Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shaden Salim, The Edward Said Music Conservatory Vocalist

Indie and alternative artists are emerging in Palestine, and thanks to the social media, they are getting the help they need. One of them is composer and singer Ahmed Dari, who has been making his own songs, but also giving other similarity-minded artists some of his compositions. Shaden is pretty confident that she has plenty to offer.

Shaden Salim released a new song, and the music is the work of Ahmed Dari, thanks to her voice, this song has classical written all over it. Shaden comes from the Edward Said Music Conservatory. It's a song about the passing winter and cold, about life, memories and distance. Shaden is keen on Palestinian folklore, but this time, she goes for something classical. I like the fact that she had performed at the Hebrew University

Shaden Salim, بتمُر تلج وبرد، غناء شادن سليم، كلمات وألحان أحمد داري

شادن سليم - يا نسيم الريح - الجامعة العبرية


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