Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Michigan Boy Loves And Covers Assi

Boys and girls like to imitate their idols for a little Arab boy who seems to be living away from Arabia has found his idol, Lebanese singer Assi Hillani. But his love for that kind of music brings him home. He is to be known as Little Assi.

This would have been another cute internet video, but what's intriguing how this little boy does a heck of job imitating Assi Hallani's stage mannerism. He obviously have been spending a lot of time studying the star.

I believe this is somewhere in Michigan, a place Assi visits often and performs in. Assi has met the boy and here's a low res picture of their encounter.

ya raytne ana wala enta by little assi.

Joyce From Jordan Can Kick Your Trash

There's a girl from Jordan that offers a kind of service, few offer at her home in Jordan. training actor, entertainers on how to breath, meditate and then kick some trash in martial arts.

She seems to be making progress spreading this rather uncommon service in Jordan. selling such a service might be easy in places like Lebanon, but Jordan would be a tough sell. Joyce Al Raei gives this interview about her work with actors and interested parties.

فتاة أردنيَّة تدرِّب الممثلين على فنون التأمل والقتال

Prophet Mohammad Song اوبريت هذا محمد | جديد 2012

The three biggest names in the Arabic Gulf music have met to perform this song. Fayez AlSaid, Mohamad Abdu, And Hussein Al Jassimi. There are more names on this project, but this Dubai based project has brought in the biggest name in Saudi Music Mr. Abdu. There are other Muslim Nasheed singers whose names are listed below in Arabic.

This is a big project where UAE composer and singer Fayez Al Said wrote the music and actually takes the lead on this song or Hymn. The well known poet Sheik Nasir Al Zahadany crafted those lyrics. I do not know about projects like these. I think the best way these people can do a service to Islam and our beloved prophet is to live their lives according to the teaching of the Koran.

A song is good, but if you party at night and do this song during the day, and then go back to your hard partying--what's the point. I am not suggesting they are like that, but this is the reality for some in the show biz.
حسين الجسمي وفايز السعيد والوسمي وفؤاد عبدالواحد ب"الإضافة" إلى نخبة من النجوم الشباب مثل أحمد برهان وعلي إسماعيل وحسن أحمد والمنشد أسامي الصافي والمنشد محمد عبيد والمنشد ناصر المغني والمنشد علي النقبي.

الأوبريت الجديد من كلمات الشاعر العلامة الشيخ ناصر الزهداني وتلحين فايز السعيد.
اوبريت هذا محمد | جديد 2012

Houda Saad, When Bad Things Happens To Good People

She was the new comer in 2008 and she really excited the fans who were looking for a new voice that has all the right tools. she comes from Morocco, a land that known for originality and tradition. She has a great voice, and a talent for music.

Rotana singed her up, and released two album with her, made three or so much videos, but something is not right. Why Houda Saad is not a commercial success? She left home and based her work in Beirut, then she seems not to have trouble getting in the news. but I have yet to see her in concerts--big ones I mean.

It might be the recession or too many singers and so little time to get to have the pleasure of enjoying each one of them. Now, her latest music video comes out and Houda is singing for the lovebirds out there. She seems distant in this picture, there are too many random elements in this picture too. Random is good sometimes, and there are times where it seems just bizarre.
Houda Saad - Tayr Al Hob 2012 (Official Video) هدى سعد - طير الحب

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pascale Mashalani And One Nostalgic Dude

The late 90s were the best years for some of the biggest names in Arabic pop. They had the attention for everyone. Few TV networks, and no facebook. Where else would you go for a dose of entertainment.

One of those stars that is still around is Lebanese Pascale, she was the prettiest face in pop. And she would only works with the best people. She was one of few pop singers at the time, and the competition was friendly, there was enough work for everyone.

While she is still around, her career is different now. she is a mommie and at peace with that fact. Her biggest fans are the ones who know her from her past work. I have complied four of her biggest hits.
Pascale Machalani Lamma Bshoufak باسكال مشعلاني لما بشوفك

Pascale Machaalani Khayala باسكال مشعلانى خيالة

Pascale Machaalani Khayala باسكال مشعلانى خيالة

باسكال مشعلاني طلب إيدي

Malek Jandali Latest Peice For Freedom

It's no secret that the regime in Syria is struggling to quell the protests spreading around the country. It's also a well know facts that many Syrians want change in their country. Many Syrians living abroad dream about this change, and dream about seeing a free Syria.

Malek Jandali is a dreamer too, but on the question of Syria he is a doer. He is a composer that has a gift few have, but many can see and enjoy. In honor of fallen local singer Qashoush, Malek who lives in America wrote a symphony. The music video for it tells a story of someone who wants to do what he can to help his people.

While there are Syrian armies facing unrest, Malek chooses to face them with music and by teaching music. I think music has a longer shelf life than weapons. The troops this time came to his residence and set his piano on fire yet the music never stopped becasue someone picked the torch. The revolution of Syria may not last long, but the music it has made will be around for some time.

Malek Jandali Freedom Qashoush Symphony مالك جندلي حرية سيمفونية القاشوش

Ways My Arab Family Screws With My Head

Sure, they are the most loving, caring family who often stay close, which means you can never escape them. They are like capitalism where greed is good. They keep moving the goal posts as you approach them. At times, it seems that your own family is never happy with what you have accomplished, and thus they always set the next milestone for you. Like if you tell someone here in America that you got a new job, they just say "Congratulations", but Arab families in some twisted ways would rain on your parade. It turns out that my family are masters of the Back handed compliments, here’s a sample:

  1. “Mom, I met a cool girl!” “Good for you,” she says, “is she from a good family or does she watch MTV all day?”
  2. “I got married!” She says, “Cool, I look forward to the day you will have kids and they will fill the house for us.”--you live in a refugee camp
  3. “Dad, I have a baby girl!” He replies, “Cool, I look forward to the day you have a boy who will protect that princess.”
  4. “Brother, I got accepted into the Master's Program!” “Cool,” he says, “I look forward to the day you get your PhD.”
  5. “Sister, I got offered a job I have been wanting for a long time!” “Congrats, I look forward to the day you will have your own business.”
  6. “Grandpa, I bought a new car.” “Cool! I look forward to seeing this car trashed as it gives you joy and utility.”
  7. “Honey.... I hit my head!” “Sorry to hear that, I look forward to you living longer and hitting your head a few more times.”
  8. On Facebook, you put a picture of a nice dish you made, and your cousin writes you this comment, "I look forward to the day you have kids who will savor their mother's cooking!"
  9. “Mom, I just got accepted into Harvard!” “Congratulations, one day you will make a nice doctor”--what she refuses to believe is that you will be studying fashion design.

If the first thought on your mind is “WTF!”, then we are on the same page.

Such comments are sometimes innocent and mean no harm, but sometimes, they are meant to zing you. Bringing one some humility, as a reminder they still have a long way to go. They are rarely meant to make the case that you are not good enough!

My issue with such comments is that they are no longer about you. The family members hijack your news and write on it all their own wishes and dreams--all the things they think you would like because they themselves value them. It's tiring, really, to keep up with those games. I just keep a low profile and don’t tell my family much.

On a positive note, such wishes keep me going, marching toward the next big thing in life; they give me goals and purpose. I am sure Arabs are not the only ones who do that. Thank goodness there are the Italians.

Amar El-Sherei, Egypt's Legendary Composer

Amar is a well known name in the Arab culture. This man who has been challenged in his eight, but not his senses has come along way. He is now the most respected name in original Arabic music. As a composer he has worked with the greats for decades and has not stopped working.

Only those singers who take their craft seriously work with him. he is a star and he makes you a better one through his music. Below, I have included the last music composition he has done, it was in 2009 for Egyptian diva Angham.

Amar will be working again, his next collaboration will be with Lebanese singer Wael Jassar, he will write two songs for him. And he will rework an older song of his that few know of. Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir will sing it this time. Amar likes to have complete authority over his work, you are lucky if he detects you in his radar.

As we speak right now, the composer is recovering in the ICU due to health complications. Keep him on your thoughts and prayers.
ANGHAM 3ESHT SNEEN انغام عشت سنين

Hana Al-Shalabi, Detained by Israel without Trial, Sexually Tortured, on Day 28 of Hunger Strike

Do something!

If the Middle East's only democracy does this, then screw you and your democracy.
On the 8th of March, This is my appeal to the world

Hana's life is in danger as her hunger strike continues. She will continue to refuse food until her release. This visual shows the progressive damage to Hana's organs and body as she continues her protest.

The Oldest Video Footage Of Palestine

Someone has unearthed videos from Palestine 1896, this is way old. I am really surprised. Just like Cairo and Damascus, that's how the video describes Palestine. My great grandfather was strolling down those streets.

This is a moving video for people who know about Palestine. It must have been good to see the folks who lived in peace and did not have to deal with occupation.
أول فيديو عن فلسطين تم التقاطه قبل 115 سنة

The Pharaoh Of Love By Mohammad Ramadan

Mohammad is one class act. Three years ago, Ramadan took part of the popular Star Academy show and kicked off his career. He is from Jordan and left Star Academy show with many fans through out the Arab world

After the academy he released a romantic son that left everyone wanting something more form this talented and soulful singer. His song was so good that you would think he had to be bleeding when he performed that song.

Luckily for us, his next song offer both heart and hope. It's a bit more energized. A lover who is asking his love interest to tone it down a little bit and settle with him, minus the games. He sounds at his best in the Mawal portion. Then the song picks up once we hear the mention of the Pharaoh.

Mohamad Ramadan -Far3oon-new 2012 | محمد رمضان فرعون جديد ٢٠١٢

Palestine Jordan Social/Political Rap by Ostaz samm

Young Jordain are coming out of the shadow and expressing themselves musically. some have picked rock, others have gone to rap. Rap from Jordain seems the most frustrated among most Arab rap. There's a lot buried below the surface that's enough to fuel the rage that makes rap the art form it is.

First, there are the inferior look people give to rappers, in Jordan a conservative society. Then there's the are you Palestinians question? Are you a native question? Ostaz Samm knocks another one out of the water. He has finally nailed a song that clicks with the great majority of the youth in Jordan.

As far as swagger goes, Ostaz Samm has all the right looks, attitude and much more.
Ostaz samm - Mallagat (Prod by Mc Puck ) الاستاذ سام - ملّقت

Monday, February 27, 2012

City Band - Ana Mawgood Or, I'm Here

City Band refers to all Egyptian cities, and for those cities they make their music that tells stories from those pockets. their song is titled, I exist, or I'm Still Around!

The music video reveals their affection toward the American band Kiss! It's a free spirited style, but the song is rich with meaning about the fallen who are no longer around, or around but chose to change their address. However, the song also says that the killers are still on the loose.

Lead vocalist is Wael Amer meets Ahmed Mostafa, lead guitarist of the city and the Arab world meets the western blues style.
City Band - Ana Mawgood | سيتي باند - انا موجود

Aljazeera Network Makes Revolutionary Music Too

Aljazeera Network had a role in the Arab spring, most Arabs have an opinion about what Aljazeera is and what they are not. their news coverage can be sensational at times, but that's part of leading the news and being where few dare.

the positive was in Cairo during the 18 days of stand with the Mubarak regime. On Libya, aljazeera started to lose people, the same in Yemen too. but none done more damage to the network as much as their role in Syria has.

Politics aside, Aljazeera has produced a song for Hamid El Shari, a song about freedom for Libya, Egypt, Tunis, and Yemen. This is not up in arms song, it's a hopeful song with a bold call for unity and marching towards the Libya town of Sirit.

This is is a pan Arab song for the Arab spring.
حميد الشاعري -- الحرية - نسخة بالجيتار فقط

Egyptian Sandy Showers Egypt With Dark Pop

I do like this dark side of pop songstress Sandy! She is frustrated and this seems the feeling most Egyptians have right now. Frustrated and confused goes the song. So this is not a strange feeling for most Egyptians.

I love the fire affect, and the Sandy trying to be all serious, I think she might as well pull it off. This is not a teenager song, this is coming of age song. This might be a creepy picture for some. It feels like Sandy is going through her Amy Lee phase and she is doing very well at it too.

Here's the music video....let us know what you think in the comment section.

Sandy - Mohbata - ساندي - محبطة

11 Arab Dance Party Buzzkills

What do bored young professional Arab living away from home do for fun? the Club no longer does it, and a hookah would be good. Local Arabic restaurants, lounges bring a DJ, and dim the lights. In theory, patrons should dance, the Rest is up to your imagination. Here are few mode spoilers for those feeling frisky.
  1. The Word Halal in scripted anywhere, “Halal Juice Bar”, “Halal Meat”
  2. A Guy with camera, a YouTube account or a Facebook page.
  3. Too many people with homeless boobs syndrome.
  4. An obnoxious DJ who is still single.
  5. A Sleazy older man who won’t stop staring.
  6. That hard to please bitter and judgmental single lady who “found” herself at the party
  7. A Salafi door bouncer--nobody gets in.
  8. The guy who thinks he is at a strip club
  9. A smoke machine when there are a thousand and one hookah.
  10. Love A song so much, yet wait until someone drags you to the dance floor
  11. If they dance in the first hour, they are whores, all bets are off in the final 15 minutes of the night.

Making Money With Arabic Karaoke

Over the weekend I went to some Korean Karaoke place--the one where you get your own room and rock with friends. Then it hit him, not enough Arabs do that for fun. That's why we get many talentless voices imposing their talent on us.

Not everyone that is good at karaoke gets a record label singing them up. Here's an example of a perfect karaoke song by Yehya Akoum, a new singer from Lebanon. He is a young man known locally with his Lebanese Mawal.
يحيى عكوم- سحر عنيك / Yehya Akoum- Se7er 3ineik

Marwa Of Tunis And The Cover Of A Modern Day Classic

when an Arab singer feel comfortable doing a song without the company of music, I know they have confidence. Now, some of them suck at it live acoustic covers, others are better at it.

Now, when the singer skipping the music is a new comer, this speaks volume of their true talent. Like, "here I'm, here me roar, I am good for it" I know I do post a lot of Marwa, but since she gets little attention, and since she has one of the dreamiest voices, why not?

Check out her cover of this modern day classic by Carole Samahe, a song about a woman who will not take it anymore and move on.
Marwa- مروى بن صغير- خليك بحالك

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fayrouz Karawya To Release Egypt's Best Album

Few they are those female Arab singers whose fans cannot tell what they look like. Fayrouz Karawya might just be the best girl to do that and leave the fans hooked fro more indie rock music. Her album "Barah Miny" will feature 13 tracks ranging in style, and lyrics.

Fayrouz is a master story teller, she is a bold activist, she is an original entertainer, she is also a proud women. And you can deduct that form her music and from the story she so well tells. The incredible thing about Fayrouz is her ability to do so much and do it in a way that does not alienate people--any people.

I am reading that the album will tackle Egyptian, Arab and women stories. Most of the songs were recorded when Mubarak was the president. The album will be released in early April--also my birthday! This is one album, I would look for in stores and own forever.

I first noted Fayrouz's work on some file sharing websites based in Egypt. While most chick pop in Egypt focuses on cute stories, Fayrouz looks the other way and comes back with real stories. Those stories are told in her music, and as we wait for her next and first album, we have a promo.

Fayrouz Karawya's album promo | برومو ألبوم فيروز كراوية

Salah AlZadjali Adores Kuwait And The Ruling Family

Some leaders make their countries better, and people make music to hail the leaders. Other sings do nothing, yet their people make them music that celebrates them. Often times, you can tell the difference. Long before there was Dubai and Doha, there was Kuwait city.

Kuwait is a success story in the Arab world--with the exception of their role in the Iraqi invasion. Its people are highly educated and increasingly sophisticated. The Sabah family has done a good job by not screwing up--the oil revenue is awesome too.

The month of Febraruy has always been a huge day in that country as they turn the country into a one giant party place with concerts and concerts every single that on that month.

Not sure who this singer really is, but I like his voice and his style. C'mon, he is Oman's biggest and only singer. He had a hit song called Ayyar, we wrote about it few months ago
الجابرية - صلاح الزدجالي

Hatem El Iraqi Songs To Bring Iraqis Home

I love this guy...his name is Hatem El Iraqi, he is the all Iraqi singer whose songs about romance are as famous as his love songs for Iraq. He is one of the biggest names in Iraqi music, and he does songs that bring Iraqis togetnher, like his song last year....Iraq, please do not break me apart.

Thhis is the voice that should come to mind when you think of Iraqi talents. He always has something fresh to say whether musically or lyrically. This is a song about missing the loves ones. You can be a lover, a mother or a homeland.
حاتم العراقي ذكرناكم 2012 - جديد نسخه اصليه

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Most Powerful Arab Women--Don't Have To Be The Hottest

Arabic ladies of pop, politics, music fashion, businesses.... descended unto Dubai for a gala for those most powerful women. Arabian Business does an annual ranking for those powerful ladies.

Out of the 100 powerful women according to the magazine, I would agree on just 20. The rest are there for their looks, fame, money and connection. Just like other men ranking magazine. So in a way the flawed ranking does equate between men and women.

There's many names from Saudi Arabia (money) Yemen (activist), Egypt (media personalities), and of course not to forget Lebanon (singers and directors.) There are few thinkers and authors whom I would place on top of my list. It does not have to be a list of singers and fashion people. So powerful does not mean cute or hot...but instead, someone that saw something others has failed to see.

There's Elissa, Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wahbe, and Fayroz on the same list. Elaph ran through the gala and interviewed the ladies and spoke to few of them. Of course the clebrites are the first to be approached.

Powerful women

"I'm Sorry Mr. President" Humor Is Egypt's' Best Weapon

Here's something that I truly enjoy. This is the history of Mubarak as seen by the poor people and the silent majority. This twisted song that offers apologizes for Mubarak and his cronies. Mohamed Al Nahas is using his dark humor to stick it to the president.

Sorry about the cancer you brought us, sorry about you giving Israel the sweet gas deal. Sorry, I was ungrateful. Sorry I insulted you in Tahrir. I was supposed to bring you in and let the people give you your share of love. This is an accurate history that will make Mubarak's nightmare.

Enjoy....and do not forget about the inflation, the Rafah Crossing, and other ways Mubarak have screwed the people.

wellsbox - انا مش اسف ياريس محمد النحاس

Nawal El Zoghbi - Takrim Melody FM نوال الزغبي - تكريم ميلودي

Watch this interview and cover of an event organized in honor of Lebanese pop songstress Nawal who was awarded yet another trophy. See Nawal and friends talk about the album, including lyricist Faris Iskander.

I just love the dress, it's pretty stylish and NEW. Yellow with purple belt.
Nawal El Zoghbi - Takrim Melody FM نوال الزغبي - تكريم ميلودي

Friday, February 24, 2012

Abdel Salam Mohammad, Auto-Tuning The Gulf Beat

Abdel Salam Mohammad has gone for the geeky look, and with that comes auto tune to allow for his pop music to pop. This is an Iraqi singer whose youth and good choices are surprising many observers.

This is a new voice that I am crazy about. I like his flow, and his confidence performing the songs he chooses and the bold looks he has been know for. The net is also crazy about him, his singles catch fire the moment they are made available.

I like his voice and his music! Let's meet the dude...
Abdel Salam Mohammad- Lak Ein 2012 عبد السلام محمد- لك عين

American Musicians That Have Converted To Islam

There are a handful of American Musicians singers who have taken up Islam as a religion. Here are few names that you may have missed.

Art Blakey

Blakey, one of the most influential jazz drummers ever, converted to Islam in the 1940s after a trip to Africa, taking on the name Abdullah Ibn Buhaina. Known for his aggressive and polyrhythmic drumming technique, Blakey earned the nickname “Thunder” over his more than 40 years in jazz. Best known for his work with his band the Jazz Messengers, Blakey also played with greats like Miles Davis and mentored young talents including Wynton and Branford Marsalis.


A co-founder of the acclaimed rap trio A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip was born Jonathan Davis in Queens, New York. Along with Phife Dawg and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Q-Tip changed the face of hip-hop in the 1990s, earning writing, rapping, and producing credits on tracks like "Bonita Applebum" and "Can I Kick It?" A Tribe Called Quest disbanded in 1998. In 1996, Q-Tip, who went on to pursue a solo career as a hip-hop artist and producer, converted to Islam, and changed his name to Kamaal Ibn John Fareed. “I read the Koran and it appealed to me,” Q-Tip has said of his conversion. “At the time I was agnostic and it really breathed spiritually back into me.”

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Moanin'

Egypt's MC Raps For The Revolution In Syria

The revolution in Syria does not seem to have many friends in the show biz. there has been virtually no pro Syrian revolution in Arabic. Most Arabic songs came in support of Assad and his government. I have been told by MC Dahab, this will be the last song of his in some time. He is taking a break.

It took a young, charismatic, an anger Egyptian rapper to deliver this song. The song pulls no punches and offers unlimited words of support to the people of Syria in their quest for freedom. Mc Dahab is the name of that rapper who chose to sing in support for his brethren in Syria.

MC Dahab is rapping about the lack of Arab action, the droves of Syrians being victimized. May this would open the flood gate of support coming form the entertainment circles. While most songs for Syria try to be politically correct and just celebrate freedom. this one goes beyond that label.

Perhaps one of the things that make this song stand out is MC Dahab's faith. He strikes me as a religious person who is well versed on the rational of supporting the revolution. i have spoken to him and he has informed me that the reports of massacres and the death in Syria have moved him like no other matter has.

MC Dahab might be stepping into hot water as Arabs continue to debate the question of Syria. One thing for sure, he has made a personal choice not a political one. He genuinely cares for the welfare of the people of Syria.

Mc Dahab = سوريا

Alaa Zalzali And The Lebanese Soccer Team Song

Alaa is a singer all dudes can like, his manly style and more often than not Debka beat are hard to mistake. His latest songs plays up that part, with Lebanon, soccer and debka music. you really cannot go wrong with this mix.

The song is titled lions of the field, speaking of the 11 soccer player and wishing them well to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Alaa's brother has produce the song, the Alla released it on his Facebook page

علاء زلزلي - اسود الملاعب Alaa Zalzali - Ousoud el mala3eb

Candy Land Arabic Pop By New Commer Nagham

It has been some time since I saw a pop song that gets me excited and feeling something fresh in the air. It’s the long-awaited surprise from a new Lebanese songstress. This is the work of a good looking lady who has solid musical background as a student of Lebanon's most prestigious music schools.

Nagham's voice has an airy-dreamy, layered vocals over the various instruments, sounds like a cross between the delicate Elissa and the sunny grooves of Nancy Ajram, which is a very good thing indeed? This song is a great way to make you feel better weather you are a man or a women, this song will give you something you have been craving.

You can call the music noise pop, but that won't capture the entire picture. While relatively devoid of catchy club stompers, I am waiting for a news song which will be peppered and a decent the follow-up for Nagham's career shaping breakout song.

this is the world of a whole new team in both the production side as well as the song itself.
Nagham Bibasata - نغم ببساطه

Mohamed Foad, The Singles Album 2012

Mohamed Foad has been reported to have weight management issues. He is considering medical procedure to treat that. But none of his fans care becasue they love the guy and can care less for his image. Foad's weight has been out of control lately and it has been causing him some health concerns and affecting his image and work.

We have no idea when the next album will be released, but as for right now his fans have put together an album that features all his singles from his movies and on the radio. Most of these songs are well known, but they were not released on an album by themselves before now.

Never mind the flap over his stands during the revolution in Egypt, that's all water under the bridge now. Please find couple of songs Mohammed Foad released in honor of the victims of the Mubarak regime and his gangs.

Arabs In The Gulf Inspire The Richest Poetry

The Gulf is big on spoken words and poetry, poets pay top dollars for their work to be sang. To their credit, some of their words are worth every second you spend hearing it, it's like magic. They got nothing to do in the desert, but think about things they do not see.....

Here's one poet with the name of Badir Abdelhassan reading his poetry as he feels it and as he writes it. He is a celebrity in the poets circles and that made him well off. This Saudi poet is well known for his work and he is related to the ruling family as well.

Studied in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, England and the US. Most singers in the Gulf area have sang his words (Rashid Al Majid, Abdelmajeed Abdallah..etc.), including Iraqi super star Kathem Al Saher.
قصائد الشاعر / بدر عبدالمحسن

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hossam El Haj 2012 Album In Search of Joy

The bittersweet album lands! The voice of Hossam El Haj does not stand out per se, but those who know him, love his songs. His songs always speak to women--try the second track about the white dress! Seriously, Arab men would make the world's best gay men.

His third track is about wearing the Hijab, the Muslim veil. Some have already attacked him for this song. I feel spirituality is to be found all over this track--even on the 4, 5 track you cannot miss it. There's a song for mothers too--track 6.

Hossam's nationality cannot be seen through his music, he sounds like an Egyptian, but acts and dress like a Shami. I do not really connect with Hossam, but I can understand why certain people like him.


Revisting Syrian Singer Assala's Better Days

Assala is a lady. She is one tough cookie and she does not allow anyone to cross her, no one has manged to do it and live to tell about it. Ask her cheating husband, who is now a pariah and got no job.

There were rumors that there have been threats on her life due to her stand against the Syrian regime. Yet, she is still living in public and making the best years of her life ahead of her. She is truly unstoppable. Hr music career is going strong and her now TV presenting is even looking better.

I present two random songs of hers, one has a faith message. And another one has festive feel to it. They are several years old.

Assala - Khaliha 3ala Allah / اصاله - خليها علي الله

Assala - Wala Dary / اصاله ولا داري

Sandy, Pop's Darker Side ساندى - محبطة

Sandy is searching for something, this thing she is chasing, is a lot darker than what most of her fans can take. Her last two songs seem to do away with her image of the playful girl and play up her more serious side.

No singer wants to be known for ever as that girl who shows her skin. now that she has the fans and the name, she can afford to try out new things. Actually trying out new things means that she is trying harder.

the title of her song is "frustrated", about believing the lies of someone and then realizing that the worse part has yet to come. I am not sure if her younger fans would appreciate the song, but i bet if anything the the cover art feels like the movie Twilight to me.

انفراد اغنية ساندى - محبطة

Faisal Al Rashid, The Broken Hearted Quits

He is a Kuwait singer who Marries a Saudi girl and then he finds his soul, quits the business and foes to Mecca for worship. Faisal is asking people to pray for his soul as he seems redemption and a new path. This is new and it happened few months ago last year.

However, here's a new track from Fisal that was recorded prior to his decision to hang his mic. It's about a cheating lover.

فيصل الراشد مبروك شفتك 2012 . حصريا نسخه اصليه

Striking Palestinian Prisoner Hana Shalabi Song

Meet Hana Shalabi, the Palestinian young women put in an Israeli jail on administrative charges. they do not really have any charges against her, but they hate to see her walk free. Yes, some call is racism.

Palestinian activist and singer Ahmed Dari just released Hanna a song in soldiery with this women for until now he been on a hunger strike for more than three weeks. This is a sobering song about the realities the people of Palestine have to deal with--they have the repressive Israeli occupation to thank for that.

Hana's health is deteriorating.
Ahmad Dari, To Hana Shalabi, أحمد داري، إهداء إلى الاسيرة هناء شلبي

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ayman El Refaie: Death By Slow Music

Ayman El Refaie might have not gotten the memo, songs like his most recent one have been dead for at least 2 years. his music video looks very Jersey Shore--hair gel and everything.

Anytime, I see a singer with tons of hair gel, a tank top (wife beaters) I am turned off in seconds. But then when his song sounds like he is crying, I want to vomit. Here's why showing muscles imply that you have confidence, confident people do not cry.

Plus, there are bikes too and a blue collar feel that Ayman is a working man. This could be have been worse, I am sure Ayman means well, but he listened to the wrong people.
Ayman El Refaie - Be'amaret Eih / أيمن الرفاعي - بأمارة إيه

The Other Yasir Habib

Not sure if I can say anything about this album, but FYI in case you are a fan of this kind of North African music, there's a dude who wants to cater to your need. If someone out there wants to produce an album, why should we stop them. Yasir Habib has an album with a title from the most famous word uttered by the Libyan mad man Ghaddafi...Zanga Zanga.

البوم ياسر حبيب زنقة زنقة
انا مالي فياش
فلكلور مغربي

فله شمعه منوره
كلمات: احمد بن ادريس
الحان و غناء ياسر حبيب

حنانك نافح بصدري
كلمات : الدكتور مانع سعيد العتيبه
الحان و غناء: ياسر حبيب

لوعة الغرام
كلمات الدكتور : مانع سعيد العتيبه
الحان و غناء : ياسر حبيب

نكسر راسهم
كلمات : احمد بن ادريس
الحان و غناء :ياسر حبيب

سحر الكون
كلمات: احمد بن ادريس
الحان و غناء ياسر حبيب

كلمات : احمد بن ادريس
الحان و غناء : ياسر حبيب

كلمات : الدكتور مانع سعيد العتيبه
الحان و غناء ياسر حبيب

:wave: زنقه زنقه
كلمات و الحان ياسر حبيب

Aly Farouk البوم على فاروق - مات الكلام 2012

Aly Farouk is a D list celebrity in Egypt, he is well known in a neighborhood or two. Aly just released his album with the title "Words Have Died" "Chocking Up On My Words" You know how is that like.

This is an album for the ones who want to give up on life and bite the bullet. There is a big market in Egypt for that kind of music. Frustration leads people to want to exist. Aly's voice is actually decent, he is well served with the style he chooses to sing. I know there are issues in Egypt, but had this not been the case, Aly could have been even a bigger name.

01 - Aady Khalas
02 - Aah Aly Gabak
03 - Akhar Sabary
04 - Al Hafala
05 - Baatalak
06 - Bahabak Ana
07 - Khayaf Man Al Ayam
08 - Maat Al Kalm
09 - Taraf Lasany
10 - Wash Al Daaf
11 - Ya Halw Yaly

Ramy Ayach-Ghmorni Taish Single 2012

Ramy Ayach likes to challenge himself more than other Arab singers, he seems to have issues with boredom and he is on a mission to eradicate it from the pop scene in Lebanon. We know this is a dangerous road to take, it may backfire.

This what I thought when I listened to Ramy's new single, a love song with rather fresh musical arrangement and style. It's bold, but at some parts of the song, I was telling myself I have heard better vocals from Ramy.

anyhow this song shows Ramy's Lebanese credit as he incorporated the names of famous Lebanese of the likes of Khalil Gobran.
Ramy Ayach-Ghmorni Taish رامي عياش-غمرني تعيش 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mohammed Mounir Vodaphone Commercial

There's no shame in celebrity endorsing products and services that they actually like, and yes I want them to make money too. This commercial filmed for Mohamed Mounir Egypt's' most original and local voice. I compare this to the Express card ads done by celebrities like Robert De Niro.

It's a classy take on advertising, the star is not endorsing the product, he is telling his story and his story is brought to us by the advertiser. He never says buy this or that. I think this helps both sides. Mounir does not come across as a money grubber, and the company does not come across as damaging a well respected star.

Mounir tells the story of his struggle and the journey that has took him to success and global fame.
اعلان محمد منير الجديد مع فودافون

Ahmed Magdy, The Nearby Album البوم احمد مجدى - مكان قريب

Egyptian pop has been dead for some time, Lebanese pop outsmarted it ages ago. But since Egypt of 2012 is not the one that around in 2010, there's hope. This hopes comes from the many voices that now can enter the business and give the Lebanese pop a good run for their money.

Here when we met Ahmed Magdy. Releasing his debut album titled Makan Qareeb--a nearby place. He has pop written all over him and we like it. this is a guy who can sing, and in this age that means, he does not turn you off. This is an album with mixed feelings like how women would describe men. They can go form nice to crazy in an instant.

Enjoy the 11 tracks of fine Egyptian pop from a nobody who might as well be the next star. The music video seems to rotate in the kind of style that Tamer Hosny has made millions form me--touchy softy, fluffy romance. I like the clip, it was not made on the cheap. Anytime, I see snow in an Arabic music video, I am sold.

01 - Wehiat Rabena
02 - Hases Beki
03 - Genan Be Genan
04 - Hikaya Gamela
05 - Makan Orayeb
06 - Ben El Banat
07 - Hawelt Ansak
08 - Ma2drsh A3iesh
09 - Wa2t ElAsaaf
10 - Tesmhli Ahibak
11 - Mab2tsh Ba2i

Ahmed Magdy - Hases Biky / أحمد مجدي - حاسس بيكي

Lebanses Marwa Can Still Sing, Dance And Act

Here's a clip where a woman is playing the role of a hooker, and the guy goes to town on her calling her names, and in a non discreet way, he sticks all those labels to her. She is non other than Lebanese singer who is hungry for fame in Egypt. Egypt took her in and Marwa did not disappoint either.

Few weeks ago some guys on the set of her 2009 film leaked footage of hers almost naked scene in the shower. She was temporarily investigated in Egypt and the actors /singers guild almost banned her.

Today, I rewarded she was honored by the police department in Cairo for raising the morale of its officers. I must say, there are a lot of guys working in entertainment who would ask a woman to film some bold scenes, and then turn around and call her names. Hypocrisy is a kind word for these clowns.

الصراحه راحه للمغنية اللبنانية مروى

Here She It, Omnia Solaiman Dreamiest Egyptian Lady

Omnia Solaiman did not say a word last year, and in 2010 she hoped for a strong year when she released her debut album, but that happened to a certain degree. However, the name Omnia is still not the big name it deserves to be.

So, in 2012, she releases a new single about growing old, parents love and the romantic kind too. The song is also about justice and speaking up. I love the line where she speaks about growing old and having regrets. The title of the song is about the dream of people. Pleasing a lord, not lying, and find love.

I have heard better from Omnia but I will take anything right now.
Omnia Soliman - Helm El Donia....امنية سليمان حلم الدنيا 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Masr ya habeba - Shaima Sherif

Last thing that Egypt needs is an average song. The good ones are having a hard time finding a market, the bad ones do not get made--or maybe I just do not see them. But why is Shaima Sherif doing a song for Egypt?

It's one thing to sing to Egypt becasue you love it and it's your home, it's another to do it as professional. If Shaima was one of the girls and recorded a song, that's cool, but as a professional, the vocals are really weak and not musical at all. Not being mean, but I could not think of one thing to say about this song.

Masr ya habeba - Shaima Sherif مصر يا حبيبه - شيماء شريف

Once An Eye candy, Always...Nelly Makdsi

Watch this report on Nelly Makdsi, the Lebanese singer who has the perfect hieght, most dazzling looks, and the most eye catching outfits. And yes, her voice is good too. Nelly is working on a new album, her first in few years. She has released few singles last year.

she is not going to get married this year as she says. But that's why she is doing cover of old songs that will add to her resume. Nelly had a song in the past about Arabic coffee, this time the joke on her, the reporter asked her to serve them coffee. But wait she made the coffee and joked about it.

"Now you will say, this is a great coffee, when in reality it actually sucks!" I like that kind of humor.
نيللي مقدسي تعود مع شركة إنتاج جديدة وديو مصري

Iraqi Expats Adore Homeboy Mohammad Al Faris

The Iraqi community is one of the most loyal communities to their motherland. By loyal I mean, they prefer nothing over their own rich culture. Musically speaking that has generated a lot of positive interest in the Iraqi music. Despite wars and bloodshed that ensured the music survives.

The expats took the music along with them all over the world when they have relocated due to the conflicts and occupation. Music have occupied their souls by choice. a young charismatic voice that shines from the pack is Mohammad Al Faris. the slick kid of Iraqi pop.

The beauty of Iraqi music is its blues nature. there's always breakup, pain, and issues to resolve. And thus the music of Iraqi is no short on passion and helpless romance.

محمد الفارس - اشتاكيت -2012 خورافية وربي

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fadel Shaker Joins Anti Assad Protest In Lebanon

Fadel Shaker does not mind speaking up his mind, and that meant he would join an anti Assad rally in Lebanon. He is protesting in support of the people of Homs, he spoke about the events in Syria and the events ongoing in that country. The protest started off from a local mosque in Syddah. Fadel joined and words has it he even did a song there.

Most of his peers have chosen the side of Assad, Fadel can no more be silent, he spoke in the interview and wished the ones who rally for Assad to be stuck with him to wherever he is going.

I must give Fadel some resepct for speaking up his mind, it's not too popular. It looks like things in Syria are not going to be the same. I no longer take sides, I am sick of all the lies and fabrication and certainly I am fed up with the reports of death.

Watch the interview....
فضل شاكر يؤيد الثورة السورية ويشتم الاسد.mp4

As Sweet As A Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar has always been an A list star, but he has acted like a B list star. That allowed him to keep his fame and his success away from all the enemies and rivals. He just went under the radar for 10 years and then he hit it big with everyone and all of a sudden he is the frontrunner for Arabic entertainers.

Wael has never made songs that he does not feel. He varies his style from romantic into sweet and that brings the concerts right to his door. I happen to like him since 1998 when like many i have heard of his music.

وائل جسار - خد بالك - كليب / Wael Jassar - Khod Balak - Clip

Hamada Helal In The Footsteps Of The Prophet

Hamada Helal strikes me as a guy who is the real deal. He seems likes a God fearing person, that's why his songs that bring up religion are considered a success. His latest is a single about his love for the prophet and his message. The creativity are all over the music video.

Hamada Helal is having some problem, loses faith and then somehow he finds himself taking a walk in the early days of Islam when the early Muslims were few, but faithful. This was filmed in Egypt's desert in the city of 6th of October.

Call is a dream or a vs ion, but Hamada has manged to make something that the people want and something that could cure the soul. This is not something that was made on the cheap, they have built models and decorations to give us a real image of how we envision the distant past.

حماده هلال - سيدنا النبى Hamada Helal - Sedina Elnabi HD