Monday, December 31, 2012

WATCH: Zap Tharwat ft. Amir Eid Take Morsi To Task | حقي

C'mon people, a bus was in an accident with Egypt, those kind of accidents are horrible but they do happen more often than not--even in places like the West. So those who like to pretend to be upset with  the Egyptian government use that accident as a way to get back at the President. Those are horrible accidents and children should not have to worry about their safety. It should also be a given, people should not be murdered for speaking their minds or for going about their their daily life.

Zap Tharwat--Egypt's hottest rapper and smartest one indeed released a s new song about right and the better tomorrow. He is helped once again by the super indie star Amir Eid from Cairokee band. Amir is a featured guest on the track headlined by Zap Thrwat. A lovely indie song with a first time affects. I love with rock and rap give us a beautiful collaboration.

I love the notebook background with all the stories being told as the songs progresses. The school notebook reminds of those little school children. This is an incredible music video with a touching story and heartwarming lyrics. Those two indie entertainers are too smart to sing for one party and not the other, they are singing about issues rather than politics.

@AxeerStudio | 7a22y | Zap Tharwat ft. Amir Eid | حقي

Listen: The No Dry Eye Arabic Song By Miami

Someone out there with too much time, made a video and used a song for that video, they have nothing in common, he got 9 million views. So, I had to check out this song...not bad. A song from a nobody that speaks about the void one has one someone that was there, no longer is.

The song belongs to the funky Kuwaiti Band Miami, none of the band's songs or music video have ever reached the 9 million--we did not check just guessing. So packaging and marketing do matter. This is a good song, but had this not been dubbed the "song that moves the feeling of millions" I would nevr have gave it a listen.

On another note, the band sort of manged to win the Google war and claim their band's name on the web. Type Miami Band, and they will turn up.

الاغنيه التي هزت مشاعر الملايين
اغنية ميامي انا اسف

Overview of 2012 Arabic Entertainment, Fueds, And Gossips

Life did not end in 2012, but the career of one popular hit maker it was the end--Fadel Shaker quit. The social media helped fuel feuds between stars among them Ahlam (UAE) and Shams (Kuwait). Latifa and Haifa Wehbe hate one another.

Many Arabic festivals took place, like the one in Cairo for movies. A number of stars got sued and attacked for previous works--the law of court. Justice has been served and those firecrackers have lost their attacks. Other news are included in this much video. 

Ragheb Alama had a good year and has sold his new fragrance. And in other news, 2012 saw the most released Christmas and Christians albums. Few got married and some got divorced.

حصاد 2012: إعتزالات خلافات وقضايا

Listen: Nancy Ajram Ya Ghaly Alya 2013 سيمبل اغنية نانسى عجرم - ياغالى عليا

Nancy Ajram has a great year in 2012, in fact she has never had a bad year since the year 2000. I am not saying it,s easy because it's not. She is a hard worker and people are programmed to love her. She seems to be real and she makes no secrets about her love for bigger and better in life.

Here's her new single, released for the New Year concerts to seal those concert deals she is booked for. Just like her last single--released only two months ago and filmed, it's a little bit more serious. Nancy has two faces, the happy let's dance song and make the dude feel good. And the one face where she makes the dude feel really bad for not paying attention.

So far, we have 57 seconds of her new song--she will be performing it live I am guessing. This song she confesses how dear her loved one to her, she just wants him to be more tentative and put more time into the relationship.

Nancy, the mother, the wife, the daughter and entertainer has been a success. Her peers may ask her for her success formula--I think she keeps it real and keep to herself.

سيمبل اغنية نانسى عجرم - ياغالى عليا 2013

 سيمبل اغنية نانسى عجرم - يا غالى علي | 2013|

Listen: Houwayda Yousef New Single اغنية هويدا يوسف - غيب - جديد 2013

Houwayda Yousef is a very proud Syrian she is by the people no matter what the media says about Syria, she is not buying into the revolution and those Gulf states fiddling in her country. She has even waged ware against Asalah Nasry and her stands against the Syrian government. Houwayda has been singing since she appeared on that Aleppo stage in 1996.

Her first album came in 1998 with Rotana and her follow up album came in 1999 and the third in 2001. She tends to film most of her songs and turn them into music video. The fourth album got a release in 2003 and the fifth hit the stores in 2005. But since then and she has been releasing singles--she collaborates with the biggest names in both Lebanon and Egypt.

To her credit, she has recorded and released 13 patriotic songs for Syria. She is out with a new single, a bluesy one the style she knows best. I like her new single, it sounds like those vintage Bedouin songs we have come to expect from Syria.

اغنية هويدا يوسف - غيب - جديد 2013

Nasr Mahrous Greatest Music Video Hits

Nasr Mahrous has directed dozens of fine Arabic music videos. He only works for stars under his label  He only releases albums he makes, fine tunes and directs. When he sings a star--mostly big names in Egypt, he gives them a 100 percent. He takes an album starts and finishes it while not working on any other projects. Stars stand in line to work with him.

You know any thin he make has the golden touch, it offers a big production value multi-layered tracks and a number of musical instruments form the East and the West are put together for the show. He directs his music video, and takes charge.

Then the behind the scenes gets featured to drum up the marketing for the new music video. I like his work, he is not all about quantity, quality is the only thine does matter too. Watch his greatest music videos that he has assembled.

 تاريخ نصر محروس Nasr Mahrous history

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Indie Rock HATE Fest For The Brotherhood Of Egypt

The slackers of Egypt are uniting behind indie rock stars who have been busy attacking the president of Egypt and his party. They all have the right to express their views, and let it be heard what they really think. Activists are now lining behind Ramy Essam, the rock star who calls members of the Muslim Brotherhood party dogs and not in a good way.

Ramy has been waging his own war on the Egyptian presidency, something he clearly has the right to do in any peaceful way. Those whom he attacks have been doing the right thing, by ignoring him and dismissing him. Eventually he will go away, like all the others.
Another dissident voice is rock star Mado who has just released a track accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of being disloyal and known for betrayal and other unkind attributes.

Ramy Essam - Ana El Sa7y رامى عصام - أنا الصاحى

خان يخون اخوان .. اهداء ل باسم يوسف - غناء .. مادو

Listen: May Kassab Sticks It To Faux Revolutionaries اغنية مي كساب - كله بيتمنظر -

May Kassab has never been a politician or a revolutionary, but she is one of the people. And it seems that the people including May are sick of the protesting and the Pickering at home. She is not the only frustrated with the people who are not willing to chill.

Her biggest disappointment with those people who pretend to be patriots, revolutionaries and rebels when in reality, they are cashing in the bank. This is a real track that speaks volumes of the reality in today's Egypt. The sons of bitches are selling the country out...they can suck it the song says. Thugs are politicians and every person speaks politics now.

It's a shame and the songs calls their bullshit spot on. It's for a show as goes the song. I did not think I would ever see May get political, but I approve of her new song, the reality is messed up. People want normalcy back
اغنية مي كساب - كله بيتمنظر -

اغنية مى كساب كله بيتمنظر النسخة الاصلية 2013.

Amir Yazbeck Knows His Lips And Lipsticks

Amir Yazbeck likes to flirt with them ladies, he does not mind talking about their body parts he happens to like. I am not a girl and do not claim to know what it means, but the guy seems to have built a career on such songs.

Comes now his "Ich Liebe Dich" He has made a duet with a new comer Walid Awad, together they want to make the ladies feel loved. These two singers might get away with this stuff because they are good looking. If you are butt ugly  do not even try.

Amir Yazbeck & Walid Awad - Ich Liebe Dich

WATCH: Marwan Khoury Performs A Christmas Hymn مروان خوري - يا إلهي

Marwan Khoury is a singer, composer, poet and a musician. But what I think he is might not be too far from the truth. He is an intellectual who is always in quest to know something new and to do something he has never done before. He has made a very religious song in a way that even those who do not believe in anything can appreciate.

To show that, watch his new performance accompanied by a piano and doing a Christ man hymn made for all souls. A song that makes you want to worship. My understanding, he wrote the lyrics of the hymn where he gives thanks for all the good and simple things God has endowed us with.

This is a beautiful song that comes in the right time with a guy whose romantic songs have traveled the world. This song he has just performed live on TV is wonderful, it moves the listener with God's grace and it moves beyond religions and cultures. Bless Marwan's heart and may he have more because more for this guy does not go to waste.

This must be the year when Arabic Christians had the most songs--at least three Christmas albums out--two very religious ones. And now the Marwan Khour dazzling performance went viral. Is the Arab Spring affect? Or the affect of a slower music market?
 Marwan Khoury | مروان خوري - يا إلهي

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Listen: Ana Gheir ( Teraggemni) Myriam / أنا غير (ترقمني) ميريام فارس

Myriam Faris has never said no to a good party, and for that most men are grateful. She is a Goddess of pop music and has given each Arab region a fair chance to hear Myriam do their local songs for them. She has done this early on in her career. Remember in 2005 her music video where she wore a T-shirt with the flags of Arabic countries.

She started by doing Egyptian songs, then she found her way to the Gulf and dazzled them. Later she would break into the Moroccan songs and please them. And for Algeria she sported the flag and wished them well on their Independence day. The same thing she did for the Saudi national day where her Facebook featured the songstress with the flag.

Now comes her song that she was forced to release, after the song leaked in the United Arab Emirates where it was recorded and was meant to be including on her upcoming 2013 album. We are promised an album where Myraim does songs in all Arabic dialects. This would be a fun project to see through, I am sure it requires a lot more work than your average one note one dialect album.

The new song is available for purchase on iTunes and other music stores. Myriam has not told of who worked on this song yet. It's a dance song delivered in the Khaliji dialect. It's a fun love song with a catchy beat, it tells no stories just few simple lines and loads of joy in this time of the year.

Ana Gheir ( Teraggemni) Myriam / أنا غير (ترقمني) ميريام فارس

050 Band's Name Taken From Their Towns Area Code

There are few guys who are proud of their Al mansoura town. They wanted to tell their fans, that you no longer have to travel to Cairo and Alexandria to hear good music live. The dudes brought rock music into their town and from that town, they brought their music to the rest of Egypt.

Their formula is making oriental rock, telling Egyptian stories live to the masses. The released singles, and then those singles became an album--which has built up their fan base.

Al Mansoura means the victories, a 120 miles Northeast of Cairo on the other bank of the Nile delta. A city know for its architectural style and unique dialect. The band is extremely proud of their town and they want to have their stamp on the musical scene from their victorious town.

050 Band | CBC Report About 23's Concert تقرير حفله الساقيه على سى بى سى

Listen: نوال الزغبي - بكرا يا حبيبي / Nawal Al Zoghbi - Bokra Ya Habibi

Update: Thanks to a comment has informed us that this is a cover of a Warda song, no wonder why it sounded so elegant.

Nawal Al Zoghbi has a new single out and it feels like one of those eighties songs by the golden divas of that time. A Tarab song with real music made by instruments and not computer affects. The music plays like a fairy tale about the better tomorrow. A fun song made for us all in this throwback style--even the backup singers sound like they came from the past.

Nawal's style sounds like she channels Warda--whom they had a great relationship. It seems Nawal has outsmarted her peers and her foes with this prime choice song. It really reminds us that Nawal is a talented songstress who can do serious songs and make us dream. She seems to refuse to want to be stuck in pop scene  she sounds so good here.

I call it Nawal Al Zoghby 2:0. I do not think we have seen this sweet and mellow version before this moment. Bokra Ya Habibi allows her to show her vocal versatility. She has transformed herself into a full blown diva whose talent is more complex than we have previously seen. This song comes in time for the new year where we all hope for a better year, and I am feeling Nawal is already on her way for greatness.  

This song is made for liver engagements, and Nawal has been talking about this song for some time, for the first time in really long time, she has got it right. She leaves the crowded pop scene for a second and break new grounds. I can see her foes--after her divorce they are many fuming.

 نوال الزغبي - بكرا يا حبيبي / Nawal Al Zoghbi - Bokra Ya Habibi

Warda Bokra ya habibi

WATCH: Enchanted By Khalil Abou Obeid Isar ايسار: خليل ابو عبيد

Filmed in one of the most under marketed tourist spots in the world, Montenegro with a local director who has an international fame. Khalil Abou Obeid, the seasoned music coach known from Star Academy and most recently The Voice is making a big splash with the release of his most celebrated music project to date--Isar.

Not only does the artist put the focus on the music and its power to change hearts, he does so in style and grace unmatched on the stage. The dazzling Khalil brings out the piano out in the nature where he gets inspired to perform his latest piece. This versatile Lebanese music writer is letting us walk through his world and we are asking for an encore.

The music sounds with a live orchestra and Khalil has the honed skills the grandest opera singer performing in front of his peers with all the confidence in the world. Musicians do not have to sing in one language--their music speaks all languages. I am in love with piano and sentimental music that communicates without speaking. The romantic back story translates the music in a perfect way to add another dimension. 

Khalil does not make music on the cheap and he does not spare costs for his music video. He has said, the project is not about making money, but I hope it does. He is up to a great thing here and he may do Arabic music a great favor by freeing it from the chains of the spoken word.

With  Khalil Abou Obeid, music is universal once again. The good news for talents like Abou Obeid is in Lebanese cinema, more films are being made in Lebanon. His music as in soundtracks is needed to help the director tell a better story.

ISAR by KHALIL ABOU OBEID ايسار: خليل ابو عبيد

Download: Fayez Al Said 2013 Colorful Album البوم فايز السعيد - صاروخ

The most popular and the busiest composer in the Arab World--Fayez Al Saeed is out with a new album--the one with 17 tracks. He has his own studio, lots of money from all those high rolling singers in the Gulf who ask him for music.He comes from a good family and he seems to be popular with Arab stars in the East and the West. While most stars are holding back from releasing new material, Fayez goes full speed with a full album that gives each and every one in Arabia something to cherish.

As a singer though he is somewhere between dance go lucky songs and funny lines commenting on everyday life like  being stock in the traffic. His music is always loud and clear, but it does not feel fresh every time. He does songs for the young men and women of the Gulf. I feel he is not trying to be another Mohammed Al Mazzim. He wants people to tune in to his local music.

I respect that, but I have a feeling some might not approve of his cool antics. I find them refreshing and keep the Gulf music interesting. However,I know some might find the bests dated or stereotypical for Khaliji music. The interesting thing fact, Fayez writs music for poetic and romantic songs, but when it comes to his own songs they are less romantic and more dancey. Look at the title of his album "The Rocket", which is a slang for a gorgeous woman I am guessing. In 60 Geneh he is teasing the Egyptians listeners to see how it goes--he is going Egyptian dialect in a song about bad habits and making the right call.

At least on this album Fayez tries his luck with Iraqi style songs and think he is no different performing this style that the local Iraqi artists. I do have to confess, his track "Maqamat" makes me feel interested in that serious musical side of Fayez--he is capable of so much. He makes his music like he is still living in the old desert with falcons and horses running around.

I give this album an A for variety, excitement and volume not to forget the top notch production value. I hope you enjoy Fayez'a hard work.

01 - Al3emara
02 - Bent El Lazina
03 - ElSara7a
04 - Sarokh
05 - Hallo 3eny
06 - Sama3ny Soutak
07 - Fas Mal7
08 - Regly 3la Reglak
09 - Barra Barra
10 - Heeh
11 - Lam Lam
12 - Daq Hewa
13 - Maqamat
14 - La Barek
15 - Many Fady
16 - 60 Geneh
17 - Mafeny Ella Elkher

‫اغنية فايز السعيد - صاروخ | النسخة الاصلية | 2013‬

Mostafa Shawki Egypt's Newest Old Man / Young Man Singer

Mostafa Shawki is an underrated Egyptian contemporary composer/singer. He has singed up with Hamid El Shari to include one of his folksy seaside songs in one of the hits album. The music for his track is nothing new, part of the folklore that has been around for ages. But Mostafa's voice is a treat. Had I not known better, I would think this is some old guy's song who has lived in the 1960s.

Mostafa had a song before on Rahab Radio--owned by Hamid El Shari as well. The single talked about national unity and its importance at this moment. I know the music scene is crowded, but not with this style. This is a throwback song to an era where people think their dreams have been buried.

مصطفى شوقي - ليل يابو الليالي

My Trip To Nashville, Music City USA

I took a trip to Nashville TN, the birthplace of country music and the place where rock star and other musicians go to get inspired. Country music is a lifestyle in this city and most of their bars feature country music live bands every night. Tennessee is an interesting state--a very long state to drive in. But through it all, the trip is worth taking. The music is something you do not see or hear in places like New York. Country music still tried to find better stories to tell about us.

You walk down Broadway in downtown Nashville, and you will feel it right away. People dig this music thing, the Western life and the hat and boots. Stores in that area also can sell you an awesome guitar and cross the street you can pick up a pair of boots. The city has a great feel and tourists from around the world visit.

To be candid, I felt place gets a bad name from the civil war era and various stereotypes about people down there. I was astonishing how graceful the people are and how mixed and diverse the cities are. The North preaches getting along, but in reality they do not practice it--maybe they do not have too. In the American South, I felt people people get along just fine and it looks beautiful. There people out there who believe in America and cherish it. I know, I was always pleased to see sings made in the USA next to a product I want or love.  

The best thing about the trip is the people of the South, they are nice courteous and fun loving. Big portion is the way to go. Big trucks, big parking spaces, big dinner briskets. Elvis is King of that land, people know his history and his must by heart. I did also mange to go to Memphis, I felt Nashville did a better job claiming the music scene. Memphis is where Graceland is and great BBQ. I do not think, we have a city like Nashville in the Middle East. I feel Iraq in its glory days (1920s to 1950s) had that kind of vibe. Beirut may come close.

good music, good people and great food, take me to Nashville place.   

Friday, December 28, 2012

Listen: Rashid Year 2013 Single كل عام - راشد الماجد - 2012

The most serious singer and safest bankable Khaliji singer Rashid Al Majid is out with a new song about the new year. The year he has spent with his new love and he wants to enjoy the time with her. It's a poem and he knocks that one out the park.

I love Rashid and know he can afford to chose the finest songs. He gets a butt load of poets lining up for him to pick their songs--he only chose the ones he feels. To escape all the pressure he keeps his recording sessions a mystery. He can make a new song each week and he he won't run out of money or good songs, yet he chose to give us a new single every tow to three months.

The new song of his is about the new year where it brings a new anniversary of love and romance. The song is never dull, it's passionate and it makes you feel happy and yes, there will be dance there too. Thousands of people have already heard and approves of the song. The poet behind those lyrics is Dr. Mane'h Bin Said Al-Attbah and the music is the work of Ali Kano

كل عام - راشد الماجد - 2012

Listen: "Barteta" Movie Soundtrack موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا

Barteta is a new movie playing in Egyptian cinemas, a serious drama with a pool of incredibly talented cast. The plot revolves around a woman ho has many mental and social issues that he lives with due to a family issues and growing up in tough circumstances.

Not sure how well the movie, but the soundtrack for the film is showing some well thought out music. This kind of music you do not hear often in Egyptian contemporary composers. Most Egyptian soundtracks are made out of pop songs, not this film though.

Khalid Hamad is the man behind the music you will hear below. a live orchestra was brought in, not just a computer with few software and affects.

موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا - مقطوعة رقم ١

 موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا - مقطوعة رقم ٢

موسيقى فيلم بارتيتا - مقطوعة رقم ٣

Sherine To Collaborate With Her Ex For Her Album

Being divorced sucks, but keeping things cordial in the aftermath of a divorce is no easy task. I like how Sherine has conducted herself throughout her devastating divorce. Sherine and her former husband composer Moustafa Awad have separated this summer after five years of marriage and having two cute little girls. The media seemed to respect and honor the couple as they have not tried to make a huge deal out of this sudden divorce.

Sherine has refused to talk much about the divorce and kept herself busy on The Voice. That was a great move as most people were surprised by her sudden divorce. The pop diva has been busy working on her big comeback album after she has been freed from the shackles of Rotana. She is producing her own album, so she is the boss.

The good news, the rocking songstress and TV personality has picked her husband to give her three new musical composition for her songs. The news was shared by the former husband in an interview. the composer has commented, that songs have nothing to do with their disagreement and split.

On the same note, they couple may be reconciling and getting back together--they had their divorce story, now they may be able to rekindle their love once again.

sherine 6 (concert)


Mirhan Hussein Promotes Sexual Harassment In Egypt

Men are pigs, let's get that out of the way. they will harass any female, her clothes do not matter, so there you have it. It's wrong to harass anybody, and it's creepy and dangerous when men try to harass and intimidate women in the streets of Egypt. Verbal harassment is also wrong, not only physical harassment. What some guys think is harmless fun is actually a creepy, immoral and sometimes illegal act.

Now, women also have a role to play, which is not becoming part of an act that promotes sexual harassment and hostility. The video below makes such hideous and unwanted acts look cool. This is why I take issue with one Egyptian songstress and young talent Mirhan Hussein. In the video below see alpha and beta males try to capture her attention.

Mirhan shot to fame for participating in the Star Academy show fifth season. She qualified with her singing, and acting. Then she met Tamer Hosny in his lowest point  he used her as a model for one of his music videos, concerns and she also starred in his move Omar and Salma sequel. She has taken part of a number of TV dramas and projects so she is a celebrity with a career.

I do not think this is the right way to do pop, Egypt has a problem with harassment on the streets and in other places, last thing they need is a music video with a female that seems to endorse the practice. Again Mirhan is not the only one at fault. Tamer Hosny has now realizee what he has been promoting in his music.

I Know Who Killed Tunisian Songstress Zikrah ذكرى!

The official story, her husband was jealous killed her and shot himself on November 28, 2003.
Police reported domestic staff at the couple's home as saying that Ayman Al Swidi, an Egyptian businessman, used a submachine gun to fire the fatal shots at his wife, 42, during a marital dispute. Her body was found with 15 bullets in the chest and head, police said, after earlier saying that only four shots had been fired. Swidi also killed the singer's manager, Khadiga Salaheddin and his own advisor  Amr Hassan Sabri, during the fracas at their apartment in the chic Zamalek area of the Egyptian capital. Salaheddin and Sabri were themselves married.
But most people did not buy this story for one second. It's a bogus story and people with little knowledge believe this cute story an certainly understand a man can kill for love. However, there has been a number of conspiracy theories about the murder of the beloved diva Zikra.

Those theories are focused on a song she did right before she was murdered  An anti-Saudi regime song where she puts the country and its royal regime to shame for using Americans and others to protect the house of Allah. In the song she says, we can skip the hajj. It was an harsh criticism of the regime and its shameful politics.

Arab singers do not do these songs anymore  but now we have more info thanks to one journalist who have investigated the murder and the back-story. Hassan Abdel Fattah is among Egypt hardest working journalists and boldest perhaps. Hassan argues that Swidi has no trouble divorcing people as he has married few times before and he was never a violent person. According to Hassan, the Qaddafi written the controversial song which Zikra sang--the song dubs the King of Saudi Arabia as a retard and an idiot who is the song of a retard. The song aired in Libya and when a wind of it got to Saudi Arabia--they spring into action.

I do not know if this story is true, but I know the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Libya do not stand one another. Qaddafi had good relationships with most Arab singers. Plus Zikra is Tunisians--Libya's next door.   Also husbands killing their wives is so uncommon among Arab celebrities. All those things make the official story fishy.

Zikra (Cause of Death) Song

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This World Is Coming To An End! Haifa Is The Lebanese Ceder

Haifa Wehbe forgot how she abandoned Lebanon in 2006 war on a private jet and now comes wrapped in a flag, claiming to be that country's most cherished symbol--the Ceder Tree. She is promoting herself on Twitter as that symbol now in the light of the car bomb in Beirut last week.

Haifa did something cool through, she circulated the names of the hospitals in need of blood donations, she has also mentioned all the names of the people who have been  hurt by this attack. Her Twitter account has also been keeping busy sharing designs and recreations of the attacked area.

It seems that since a lot of Lebanese celebrities do not want to talk about the bomb at this moment, Haifa sprinted forward to something she like doing--being in the spotlight. Her fans have been celebrating the move and hailing the pop star as some kind of hero. No question Wehbe loves her home but she is also a smart business woman.

Haifaa Wahby - Boos El Wawa / هيفاء وهبى - بوس الواوا

Adel Mokhtar 2012 Single عادل المختار - الافندي / فيديو كليب 2012

I think Iraqi pop stars need to learn a simple rule, if you have a good song, do not make it into a music video on the cheap. I know nobody is helping them out get their Iraqi songs out, but to make a low budget music video with dancing I do not know what is an outdated formula.

Every young guy in Iraq who has a camcorder seems to now want to direct a music video, and those music networks, and YouTube people will broadcast them for free. The artists hopes to get his name out there and get to look cool. Those young stars are not seeking to help promote a song, but rather promote themselves to get concert gigs like at wedding.

Check out the young Adel Mokhtar make the same mistake. I like the guy and think he has a smooth style, but his music video for Al Afandy offers nothing fresh. Adel has 9 albums out and his single was released in the UK where he appeared for a concert promoting Iraqi culture.

 عادل المختار - الافندي / فيديو كليب 2012

Stream: Fatima Al Qadiri: The Oasis In Desert Strike

The Sengal native Fatima Al Qadiri is no stranger to war, she is one of a kind musician that always seems to be in a contact search for a better way to express war musically. Gunshots, and the whole nine yards. In a way she is so perfect to make music for our world in the virtual world of games where wars are popular. She is a video gamer herself.

Among the wars that have inspired Fatima to put into music is The First Gulf War "is a subject I've wanted to address for years," Al Qadiri writes over email. "I'm not a writer," she says, and couldn't write a memoir about her "experience as a child during the occupation of Kuwait and First Gulf War." But Desert Strike is a memoir nonetheless — "a sort of abstract audio memoir," she says. The music she creates is driven form her childhood memories yet geared toward those who like intercultural background music that stands form something.

The Desert Strike as her very own way of paying "homage to grime," but it's also a response: a masterful piece of work exploring the links between war and violence and representation and growing up. I know many speak about being citizens of the world, Fatima should be the president of that club. She lives and worked in New York City. Berlin, Dubai, Doha, London, Marrakesh, Kuwait City, Seoul, Milan, and other have seen her exhibitions and performances.

Fatima may rub some people the wrong way, she may even provoke some criticism for her work or the issues she chooses to highlight. I am unable to find much resources on her biography. something tells me that side of her life is off limits. All we have is her music which offers a lot of complexity on its own.      

Chevrolet's Beautiful Assault On Arabic Music

Business would stop at nothing to promote their products, nothing beats a good song that everyone can relate to. I do drive a Chevrolet and I do like Arabic music. I may not follow Arab Idol, but I know what;s going on. The idea behind this commercial is simple, bring all those young--and popular singers who are competing on Arab Idol, put them together and have them drive your awesome cars.

The product a lot of young people who like music are looking like they are having fun. Three boys and three girls together in the wilderness playing music, having a picnic and surrounded by their Chevy's. Since this is a singing competition, have them do a remixed version of an Arab classic the late Algerian Warda performed.

This is how you make a commercial, you explore a new concept, keep it interesting and do not take the same shot twice. And yes, it helps to have a good product to promote.

I love their time on the seaport. I think the drive in theater is also a fresh concept. This will surely make your Chevrolet Sonic seem event hotter. And on another note, what is with the scarves  why do all the dudes wear them? Am I missing something?

شڤروليه سونِك Arab Idol ريميكس - بتونس بيك

Bassma Boussil Interview About Tamer Hosny's Album

Last year, pop star Tamer Hosny needed a break and he needed it bad. So he lunched the ill-fated album "Elly Gai Ahla", the album was a dud had failed to have one good hit. Tamer did not do well and at that time he started dating or courtship with now his wife Bassma Boussil.

The album got something right, what's coming is better was the title and for Tamer things seem to have gone his way. As he launched that album with a big bash surrounded by many singers, composers and performers something was there to interview the people who love Tamer. Last year it was dangerous to be seen with Tamer Hosny due to his stands and opinions on the revolution.

But one of the people that were interviewed (minute 2:38) she was in attendance and spoke about Tamer who will become her husband. Bassma did have a duet with Tamer on that album. She said he was like her older brother giving her parts of his experience in the music business. Bassma spoke in part Arabic, part English like most of those pop stars of Arabia at the moment.

Launching Tamer Hosny's Album "Ely Gai Ahla" - 2011

Lela Al Maghribyah With Kittens and Romance ليلا المغربيه - رومانسي

Morocco and Pop go hand in hand, plastic surgery pop has a home it's called Beirut. But Lela could care less about that, her latest single flies over the Gulf and flirts with their songs, as she has chosen to perform a song in that dialect. The Gulf has always been kind to the female singer form Al Maghreb  since the 70s to be exact.

Lela joins a very long line of Moroccan who move their careers to the Gulf area where there are countless poets with a lot of money to fund music videos.

She lives in a villa with a handsome dude who makes her breakfast as she workout. He leaves her messages on the mirror, moves the chair for her and all the fine details. Do not forget the tons of expensive gifts he purchases her. Seriously, where did she find this guy?

It's not a bad song, but it's far from being perfect. It's a pop song that the artists wanted to share with us. Good lyrics, but the music videos lives in an alternative universe.

Lela Al Maghribyah - Romancy / ليلا المغربيه - رومانسي

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Arab Idol Season 2 Cairo Casting With Wama Ahmed Fahmy

Hundreds of folks turned out to the Arab Idol casting call in Cairo, only few of them will see the bosses. But to make sure the casting works out well, the organizers brought Ahmed Fahmy to take charge of the process. The singer actor Ahmed Fahmy will be filming the casting process, talking to the people with dreams who want to appear on the show.

Fahmy will also travel to Morocco to film. This is a chaotic scene with a lot of opinionated young people who want to get Fahmy's attention. I do not like how they treat the people on the set, this is not a perfect way to deal with young people who have nothing but dreams. And yes, these people can also be annoying.

الموسم التاني من عرب ايدول (BESHOOo

 احمد فهمى فى فندق شيراتون لتقديم اراب ايدول 2

Gulf Bike Week And Fat Rich Arabs

Bikes are not just a mean of transportation, they are fashion statement about a person who owns one. A bike makes one interesting, makes you look rich and makes you look sporty. Bikes are often among the first things, people buy when they have become rich.

They have cars and what's not, but not they want to look cool and sporty. Men likes it because it makes them look younger and certainly it makes them feel younger. Some women like bikes too, that's why the ever changing city of Dubai where tax dodgers go to live held a bike week where tourists are locals alike flocked the event to browse and purchase what they like.

To add more to the dazzle, they have a concert there too, and it was not an Arab artist either. To be fair some broke Arabs also like bikes, but they cannot afford one. Young people are reckless so be careful.

أكبر مهرجان للدرَّاجات النَّاريَّة في دبي

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Listen Shaza Hassoun: شذى حسون الهواوي 2013 النسخة الاصليه

She is back and has a new single out, she is hotter than those Christmas cookies and warmer than the oven that baked them, she is Shatah Hassoun, the unique mega star, her new Gulf dance single, made right for the concert season.

She made this song for some folks out in the Khalij not her biggest fans in places like Amman Jordan and Beirut.

Listen: شذى حسون الهواوي 2013 النسخة الاصليه

Enast Lattouf @ The Syrian House Of Opera دار الأوبرا السورية

Enas Lattouf is a troublemaker young lady who has a velvet throat. She currently appears on The Voice as one of the contestant. She is a huge fan of Assi, so she is on his crew. Assi was the first judge to turn his chair, the rest did not. she did not go without teasing them about regretting not picking her.

Enas could use some good news as her home has not being stable for at least 16 months now. Enas seems to have dozens of fans who comment on her news and status. If the performance below any indication, Enas is the real treat of the show. Enas comes from a minority group from the port city of Tartus. she seems to have a massage following among the Syrian community at large.

ايناس لطوف "زهرة المدائن" دار الأوبرا السورية.

The American Lady Who Moved To Cairo To Beat The Drum

Drummers and drum circles are a thing of hippies in the States, but in Egypt when one young American lady moves into town and beats the drum, people do not label her as such. Her name is Rookie and this is her fifth year coming to Egypt to spend the winter.

She has visited and studied the drum in India and Turkey to learn something about the drum in those parts of the world. Her parents are classical musicians where she grew up playing that type of music. It seems that Egypt has welcomed her into a band where she performs and yes there is a belly dancer.

روكي... فتاة أميركيَّة تعزف على الطَّبلة في مصر

Girls Are Stalkers Too! The Music Video Will Tell

Mashael is a Saudi pop princess who makes sure to tell people she has Lebanese heritage. Saudis do not like their women singing in public and anytime you meet on of their female musicians  some Saudi will tell you, she is not really a Saudi.

This time they are right, as Mashael is a cool chick that makes romance and pop songs that few dare to make. I like her often bold music videos made to poetic lyrical songs which she performs with hear and soul. Her next music video has been filmed a month ago, and now the promo is out, the video will release for the Eid celebration.

The plot for the music video is strange, a girl likes boy, she goes into his place snoops around and figure out what he is like--he is not home. Then he comes home trips over the stuff his soon to be lover. He break his leg. She has been watching his every move. Now, if a guy does that he might have to go to jail, but if a girl does it, it's romantic.

 مشاعل - أقول لبيه - قريباً | Mashael - Agoul Labbeh - Soon

Arabic Entertainment's Biggest Loser Divorcees

Divorce is not uncommon in the entertainment industry, the Arab stars are not immune from it. It happens often and it seems to go away quickly and privately. But when it fails it blows up in everyone's face. 

Most marriages work and last a long time, but it only seems that each of those marriages has to end in divorces, when in reality, only few of them end up separating. There are happy marriages too, and they do not have to take away from the entertainer's success. It does get complicated when the spouse is also a business manager of a partner in some ventures. 

Two examples come to mind when I think of Arab celebrity divorces, I am only going to talk about the loser husbands who have been dumped due to a a number of reasons. Those men refuse to go away quietly and insist in making a scene:

  1. Asalah Nasri has broken up with her husband after 14 years together and two kids! Ayman Al Dahabi has been cheating on Asalah and has admitted so on public TV. He is a bully too who tired to intimidate the songstress with lawsuits. He has also insisted on playing a key role in her stardom. Ayman has argued that he will give the Arab world another Asalah, but so far he has not done anything like that. Asalah's career and family are going very strong and nobody cares about Ayman and his various stuns for attention. 
  2. Nawal El Zoghby announced her divorce in August 2008 that she and her husband broke up. The official divroce took years to validate. Nawal El Zoughbi and Eli Deeb marriage that lasted around 15 years. Nawal has three children from Elie, their first a daughter, named Tia born in 1998 and twin boys Georgy and Joey born in the year 2001. A year prior to the official divorce, rumors spread that Elie had strongly opposed to some scenes from Nawal 2007 clips for the songs Aghla Al Habaib and Shu Akhbarak, in which Nawal El Zoghby and lebanese male model, Saleh Abdul Nabi, acted some intimate scenes. Apparently Eli Deeb was jealous. So far, we are ok, but then he goes off attacks the songstress for being a bad mother and an ill role model for their kids--he is so wrong. He tops that by going to hire a new singer to work with her to make her the next Nawal. He even produced an album for that young women with a title like that Nawal has been known for. Needless to say the young female singer has the blondish looks as well.

I guess, I do not really understand these guys, by talking too much about their divorce, they are hurting their exes, their kids and making themselves look pathetic.

Sire Winfatahet: Stars' Divorce - سيرة وانفتحت مع زافين: طلاق الفنانات


Monday, December 24, 2012

Syrian Iconic "Maqamat" Singer Edib Daykh

Some people in the Arab world--mostly older people like a singing style that is called "Maqamat" an antiquate singing form from Andalusia, Damascus when those two countries were under one leadership centuries ago. The beauty of this singing form is that is does not necessitate music, they words are the music, the story and the show. There are many people who try to get into this genre, but one man has his own place in this school.

One of those Syrian voices that has kept this traditional singing alive is Edib Al Daykh, a legend among singers known for a solid voice, and a unique delivery methods for those poetic passionate lyrics he often sings. Aside form his singing, he has come to be a walking encyclopedia for this art from . He has traveled the world performing his unique style of singing, the Syrians living away form Syria cheer him in places like Australian and Venezuela.

اديب الدايخ - ما شبه الوجنات بالتفاح إلا جهول.

This is My Jam Arabic House Mix 2013

Some people around the globe have an idea of Arabic pop and dance mixes, so they make their own tracks. This is specially true in Eastern Europe and Russia where DJs dominate the charts as they always search for the next big thing. Arabic music intrigues some of them and invites them to work on something different form their own.

Thus, we have Arabic house mix to get you in the groove. Parties are fun and music is truly the life of the party, it takes one slow night where strangers struggle to have conversation and makes it a lot more interesting and a lot more fluid.

So this is the kind of music that you can play at your dance party, where you do not really have to hear what others have to say. Maybe you can play it in your car as you drive the limitless road. See some of the comments people have posted on the video to give you an idea of the appeal of such mix.

  • pupaphobia13
    I'm from SERBIA and I love this!!!!!!!!
  • Stephanie Garcia
    I descend from Spaniards and Arabic's, I've always had a deep love for Arabian music but most of this track is not Arabian, some is Armenian.

Arabic House Mix 2012

Faux Pas When Lebanese Songstresses Fake It

The fuax pas is not limited to a certain person, it's an error or a blunder when someone tries to do something but fail. This is specially interesting to see Lebanese entertainers who are hungry for money and have little dignity try to pass themselves as something they are not.

I am not talking about plastic surgeries  looks, or dance acts. There are plenty of examples of that. But today, I have run into a clip of two youngish Lebanese females entertainers on a UAE TV, when the show host asked them to speak in the local dialect. Naturally  guys like to see women try to get out of their comfort zone.

I do not think Yara and Myraim are best of friends -note how Myriam tried to ignore Yara when she greeted the panel. They are both two pop stars who are in it for a quick paycheck. They were asked to show off their dialect, and it seemed forced. Both tried to outdo the other, giving that both of them have have released an album with that dialect, it's a shame they would do anything asked of them on such shows.

ميريام فارس و يارا يتحدثون بالهجة الامراتية

Cheb Rizki: A Guy Says, "I Was Wrong" A Guy Gets An Award

Cheb Rezki is a cool Arab dude from the West side, and he had one hit songs that went mainstream around the Arab world, French, Arabic and English track about him confessing to have made a mistake. Ladies cheer, guys do not often admit they have screwed up. But until the second line, things get messy.

I was wrong, I am the one that loves you, and you have not reciprocated. I think the song succeeded  but the singer did not.

Cheb Rizki has quit the show business, grown a beard, and disavowed his work in music , here's his video of his quite and religious message. I think Cheb did what's best for him, each one of us will do the same thing from their end.

أنا الغلطان ماش انتي - الشاب رزقي

A Grown Man Crying خلدون سودان سالونى 2013

He is a Syrian man who sounds like he is one of the Egyptian boys who like to sing at public concerts at wedding and such events where the single and broke enjoys weeping about their life and the trails they have had. Poor people like to feel sorry for themselves or so it seems to me. I do not find myself in love with such song, but I know they are popular with some folks

Khaldoon Sudan is that young Syrian talent. Khaldoon has already traveled to places like Australia to perform to Arab expats living out there. He is also known for his cover of old Arabic classics that remind one of home, mother, love and the friends.

see him perform one of his rendition live in this Facebook video. Syrian artists are far more talented than most their peers in Lebanon. They are loyal to the tradition and old school style. They do get under served by their weak media presence and lack of music production at home.

 خلدون سودان سالونى 2013

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Beirut Bombing, Yes Songs Don't Solve Anything

Assi Hallani is a Lebanese dude a very proud one and vocal about his nationality  He is also about Arab unity and being one, never mind that his own family and daughter boast about being Canadians. So when the tragic bomb went of in that busy Beirut neighborhood, Assi brought back one of his old songs about his favorite city. Assi made a dozen of songs for Beirut, many of them are throwaway tracks, not this one I think.

The song is good because it has been made in  as style that Assi has not been known for, the sobering and calm sweet style. Assi's songs usually have a lot of showing in them. Now, you can call the song a vintage style as the images of the city tell tales of its rich history.

I do not know who wrote this song, but it sounds awfully similar to the songs that Kathem Al Saher does. So that means it was written by the mighty Syrian poet Nizar Qabani. Assi gets many things right, I feel this song worked out well for him. But seriously, I do not think songs change anything. We are used to making songs for Palestine and they have changed little. Sure they cheer up some people or break the hearts of some, but the reality does not live in a song.

عاصي الحلاني كليب اغنية بيروت

The Beirut Bomb Canceled Concerts And Events

Beirut is no mode to party, and they are certainly in no mode to celebrate the Eid as the mourn the death of many of their country men and women who have been murdered as a result of the car bomb assassination. A number of Eid concerts have already been canceled out of respect and out of business decisions  For one, the tourists won't come back in waves now.

A concert for Haifa Wahbe, Melhem Zain and Majid Foany has been shelved now, not delayed but full cancellation  A press conference for Rotana's newest singing sensation Nahwa was cancelled  Nahwa was holding the event to launch her impressive throwback album in Beirut.

A joint event/conference with Assi Hellani and the UNICEF was called off by the artist who issued a press release, condemning the terrorist attacks. The even was to be held on Monday the 22. The event was going to announce the Lebanese singer as an ambassador for the Life Lebanon that will raise funds and provide aid to marginalized areas of Lebanon.

Bi Beirut- Mike Massy- ببيروت في كل شي- مايك ماسي

@Lagix Samples The Classic Ahwak By Abdel Halim

I have received this tweet on my account about a new song by Lagix where they are boating about sampling a song from Abdel Halim Hafiz.

The song is Ahwak and those are two guys from Denmark who grew up listening to Arabic music. The band members are Mazen Ismail and Hadi Kakush who met when one of them moved into a small town in the countryside. Their first gift exchange was a Thriller, the album by the King of Pop. This gift would open Pandora's box

After years of refining their music skills, In 2011, Lagix released their first single "Jeg Føler Dig" Remix, which reached the Danish iTunes top 50 chart within 18 hours. In 2011, Lagix will be releasing their first international debut album recorded in English, self-titled 'LAGIX'. The album is produced in collaboration with Vivid, Nexus, Turkman Souljah, Saqib and Es. 'LAGIX' will be released in fourteen different countries later this year.

The railer below is showing some of the direction the album will take.

Lagix - Love You (Trailer)