Saturday, May 2, 2015

Amal Maher Catches Fire, Goes Down In Flames For "Seket El Salama"

Here's a sizzling promo for an upcoming music video for the talented and sweet Amal Maher. Love it or hate it, she released a best-selling album two weeks ago and the fan base is electrified. Sure the album did not have as many songs as the one prior, but still it has a lot to offer. Amal and he team at Mazzika knows marketing and now we have a glimpse of what yet to come.

Look below at this music video and see the new and improved Amal Maher after getting yet another hip makeover. We recall in 2011 she saw another makeover that turned her into a fashion runway model with chic style. Now in 2015 she ditches that and goes for the casual and trendy look. I must say there is a bold take on what Amal Maher should look like.

I like her hair style, and the few outfits she sees. Aside from Amal Maher it seems like there is some cool things that will appear on the music video. In my book this music video will make the case that Amal is on fire and she is here to play and to compete for the number one spot. Even her choice of songs to film tells me, she wants to be that upbeat and pop star.

Seket El Salama Soon - Amal Maher سكة السلامة قريبا - امال ماهر


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