - Maghroum

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Song By The Iconic Iraqi Singer Kadim Al Sahir Salutes Iraq's Youth (Video)

Kadem Al Saher used to be an idealist singer. He is no longer that way. how could you be positive, upbeat when the only news form Iraqi is heartbreaking. But while the country has been in turmoil for decades, Kadem has a new on for the youth in Iraq.

He is calling on them to raise up and build and not to give up home. The chorus for this song seems to be no short on legends. The song plays like a typical national anthem, Kadem chose to go for the casual look here. He sounds at his finest since 2009. It's a very good song from an Iraqi who loves that land despite the chaos and bloodbath.

Not sure what inspires this song, the timing is interesting. Maybe it has to do with the calls for change in Iraq who revolted against their rotten government and really brought about change without unleashing a civil war.
كاظم الساهر شباب العراق

كاظم الساهر شباب العراق ، أغنية وطنية ، عرضت للمرة الأولى يوم الجمعة 28-8-2015

Ozaina El-Ali , A Very Sad Syrian Man

This guy is the saddest man, you will ever meet. Or it might be that he enjoys the feeling one gets when they have been wronged. I only say that because in all his songs he seems to get screwed when he has been nothing but nice. I know certain people enjoy the victim and guy on the cross. He is Syrian singer Odeina from the city of Lathikia where is father is a physician and an art critic. Odiena composes music, singers and writes lyrics, he has been in the business since the late 90s, he does have many fans at home and abroad. I know songs like his strike all the right notes with the young and the frustrated. He has made it big in Jordan as well as with expats.

In very short time, Odeina has met a lot of success with his fans. It helps that he is working full-time on music and he always releases new tracks. The guy has the voice and the flavor to make it in this very crowded music scene.

أذينة العلي - سر مخبى | 2013 | Ozaina El-Ali - Ser Mkhba

Hatem Al Iraqi (And ISIS) Rips Game Of Thrones?

There is so much sex and violence in that popular hit show "Game of Thrones". Iraqi singer Hatem is a commoner who fell in love with the daughter of the king and it's all downhill from there. How original! Hatem is one of the iconic Iraqi singers--he is the soul father for many Iraqi singers. He does not need this trash. Leave it to ISIS to channel this show, maybe you can spend more time in the recording studio.

Even the plot does not work with his song, and pretty much all actors and models appear to be foreign. Sure, this is an Iraqi hit that will please the pay masters in the Khaleej. Can we talk about how much money was spend to make this music video? What about that tired princess story and the male running the show?

That money could probably feed a thousand orphaned Iraqi children. They do not spend money on poor people, but they would in a heartbeat spend it to make a music video about a love story set in a time that has been long gone. Even the narration is needless and distracts from this song. Hatem is this is your legacy?  He should be a trend-sitter not copy what it is out there.

Hatem Al Iraqi ... Houwa Hayati - Video Clip | حاتم العراقي ... هو حياتي - فيديو كليب

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Timeless @NawalElZoghbi Sounds So Flirty In @azizelshaf3i Song @BouEidJoe

Nawal El Zoghby has been a star for a long time. Making her one of the smartest pop stars who have transitioned well in the new millennium. She did is by keeping her cool and working with the top-musicians and lyricists. One simple rule seems to work for the Lebanese pop diva is to go rto where the talent is. She does not have politics nor does she have a standard team. It seems she travels to where the trend is.

In Lebanon, she gets the best names and the same goes in Egypt. One recent hit song of hers that will be included in her upcoming album is the one she collaborated with Aziz El Shafei, a composer/singer who even wrote the lyrics for the lead song. It's a flirty song the kind that Nawal does well. I like to think it's a new style that allows Nawal to tab into a new market and a new generation. "Ya Gadaa" is easy to get stuck in one's head and it's so easy to sing along and repeat. That makes a hit instantly.

Her Egyptian is flawless and Aziz does a great job here. This is a different experience for Aziz as the chorus seems to feature some children. Could this song be a love song? Yes, could it be for one's kids? Sure. It's meant to be vague, allowing different people to relate to it. It's a different than songs we have heard in the past from Nawal.

 The yet to be released album will have 11 tracks. We have already heard about three of them and she passed three on three. Ya Gadfaa has already been filmed in Romania with Joe Bou Eid who is known for his use of colors and props that brings out the feminine looks.
Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghby ياجدع - نوال الزغبى

Meet The Turkish Lady Making Music For Nawal El Zoghbi @YildizzTilbee

Lebanese golden pop girl Nawal El Zoghbi is about to release a hit album--her first since 2010. It will be good and it should be worthy of such a starlet. There will be big names attached to the album and a wide range of styles and dialects.

One surprise is that Nawal is getting a music from a Turkish musician. The Turkish talent is Yıldız Tilbe who is a well-known Turkish pop folk singer and one of the best selling musical artists in Turkey. Tilbe is mostly known especially for her eastern-infused ballads. I mean this is a hit-maker whose many of her songs have been performed by her in addition to her work with other artists.

Not sure how this connection happened, but I cannot wait to see its fruit. Nawal's new album will have a song composed by Tilbe--the same song was performed by a Turkish artist a while back. sem like a cool song that fits the Arab taste. I like how upbeat it comes across. I love Turkey and appreciate this collaboration.
Ebru Gündeş - Seninle Çok İşim Var

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Khaleeji Girls Who Rock, Meet Henan Redha @HananRedhasays

Hanan Redha is a native to the Kingdome of Bahrain, but she resides in Kuwait. She does reside though in the hearts and minds of many of her young fans who met her three years ago on Arab Idol. The young artists who's prolific on the social media department just released a cute music video about her love story with this luck handsome man.

It's a sweet song that feels and sounds cute. The brilliant young singer shows fascination with Japanese culture. But she plays the girl in love very well. She is confident in a place where women are supposed to be shy. Hanan Redha will meet a lot of success in her career and I know she is made for it. In the past Khaleeji artists who do pop songs that travel well outside the region, tend to stick around for a long time.

I think the Khaleej is changing and it's young people like Hanan who are making this happen. For change, we are seeing singers play a love story and a marriage on camera. Traditionally, a singer form Khaleej would refuse to act the love store but not Hanan she is not average. More and more artists are doing such songs and living their life as they see it and not as they are permitted to.

I like her voice and her song.
سمو عليه ( كليب ) - حنان رضا | Samo Alaih ( Clip ) - Hanan Redha

Here Are This Week's Top Ten Arabic Songs

Rotana now makes commercials disguised as music videos. The Saudi company has a popular top ten program for their best and finest music videos. they do make fun and more serious songs that feature A list stars from the Arab world and younger talents from Khaleej.
To be sure, there are other hits out there, these are the ones made by Rotana
  1. Egyptian Rana Samaha and her heartache.
  2. Still no idea who is this kid on the second place--he is skinny, goofy and tall.
  3. Egyptian Amr Diab being Amr Diab from thirty years ago
  4. Lebanese Elissa blues
  5. Lebanese Najwa Karam sweet upbeat pop
  6. Lebanese Wael Khoury mobbing
  7. Moroccan Dounia Batma with her flirty persona
  8. Khaleeji Hanan Redha with a girlie romantic song
  9. Lebanese Fares Karam and his playful dance pop
  10. Saudi Ismail Mubarak in his romance
نتائج التصويت وترتيب | Top10 هذا الاسبوع

The Casblanca Kid Hatim Ammor Goes Viral! @AmmorHatim

Morocco is the mother ship for many Arab singers. It's the beautiful country with rich history and deep cultural roots that allows it to have a unique place in Arabic pop. It's no wonder that most pop stars who get the most views on the internet come from that country. For example the first guy to get a 100,000,000 views came from that country. Now another pop artists is on his way to break new records is Hatim Ammor.

The young and charismatic pop star is finishing his US tour which took him to New York, Boston and Orlando. I had no idea about this talented artist who keeps it really Moroccan in his love song. A sweet song for sure with an incredible beat that is so inviting to the dance floor. This is an angry song that does away with rage. He is calling his lady a cheater, a traitor. The song is about those who keep a lie so well.

Hatim sounds sweet and capable. I am so glad I discovered him and I hope he would come to Washington, DC for a concert where there is a large Moroccan and Arabic community who enjoys music.
Hatim Ammor - Mchiti Fiha (Official Audio) | مشيتي فيها - حاتم عمور

Mchiti Fiha - Hatim Ammor (Official Audio)
Hatim Ammor Single 2015 Mchiti Fiha مشيتي فيها
Mchiti Fiha Nouveau Titre de Hatim Ammor
Paroles & Composition & Arrengement : Jalal El Hamdaoui
Single Hatim Ammor - Mchiti Fiha ( Official Audio ) 2015
Traitement image : Anouar Elmir
Photo : Mehdi Mounir
Art Work : Media Tuch
Management :

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lebanese Trash And Stinky Politicians In Music

Lebanese trash is causing a political turmoil. It took a garbage crisis for Lebanon to finally snap.
Anger about the heaps of trash accumulating in Beirut's streets boiled over this week with thousands protesting in the street against a government so dysfunctional it can't hold elections or pick a president, much less deliver basic services.

But since this is Lebanon a land of a million artist, a million fashionista and a million more savvy business person, they are making songs to celebrate this stinky mess. I have come across two songs one by Aly Barkat and another by Shady Farah. They essentially say the same thing.

People of Lebanon deserve better from their country and from their crook politicians. Leave the people, leave the offices and leave the republic alone. And the security forces did have a tough stand and beat up people in the streets. Not very smart, you do that and you fuel the demonstrations. The songs offer us some humor in this crisis.
طلعت ريحتكن| اغنية | علي بركات | Tol3it Ri7etkoun | MusicNation
شادي فرح - طلعت ريحتكن shady farah - tol3it rihetkon

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ehab Abdel Wahed = The Attorney Who Is The Hottest Composer

Ehab Abdel Wahed went to school to become a lawyer, but he has yet to make money in the legal field. But Ehad did make a name for himself and has become one of those A list celebrities who pals around with all these famous singers. Why? Because Ehab is a creative music composer whose work has been sung by names like Angham, Asalah, Hossam Habib, Mohammad Hemaki and few others. He has some a wonderful job working with Sherine on all songs form her breakout role in that celebrated Ramadan drama.

Ehab is also in a band where he rocks out with few other musicians, they call themselves ""Basata". He is one hell of hot composer and his guitar works like magic. Ehab is just starting out and he has gone to do big things...but I feel there is a lot within him that this world has to meet. But the star that had the first honor of working with Ehab the composer was Angham in that January song about the revolution (what revolution?!)

حسام حبيب - عديها

 \\اصاله - حسام حبيب - ايهاب عبد الواحد / سابني

أصالة &; فرقة بساطة - كداب

Ziad Maher Sings in #Lebanon Sells Accessories In #Jordan And Celebrates #Egypt Army

Ziad Maher had always had a good style, he comes from a family that sells textile so he has always known what to wear and what works best for him. Now he that he started venturing into the music business about three years ago. He must keep up that style as you will see him below in a photo shoot.

Ziad Maher is a well-groomed man too, see him try to look refined. I think with the social media, people need more photos and they want them instantly. This session should provide plenty of photos for this salt and pepper fox. Music Nation hosted him and took a to of his pictures. He sang a song for Egypt, not clear why he would sing for Sisi....he loves the general. He said he would sing for anyone like Sisi--I hear Bibi the Prime Minister of Israel called.

Ziad has also opened a store in Amman, it sells accessories for both men and women. The idea according to Ziad is to sell well-made products that are not produced in masses.    

Ziad Maher Interview In His Photo Session مقابلة مع زياد ماهر أثناء جلسة التصويرية لعمله الجديد

The Charismatic Shahinaz Diaa Churns A New Single " Ana Ba3sha2o"

Star Academy Shahinaz Diaa is still riding on the publicity wave, she already did a number of songs for popular films. She has released half a dozen singles that went on to become hits. She pulls the girl in love so very well, and every song means a new picture to go with it. This latest song of hers has music form the talented Islam Zaki--who now sings as well.

This is a wedding song from a good girl who prays to God to keep her loved ones close by her side. I think her voice is good, she does what she can and despite the odds she is still working--not an easy thing to do in today's Egypt.

Also it's not easy for a woman from the East to proclaim her love to the public. Ms. Diaa does it her and does it so loudly.    

Shahinaz Diaa - Ana Ba3sha2o / شاهيناز ضياء - انا بعشقه

Sunday, August 23, 2015

It's Spring Time On Planet Latifa (And It's All Good!) @latisol

Spring might v\be over but not in the world of Tunisian diva Latifa. She just released a new music video where love is in the air. The charismatic songstress seems to be filled with energy and joy for her new music video. She has a bike and there are lots of flowers.

It's a simple plot with what appears to be a one location. There is a food good thing about this song, it's a bout someone who realizes life is too short and wants to worry less, do more and enjoy more. It's cute and  the right dose of cheer. No guy model allows the song to focus on Latifa and her spring time persona.  

Not even the new and young pop stars can pull a cute spring time music video, Latifa did that once before with that Nizar Qabbani song (Taloomony) And that was more than 15 years ago. So doing a music video with a similar feel but more casual lyrics still works.

Latifa - Ya Hayati [Official Video] | لطيفة - يا حياتي أنا جانبك

لطيفة - تلومني الدنيا | Latifa - Taloomoni Al Donya

Lebanon's Hottest Restaurant @RestaurantLoris Releases Its Most Adorable Song @JeanMarieRiachi

Loris sounds like a cool name, While enjoying a late night conversation with a good friend (Hassan from UTN1) He wanted me to see a new song from an up and coming Lebanese vocalist and guitar player that goes by the name Taym. Hassan did play the song and I fell in love with it. Many folks know that I am a fan of the music and production of  Jean-Marie Riachi, so he promised I would like it and I did.

The song is adorable, it's a simple love story (boy meets girl tale) told in incredible animation. There is suspense in the story as one wants to know what happens next. Loris is the name of the lady and also the name of the eatery where the story takes place. I like how fresh the concept is but the story is made better by the voice of Taym. The song sounds like an indie alternative Arabic pop song. I like it and I know that it has a high production value.

It turns out that Loris the restaurant /Cafe is an actual place that you can eat--it's located on a posh corner (Gemayze) in the Lebanese capital. I will make sure to visit there next time I visit Beirut not to meet Loris (I have already met my Loris) but to enjoy the restaurant's take on classical Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish dishes. The celebrated  Jean Marie Riachi is involved with the restaurant on some capacity.  


The Original Nawal El Zoghby Goes Big In ‪#‎MeshMesamha 2015 Album

The golden Lebanese pop diva Nawal El Zoghby is releasing her latest album in few days. This shall be her first album since her amazing 2011 album. Yes that was more than four years ago, but this time Nawal is back with a big production company--Mazzika through Alam El Phan. This seems like a decent album from a lady whose voice is something many of us have grew up with.

Rest assured that the album will have songs in at least three dialects with focus on both Lebanese and Egyptian dialects. This is a variety album by a versatile diva who knows what makes a hit. Yes, all ingredients of this album have been baked to perfection by all the hot names that have worked on it. I think this is a good album that will usher in a new season for Nawal.

The album starts off strong, even the title has a fighting words "I have not forgiven" "Unforgiving" it works for Nawal because she had a bitter divorce five years ago form the father of her children and producer--he is a jerk. The teaser for the album's songs promises a lot of pop and a hint of Tarab. Nawal just does it better. The Lebanese songstress has transitioned well into the new era and refused to be upstaged by much younger pop stars. In fairness, she still has a lot of rock and roll in her.   
Mesh Mesamha album Soon - Nawal El Zoghby مش مسامحة البوم قريبا - نوال الزغبى

Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghby ياجدع - نوال الزغبى

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Watch: The 'Cinderella' of the Egyptian Cinema Soad Hosny Is Perfection

Souad Hosny is Egyptian film actress who was one of the most influential Middle-Eastern actresses in the 1960s. She received her first movie role in the 1959 film Hassan and Na’ima.

Many spoke of her free-spirit, reflected in her natural smile, and her bashful spirit. Her reputed shyness in real life contrasted highly with her television presence, which was filled with life and vigor. Her soft beauty struck and inspired many artists.

Among her most celebrated films are Khaly Balak Men Zouzou (Take Care of Zouzou), Ala Man Natlok El Rosas (On Whom Do We Shoot Our Bullets, 1975), El Kahera 30 (Cairo 30) Al Karnak (1975) as well as many films. So what worked well for her is that she mas perfected her acting, has mastered the art of sensing and has so much energy to do live theater and shows.

The clip below will demonstrate why Soad is such a legend and an icon like no other. She puts all these attributes on display.  
يا صيادين بحر الهوى _ سعاد حسنى

Friday, August 21, 2015

Blood, Gore And Love By Ammar Hassan #Palestine #GazaUnderAttacks

This is the season for "I Love Palestine" songs. Since not many non-Palestinians are doing these songs anymore, the sons of Palestine step in. Ammar Hassan the Super Star runner up stands and delivers a love song for Palestine. He thinks about Palestine and it's his love, he looks the part, and carries a gun.

This is a resistance song, camping meets war, he actually make war seem fun--it's not that gore is real. I have been watching bloody images from Palestine--some of them are too graphic, so I think more of these done in the name of entertainment are out of line. I like Ammar, he is a true gem in Palestinian pop. He means well, but whoever directed him here has not seen war up close and personal.

This is about death, love and unfinished lives. I just think people who have seen blood and death this close, will not want to go through it again.

Ammar Hasan - Shahid el Hob / عمار حسن - شهيد الحب

Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners Get Music Support

For many Palestinian and their allies and supporters around the world Israel is a gangster state. They see it as a big bully who somehow managed to be above the law. As thousands of Palestinian prisoners struggle for freedom, many in the outside world are backing them up and telling their stories.

While tens of prisoners are on hunger strikes in protest for Israel's liberal administrative detention policies. Many of these prisoners were abducted from their homes by Israeli forces. One prisoner is almost dead and yet the Israelis have nothing to charge him with yet they still keep him in prison. Mohammed Allan has been on an aggressive hunger strike for more than two months and he is right now in a comma shackled to his bed. Also Allan is a lawyer! 

Indie artists in Palestine recorded  a song to spread awareness of the plight of the thousands of prisoners. This is a short song about a timely topic. It remains unclear what will happen with Mr. Allan, but the Israelis know they have screwed up and luckily the internet won't let them get away with it without suffering some PR damage.
ناموا الأغنيات... إلى أسرانا الفلسطينيين المضربين عن الطعام... نشيد ل:أحمد داري ويوسف زايد

Thursday, August 20, 2015

WATCH: Ashtar Nano ft. Princess Chelsie - Yolpana

Since you asked for a cute song, here's one that's not even in Arabic or a language spoken by more than a million people. A song about girl's school memory and growing up at home alongside her sbilings. It's a cute song that sounds like Iraqi and Syrian tracks. A song about school, and messing around the kitchen.

Kid songs are popular, all kids deserve to have songs in their native tongue to jam too. Princess Chelsie took that concept and ran with it. But I am also thrilled to have heard the intro by Ashtar Nano, she gets it.

Ashtar Nano ft. Princess Chelsie - Yolpana

The Cute Feminist Song By Mai Selim and Hamdy Batshan Lands @Mai_Selim

Mai Selim wanted to do a retro song and build a bridge to the past. Since Egypt is her adopted home, Mai went back to bring an old pop star from retirement, she went with Hamdy Batshan, the singer who had a hit Sha'abi album before many of you out there were born.

This was an odd pairing, but Mai wanted to break new grounds and earn new fans, so she went with the folksy wisdom and street smart lingo. It's a dialogue song between a princess and a guy who is not short on confidence. She explicitly tells him not to harass her and make advances toward her. Mai puts him in his place.

Mai sounds cute and Hamdy does a good job portraying the street guy who fell in love with a lady who is certainly out of his league. Not sure about the age difference between the two artists, but she does call him "uncle' as to show he is elderly.

This will be a good song, maybe not the massive summer hit, but a song that will be good enough to be everywhere, but may not stick around. Egyptians are known for their sense of humor and their willing to flirt. This song puts that on display and it allows Mai to wear a different hat and play the Egyptian ghetto queen. The song will please the feminists as you find an older man proposing to a much younger lady. She turned him down.
Battal Tiaakisny - Mai Selim Ft Hamdy Batshan بطل تعاكسنى - مى سليم وحمدى باتشان

The Amazing Muslim Singer Rami Mohamed Weeps Arabia


Rami Mohamed does not seem to be like a guy who likes the actions of the violent military regime in charge of Egypt at the moment. The Muslim singer (Monshid) lives in Turkey now, away from his motherland because he could to be free to think and yes he might be targeted like tens thousands. So when he is free to think, he makes pretty awesome tracks.

So the droves of young conservative Muslims adore this star and propel him to be one of the most viewed singers in his genre. I like the quite rage in his voice. He shows images from Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and few more places. His heart is bleeding for the atrocities he sees around him. So he is appealing to the conscious on those people who are not dead in the inside.

I like it the song as it talks about justice and doing the right thing. No one disagrees of the size of mayhem we see in today's world. Rami is only singing about it and he is almost sobbing at this point. The world has failed a people who wanted freedom and wanted to be equal citizens. The world likes to deal with leaders who can deliver long-term stability in exchange for a little short-term chaos. But for families grieving their family members is no short-term affair. Rami comes from a good place and he loves all the things we love. His voice is so pure and so strong, it's like he tickles the listener emotions

رامي محمد | ياعالمي Rami Mohamed | Oh.. My World

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Layla Iskandar Knows The Art of Staying Successful

We have interviewed Layla Iskandar, the young pop sensation who had the privilege to support United Nations campaign for immunodeficiency virus.

With her love for music, attitude, and dedication it becomes an easy guess that she is going to be a mega music star. She has stolen hearts of millions with her sultry and sexier looks in her video Al Ghabi.

Lebanon is known for producing talents such as Fairuz, Nancy Ajram and many more. Layla Iskandar is one of the upcoming and more loved artists. She proved her legacy back in 2002 at Studio El Fan. Layla faced tough times and was even played into a fight on a reality show and had to go through some serious health issues.

But Layla Louis Iskandar showed her true spirits and made so strong come back in 2010 that the critics were left completely stunned. She is now becoming one of the most popular female singers in the Arab world.

With her strong will, she has managed to produce revolutionary songs such as Ghabi. She transformed herself so much that the viewers themselves did not believe how a chubby looking girl toned herself into such an extraordinarily sexy shape.

For full interview, visit this link

For full interview, visit this link

Reham Abd Elhakim New Album Soars

Not every famous singer is any a good and not every good singer is famous. This is the thought that crossed my mind as I am listening to the new tracks on the new album released for the super talented Reham Abd Elhakim. When it comes to strong vocals and sincere emotions, you have a friend in Reham Abd Elhakim, she is a diva, a graduate of the house of opera. And certainly not every opera singer is well-known. But Mazzika is hoping to change things up when they signed a lady who can sing and has her followers.

I consider myself one of her fans, I like how she manipulates her voice and channels her emotions to cut through you like a knife to butter. It will take some work to get the name out there, but once you give her a chance, you are an instant fan. Mazzika and its mangers believe in Reham and her talent, they also like to help home-grown Egyptian singers.

So the first thing they did, they released a music video for Reham, I believe this is her first official music video. And few weeks later came the album. They spiced her up, gave her a makeover and lead with a happy song that feels romantic. While she is known for more dramatic songs that talk about live and sour love, this time it was a happier and more upbeat Reham.

01 - Aysha Hekaya
02 - Senario Wahed
03 - Mesh Wakhed Balo
04 - Dayman Ana Bansa
05 - Tekhlas Bel Etab
06 - Hatehes Be Emty
07 - Eyak Eyak
08 - Ehsasy
09 - Hassa Maak
10 - Ahla Hedeya

Dayman Ana Bansa - Reham Abd Elhakim دايماً أنا - ذكريات - ريهام عبد الحكيم

Ahla Hedeya - Reham Abd Elhakim احلى هدية - ريهام عبد الحكيم

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Hottest Saudi Singer Releases A Golden Album "Message" @AudioRotana

Ismail plays a very convincing romantic guy and he wins me over every time and his fans are literary in every corner of the globe. For the millennial generation, he is a hit-maker and the voice that made the music from Saudi Arabia and Khaleej accessible to both the local young generation and the masses in the Arab world. Like so many gifted Saudi singer before him, they worked with beautiful poetry and a voice that aims for the heart.

Since this song two years ago (Shoog) and Ismail has been on the forefront of making very high-quality pop music. Very rich  and sweet lyrics that punctures one' heart and soul. This makes him a star that both your parents and their parents approve of him. He is about that pure and innocent love that we all can relate to.

So if you want to relax and enjoy poetry and good music accompanied by the tang voice of Ismail, this is the album for you and for your loved one. His songs are hits because he looks and sounds like a guy who believes and practices what he preaches.  

01 - Habibi
02 - Ashert Nas
03 - Tabe Eini
04 - Leyat Hobak
05 - Message
06 - Aktar Baad Shenshof
07 - Keza El Denia
08 - Qelt El Afou
09 - El Gamal Ma Taah
10 - Enta Qarar
11 - Yenadi
12 - Nefsi Teqol
13 - Lamahtak
14 - Mabyash

Ismail Mubarak ... Keda Al Donya - Video Clip | اسماعيل مبارك ... كذا الدنيا - فيديو كليب

The Voice Rym Mahrat "Wow!" Song @ReemMehrat

Syrian vocalist Rym Mahrst from her fame on the MBC Produced The Voice returns with a new single. Wow....dear sweet God, this is such a flawless song from a lady that I knew little about. I should not be surprised maybe because Syria has the world's best Arab vocalists. Rym was on team Assi Hallani and the experience has allowed her to get close to the music industry. Rym sounds very good. It's not about a strong voice with her, it's about character, and sounding authentic.

While she does look young, her voice makes her sound like someone who has lived in the golden era of Arabic music. Perhaps, she owns a time machine that she puts to good use. For me, it's her emotional depth and complexity that drew me to her. Also, if she wants, she can make her voice sound like that of the legendary George Wassouf (Watch here)

Rym is great, she is one ore great artist hailing from the enchanting city of Damascus. I wish her well and hope one day I will see her perform live in a free and a united Syria.

اغنية ريم مهرات - عقرب حبك 2015 | النسخة الاصلية

Rap! Gaza's Angriest Song Is Out By @McGaza Holds Nothing Back

Sure, if I lived in Gaza, I would lose my mind too and I would cuss like a sailor. Still, the nice people of Gaza might not be ready for this volume of cussing and cursing coming out of the mouth of one of their local boys. Mc Gaza. I have followed his career for three years now, and I liked what he has done so far. Mc Gaza told me on Twitter that the song is a bomb that speaks about his career with rap and the struggle that comes with it.

Now he seems to have stepped up his rap game and took on a new character. He is still spitting lyrics and breath fire. But many in Gaza do not get what Mc Gaza is trying to do with this art form. He does get tons of hate and attacks yet he is still out making new records and channeling his rage. Even the title does not allow any room for guessing.....

I do not know how to feel, I like the sounds for sure, the music and the sampling is sweet. But those fighting words are coming from a place of hurt. Mc Gaza is connecting with many youths in Gaza and in Palestine, so the Norwegian government is collaborating with him to get him out there and allow him to inspire more.    

MC GAZA - صار واجب الدعس Time to Fu*k ( Disrespecting Video Clip )

Lyrics : MC GAZA
Beat : Black East
Mixing and Mastering : Medo Salem
Camera Man : Abdullah Alalawi - Ramadan Alagha
Edited and GFX : Mohammed T Yaghi
Directed : MC GAZA
Special Thanks to : Sameh barghouth - Omar Elemawi

Monday, August 17, 2015

Egypt's Most Serious Rapper @ZAPtharwatAXEER Inspires Youth

The internet in Egypt and many parts of Arabia loves a rapper that goes by the name  Zap Tharwat. He is an indie recording-artist who sells huge concert venues--he still have to get permit from the authorities. But when he is given a venue he packs it all the way.

He is such a great talent who does have his way with lyrics and beats. He is like a street poet for the young people. He is also freaking fit, so it makes sense for him to record music videos for each of his songs. This once he features a local vocalist Salama Gasser who opens up the song about dreaming bit and loving oneself. I like all the cool things recorded for the music video that shows the things youth like to do.

Zap Tharwat has done well for himself and he still live in Egypt, thought he is one of the million frustrated youths. He still manages to hold on to hope and inspire others. The thing you will appreciate about Zap is that he makes broad themes that can be about anything in life. If sports is your thing, then his songs speak to you. If politics is your thing, he will connect with you....and such.     
@AxeerStudio | Zap Tharwat Ft. Salma Gasser - Woshosh | زاب ثروت وسلمى جاسر - وشوش

Balkis Ahmed The Yemni Life of the Party!

Many of the great voices in Saudi Arabia came from Yemen. Belkis Ahmed is no different. She is the coolest pop star in the Gulf region and she rules on the social media where she shows the real person, a proud women with a lot of smart things to say. I know I like her voice and style, she is so young yet so talented.

She is a stable of concerts and music festivals. And her exotic look speaks volumes of the good looks to be found in Yemen where Africa, meets Arabia, meets Asia....creating a beautiful population despite the harsh lifestyle

Belkis has a very sweet tangy voice that can bring you to tears if the lyrics are right. She has moves and a style that creates jealousy. I know she has a good advisor in her composer father, but her image is something that allows her to make music videos and stun people with the different looks she can pull. Here's one of her live performances for the ages.

بلقيس - بسك عناد

Waleed Al Shami Takes A Fresh Approach In - Ana Asli

Iraqi hit-maker Waleed Al Shami is considered one of the busiest musicians in the Khaleej. The composer/singer is always in the studio working on something big. To his credit, he is a very popular guy who keeps people guessing as of what he will do next. He makes tons of music videos, singles and albums. But he also gives new material to other singers he likes to work with.

Waleed is a personal song where he talks a lot about himself in such a simple and down to earth. He says I make mistakes and have guilt but somehow find my way back. "I am for real", "I am authentic" is the title he went with for this song. He also features tons of social media and bookmarking. He shares tons of pictures about him and about other individuals and events.

I like the closeup to his face, he does look good. I hope he is for real, I like what I hear and I want it to be true. More artists ought to do this songs where they are digging deep and giving themselves an assessment of their life. He speaks about being generous, this is great. Another creative thing, the team behind the song were shared toward the end of the song, with their various social media accounts, viewers then were encouraged to follow them.
Waleed Al Shami - Ana Asli - Video Clip | وليد الشامي - أنا أصلي - فيديو كليب

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Abdel Halim Hafez's Last Recroded Phone Call

The Egyptian radio has a phone call on the record for Abdel Halim Hafez where he called from his hospital bed here in Washington according to the story I read. But the beloved hit-maker and romantic treasurer was undergoing treatment for Bilharzia in King's College Hospital, London.

You hear him say he was returning to Egypt in ten days, he sounded upbeat and excited. "I am well, and good" The call shed some light on the details of his treatment where he was getting injections at 5 Am and other treatments, he kept to the hospital and walked around. This was the day of the Eid and they called to wish him well.

اخر مكالمة لعبد الحليم حافظ قبل وفاته مع الاذاعة المصرية

مصر الجديدة - أخر مكالمة للعندليب عبد الحليم حافظ قبل وفاته ورحيل الإعلامى الكبير وجدى الحكيم

The Amazing Latifa Does A Music Video For A Cheerful World (Video) @latisol

Iconic Tunisian pop diva Latifa is out with a new promo for an upcoming music video that feels so outdoors perfect. I like the casual feel and the laid back outfit Latifa sports around. She gets to ride on a bike and make it look easy. I asked Roa to watch the promo with me to tell me what she thinks and she was sold. She loved Latifa too. She looks youthful, relaxed and natural. But the song is a winner, we  have heard it in her last album and liked the beat.

We loved the flowers, that drum, and that wedding, the doves and everything else. I think Latifa has a winner here, the music video is about her and about other people, not some model who looks handsome. It's a bout a woman who wants to enjoy life and appreciate the little things like smelling floors. Those butterfly are spectacular...this is music video for those who are happy or those who like to be such.

Latifa - Ya Hayati Teaser 2 | 2 لطيفة - إعلان تشويقي يا حياتي أنا جانبك

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Egyptian Beach Party Club M (Video)

No doubt about the fact that the people of Egypt are the life of the party, they like to dance, sing and be together. And they have awesome beaches so things this summer an every summer are always about the party. you just have to have enough money.

One of the hottest rising pop artists Mostafa Hagag just had a big party on the beach somewhere in Club M and things looked good for this hip artists as droves of young people came out to dance to his beat. Naturally, there are tons of guys trying to dance with ladies. Mostafa was not singing live, he was just acting like he was. It's all on tape, and he was just interacting with the fans.

I think people had to pay a ticket to be there and order a drink or two to kick off the party. They may not be able to assemble to protest, but they would let them assemble to grind on each other. That's something the military approved of and will provide security for. But God forbids, these dancing folks want to express their opinions, they will be going to hell in fast car.
مصطفي حجاج - يا منعنع من حفلة الساحل ( Club M)

مصطفي حجاج الوجع كاملة من حفلة الساحل الشمالي (Club M)

Friday, August 14, 2015

The One And Only Youssef Hareb Speaks!

Youssef Hareb is the pimp for Arab stars in North America, he is the guy you go to if you want to invest a bunch of money and throw a concert or even a tour, you call Mr. Hareb. He is the big name in tour promotion and production. He is the guy who makes it happen.

To be honest, I had no idea how he looked. I thought he was an old guy, but I just got to see him speak for an interview about his cruise with the stars. This is a fmaous thing Youssef Hared has been doing, book half a dozen Arab celebrties and get them to be on board for few days. They artists would sing and the folks would buy tickets on these cruises to rub elbows with their favorite idols and party.

For a decade now and this name has been the go to guy who puts together the biggest concerts and tours. See him speak, he is a soft-spoken and so humble. He seems to be keen on friendship more than business, and he values his 28 years of service to Arab pop stars. I like him and it's refreshing to see some big celebrity who speaks like the common people do. No wonder why so many artists like to work with him.

 Wasn't there a rumor he was married to Najwa Karam for a blink of an eye.
يوسف حرب | رحلة جديدة مع اهم نجوم الوطن العربي | Youssef Hareb

The Verstile Karim Mohsen Gets Married And Serenades His Bride

Few weeks ago, the lovable and talented musician Karim Mohsen got married to the lady of his dreams. He had a wedding party and many of his singer friends joined him and sang for him on their special day. Karim seems like a great guy and fun to sit with and see work. I like him a lot and love his songs and his compositions.

So since he has happy man, Karim released a romantic song to celebrate the happy occasion and being a husband. A song about the days of our lives. It's a clever song written in the first person from a guy in love declaring his love for his better half. Karim channels the sweetest version of himself for this song documenting his journey that eventually led him to meet his lovely bride.

It's a song about dreams. I like it because it comes with happy news. Had this song been released without Karim's wedding news or without knowing that it's addressed to real person, I may not have appreciated the way I do.

In other news, Karim Mohsen seems to be also working on an album project with the very proud title "I am Arab". I think this will be a timely album as more and more in Egypt are walking away form their connection to Arabs
Maret Ayam - Karim Mohsen مرت ايام - كريم محسن

الموزع الموسيقى : محمد شفيق
▶ Lyrics: Hesham Sadeq كلمات: هشام صادق
▶ Composition: Hossam Albejermy الحان : حسام البيجيرمى
▶ Music Arrangement: Mohammed Shafik

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hisham El Hajj, The Real All-Lebanese Singer

One of the most underrated vocalist in Lebanon is none other than Hisham El Hajj. He is a grown up whose very Lebanese songs appeal the Lebanese living in the diaspora. This is why it surprises no one that he travels the world performing for thousands of his country men living abroad. He is the authntic voice they need. That means, he is not about doing what's popular or what the radio wants, but in stead making original songs that feel unique and genuine.

Hisham's formula is about the Lebanese Mawal. To allow his fans to soak in and then launch into the upbeat dance material. Something is exciting about Hisham, the artist who have been making music for a decade or so.  His songs sound like they come the 80s, a more real time that required raw talent and less image and show. 
Hisham El Hajj - Layli w Laylat [Lyric Video] / هشام الحاج - ليلي وليلات

Ismail Mubarak, The Good Sweet Boy Of Khaleeji Music @ismaeel_mubarak

Ismail Mubarak is a raising Saudi singer who performs under the Rotana music label. He happens of be one of my all-time favorite young artists from Khaleej. He is a romantic singer who sings his heart out and best yet his Arabic is accessible and music is friendly to the ear. Too many artists in that corner of Arabia make just noise and loosely assembled lyrics or rich lyrics and music that puts one's ears to sleep.

Ismail Mubarak is not the first singer to find the balance. At least in the song below "Keda Al Donya ", I am sold on him and appreciate his talent. One telling incident that made me appreciate him, is in Kuwait when he had a big concert planned accompanied by a live orchestra in 2014. When the promoter asked him to do away with the live orchestra and lip sync instead--as not to sing live. Ismail who respects his fans refused and canceled. He would not want to do a lame show, he likes to give people a show, not act as if he is singing.  
Ismail Mubarak ... Keda Al Donya - Video Clip | اسماعيل مبارك ... كده الدنيا - فيديو كليب

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The New Hamaki Album Arrives...It Deserves Five Stars!

15 full tracks of pop songs from all the best craftsmen working in Egyptian music industry. Why? Because one Hamaki is nice guy, people like to work with him. He is a savvy singer who makes anything better. And third he can afford them. "Omroh Ma Yeghib" is something to be proud of. Take for example hip lyricist Amir Teima he has six tracks with Hamaki, that's a strong duo. I wanted this album to be a perfect one and Hamaki did not disappoint. He took his time and gave anyone who listens to music--not just Arabic pop a reason to smile.

You will certainly, get your money's worth! 15 awesome fresh tracks that offer emotional complexity, joy, dance tears, breakup, happy ending, and sand ones. Here are all the tracks on Hamaki's album, you can enjoy them here. This serves as his seventh album to date and though his albums would usually have 10 to 12 songs. This album is a bit more generous.

I will be able to give a better review tomorrow, but this could not wait. Nogoom Records may not have many stars, but Hamaki is their alpha artist. Not many artist can produce an album with 15 tracks, Hamaki just did and perhaps the release date is far form ideal, it's still summer and Hamaki wants to be at you party and with you when you cry yourself to bed.

I just been listening to the album on my way to work and to be frank, this is some of the best pop music Egypt has given us in a really long time. The music is awesome, not just noise made by monkeys with a computer. Hamaki curated a perfect album and each of these 15 songs is a gem. Not a bad song. Sure, some of them are more exciting than others, but even the weak songs are still amazing. Hamaki is removing the completion here and owning the market, he made a good album which will place him to be the next big thing in Arabic pop. Expect to see Hamaki everywhere in the next few months.

Enjoy them all here
01.Agmal Youm
02.Ana Serraha
03.Baedna Leh
04.El Ghaly Nasiny
05.Elly Ekhtaroh Albi
06.Enta Habibi
07.Kan We Kan
08.Kanet Henak
09.Ma Balash
12.Nesmet Shouq
13.Omroh Ma Yeghib
14.Saber Ala Hali
15.Yally Zaalan

Hamaki - Agmal Youm / حماقي - أجمل يوم

The Syrian Jasmine, Sarah Farah Returns With A New Song @SarahFarahORG

Few years ago, a Syrian vocalist was born on Star Academy, and she almost won the title for that 8th season. She did not end up winning the title but Sarah Farah will go one to be one of the most exciting and resourceful young vocalists.

She did release  half a dozen singles and they have all met success in varying proportions. Now comes her debut music video and an impressive new look and a new character that we meet for the first time. She is doing that rich Syriam Tarab, and it's rich. The song and its music video work well.

I consider myself a fan of this vocalist and I have just liked her even more. Sarah works with a new team and it shows in her energy and the material she is working with. It's becoming harder for young talents to get new work, Sarah made her own path and she seems to have found an outlet.

In Syria they seem not to let bad artists have a chance, if you come out of Syria, you must be worthy and decent. Sarah Farah is good and now she is just getting better with this new track...."YaShaqiq Elroo7" My Soul Twin
جديد فيديو كليب ياسمينة الشام سارة فرح ياشقيق الروح New Video Clip Sarah Farah YaShaqiq Elroo7

The Firefighter Turned Singer Ghady Is On Fire! @Ghadystar

Even though went to music school and studied with the finest music instructors in Lebanon, he chose to be a firefighter. As a good Lebanese he also joined the army and once he finished his service he went back to put out fires. All that changed in 2004 when he released his first single and music video. Then came his album in 2005 and the rest is history.

Ghady is now back with a new music video and does he look fine? Ghady seems like a good sport about his life and his love. I like his style and his voice, He sounds like your college friend who has a good voice. Here's one of the most emotionally riveting songs you will hear this week.

I like its simplicity in lyrics, music and location. Ghady cruises through the song with low energy and then it keeps going at the same rate. This is a song for those who like to mope and feel sorry for themselves.
Ghady - Kent Msada' | غدي - كنت مصدق

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WATCH This! Hamaki - Agmal Youm At His Best

This is what I call good pop from a real good guy who has all of sudden agreed to be cooler without looking like he is trying too hard. This marks the return of the pre-2011 Hamaki. The one who did different songs only did it better. I felt for the best years he has been doing same club mix crap everyone is doing.

The head song or the lead hit is been on a music video and it's so dancey, so fresh and sounds like a pop song even those who know little or no Arabic can find it neat. He is looking like a star who wants to dominate your summer playlist. He is back to the spot where sweet meets upbeat. I bet many will be happy for him in this track. This is closer to the Western pop music standards, but it is the right shade and in the right dose. Hamaki even manages to squeeze a little bit of him dancing.

The missing is just right on this song, the production value shows some real money. The team who helped Hamaki with this song should take a well-deserved vacation. The talent behind the music video did their job just right. I only this will be kicking around the radio for a long time. It's a party song and it works.

Let's hope the best for the new album.

Hamaki - Agmal Youm / حماقي - أجمل يوم

BREAKING: Famous Egyptian Actor Nour El Sherif Dead At 69

The legendary actor died around midday Tuesday after suffering from a series of health issues.
Nour Sherif’s funeral will take place at the Shorta Mosque at the 6th October City on Wednesday.
In February, Nour travelled to London to be treated for severe foot pain, which forced him to seek immediate medical attention. Reports confirm that back in February, the ailing actor traveled to London where he was said to be getting treated for severe foot pain due to a lack of blood flow to his limb. But after medical exams, he discovered some health issues with his lungs which led the actor to quit smoking.

Nour El-Sherif was born in Cairo’s working-class neighborhood of Sayeda Zainab in 1946.
Born as Mohamad Geber Mohamad Abd Allah, Nour El-Sherif was married to Egyptian actress
Poussi and together they had two daughters, Sarah and Mai. His last movie came out last year. "Cairo Time"

Reactions for his sudden death are buzzing on the internet, here's a sample. His real name was Mohamed Jabir Mohamed Abdallah but the world knows him as Nour El Sherif.

"Nour El-Sherif "

The Lovely Yara Goes To War With Resourceful Jad Shwery @yara_lb @JadShwery

Yara strikes me as a sweet person inside out. She comes across as that delicate butterfly with a big heart. She also works like a busy bee and constantly releasing new songs in various dialects. Here's her latest single and it's in that dialect she has perfected---Khaleejy. Un der the direction of Jad Shwery all things are possible.

Yara has never done anything to take away form her being a classy lady who only does classy songs and looks. I like the music video for her "Sah BtadenaThe storyboard is about love caught in the midst of war. Believable acting and great lyrics wrap the song. Memories of war haunt those who wage it, inside some what looks like a historic palace Yara is awaiting the return of her loved one.

Are we not sick of carnage yet? I think we all are. Yara sounds refined here and the story seems too real. Again, Jad Shwery does a magical trick and show that he too can transform his career. He is no longer the guy to do raunchy music videos. He is still doing sexy work but with class, grace and good-taste. This is a perfect paring between Yara and Jad, together they brought out the fireworks.

Yara is one of the very few select members of those non Khaleejy artists who have actually enriched that regions' music by adding to it not just cashing a check. Enjoy this collaboration....   
Yara - Sah Btadena [Music Video] - يارا - صح ابتدينا

Monday, August 10, 2015

Songstress Shiraz @ShirazLb Dominates Lebanese Music Chart @LifeStylezst (Video)

Shiraz, I just like to say the name. And now we get to this this Lebanese songstress in as big budget music video that is somehow refreshing. I love how the song kicks off. Her new song "Kif Badak 3ani Tghib"  starts like a battle scene does. And wait for it, there is a real battle brewing. Battle of the sexes. Or is it dance battle? Still cool!

Two minutes later into the music video and we hear Shiraz sing it. The song is about not wanting to be apart from the one you love. No shame in that, I like the sets, the amazing images captured by Fadi Haddad. I like the song, Shiraz sounds just about right.

The song sounds a lot like many in Eastern European tradition. The song has already claimed the number one spot on many Lebanese radio hits and charts. Not too many new comers get to do that especially not in a very crowded music scene in a place like Lebanon. I think the music has a lot to do with it, and the production yes. But Shiraz is her own star and people are helpless against young, beautiful, talented, stylish and convincing women.     
شيراز | كيف بدك عني تغيب | (Shiraz | Kif Badak 3ani Tghib (Music Video

The Freind Zone! A Stunning New Song By Nesma Mahgoub @Nesmahgoub

Sure she has a tried and trued opera grade vocal chords. This is Egyptian Nesma Mahgoub prime time, moment under the sun. After a nice and complete image makeover, Nesma Mahgoub is back with a new song that feels so bittersweet. A song about her falling in love with a guy who loves her like he would his sister. In Arabic that translates to the friend zone.

Seriously, the guy who dances like this must not like women. Nesma Mahgoub is content with the current state as long as they are close to one another. Then another girl enters the stage and things get tricky. She pictures herself in her place, not that other girl. So she choses to suffer in silence. Does she keep her distance and let the couple enjoy their life. Jealousy does ruin homes. Nesma Mahgoub shines here and delivers one of her finest songs to date and to be honest I like this new and bold Nesma Mahgoub.

They don't make such emotional deep and complex songs like this anymore. This is a classy song that reminds me of an innocent era. Well-done Nesma, you play a nice piano, you dance like a butterfly and your voice make the Arabic version of Frozen much warmer.

Nesma Mahgoub Hob Ekhwat | نسمة محجوب - حب اخوات

This Week's Top Ten Music Videos (Video)

Rotana just revealed their top ten lists for most popular music videos released by them this week. It's an assorted list for all the best selling pop stars for this week.

  1. Lebanese Fares Karam is resting in the tenth spot
  2. Tunisian Shayma Hilali claimed the 9th spot.
  3. Iraqi Shatha Hassoun is at the 8th position
  4. Lebanese Wael Kfoury is comfortable in the 7th place.
  5. Lebanese Elissa has dibs on the 6th list. She has been on the list foe very long.  
  6. Lebanese Nawaj Karam claimed the fifth spot on the list and she dazzles.
  7. Moroccan Donia Batma is on the fourth place. 
  8. Egyptian Amr Diab is rightfully comes in third place. 
  9. No clue who is in the second idea whatsoever. Aballah?
  10. Egyptian Randa Samaha is crying about something that got her in the first spot. I guess, she beat all the top po stars.
نتائج تصويت وترتيب | TOP10 - هذا الاسبوع