Monday, May 25, 2015

The Golden Duet By The New Seif Magdy And The Seasoned Ahmed Saad

Here's an interesting pairing of two artists. One little boy with a million dollar smile and one amazing vocalist who rarely smiles. One is at least 25 years older than the first. Ahmed Saad is a wonderful singer whose voice is in a league of its own. Four years ago he had a good song about a common man who has done so many wrongs yet he wants to do the right thing.

So on Mother's day we got to hear of a new artists that goes by the name Seif Magdy who was part of a trio. Now, the two has gotten together and re-recorded the song and the product feels like a wonderful harmony. Glad to see the chemistry between these two Egyptian talents.

Welcome guys, a good song is made better by the right arrangement and production. It's a human song about someone who has wronged so many people yet he still sees the human and he feels wrong about his life choices.

Duet Seif Magdy - Ahmed Saad - Ana Ensan | دويتو سيف مجدي - أحمد سعد " انا انسان "


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