Friday, October 31, 2014

This is Lebanon's Most Exciting Hit-Maker, @OstaNaji Picks Winners!

I like Naji Osta, Roa likes Naji Osta, Rafat likes Naji Osta--I guess my family like his style of music and his choices of songs. He is a hip Lebanese pop star who releases a new song about every three months. His voice is sweet without being too much so, he is loud, but not something that can be annoying. He is a one man team, and a guy who spends most of his time working on his music, and not on being a celebrity. He does have the right balance in music, in life and in everything in between.

His new single finds a really creative way to tell someone that they are special..... "I now agree that my life begins, I have the right to reach a 100 years with you" In Arabic it makes so much more sense. He is a guy who is young, charming and energizing....He is the romantic sound that sticks around...really the best of Lebanese pop is what Naji releases. He always incorporates folkloric local beat, but the music is so much more than being a local favorite.

His style of songs begin slow, then pick up and run really fast through a song. His voice works well for Lebanese Mawal  I do not know how he makes it work, but he does and he seems to have many friends in the biz. Danny Helu mixed and produced, Mounir Bou Assaf composed and we all win. It makes sense why he is one of the busiest young artists who are as popular outside Lebanon as inside her.

I really enjoy his songs and wish to see him in a live concert one day, he knows how to fire up a party and keep the surprises and hits coming.

Naji Osta- Men 7a2i 2014 / ناجي اسطا - من حقّي

The Verstile Alaa Wardi Invades Turkey @AlaaWardi @tarkan

The internet boy, the first viral video guy in the Middle East strikes again with a new acoustic song. Alaa Wardi sang in Arabic at first, then English, Hindi followed suit and now he goes for Turkish. Wardi is doing a cover for a Turkish hit by the prince of pop Tarkan.

It's a typical Wardi fashion, all sounds made by voice, mouth and body only! Of course they were all processed to reach their best quality, but no musical instruments were used. Some company need to sign Alaa Wardi and start making money off his talent. It's all in the marketing. Alaa is a celebrity and has traveled around the world doing a number of concerts and engagements.

I love his cover, but what surprises him his vocal performance and his command of the Turkish language. It flows well, and sounds authentic with a lot of passion.

His choice is Şıkıdım, check it out...I hope Tarkan finds this video helpful in spreading his good name. Alaa is branching out from Arabia into new territories--which is clever as the internet knows no boundaries.

Tarkan - Şıkıdım (Cover by Alaa Wardi)

Family Court Forces Playboy Ahmed Ezz To Take DNA Test

Finally, it took them a year to issue this ruling by an Egyptian court in the city of Nasir has ruled that Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz must submit to a DNA test to decide weather he is the father of the two lovely twins whose mother is actress Zeina.

For a long time now, Zeina has been making a claim that the handsome heartthrob is the father of her twins who were born in the States more than a year ago. Shit face Ahmed Ezz is not man enough to admit that they are his children indeed. He talked publicly about this and so far has refused to take the paternity test.

Now, we do not know what will come out of this, but whatever happens Ezz would lose. It's awkward really--he is either saying that Zeina the mother of his children is a whore, or that he does not want kids--flashback they are already here. If he knew he was right, why would he not take the test? Why would he here a shark attorney that has been attacking Ms. Zeina?

The next hearing is set for January 15th, 2015, by then the DNA test would have been conducted. Zeina is thrilled with this ruling, on her Instagram, she shared a verse from the Quran. "I am grateful to God, everyone congratulate me and thank you all for standing by my side,."

The actress claims that Ezz was overjoyed when they found out she was pregnant with his twins. That’s when they apparently agreed to officially and publicly tie the knot, but Ezz backed out from the idea later. Ahmed denies the twins are his.

It’s difficult to know who to trust in this two-sided baby drama, since Zeina’s lawyer, Assem Qandil, told Al Hayat TV that Ezz had secretly married to Egyptian singer Angham years ago, something that Ezz had also denied at the time.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tamer Hosny Is The Butt of Army Jokes #Egypt @tamerhosny


Poor Tamer Hosny, the internet seems to love making fun of him. After the tragic events in the Sinai and the reported death of Egyptian soldiers. The hit-maker Tamer Hosny wrote some poetic lines for the them, and he dubbed himself as a fierce "soldier" I do not fear death...his lines read.

But the internet is not letting us forget that Tamer Hosny forged official documents to try to get out of his army service. He was eventually caught and sentenced to prion--he did serve time for dodging the draft. Military service is mandatory in Egypt.

Many sarcastic comments poured in,

  1. You talk about the army, and you avoided serving in it
  2. I am one who forged official papers to run away from the army, I am Tamer Hosny
  3. If you are a soldier, why would you try to dodge serving in it?
read more here and here

 Tamer Hosny Ft Shaggy - Smile / كليب تامر حسني و شاجي

This Jerusalemite Says "Mashi" For The Sweet Revenge @muradswaity

The charming Palestinian pop artist Murad Swaity released a new track  "Mashi" The song has been mastered and mixed by none but Tony Haddad--the producer with the golden touch. It's a revenge song, a thug of war song when lovers break apart and things are sour. Murad is upbeat as he goes to war on his ex in this catchy single.

Murad Swaity shot to fame in 2008 when he made waves by appearing on a singing completion program (Super Star). This is a Lebanese/Palestinian/Jordanian/Syrian song that will air on radios in those countries. The collaboration behind this song is fresh to Murad who got to work with renounced composer Fadel Suliman (Nassif Zaytoun, Melhim Zain, Marwan El Shami) with many hits.

Now, this is not angry song with so much rage, but a calculated rage in moderation. It's still not too dark, but Murad promises to bring tears to his ex lover's eyes

The son of Jerusalem has traveled far. This time, we are all looking toward the holy city as extremists of the Jewish faith terrorist a people and hold them back from praying.

Murad Swaity - Mashi (Audio) / مراد السويطي - ماشي

Calling All You Iraqi Music Lovers--Shatha Revisits Folklore

It pays for a young and a bright star to go back and revive folkloric songs that they find interesting. The reward is bigger if the artist seeks to make his own folklore well known. Shatha Hassoun comes from a land where history was born, a land of civilizations since the down of time. So it makes perfect sense for this pop diva to perform Iraqi songs.

Shatha, even performs them in the Gulf, an area that likes Iraqi music--but just the music. She has sang in many tongues, and styles, now she feels special as she does old songs from her people.  The songs are about that universal love, there's dance too, and some world-class musicians playing old and new world instruments.

عالهودلك - تراث عراقي - شذى حسون

"Ahlam Doesn't Deserve To Be Honored" Says Hilmi Baker @Ahlam_Alshamsi

Hilmi Baker, the teddy bear music composer and personality is not too pleased with the city of Alexandria honoring the UAE based songstress Ahlam. The Alexandria Song Festival bestowed the provocative diva with an award. Ahlam needed this since that no one in the media seems to like her after her repeated insults to journalist and journalisms.

Baker does not think she has accomplished anything to be recognized for. Then he dubbed the entire festival as a "paycheck" and "money grubbing venture that has little to do with the arts." Hilmi Baker tends to be a hothead and he has a lot of opinions, but this once he has a point. Ahlam did have a good run, but since 2000, do you know any of her songs? We only know about her bling bling and that she likes KFC chicken.

All that aside, Ahlam is a trailer blazer for many young female artists in a very conservative yet open country like the UAE. She started to sing despite many reservations....and she seems to have her family together. Ahlam is pleased with the honor and has been talking about it on her social media for sometime.

I would advise Ahlam to go do some humanitarian work, go to the Syrian camps, visit Gaza, this way people would see a side of you that has yet to be put under the spotlight.

Soula 3 With Ahlam - Ahmed Farhat Part 1


Raji Stars In The Dream Boat Guy Love Song

Rajia is calling this song his comeback. He did take a sabbatical, but this is the song that brought him back and it's the lyrics of Nizar Francis and the music of Adil Al Iraqi and production by the well-known Tony Saba.

the Lebanese pop artist's new song is about hug me closely. The music video follows the single release, and it's heavy on the beach, beach and the moon. There's so much love in the air, and this song is almost too dreamy to be true. no, the song is not meant for me, but I know some will find it heart warming.

This is an all Lebanese romance song, lots of promises are made. Not sure why they had to have that bikini shot, it's trying too hard, I think. Sexing things up is a sure way to sell out, but does it earn one a legacy? I do not know

Raji - Ghmourni Aktar | راجي - غمورني أكتر

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nimble Platinum Records Schools Mammoth Rotana Music! @creatingstars

The growing music production company Platinum Records is playing havoc with the Rotana label. They have some of the brightest and business stars singing under their label. Assaf leads the way, and at least three other Arab Idol alums (Carmen Soliman, Donia Batma and Ziad Khoury)  are under the same label, the young girl from Arabs Got Talent Hala Al Turk is also with them. There are other names like Moroccan pop candy hit-maker Jamila.

Things are looking good for the company and their artists. They are big and small at the same time, they are nimble, but with a huge impact. Platinum Records does customize things and plans for each of its stars. They got a name like Ramy Ayach who remains a household name in Arabic pop and Lebanese music.

The company seems to have locked down all the new and hip names from Arab Idol, so this is a winning strategy for them, to make stars and sign them up. Platinum Records reamins a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist, producer and talent management; music publishing; branded content digital platform; touring & merchandising; film & television; new business ventures; and a music label.  


Ramy Ayach
Mohammed Assaf
Carmen Suleiman
Dounia Batma
Ziad Khoury
Hala El Turk

The Galleria UAE
Rosewood Abu Dhabi

Dubai Makeup: MAC cosmetics
Dubai Hair: Jacques La Coupe

Beirut Makeup: Beauty Secrets
Beirut Hair: Asssad Hair Design


Let Asmara - Mashallah Do The Tick (Audio)

Lebanese pop artist Asmara marks a different return. She is back with a different style for a song. There are those club songs, and there are those good songs that fit to be played in a night club. This is Asmara's new single. It's a different track, something like what Westerners would appreciate and enjoy. a loud song, that keeps you interest with simple verses and energizing melody.

This is a decent song, had it been sung by an a list artist, news stories would be written. But Asmara has a winner, and I like how it feels. The way they tossed the song together is allows for a perfect flow and a harmony that one does not hear often. I love the percussions, and the vague Arabic beat with that rap feel.  

Asmara - Mashallah (Audio) / اسمرا - ماشالله

Asmara - Mashallah
Lyrics by: Nabil Abou Abdo
Composer: Sajid Wajid
Arranger: Jean-Marie Riachi

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Download: Tamer Ashour New 2014 Album البوم تامر عاشور - عشت معاك حكايات @TamerAshourMag

If you are not excited, you should be, Tamer Ashour is giving us one hell of an awesome musical treat that we have waited for since his last album that was buried in the chaos of 2011.

Ten solid tracks that compete with one another to please your ears, heart and everything in between. The album comes with the clever title of tales lovers love with each other. Tamer Ashour is a happy camper, he composed at least seven of these songs in here, and got three other musicians to give him their finest work--Amr Mostafa composed one track.

Here, you will get romance, dance, drama, blues and party. This is the latest offering from Tamer Ashour the singer, the composer and the guy who is about to become the life of every Egyptian party.

Each of the tracks are to be found here
01 - Law Ghaly Aleik
02 - Malish Hal
03 - Esht Maak Hekayat
04 - Entaq
05 - Waqt El wadaa
06 - Ana Ragea
07 - Makamlnash
08 - Mesh Sahla
09 - Get Ala karamty
10 - Men Gherak


Ana Rage3 - Tamer Ashour انا راجع - تامر عاشور

Ahamed AlMansori And Finding Positive And Uplifting Messages

It's a romantic song for God, a song about how great the lord is, but the voice is for the son of the UAE Ahmed AlMansori who wants to sing about how awesome his religion is. Ahmed is a musician at heart and has released many songs...mainly about how great Dubai and the UAE are, and how clever their leaders are.

He also sings about religious matters and social issues. He tends to be on the positive side, uplifting messages, I know the middle east needs more of these songs as we go through an dark era with politics and religion as we witness in Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

كليب : يا الله | أداء : أحمد المنصوري | Clip : Ya Allaah | Ahmed Almansori

Georges Sadaka Sings About Men In Love "Chiyam El Rjal" @GeorgesSadaka1

Georges Sadaka, the Lebanese winner of the music reality show "The Winner" returns with a very manly song that happens to be the most romantic thing you will hear this week. The title of the song is something like "Men's Nature", or "Men's way" as to go that as a man he is in love. I like the part where he wants to cry, but crying is not something men like to admit doing--not over love.

Salim Assaf wrote and composed this winning song for the new comer and clean artist. I love the choice of song here, it allows Georges Sadaka to show off his range of vocal strength and emotional complexity. This is a clear choice for a young talent in a very crowded music market and crazy political surrounding. It's not easy, but the song is pretty well-made and Georges delivers a lovely performance that will cement his path toward better things. I am a fan of his and I have just learned about him. Happy to have discovered this track.   

Georges Elias Sadaka is the proud son of Zahlé. As first he participated and won "Star world Lebanon " title, and as he started professionally to follow his dream as a singer he succeeded reaching the second place at " Ghanne ma3 Ghassan 2012 " contest 2014 Georges won the Winner is.

Georges Sadaka - Chiyam El Rjal / جورج صدقة - شيم الرجال


A Retro Duet By Walid Tawfik & Marwa Nagy "Remsh Einouh"

Marwa Nagy is an Egyptian opera singer, she is young and hungry. Walid Tawfik is a seasoned singer from Lebanon, he is famous in the seventies and eighties. The couple have a rich Tarab duet that I like. Not clear how this collaboration took place, but it's pretty nice to see an old feel recreated now.

The song is about falling in love with somebody with gorgeous eyelashes.The song is in Egyptian and the music feels like we are back in that time we got used to appreciating without being actually there. It's a party song, and the artists do show great chemistry. Walid is back in the element and this might be the best song he had for a decade or so. Marwa is lucky to get to work with Walid, the aging rock star whose charm has not gone down.

This is an older song that gets a new lease on life

Walid Tawfik &; Marwa Nagy - Remsh Einouh | وليد توفيق و مروة ناجي - رمش عينه

Monday, October 27, 2014

Egyptian Diva Sherine Setenced To Six Months In Prison @sherineawahab

She is a hothead, everyone who knows her knows that. She also says crazy stuff all the time and live on TV. Now Sherine's temper has got her in legal trouble in Egypt. A court sentenced her to six months in prion after she has been convicted of assault and defamation. She is also sentenced to pay five hundred Egyptian pounds. This report is according to Al-Ahram Newspaper.

Her neighbor actor Sherif Mounir complained to her about her throwing trash, granite stone and water toward his villa back in May. Sherine responded by telling him a bunch of things none of them is nice. Sherine responded that she would go upstairs and break his leg.  The exchange took place on What's App, Mounir shared pictures of the exchange and used that as evidence in a court of law. Now, they have another hearing on the 18th of October

Mounir refuses to settle out of court with Sherine and he wants to see this through. a number of mutual friends tried to work it out, but that never took off. I doubt Sherine will be serving time anytime soon. To the best of my knowledge Sherine has not publicly commented on this altercation.  
شيرين - كُلي ملكك (كليب) / Sherine - Kolly Melkak Video

This Famous Singer Waited In Line To Get His Drugs!

If you grew up in the 80s, you will know who Ali Himadya is. He is a Egyptian folk singer (whose family has connections to Libya) who was the coolest guy on TV at that time. We loved his songs so much, that no party, no beach, no boom box goes without his music--and yes car cassette players as well.

But Ali has been missing for two decades, he does do local events in Alexandria where he lives and he just did a duet with Mostafa Kamel's 2014 album. But the beloved singer made the news today. He was standing in a hospital line to get some medications. Solvadi is the medications he will be using for his hepatitis C.

the singer refused to get the medications for free and paid for it 2200 Egyptian pounds. He was one of the ten who got the medications at that hospital. There was a huge line. Ali did apply online using the Ministry of Health online form and he was instructed to go pick up his new medication. Ali did not want to travel and seek medical attention in the States. The doc advised him to stay home and get the medications which would be a lot cheaper at home than anywhere else.

May Ali and all ill people of the world recover and live long.

فيديوكليب أغنية لولاكي علي حميدة

Tamer Ashour New Album And New Romance

Tamer Ashour new album is scheduled to release in two days. Here's the second song from his upcoming album. The first song was happy and love is in the air, this was is a bit darker. It's the love blues, when you sacrifice to make something work, but it ends up not working out at all.

Guys like these type of songs. I happen to like the music, but I know this has always been Tamer Ashour's favorite style--the darker shade of love. He feels comfortable there. He seems to make the upbeat tracks for the live concerts and weddings.

I like the new makeover where the young Egyptian musician is all hip and energy. I am also happy to see him work with a home based production company. Rotana did not do well by him.

Giet Ala karamty - Full Track - Tamer Ashour جيت على كرامتى - تامر عاشور

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Vilage Idiot Strikes Again Shaaban Abdel Rahim Sings; We Mourn

Egyptian pop clown Shabaan Abdel Rahahim, the guy with bright suits and lots of Ludacris opinions about everything. He returns with a new song--same old music he has been using for the past 12 years. This time Shabaan Abdel Rahahim aimed at the Turkish and American president. Shabola as most call him admits his lack of intellectual appeal, but that won't stop him from giving political commentary.

The song is mostly about...the song mentions ISIS as if it was a Turkish creation, then footage of Turkish protests. The motive from the song is clear, Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not like the military coup that took place in Egypt in 2013--and he let the world know about the abuses and the assault on Democracy. Needless to say, the Egyptian regime is unhappy about all this. The song then takes on Qatar, and Aljazeera.

The song is about as smart as a bag of hammers, it's pro army to the max. I love how most Egyptians blame everything on foreign conspiracies--like they are all fine by themselves, but these bad foreigners keep on interfering.  Note how the footage from the UN speech, and how Sisi is looking sharp. Not clear to me, why I am listening to this song, it does have some humor value.   
شعبان عبدالرحيم يهاجم رئيس تركيا فى أغنية جديدة: اشرب يا أردوغان

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elissa's Most Confusing Song EVER! And I Like It

This is one of Elissa's hits from hr July album. As far as a love song, this song is pretty on the money. A breakup song, where a woman gives another women advise, but she does not stop there. She tells her she knows the advise is not easy...easier said than done.

It's a conflicting song about the complexity of love, you love them and hate them both at the same time. You love the idea of them, but hate the idea of leaving them. It's the definition of bittersweet. I do like it a lot and relate to it, but some people who have never had a serious relationship may be confused by it's confusing advise.

The Halet Hob album was decent, all safe choices and stuff that feels you have heard before from Elissa, which is not terrible. People get burned in love, and this song is honest about the trials of romance and grownup world.
Elissa … Bataly Tehebeeh | اليسا … بطلي تحبيه

It's HERE! Watch: Nancy Ajram - Yalla (Official Video Clip) نانسي عجرم - فيديو كليب يلا

When she is not making stars on Arab Idol,Nancy Ajram is making new music and filming music vidoes that sell products. Everything she does in here new upcoming music video is for sale.  Nancy Ajram is getting paid to sell all kind of things--now she sells toothpaste.

This retro Nancy Ajram look, and pop diva stage concerts is pretty cool. Nancy Ajram ages backward, she pulls the high school look and if it works for her--it can work for anyone of us. I like the storyboard in here, she the main attraction ditches the stage to be with the one she has a crush on. There is so much happening in the music video, so much to pay attention to. She is center stage and is becoming better at the showmanship.

Fans adore her and she never lets them down. I like this side of her who works harder than most, and fights for everything. She keeps up with the trends and pop culture, helped by a huge team of advisers. Nancy sells a fantasy love story here and it still something she can do.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

This Califronia Style Song By Grace Deeb Makes Lebanon Irresistible

The best Lebanese party song is below, and thanks to Grace Deeb who made it happen. It was one of those singles released by Rotana on one of their collection albums for a young songstress. It's a sweet pop song where generations of people come together to celebrate and have a good time in their village. When I think about Lebanon, I find myself thinking of their Italian counterpart....where God, community, relaxed folks and great food meet.

The second album to be released was Ghinniyat Grace Deeb ... Aktar Min Gharam ("Grace Deeb's Songs ... More Than Love") on the 28th of February, 2006 and made great feedbacks all over the Arab world. Know this, Grace can beautifully sing in 8 languages.
Drinks, food, sharing, love and dance bring out the people in the sense of community. It's a new age song that incorporates old age style. It's a credit to Lebanese pop music and to the talented Grace Deep whose career has yet to peak.

Grace works now on many humanitarian issues mentioning; Associations that take care of elderly people, Abortion, AIDS (HIV) and Breast Cancer.

Grace finished a demo cd containing 8 songs in 8 languages to use it in her concerts around the world but not to be released in stores and with the end of 2009, Grace surprised everyone with her decision of leaving her production company Rotana and now she is working on her own.

Grace's recent works is a Christian CD called "Grace Deeb Singing From The Tent Of Praise" which included You Raise Me Up which is a re-make of Josh Groban's song. As for now Grace Deeb has found a lot of faith lately and has gone back to Christianity and Jesus.

Grace Deeb Ghinniyat غريس ديب - غنيات

Sabine "Stop" Album Launching Party

Sabine is trying to get extra publicity for the release of her breakout album "Stop" so her team put forward a party/event where she was the star. Dance, outfits, and energy. A lot of guys and gals turned out for this event. She did Lebanese and Egyptian songs--even the guy who hates Egyptian songs turned out.

Sabine is a popular young artist among those who know music in Lebanon. So far she has not travelled much outside Beirut. This seemed like a big bash, and there were at least three outfits for this special event.

I liked the album and think there is many fun songs and catchy ones there too. There is something for each music fans. Sabine is really going out of her way to launch her career and become an A list. Melhim Barkat seems to be a big believer in her talent and personality

Sabine - News Room Aghani Aghani / Launching Album Stop

سابين|Sabine | اطلاق البوم ستوب | Stop Launching Album

Thursday, October 23, 2014

WATCH: Jannat ... Waheshni - Video Clip | جنات ... واحشني - فيديو كليب

Jannat is one of Rotana's biggest pop stars who seem like a good investment. The Moroccan songstress is one of the few recognizable names in girl pop in Egypt. She came to Egypt at a young age with her mother and started to sing professionally. Ten years later, she is a big ticket item where she moves tickets and fills concert halls.

She is a rare talent, the emotional complexity and depth in her style is something of a treat. She does a wide range of songs, from the catchy pop dance songs to the romantic tracks, to life commentary tracks...she does well. She also does sing to Egypt often. This is why Rotana invests in her and releases music video for her....she does not ask for millions or complex orders. It makes it easy to make new songs for her. This way it works for both.

Well done Jannat, I like your model.    

Jannat ... Waheshni - Video Clip | جنات ... واحشني - فيديو كليب

WATCH: Iman - Fi Hayati House Music

Here's an tired idea for a pop star to make a music video, rent an abandoned garage and get the ladies to dance to electro music, bring a guy with a skateboard and feature a car. This is the idea that has been made into a million music video around the world. Iman from Lebanon read the same memo. The Lebanese Jean Saliba and his company produced this music video.

She is bold as her outfits seem worth of American pop stars, they are forward it, I like how she winks at the boys and dances with half a dozen of naked boys. Then comes the strange bathtub scene and the scented candles. I like how many outfits

The good news, Iman has a really sweet voice and a real talent, but without dressing down, she might not have a way to make this music video. Not sure what comes next for Iman, but sure she got her song out there.

Iman - Fi Hayati

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Welcome Back Talal Salama !"Sukkar Janabak" 2014 Album | طلال سلامة ... سكر جنابك

He is not going to be doing a music video, but some of us are not ready to move on from their most beloved Saudi artist from the late 90s. This is Talal Salama time, he returns with a new album, with much colors, energy, and styles. He still the same voice that you loved, the same charming performance you won you over.

Sure, his songs are mainly playing for the Gulf, but if that's what it take to hear the man, be it. He is one of the native sons who we know very little about, he does not do media circus. He is sort of a quietly famous guy.

We are getting 13 tracks ending the three year sabbatical--the album is with Rotana who singed Tala for three more years. This is his fifth album with the company, and he is one of the early stars to join the company. This is his Saudi Gulf album where poetry is in the center. The title is about sweetness.

01 - Allah Al Ghani
02 - Allah Yeainik
03 - Anadielek
04 - Ella Hazi
05 - Habibi
06 - Kel Ma Daani Al Shouq
07 - Madry Leah
08 - Mesa Elfol
09 - Rouh Ya Elmajrouh
10 - Sabri Aleak
11 - Sukkar Janabak
12 - Ya Saheb Al Balein
13 - Zael Menni

Talal Salama ... Sukkar Janabak | طلال سلامة ... سكر جنابك

Talal Salama ... Zael Menni | طلال سلامة ... زعل مني

Aaed El Monshed, Iraqi Singer Who Wants To Make Iraqi Music Hot Again

Aaed El Monshed is an Iraqi singer who has performed in the Egyptian House of Opera--the big league for many Arab stars. He is out with a new song, in Iraqi and it feels like an oldie only more hip. This song marks his return to making new music. The song is about the wedding of the lady he loved--he is helpless and he is not the groom.

Aaed was kept away form the music scene due to death in his family and disagreement with a production company.  The Iraqi artist is working overtime to make the Iraqi song hot again in Cairo. He is an old style singer and his voice allows him to do old covers for the likes of Farid Al Atrach and Nazim Al Ghazzaly. Aaed is not to happy with the neglect of Iraqi songs.

Farah Mahbobey - Aaed El Monshed فرح محبوبى - عائد المنشد

Listen: Bthsel ktear - Yousef Arafat / بتحصل كتير - يوسف عرفات @_YousefArafat

The young Arab Idol runner up Yousef Arafat seems to be spending a lot of time at the gym, and so much time at his hairstylist. All is good, but a distraction from his true talent. The lovable singer from Jordan is singing Egyptian. It sounds fake enough that you would say Yousef stick to what you know buddy.

Romance is meant to be believable, this one starts off on the wrong foot. I guess the media is a lot more excited about this track that I am. I just do not love it when talented artists mimic other talented artists. Be yourself,--everyone else is taken.
Bthsel ktear - Yousef Arafat / بتحصل كتير - يوسف عرفات

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Egyptian Army Too Busy Making Songs About Itself (Video)

Boshra finds it the right time to sing for the Egyptian army and endocrine the little ones about how awesome the army is--the army in Egypt is busy backing bread and protecting concerts. Boshra sings for them now and she has a lot of help from lots of little ones whose future remains uncertain.

I guess, I do not see this to be the same army that one the 1973 war--this is the same army that murdered thousands in Rabaa and elsewhere. This is yet another chapter in the hyper nationalist Egypt is experiencing now. We all love Egypt--even if the people who are running shit on us. This is the message. Boshra can go back and stay in her villa and get her special treatment while millions sink in the sea as they try to get out of her beloved Egypt.

The low point is when she sings about the army now allowing terrorists to live in the Sinai--yeah? Them and what army? The army she sings for, cannot get the weapons they need into Egypt, unless Israel allows them to. The good news, this song has been produced by the army for the army, for everyone in Egypt, hop on the next boat out of it.

Elgesh Elmasry - Boshra الجيش المصرى - بشرى

Assaf Returns To Khan Yunis And Makes Everyone Happy! (Pictures)



Despite being one of the busiest Arab celebrities, Assaf made time to go visit his family home in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younes--which is a giant refugee camp. Needless to say all his home boys, neighbors, old friends, teachers and everybody in the area flocked to their home to say help to their favorite son.

Assaf times the visit upon the return of his parents from the trip to Saudi Arabia to do Haj, there was many people visiting and this was a surprise visit. It was a personal visit and no work or other media commitment. Just Assaf and his family and friends. Note how everybody was smiles and excited to see the Arab Idol--the rocket from Gaza. Despite a brutal Israel war that erased effectively 25 percent of Gaza, this guy was able to bring out smiles in a battered people.

Assaf just set the stage of Arab Idol on fire few days ago, and his album has claimed the number one spot in every category and in every Arabic-speaking country it appears.

#عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh


Monday, October 20, 2014

The Shiny Romance Of Ahmed Ezzat In "Faino Ya Lail"

Star Academy is singing his night away as he searched for his loved one. the lovable and confident Ahmed Ezzat is out with anew single that reminds his fans he is still doing music. His voice lands right away in my good side, and the music here serves him very well.

It's a romantic song about a love that is going strong, despite the distance--so Ahmed Ezzat is looking to make something fresh--no canned. He sounds as good as he has ever sounded. He is still a winner and singles releases seem to be his calling card. He has already released half a dozen of them in the past three years.

أحمد عزت - فينه يا ليل | Ahmed Ezzat - Faino Ya Lail

أحمد عزت - فيْنُه يَا ليّلْ - Ahmed Ezzat - Faino Ya Laiyl
كلمات: محمود هلال - lyrics: Mahmod Helal
ألحان: كريم بغدادي - composer: Karim Boghdady
توزيع: أسامة سامي - Arranger: Osama Samy
جيتارات: شريف سعيد - Guitars: Sherif Ahmed
كلارنيت: عبد الله فاروق - Clarinet: Abdulah Farouq Nassar
هندسة صوتية و مكساج: ماهر صلاح - Sound Engineer & Mix: Maher Salah
تصوير: كريم سويدان - Photography: Karem Swedan
تصميم الغلاف: علياء حمدي - Designer: Alyaa Hamdi
إدارة مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي: ممدوح - مازن - Social Media Manger: Mamdouh - Mazen

Saudi Songstress Shoots Her Music Video In New York, Not Riyadh

At first she was a pop artist from the Gulf, but now she is a fashion designer who her own line. Here's Waed taking New York by storm where she filmed her latest music video using only her fashions. I admire her bold choices of fashion, and lipsticks. You may not know this but Waed opened a boutique in the heart of Beirut. There's always room space for talents from the world.

Waed is no different she brings her excitement and her moves to the city that never sleeps.  I like the new song, this is Waed making good on her promise to make more songs. Waed hails from Saudi Arabia and she has been singing professionally for 15 years. This song says "In Arabic" which to say "To be perfectly clear.." the dialect is Moroccan and the guy who did the music is none but the UAE's very own Fayez Al Said. I think Waad is cool, and all those Saudi men can hit the road, leave her alone.

Bel 3araby Official Music Video - فيديو كليب) وعد - بالعربي)

Meet The Mean Lebanese Dancer On Dancing With The Stars

She is one of the latest pop sensation who had a n album last year after four singles that generated buzz for this young songstress. Since she is riding a high wave, she took a stint at the Lebanese version of Dancing With The Stars--she is a dazzling dancer with so much flexibility and smooth moves.

She held a concert at home and spoke to the press about how she wants no one to win the title of Dancing With The Stars other than her. She is a young lady with a lot going right for her, and I know she is all about entertainment. I know Naya is the biggest participant on the show and the news follows her.

Watch her talk to the interviewer talking about her music as a fun thing for her--it's not work. Now she is working on a new single and a music video. I think the interviewer got her upset but she tried to keep her cool, I hope she win the title. But she actually didn't.....she has a concert in Qatar and one in Lebanon. I like how she is not thinking to act, these hard to come by.

Naya - " Dancing With Stars " نايا في حفل ناجح و " ما بدي حدى غيري ينجح في

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Coolest Music Video! Ana Rage3 - Tamer Ashour انا راجع - تامر عاشور

My favorite pop god-maker Tamer Ashour is looking fresh and cool as he has ever been. The new music video makes all the guys want to be him, and all the ladies want to be with he sounds like the perfect man. Looking good, well-dressed, dreamy, and does whatever the mood strikes. Tamer Ashour made a lot of sick he has worked on himself and it shows he is now comfortable dancing.

The model does a good job, and the song is so exciting. I am happy he released this new music video, and the album is following soon. The Mercedes Benz is added value. The song feels cool and looks cool...some tracks you want people to know you are listening to. This song pulls a magic trick...and makes Tamer Ashour the singer that all concerts should be chasing him.

Something about his jeans, tee and shoes make him look good, while not trying to hard to impress. The lyrics thermoses carry a certain street cred. The Fesba, shades, and yellow shirt are simple. The lighting, coloring and set serve the clip well. Tamer broke from his mold and broke out here for the first time where he seems loose.

You’re out with your friends having the TIME. OF. YOUR. LIFE tearing it up on the dance floor. You go to take your seat at the bar for a much needed dance break, when all of a sudden you hear it - the song you can’t resist. The song you just HAVE to dance to. Even though your feet are blistered and bleeding and that one creepy guy keeps trying to rub his junk on you, you HAVE to dance. You really have no choice in the matter.

Ana Rage3 - Tamer Ashour انا راجع - تامر عاشور

▶ Title: Ana Rage3 اسم الاغنية :انا راجع
▶ Artist: Tamer Ashour اسم الفنان: تامر عاشور
▶ Album: Aesht Maak Hekayat اسم الالبوم: عشت معاك حكايات
▶ Lyrics: Khaled Tag Eldeen كلمات: خالد تاج الدين
▶ Composition: Islam Zaki الحان : اسلام زكى
▶ Music Arrangement: Adel Haqy - توزيع: عادل حقي

Assaf Returns To Arab Idol And Raises Hell (Video) #Assaf

Arab Idol and MBC needed a boost in ratings, and they needed some good news (Ahlam keeps insulting people and talking trash) Assaf just released his debut album and wanted to be all over the radar, so he appeared on the show where he made his name. He joined the 13 other contestant on the 3rd season of Arab Idol. It was some party, but Assaf was the best news on that show.

Note how Assaf was even a bigger deal than some of the judges--who may be jealous of what Assaf has accomplished in very short year. He sang his famous Palestine song, but before each of the young singers did a bit of a homage song for their respective own motherlands. Some of these voices are worth it, like the guy from the UAE whose voice is pretty awesome. The lady from Egypt has a good soul and a sweet good vibe.

Assaf did a number of songs, the new ones are pretty bold. It made sense to have more than one song for Egypt--there are four Egyptians on the last 13. Two Syrians, and Two Palestinians. Assaf did have a lot more confidence, he is not being judged this once. He is now a seasoned artist who has already traveled more miles than all the judges combined. He has already sang for more people than any of the judges will ever be able to do.

Arab Idol - محمد عساف - شو بتخبرونا - الحلقات المباشرة

Arab Idol -محمد عساف - أيوا

Arab Idol - محمد عساف والمشتركين- ميدلي وطني - الحلقات المباشرة

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Watch: Get Lucky -- Mashrou' Leila & Nile Rodgers , مشروع ليلى و نايل رودجرز

The underground Lebanese indie band just released a song with Nile Rodgers. The same Nile who is a multiple Grammy award winning American musician, producer, composer, arranger, and guitarist. He is the lead guitarist and co-founding member with Bernard Edwards of the band Chic.

This is a big deal for the band that has a cult following around the Arab world and among those folks who study Arabic. I must confess, this is the first song of theirs that has a across language appeal. They have been a cool and different musical experience--they do what they want to do not what the producers think would sell best. This once Mashrou' Leila does both so well.

Once again, they show some serious indie chops

Get Lucky -- Mashrou' Leila & Nile Rodgers, مشروع ليلى و نايل رودجرز -- Coke Studio بالعربي S03E05

Friday, October 17, 2014

Moroccan Jamila Bewitches The Gulf With "Dahya"

Her name means beautiful, but her voice is the real attraction. Moroccan songstress Jamaila who have changed her zip code to be in the Gulf keeps her fans impressed with her vocal ability. The release of a new spunky song where she calls her loved one "sneaky" or "calculating" is actually an entertaining song even for those who do not love Gulf music.

The music is unmistakingly meant for the Gulf, the lyrics are pretty accessibly, but Jamila's performance is pretty good. She is young and talented and in the Gulf that pays. This Moroccan has a legacy to build but legacy pays the rent in the long run. For now money is in weddings. Something about her looks tell me she grew up and lead an easy life. Not sure how she ended up in the Gulf, but if that's the price to get her songs produced, then be it.

#جميلة - داهية | Jamila - Dahya

The Beautiful Comeback For ZeeZee Adel (Video)

She is one of the original Star Academy alums, Zee Zee Adel, does have the coolest Arabic pop name, and in 2009 she did release a stunning album where she was compared once to Shakira and another to Beyoncé. Few years later, she is still the same talented ZeeZee, this time she graces us with a new single.

I love her new single largely because I like her special voice and her style in performing songs. ZeeZee is full of grace and gratitude in her latest. the song is about how she is indebted to her man. She declares that she is loyal for life to this gentleman. She is promising the sweetest things to her man. Sure, this can be a lot of things, but the fashion show gives us a glimpse of ZeeZee many faces and styles.

In love she found strength is how the song goes. I am impressed how she was able to make a music video at this hour. For this song, she turned up the sweet romance and it seems to have worked for her. I am calling this a winning comeback for a star I appreciated five years ago, and still find her to be relevant years later. I feel I need to thank Mazzika for brining her out at this sluggish music market.

Simple concepts win me over, you only see about four people in the entire music video, the focus is on ZeeZee who seems to be delivering what feels like a personal song about not forgetting those who give one a hand when others are running in the opposite direction. This is a simple value girl song, a woman who won't let an act of kindness go unnoticed. The team behind the song and the music video did a wonderful job.

Shaylahalak - ZeeZee Adel شايلاهالك - زيزى عادل

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WATCH: #عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh "To Where Are We Headed"?

The dark side for Arab Idol Assaf is now out in public.

For a kid from Gaza, Palestine Assaf is a lucky guy, it might be that he is good--whatever it's he has done well for himself and his family and his community. Assaf goes grownup mode and it feels refreshing to see him sing like an old bitter man who is tired. And he is hurt who has had enough. Assaf has stuck to happy songs in his two years, but now comes the new album and all shades are clear. Assaf is doing a variety of songs to please all age groups and demographics.

The jjourneydoes matter, just check in with your loves ones and let them know that they matter. Love the music work by Ziad Bourji, the lyrics of Ahmad Madi express so much. Does it feel like you hear bits of Saber El Robaei?
#عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh

Directed by Jac Mulder

Composed by: Ziad Bourji
Lyrics by: Ahmad Madi
Arranged by: Nasser Al Assaad
Executive Producer: Taymoor Marmarchi

#عساف - لوين بروح | #Assaf - La Wayn Brouh

Sherine Hot Wise New Single 2014

Sherine is back at it again with a new single, or rather a remade single with some upbeat music. Sherine is one of those artists loved by the media and the social media a like. She is well-known for her strong opinions, speaking her mind and getting in trouble for it.

I like the message in the song below, live by your own size, meaning be realistic on what expectations in all things life.
اغنية شيرين - هعيش على القد | توزيع موسيقى | جديد 2014

Maritta Hallani Stunning Rendition John Legend's All of Me @johnlegend @marittahallani

Maritta Hallani has all the backing of Lebanese music talent--they know her father and they think the young lady is up to something great. So far Mariatta seems comfortable doing songs in English like the many covers she has been doing for the past three years. Slowly, she is making a name for herself and her father Assi seems to be proud of her.

As for now, she seems to be having fun, not taking it a full-time job, but surely, she seems to be headed in this direction. See her amazing rendition of a John Legend hit All of Me....she did the song justice. Not sure about the music video of the recording if it helps, but this seems like a good Karaoke rendition of a good song.

Not sure when will Maritta Hallani dip her toes into Arabic pop, but this is not the best time for new Arabic stars. I wish her well, and think she is building a huge following that can be capitalized upon if she is to decide to begin a professional music career

All Of Me - John Legend (cover by Maritta Hallani)

Watch This Shit Duet By Fulla and Zain

Syrian Assala called this clip, the worst morning was the day I saw this music video with Fulla and some young singer. Had Assala not said that, none of us would know about this song. Even those who like Algerian songstress Fulla were surprised by this duet.

While this feels like a fake music video where Fulla's outfits and makeup do not feel age proper. I am not concerned about a love story between a younger man and an older woman--they do not raise hell when the man the older--do they?

This is an average song--also the guy who was swimming in water is none but Fulla's favorite plastic surgeon. This is a terrible music video for sure, the song is OK. The touristy places of Lebanon are an added value, but Fulla is going through a phase. The guy is Zein Chaker, a C list Lebanese pop artist. Zein Chaker did a controversial song two years ago about falling in love with a woman who turned to be a guy. For a guy who judges people, his choice of artists to collaborate with is questionable.

Not sure what to make of that wedding scene, and that random French in there--do not get me started with the fake tan.

 زين شاكر & فلة الجزائرية - بقلبي بخبيك

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Enchanting Soprano Tania Kassis Speaks! @taniakassis

We find various celebrities stressing on the importance of peace and how they want to make the world a better to live in. Tania Kasis is promoting peace and tolerance by bringing together ethnic, lingual and religious traditions. She recently toured Australia and won hearts of many a millions with her melodious and enchanting voice and lively performances in front of huge audiences.

We had a chance to talk with her about different aspects of life and some of her experiences of her life. She was kind enough to spare quite precious time of hers and answer our questions. To find out what she says about herself continue reading her interview!

What is the toughest audience you have performed for?

The toughest was the North Korean audience because I was asked to perform their National Anthem (in Korean of course!) for the opening of a big Baseball Game! You can imagine how worried I was, not to make any mistake in front of thousands of people present at the Stadium and watching me on TVs, as I don’t speak Korean at all!!

Who would be the one singer or band with whom you wish to perform?
There are many artists I’d love to perform with as I love sharing songs! Duets are great experiences and my spontaneous first answer would be Josh Groban! But I’d also love to perform with Andrea Boccelli, U2, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Kazem el Saher….

WATANI - Tania Kassis live from the Sydney Opera House

Full Interview on this link

Download: Mohammed Assaf Record-Breaking 2014 Album البوم محمد عساف - عساف

the album is out, Yes, the one many of you have been waiting for is now out for download. So join the party and let the biggest Arab Idol entertain you with his all new songs. Mohamed Assaf first album is earth shattering and the excitement and the buzz can be heard around the world. Assaf is set to appear back on Arab Idol where he will perform, and spend time with the contestant and give them some of his advise.

Within just few hours, the album has conquered the top spot in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon. I cannot wait to see how well is will do in the States and foreign countries. The album will sell and it will also get downloads, I know the global fan base is getting ready for the album--I am calling it the biggest pop album of the century. We love pop stars, we do, but Assaf is not just one he is a phenomena that happens to make music. His charm, and energy combine that his concerts all over the world--he did travel the world. Enjoy and let's give Assaf a chance to be creative.

The album will have songs in Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi and Palestinian and a special song for the city of Jerusalem.

01 - Aywa Haghani
02 - Taah Neaad
03 - Jraah
04 - Shou Betkhabrouna
05 - Assaf 360
06 - Fely Bala Ma Tehki
07 - La Wayn Brouh
08 - Mtfareen
09 - Motamasek Biki
10 - Min Alshabah Byekhlaa 3rbeen
11 - Ward Al Assayel
12 - Ya Bnaya
13 - Ya Halali Ya Mali

Download The entire album Here


Download The entire album Here

Sisi's Egypt Stinks, But This Song Doesn't

Hamza Namira is the original indie artist for the youth of Egypt. The care bear musician and singer does not do politics, but he speaks up when he sees something he does not like. Now, he is an artist not a politician. We do not have many mainstream artists who play a guitar and sing beautiful songs. Though, we need to know the music is inspired by an Egyptian folklore.

He may not be happy with the way things have gone down last year, but he still misses Egypt when he is away and when he is at home. So for those who love that dear land, here's his famous songs about wanting to go home, the song pays tribute to many Egyptian towns and cities. The song is like a nice tour of many places in Egypt.

It's a classic, really this song will be around for a long time. Like that Dalida song, Hamza knows it's a hit and his fans enjoy it. Hamza is the son of that land and he has done many songs, he likes to record and mix in Turkey. But his stories are always about the motherland.

Hamza Namira - Balady Ya Balady | Live at The Apollo Theatre