Thursday, December 30, 2010

Marwa Nasr From Egypt She Comes

Here are three pictures for Egyptian new comer Marwa Nasir, she might be Egypt's youngest star, she is not short on talent, and defiantly not short on looks, here are few pictures taken for the singer during 2010 as she seemed to strike big this year and increase her visibility in concerts and music videos. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on the Alexandria church in Egypt, Marwa was the first to released a full song to condemn those attacks and asks for unity. She was a voice of reason and a pretty face. Marwa is worthy to be a big star from a country of the size and complexity of Egypt.

You can see a different shade of Marwa's style and looks

Sandy Covers Barawa Well

Arab pop singers have always tried to do cover for the classics of Arabia music in an effort to beef up their resume and tell you, "I got what it takes..." Some pop singers succeeded and their covers of classics, other flop. Nancy Ajram three years ago surprised everyone with her take on a number of classics of Abdel Halim, and Oum Kalthoum in her Awel Marah album. Those who failed in their attempt to showcase their voice and their skills in covering the songs that everyone memorizes know themselves.

Few years ago I got an opportunity to get to hear Sandy's voice take on Barawa, the popular song by Najat Al Sageirah from one of her movies, "Watch here" I was pleased with the cover and I think those who know the song will be comfortable with this Sandy cover of this classic. I am talking about your parents, they know this song by heart.

For Sandy, the new comer to perform this song live tells of her late and mostly successful attempts to break into the serious singing business, and not just be a pop princess that will be forgotten.

Sandy Egyptian Singer ~ Barawa Live (Najat) Hassal Kheir & Eyak

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doha Sings for Lebanon

I love Najwa Karam take on Egyptian artists, she was furious, and has every right to be so. She does not want to sing in Egyptian until they do...this is not too hard to understand. Yara was there too, as of right now she is the most popular non Gulf citizen singer and of course no one does Gulf songs like she just did.

Here few bits and sound bites from those press conferences held by each of the stars at Doha.

  1. Melhim Barakat, thinks George Wassouf lost his voice, his best asset. He also thinks that there is no real musicians nowadays, they all repeat musical sentences, same old ones. He also thinks that Lebanon does not take care of its own stars. He states that when a Lebanese entertainer gets sick, Syria steps up the treats them.
  2. Najwa Karam, says she loves Egypt, but she won't sing in that country's dialect because of the elitism of Egyptian entertainers who make no effort in singing in the Lebanese dialect. She also said no one ever picks on Gulf singers for not singing in Egyptian, but all love to pick on the Lebanese.
  3. Other Lebanese favorite took art of this event, Melhim Zain, Ayman Zabeeb, and Tony Hanna entertainer and represented their beloved country.

Doha Arabic Music Festival 2010

Elissa Rocks Doha Song Song at a Time

The stage was fascinating, the dress was captivating, the band was top class, she knows what she is doing. Elissa was in Qatar few days ago and she did not disappoint. You can tell when the star is getting paid a lot of money for a concert. It really shows on their faces and it reflects on their performance. Of course Elissa was never a rock star when it came to concert, her voice gotten better on live performances and she acknowledged that on a number of occasions.

The filming of the concert is one of the finest photography I have seen in a concert in some time. The way the camera moves on the stage, the way its advantage of the light and colors makes me glad to watch the concert on my computer screen, as I am sure I would see a lot more than the ones watching it live.

Here are few of the songs she performed that night to the hungry fans in Doha, the city that brings people from all nationalities, creeds and walks of life. Chances are you met those types in Elissa's concert.

Elissa Doha Music Festival 2010 Concert Betmoun 2010 Live اليسا

Elissa Masdouma Doha Music Festival 2010 Concert WITH LYRICS Live اليسا

Elissa Tsadaq Bmein Doha Music Festival 2010 Concert اليسا

Elissa Law Feye Doha Music Festival 2010 Concert 2010 WITH LYRICS Live اليسا

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Menna Fidaly Got Hitched

Menna Fidaly, the Egyptian young actress just got hitched to some musician dude. This usually won't be headlines but it is so for one simple reason. This dude is Adel Haqi, he is known for his musicals arrangement.

Menna Fidaly had a birthday two months ago, at this birthday party some took pictures of the young and unassuming actress. Needless to say those pictures wore of her dancing and wearing what some considers racy outfits. Since there were dozens of celebrities at that birthday bash, people talked.

Since this is still the Middle East those pictures were aired and people were calling it a scandal, some celebrities and soccer players attending distant themselves from the young actress, some even insulted her. Poor girl the guys danced at her party and when it became news all acted like she was a slut and they were on higher moral grounds...not so classy.

See the entire engagement party, interviews with celebrities, see the starlet dance and some bands sing and enjoy this happy occasion.

حفل خطوبة منة فضالى (كامل)

Songs for Victim of the bombing in Alexandria

Amr Mostafa, the Egyptian musician turned singer released a mini song in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the Alexandria Church. It's a sad song about those criminal acts against the people of Egypt. It's a touching song by this young talented composer.

It took him less than 12 hours to release this mini song that speaks volume of what moved him and what moves a country of the size of Egypt. The lyrics are in Arabic here. It's about how religion has nothing to do with it and how those committed the crimes are of no religion.

وقال الفنان المصرى عمرو مصطفى فى أغنيته..
فى شرع مين؟.. وبحق مين
نقتل ونقوم فتنة تشوه صورة ناس عايشين.. مع بعض سنين
مش بنى آدمين.. ولا مصريين
ولا ليهم دين ولاملة ولا بسهولة حد يفرق مصريين


Syrian hip singer Samo Zain who is a household name in Egypt took the time and voiced this touching song for Egypt at this tough time in the wake of the bombming of the Alexandria Church. This is song that's comforting for the soul and uplift the spirit, the kind that brings people together titled in Arabic Kolen Masreen "We Are All Egyptians"

كليب سامو زين - مسلم ومسيحى كلنا مصريين

Bushra Stands up for Women

Bushra is the hardest working Egyptian women in the business. She cares, she rocks and she can act. Boushra was not satisfied with a great album last year where she filmed three music videos and all were wonderful addition to her career. In the same year she had three movies to her credit, and a tv show. She is about the only Egyptian actresses to feature a Hijab wearing "Muhajabah" in her movies. She does it with grace and charm. She is now tacking perhaps one of the most serious challenge Egyptian women face of this time, personal safety and dignity on public transportation.

Her song Mitgenanah is about the plight of women and the struggle they have to go through as of the expectations and the standards they have to abide by are much higher those of men. The song is to play on Arabic TV in an effort to promote the new movie 678 about sexual harassment in Egypt's public transportation. Bushra got in so much trouble for her bold movie, of course there is a strong supporting cast, but she seems to have taken upon herself defending the film amidst accusation of harming the image of Egypt in public.

the music video is simple, plays like a tabloid that cover women, as in Boushra's dress, anything a woman does will be on the news as to shame them. For mothers, daughters and women all over the Arab world and beyond comes this song about the state of women and injustice all around. The song is not too harsh, nor too distributing, it leaves on a positive note. She is Egypt in that sense, that's easy when your name is Bushra Arabic for the good news.

Bushra - Metgannenah / بشرى - متجننة

Monday, December 27, 2010

Waed Wants to Dress You Up

Wa'ad, the singer from the Gulf (Saudi Arabia) has now turned into a business woman now, she says that to her singing has always been a hobby, and now she. Last week she opened her boutique in Beirut, Lebanon selling casual and trendy lines of women clothes. Opening its doors on December 17th, 2010 and hopping to get some of your fashion business.

when it comes to music, Wa'ad has never made it to the A list, she has a number of followers in the Gulf region and they enjoy her style of singing, but she has not established herself as a star outside the Gulf region. She did some music videos in Lebanon, but not a household name there. She is one of the darker stars on the Arabic music scene, she enjoys a good deal of beauty.

In the interview see Wa'ad talk about her love for fashion and how she likes to modify dresses to make it a bit like her persona. Of course women love fashion, Wa'ad does not shy away saying it....I am glad to see the starlet takes what seems like a step in the right direction. Just like American entertainers "mostly rappers", they have a fashion line that speaks of their persona and style. Let's see how this one plays.

افتتاح بوتيك الفنانة وعد في بيروت wa3ad wead wa'ad Opens a Beirut Boutique

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rap in Arabic, Harder to Understand

Not trying to be a weirdo or anything, but I have no idea what this song is's in Arabic, it's angry, and it's rap and it makes no sense to me. I know it was hard for me to make out what those Americans rappers used to say...but I got over that.

La3arabe, the rapper from the Maghrib "Tanger", I can only Hukoomah, Sysasah, Sha'ab "Government, politics, and people", I only wish I could understand more words maybe then I can enjoy this song and make sense of what message the artist wanted to share with us.

Few months ago, we wrote a post on him and we actually enjoyed his voice and his style, this time he went and got a feature from Mojahid, which I can only assume to be a rapper from the same place La3rabe comes from. On a good note, I like the album cover or promo picture the rappers took, they are tough alright, like those straight from the streets of LA.

KaCheLa - L3arbé & Mojahid - Cha3b wel7okoma - CinZik.Com

Kathem Al Saher, The Arabian Caesar is Back

Many have wrote him off as a has been, a star of the past, a one trick pony of sort. And that has been the way it is for the past 10 years. Critics and haters pile on Kathem Al Saher and yet each time he sings he wins and they lose. The Iraqi legendary musicians and singer has been number one in his style of music. He has enrich Arabic music, and his influence on Arabic music is well established. Not only is he a capable musician, and a renowned singer, he is also a master story teller. He is well known beyond Arabia. And he has worked in Oscar nominated films like My Country My Country.

For me, no one can tell a love story as Kathem can and no one can deliver it as eloquently as he is able to do so often. No one in Arabia can write tales about the pains of being in love as Kathim can. It seems that no one is capable of being a better lover that the star himself. He brought back great songs in his album of 2009 "Al Rasim Bil Kalimat" and he has made nice with all his fans by offering them a healthy dose of Iraqi songs, Nizar Qabbani songs and Kathem proper songs.

But a year is eternity and in the first day on 2011, and out of no where comes a gem from this restless singer, Habibaty Marat Ala Bali "A Thought of my lover hit me", a poetic song and a showcase of Gulf music produced by Fayez Al Said, the Arabia ambassador of love musical compositions. It's such a pleasant surprise, it's a song that will be around for a while because it offered the best of lyrics and the brightest of musical notes. This song will be especially appreciated by the singers fans in the Gulf whom he has love/hate relations due to his nationality maybe, maybe jealousy is to blame.

The music video happens to be a delight, and Kathim Al Saher looks fine, he puts all those young singers to shame as he is rocking a youthful look and a well built man stands there and pours his heart to you. He still have his charm and delivery that he had since his early career. He is a legend and this is how he will always be.

كليب القيصر كاظم الساهر حبيبتي مرت على بالي جوده عاليه

Myriam Brought to You By Deceased Yehya Saade

Two years ago Myriam Fares figured it our, she had a wonderful hit song that was different than all her previous pop Lebanese and Egyptian songs. It was her first attempt on singing Gulf dialect song. Moukanoh Wein was an instant hit and its music video was though conversational wonderful, that's what you would expect from recently deceased famed music video director Yehya Saade. Her latest is also the product of Yehya Saade who is reaching from his grave to give us this music video where the deceased director's fascination with lights and colors lives on. Orange seems to be the color of this music video.

This week Myriam is back with another Gulf dialect song, Khallani . Not sure if this song will be a hit in the Arab world. I do not doubt that the Gulf music fans might find is good. But I do not believe this song will appeal to anyone outside that region. It's a good song, but it's not that catchy, the music sounds tired. But Myriam still knows how to dance.

So if you are looking for dazzling outfits, good fashion and a hint of gulf symbols and good dance moves, you are in luck. It plays like a party in the court of some princess where various entertainers occupy the screen with their talent, good looks and all playing backstage support to the starlet who is working to appeal to her lover who abandoned her.

Myriam Fares - Khallani / ميريام فارس - خلاني

Saturday, December 25, 2010

S'ad Ramadan A Lebanese Ladies Man

Here is a new singer that has tons of respect for listers of Arabic music. His style is the traditional Lebanese style of Debka and of pop. He has a good voice and also enjoys the good looks. The premise of the music video is kinda of sexist, as the guys seems to able get all the women he wants...and all of them want to please him.

There is some good fashion, some good dance moves, but the lyrics of the song are the best part of it...the music is good and suits the song well. Jealousy is the theme of the music video. Jack of all trades is the title of the song as the S'ad addresses his ex and telling her what guys tell all their ex' not make things worse, there is a better fish in the sea.

The surprise is that this singer was able to get a music video for his song and he seems to have been able to get Rotana, the powerhouse music production company behind him. S'ad is another Lebanese playboy in the fashion of Joe Ashkar. I do enjoy his voice and I think if nothing works well, he can always open up for a greater act.

كليب سعد رمضان - مسبع الكارات S'ad Ramadan Msbi'e Al karat

Mashael, A Saudi Arabia Pop Princess

I found out about Mashael, (a young singer from the gulf) about two years ago when she released her album. I did not really think much of it until I gave the album a listen. I was a fan the moment I heard her Ahda and Aghla Hob, I knew we have a winner and we have a first rate Gulf singer whose appeal is not limited to the mother region, and she can cross borders with her voice and soft and relaxed style of sining.

In so many ways Mashael is like the American phenomenal singer Taylor Swift, they are both young, they are both masters of break up songs, they are both charismatic, and both are good looking. Masgael is a Saudi, making her even a bigger star as it takes a lot of courage to be a female singer from that country, it's tough, but here comes Mashael. She can even do pop just like her peers in Egypt and Lebanon, hear her OK she has the voice for it.

But her best known sstyle is the Gulf style music, she covers it like no other female did in few years. I know there are many singers who can deliver a Gulf dialect song, but almost none of them is from that region. You have Ahlam form the UAE, Nawal from Kuwait, Arwa from Yemen, and now Mashael from Saudi Arabia. I am excited from Mashael's new album and I have a feeling it will be good. Here is the music video for Almasayeb, a hit song from the album.

مشاعل - المصايب | Mashael - Almasayeb

Rida Sadeeq, the Unabomber Music Video

So I have no idea who Rida Sadeeq is, and that should not be a surprising fact. We cannot keep track of the new singers and wannabes in this really crowded world of Arab entertainment. He's just released his first album this year and now comes the music video to promote that album. He spend the bulk of the music video being in disguise, like I really have to do this music video, but I do not want you guys to know who I am.

Wearing a hoodie, a huge sun glasses that work to block his identity like those guys who break into stores and rob them form their hard earned money. He is a little big man chasing/stalking a very skinny girl around town. He really wears more than one hoodie and nothing by those things. Why is he bald or something?

His voice is not that unique, his looks are not the best, and his sense of fashion sort of does not exist at this point. There is not much of a storyboard for the music video, just people walking around, taxis and cars in the streets. I do like that Rida was confident enough to make this music video. I wish the song was more upbeat, it actually can be since the lyrcis are light and have some natural music.

كليب رضا صديق - ودى تيجى Rida Sadeeq We De Tiggy

Samo Zain Got Some Music 4 U

Syrian pop star Samo Zain had a tough year...his album was a hit, people loved it and he looked good doing his music. Until someone started rumors about Samo Zain's music video promoting homosexuality. Then Samo Zain lost it and threatened to retire as his dignity and honor are now under assault. He survived that, went back to Syria for a vist and he did well there.

Now is gearing up for his a new album "In Love" which he will released in Valentine day, he also said he will get engaged then too. So in less than 8 months the Arabian star will give us two albums. I loved his album, at least five songs on it are worth the entire album. I name Maliksh Da'awa Beya, Fayek We Rayek, Al Kalam Aliek. Samo Zain never disappoints his fans as his formula is simple. Three really good dance songs, some serious break heart songs. I guess he does those two styles like any other can party to his songs and you can kick back on your bed crying.

BUT, his music video, the second one from his album that came out in August 2010 does disappoint. The idea of it is very old, we have seen it a million time. A cool guy stalking a gorgeous girl and doing all the fun things while she just plays cute. He still has his charm , sense of humor, and energy. I like his goofy dances, and his style, but I think he should have went with a different director just this time. And maybe, maybe do some cardio or running to drop few pounds.

سامو زين - بتمثل على مين Samo Zain Bitmathil Ala Meen

Friday, December 24, 2010

Walid Toufic, Our Paul McCartney

He has never been a rocker, but he has been affiliated with great music, a nice persona, and loved and respected by pretty much everyone. Walid continues to do it for the love of the music and the art itself. His album this year was worthy of his long career that started in 1973. He has appeared in a dozen of commercially successful movies, but his voice has always been his brand.

He has 20 albums under his belt and both women and men love him for music music and his charisma. He has one of the longest and happiest marriages in the entertainment world. He has been a driving force in making Beirut the music capital it's now days.

Last great song from him came in 2003, and then everything he did up to 2010 was forgettable, but not his album of this year. It's was a treat and even those who have called on Walid Toufic to quit has taken a humble pie and enjoyed his album that has many offerings to all musical tastes. Here is the music video for Ma Ba'ref Sho Bady, a mellow song on his album that shows he still got his groove and charm and smile.

Walid Toufic - Ma Ba'ref Sho Bady / وليد توفيق - ما بعرف شو بدى

Sandy Second Edition is Here

Go now, head to your nearest music store and take out some money form your wallet, pay the sales associate and take a copy of Sandy's new mini album with you home because you won't be disappointed. Because the album picture is worth it, because she wants to deliver you a dose of pop songs like they do it here in America.

At five songs

01. Ad El Tahadi (Instrumental), the music is good, it puts you in the mode feels good for a mini album as nowadays the instrumental version is as important is the vocal one.
02.Ad El Tahadi she does not care anymore, she is all grown up and ready to live her life to the fullest and those who do not like it should zip it. I must say it feels like Angham did this song before.
03.El Helm (Remix)the treat of this album is this previously leaked song, the lyrics are good and the music is upbeat.
04.El Helm the lyrics are here, the music is a good house mix, for dance, parties and for the broken heart. It's for sure the most original song on the album and it will push the starlet career few steps ahead of her peers.
05.Hasal Kheir the best vocals on this mini album, you get to see Sandy hold some serious notes and deliver them with emotions and approriapte level of charm and dark edgy character. Its music video served it well.

Ragheb Alama, The Persian Chapter

2010 is the year Ragheb Alama, his album marked a good comeback for him, of course it's not as huge as he might have anticipated, but this is 2010, everything is on the internet. This year he has released a duet with Shakira, and now he is performing with an Iranian singer whose voice is magical and looks are dangerous.

They both were in Taratata, a popular TV show where they host the stars and get them to answer questions and perform live for the in house audience. Just about all major Arab stars have stopped by this show and sat on the chair. Ragheb is no different, but I think he is the persona of a rock star, he is older, but that does not stock him for rocking it, and performing like he is 20 years old.

He is a charmer and you can see when he stands up to the mic, people listen because they know he won't disappoint. He does not out an average show, he puts a wonderful show each time. One thing that sits him apart from all those clowns who can sing, but can never impress you when they perform live.

تاراتاتا دويتو راغب علامة وليغا الايرانية

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sherine Abdelwahab Rings in the New Year

Sherine Abdelwahab is one of the best voices in the Arab worlds, she might be the best voice in Egypt right now, she says she is second to Angham (another good voice) she had a baby few months ago and ever since she has been working to lose some weight, she was advised to stay out of the light for now.

But she is now ready to kick off the new year and she looks great doing it too. I do not think her fans can afford not to see her becasue her voice and her delivery are second to none. Her grace and humility are also well known. She opens with a song for love of Egypt, it's hard to see someone with this charisma and charm. No one covers the classics as well as she does it and no one does pop as well as she does. So she have the best of both worlds. She sings every and each song of hers like it's the first she gives you your money worth. see the stars who line up to attend her performance.

I know this particular concert Sherine called it the comeback concert and she took an interest in all the details, she was there on the set every day making sure the stage and the sound check are not second to none. The only place this voice is going is up and to better places. I wish she comes to North America and dazzle the starved fans. I know she is a legend in the making and few years form now, when we talk to our friends and family we will say "We were there in her concert"

This was last year's...

شيرين عبد الوهاب حفل راس السنة 2010 Sherine Abdelwahab

Nancy Ajram Goes Back to Funny

Filmed few months ago and released this week, Nancy Ajram strikes again with Shiekh "Shaikh" Al Shabab, the music video has country feel. It opens with Nancy Ajram in a cute comfy outfit in front of TV and trying to learn some dance moves. Then a bunch of dudes dressed like in the 70s pop into town "think Dukes of Hazards" they take the town by storm as they dine and wine.

Then Nancy and her entourage start to chase them around town becasue those boys are cute, and things get more interesting as there are some swim suits involved. You will find pumpkins, a roaster, donkey, tons of folksy people, good cooking, a pawn and the rest is history.

It's cute music video and it suits the lyrics well, family friendly music video for change, I think Nancy and the director Laila Kanaan knew they wanted a a music video the entire family can enjoy and laugh at together. Some parts are comical, others are just fin for kids and high school girls.

It's great to see family entertainments still has place in music videos. A good light song from Nancy Ajram's N7 album final gets released. By the way in this music video Nancy goes back to her root of making funny music videos where she is the cute girl next door.

Nancy Ajram-Shaykh el Shabab|نانسي عجرم-شيخ الشباب

Rida Scroes Al Shouq Feature Song

Little known Lebanese singer (I thought he was Iraqi) known to many Arabic music fans just released his first song to be featured in a movie. the movie that his song will grace and help market is Alshouq "Lust", the much acclaimed Egyptian movie where actress Susan Bader won an award for best female performance. From the look of things, she really nailed that part and transformed herself into the role in such a powerful way.

Rida has a lot to gain by having his voice on the soundtrack promoting this controversial yet acclimated movie. He is not a household name, but he does have a lot of fans who tend to be older, Lebanse or just fans of his mostly dramatic songs. This song Raby Yi'awad will enter every Arab home and plays over and over again, making sure he gets new fans and for sure it will help be enter the Egyptian market who have not been listening to his music.

The song is not in Egyptian style, but it's very close to the words heard often in the street of Egypt as they go One more note about the movie, this movie seems like the one to remind many of us why serious Egyptian cinema is not dead and that there is room for independent feature like this one staring pop singer Ruby, and her sister in a breakout role.

Rida has just wrapped up working on his music album that has 15 songs, the work of two years with musicians, lyricists, and studio technicians, the workd of many A list Arab talents like Nizar Francis, and Dr. Nabil Khalaf, Sameer Sfeer, Ayman Bahjat Qamar and Waleed Saad, the renounced composer. the album "'Aysheen" should be out shortly.

Rida - Rabby Ye'awwad / رضا - ربي يعوض

Iraqi Klodia is What You Need

Klodia is the Iraqi answer to Haifa Waheb, Klodia is coming for you with her new album will you be ready? Will you be able to handle her Elwa2t Dah? "This time"

She is not short on the looks, she is not short on confidence, but does she have what it takes to be a pop icon? Here is what we know so far, the album will have six songs on it, the songs will be in both Egyptian and Iraqi dialects. three songs in each dialect. Melody music will produce her first album in the hopes to find the next big thing and it pays if this thing comes form Iraq.

The album will be released shorty in times of Christmas and the new year where Klodiai will co star a number of concerts including one with Arab Super Star Raghib Alameh, Lebanese heartthrob Ramy Ayach.

The reason I know about Klodia is because somewhere it says she first music video has cost 80 thousand dollars to make using top notch cinema effects. You may say those 80 thousand dollars would have done a lot in war torn Iraq, you might be right. but Klodia might do Iraq some good too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sabah "Al Shahroura " TV Drama Starring Carol Samaha

Maybe you heard they are making a movie about the life of the Lebanese diva Sabah صباح, if you do not know who Sabah is, we have a problem. all you need to know that he was huge in 50s, 60s and 70s, her singing and her acting made her famous...but most people love the songs from her movies which she voiced. She often sings as the confused lover who longs for his loved one...either distance or disputes drove them apart. She is our golden girl, she is the Betty White of Arabia and she still alive at 83. she has released about 50 albums, that is 3500 songs. not just that she has appeared in 98 movies. She is often referred to as Al Shahroura

Next Ramadan her fans will be in luck as the tv drama about he life will be aired then. There was a long dispute about who will take on the role...a dozen of Lebanese songstress completed for the role. Carol Samaha won fair and square. I have to say it was a surprise as Carol has the voice no question about it, but does she have the charm and the charisma...we have to see. I thought Rolla Saad will be the one taking on the role as Sabah seemed to have mentored her and shared the stage when they had two awesome duets few years ago.

So we got a picture of Khabar 3ajil with the first picture of Carols Samaha as Sabah, I am sure it will be something worthy of this Lebanese Arab icon who continues to live in Lebanon and breath Lebanon.

On another note, doesn't the makeup make you think of the movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton? I do not know this picture make the artist look slightly creepy, maybe it's just me
sabah eyam alloulouصباح ايام اللولو

The Comeback Kid of the 90s

Rag'een is the first Amer Diab song that defined cool to me. It defined hip, it was a hit and he never sounds so good, so upbeat before this song. Yes, I liked Ra'hil, it was good, but Rag3een did it for me...he was on fire and was dubbed as the invincible star from Egypt to the Arab world. Everyone was talking about him and about his stardom.

someone put the song on pictures from Al ahli club in Egypt to celebrate their comeback to being a great team. Al Ahli has been suffering lately and losing pretty bad...this is ugly when you are used to being number one. So what happens when the number one team gets support form number one pop singer? See for yourself

اغنيه عمرو دياب - راجعين .. اهداء لكل الاهلاويه Amer Diab Rag'een, Rag3een

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give Myriam Fares A Pole Already

Mariam Fares, Myriam Faris is one of a kind. Not only can she dazzle with her voice and pop songs that more often than not make the top ten lists and get played over and over on radio stations. Her music videos get the same treatment, as people love to watch them especially when she moves in dance moves. To her credit she never repeats herself, each music video she appears on is well directed and often big budgeted

Her career is full of music videos where she danced her way to you...for real she is a good dancer and she often mentions that in her interviews, "Not only can I sing, but I can dance" Many Arab female pop stars just stand there and move around the camera and shake their hands in the air...not Myriam she does dance and often she comes up with her routines. She is unafraid and dare I say bold in her approach to dance!

Here is a music video I unearthed for her, it has the steamiest dance moves ever seen by Mariam, and she did them on public TV. The only thing was missing is a the ones one finds in gentlemen clubs. But you know what in the age of globalization, we need more stars who can dance, and more whom we can point to and say...this girl knows how to move.

ميريام فارس رقص ساخن Myriam Faris Shakes it All

Yehya Saade: The Last Chapter

Needless to say droves of Lebanese and Arab stars attending the Beirut funeral for director. His sister delivered an eulogy in his memory. Sad day for those working in the entertainment business, a tragic day for those who have known or worked with the creative young director.

Here is the video of the ceremony as released Elaph who gave the even the best coverage among the Arab media. for coverage in Arabic click here.

This particular video is touching as for the first time, we see the location where Yehya was filming, and we see the wire that ended his life. We also see CTV shots of the electric shot that ended his's really shocking. The video shows a montage of Yehya's music videos and a brief quote from him.

You will remember him as the guy who used his music videos to speak out on issues of his days. Social Justice, the environment, domestic violence, as well as other issues that goes unnoticed.

نجوم الفن يودعون يحي سعادة الى مثواه الأخير

يحيا سعادة Funeral and Burial

Career Highlights of Yehya Saade

Karim Mohsen is Not a Lightweight

After making an effort to review Karim Mohsen's debut album, I was a skeptic at first as I felt this album came as a result of Karim's connections to the music world, not necessary his talent...I was wrong.

01. Ehsasy, club mix, nice to hear in the car or at the gym, still gum flavor lyrics.
02. No.1, strange title, but it makes you want to dance, girls & dudes will love it. A Winner
03. Fakerha Sayba, The simple lyrics and energy Karim exhibits make this song good
04. Helm El Senen, softer side of Karim, the cure for the woe'd sensitive guy, lady magnet
05. Kol El Kalam, happy lyrics for the lover who changes his mind and makes nice
06. Leya Kelma, lovely account of man with a broken heart yet have to move on
07. Kolo Ella Enaik, it sounds like a video game, a high school muscial, an really old James Brown song. A Love song with some jazz elements, props to the music.
08. Bethilfily, catchy melody, when a lover discovers he has been living a lie. I do not like the hollier than though tone, no guy is that innocent and no girl is that deceptive.
09. Kan Zaman, the guitar is a plus, lyrics helps show strengths of Karim's voice.
10. Ala Baly W Nasiny, the one dance song on the album, sweet words still but upbeat
11. Yama Alby Estanak, funky music, good beat, good musical arrangement, a treat
12. Mabnsash, the gem of the album ft. Tamer Hosny, emotional song for those who wish they can change the past and re-live the good old days.

I think there should be a bit more strong musical arrangement, the dance type...I found that type of music missing, I also think Karim can still challenge himself and sing higher notes. Basically, I think he kept on using one consistent voice in the entire album. For a pop album is is really good and since Kareem Mohsen has somewhat of a cult following among the young fans and the ladies, we can say, we will be getting a second album.

Karim Mohsen FT. Tamer Hosny - Mabansash / كريم محسن و تامر حسنى - مبنساش

Mahmoud Kastin Breaks Out

Here is a young talent that is making a huge mistake...release an entire album when you are largely unknown to anyone. Mahmoud Kastin is fresh Egyptian star, if his promo for his soon to be released album is an indication of this star, he is a cross between Amr Diab, Hamaki and Haitham Shaker you get Mahmoud Kastin.

Solo Records, the music production arm for Melody Entertainment group is putting this album out, but that does not mean they can place Mahmoud Kastin on the map. He is a pretty boy, knows to how look good wearing a scarf and a mobster hat. Heck, I like one of the songs featured on the promo....but I think a single would have accomplished the same thing and came to a cheaper price the young star much less.

Let's see how this plays out...Mahmud Kastin might be famous, but can he sell records? can he move concert tickets? Can he make someone money? We will see that.

Mahmoud Kastan Had Gareeb محمود كاستن - حد غريب

Mahmoud Kastin - Law Galo / محمود كاستن - لو جالو

Two Christmas Parties From Two Songstresses

Many Arab stars make time to spend this holiday season with those who are in need. They often do that and visit orphan homes, and refuges to cheer them up and share with them the joy of the day. Often those stars get noticed and get some coverage for those deeds. But since this is a busy holiday season, and they are often ready for concerts to the rich who are looking for a good time either on Christmas or the New Year.

Shatha Hassoun and Meryam Faris do not really stand each other and they are often are involved in "he said she said" feuds. They are the same age group, they have similar music style, they are both good looking and both beloved by men in the entertainment business. Although Meryam has a longer career than Shatha does, but in short years Shatha has build a hue following for herself.

They both have worked with deceased director Yehya Saade and both have remembered him this holiday season. Now they both have much in common as they both seemed to visit with the poor and sing for them in tis season. Two thumps up to Myriam Faris for brining her own presents which she gave out to the participants.

Shatha Hassoun Gives Those Kids a proper Christmas شذى حسُّون تشارك يتامى العراق فرحة العيد

ميريام فارس تزرع البسمة على وجوه الأطفال A Maryam Christmas like no other

Monday, December 20, 2010

Diab, the Star Project

Every now and then you hear of a new singer you do not know what to make of them. This is what I felt when I heard of Egyptian singer Diab. He is handsome, he has cool songs and you can say his voice is good. in 2005 he had a hit song Ghamazat, but it took him five years produce an album. The album was a mixed bag, I liked about four songs on the album. El3aw of course was a funky song, 7ad Li3bi fi Dimagik was another. His music videos are a bit raunchy, I do not appreciate them much.

The lyrics are catchy and the music if trendy pop and sometimes Egyptian singing style. But Diab has a good team as he is adopted by Nasr Mahrous, Egyptian music mogul and star maker who has given us a dozen of Arab stars including (Tamer Hosny, Shrien, Suma, Baha'a Sultan...etc.) Diab is his latest stars and so far it seems to have worked.

I saw an interview with Diab and I loved his personal he is a nice guy who is down to earth and seems like a guy i would like to have a cup of tea with. So there you go a sample of his hits live...

Diab Sings for FilFan دياب يغني لفي الفن

Here Comes a Tease

Egyptian Randa Hafiz sticks to herself and her music, she was in Libya for some concert and she took on couple more in Egypt this past summer. She does not talk much, but she works and pops out every now and then with something fresh to reward her most loyal fans.

One of her better songs on her sole album is As3ab Haga is about to get a music video of its own, and if the tease tells, I think this will be an enjoyable music video and not just same old graphics like her last one. But we did enjoy one of her previous music videos at least. I have also enjoyed Randa Hafiz's song for Egypt during the African cop. I wish she gets around to filming it one day instead of this slideshow.

She is one of Egypt's better looking voices in the pop music scene. She is not a household name throughout Arabia, but she is becoming more popular with the youths. She defiantly knows a bit about the social media marketing tool, the reason I get her updates is because her YouTube channel gives you real time updates.

Randa Hafez As3ab Haga Clip Promo- راندا حافظ أصعب حاجة برومو

Madeline Mattar Pregnant... for Her Next Video

Madline Mattar gets her team assembled and shoots her much anticipated music video. Surprise, the starlet will appear pregnant for this music video.

A good song that was released about a month ago is now filming in Lebanon with director Fadi Haddad. This might be the first music video where an Arab singer gets fat on purpose to communicate a massage to the fans.

Set in nature and on a villa to bring the best of the lyrics of this single that helped remind us of Madeline Maater and her career. I was really impressed by the quality of the voice Madeline was able to pull off for this one single. I am happy to see Madeline tackling a social issues of couples who cannot have children of their own and causing the marriage to break apart.

Two thumps up for the director as he came up with this somewhat fresh concept that will spark the interest of a group often does not pay attention to music.

مادلين مطر حامل في "كلمني أسمعلك"

Joseph Attieh, an Arabian Cowboy

Joseph Attieh continues to be a raising star in Lebanon, he seems to have a good management and that's why he is able to entertain the masses with his music. This week Joseph was filming his latest music video from his pleasant album "Mawhoum" released earlier this year. The song "Habib Algram", he seems to want to saddle up and go for the cowboy look. So it's the average Arab story a cowboy meets a cowgirl and ride together.

The music video will be released shortly, but first Joseph Attieh has a New Year Concert in Syria where he will ring in the new year with his fans up north. Here are pictures from the location set where the music video was being shot...i am sure the ladies would love the looks of this handsome star and for sure his rugged look will get him some fans who will hopefully tune in and buy music form this talented young star.

Pictures from from Khabar 3ajil

Who is Hotter? Lebanese vs. Egyptians

Before Anything, Here is what moved me to write this piece?
Watch this segment of the interview with Sandy, dubbed by many as Egypt's best looking singer

Ask any Arab this question, which Arab country has the hottest women? Chances are they will instantly say Lebanon. Of course many will say their own county does, but most will point fingers to Lebanon as the country with an unlimited supplies of beautiful people. I guess this is true, even the ones deemed average looking in Lebanon are considered good looking wherever they may go.

Egypt the country of 80 million lovely people refuses to take a backseat in the beauty contest and most Egyptians insists their country has a great deal of beauty. But this argument has been harder to make lately, as more Egyptian movies feature Lebanese actresses to appeal to male movie goers in in the Arab world. In other words, an increased number of Egyptian directors use Lebanese beauties as a marketing tool. Of course Egyptian female entertainers hate the comparison and the competition. More of those Egyptian female entertainers denounce those directors. Those directors hit back and claim that Lebanese actresses are bolder than those in Egypt and the Lebanese talents enjoy more confidence as they look very comfortable doing intimate scenes.

Here are few factors I think Lebanon bests Egypt in the beauty game:

1. Lebanese people including the family of the entertainer do not judge the female entertainer for her on screen roles . They are sophisticated enough to know this is just business and their daughter, sister, country girl is still a good person. In Egypt however, the society is harsher on female entertainers as they seem to hold them to a much higher moral standard. As a result of this mindset, Egyptians female talents are not comfortable doing intimate scenes opening a window for Lebanese female talents to enter Egyptian market and from it to the rest of the Arab world.

2. The people of Lebanon are a mixed people; they come from different people and a result of centuries of mixed marriages and inter-racial/cultural marriages. The Lebanese immigrants go all over the world and once there they marry people from all backgrounds allowing for a beautiful mix of human genes. And since Lebanon has a gorgeous coast, great cuisine people from all over the world love to call it a home. The only part in Egypt where you have a similar affect is the great city of Alexandria where Greeks, Italians, German, French genes have entered the DNA of that city giving many of its residence an exotic look.

3. People of Lebanon have a real sense of fashion since many of them love to travel and have families living aboard, they are more connected to what’s trendy and what’s cool than a lot of people living in Egypt. Of course the Lebanese expatriates invest in their country and help bring new cultures home. While in Egypt the red tape and censorship are a bit more difficult to navigate hindering the openness to new cultures.

4. Lebanese people are a bit more progressive than many of their peers in the Arab world, and thus their acceptance of other cultures and ideas enables them to be exposed to a larger pool of schools of thoughts and lifestyles While those lifestyles are available to many in Egypt, the great majority lacks access to such amenities. That means when someone tells you, "I am in the entertainment business,", they won't be ridiculed.

5. Lebanese have an incredible obsession with presentation, before any Arab knew a thing about marketing, the Lebanese food, music, and fashion were dominate anywhere you went and that’s because of their perfectionist approach to presentation. This healthy obsession with presentation leads people to take care of themselves and improve their looks as it’s part of the presentation experience. Lebanese do not cut any corners when it comes to presenting a product. While Egypt is late to the presentation game, they are making an effort. If you doubt that, then aside from looks ask yourself why Egyptian food is rarely celebrated while the Lebanese one can be found all over the world? Presentation and perfectionism explain a lot.

6. Access to better dental care, the Nile River does wonders to Egypt, but one thing it’s not doing is helping the people of Egypt get their teeth straight. I know this because there are dozens of absolutely gorgeous female entertainers who have horrible teeth. This is not a problem in Lebanon, it might be the water they are drinking or that it’s easier to have access to a dentist in Lebanon than in Egypt. I know this used to be a problem for Egyptians artists in 80s, 90s and till 2005 more and more of them started getting some dental work done.

Now Egypt has few things that help them in the beauty contest:

1. The Egyptian charm is well known in the Arab world, it’s always a treat to engage an Egyptian in a conversation, to just speak to any Egyptian is like magic. While the Lebanese have what can be dubbed as the sexy dialect, the Egyptians one packs more charm and more life lessons than a Lebanese can muster.

2. Funny, this is the one thing that no Arab can deny about the great country of Egypt; they are funny people and enjoy a sense of humor that exists nowhere else in the world. When it comes to care free and taking it easy no one rivals the Egyptians, and no wonder that most Arab comics come from there.

I look at this as a business deal, the Lebanese beauties can do well in their country, but without establishing themselves in Egypt, the Arab country with the largest media platform and biggest market, their success remains limited. And if Egyptians producers and directors want their work to be successful commercially outside Egypt, they need to hire more Arab talents, which is exactly what’s happening right now. People just love to see their country men and women in Egyptian entertainment.

Syrian actors learned this the hard way, they thought they have bested Egyptians dramas and for a while they did, but that stopped last Ramadan. The Egyptians powerhouses got their act together and gave the Arab world a number of TV dramas that blew people away. The frequency, the volume and the size of talents available in Egypt is unmatched anywhere else. While Syria can produce ten TV dramas and three comedies a year…the Egyptians will produce 50 Dramas and 40 comedies. The same goes for Syrian Drama actors, they can be big stars in Syria and succeed without ever stepping a foot in Cairo, but if they want diversity in roles, and creativity, the Egyptian market cannot be ignored. It can make or break an entertainer’s career.
While Lebanese girls might be more beautiful than the ones in Egypt, Egypt is on the rise of good looking people. Again without Egypt, the success of Arab entertainers remains incomplete.

Egyptian Natural Beauty Sandy~El Helm & Kol Ma Arrab

She is Lebanese, She is Egyptian she is both....Lara Scandar