Friday, December 21, 2012

Listen Myriam Fares 20123 Single مريام فارس انا غير 2013

I love how the pop ladies of the Gulf hate Myriam Fares' gut. They know she is a fake and a poser. So they do not pretend to like her. She also robs them from many gigs for weddings and private functions. Myriam seems to be invested in the Khalij region. She is spending a great deal of time in Dubai recording and performing.

The boys are loving it and she carters to their needs. That's why she is back with a new single in time for the concerts and parties. Give her some money and she will get you to dance and feel something somewhere. I do not buy her made-up dialect. But it seems she is making the same, I am one of a kind is the title of this new single.

Ana Gheir ( Teraggemni) Myriam / أنا غير (ترقمني) ميريام فارس


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