Friday, February 28, 2014

البوم صابر الرباعى - اجمل مختصر 2014 Download: Saber El Robaei Album

It looks like Saber El Robai is ready to take his music career seriously....he seems to have traveled worlds to bring back a decent album and not one that has been music by music executives and formulas. This time the artist triumphed over the business guy who gave us a fresh love album with a love variety....frankly this album feels like a labor of love. Even though this is his second album in less than 18 months, he still has game.

The judge on The Voice has been missing in the market of good songs, that show his uniqueness and strengthen...but now he found a decent way to make an album, and I like his careful selected tracks...he even has a song for the late Warda declaring how much he loves her music.

This album makes nice with many of his fans who started to question his talent--why do we even like this guy? This album reminds us of the older Saber, the song who have something fresh and real to give.

01.Agmal Mokhtasar
02.Wean Wean
03.Enti El Wahedy
04.Allah Yesahilohom
05.Khaleha Bealbi
07.Mabrouk Alye
08.Lama Talyte
10.Ya Moftary

Saber El Robaii...Agmal Mokhtasar | صابر الرباعي...اجمل مختصر

Bahaa Soultan's New 2014 Album Makes Him The Biggest Iraqi Pop Star

Iraqi gave birth to a pop star who as soon as he was able to get a passport moves to Cairo and worked on his music career. Bahaa Soultan became the gold standard in gifted artists who have found a place in Egypt to welcome them, their talent and let them shine. He is one of the few success stories....and after ten albums, he is about to release his latest album....

He sounds so grown up, so excited to be back in the game....his last album came out in 2011, and I still listen to it till now and find it entertaining. This is the gift of Bahaa Soultna, his new track and old one always offer things for the listener.

This is the first track from his upcoming album, "Asibak" should I leave you? Why would I do that? I love the sax music, it kind of adds a whole new feel to the song without being too overpowering to Bahaa's voice who can hold his own ground.

Bahaa Soultan "Asebk" | "بهاء سلطان "أسيبك

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Listen: Randa Hafez - El Ma2zoon (Lyric Video) / راندا حافظ - المأذون #Candy

You go girl, you just made a sweet pop track....thank you Randa Hafez, she is the candy of Egyptian pop, the sweet girl who dares to be different in her pride. Randa does not record as many songs, but her fame is not going anyway....she is still a cool pop songstress that commends respect.

I am crazy about the entirely new look, the spunk feel and the vibe the song releases in the air. I love the lyrics, this is what takes to make an entertaining pop track that comes from a girl but lands in everyone's heart.

It starts like an 80s pop with that guitar that sets the mood--it's happy one and then Randa comes swinging putting her guy in his place....let's make is official and get married won't shut up about me!

The company behind the song released a press statement, where we know the lyricists is Ayman Bahjat Ammar. This is Randa's first song since the release of her wonderful 2009 album--she released a single in 2010 about Egyptian soccer. The song will be filmed as a music video in Lebanon.

Randa Hafez - El Ma2zoon (Lyric Video) / راندا حافظ - المأذون

Rola Sad "Crazy" For Her New Iraqi Dialect Song! اغنية رولا سعد - مجنونة

Crazy or Majnoonua is the title of her new song, a song the Lebanese B list songstress recorded in the now popular Iraqi dialect. There's a unique style for the Iraqi song and impostors are unwelcome. Rola wanted to do something different as she believes art has no borders.

Rola will film a music video for the song, and she is now prepping for a concert in the Iraqi town of Erbil on May third. The team behind the song is all Iraqi and Rola is hoping the song will bring attention to her success and popularity. Rola has yet to peak and it seems she has not done well in the past three years, it's too bad because she is talented but marketing and bad press may be to blame.

This is a throwaway song that Iraqi fans of Rola would find of interest  but I do not think the appeal goes beyond that demographic. Too much noise, and little magic.

Rola Saad - Majnouna 2013 / رولا سعد - مجنونة

Rouwaida Attieh, The Vocalist From Homs Rocking Out!

Rouwaida Attieh is a rogue artist, she is really unlike any playbook. I do not get her career plan, her press and I do not get whatever antics she has been up to lately. But I am sure on one thing, she has the most refined, most capable voice among her peers in Syria or outside. She is the Samira Tawfik of her time, she is the Najwa Karam of Syria. And for me, she is the jewel of talent scouting shows alumni. She left many people breathless a decade ago with her near perfect tone and pitch--she ended up being a runner up.

Now, she has been sharing, small and short clips of her doing acoustic song, her vocals do not miss anything or do not leave anything to the imagination. She is a bright star, she is not really pop even though she has made wonderful pop songs, she is not just classical...she stands in the middle and she belongs to an elite group of super talented vocalists. Checkout her short songs below, this Homs native lady shines every time.


تعب المشوار

عتبان المحبوب

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Something More Real, Something Very Arab #Jalasat

When Karaoke music eventually goes away, the only thing fans of Arabic music will be pleased with this something more authentic Arabic music--the real melodies are slow. You cannot have an appointment when you listen to those songs, you have to be relaxed and have to want to enjoy oneself. This is about enjoying music in a cozy and warm surrounding. No loud speakers, no fancy pants, just good music and people who want to kick back and take it in

Checkout this very ear-pleasing music made on the spot, no computers or what's not. Just the good old music instruments (lute anyone?) a talented person who is there to sing for hours, surrounded by those who appreciate the music and those who want to have a good time. See Morccan Donia Batma--from the Arab Idol success be the live of the part.

I am not talking about the distant past, but rather speaking of the Jalasat style concerts popular in the Gulf. Where dozens of fans sit and enjoy great music in a kickback space. It's an intimate space where mid-aged can enjoy themselves  dance with other dudes ant not worry about losing their stature--they are doing something traditional
#جلسات_وناسة_2013 - دنيا بطمة "جيتك لبابك حبيبي"

Sizzling Music Video! Hamaki - Nefsi Aba'a Ganbo / حماقي - نفسي أبقى جنبه @Hamaki

Beach in the chilling winter is what Egyptian pop star Mohamed Hamaki is all about. To celebrate his 10th year in the music biz, he brought dozens of models and a new look. He really turned up the heat for this anniversary....and he is looking rather fresh and clean.

This is a really well-made music video, and it feels exciting, the song was pretty good, but thanks to the music video it now feels animated--thanks to that expensive haircut and the wayfarer shades. As for the music it's appealing to even those who can care less for Arabic music. Filmed in the UAE allowed more creativity and the supply of limitless ladies that are willing to star in music video is never-ending.

With this music video Hamaki--now a married man cements his status as a leading pop star in Arabic pop. In Egypt there's number one Amr Diab, and everyone seems to be number two. Hamaki is giving the king of pop a good run for his money. In fairness, Hamaki has always been good, this time he is willing to go the extra mile and take his career into a new territory.

Hamaki - Nefsi Aba'a Ganbo / حماقي - نفسي أبقى جنبه

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lebanese Artist Mayssa Karaa Captures A ""White Rabbit"

Karaa, 24 and recent graduate of Berklee College of music was chosen late last year to sing this new rendition Arabic adaptation of the iconic song by Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit". The song was written and produced in Arabic by renowned composers and music producers Dawn Elder, Mark Batson, Hanin Omar under the direction of American Hustle's music supervisor Susan Jacobs. This is the first time Arabic lyrics are highlighted in such a manor in a major Hollywood film. This is a testament to David O' Russell's creative intellect. Mayssa Karaa's vocal performance in Arabic not only surprises audiences but her powerful and haunting vocals have been hailed by critics internationally as one of the movie's most dynamic songs. Her voice conveys the intensity of a pivotal scene featuring Robert De Niro, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jenifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. Karaa's voice not only stays true to Slick's iconic performance, but finds its own unique color and powerful tone making the scene memorable. "This is who I am," says Mayssa, "not Middle Eastern all the way, not rock all the way. I am creating my own style."

Born in 1989, near the close of a 15-year conflict in Lebanon, Mayssa began singing at very early age in Beirut with her local school choir, and at the age of 7 singled out by the school's music director as one of the most talented out of hundreds. Recognizing her artistic talent, her parents encouraged her to pursue a musical education and enrolled her into the Conservatory of Beirut alongside her regular studies. Soon after, Mayssa was performing at a variety of events for non-profit charities including UNESCO.
Mayssa's manager, and co-author of the Arabic Adaptation of "White Rabbit" Dawn Elder says, "Mayssa has the capability to cross over like no other artist before her. The unique colors, perfect intonation, range and grittiness in her voice would be enough alone to make her a stand out star, but it is her versatility in both English, Arabic, not to mention Italian, French and Persian that makes her a one of a kind. This is rather unprecedented especially between Arabic, and English. Her passion for rock music and desire to bring an organic fusion with Middle Eastern music to her songs is both refreshing and exciting.". I knew she was the perfect voice for this song, and collaboration. Mayssa Karaa has gone on to perform the song at numerous premieres for American Hustle from New York to Dubai, stunning audiences with her amazing voice and charisma. O' Russell, Cooper, Adams, and audiences alike are thrilled with this rendition and what it brings to the movie.


Amid all these projects, Mayssa is beginning work on her own debut CD, a groundbreaking combination of rock, pop, and Arabic music that will bring together all her diverse talents and experiences. “This is who I am,” says Mayssa, “not Middle Eastern all the way, not rock all the way. I am creating my own style.” And the world of international popular music may never be the same.

Mayssa Karaa - White Rabbit

The Egyptain Idol RETURNS! Kol Wahed Fina - Ahmed Gamal (Video)

for a runner up on Arab Idol, Ahmed Gamal, did little after walking out on that show, while the others toured the States in a sold out tour that took them to more than 20 venues in Canada and in the States. Ahmed Gamal did little.

And noe he is about to change that with the release of a new single, that brings the best in him. This guy is a musician before he was a singer and before he was n idol. He is getting the help of some mkodel in short shorts that will sell the music video in Egypt. Ahmed has a trillion dollar smile and a grin. He enjoys a full set of hair and a limitless charm.

He is certainly the romantic package, I like Mr. Gamal and I know his fans and appreciators have missed him. This is almost a year ago when he took part of the Arab Idol and made name for himself. Now he is that all-Egyptian guy who is about to fall in love on camera.

His new song is pretty awesome and he is blessed with that choice. Lyrics are those of Mohamed Refai, a follow Egyptian who appreciates Ahmed for who he is. Enjoy this mellow and wonderful love song.

Kol Wahed Fina - Ahmed Gamal كل واحد فينا - احمد جمال

Sabine Basic Instinct Leg Cross And Valentine Concert

The multi-talented performer Lebanese pop songstress Sabine was a big hit in her valentine concert downtown Beirut, she sounded polished and looking ready for prime time.

Sabine was born on the 2nd of October, is a Lebanese artist who entered the world of music at the age of 17 years with the "Rahabna" (Lebanese Musicians known worldwide whose family name is Rahbani) with two songs: "Bâathli email" and "Bessal Haly".

Now she has been perfecting her dance craft for a really long time to compliment her credentials, Sabine , Ramy Ayach and Naji Osta concert at Al Finik Ballroom. It looks like this was a fun concert as the three lead entertainers went out to make it extra special. I know I like Sabine's white coat. She event opted for a Basic Instinct chair move...

She had the help of a guy who worked with J Lo and Brittney Spears. She is about to release her debut album even though she has been singing for about three years. Egyptian and Lebanese songs are the focus but also two songs for the Gulf. She seems to have all the right names for artists who have given her lyrics and music.

Sabine Bayni w Baynak Valentine party

Sabine Habibi Leish za3lan Valentine party

Sabine Interview Valentine party

Monday, February 24, 2014

Check Out The Arabic Equivalent Of Rocky Theme Song (اتقدم)

The movie where this song played was made in 1984, the same era where American and the world met Rocky, the iconic Philadelphia boxer. Egypt had its own boxer movie and it was with the beloved Egyptian actor the late Ahmed Zaki. The song is form the movie "The Black Tiger" or "النمر الاسود" The song urges one to move forward.

Needless to say, it's one hell of an upbeat song with classy actors and convincing plot. This was one awesome movie, and this song lives in the memory of Arabs more than 30 years after the making of its film.  The song is about going big, and not letting life known one's soul.

So now, you know Egyptian pop culture gave us an original Arab boxer story that made so many people love the sport and fall in love with this accomplished actor.


Rocky Full Theme Tune

Ramy Ayach "Erratic" Valentine Concert (Video)

He actually calls himself a pop star, it's in his title. He broke to the music industry when he was teen, and the ladies fell in love with him. This was 20 years ago, but he is still a big draw. This is Ramy Ayach, the Lebanese pop star who is relevant in Egypt, the Gulf, and in the West.

This is is the biggest and smartest self-promoter, marketer in the pop scene, just look how his fans flock the stage to be close to him. He seems gracious and this was a big deal for him in the Valentine concert. What some may not realize is that a lot of ladies post next to him on stage knowing his is recently married.  

Ramy Ayach Ya Benet El Soltan Valentine Party

He did a melody of his most popular songs, some are recent, some are original others not so much. The setup seemed a little chaotic and all over the place but nevertheless this was a sold-out venue.

Ramy Ayach Ba7eib El Nas El Ray2a Valentine Party

Ramy spoke to the press after his concert and he was in good spirit, maybe a little bit drunk or on drugs. This was his concert in Lebanon but before then he was in Jordan for another concert. His new album is coming in about two months with ten tracks. He does not speak much on details, but he is a clever spokesperson.

Ramy Ayach Interview Valentine Party

Ramy Ayach Habibi Ana Nefsi Valentine Party

Sunday, February 23, 2014

All You Need To Know About The Ahmed Ezz And Zeina Scandal!

This one scandal that won't go away. Egyptian media is drooling over the details of this story about the alleged marriage of actress Zeina to her pal actor and pretty boy Ahmed Azz. Now, we learn the two did not have a marriage contract and simply had sex which led to a twin of boys delivered in the United States on October 7th.

Egyptian laws are funny, in order for one to request a DNA test, there has to be a written marriage contract, it does not have to be registered with a court, just something in writing with witnesses.

Here's what we think we know right now, Egyptian investigations by the department of Justice found out from Zeina that her and Ahmed Ezz did not have an official marriage. But rather a verbal promise from Ezz to marry Zeina and according to her a number of friends and family members have witnessed that verbal promise--whatever that is. Ezz was the one who approached Zeina--she says and since she trusted his public personal, she agreed. This has been reported in the Egyptian El Wafad Newspaper.

They have mutually agreed not to make the news of their marriage public, however Zeina learned of her pregnancy to which Ezz has asked her to "make it go away" This has been reported in Akhbarak magazine. She refused to terminate the pregnancy and decided to head for the States to be safe and to give birth to her twins away from the spotlight.

While in California, she tried to reach out to Ezz who declined to answer her calls. She tried sending messaged hoping to get him to change his mind but we was unresponsive. Then she told a mutual friend that if Ezz won't responded, she will file a claim against him. Two days later, he calls and makes threats that he won't admit that he is the father had she made that public--if true, seriously what an asshole. Then they met in a private villa in 6 October City through a common friend of theirs to reach a amicable resolution. According to Zeina, he was upset for her making the story public and bringing in the media--I think he did that not her. It gets better, according to the investigation, Ezz offered her money in exchange for changing the story and withdrawing the lawsuit--again a jackass. Zeina maintained to have rejected his offer and insisted on the DNA test, "honor is a precious thing for me"

On his part, Ezz is not talking in public, but he has accused the mother of his children of laying, forging official documentation and defamation. Sounds like an awkward thanksgiving dinner for the family.

More in Arabic

حقيقة زواج احمد عز وزينة بعد عودتها من نيويورك بتوأم ابوهم احمد عز ‎

Download Hany Shaker Sings For The Gulf In Gulf Dialect--A Big Deal البوم هانى شاكر - اغلى بشر

The man of Egyptian blues Hany Shaker, the guy all guys make fun of but secretly listen to and learn from has a new single. This is a landmark song by a man who claims iconic stature among his peers. This is a single from an All Gulf dialect album which plan to release later this year. The date the track released is also the birthday for his two grandchildren.

The title or the lead son of the album is "Aghla Bashar", the most precious person. For Hany Shaker that was his late daughter who struggled with cancer before passing away in 2011.

The album will be with Rotana who has got Hany Shaker to work on it for he past seven months. It will have half a dozen tracks--8, they are all about love and distance, they are simplified poems. Now, take a minute and enjoy the new single. This is meant for the Gulf folks and those who like heavy styles. Shaker has another thing in common with the government of the Gulf, both of them back the army's coup and assault on democracy.

01.Aheb El Nas
02.Aghla Bashar
04.Allah Hasebi Aleak
05.El Wadaa
06.Kelmet Ahebak
07.Ya Habibi
08.Yeqol Yehbeni
Hany Shaker...Aghla Bashar | هاني شاكر...اغلي بشر

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let's Get Weird With Ali Bin Mohammed

Ali Bin Mohammed is a big deal in the Gulf region, and he is a busy guy, but I kind of found it interesting to hear his latest track. His voice is pretty good, he has a sweet voice that compared to that of Aseel Abu Baker, so this is not the issue. The way the song started is what caught my attention. I have no idea how to classify this song.

It's traditional yet not so much, the Gulf may be confused as well. He is Yemeni, but the UAE just made him one of their own. In the late nineties, he had a hit song that even I recall, here it's. He is classically trained and he composed many songs, I like to see him live in a Jalasat like in a more intimate setting. He does the Hadramaut style like few can. He is also well-versed on the various Indian styles, he seems to incorporate in his work.

Ali Bin Mohammed...Doom Tak | علي بن محمد...دوم تك

This Omani Song Sounds Like Indian Hits--Salah Al Zadjali

Salah Al Zadjali just released a new song that will make you think you are taking a walk down a Bombay market, the Indian music is distinct and since they are very close to the Gulf, and many of them work there, their music is popular. However this Omani musician likes fusion and this is what his new song shall live.

This is actually an Omani folklore that has been given a technology treatment by the artist. The thing about Salah Al Zadjali is that he has yet to sing in any Arab dialect than his own, he is proud this way. I like how cool he is yet how local he strives to be even in all his outfits and headgear. Oman has a captivating shores, nature and climate, so it makes sense to be a land with little drama where everyone seems to be enjoying it.

اووه يا زينة - صلاح الزدجالي HD

Friday, February 21, 2014

They Are So Old The Birth Year Of Your Favorite Arabic Singer Is........كم يبلغ عمر إليسا وهيفاء وهبي ونانسي عجرم

Most artists do not like to tell their real age, not just females, the dudes also who wok in the entertainment business do not like to share how old they are. What year was your favorite entertainer actor, singer was born? They all want us to believe they are young and if they are not young, they would say, I feel young.

According to one source, here is the years they were born:

  1. Najwa Karam (1966)
  2. Elissa (1972)
  3. Diana Haddad (1976)
  4. Wael Kfoury (1974)
  5. Assi Hallani (1970)
  6. Nawal El Zoghby (1971)
  7. Nancy Ajram (1983)
  8. Myriam Faris (1983)
  9. Kathem Al Saher (1956)
  10. Asalah Nasry (1969)
  11. Ahlam (1969)
  12. Haifa Wehbi either (1969) or (1972)
  13. Carol Samahe (1972)
  14. Sherine Abdel Wahab (1980)
  15. Ragheb Alamah (1962) 
  16. Ramy Ayach (1980)
  17. Maya Diab (1978)
  18. Mohamed Mounir (1954)
  19. Mohamed Abdu (1949)

Nobody Does Live Concerts Like Amr Diab Does--But In #Kuwait He Was Lame

for the king of pop, the Gulf saves no expenses especially if it was a state-sponsored event. Amr Diab had a concert in the Kuwait mighty "Hala Feb" Music Festival. Amr diab got every single of his band on stage, and it seems to have been a big ole stage with lots of lights, laser and affects. Still all that dazzle takes little from Amr Diah whose household name is second to none. I have no idea if he was singing live at that concert....his libs do not exactly sync.

This is one of his most beloved hits, and it felt flat, even the musicians seem tried from acting as if they are playing live. I would say the video is the problem, but one look at the band and you will know no one of them was playing anything and in fact we are hearing a pre-recorded track and not a live treat from the champ of Arab pop and world sensation Amr Diab.

He keeps jumping and be all over the stage, he interacts with his audience, talks to them not at them. Engages the band, improvises and gives a good mix from the new and old. He gives a full set, and seems to be want to be there.

Tamally Maak - Amr Diab تملى معاك - حفلة هلا فبراير 2014- عمرو دياب

Saeban Alaya-Amr Diab صعبان عليا - حفلة مارينا-عمرو دياب

Kan Tayeb-Amr Diab كان طيب - حفلة مارينا-عمرو دياب

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kathem Al Saher New Single Feels Flat اغنية كاظم الساهر - استفزيني 2014

Singles seem to be the way to go in 2014, at least for Iraqi musician Kathem Al Saher, this makes his third single in 2014, and it's beginning to feel something in the air. The latest is a poem from him, and it sounds like him, he feels it and make it real with his voice and emotions, I am not partial to this song, it feels good yet redundant.

This time he is telling him to increase the dose of pain, she is the only female that counts. The music sounds tired and Kathem seems to be uninspired here. Provoke me is the title of the new single, and it actually worked on me, it made me wanted to listen to it.

The thing is that this song has been recorded by the artist to flatter some wealthy poet who got to him, none of the names who have worked on this song ring any bell, yet Kathem released their song with his voice. The peot who wrote is Saudi Abdel Lattif Al Sheikh

اغنية كاظم الساهر - استفزيني 2014 | النسخة الاصلية

MESTO Live In Concert at the Downey Civic Theatre

Maestro Nabil Azzam,
Star singer Karima Skalli (Morocco)
Guest of honor Nasser Mezdawi (Libya)
50-piece orchestra! Extreme talents
World premiere of TWO compositions by Maestro Nabil Azzam
Tell your friends...

The orchestra will also be premiering the wonderful new orchestration of Intal Hobb, music of Muhammad 'Abd al-Wahhab (song of Umm Kulthum). The selection of instrumental themes is stunning. Maestro Nabil Azzam's orchestration performed by MESTO adds special depth that is both innovative and authentic.

In the last concert MESTO presented Amal Hayati that the audience loved...
Some of the compositions in the program are: Samba al-Qahira (by M. 'Abd al-Wahhab, premiere) El-Mallah for orchestra, suite for violin in A-minor, Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (Mozart,) Is'al 'Alayya, Ana Albi Dalili (of Laila Murad) Bayni w-Baynak (lyrics and music by Elias Rahbani) and MORE.
The Downey Civic Theatre
8435 Firestone Blvd. Downey, CA 90241
2-22-2014 @7:30 pm

MESTO is pround to present the exciting and unique
Cost: $30; $50; $100
Contact Person:

 Karima Skalli Performs at the Smithsonian

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Saber El Rebao Has His Super-Sensitive Emotional Song #Rotana

The pride of Tunisia, and the most famous living pop star to come from that land is Saber El Rebai and he is sitting as a judge on The Voice--in my humble opinion he is the least qualified among the panel of four judges. But he is still a hit with many music listeners, the older ladies perhaps. He is the emotional voice who seems to have an extra heart that makes him super sensitive.

I have to admit, I like Saber and have enjoyed his pop and loud songs, but others have enjoyed his darker emotional tracks about breakups. He has a new song out for it and I think it hits the allows Saber to show that he was a fool in love and how he was wronged.

Since he is with Rotana, they are working overtime to get him to be the star of the East, as in the Gulf where the money is. My pickle with him his he has yet to show he has a strong voice... I love the line when he calls out his past loved, "you are exhibit A when it comes to cheating and betrayal" Is it possible that you may have something to do with it? And By the way I like what you have done with your hair

أغنية أجمل مختصر للفنان صابر الرباعي حصريا على روتانا اف ام

The Naked Scandel: Ahmed Ezz "I'm Not The Father" Zeina "Take The DNA"(Updated)

I am now beginning to have my doubts about the Ahmed Ezz and Zeina tale. Zeina continues to claim Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz is the father of her twin boys--she gave birth to them in the California here in the states last October.

Ahmed Ezz did not speak on this record for over a month, and neither did Zeina, but leaks from the media and some stories came out with some alleged details. Ahmed Ezz came on national TV in Egypt and spoke for a total of two minutes about those allegations, "I am innocent, and my manhood stops me from talking about people's affairs and morals." That was it. "I wasn't going to address this topic, but when this was blown out of proportion I had to clear my name"

We know that he countersued Zeina who was asking for a paternity test, and when it came to the date for both of them to show up on court, Zeina failed to show up on that date--she said her lawyer is abroad at the moment and he could not be present. However her attorney said, she did not have to show up as Ahmed Ezz was the only one who needed to be there. The plaintiff needed to make an appearance not the defendant.

In other news now we know more about he drama, thanks to Ahmed Ezz who hired the most vocal attorney and celebrity asshole Mortada Mansour, "They did not get married, and this is why the DNA test cannot be requested" In other words, they are not denying his paternity, only that they were never married. I hate how he tried to shame Zeina for sleeping with Ahmed Ezz as if that playboy was a victim. He also said that Zeina forged some marriage papers while she was in the United States. Zeina did not give in, she said, "Ahmed Ezz talks about his manhood a lot, show us he is a man by taking the test" "Then, he can how us his manhood in a court of law."

This is becoming a bizarre episode, I do not understand why would Zeina lie about this? I believe what she has to say, but I am clueless on Ahmed Ezz, I will be surprised if he was not the father. He may be doing this to protect his name and his career.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Ezz continues to film his big TV drama "Excellence"

برومو مسلسل الاكسلانس احمد عز فى رمضان - Excellence Promo Ahmed Ezz Ramadan 2014


New Generation, Throwback Music Of #Jerusalem With Ahmad Dari

I love the outfits the band wears, I especially love when the lead plays a backup singer for an older folksy star who feels like my grandpa. The Jerusalem native artist and calligrapher Ahmad Dari has one of his rare professionally mastered songs that celebrates folklore. Ahmad is a very active musician who seems to be self-made with little resources.

I appreciate this kind of music that mixes tradition with a great sense of humor, singing about hope and helplessness without sounding desperate. Drinking tea and smoking an old-school hookah while sitting in some park evokes so many memories. Well done Ahmad, you made a song that both my father and his father will enjoy and celebrate.

even though Ahmad Dari wrote the music and the lyrics, the main voice is by Amr Khalil who resides in Jerusalem and Ahmad who lives in Paris.

معك حق بس غلطان، غناء الفنان عامر خليل، كلمات وألحان أحمد داري

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Reinvention Of Maya Diab--Did She Copy Beyoncé? #Ya_Niyali

She finally calmed down and left behind the loud pop songs that almost feel snappy. She made the most party songs, now this time she found a place where her heart is.... a new single from her that shows that lady is not just an amazing self-promoter.

I like this Maya Diab, if anything we should see more of this side, not just see more of her skin and forward-leaning outfits. Maya has a good talent and she is endowed with many skills, but warm winter love songs are not easy for her. She did a 180 degree turn and she is not Elissa, she is not Merriam Faris, she is not Julia Boutros, she is something in between.

I love the oud bit and the vocals she mustered, it feels like Fayrouz, the piano stars the song beautifully. This time Maya Diab feels comfortable in her own skin, minimal special affects, minimal strange outfits, it's just her, the camera and her natural look. It works well....Maya is a credit to the Lebanese song.

As for the music video, critics have it that Maya Diab copied a music video 1+1  released by Beyoncé two years ago where there are lots of similarities. There are things that look similar, the theme feels similar and also the songstress do resemble one another. But I doubt even Beyoncé may have copied another one, it's hard to find music videos that are original, that's because they make too many of them.

Maya Diab Ya Niyali - مايا دياب يا نيالي

Beyoncé - 1+1

All The Weird People In This Valentine Day Concerts #Lebanon

I do not know about you, but I sort of Miss Nawal Al Zoghby and her songs. The lady of pop and charisma has not released a new song in a very long time, but it seems she was booked for a valentine concert in downtown Beirut. The good news, she is talking about her album who is in progress.

She seems to have the finest names in Arabic pop, Salim Salamah, Samier Sfier, Waleed Shamy and Rami Sabri--who seems to have given Nawal a find Egyptian song. Good luck.....Then Bassem Faghali the drag queen also gave an interview.....this guy is a big deal and has always shocked people with his antics, outfits and impersonations.

Then comes Anwar Nour, the rising pop star who moonlights as a heartbreaker.

إيلاف تلتقي نوال الزغبي وباسم فغالي وأنور نور في عيد الحبّ

These Two Young Men Are In Love! Zayed And Fouad Break Out!

They are two young men who seem to be the greatest of friends. One sings in English, and the other is the son of a beloved pop singer in Egypt. But he is leaving the shadow of his old man to make his own legacy....he is acting in his friends's music videos. He shows some confidence and promise in the birth of his own career. It's insane but he does look like his father Mohammad Fouad. The due goes by the name Zayed and Fouad

I like Zayed's style in performing this English language song. This is how the duo describe themselves.

With big aspirations and visions that spurred from a young age, Ahmed Zayed and Abdelrahman Mohamed Fouad are finally making it all happen. These childhood best friends of Egyptian descent have a dream to take amateur music video productions to the next level. Zayed who has always been known for his honest, sultry yet deep voice is prepared to merge his ambition for singing and his determination to succeed to make it internationally. Fouad always had a talent and a message to send not through his voice, but through acting with his whole being. These unique hybrid between an actor and a vocalist is a pioneering statement made by two Egyptians with a Western ambition, willing to make a statement through their artistic productions.

Passenger - Let Her Go - Zayed Starring Fouad (Official Music Video)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Finally, A Dentist We Love! Reem Ezz el Din Sings On The Voice

Reem Ezz el Din is one of many talents competing on the voice, the Lebanese version that it. While there are many other talents on the program who help drive its rating. One of them stands tall as she has a respectable career--she is a dentist.

As of her style, she sounds like her very own talent--compare her to Angham, she has a lady-like voice, and a girl-like emotions that she channels so well. Not sure how far she will go on The Voice, but she has left an impression with me and I am glad I got to hear her single.She is a young Egyptian vocalist who also is finishing her medical training at the University of Cairo--a really tough university to get into.  So, good looks, check! smart and educated, check! Warm and angel-like voice, check!

ريم عز الدين - منين ماتروح / Reem Ezz el Din - Mneen Ma Troo7 el Moseeqa TV el

Hany Adel New Single About The Alphabet And Love

More often than not, indie music does not pay the bills, but going mainstream helps. Transitioning from the music industry into the movie biz helps boost one's paycheck. First there was Wust Al Balad band where Hany Adel was a band member and a driving force. Then he went solo, then Hany starred in indie films, and now he is making the big step into commercial flicks that come with a hefty paycheck.

Hany has featured a song in that movie....with the help of few kids. Luckily he wrote the music for his latest track about the alphabet and life....a lonely letter is like the person whose charterer Hany is playing....bring your letter next to mine, we become a word, a sentence that makes sense. It's an indie feeling music video like these Sundance films tend to utilize.

هاني عادل - حرف وحيد / Hany Adel - Harf Wa7eed el Moseeqa TV

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sounds Of Jerusalem With Musique de Yousef Zayed

He is a triple or quad triple talented musician. And he is from a place that historically has not been too worried about music. But Palestinian Yousef Zayed despite it all, has came through and as you can see from his music performance below he is made for music.

His stroked on the lute show confidence. the percussion and drums are his game too. He wraps his sounds with the old world flavor and it feels authentic and not forced. He offers a complete package in entertainment meant for the ages.

Raqs, Musique de Yousef Zayed. رقص٬ موسيقى يوسف زايد

@Marcel_Khalife States The Obvious, All Arab Regimes Repressive

In an interview with Elaph beloved Lebanese (French) composer and musician stated the obvious, every single Arab regime from the ocean to the Gulf has suppressed its people. Marcel Khalife was attending a show by the Lebanese orchestra performing his own songs. Marcel Khalife had not done anything with the music conservatory in years, this was his coming home to the place where he studied and taught Arabic.

The beloved musician and activist spoke truth to power, and had a lot of hopes about the future. This guy was the Arab Spring before it was cool to be so. He is about freedom and change, and people getting back their rights...  Lebanon is so proud of him and hundreds came out to attend his concert. He feels the love from all the attendees, the lovely (and Marcel Khalife pioneer) Omayma Khalil had a song in the program

مارسيل خليفة لإيلاف: كل الأنظمة العربيّة من المحيط إلى الخليج قمعت شعوبها

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Get Your Shit Together #Libya Till Then, Here's A Libya Love Song

Was that a coup? or wasn't not? No one really knows what is happening in Libya right now and that worries many of the Libyans and the non-Libyans alike. Violence and dysfunctional government seems to be a sad reality of life in Libya.

This is why one of the most famous musician to come from that land just released a new song, a love-declaration for how much he loves that land--yet he lives in Egypt. It's a good song, and energizing, I bet the Libyans would appreciate it at this time. I like the dance beat, it's just too short. Thank you Hamid Shari for keeping Libya on his mind at this moment.

حميد الشاعري - يا ليبيا

Simon Shaheen Live in Concert at Old Town School of Folk Music @OudAndViolin

Event Category:Music/Folk/World
Organization:Old Town School of Folk Music
Venue:Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall
Start Date:Saturday, February 15, 2014
End Date:Saturday, February 15, 2014
Start Time:8:00 PM

4544 N Lincoln Ave


Audience Type:
All Audiences
Simon Shaheen dazzles his listeners as he deftly leaps from traditional Arabic sounds to jazz and Western classical styles. His soaring technique, melodic ingenuity, and unparalleled grace have earned him international acclaim as a virtuoso on the ‘oud and violin. Shaheen is one of the most significant Arab musicians, performers, and composers of his generation. His work incorporates and reflects a legacy of Arabic music, while it forges ahead to new frontiers, embracing many different styles in the process.

Simon Shaheen - Oud - Blue Flame

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Song# جديد ٢٠١٤ نسايم - ياسمين نيازي / Nasaym - Yasmine Niazy

Since you asked for a love song, Yasmine Niazy heard the call and she released that song for Valentine day. This all-Egyptian songstress wants to share the occasion with her fans. She remains one of the most upbeat young and dazzling voices.

"Nasayem" means breezes, like the cool summer breeze one feels when he or she falls in love--the sensation is hard to deny and difficult to describe.

جديد ٢٠١٤ نسايم - ياسمين نيازي / Nasaym - Yasmine Niazy

Beautiful Vocalist Houda Saad Does Right By Moroccan Music @Hoditactic

Embedded image permalink
Houda Saad, sang in every Arabic dialect under the sun, a career of five years and a student of music in the Switzerland, and she seems to have made a clear decision.....make Moroccan songs her bread and butter. It's a shame when many capable and talented artists from Maghreb lose their own dialect and sing in whichever dialect that pays them more.

Houda sang in all those dialects, but it seems for the past two years she has pledged to make Moroccan songs cooler and bring them to a wider audience. She is a elver musician and blessed songstress. I respect the choice she has taken and I think it's about time for someone to step up and enrich the music scene with that exotic and deeply rooted Moroccan style. I think you will find her music a fusion between that ancient Moroccan scent, and what's hip in the European capitals.

Houda wrote this song, lyrics and music are all her own, it's all in her head, and got to her lips when she sang it. It's better this way, she only makes what she feels, and she is the only one to make it real as she breaths her own life into the track.


Houda Saad - La Hadi Oula Hadik (Official Video 2014) / هدى سعد - لهادي و لهاديك

Thursday, February 13, 2014

WATCH: Nancy Ajram - N#8 - Official teaser Ma Tegy Hena نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا #Throwback

About 12 years ago, Nancy Ajram became a sensational pop star, she released a cute music video (Akhasmak Ah) that propelled her to an A list songstress in a matter of days. It was an instant hit and became a catch phrase among men, women and children loved to dance to it.

In 2014, it feels like Nancy Ajram is trying to recreate that nostalgic feeling to her earlier songs. This would be her 8th album. There is not other pop star that had the kind of success she had in very short years. She is an inescapable star whose fame and popularity can never slow down. Filmed her new music video in Lebanon with the colorful Joe Bou Eid. Nancy Ajram will star alongside Mr. Lebanon 2013 Ayman Musa.

She is teasing folks with a new track Tegy Hena, while we do not hear anything from Nancy, we see the look and the killer red lipsticks. She has arguably the best talent manger in the business who only makes very calculated steps and Nancy Ajram seems to trust him and so far he does not seem to have ever let her down. This time she stars as a watermelon vendor who gets harassed by people. Why not? Try the new teaser, and remember that hit form more than a decade ago.

Nancy Ajram - N#8 - Official teaser Ma Tegy Hena نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا

Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah

The Lebanese Brazilian Half Breed Carolina de Oliveira TV Personality

Yes, there are thousands like here who share Lebanese (Syrian) heritage with Brazilian citizenship,  but she has the coolest and most exotic name for a Lebanese media personality. She also holds a degree in English literature. Carolina de Oliveira shot to fame on the MBC network where she worked for years on various shows and programs, now she left that gig to act. She has also appeared on celebrity duets about two years ago, where she had an exchange who a judge who was picking on her--she put him in his place.

She is back in the spotlight and she dishes about a love story she is living. She is currently starring on a Lebanese drama that will air on LBC. She has appeared on an Egyptian film years ago, but this is the first time she takes the lead. She seems to maybe want to come back to TV and hosting a number of shows.  She is a well-decorated entertainer with half a dozen awards.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Listen: Karim Mohsen - Bahlam Beek / كريم محسن - بحلم بيك #Smooth @karimmohsen

You may not fall in love with Karim Mohsen's new hair style, but you will respect his for the new single he just released. It's his most lovable track to date, it's his most romantic version of himself he has mustered. It's an all around strong song, with great music, and the emotional appeal of love song that you will never get sick of.

He made a cool track more than a month ago, and while I love the song, I hated the sexed up music video that released. Now, that was last year, now he makes nice and delivered a wonderful track--the one with butterflies and everything is perfect.

Karim has always been a favorite of mine, he is a musician not just a singer

Karim Mohsen - Bahlam Beek / كريم محسن - بحلم بيك

@HaifaWehbe Stars In The First Pornographic Adult Film (Video) فيلم هيفاء وهبي حلاوة روح

To her credit, she is not the only one at fault here. Haifa Wehbe has the will to reveal a lot of skin in exchange for a good sum of money. The producer and low-life Al Sobky family put up the money, and the backing for this pornographic adult film. For them it's business, not art and certainly not freedom of expression.

Now the larger blame is on the audience who will shell dollars to see such movies at the cinema house. They will talk smack about the movie, and the stars, but they will race to the movie theater to see this film in shame and discreetly. Look Haifa is always a smart business woman, this is why most of the leading males stars are spending the bulk of their time leering at her and treating her like a piece of meet--not a human bring with a soul. and then they wonder why so much sexual harassment in Egypt. That kind of sanctioned culture where males behavior of molesting and harassing women is OK is dangerous.

Another issue that is disturbing there were 27 lines in the movie that were tossed out due to their screaming sexual nature, what makes it worse is that these lines were delivered in the children who appear in the film ( a sample "دي مره بنت ..." و "يا وسخة" ). The film has been cleared for screening but only for adult audience--which in Egypt is marketing ploy. Unlike other countries where minors have to show an ID to enter R rated movies, in Egypt, you tip the usher few pounds and you are in. The film will release to theaters on April 8th 2014.

Not every one is happy with the film, a number of activists have voiced concern about this film--they called it pornographic and not cinematic or artistic. This is a shame that in Egypt, you are not  allowed to make or screen a film about serious topics, but films about sex are more than welcome. And yes, there's nothing Egyptian men love more than a Lebanese lady who is willing to strip for them and show them her body parts--sadly, they think all Lebanese females are like that. This is pop culture for you. Haifa spends the bulk of time wearing sexy clothes and playing on her bed alone and along with other ugly, bald and fat men.

I did screen the preview to a number of Western movie buffs, and they were shocked such a raunchy movie would come from a conservative place like Egypt. Even in the States, this is considered an adult film. As acting Haifa does her best playing a role of a convincing Egyptian gal--when hundreds of unemployed and capable Egyptian actresses sit at home.

Halawet Rooh - The Official Trailer هيفا وهبي - فيلم حلاوة روح - الاعلان الرسمي

الاعلان الرسمي لفيلم هيفاء وهبي حلاوة روح 2014 HD720p

@DianaHaddad Takes Drugs...So Many! Feel Better (Picture)

View image on Twitter

While paparazzi often go through celebrities trach bins to figure out what kind of food, they are eating and what medications they are Lebanses pop star may have had a case of the TMI, when she shared with her followers a collection of the medications she is on. I cannot tell what these medications are for, but I know I can only tell the Vitamin C one. Now, this is a creative force to let people and fans know more about the life of their entertainer by the entertainer. So this is a first, I am not aware of any other celebrates who have done this. Maybe she has a cold, and that's something that looks like nasal shots. so much for glamour!

What do you see? Can you make out these medications? whatever it's hope Diana, the princess of Arabic pop makes a speedy recovery.

In other news Diana Haddad continues to work on her upcoming album and shooting new music videos. She has been attached to the Hala Feb music festival in Kuwait where she dazzled them all with her music, grace and warm personality.

Diana Haddad - Albi Wafi 2012 | ديانا حداد - كليب قلبي وفي جـديد

Download: Diab 2014 "Ya Wad Ya SoSo" Album تحميل البوم دياب - يا واد يا سوسو

You put the best and most experienced record producer in Egypt inside a studio, bring in the most vocally flexible hungry young talent and wait few months! The outcome is a fun album that you are about to enjoy. This is how you make rad Egyptian pop that establishes a new standard for cool. Nasr Mahrous is that producer, Diab is that artist, and here's their second album collaboration.

Nasr is a gift to Egyptian pop--a curse to its politics. His label Free Music only makes the finest and the coolest musically entertaining tracks. Nasr, composes music, writes lyrics, produced and directs music videos. He is a know it all and has been rocking Egyptian pop for more than forty years. I like Diab, he makes Egyptian pop cool and close to the streets without being Vulgar....he is like that old and young man sitting in a neighborhood cafe and chatting it up.

01 - 3am ya 3am
02 - Ass We Lazaa
03 - Efta7 Edeak
04 - Ermy Tokalk
05 - Fara7i
06 - Nagm El Watn El 3***y
07 - Sba7 El 5ool Ya Foya 
08 - Ya Wad Ya SoSo
09 - Zman El 3gyab
10 - Mesh Habtal Zaan

DIAB kolo edo fo2 l دياب كلة أيدة فوق

دياب - يا واد يا سوسو "برومو"

Diab Ya Wad Ya SoSo I دياب ياواد يا سوسو

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

WATCH: Pharrell Williams - Happy (Telfaz11 Cover) The Wild @AlaaWardi Unleashed

The guy on fire, the unstoppable viral video who resides in Saudi Arabia and rocks out in Beirut brings out all of his friends for his latest cover, you get to meet a dozen of characters from his life who even make some noise and make a fun video...make sure you keep track of the varying styles and range of talent. I love the Saudi local dialect that colors the Pharrell Williams track

This video may have captured all the cool dudes of  kingdom, on the plus side, Alaa;s voice is his best asset and it comes through this time, and the guy sounds as upbeat and as sweet as he performs this global hit.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Telfaz11 Cover)

WATCH: #Palestine Mobile Company AMAZING Commercial #Jawwal

They used to be the only cellphone company in Palestine, but they are part of the culture and the landscape. Jawal is their name, and since they are bout Palestine, they made a new commercial that shows all the young pop stars from that land--all these names made their name on singeing competitions from Super Star to Star academy, ending with Arabs Got Talent finalist painting with fire and graffiti artist.

the style of the commercial is pretty dazzling, they hired five talents and they starred in this promotional marketing campaign that talks about family and land. They booked Lian Bazlmit, Ammar Hassan, Haitham Shomali, Mohannad Khalaf and Murad Suiaty. this was a treat for their respective fans and a home run for the company who copied a Western model to tell a Palestinian story by local artists. The song is about being away and home at once, sort of what mobile companies enable you to do.

I do thing, the two artists to give their finest were Haitham and Ammar, they got the most airtime, it's terrible than the might Lian was unable to shine this time around. But seriously the two dudes have incredible voices and the lines they sang served them well.

This is creative marketing, and allows all these young talents to get exposure and a home brand--they also got paychecks and perhaps free phone lines.

 ليان بزلميط وعمار حسن وهيثم الشوملي ومهند خلف ومراد سويطي

شركة جوال - كل يوم جديد

The Egyptian Army Wrote Song, This Confused Legend Sang It

Seriously, an person with name General Ibrahim Musa wrote this song drafting General Sisi to run for president--do us a favor or finish your favor and become our leader. Millions of us are asking you, calling upon you to become the president.

Hany Shaker, is the voice of this song, let's remember this guy has many songs for president Mubarak and none for the January 25th revolution. He has gone missing and now comeback with a political song.  I do not like this new found source of nationalism in Egypt--they are making this guy into a God--he is the one who opens doors for us--all of us want him. Really? What would you say about God or about Prophet Mohammad?

The song does not mention the general's name, bit it comes from the phrase his supporters have been chanting in the streets. God from above send you to rescue us....please become our me he wants power, everything he has done--this short man he has done with his mind on taking charge of that country.

هاني شاكر كمل جميلك | Official Video) | Hany Shaker Kamel Gmelak ) Hany Shaker

Monday, February 10, 2014

Listen: Najwa Karam - Ya Yomma 2014 | ٢٠١٤ يا يما - نجوى كرم #YaYomma

The darling of Arabic pop songs, the Jewel of Lebanese songs strikes again and hits the target--does she ever miss this lady? This is yet another single form the Lebanese pop diva who for at least 20 years has kept the hits coming...and he look stunning.

Najwa Karam renews herself, her image, and her choices, but she never change her style of mixing emotional, passionate, and cheeky pop songs. Seriously, she is the force of Lebanese pop songs, she is a savvy business woman and it's an honor to work with her. You do not call Najwa Karam, she calls you.

This time, she chose lyrics form the Lebanese's folklore, and music by a new comer. Her voice radiates happiness, joy energy and passion. Najwa Karam is a woman, but she sings like an innocent girl with an innocent understanding of romance. This is her treat this Valentine to all her fans out there, and boy did she make my day?

This Is The Sweetest Song In 2014 Thanks To Haitham Shaker (listen)

This song showed why Haitham Shaker is a class act, this capable singer--who has not really gotten his fair share of fame is the finest underdog in Egyptian pop. I am forever enchanted by his voice and his sincere emotions as he sings. He sound like a guy who takes his time finishing each of the words he sings, he feel them, live them and make them real.

Perhaps that he is willing to risk the format but not give in his style....he would not change who he is but changes everything, but not the essence...this song makes perfect sense and allows him to get into the hearts of each of his listeners. It's sweet track about life, wisdom, messages of our own imperfections.

I want to know a few really great and extremely sweet love songs classic love songs are absolutely the best. Love songs are a fundamental part of pop music. Most of us can think of particular songs we associate with the love relationships of our lives. Here it goes....

Haitham Shaker - El Heneya Eib / هيثم شاكر - الحنية عيب

" Wa'adtak" A Slam Dunk Romantic Track By Marwa Nasr--Girls Rule You Egypt

Marwa Nasr is one of the most successful female singers in Egypt. That has to be qualified, she made her name in Star Academy half a dozen years ago and since then she has been working. She has released at least three album, and she keeps a bust schedule in private parties and concerts in and outside of Egypt.

She was doing well all by herself, and now she has been married to a music producer who is crazy about her and supports her career. So more power to her, she is gearing up for a new album release and ads and billboards around Egypt have been spotted promoting the upcoming album. The music is pretty mellow and the images accompany the song compliment the lyrics.

Her teaser song or single track she has just releases gives hints of what yet to come, and it sounds pretty Marwa Naser as you have to come to know her. It's a dreamy love track loaded with romance and lands perfectly for Valentine day. I like her voice, and the way she carries a note, it's a smooth song that resonates well with the masses who are allowed to love but not to act out or even share that news.

Marwa Nasr - Wa'adtak / مروة نصر - وعدتك

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Sues Zeina-- Am I the baby daddy? And $hit Hits The Fan

They started together in two movies, the first in 2007, and the second in if actress Zeina is to be believed actor and playboy Ahmed Ezz is the father of her twins. She delivered them in October last year in a California hospital. According to, Ezz had already visited Zeina while she was preggers in the US. He’d made a special trip there and asked for a DNA test to prove the babies were his, but the actress refused to oblige.

Word is out, that the deadbeat alleged father and actor Ahmed Ezz is suing his fellow actress for defamation and libel. Ahmed Ezz has gone into hiding and has yet to comment on those allegations, yet that does not stop the news from coming out. According to one report, the actor maintains that all those allegations are untrue and Zeina is on a vendetta against him. The charges were filed on February 9th, a day after Zeina had submitted a request to the local court to force Ahmed Ezz to take a paternity test.

In other reports, Zeina has been reported to have turned down a million dollar offer from the famous talk show host Tony Khalifeh who has asked her to show up on his program, and chose the questions and answers she likes. She did not accept, but rumor she is about to hold a press conference had Ezz not come forward and take responsibility. Ezz seems to refuse taking a DNA test as of right now.

Feesh wa Tashbeeh promo Guest Zeina Ramadan 27th Al Kahera Wal Nas TV Network قناة القاهرة والناس

Download: Cairokee 2014 Album تحميل البوم كايروكي - السكة شمال #Indie

Indie music fans have hit euphoria upon the release of Cairokee's third album. It's the junior album, now they have to make better music, no more experiments...They insist this time, they want to make personal music about their reality. However, their previous album was searching for a leader to Egypt. As they titled it,,,leaders wanted.....This time, they stepped back, and let their music do the work--they remain as creative as hell, but they continue to grow and explore the realm.

I do not think they have the guts to state any political material, but they still can make broad music about general concepts....Their fans remain hungry for bold music, they remain frustrated....and disfranchised with the daily reality....Cairokee wants to thrive under any regime, otherwise they may find themselves in jail cell accused of some obscure crime. They made a good rock album, taking Egypt alternative music into a new territory and bringing a lot of young people to the fold. In the past, many young people were only listening to western music because it offered something different. Now Cairokee is making Arabic music in the Western style and things have been rewarding for them.

Here are the 13 tracks, you will find versatile styles, pace, ranges, genres, and music guests. Link to listen to this music.

01 - E3adet Nazar
02 - El Khat Da Khaty
03 - Agmal Ma 3andy
04 - El Seka Shemal
05 - Ghareeb Fe Belad Ghareeba
06 - Yama Fel 7abs Mazalem
07 - Nefsy Afagar
08 - Ana Mesh 2ader
09 - Lama Et2abelna
10 - Tele3 El Saba7
11 - Masara7ia
12 - Ya Tara Faker
13 - Fel Nahaia

كايروكي - ناس بترقص و ناس بتموت Cairokee