Sunday, May 31, 2015

One Sexy Iraqi To Conquer Them All...Shatah Hassoun's Sin

Shatha Hassoun is a star unlike very few, and her music video attests to this much. She has shown that she is a smart pop diva who makes it hard to escape her. She releases singles, makes albums, and shoots music videos all over the Arab world--Dubai is her home, Iraqi is her native land, Morocco is her parent's country. Lebanon is where she parties and works.

The latest song from her shows some maturity with hr style. She is telling a story about an abusive home, and a good looking husband who has rage episodes. Shatha is even bold enough to play the mother part with a little girl of her own.

The couple had a good run, but now things are taking a wrong turn, and this song is pretty pleasant to the's smooth and riddled with meaning. This is a very long music video, and the end is kind of complicated--worthy of dark features.

Shatha Hassoun - Khatiya Video Clip | شذى حسون - خطية فيديو كليب

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Music Video: Sandy In Tears For "Zay Adtak"

Sandy returns with a new song where she is in a relationship with a douche bag. The man who appears in Sandy's music video seems to be in love with two things, his smartphone and himself. He does not care enough about Sandy and she is now letting us know about this with this dark song.

Sandy does not do these songs enough, but this time she has challenged herself by doing this emotionally complex song that required she does some acting and cry real tears. I know teens will find this song special as they think they would be different, but real life might be a lot more complicated than being black and white.  

As a song, this is a fine work by a young pop star whose songs has tended to be a happy go luck style. A song that deals with cheating is a new territory for Sandy, but she does a stunning job here being the dedicated lover she is for a guy who is not worth it. Toward the end, Sandy throws away the ring yet, she does not walk out and wears a black dress instead.Being in a relationship with a serial cheater and a party boy is not easy. The lyrcis of the song capture the moment and allow the listener to experience a roller coaster.  

Sandy is keeping a busy summer schedule and this song will help out in making this summer is of Sandy. I have followed Sandy's career for more than six years and every two years she pulls an incredible trick. She does it again in the summer of 2015.

Sandy - Zay Adtak - ساندى - زي عادتك

New Generation For Production Present
associated with NJ Music Production
Sandy "Zay Adtak" Music Video
Directed By : Housam Badran
Lyrics: Saber Kamal
Composer : Sherif Badr
Arranger : Ahmed Abd Elsalam
Mix & Digital Maser : Hany Mahrous

Haitham Nabil Retruns To Drunk Punch Love Songs With New Track

For a little over three years Haitham Nabil has not released a romantic track. He did religious songs, social ones and few patriotic ones. But the always calm, quiet and naturally shy entertainer marks is retrain to love songs. Haitham is about guitar, this time he credits himself three things, lyrics, music and vocal. This is a dreamy song that you play as you drive, or as you look over the beach reflecting on life.

For an artist who studied Majoring in Media and Mass Communication, he has not applied marketing to his own career. He does not chase his fans, but the other way around--like it used to be in the old days. He first joined Libo, a Libyan record company managed by Hamid El Shaery, where Haitham signed his first contract at the age of 21. then slowly, he has been gaining popularity.

Haitham is an optimist artist with a good face, a nice voice, and good head...I wonder if things were a bit better in Egypt, how far will he go? I like the title of the new song, it's about growing up to better understand the true meaning of love.

 The new song is arranged By : Ahmed Wagih

Haitham Nabil - Me7tag Tekbar2014 |2014 هيثم نبيل - محتــاج تكبــر

P.S. What's with the blonde hair?

Jennifer Grout Gives Birth to A Baby Girl Kamar

Jennifer Grout of Boston and from her Arabs Got Talent Fame, just gave birth to a healthy little baby girl from her musician Moroccan husband. So there, she young American vocalist who bewitched the Arabic masses almost two years ago with her cover of old Arabic classics, gets to be a mommy.

Jennifer has shown her love and appreciation of the different cultures within Morocco as her husband comes from a minority that's well known for their music tradition that uses cool musical instruments.  Jennifer's Arabic has gotten so much better which should help her access a lot more Arabic songs.
Arabs Got Talent - الموسم الثالث - النصف نهائيات - جينيفر جراوت

Friday, May 29, 2015

Myriam Fares' "Aman" Turns Islamic Music Hertiage Into A Freak Show "Video"

Myriam Fares turned a heritage song that's more than 500 years old into some freak show. The song is Aman from the Islamic music heritage in Andalusia. A song beloved by many mystic Muslims and a tool for worship among some groups like the Sufis.

Enter the stage Myriam Fares who for some stage reason choose to re-record the song and title her album "Aman" All is fine and okay until you get a chance to look at this mess of a music video released by Myriam Fares. I do not know what to make of it. She is doing her suggestive dance thing and dressed in some of the strangest outfits.

This will go down as one of the weirdest music videos in the Arab memory. Then how about that beach scene and swim suit? I would be insulted by I know Myriam Fares' head is not in the right place.

I am not one of those people who attacked the re-recorded version, I do not mine the song itself or Myriam Fares' take on it. I just am not that into the music video.    
Myriam Fares Aman (Official Music Video) ميريام فارس آمان

The Secret Syrian Army Song By The Sweet And Talented Hussam Jneid

Syrian song is in season and artists from that country are a lot more superior to their Arab peers at least on the vocal side. One of those artists who are dominating the airwaves is none but the talented and handsome Hussam Jneid whose voice is made perfect with the Syrian Mawal (mellow and slow music with spelled out verses.)

I was surprised by the tile of his new song released this year as he wishes to be a member of the army or in the army camp to sit on the checkpoint near his loved one's home so that he can grab her ID. The song is great, yet the music video is strange. In the music video Hussam Jneid is a prisoner and his love interest is a sexy police officer / guard at his prion.

It's a well-known fact that Syrian radios are now playing more songs from home and less songs from their neighbors to the South. I love the song and think it's pretty much the coolest thing ever and the music lives up to the expectations from Hussam Jneid whose career in very short years bloomed in places like Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan,

There is one line in the song that I am not sure if I love or hate, I do think it's a sweet line but might be a bit graphic. Hussam wishes he would make her a dress it's fabric made out of his own veins. I like the analogy.  
كليب حسام جنيد - ياريتني عسكري 2015 HD

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sari And Karim Mohsen Team Up For Complicated!

The boys are back and they sound so good. Karim Mohsen teamed up with Sari on this song that will be on Sari's new album. Karim composed the music and joined the song as a feature. I like the dude's music, style and his voice.

The song gives the impression it was filmed in Dubai, it feels like a camera trick and some graphics and stock footage....The song is about falling in love and how it complicates things. Sari sounds like he is really going through this.

Then comes to the rescue the cool dude Karim to back up his buddy Sari. It's a bittersweet song from two artists who keep it interesting and worthwhile. I like both artists, there's Sari the handsome man with a soft voice and there is that Karim Mohsen, the rugged dude with force. It's a good team work, and I wish the music video was not so weak. It robes the song really. Nabil Mekawwy should go back to film school and spend more time on his music videos than on his beard.

The song it perhaps too short to connect with the listener, it creates an experience and then disappears like a flash.
Hayati Et3a2adet - Sari Ft Karim Mohsen حياتى اتعقدت - سارى و كريم محسن

Porno Star Mia Khalifa And The Melting Egyptian Ice Cream Cone

Summer is the season for ice cream which means we have to see a lot of ads for this cool treat that beats the summer's heat. In Egypt, there is an ice cream controversy than involves a Lebanese American porn star Mia Khalifa.

At first it was reported that a huge ice cream company used Mia's image to sell ice cream in Egypt. Someone shared a picture of a huge billboard in downtown Cairo for a new cone from Nestle. And you can spot Mia Khalifa on that ad.

Naturally, people got pissed (so people in Egypt do watch porn after all or at least know of Mia Khalifa) So the creators of the ad said that this was a Photoshop work and the original ad has no Mia Khalifa in it (see image below).


Nevertheless whoever created that Photoshop did a huge service for the porn star as now she is a household name among Egyptian dudes with no jobs, but plenty of bandwidth. This may have started as a joke, but with the internet it's hard to tell the good from the bad. Hold on to your cone, everyone.

She is Dead! Thank You #Egypt, Elderly Palestinian Woman Passes Away in Rafah Crossing!

The government of Egypt hates Gaza, freedom, democracy, and human rights. Since 2015 started, the Rafah crossings was open only five days and each of these days the computers at the Crossings have issues which cause delay.

This week the military ruling Egypt decided to open the crossings one way to allow Palestinian from Gaza who are stuck in Egypt to return home. Hundreds stranded of sick people, elderly, families and children were waiting for weeks and months to get back into Gaza.

I have been to the crossings many times, it's gross and painful. But the news from yesterday was horrible, an elderly Palestinian woman died as she awaited to be allowed into Gaza. She could not take the long wait and the heat and the mistreatment. So thank you Egypt for killing one more defenseless person.

Keep on mind the Rafah Crossings is the only point where Palestinians are allowed to connect with the outside world and it has been closed for three months.

Jerusalem based artists Ahmed Dari put together this tribute video for the elderly lady.

P.S. I have read reports that the army took the lady in and sent her to the hospital--I question this account largely because the website that reported it is paid with favors to pain a flattening image of the Egyptian regime.
ماتت، معبر رفح، Elle est morte, She is dead. frontière,Border ,RAFAH

The Finest Kuwaiti Diva Still "Got It"

Kuwaiti Nawal or Nawal of Kuwait is a legendary diva in the Arab world. The hit-maker goes every year to her native country to headline one of the biggest nights of music in town. Thought she now lives in Turkey with her musician hubby, she is often in the Khaleej doing music and headlining music festivals.

for than two decades and this lady has been enriching the music scene by making waves and being the best entertainer she can be. She is so talented in this live shows and she knows what works for her fans. While Nawak tried to do different things in the early and mod 00's, she seems to have stopped experimenting and sticking to her won formula.

Now Nawal is like the stateswoman of Khaleeji music. She is the lady that all the young female vocalists wants to be.

لولا المحبه - نوال الكويتيه - من حفل هلا فبراير الكويت
نوال الكويتيه - بكسر الدنيا .. من حفل هلا فبرايرالكويت 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Chose A Tent Over Your Palace "Lahjor Gasrak" Song

This is a very old song that the original artists is not even mentioned when we hear it. But as far as I can tell this artist sang it first. the song is about a love that has ceased to's so bad that one lover is willing to abandon the comfortable living of a palace to go back into the desert living in a tent.

George Wassouf has sang this song in few of his performances, and live this song takes a different life. Jordan seems to be the place where this songs is requested. It's a folksy song, Arabs like this song it reminds them of the past--some even have lived this style of living. This is a good song with simple lyrics that talk about love and the lack of it.

جورج وسوف - لهجر قصرك George Wassouf - Lahjor Gasrak

George Wassouf 2011 Jarash Festival - Lahjour Gasrak جورج وسوف - لهجر قصرك

Modest Yet Sexy! Hossam Habib - Betwhashny / Ma'adia Movie

The cool thing about musicians who can sing is that they have longevity, they can always be busy working on songs their own or for others. Hossam Habib is one of these talents, and he is finishing his album--in fact it has been done for years but blame the production companies. However, before the release of the album, one single made it out about two months ago, and now the same song is being using to market a new romantic film.

The hook, the leading lady is wearing a head cover and rocking it. Tunisian actress is making the look look natural and she is dazzling with that modest look. The song is about yearning for that loved one to the degree that one cannot help but break in tears. I did not fall in love with this song since it's a little bit out of my comfort zone, but now with the clip, I found one more reason to love it. Dura plays the salt of this earth all-Egyptian character. This makes her the second Tunisian actress to wear the head cover for a film--following the footsteps of Hind Sabry in Asmaa.

This feels like an intimate film, and the presence of the indie star Hany Adel brings a whole new demographics of young and brainy movie-goers. Mai Selim, the Jordanian songstress also stars in the flick. The movie is about these small towns around the Nile that one can only get it using the ferry.

 Hossam Habib - Betwhashny / Ma'adia Movie | حسام حبيب - بتوحشنى / فيلم المعدية

WATCH: Mesut Kurtis - Convey My Greetings (Waddili) | Live in #Bosnia

Watching these nut-bags who claim Islam as a religion when they are murdering innocent people, it gross. It's refreshing to see another face of Islam with Mesut Kurtis, the rock star who has been singing traditional Islamic songs around the world in such a beautiful way.

The London based artists stopped in Bosnia for a live concert in a packed venue. I love to see none Arabic-speakers excel as they sing in Arabic. This is the quiet man who has been blowing people away with his gracious style, and smooth voice. Even if you do not understand the language, this is still a fun performance to enjoy....thank you and more please...

Mesut Kurtis - Convey My Greetings (Waddili) | Live in Bosnia

Download: Nader Nour 2015 New Album

Singer Nader Nour seems like a great guy, but he might be one of these pop stars whose right place in music has not phased out yet. In other word, in a crowded music scene that makes little money, the winners are the names backed by big name productions.

Luckily though, Nader is able to get a free room to think and to perfect his music. This is what I feel he has just done with the release of his newest album. 12 tracks that took four years of blood and sweat is now out in the market and people are the judges. Nader is better known as a music composer among his peers in pop music. As a singer he has yet to reach the top spot, in Egypt and in few scattered places, he has his fans.

As for the album there are more than a dozen names in music that have collaborated on this album. The release of this album is also the same date his first born, baby girl Lilia.

01 - Easht Leila
02 - Taaba Nafsek Leh
03 - Lea Moamlety
04 - El Nas El Gedaan
05 - Farhet Omry
06 - Metaalaa Bik
07 - Masaala Mahsoma
08 - Kalam Fi El Hob
09 - Esboaa We Zyada
10 - Battalt Atkallem
11 - Oghnya
12 - Fi El Waat El Monaseb

Nader Nour _ 3esht Leila - نادر نور _ عشت ليلة

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Anas Kareem And The Syrian Positive Energy

Anas Kareem plays the piano, but this is why the world knows him. This son of Damascus who is in his late 20s had already released more hits in his very short years than many older pop stars. Original a music arranger who started to do his own songs in 2011. And though his first hit came in 2011, his biggest hit to date has an interesting title. First there was that song that celebrates "The Russian Bullet" as her love took him by surprise and landed deep just like a Russian bullet.

Then comes the song that you will hear below about "positive energy" I like the attitude that refuses to let the war and the political stalemate to give in. I like his voice and the way he performs songs with such mixture or sweet and upbeat flavor.

This is a Syrian song that pleases fans of such style. Anas is going places and he is bringing with him one of the most beautiful songs about a passionate love story despite a raging war.

أنس كريم - الطاقة الإيجابية | Anas Kareem - alta2a alijabeyh

Elissar Finianos Collaborating with @iMarwanKhoury is Like No Other

Marwan Khoury has many fans out there, and the Arab ladies of pop adore working with him. The composer inside him seems to give his best works to them. While they sing their hearts out, he makes sure they sound better with his songs. One lady joins the chorus of his fans, Elissar Finianos will be singing one of his songs and she seems to be energized thinking about it.

Elissar is not a huge name, but she is all on her own, she tends to do classy songs with a different feel, but I think she has not been able to go mainstream. Elissar gave an interview and talked about her upcoming collaboration with Marwan Khoury, her career and few other things.
 إليسار لإيلاف: مع إحترامي لكلّ الفنّانين ولكن لتعاوني مع مروان خوري نكهة خاصّة

Mostafa Asim Emotionless Doing An Emotional Track

I like songs that have piano in them, I think it makes them so much more classical than any other instrument. This is why I was thrilled to hear the opening of the new song by young Egyptian vocalist. Is Asim's voice convincing? Not in this seems weak and emotionless when the song is all about emotions and falling in love.


 Lyrics: Samo Saed - Composed And Arranged By : Ahmed Tarek Bebo Mix And Take Record : Mohab Osama Vip Studio Special Thanks : Omar Moustafa ..Ahmed
مصطفي عاصم نصي التاني - Mostafa Asim Nossy Eltany Mostafa Asim

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Golden Duet By The New Seif Magdy And The Seasoned Ahmed Saad

Here's an interesting pairing of two artists. One little boy with a million dollar smile and one amazing vocalist who rarely smiles. One is at least 25 years older than the first. Ahmed Saad is a wonderful singer whose voice is in a league of its own. Four years ago he had a good song about a common man who has done so many wrongs yet he wants to do the right thing.

So on Mother's day we got to hear of a new artists that goes by the name Seif Magdy who was part of a trio. Now, the two has gotten together and re-recorded the song and the product feels like a wonderful harmony. Glad to see the chemistry between these two Egyptian talents.

Welcome guys, a good song is made better by the right arrangement and production. It's a human song about someone who has wronged so many people yet he still sees the human and he feels wrong about his life choices.

Duet Seif Magdy - Ahmed Saad - Ana Ensan | دويتو سيف مجدي - أحمد سعد " انا انسان "

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Before He Was An Alleged Terrorist, Here's Mellow Fadel Shaker

Very few select group of people know the whereabouts Lebanese singer cum terrorist. No idea if he is even still alive, maybe he is in Lebanon maybe he has found a way to get the hell out of town. He is on top list for wanted criminals. It's a sad fall of grace....

The once romance hit-maker, the guy with a heart of gold and the man who wears his emotions on sleeve lost most of his fan base when he abruptly quote the show business and made a big deal about it. Then he made a 180 degree turn, joined a violent cult that took him in and he started talking politics...first he took on Syria....but then he started attacking Lebanese folks and he was involved in a clash with the army, and footage of his surfaced talking about killing two--not sure what he meant.
Now, let's remember the singer because he seemed a lot more important--he played a role in curing hearts, not blowing them up. Here's the best songs he has released during the span of his 17 year career in the music biz.

 أجمل ما غنى فضل شاكر .....fadel shaker

The Sinai Desert Folklore Goes Mainstream By @FayrouzKarawya

Many natives of the Sinai desert feel overlooked by the central government in Egypt. At times they do not feel part of the country at large....and this is one of the reasons it has been a hotbed for violent and extremists groups. I think Egyptians need to make a habit of visiting that land, also the natives do not need to feel like strangers...

Indie vocalist Fayrouz Karawya is among the first entertainers in the mainland to sing a Sinai style song that come from the local tradition. This is great, there are a lot of many things I like about the Sinai, but the music was not one of them. Thanks to Fayrouz Karawya, now I know how does that sound. It's actually an upbeat song, it has its own style, but it remains Egyptian.  

A Clever song, released the right time, but a songstress that has many talanets and a big heart.

فيروز كراوية - طرف اصابيعه/ Fayrouz Karawya - Tarf Asabi'o

Saturday, May 23, 2015

BEST Circassian Techno EVER!!!

There are many people who call the Middle East their home yet they are not Arabs, they may speak Arabic, but they do not see themselves as ethnic Arabs. Therefore, they have their own culture, and music and more. The ethnic politics are messy, but I wish people would clam down and chill--music would help them to do just that. Think about that Kurd contestant on Arab Idol, she sang in Arabic and win over people who saw her as talented person regardless of her background.

While there are influence between these cultures, the majority tend to be Muslims who have found themselves in the region. Some want independence, others want recognition, and others want to just make a living.

This video is dedicated to all Abazins, Adyghey, Kabardians and Circassians spread out all over the world! Thought I would share it so that everyone can appreciate this awesome music from the Caucasus. Pass Along, Like, Share, Post.

BEST Circassian Techno EVER!!!

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DJ Yanal - Adiga (

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Dj Yanal - Trance for Adiga (

Humor in Gaza: The Funniest Guys In #Gaza (Video)

He had a Ramadan show last year with his buddies, and months ago, he made a popular parody video of that famous Van Damm epic split truck video. Now that he sort of established a name for himself, he gets to walk down the streets of Gaza wearing suspenders and cool shades, he seems to picks mostly on young woman near a school.

I think he will get in trouble soon enough. Not sure what's the message of his video....but he has a cool haircut. He now decided to ask folks in Gaza if they were to be made into a movie, what type of movie will it be? Gaza is now paying the price as decided by the Egyptian army who hates any Islamic party.

درابزين "3" | #لو حياتك فيلم #Darabzeen

Nabil Mekawy Directs Lady Menna In "Aiwa Enta"

Menna is an Egyptian name popular these days. It's the choice of a new up and coming singer from Egypt and she has a promo for he debut music video. The song is about a girl telling a guy that he is the one she likes, she has her eyes on him and she announces it.

We cannot judge a book by its cover by so far I like what I see and hear. I know the director Nabil Mekawy is editing the final product right this minute. It appears that we will have more than one location or at least one club scene and another outdoors. I am always worried when the director is more famous than the singer.

Promo Menna - Aiwa Enta

Friday, May 22, 2015

Must See! MAGIC! - Rude (Egyptian style cover) by Ahmad A. El Haggar @ahmadelhaggar

Ahmad El Haggar Is one of the most innovative Egyptian musicians. The US trained young artist who hails from a family that's a powerhouse in Egyptian music--father is world renowned vocalist Ali  El Haggar. Instead of resting at home and enjoying the perks that come with being the song of one the most celebrated vocalists in country, Ahmad El Haggar  had a plan.

He came to the States to expand his world of music and enrich his background in whatever musical world he comes across. And that way Ahmad El Haggar 's interest in music has grown and now does he do Arabic and Egyptian music so well, he also dabbled into American music with a twist. While in Boston he has performed alongside the likes of Carole King and Jason Mraz.

The young and exciting vocalist just introduced an Egyptian style cover of the smash hit "Rude" by MAGIC! The cover is influenced by the music of Nubia located in Southern Egypt as well as a few influences by rhythms from the Arab gulf. The video includes footage from the city of Aswan located in the South. So this is how one does brilliant work, put your own imprint on hit songs, make them local but get the attention of the international audience at the same time.

For few years I have followed the career of this young artists and ever since and I am mesmerized by his musical surprises. He is gentleman who gives credit to all his collaborators unlike many artists who deny their band the recognition. Keep trucking Ahmad, there's so much to do and you have already taken so many by storm.
MAGIC! - Rude (Egyptian style cover) by Ahmad A. El Haggar

Watch: Diana Karazon In "wayway" No Comment!

Diana Karazon would have been a fashion designer in a different life. But she is stuck with being a singer for now. This summer she returns with a new single meant for her fans in the Khaleej market. Good for her, she brought her gals along for the shoot. The title of the song is Way Way, random I am sure. I like her apron and her choice of outfits.

She is a savvy entertainer who does brilliantly in the social media. Her last hit came last year and it was a Moroccan son that she sang along with her sister. The new single is vague a bit and does not have the same energy. I do not know what to make of it, other than hope it will pick up this summer and bring more gigs for this super talented songstress whose real talent is being wasted in pop music.
I do not think the song has to be as long as Diana's eyelashes.

Diana Karazon - wayway Official Music-video 2015 HD ديانا كرزون - فيديوكليب وي وي النسخة الأصليه

(Video) Tamer Ashour Lifts One Of His Fans And Tosses Him LIVE

One of the most gifted and talented Egyptian musician has shown that he enjoys a great deal of humor. Tamer Ashour tends to do darker songs, the vengeful type when romance goes sour. But in real life he seems like a guy who likes to tease folks. I saw a clip of him at wedding concert where he was singing--some young fan was filming him with his camera....Tamer reached for the phone and pretended to throw it away....and then handed it back to the fan with a smile.

Once again, Tamer Ashour tops that video and gives us a good laugh. For skinny guy he is tough. A fan walks into the stage posing for picture for his idol. Tamer took the picture with him and leaned to grab the fan and carried him, that was really funny and a first. Usually you carry the singer not the other way around.

تامر عاشور يمزح و يلقي باحد من جمهوره من المسرح

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wael Kfoury Delivers A Knockout! Al Gharam El Moustahil (Video)

Lebanese heartthrob and original crooner is back and he sounds and looks as good as he has ever did. A sweet romance that is all but possible is an essential song for those romantics. Wael delivered a solid album with 8 tracks earlier this year and now he is delivering a music video for the title song.

Think of Wael is our Gorge Clooney crossed with a season of Mad Men. That makes him the classically good looking man who does not even try to be that way. This is why is comes natural to Wael Kfoury to do this era songs and be a story teller. Sure he is not keen on spending time with the media, and we know little of his personal life. But Rotana keeps him busy and spares no expense.

Al Gharam El Moustahil is a song that grows on his fans and even the casual one will appreciate it. The title is similar to so many other songs, but the performance is all but. I know Wael will do well in the movie business he has the looks and the persona to make it rain. This is a story of a love triangle that ends up being horrible for everyone involved.

P.S. It seems more and more Rotana's music videos are turning into commercials for smartphones, makes sense smartphones for dumb people.

Wael Kfoury ... Al Gharam El Moustahil - Video Clip | وائل كفوري ... الغرام المستحيل - فيديو كليب

Zee Zee Adel Gets A Haircut, We Must Watch (Video)

Zee Zee Adel from her Star Academy fame released her third studio album few weeks ago, the title she went with was interesting "I am A female" But the cover art for the album featured her with a really short haircut.

If this is done for a cause, I welcome this.Ever since 2008-2009 and I consider myself a fan of Zee Zee's she did take a long career nap in the 2011 and just this year she returns to the spotlight. I liked her new album, I think it has few sleeper hits beside the three obvious hits

Now Zee Zee is sharing with the world the journey she went through to lose he hair for the album. Her hair stylist seems to have the skills. Not too many female Arab pop stars brave the short hair, so this is something new.
زيزي عادل صدمتها وبكائها وهي تقص شعرها

Listen: NEW - Grace Fakhry - Dounya Tanya

Grace Fakhry has a new single, and she is hoping it will make her a star. The song has been released on radios around Lebanon, and let's see how long will it take for people to start talking about the star named Grace Fakhry. Fakhry chose to do a song in Egyptian, for a Lebanese that's a smart move. the image that went along with the song will be Egypt excited and curious.

Grace did release at least one single before this one and it was Lebanese for the home front. With a name like that Grace is going for romance, the kind that transforms us to a different universe. It's tough out there, but a good voice will survive this mess of musical market.

NEW - Grace Fakhry - Dounya Tanya

The Lovely Salim Assaf Gets Romance Right...Every time! @AssafSalim

Salim Assaf is a sweet guy according to his music. He is a lover boy who is one of the rare breed of cross-talented musicians. He has a beautiful voice, he is a gifted lyricist, a seasoned music composer and he plays a number of musical instruments. Once every four months he releases a new single and usually these are big hits in Lebanon.

Salim Assaf's songs get picked and aired by Lebanese radios. Now the new single by him is different though most of his songs are mellow romantic, this song is romantic but it's face-paced and has a dance beat. It's still a dreamy song like the songs he has written in the past, just a little bit more energizing and right summer

I like his new releases and I love the songs he writes fro other pop stars. It's looking like a sure thing now Salim is a full-fledged singer with a stand alone career. That comes with a price, I know many A list pop stars in the Arab world refuse to work with composers and lyricists who sing. Yet Four years later Assaf is still standing and his music is better than ever.

Enjoy Shou Helwi   
سليم عساف - شو حلوي / Salim Assaf- Shou Helwi

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What's Wrong With This Picture?

So two big Egyptian celebrities attended a funeral for one of the most beloved comedic actors in Egypt. Hassan Mostafa passed away yesterday and there was a funeral service for him. Many Egyptian celebrities attended the service.

I could not help but notice some questionable choices of outfits. Like by funny man Egyptian actor who wore a t-shirt that read "Feel Good Day" What an idiotic thing to do. I am sure it's unintentional, but he must've known what he shirt reads and he must had plans to attend the funeral. It's not like he rushed to go to the service.

Next offender is Egyptian actor Ihab Fahmy, he too attended the service wearing a questionable t-shirt that reads WTF which stands for "What the fuc&"Really could not they find a more appropriate outfit for this occasion. I mean thank you guys for attending the service, but your wisdom is bring questioned here. Poor taste all around here.

Funerals and burials in Egypt are often chaotic, there's no need for them to be insulting too.
بالفيديو.. شاهد لحظة دفن جثمان الفنان مصطفى حسين وسط دعوات محبيه

Ashtar Nano, The Assyrian Princess You Need To Know

She is young Assyrian vocalist and she is meant to sing pop singer music. A Syrian who dresses like the old Spanish style and sings like an Eastern European pop. This is not Arabic, it does feel like it and it's insane that it makes no sense to me. Ashtar Nano is her name and she feels like a real life princess.

She began singing at an early age. Nano made her album debut in 2000 with The First Step. After one year she released her second album, Letters 2001, and then third album Monshiya 2004, Fourth album Lokheh D Tkharta 2011. Video Clips, 14 Years of Age was her first Video Clip Mawladi, Second clip Akh Goreh. Latest Video clip Ya Khobba.

For her small community, she is a heroine. Celebrating and singing in one of the oldest known languages to the human race. I Love her voice, her style, and wish she would do more songs in Arabic, then bring these new fans to know more about her culture.

Ashtar Nano - Ya Khobba

Fresh! Jerusalem Is On My Mind By Moeen Shreif - Ya #Quds

Moeen Shreif is a well-known pop star and a celebrated musician. As a Lebanese he feels for Palestine and he chose to do a song for Jerusalem--a holy place for all. Any time is a good time to sing for the old city and in order to create a good and authentic experience, Moeen Shreif went to film his music video inside one of the many Palestinian refugee camps.

There he was welcomed into the camp, and shown around, he was also given a lot of assistance and there was a lot of energy There are footage by a drone and an old cemetery and stock images from the many Israeli atrocities against both Palestinians and Lebanese. . .

I like the idea behind the music video, Moeen Shreif shouts Jerusalem and people abandon all things behind them and come for the city. The song highlights Muslim and Christian (natives) unity over the city. I love the song and salute the artist for doing this song. Jesus gets a shout out here too and so the oldest standing church.

I do not dismiss these songs easily, I think it comes from a good place and offers a good message reminding Arabs not to forget about Palestine as many of them face local troubles. Moeen Shreif had a lot to lose by doing this song yet people liked it and welcomed his timely call. I must say I am proud to see the many friends for the Palestinian cause.    

Moeen Shreif - Ya Quds [Music Video] 2015 / معين شريف - يا قدس

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Song Will Pay The Bills, InshAllah @marwanasr #Gorgeous

Sometimes artists want a paycheck, it happens in many places and there's no shame in that. Artists have a lifestyle they need to sustain. This is why very few will hold it against Egyptian pop star Marwa Nasr for doing a song in Khaleeji dialect.

Not only has this former Star Academy participant released the song on her album from three months ago, but also she is releasing a music video for it. The teaser is below and it seems all about makeup and a sweet hairstyle.

I wish Marwa well as she shops around for music festivals to perform in. I hope this song will bring her few engagements that come in with a hefty paycheck. Let's not forget that this is the first time Marwa Nasr does a song in that dialect,
Marwa Nasr - Ghalta Baseta (Promo) | (مروة نصر - غلطة بسيطة (إعلان

WATCH This Zany Word Play Video By Diab "Sabah Elkhol Ya foya"

That Egyptian brand humor has not left the world yet, a new bizarre and unconventional jokes are still coming out of Egypt. Pop music can channel some of that. This is why singers like Diab continue to release local hits that appeal to the rest of Arabia. Play on words is what this track of his is all about.....

replace a letter with another one, and you get something random. Diab is a talented guy who has a producer to kill for, I have his album but to be ranks I have not raced to listen to it in one sitting. You do not go to Diab for intellect, but for hip street smart and wisdom from the slums. He seems to always find a good dance beat to bring joy into some guys' life in Egypt at a wedding party.

The song took a bit to process, play on words, by sweating letters around, like Good morning becomes Mood Gorning! This is what the song is about it. Sure a fresh and a new concept, but did it work?

Diab Sabah Elkhol Ya foya I صباح الخُل يا فويا

Mazzika Music Celebrates #10YearsofYouTube -

It's a fact that YouTube has changed the music industry. One old-school music company was quick to embrace the technology and run with it. It was Mazzika who found an opportunity and was quick to utilizes it--unlike many other Arabic music companies.

Checkout this video for the employees celebrating those ten years of YouTube and letting the world know that they are grateful for this tool that helped bring us so many pop stars we would have not seen otherwise.
Mazzika celebrating #10YearsofYouTube - مزيكا تحتفل بمرور 10 سنوات على يوتيوب

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Sweet @SamoZaen And @Kenza_Morsli Epic Romance And Music Muse

Algerian up and coming songstress Kenza Morsali has teamed up with Syrian pop star Samo Zaedn on a new duet. Their song is meant to tell an epic love story like no other, and it seems people of the internet agree. Fresh of Star Academy Kenza Morsali found her biggest fan in Samo Zaen who wanted a project and the two got an amazing song.

Throughout his brilliant career Samo Zaen have had many hits, now he find a different project and a different character to play. He has done many passionate love songs in the past. This time he is an author searching for a muse and he did find one in Kenza.

It's a sweet song no question asked. I wish we had a lot more time to anticipate this song. I believe this is a collaboration worthy on one's time. Both artists play and sound like a believable romantics in their quest to find the right one.

The credit goes to the artists for hiring the right people for this song. I think Kenza will benefit from this song, we sort of miss those type of mellow love songs that bring together a male and a female artists.

Love story talks about a book that lists tried a new story to the story become a real and not a tissue of fiction after that coexistence with love and fantasy stories to be part of the novel realistic !!!

Samo Zaen & Kenza Morsli - Love Story
Booking Artist : 00201005395500
Directed By Ismail Al Abras
Composer: Ahmed Yousf
Song Writer:El Said Ali
Composer: Akram Adel
Mix & Master : Akram Adel
Samo & Kenza The Story Of love Video Clip | سامو زين وكنزه مرسلي قصه حب فيديو كليب

Joe Ashkar Seems Liked a Fun Cool Dude!

See this Lebanese playboy/family guy Joe Ashkar speak to a reporter and poke fun of terrorists while talking about art---I have sleeper art cells, awaiting the get go. He released a new song recently and it was a happy go lucky wedding song.

He is a cool dancer who surrounded himself of equally good-looking people! He is content with being a private B list artist in Arabia and an A Lister in Beirut. He seems like to be a cool guy who dressed well and makes sweet music videos. Check this short interview and montage. Joe is a business guy on the side as he owns an upscale club.
جو أشقر: أحضّر خلايا فنيّة نائمة بانتظار لحظة الصفر!

A Saudi Rock Star For This Age Arrives @mohdmesh

Here's a Saudi guy who likes music, which is not an easy sell inside the Kingdom. Mohammad Al Meshaal studied music under the late Saudi composer Saleh Al Shahry and later under Nasir Al Saleh for few years. Then he came to Rotana's attention who signed him up in 2009.

In 2015 he releases his latest album and Rotana is beefing up the marketing and this allowed for a music video to be released in concert with the album's release. This is not V's first release with the Saudi company, he did have at least one mini album (with four songs)

Checkout his new song and music video that shows a lot of promise and hope for Saudi pop songs.

Mohammad Al Meshaal ... Aajeel - Video Clip | محمد المشعل ... عجل - فيديو كليب

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jean Chahid From Singing Competition To The Sluggish Music Industry

Jean Chahid has almost everything, young good looking, talented and lives in the city of Beirut. His place of residence allowed the young singer to take part of Arab Idol, Star Academy. Jean found some local music talents to work with him, and this is why he keeps making music with the help of the young and hip in the Lebanese capital.

Checkout the sound engineer or producer are locked in the studio next to him giving him pointers. He is back singing about love and other buttery things to the ladies. He is here to tell his loved one, that he no longer is able to tell her from what she used to be.

Jean Chahid Mech Enti جان شهيد مش انت

Shaden Salim, The Edward Said Music Conservatory Vocalist

Indie and alternative artists are emerging in Palestine, and thanks to the social media, they are getting the help they need. One of them is composer and singer Ahmed Dari, who has been making his own songs, but also giving other similarity-minded artists some of his compositions. Shaden is pretty confident that she has plenty to offer.

Shaden Salim released a new song, and the music is the work of Ahmed Dari, thanks to her voice, this song has classical written all over it. Shaden comes from the Edward Said Music Conservatory. It's a song about the passing winter and cold, about life, memories and distance. Shaden is keen on Palestinian folklore, but this time, she goes for something classical. I like the fact that she had performed at the Hebrew University

Shaden Salim, بتمُر تلج وبرد، غناء شادن سليم، كلمات وألحان أحمد داري

شادن سليم - يا نسيم الريح - الجامعة العبرية

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meet The Amazing Waleed Al Shami 2.0 In "Mabrouk Lel Hozn" @waleedalshami

If you had to give credit to one music force that helped bring the Iraqi song into a much bigger audience outside the country, then you owe money to Waleed Al Sahmi. Started as a  music composer only to end up being one of the hottest and busiest singers for Iraqi song.

I am not suggesting that Waleed Al Shami  only makes pop gems--a lot of what he makes is just notice and beats that a collection of cars stuck in traffic can make. But he went to Dubai and sat one stop shop for anyone who wants to do Iraqi songs. In the process he made a lot of money and a lot of friends. This is about to change though.

So now, he has a lot more time to focus on making real music that will build his legacy. Now you will see he is putting on his Kadem Al Saher suit and trying to be a refined voice. To be frank, I am madly in love with his new single, "Mabrouk Lel Hozn" Congratulation to the sadness...a song about how sadness has won the battle and now we all surrender. This is a classy song that cost a lot of money to make and the music video had to burn much cash, but to be true, this was worth it.

A beautiful song from a versatile artist who has only shown us the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his talent. This is Waleed Al Shami  like we have never heard hi before. He came back with a sad song that is also uplifting. His haircut looks like a million dollar and so does his choice of wardrobe. Not only does he dazzle us here with his voice, but his signature if on the music.

This new song will break many records for Rotana and it will breath some life into the company and shatter their image of making the same music over and over again.  
Waleed Al Shami ... Mabrouk Lel Hozn - Video Clip | وليد الشامي ... مبروك للحزن - فيديو كليب

The Successful Tamer Ashour Is A Rare Talent

In my book, he is the rebel of Egyptian pop, he is a team or one an army of self, and he goes by the name Tamer Ashour. He is not the guy media chase down to interview, and he does not care to call them up, only when he has something fresh and earth shattering does he bother to make a media appearance.

He is due for a new album this year, but so far nothing has been said, he is not your average commercial artist, he makes good music that does not have to play on radio or on loud and obnoxious summer beach concerts. He is a musician who is also an artist-- a popular one whose work has made him cool with his fans. Here's some of his lesser known songs as we awaite the new releases from Tamer Ashour, the singer and the composer.

تامر عاشور - غيرت معاني فيا / Tamer Ashour Ghayart Ma3any Feya

Tamer Ashour Ah Men ElMaktob / تامر عاشور اه من المكتوب عليا Tamer Ashour

Tamer Ashour Ah Men ElMaktob / تامر عاشور اه من المكتوب عليا

Friday, May 15, 2015

Chauvinist Pig Singer Mohamed Foaud Lies Again!

It's been many years since a scandal erupted in Egypt over a racy birthday party for actress Menna Fadaly. The good guy and the heart of Egypt as he is known Mohammed Fouad was present and the party and took part of many of the photographs with the young actress.  He is all smiles and looks like he is posing for the cameras.

Now he says something insulting to our intelligence, Mena was actually plotting against Mena someone sent her to do this stunt to ruin my name. We are supposed to believe that. He is saying she also apologized to him on more than  one occasion. Not only did he insult our intelligence, but he is also putting a young woman under the bus. What did she do wrong? she thought she was being cute.

The host does not even believe him, he is making stuff up! This is part of the Arab culture where we are supposed to pretend we are all saints in public.

Why was he at the party to begin with?  Why did he not leave right away after this conspiracy that he seems to be the only one to see? I love Mena for responding to his stupid comments. Find her response here   
مصارحة حرة - محمد فؤاد وصور فاضحه مع النجمة منه فضالى .. ويرد لأول مرة على سبب الصور

مصارحة حرة - النجم محمد فؤاد ... استبعت الفنانة منه فضالى من اعمالى بسبب الصور

‪#‎WAMA‬'s Fresh New Album "‪#‎KanYamaKan‬" Drops! #Good_Stuff

8 tracks made by four cross-talented musicians offer so much more variety and ingredients than 15 track album made by one musician. The reality of it is that WAMA, the four man music band from Egypt is dropping an album this month and it seems like a great pop album for the summer.

These guys really enjoy each other's company, together they bring a lot to the table and whatever they do is pretty much the coolest thing ever. After listening he album, I concluded that he band wanted to make different segments of their fan base happy. Last three tracks are all about slow dance, and emotional lyrics. The middle songs are all over the place. I know everyone will appreciate song number 4, 5 and 1. The rest of the songs will be a subjective decision.

The musical mastering went to the well-known Amir Mahrous, who is a top talent. The surprise was the involvement of Mohamed Atteih, the winner of Star Academy's first season wrote two songs. Karim Mohsen composed a song that I love. This album kicks off the summer music festivals for the band as they line up gigs around Egypt's malls and beaches. Four songs on the album are composed by the artists themselves. Nadir Hamdy did two. Also online version of the album includes one extra song a remake to a beloved Egyptian classic "Salmah Ya Salamah"

01 Elli Ana Mestaghrablo
02 Astana Eh
03 Leilet El Omr
04 Shoftak Odamy
05 Leh Laa
06 Kan Ya Ma Kan
07 Mateqlaqish Etameni
08 Mesh Wahed

WAMA - Kan Yama Kan (Soon) | (واما - كان ياما كان (قريباً

WAMA - Leh Laa | واما - ليه لأ

Gold For Your Ears! Mohamed Kammah - Saaban Aleak

Mohamed Kammah is one of thousands of young artists who want to occupy space on one's playlists. He is a great young artists who has yet to peak. Not easy to be a working pop stars are most Arab countries are on fire. But nevertheless Kammah keeps the dream alive.

Here's an emotional song from this Egyptian pop star with a great set of hair on his head. Kammah came a long way from Star Academy, checkout one of his bittersweet songs that has a western guitar gluing the entire package.
Mohamed Kammah - Saaban Aleak | محمد قماح - صعبان عليك

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elissa Walks On Water! New Music Video Ya Merayti

Elissa did a song about looking into her mirror and talking back to her mirrors that sees her.  Somehow she turned a short song into a epic track where speaks English and being helped bey a lady with rd hair. She is also a mother for the first time on camera.

She is a housewife and that how the story goes. I guess she is not in love with the man he has become once they got hitched. This music video might be the first time when Elissa plays a normal character. The past is an awful thing. The angry yet handsome husband of hers smash her head against the mirror. Then she turns on the other side and walks on heaven with a perfect hair and a cool new phone.

Elissa refused to live on with that guy, so she wrote her won story. She also plays an author with a story to tell with the same title as her song. No reason a music video should take longer than four minutes. I think Elissa of today is a changed artists and a grown woman who has little time to waste. Here she tackles domestic violence, which is a PC thing to do in Lebanon, but just few months ago her pal on X Factor Ragheb Alama did the same music video with the same cuase.

Ya Merayti ... Elissa - Video Clip | يا مرايتي ... إليسا - فيديو كليب

"You Dance For Me Girl!" Song Is Here And It Sucks

His name is Ozaina Alali and he is a full blown Syrian who like showmen in short skirts to dance around him while he stand in there looking like a fat dude should. I liked Ozaina Alali's voice before, and I love the traditional black and white dresses....I do not get that sexy outfit dancer ladies portion.

shake your hips is the title the singer went with. I like happy songs, and I like the middle portion of the debka music, but then the club stuff is needless. Ozaina in very short years he has shown that he is a star to respect and listen to. It is not happening for me this once.

أذينه العلي -هزي بخصرك ozaena alali -hze bkasrek 2013