Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saad Ramadan Owns The Sweetest Breakup Song EVER! Dod Al Nesian @Saad_Ramadan

Wow, where do I begin? Saad Ramadan strikes again and he comes back with a new romance gold. This is a break up song like no other where the singer is facing a dilemma on how to react to a love tale gone sour. His heart won't let him move on, and it wants to break free and go back to the one that walked on it.

I like it when this artist is about to cry in his song, the song is about regrets and how some people we love are resistant to being forgotten. It's not that she is hard to forget but it's that she is unforgettable.  A song like no other with an attention demanding title. Saad in short years has claimed a spot in doing these sort of songs. The sweet guy who is being held prisoner to his emotions despite his will to move on.

This handsome and well-dressed artist is not going away and refuses to be written off, this is his second single this year and he has earned the respect of his peers and the attentions of his fans. Sure he came along way form the fifth season of Star Academy, but the young artists within him has the longevity of a pop icon.
Saad Ramadan - Dod Al Nesian / سعد رمضان - ضد النسيان


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