Saturday, May 31, 2014

Amr Mostafa Stands Alone As Egypt Goes To Hell!

Since 2011 and I have made it know, I care for his music, but not for his political stands and commentary. Composer, and singer Amr Mostafa has a new song, a song for a movie and he has the timely title "nightmare". He is a patriot as he calls himself and he locked himself with Hosni Mubarak, and his cronies. I cannot question his motives, but I question his judgment.

Not sure what's the point of releasing a one minute song for a small movie. I think he wants to time it to imply that the year of one year of democracy in Egypt was a nightmare. Now he wants all business back to usual. I want to believe him, but if people agreed with him, why did they stay away from the polling stations? The youth did not care for their country's future.
عمرو مصطفى كابوس اغنية فيلم الدساس 2014 رائعة

Friday, May 30, 2014

This Song Goes To #Palestine Soccer Team For Qualifying For Asia Cup

The Palestine national soccer team just made history, they for the first time will be playing in the Asia cup in 2015 in Australia. They put on a good show and defeated the Philippines. While the team did his best, this is not a great game. And to be frank this song is not even that good....but the euphoria is unmatched. Palestinians are happy once again to see their national team qualify for something.

A local artist had this song ready, people were posting it instants after the game as they celebrations erupted. I think people were a lot more excited for this win than they were for the National Unity government--it's still progressing. Will we go far in the Asia Cup?

I hope so, but it takes a lot of work---Palestine spends 25 cents for every million dollar Saudi Arabia spend on its soccer team.

اغنية المنتخب الفلسطيني (الفدائي) قاسم النجار -شادي البوريني 2014

Watch: Mc Gaza - بتذكر لأنسى I Remember to forget ( Official Video )

Mc Gaza is getting better, and it seems he is taking his rap and music career a lot more seriously than many around him. Thanks to an unlimited supply of indie artists who want to try fresh things inside Gaza. He returns accompanied by half a dozen of artists, and performers who believe in the size of his talent.

I like how there is still hope, desire the siege, the poverty, closures, and despite all the drugs young people drown their sorrows in. It's a slow-burning song that speaks to the artist or intellect within each of us. Now if fame is what Mc Gaza seeks, he has already achieved that, now comes can he make a living form this, that remains to be answered.
Mc Gaza - بتذكر لأنسى I Remember to forget ( Official Video )

Watch and Learn, Joe Ashkar "Jannou B7alaki" @BouEidJoe @JoAshkar Do It Right!

Hey Joe, what do you know? Romantic songs are so much better when the singer is good looking and enjoys a great deal of sense of humor. This is why Joe Ashkar is king in this realm. The Lebanese vocalist seems to have it all figured out and puts it all on display in his latest music video which was directed with colorful and capable Joe Bou Eid.

Joe is a family man, but when he works you would think you are staring into the eyes of the biggest playboy the world has ever known. Filmed in an obscure European location that brings a culture, and places rarely seen by the average Arabic music listener. Joe did one more thing here, he wrote the music, and frankly it feels like a breath of fresh air in Arabic pop music.

He is smitten and cannot think much while being away from his new crush, while he is surrounded by lots of village people who are good looking. They keep their love a secret and then the local rumor mill starts and then people get to them in comical way. It's actually both funny and true without the violence. Together they hid, and later, Joe gets the short stick. Not sure why are those ladies are upset with him, but it might be jealousy that kills Joe.

This is a lovely duo who came together for a memorable song that will actually cheer everyone in the family and impress even those who do not speak the language.

Joe Ashkar "Jannou B7alaki" HD جو أشقر - جنّوا بحلاكي

Palestinian Musician Haitham Shomali to be Awarded and Will Perform at ADC National Convention

Washington, D.C. | | May 29th, 2014 - The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is pleased to announce that Palestinian musician Haitham Shomali will be recognized for his success at the upcoming 2014 ADC National Convention: It takes a Community! Haitham will also perform on the evening of Saturday June 14, as part of the Saturday Evening Gala. ADC has chosen Haitham to receive the2014 Excellence in Arts Award for his positive service as a role model for the youth and for being the first Palestinian artist to successfully arrange, compose, write and release his own productions while successfully releasing his own brand of music.

Haitham is well known for his success on Arab Superstar in 2006. After Superstar Haitham has gone on to continued success in writing and composing his own music. Through his production company, Shomali Group Productions, Haitham has topped the charts with hit after hit. This is Haithams first performance in the United States after his appearance on Superstar.
Following Superstar, Haitham was the only performer of that group to emerge and release the big musical hit and music video, "Shu Emelte Fee".  This song is still popular today and is recognized all over the World as one of the great songs requested at almost any event. Youtube clips of Haitham's hits can be found below!

ADC invites you join Haitham Shomali and the Arab-American community on June 12-15th at the ADC National Convention. The 34th Annual ADC National Convention will be held at the Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, Virginia. Haitham will perform in concert at 10:30pm on Saturday, June 14th, 2014, following ADC's Saturday Night Awards Gala.

Tomorrow is the final day for the early bird discount.  Register for the 2014 ADC National Convention by May 30th to receive a $100 discount.  Click here to register for the ADC National Convention and reserve your hotel room today! 

About Haitham Shomali:
Haitham Shomali is Palestinian and has been in the music industry his entire life. From childhood, growing up with a musical family and the youngest of 6, Haitham stood out among his siblings to sing with the vocal strength of none his age.  His musical genius allowed him to master a total of 15 instruments on his own.  At the age of 7, Haitham appeared his first music video with the help of his father. 
Haitham has lived all over the Middle East and the World. In 2001, he moved to the US to to complete his schooling, returning to the Middle East in 2006 after winning a slot and making it to the very last finals in the Mid-East's version of American Idol. Click here to view Haitham's performance in Superstar 2006. 
In 2008, Haitham sang on a movie soundtrack, sponsored by Pepsi, titled “Baher El Nojoom.” This included his second successful song titled, “Tlatee Mnaen,” which he wrote, composed and arranged.  In that same album, he composed veteran singer, Wael Khfoury’s song, “Shu Mbakakee."  
In 2009, he composed a new song for the artist Ayman Zbeeb, called “Ma Bdaa Tooul,” and compositions for several other artists have followed since. The next year, in 2010, Haitham, created his third popular, single called, “Shu Sayer." This song was also composed by him, and arranged by artist Michael Fadel.
In 2012, Haitham released his first full album titled, "Jowa El'Alb," which has been a success. The list of his success and draw to fans continues as you will find that Haitham now boasts a verified page on Facebook with over 560K in followers ( ) from all over the Middle East. Haitham can also be found on several phone apps. Yala and Anghami are two of the most popular music applications that regularly list him as a top artist.

Haitham recently returned from several visits to Egypt and Lebanon. Just last week he was a guest on, Saba7 El Khair Ya Arab, a very popular Lebanese television show where he discussed his most recent completion of a musical commercial for the Palestinian telecommunications provider, Jawaal. After the video was released, it was widely agreed that he shined as the commercials star.

He loves his homeland and visits Palestine often.  He has composed a heart felt song about his pain for his Country titled, "Watan ElSalam". 

This past year Haitham was invited to sing at two of the largest concerts held in the country. One was at the, Borak Solayman, arena and the other was the Annual Festival in Nazereth. You can view some video footage of the concerts below.  In the footage Haitham sings some of his hits along with traditional songs about Palestine. The crowd always loves his presence on the stage, and it is obvious he loves them back.

Register for the ADC National Convention: It takes a Community!
Register by May 30 and get a $100 discount ($99 for students, $199 for ADC Members, and $299 for Non-Members) 
Take advantage of the ADC Special Hotel Room rate of only $109! This special offer expires soon, so don't wait. Click here to reserve your hotel room today!

Video: Joe Ashkar Makes The Perfect Wedding Singer

Every man wants to be as handsome as Joe, as smooth as Mr. Ashkar, as animated as this Lebanese singer and hit-maker. Joe is one of these fun Lebanese voices who always promises and delivers a good time.

Perhaps this is why he has a successful posh club in Beirut. But also he does weddings if he cared for the bride and the groom. Like in the video below see him work the fans and the couple who are walking down the aisle. He really fires up the party and gets the dudes all on his side.

Joe does his own thing and the fans appreciate this about his hard working entertainer who can be a womanizer if it advances his career.

Joe Ashkar live Habibet Albi at a wedding / جو اشقر - حبيبة قلبي 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

WATCH: #Egypt Massreya - Samah Said

An under-employed young fake blonde Egyptian vocalist is talking about being Egyptian, playing tourist with a camera and running around with horses and camels. It's not about Egypt anymore, it's about a certain set of ideas that are being shoved down each one's throats. We all brothers, Samah Said sings. Funny because brothers do not tend to murder one another and place each other in jail.

As for this song, this is not a song, it shows little talent. I admire the effort and the attempt. But this song can be made by pretty much anyone. The production looks cheap. There are a million other people who can carry a note, but the faces of iconic Egyptian singers you can spot are really creeping me out. Plus the song is about a girl who strives to be a man "I am a woman worth a 100 man" Why do many Egyptian women want to be a 100 man?

Massreya - Samah Said مصرية - سماح سعيد

The Most True Song About Egyptian Election And Democracy (Video) #Sisi

First there was that hit song that urges Egyptians to vote and dance for their country. Then we learned that song was stolen from two other songs, then we leaner the music video for that patriotic song made Egypt look like a sleazy nightclub--according to Hany Shaker.

Then there was a Jordanian vocalist who took the song and turned it on its head. He used the same beat--if it's stolen you cannot really steal a stolen song. His team took the song and made it sound a lot more real--it's a pro brotherhood song, but this is not a problem because they got screwed by the army and the spineless lefties.

I do not have a name for the vocalist, but he put his picture and the Egyptian flag. Saed Al Ajeemy is his name and the lyrics are all his. This is still an upbeat song, but a lot more real. It's fair for a guy who is not an Egyptian to sing it, because the original song was sang by a guy form the UAE. This song does not like the army or the stupid folks who are dancing in the streets cheering yet another dictator.
منشد أردني يرد على اغنية حسين الجسمي 'بشرة خير'

See #Lebanon Super Star Ragheb Alama Unite All Religions

The classy Lebanese super star united Lebanon with all of its people, religions, and ethnicities. They are proud of him, the smart and soft-spoken entertainer who is also a clever marketer, and an intellect. He kicked off the celebration in the color festival--the colors of the Lebanese flag. Adyan is this initiative where he is a believer.

He is for one united Lebanon, good brings us together evil drives up apart. Ragheb gave a good speech, a message and the youth gave him a warm welcome. Ragheb Alama's message was geared toward the youth, and so many of them came out. His big thing from this big event--he hopes the state won't list the religion of folks in their state-issues official documents.

This a timely message and I applaud the super star for dabbling into it, and taking a stand that seems to be consistent with his personal philosophy. He took the nationalistic route which is a lot safer than the religious route right now. At the end, Lebanon is the sum of all its people.

راغب علامة يجمع الأديان والألوان في وسط بيروت

Listen: A New Iraqi Hit By Shatha Hassoun ... Henianah | شذى حسون ... حنينا

In her mind, she is the only female that sings Iraqi dialect--she is really good at it and makes it sweet but she is not the only one. Shatha finds the sweet spot and soars with the release of her new single "Hanianah", a beautifully crafted song that makes one smiles as Shatha sounds at her finest.

I love this style from Shatha, it's one of hr strong assets. It's not easy to come up with these songs, but here Shatha did with with grace and reminded us why the fans loved her, and picked her to win Star Academy years ago. Shatha will always be working, and find gigs in half a dozen Arab countries, she knows how to earn her pay.

Shatha Hassoun ... Henianah | شذى حسون ... حنينا

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WATCH: Nancy Ajram - Moush Far'a Ktir Official Video مش فارقة كتير

She made watermelons sexy two month ago, and she Nancy is back with more drama. I remember a time when the release of her albums used to be a big deal. This is not the time, really. Now she is a big deal, and people dig her a lot, but in here she is unable to top herself. She is merely recreating old songs and putting a new dress on them. She is still a top-selling artists who just won the World Music Award, and was handed a new trophy.

I just do not believe the sincerity of her emotions. She is doing the same songs she did 12 years ago. But had she not learned much? We all grow, and she certainly has.

Watch her come close to reaching perfection but never quite gets to make a festive track. I now fin d her to be a bit of what she used to stand for. I fail to see the perfect harmony between new Nancy and the old one. Here she suffers the same pitfall the entire album suffers: it's still not quite as good as "her previous album"

Nancy Ajram - Moush Far'a Ktir Official Video مش فارقة كتير

Listen: جديد و حصري 2014 #أناني #كارمن_سليمان Carmen Soliman

For me Arab Idol Carmen Soliman is an amazing talent and it her youth does not take away anything from her. She dazzled us more than two years ago when she took part of Arab Idol first season--she was the sure winner and she seemed to pack so much promise. And indeed she showed that she is worthy of the title.

the Gulf took her under their wings, and they keep throwing music, songs, lyrics at her and she only takes what works for her. She just released a new song about that selfish love--Anany in Arabic. She sounds great, and it's a pitch-perfect. Earlier this year, she sold out million of copies of her debut album. And everyday a song comes on my player, I discover something new about Carmen Soliman.

This is a mellow track, that does not rush you, it asks you to relax in exchange for true art as it used to be recorded 50 years ago. I love how she puts her heat and soul here. This track offers exhilaration that sticks around. The singer delivers the emotions and the musical maturity this song demands
Listening to is like enjoying a vocal gymnastics and pop music perfection

جديد و حصري 2014 #أناني #كارمن_سليمان

The Bold Mc Gaza Takes Issue With UNRWA! #Palestine

Rappers can be called a million thing, however, very few of them can be considered dreamers. To me, MC Gaza is one of the good ones. The young Gaza based rapper from Palestine has a lot of poetry within him, a lot of tales to share with the world and luckily he has been granted a staller voice and smooth style to deliver those messages. I think there are too many issues to sort our, but there is a conversations Palestinians need to have first--at what point do we abandon the camps and march peacefully to our ancestral homes? Until the folks in Palestine and the area have this discussion, we cannot judge.

He sets his sight on humanitarian groups that serve the refugees communities. UNRWA, USAID, and such he even. He talks about the love/hate relationship the refugees have with these organizations that help them while hurting them at the same time. I think his frustration is with the top dogs who run these NGOs on the ground and make a hefty living, drive fancy cars....Mc. Gaza talks bout that. The title of the song is homes without doors, like at the camps.

He is a refugee and we both happen to be from the same town that now is considered Israel. He has his issues with them and with the NGO community. It's not an easy song to analyze, but as a refugee, I understand the message, but know it's a lot more complicated. I love the guest vocalist Mothafar AlAssar, he brings a lot of the song and the music help drive the message home. I know Mc. Gaza means no disrespect to these institutions, but he sees little good in the long-term.

Mc Gaza ft Mothafar AlAssar بيت من غير باب

@Wissam_ElAmir New Bittersweet Summer Romance Single

The sunny side up charming Lebanese singer, song-writer and music composer Wissam El Amir just came out with anew single. He composed and the song had a life of here own. It's a calling card for this summer. Wissam El Amir is a lot more mature than many pop stars in Lebanon, but he is always up with the trends. A fixture of Lebanese pop, he is a busy in Lebanon in the capital and outside of it he is always singing at local establishments and businesses. He is also a guest of honor in some official functions.

This is not his greatest song, but it's refreshing and does what he does best--show us his sweet yet tamed side. Romance in Lebanon is a conflict between going soft and tender and being manly. Somewhere in the middle rests Wissam and his fans have found him to be an exciting voice whose songs can appeal to their older family members without alienating the sacrificing the younger generation in the process.

Does Wissam bring it home this time? I did not think so, but he did not exactly miss as the song has become an instant summer celebration of love.

وسام الأمير كانت معك ايامي 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mohammed Assaf is MBC's Goldmine And He Knows It #ASSAF360 - عساف360

The marketing exes standing behind Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf have great plans for him--he can have his Palestine but they want all the money and the star power. So they got him into this world cup songs business, and they are asking you to write the song--a cleaver marketing strategy to involve more people and energize the masses.

They are taking this campaign into Twitter and there are millions of soccer fans that will be getting in touch with their star and MBC who is sparing no expense to take Assaf's career to the next level. For many Assaf is a big hybrid, the not-for-profit guy who is also a business. He is the activist and the party guy, he is the indie voice and the sellout. So he is different things to different people. However, he likes soccer and knows his teams so this could be more than marketing.

MBC is working overtime to try to attract advertiser money, this is one way to do it--it remains unclear if the Saudi company will be airing the World Cup 2014.One thing Assaf was swift in his response and his defense of his relationship with MBC--I am not a slave but a free man.    

#ASSAF360 - عساف360

Egypt's Youth Are Regrouping @AxeerStudio | Zap Tharwat | #احنا_جيل_وانتوا_جيل

For a n indie spoken word artist Zap Tharwat, things have not been easy for this activist. He is a big name among the youth of Egypt. He is the biggest one man show in that post Mubarak years. But in the Sisi year he seemed to have vanished.

Zap just made a comeback with a vaguely worded rap song that channels some of his anger and frustration. He takes issue with the anti-freedom folks within Egypt. The youth are not sitting at home, they are regrouping and figuring out what to do next. The are still angry, frustrated and lost. Pretty much like the rest of Egypt.

The army would like them to take a nap and go back to surf the internet and forget anything called Jan 25th revolution. Zap has a life he is destined to lead, he is a dreamer and he calls out on them not to tread on him. He cannot be bolder, but he had to be vague to avoid being thrown in some jail or made disappear. This is his most sober song ever since he did that song about drugs.

@AxeerStudio | Zap Tharwat | #احنا_جيل_وانتوا_جيل

Hany Shaker Responds With A Song That Gives Hussain Jassmi The Middle Finger @7sainaljassmi

Few days ago romantic song hit-maker Hany Shaker got in trouble for speaking ill of a popular song that turned Egypt into one gigantic night club. He took issue that the guy who sang it was not even Egyptian. Hany is coming back and releasing a new song for Egypt in response to that hit song that went viral.

This is a good song that talks big just like most patriotic songs, it makes the people mentioned feel big and deserving. Hany releases a lot of songs, he is an army guy, for some he is a patriot, for me I think he does not see the big picture. He sang for the general who give democracy the middle finger. Now Hany is in trouble for criticizing a song--they called him names and accused him of jealousy.

Instead of talking back, he chose to go into the studio and responds with a song--Egypt makes history and export it says the song. Not true, but it's not the biggest bullshit line in such songs. Hany is a statement of Egyptain song, an elder who sees himself as a lover of that country and its music.

هاني شاكر ادها و ادود 2014 ( Hany Shaker Adaha W Edood ( Official Music

Monday, May 26, 2014

Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 24 May 2014 توب 10 اغاني

This week saw a number of new comers to the top ten Arabic pop songs, it's a mix of tracks about romance and blues. Radios play a big role in making a song hit or not. There's a song for the Lebanese army, a song for the mother happiness and weddings. Thy are dancing type, but the smooth voice of Wael Jassar and his rosy love song keep it all in check

Since this is Lebanon, there are flirty song, by Ryan and some new dude. I like these singles, but I do not see many of them travel far. There are the repeats like that of Iwan, and Nader Atath....enjoy this top ten list.

I love the remake of that Melhim Barkat track by Hady Dauo--it really brings the funk. Assi keeps at it with his offensive Moroccan song.  The bad news, there is not a single song on this list by a female artist. Really folks?

ListenArabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 24 May 2014 توب 10 اغاني

Meet The Saudi Who Kicked Justin Bieber's Butt

Some little known Saudi singers got me the most tweeter love in the past few hours. And in my book that's the power of social media, and shows how real Saudi Abdallah Abd Al Aziz. The release of his new song "Ma Yekhtelef" taught me that he is a guy with a lot of fans in Saudi Arabia and outside the kingdom. So the social media is where Abdallah lives, and this is why he was trending in short hours was able to take over Justin Bieber's.

What is note-worthy is that this is only Abdallah's second song in his very short career. More than a million have tuned in and viewed the song--despite the many unauthorized copies of it on YouTube. So I know many Americans are dissing the Canadian pop star, but at least for a short moment a Saudi guy managed to kick that jerks of a star where it hurts.

ما يختلف - عبدالله عبدالعزيز 2014

"The Path" Album By Raef Will Release Next Week @RaedMusic

Raef, the American born Egyptian indie Muslim vocalist is working on a new music project. And he is out with a new track where he wrote the lyrics and his buddy Muslim rock star Maher Zain made the musical arrangement. Now this is the official music video for Raef's song "You Are The One" from his debut album "The Path" which is set to due to be released on 06.06.2014. Lyrics & Melody: Raef Arrangement: Maher Zain Video by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

This album will feature original material from Raef who for very long made his biggest hits in the fashion of popular American pop songs, he made it a lot bit Islam and human focused. This time he goes back to original works like he did in his ealry days at George Washington University. "The Path", I hope will see Raef's happy return to his songwriter days where he breaks free to give us his latest work as his name now has grown in recognition.

While Maher makes great Muslim songs, Raef brings easy listening and pop songs closer in line with the Muslim taste in music. This is a different offering but I like how he always sounds simple like an indie artists who offers his heart and emotions for our pleasure. I look forward to his album, I know even non-Muslims will find it of interest. He choses far broader themes than his peers in Awakening Records.

Raef - You Are The One | From "The Path" Album: 06.06.2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mohammed Assaf Turns Las Vegas Sin City Into Fun City

Seriously, before Mohammed Assaf what did we Palestinians and supporters of Palestine used to listen to? Every party, convention, gathering, protest I have been too since Assaf appeared on Arab Idol featured some of his better known songs.

The young kid from Gaza took on Last Vegas few days ago, and his concert there part of the North America tour was sold-out, packed and as you would expect from a Las Vegas function--it was hot and sinfully good.

I know Assaf always gives a 100 percent and he knows he is into for more than the money, he represents the hopes and aspirations of millions like him who live in camps in and outside Palestine. But he also gives goof art and good taste. This was his last concert before he heads back East. He spend the month of May with us and now comes the summer season around the Arab world. Good luck brother!

#محمد_عساف حفل لاس فيغاس

Some "Creative?" Indonesians Play Music And Recite Koran At Once! "Video"

Traditionalists and supporters of Islamic literalness are fuming over this. An Indonesian group came up with a whole new style for reciting the Koran, read it as one would perform a live choir and sing hymns. While many of us are confused by this new innovation, it does not stop me of respecting the attempt. This is a live orchestra, a big production that took some guts, I am clueless about this program and it it has the backing of any religious institutions in Indonesia.

Needless to say, Saudis are pissed off and so are many of their fans--never-mind they  are taking a break fro cutting people's heads and hands off for trivial offenses. But they fear, such things, because they lose the lead and give up leadership when these new things go mainstream.

I do not want to see any harm happens to the lead, he has been blessed with a good voice, I just want to know more about this. I also respect those rational voices that says we should not do it to try to be copy other religious groups.

هكذا يقرأ القرآن في اندونيسيا أكبر دوله اسلاميه

Kareem Abouzeid Boring/No Good Cry For #Egypt

In most advanced countries, your government works for Egypt it's the other way around. However in Egypt, they use your love for your country to keep you happy with your poverty while they rob the bank. This is a fact in many places, but this is more true in Egypt. Even in their music, they tell your country is like your mother...protect it, keep it safe and do not cause trouble.

While they preach these lessons, why did your country give you? a lousy education? A shity health service? And yes, you have to serve in the army for two years baking bread and cleaning toilets. This is one more song by Kareem Abouzeid who retrains with this song after being absent for some time. The reality is that Egyptians when they get a chance they leave that place and never look back. I miss Egypt, but not the unjust one, not this misguided one.

Kareem shifted from music into acting as he has already appeared in a number of TV dramas and from the look of it comes this song to try to carry water with the upcoming administration so that he can continue to get work.

كريم أبو زيد يا بلدي يا مصر 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Most Believable "I Love Egypt" Song By Arab Idol Runner-up Ahmed Gamal

For the love of Egypt, songs about this very subject are a dime a dozen but I think the star of Ahmed Gamal, the Arab Idol runner up was born to record this song. He is an everyman Egyptian. The musician with a lovely smile chose a critical time to confess his love to the motherland.

I totally believe him and see that he is sincere in his declaration. This is a new song by this talented young artist whose second song is about Egypt and how much it's dear to him. I love the music and the arraignment, Toma is keeping himself busy these days.

If anything Ahmed is holding back, he has a lot more force within him, this song is great, it plays to his strength. There are half a dozen songs already released this week about how special Egypt is to her people, this one is the best one despite that other popular dance friendly track by the guy who does not come from Egypt

Ahmed Gamal - Hanheb Men Ghirha | أحمد جمال - هنحب مين غيرها

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Rise of Arab Feminist Pop Diva Maya Diab In Aywa @mayadiab

She is a proud mommy, a celebrated pop star, an accomplished TV presenter, a huge product endorser and self-promoter. but most of all she is a woman who refuses to slow down or take a backseat to anyone. The notorious pop diva and personality promised a good song, she delivered it few months ago, now her music video comes to remind us why we liked that song all along

Maya Diab's music video is a lite bit too much for some, but Maya Diab knows what works, and this time, she left more of her clothes at home. She is a bit more sassy and girlie than before. But this is the act, she is a real person who keeps busy. She really turned on the heat and seems to enjoy setting guys on fire. She is teasing the hell out of that unassuming guy, wearing funky shoes and riding in trendy cars.

While the song is in Egyptian dialect is explains in simple terms why men hand over the keys to ladies when they feel smitten--or something else. The phone manufacturer have their product primped out throughout the video and so is the famous Lebanese jewelry store. The music video was filmed in Beirut and took two days of shooting. Walid Nassif directed.

The song is about women and how they hold most of the power, check her out on that big bike, rising in the back with a gang of bikers. Her song might not be empowering, but it also mocked guys who would give anything to be with some women--in this case, the woman is Maya. Maya is a savvy entertainer who is hard working and she is light years ahead of her closest rival.

 Maya Diab - Aywa [Official Clip] / مايا دياب - أيوه

Pascal Machaalani Declares Her Weak Love For #Egypt

All of a sudden all these Lebanese pop stars are declaring their love for Egypt--just like they have always done under the Mubarak regime. Now, Pascal Machaalani has a song out about how much in love she is with Egypt. The Lebanese pop star is enjoying a welcome return as she released an Algerian song last month. It's strange none of these dancers and singers sang for Egypt during the one year of democratically elected president Morsi. Which makes me wonder, if Arab artists do not like democracy

Her music video might as well be a commercial for her hair--not the most populous Arab country. The song seems boring and the music lacks anything crisp. Pascal Machaalani does not seem to be feeling the words that come out of her mouth. where's the passion? This is a throwaway song recorded, and released in few hours to to carry water for those in power. This is why the song does not feel good. Even though they tired to give some Egyptian towns shout out here and there it feels forced.

.. Baashak Masr - Pascal Machaalani بعشق مصر - باسكال مشعلانى

WATCH: Hekayet Thawar - Mohamed El Hawan ft. Zig Zag حكاية ثورة - محمد الهوان وزجزاج.

When I think about Egypt, I want to both laugh and cry at the same time. Cry for the countless innocent people who have been killed by the security forces, and then labeled terrorists by the media and the army. I laugh at the mockery I see in Egypt politics, and media, where they essentially tell blatant lies and give people the false choice either freedom/chaos or security and repression.

Here's an indie band with a song that channel some of that frustration posing as apolitical movement. No doubt there is no unified voice in Egypt, but the surviving dissident voices have been silenced, jailed and intimidated. So the army and their business partners are now back in business as if January 25th was one big mistake. This is farce....and this song gets it. Had this song had anything of value to say, this channel that picked it would not have shared it with us.

It's if the people of Egypt have to apologize for those who have repressed them for long--sorry come back step on us but keep us safe.

Hekayet Thawar - Mohamed El Hawan ft. Zig Zag حكاية ثورة - محمد الهوان وزجزاج.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Majida El Roumi Was Wrong To Go To Support a #Bahrain Ruthless King

I think the world of her, and so does the people I love in my life. I am a big fan and the size of my respect for this accomplished  Lebanese diva is huge. But so is the size of my frustration with her visit to Bahrain. Bahrain is an Arab country and will always be so, what is not right the way the opposition being handled and mistreated by the King and his cronies.

What's an educated lady like Majida got to do with a concert in Bahrain where her remarks were hurt to folks who have been suffering in silence in more than two years. An artist should not support repression and the limitation of freedom of speech. Majida knows better, shame on whomever told her to go there. She gave a speech in a concert at home, and she seems to have been worked-up and emotional trying to set the record straight. This was in Batroun, Lebanon and it seems to have gone OK under calls of boycott.

Lebanon must not be happy with her right now and so many people who idolize her. She heard the criticism and the angry voices, but she seems not to worry that much.  "I am an open message, they can read me if they desire to do so", they cannot quote me out of context to make me look bad. She is trying to put those voices to shame. Now she says, I called for a dialogue. I do not have to defend myself she says in the video below...I have a long track record that shows I have a message of good.

Bottom line, she should not have gone to Bahrain, that was silly and sends the wrong message.

ماجدة الرومي ترد على منتقديها: كل أمة تنقسم على ذاتها تخرب

Amer Zayan Brings Sexy Back....ALWAYS!

He has the look of that playboy, the one you see in center fold in the most revealing magazine. He is a Lebanese and he knows he is handsome, but the good news is that it does not show when he sings. This Amer Zayan and I had my eyes on his from the past three years and have always been impressed by his work and the way he seems to grow.

Amer has a sweet honey drizzled voice that hits the low notes and the high ones--what hey seem to like in Lebanese songs. But he also can perform the sweet and mellow love songs that brings a tear to your eye. This song is a follow up to his wonderful last year album. He has done well with this style and you can expect to see him being the life of the party this summer.

Watch the video where Salim Salamah, the lyricists who wrote this song gives the song a try and Amer has the time of his life.

Amer Zayan Bala Balak عامر زيان

عامر زيان وسليم سلامة بلا بلاك لايف

Amer Zayan Bala Balak

Lovable Hady Daou Resurrects a Lebanses Classic @hadidaoulb

Hadi Daou defines himself on his Facebook page by the simple statement, Lebanese singer. And to live up to that name he did a cover or a remake of a beloved light oldie about berries. There are lots of Lebanese manly men, and ladies who are getting ready for a wedding. The original song was by Melhem Barkat, it's a signature song by the artist and the lyrics are for Elias Rahabni. Elisa was present at Hadi's launch party last week at Maillon The Club - Achrafieh block.

It's a colorful song about small town love tales, and a sense of community. Hadi has the right voice for this cover, and he kept up his Lebanese charm offensive. I like the Mawal bit toward the end and all the interesting things that take place right behind the artist who keeps on singing. This is the life of the part song and Hady launches a career looking and sounding very refined. It's about a married guy who tells the young woman he is already taken. The atmosphere the director created is pleasant and rare. Hadi keeps the song interesting and I think he is up to a great start.  O.J. Beirut was tasked with the production and in my opinion they did well.

the song is like a cool musical that takes some acting and various elements glued together. Hady held his own and make this retro oldie a hit once again.

Hadi Daou - Kboush El Touti 2014 / هادي ضو - كبوش التوتي


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

That Popular Hussain Al Jassmi Song Is Stolen--Like Egypt's Election

You know that song that made it big last week? the song that's urging Egyptian to vote? the song that was made by Sisi fans and boys to try to earn him some extra credit? It was a popular song, and has become a cultural icon, where the social media turned this song into a love fest for either Sisi or mocking their country.

Now we learn, the song is not even that original. I was thinking I have heard this beat before. Amr Moustafa who composed it kept saying he is a smart one and a creative force. He is mostly right, but not this once. And by the way his song is stolen from old songs, two songs in particular that were composed by Mohammad Rahim. How fitting, the singer stole the song, like Sisi stole Egypt!

If you break the song into two parts, the first part is taking from one song and the ending part has been ripped from another song. Both songs are by the same composer. Another singer did not like the song was legendary Hany Shaker who actually supported the coup. Shaker takes issue with the song and the music video turning Egypt into one large dance club.

Meanwhile dipshit singer Hussain Al Jassmi is proud of his song and hopes it lands well with Egyptians. It will land well with the living because most of those who would not like it have either been shot, killed or sent to jail. What does he know about election? when was it last time they held an election in his home country the UAE?

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 (فيديو كليب) حصريا

Sherine Wagdy Kol Dah شرين وجدى - كل ده

Emma - La Keda Wala Keda / اما - لا كدة ولا كدة

The Holy Prophet of Islam And Music Abdel Fattah al-Sisi!

The ultra-conservative Al Nour Party has released a song endorsing the next big holy figure in Egyptian politics. They went with General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who murdered many of their fellow Muslims. Al-Nour is a very conservative party, and they can argue religion with the Brotherhood all day long. Yet they chose to wake away from the big tent of Islam and abandoned the Muslim Brotherhood. So much for unity and one political Islamic vision.

It's not entirely their fault, Al-Nour is being used by the general to counter attacks of being anti0Islam by sympathizers of the Brotherhood. I think their position has a lot to do with unlimited funds they have been receiving form the Saudis and the Emirates. Which helps explains this new song by the same party who wants to turn Egypt into Saudi Arabia.

The song is heavy, and has not music, just the voice of some guy and images of the holy prophet Sisi doing his religious duties. No doubt, Sisi is a seasoned politician who knows how to market himself. When he was auditioning for a role in the President Morsi government two years ago, he was playing the pious card, fasting extra days and praying too much. Now Sisi spends most of his time hanging out with singers, dancers and actors--who help him with songs. Sisi plays the part really well, here you see him getting emotional, talking like a God-fearing person.
And the media loves him because he will give them job security and they can be once again on top before they used to be trashed by the young activists and revolutionaries. And all these Arabs who brag about him being the backbone of Arab unity...just go ask the people of Gaza and see how well he did for them--he turned Gaza into a tighter jail where people are dying since he would not open the borders.

Now, being president of Egypt is not enough for him, Al-Nour and other fans should declare him a holy prophet that we should worship and never speak ill of.

#الفتح | نشيد من شباب حزب النور لدعم السيسي

Hoda Saad Takes The Moroccan Song Into New Lands With "Shab El Ras" @hoditactic

Hoda Saad is one of a kind, she is a very proud Moroccan artist who has always rose above the rest. Her pride is something of a fashion statement. Unlike dozens of Moroccan songstress before her, she refused to go live in the Gulf and make a lot of money but have little dignity. Instead Hoda focuses on her music, she is a student of world music and first she sang, then she said that she can do music for her own songs. she started small and slowly she got better with the new fusions she brings out.

Now Hoda returns with a new single with yet another Moroccan single--seriously, she is making Moroccan songs so much cooler than they have been in the past. She is doing to the Moroccan song what Najwa Karam did to the Lebanese song--take it mainstream. The production value of her songs are really impressive. Hoda lives in the Switzerland where she works on her craft away from all these things that ruin one's career. While she is drop dead gorgeous, she is not chasing deals in downtown Beirut or Dubai. She refuses to be one of these artists who sell sleepwear and perfume.

I like how savvy she is, and how dazzling her songs are, she just does not make boring songs, and for that she should be rewarded well. Rotana has her under their label, but this is sort of a catch 22. Not many artists make upbeat songs for their label if they are not well-compensated. Hoda always makes her finest tracks and put them forth. I hope Hoda gets to lead and star in many of her country's biggest music festivals. It's unfair for them to fly artists from all over the world, when a world-class talent is one of their own never gets the first call. National pride is important in these events and if not Hoda Saad, no one is good enough.

Hoda Saad - Shab El Ras | هدى سعد - شاب الراس

Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart This Week

For those who like lists, here's what is trending in Arabic pop music, there are songs from all over the countries, even that controversial Moroccan single by Assa Halani. I love how Hiba Tawaji made the list with a classy song--such songs do not get very far usually.

I love the mixed lists, but mostly they cater to the Lebanese taste and market here. There is that young women from Star Academy Rana Samaha, and one new Lebanese lady whose debut took her to this list, Sandra Rizik. The surprise number for one this week is the young Mohammad Majdoub who conquered that list in her very romantic indie way.
.. ListenArabic Top 10 Arabic Songs Chart 17 May 2014 أفضل 10 اغاني عربية...

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dictatorship Through Music #Egypt Shame Election!

Armies do not tend to be democratic, they know one cannot run a tight ship with everyone getting a vote. Armies are about following orders from superiors with no discussion. this is the impression I get when I look at Egypt as they army is not pushing people to take part of a scam election process where there are two candidates who are in favor of coups.

The two candidates have no problem with many murders the army and security forces carried out in August last year and right after. Neither of them cares to make a coalition, but they want to run for office where most people feel intimidated to vote....turnout if a big game and the army has spared no expenses to make sure more people take part of this farce. They have unleashed droves of songs urging people to vote and pretending that what they did in July 2013 happened fifty years ago.

Obviously, if what they are offering will work for Egypt, I am all for it, but two wrongs do not make it right. There are people who disagree with what happened since last summer, and those won't be going to vote. Here are two new songs one by Shaza who has never had anything good to say about the January 25th revolution--she stood for Mubarak regime. And somebody who just wants to sing. And off course, they hired few UAE based artists to sing for them while they shut their own people.

اغنية شذى - يلا يا مصري / Shaza - Yalla Ya Masry

.. Fahad Hassan - Kolina Eid Wahda | فهد حسن - كلنا أيد واحدة

Perfect! Zaki Chreif Is Another Lebanses Who Want To Set This World On FIRE! @zakichreif

Crimes of passion are about to get a lot more heated with the release of a new Lebanese summer single by up and coming Zaki Cherif. Trouble Zaki seems like a sweet guy with a mellow voice, and the style of the song requires a lot more fire in the belly. you cannot start a song with I will set this world on fire, and then put me to sleep.

Zaki is new to the music scene, so he will learn a lot if he choses to see this through. His voice can do strong and manly let's shout songs, but he is also networked with many of these young talents who see their birth on TV's reality programs. Browse through his Facebook page and see what I mean.

"لحرق الدني" زكي شريف" .."Zaki Chreif "La7re2 Ldeni"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anwar El Amir Is Crazy About You Ladies!

This is honey dipped song from a guy who likes to show off his muscles, tang tops and mixed sense of Fashion. Anwar El Amir is one of many Lebanese voices that you restore to when you want to party, and feel good in an instant. He is a smooth artist who works in the shadow, and all of sudden release an instant classic.

Anwar El Amir tours the world to where his fans invite him, where he sings for the Lebanese diaspora and he parties with all of them all at once--it does not matter what community or village they come form, Amir brings out the party. This is what his latest single does--with that Lebanese beat and mix of tears and romance, the song keeps upbeat despite the blues.
اغنية انور الامير - حرمونى 2014 | النسخة الاصلية

We Are The World - From #Palestine To The World. #Gaza

The activists for justice, made a song from Gaza to the world, a we are the world track for change. Not sure if songs change much, but the do help us feel good or guilty. I like how a group of young women got this song of the ground and managed to record a beautiful melody.

I like those Gaza images and the children, I only wish for every sign the artists hold in their hand, we had a supporting vote in the US Congress to bring about change to this disconnected institution.

We Are The World - From Palestine To The World.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tonight Mohammad Assaf Parties in Atlanta, Georgia For The Second Time

Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf is in the middle of his second US tour accompanied by the charming Ziad Khoury. The duo will be performing tonight in Atlanta, Georgia for the large masses of Arab community in that part of the US. The great thing about it is that this is a benefit concert for Palestinian Medical Relief Society. Benefit Concert and  Dinner - Mohammad Assaf and Ziad Khoury Arab America Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM (EDT) Atlanta, GA

I was in Atlanta three weeks ago for the Arab Festival and was dazzling by the diversity and the volume of the many Arab immigrants who seem to be working in all fields. This is Assaf's second concert in Atlanta.... He had a concert in Chicago and that is a promise of a great success due to the large Palestinian and Arab community in that city.
#محمد_عساف من حفل أطلنطا Assaf in Atlanta

Friday, May 16, 2014

Moroccan Young Star Donia Batma Continues To Dazzle The Gulf!

Let's agree to put her personal life aside, and how happy she is to be a second wife to a music producer and a father of a young girl (who used to be a kid star). Let's judge her on her music. Moroccan Arab Idol runner up Donia Batma just released one hell of a single, and since she has made a home for herself in the Gulf, the song is in Gulf Arabic and music style that fits that area.

Donia is a cool cat who has plenty of good looks, and energy....Her name recognition connects the west and the East side of the Arab world. I like song, but not the music's a hit style for one young songstress who want to build a legacy....Donia is one of my favorite young artists. I do not appreciate when people call her names and judge her for her choices.

Just listen to the high quality voice she has been endowed with, the emotional complexity she's able to pull here. For the untrained ear, this is a dance melody that spoiled kids can play as they drive their fancy cars around these cities and towns paid for by oil and gas.
دنيا بطمة توك تجي 2014‬

اغنية دنيا بطمة - توك تجى | النسخة الاصلية | 2014

Listen: Iwan's Summer Groove 'Mghayar alaye" Summer Single

Iwan continues to be one of the most interesting voices in Lebanese pop. his only problem that he has not grown up in the music. In other words, he kept doing the same style for the past ten years or so. He did not try to branch out or do other styles--he tried with different dialects and that worked combined with his pretty boy look.

He releases his mandatory summer song, the song that will be his calling card this music festival season, so let's see what concerts he will be able to pull. Now, most big events in the music industry are made by guys, these guys may not understand Iwan or be jealous of him--something that keeps him away form key music festivals mainly in the Gulf and in Morocco.
.. Iwan - Mghayar alaye 2014 / إيوان - مغير عليي

Go To Hell Hussain Al Jassmi And Stay There! @7sainaljassmi

I mean that Hussain, find a comfortable place in hell and rest in there. What do you have to do with democracy, elections and voting? Question, have you ever voted for anything in your life? No, you like in a rich place where a soft dictator runs the place and bribes his people who live a comfortable life and ask for no political involvement.

Brother Hussain Al Jassmi just released a single, a song for Egypt in Egyptian urging them to vote, while doing his best to mention every single Egyptian town, city, area and region. Keep on my mind, the government of the UAE have endorsed the army coup, and it makes sense for one of their official singers to support the sham elections. This is sounds like a rap song, it's very very fast and offers little but naming names and coming up with words that rhythm. The music is simple and a fusion between Egyptian and Indian styles.

This is a song that will contribute to the end of your career, here you are singing to less than 50 percent of the population of Egypt. Once, you were a big name that drew people and they were proud of you, but you did not made you blind.  And by the way his song is stolen from old songs, two songs in particular that were composed by Mohammad Rahim. How fitting, the singer stole the song, like Sisi stole Egypt!

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 (النسخة اﻷصلية) حصريا

Sherine Wagdy Kol Dah شرين وجدى - كل ده

Emma - La Keda Wala Keda / اما - لا كدة ولا كدة

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Syrian Legend Brings On The Classics in A #Beirut Night

The Syrian legend Sabah Fakhri who holds the record in the world's longest concert stopped by the Lebanese capital for a night of some old school Tarab. Sabah is the original artist who has perfected the  art of Asalah stole the night and did a number of his most beloved songs in Al Qudood Al Halbyah

His son Annas, an artist on his own right accompanied his father and sang his heart out. Ramy Ayach brought his mother to attend the concert--he surprised her with her idol. The old school, the retro crowd and the curious youngsters all sat on their chairs and enjoyed a great night of pure Arabic music.

Sabah might have grown old in his body, but his voice is still the iconic octave forte musical treat it has always been.  The Syrian legend remains one of very few things all Syrians still agree on. I know Sabah feels at home when he is in town, and the audience cannot seem to get enough of this guy who has truly captivated millions around the world.

As for his son, Annas has an album coming in September pending his visit to Cairo.

ليلة بنكهة الأصالة مع صباح فخري في أعياد بيروت

Tamer Finds God! Listen: Tamer Hosny | Ya Sater Ya Rab

So he did not divorce his wife, but he got good publicity from it, he seemed to enjoy the public relations he got when the news about his breakup...and now he has a new song about it....he plays some sort of victim. Tamer Hosny is no victim, he is a media whore who is the male version of Haifa Wehbe--both have talents.

Tamer you are no victim here, your wife is the only one who got hurt in this, and she got called names for no fault of her own....Tamer take easy boy. This is a decent song, and I know you are too busy filming a new TV drama for Ramadan. Can we miss you? Can we really take a break from you?

I know you are seeking refugee from all these media stories that you help fuel by your silence. You could have needed the rumors of your divorce within minute if you wanted too. The song has been written by Ameer Tema, and released by the hot startup Roznama Records--the new label released 3 out of each ten good Egyptian pop songs this year..

تامر حسني | يا ساتر يارب - Tamer Hosny | Ya Sater Ya Rab

Palestinians Are Still Singing For The Reconcilition...At Least Islam Ayoub Is!

Islam Ayoub is not a professional singer, he is just a goy who has the confidence and the sense of humor to take on the microphone. He is a local singer in Gaza who has been known for his zingers and humorous verses in his song. Takes for example his songs about the swine flu, dated cooking stoves, lack of electricity, lack of cement in Gaza and the separation barrier with Egypt.

He is a good guy who has a wonderful style, he is the everybody guy who has way too many lines for the music. He makes home videos but his lines keep Palestinians and namely Gazans happy. This time he has a happy song, as the leadership in Palestine signed a unity government pact, the people are elated. Islam joins the masses.

..المصالحة الوطنية وإنهاء الإنقسام الفلسطيني - الفنان إسلام أيوب

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WATCH: This Creepy But Cool Music Video "Ala Bab allah" - Esam Karika على باب الله - عصام كاريكا

He is an Egyptian version of hip hop artists. At least he dresses like them. But his talent is hard to ignore. This is Essam Karika who may dress like a pimp and talk like an overeducated mechanic with  as sense of humor, he is still a star.

His latest music video has been done in the sprit of comic books. I think he filmed this somewhere cool, and he is going for cool. Surrounded himself with some models, who are dancing for him, sipping wine and enjoying food while this fat boy smokes his cigars. Aside from the music video, the song is pretty catchy.

There is a bit where he switches places with the playboy who takes his place as the boy who mobs the floor. I think Essam has finally found a summer hit, and it should add to his busy rooster of concerts. Essam also wrote the music. The song is about a simple guy who likes his simple life...he gets a taste of that glamorous but complex world.  

Ala Bab allah - Esam Karika على باب الله - عصام كاريكا

The Accidental Big Booty Song By Assi Hallani Is Embarrassing

How dare a Kuwaiti lyricists and a well-known Lebanese singer release an alleged Moroccan song that reference the slang for "Big Butt"! Confused? We all are? Assi Hallani the guy who calls himself the knight of Arab song collaborated with a song writer who lives in Kuwait Musab Alenizi

worse it seems Musab calls himself the ambassador of the Moroccan song! The song references a dirty slang in street Moroccan "Satah" which means a lady with a big butt. How did the team do a song about a dialect they know little about without researching it or even asking one of their Moroccan friends? Wait, there was a Moroccan composer Morad EL Gzanay, so this is an insult to all these talents and to the end-consumers. I mean some of these comments of rage did not conceal that they were hoping Assi would do a Moroccan song, but when he did she really shock the hell out of the,.

Naturally the good folks of Morocco are upset with this strange song, find more about their rage on Twitter here and on Facebook here and on YouTube here This is embarrassing for a star the size of Assi, I think he should walk away from the song and apologize, throw a free concert in Morocco and move on. Many are upset of this assault on their deeply-rotted music legacy by these two posers. See the duo work on this song that was dubbed as a surprise by Assi, indeed he was American rap can look at this song and say, "we are ok"

عاصي الحلاني ساطا (أغنية مغربية 2014)

عاصي الحلاني ساطا أغنية مغربية 2014‬