Friday, August 5, 2011

Mohammad Ramadan, Egypt's Dark Horse

Mohammad Ramadan is a young actor who is making waved in his country Egypt, he is the go to guy for complex characters those tailored for independent movies. He started in two big ones since he got into the business. His latest is Al Khrouj Min Al Qahera "Cairo Exit" and "Ehky ya Scheherazade" where he won in the best actor category.

He has won every award there is to win, his acting is pretty much following a school of his own, but others couldn't help but compare him to the acting legends of Egyptian cinema Ahmad Zaky. Mohammad Ramadan does not come from a light skin privileged family living in lower Egypt. Instead he comes from upper Egypt and his dark complexions make him one of the few to leading men that come from his background.

This Ramadan seas Ramadan has two TV Dramas and he is making his way into leading more movies and getting better roles. He refuses to take sidekick roles where there is a leading man or women and he has little to say in those roles. "Doar Shobra" and "E7na El Talabah" are among the mos popular shows this season. Mohammad has only one regret in his career, if the clock will go back, he would take his role in one of his movies becasue of the racy scenes he was in--I am sure he is not the first of the last actor to make that wish.

You will see Ramadan in two feature films with some great storyline. ر فيلم "ساعة ونصف" فيلم "ستر وغطا" و While he filming one and getting ready to film the other, you know that the likes of Ramadan will be around for some time. His handsome looks and his picture perfect physique don't hurt either.

Cairo Exit International-الخروج من القاهرة

Ehky ya Scheherazade - احكي يا شهرزاد


  1. i congratulate Egypt for having him in the acting industry.

    he is a real talented guy

  2. Il est le meilleur acteur dans le Monde Arabe actuellement !!!

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