Monday, May 11, 2015

Cairokee New Music Video Features Japanese Anime @CairoKee

The indie band to conquer all indie bands in today's Egypt Cairokee released a new music video, which would have been a fun event nevertheless. But they wanted to take on a challenge--they opted to incorporate Japanese anime style cartoon for their latest project.

The artists wanted to introduce their song and explain that this is a new idea that has not been done locally before. They get a chance to look and sound cool and funny. They like their Manga artwork that delivers their song.

This is a party song that shows the band in a new artwork and pushes the song into a new realm. The song takes on sexual harassment, drugs, and drinking. I think the song describes today's Egypt state. People who do not have a clear identity. To gather for a party is the only thing that does not land one in Jail.

This is a perfect storytelling tool that allows the artists to do something original visually. Sure the lyrics offer a big buzz, but this visual feat may give one nightmares. Toward the end of the clip, the band dissed their own music video and called it trash. All in the name of humor.  

I must say, this is cool project from one band that refuses to grow old or so the same thing more than once. A bit gory at times, but fresh nonetheless.
Cairokee Marboot Be Astek كايروكي مربوط بأستك


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