Thursday, May 7, 2015

@ziadbourjiii Love Triumphs Hate--Take That Terrorists

Lebanese entertainer (singer, composer, lyricist, and actor) channeled his charm into a new single about love. His previous single was in the Gulf dialect and he shot into a music video, but this time he feels like his old self.

For a good looking guy who is also a well-dressed man he tried hard to show his emotions through his music. He also wrote a number of songs--most famously for Elissa. The guy's new song is about how love can take over hate, and making good with other humans. This song is about life, and perhaps about all this crazy violence that he sees around at home and nearby. It's a shot song, but it has a lot to offer about the most overlooked sentiment.

Ziad Bourji - Lawla el7ob - زياد برجي لولا الحب


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