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اغنية تاكى ام تى ام - سياسى | On Politics Takki MTM - Seyasy

The all Egyptian rapper strikes once again with a song about the fools who pretend to know about political and dabble into talking on the subject. While I disagree and I think all people should be able to entitled to their opinions, I did enjoy the song.

Takki is a popular rapper who has stayed out of the spotlight for some time now, until he released his latest rap song about politicians and politics in Egypt at the moment. Takki is still a member of the MTM band and he is working on a music video for this song of his.

Takki wrote the lyrics and the music himself and as I can tell, many in the virtual world loved have expressed love for this song prompting Takki to make a music video for his single.

 اغنية تاكى ام تى ام - سياسى | Takki MTM - Seyasy

Abdel Halim Hafiz Was Born On June 21, 1929

And passed away on March 30th, 1977 after an epic struggle with illness that took him at a young age. He is the master of Arabic romantic songs for the 60s, and 70s the champion that was a heart breaker and a smart musician.

Look at this performance of his and see how animated he gets in his songs, it's like he puts so much energy into the song he is performing to make you believe what he believes. His records continue to sell millions and his videos and songs rack up the viewers.  

He was the guy with feeling, the guy who knew what women felt and knew how to comfrot them with words, music and emotions. He also understood refined men and tried to make those other ones more refined by sharing his music with the masses. Even though many did not like him as is time, few can disagree that he is a legend of the romantic Arabic song. He was the pop singer of his time, and for that has travled the world performing. Few however, could make him happy.

Here's one of his hundreds of songs that stands the test of time. The Palmist or the fortunate teller as she tells him his life, he narrates.

عبدالحليم حافظ .. قارئة الفنجان

The Song Homeless Kids In Egypt Won't Be Hearing

For a number of known and unknown reasons, there are kids living in the streets of Egypt under bridges and wherever they can catch some sleep. It's a problem in many parts of the world too, but it should not be happening in Egypt. There are many broken homes in Egypt and there are too many places to look if god forbids you were to lose a child.

A kid of those in the streets just made a song about the homeless kids sleeping the streets. Vocally the song disappoints, but he is a kid, he might have been rive by a noble cause. He is too young to be this sad. The lyrics of the song are really hard to take in from a young boy. The song is about the dreams of such kids and the simple things they seek in life.

It's a sha'abi style song, it does tell real stories of how the problem gets started. Like when someone marries a gains and there's a step parent.  
 كليب أحمد بلال أطفال الشوارع

Friday, June 29, 2012

With "Fekra" Aziza Reinvents Arabic Pop

I have found a truly fresh sounding beat for a song everyone seems to hate on YouTube. The beat is a new old one as it seems to come from an old Arab tune inspired by the great Egyptian maser composer Abdel Wahab. Only to have some guys with new fancy computers affects to give it a hip makeover that will draw more listeners. Yes the song takes fusion seriously and bring the beach music with an Eastern twist as she incorporates the drum.

Thus comes to the stage a different kind of star unfit for that other time and perfect for our new age--in the age of Lady Gaga and MIA, Katy Perry, we ought to find something more colorful and bolder with their ideas, outfits and flexible on that thing some call comfort zone. Aziza is a very old school name, it's amazing that someone with that name can be this hip.

I think aside form being cool, Aziza is gifted and she has the vocal strength to do a very good pop song--whatever that means now. She has many things going right for her, the persona is one of them. I think she takes a fresh approach as wardrobe. She does more than one look and each one of them is a world apart from the other--a creative way to launch a career and start the debate

Aziza - Fekra / عزيزه - فكره

Is Myriam Faris The Arab Jennifer Lopez?

Before you get upset, hold one a second and read my argument

  • Both are wildly successful
  • Bot endorse produces and help companies sell stuff including but not limited to beauty products.
  • Both are viewed as sex symbols by their fans and observers alike.   
  • Both can sing a pop song and bring your energy to a maximum level.
  • Both are amazing dancers and recognized and creative dance moves
  • Both are bold and both are stylish.
  • Both are adored by the guys and copied and celebrated by females.
  • Both have done acting roles in movies.
  • They both hire world famous choreographer to help them come up with stunning dance moves.
  • Both are being attacked by younger pop stars who want their stardom-Myraim is younger than Jenny. 
  • And most of all both are strong opinionated  

This conclusion hit me when I saw the dance portion (skip to minute 3:20 if you do not want to see the ego trip) You really cannot help but see how similar they are and how well choreographed their dance moves. She really danced her tail off at the Murex D'or awards where she one the title of the biggest name recognition in Arabia and best in show.

I do not think she was a big hit in 2012, she has not released an album, but she kept in the news and kept herself busy.  
Myriam Fares Best Show Star and The most popular of 2011 - Murex D'or awards 2012

Ahmed Shady On That Beautiful Freedom

Ahmed Shady is celebrating the breeze of freedom in Egypt today. His song is all about freedom, the positive kind, the post death and chaos freedom. He is a young up and coming talent. I am completely in love with the gorgeous images his music videos open up with. I am serious whose are amazing shots of Egyptian places that are breath taking.

 I think, I am a fan of this new singer, his voice expresses the lyrics of his songs and brings out the power of imagery. There's a shot with two young boys standing and behind them the Palestinian flag, then an image goes to Southern Egypt where a sailor notices he is on camera and smiles. The song is for Egypt, but the message is far more reaching than that-it's a pan Arab song where freedom is our destination.

Not to forget that Ahmed also composed the lovely music you hear.
أحمد شادي - حــــرية - نسخة اصلية

A Tale Of A Citizen By Noha Taha Throwback To Old School Arabic Music

No other Arab county can turn out a new and exciting vocalist every day of the week year around as much as Egypt can. When you are in a country of 90 millions, you can do that. I am always amazed by the talent pool in entertainment Egypt has to offer.

One of the new voices I just stumped upon is named Noha Taha, a female vocalist with a voice that should be wrapped in gold. Noha composed and wrote the lyrics for the song she is performing, a tale of a citizen living under the emergency rule--it has just been lifted. Noha has also taken part of some activism as Egypt undergoes change.

I like the music and I love Eastern feel the song features. This is a song that sounds identical to songs they played in the radios during the 60s and 70s. Noha comes from a Jazz background. For more of her songs please visit here She started her career by writing poetry and she is the daughter of Alexandria-the city by the sea. She is will studied in Arabic, English and French literature. And currently she takes part of two bands. Scorpionism a tribute for scorpions, and S.M.S band that is a mixture between art and life experience.

 حكاية مواطن - نهى طه A Tale Of A Citizen - Noha Taha

Thursday, June 28, 2012

فيلم الالماني All Songs From Thug Life "El Almany"

Egyptian cinema is raving about a movie with the title El-Almany which means the German. A movie that chronicles the life of a street thug in Egypt. If you have not noticed, there are many street thugs in Egypt at the moment. And those people all have stories, they steal things, intimidate people, hurt people and sometimes kill them. Chaos brings out the worst in humanity.

To market the movie, the producers have hired a drove of popular folksy singer to sing for the movie. Those songs are in the Sha'abi style. The music of the poor people and the places where the call home. The same places are also the home of many of those thugs.

All commentators are not too happy about thugs, but most are not too pleased with this kind of music either. To be frank, the movie needs to sell and make money. I think this will be establishing the lead actor in the film, Mohammed Ramadan as a box officer sensation.

Enjoy the street festivals, and the music.

شحتة كاريكا حارة عجيبة | من فيلم الالماني " توزيع فيجو "

اغنية سمسم شهاب - تاعب روحى | من فيلم الالمانى

اغنيه بوسي اه يا دنيا - من فيلم الالماني

Fares Karam Says "Don't Lie To Your Wife"

Few Arabs can fire up a party like Lebanese singer Fares Karam can. His uniquely Lebanese style combined with Debka beat and a very loud voice brings on the good times. Fares does not do deep songs and heavy topics. He focuses on simplified lyrics that speaks to the man on the streets.

He races in his songs, he always seems to rushing to the next line, so you are prompting to keep up with him as you move to the dance floor. His news single is about a man who cheats on his wife, and not giving her time. He won't listen to her, and he comes back with perfume all over his clothes.

I cannot relate to such stories I was not raised up on those new age values where man can have attractive ladies as their friends. Maybe such values are a produce of the metropolitan communities. It's a real song, plays like a soap opera we have seen countless times.

do not cheat on your spouse or Fares Karam might have to come to your place and beat the hell out of you.

Fares Karam - Elli Byekzob 3a Marto / فارس كرم - اللي بيكذب عَ مرتو

Review And Covers Of Magda El Roumi "Ghazal" 2012 Album

Magida El Roumi just took the best thing about Western music and made is purely Arabic. By doing so even the people who resent or indifferent to Arabic music are rendered helpless in the power of such addictive album that offers plenty of wow moments! Keep on mind Magida composed many of the songs for this album.

Magida does not make pop music, she makes modern day classics that will be kicking around our world for some time, she makes music that the 80 year old can enjoy and the 20 year can claim refined credit for knowing. As those songs age, so does our love and appreciation to each one of them.

Magida has always been known by many names, in my book I just added another title for this diva, a hit-maker. Let's review her 2012 album that took almost seven years to produce.

01 W Btetghayar El-Da'aye'. an epic song that might as well be the most perfect rendition of classical Arabic music. the lyrics are nothing short of fresh and magical. Magida hits all the right notes and leaves no stone  unturned to bring out this intoxicating gem.

02 Wa'adtouka, the most intimate song on this track, a sweet and creamy song so smooth coming from a woman who has helped many of us define love. The lyrics are the creation of a poet and the song is performed by someone who can make anything into a gorgeous tale. Kathem Al Saher crafted the music to tjhis track--no one has sang more peoms for Nizar than this man.

03 Bass Ellak Habibi, a confession from a woman are hard to come by, and when they come the world of someone gets rocked. How about Magida doing the same thing for each one of us at the same time? Do not take my word, tune in and you will understand why this song is a masterpiece. Think of the music they play at the Oscars, this one should give the Oscars producers an idea about making good music better.

04 Metghayar W Mhayarni, the coolest song on the album, feel free to dance to this captivating jazz that will get your hear racing. Yes, it's like a time machine where we are taken on a ride to the 20s and the good times that were made then. A clear winner where all the right elements came together. A surprise hit that was composed by Abdel El Rab Idris, a composer know for very tradition Arabic music makes the most foreing sounding Arabic melody.

05 El-Alam Elna, the ballroom dance scenes are always glamours, and the music to which people dance helps create such an emotional experience where good music is in a perfect harmony with the happy. Magida sounds so capable of flexing her vocal muscles to transcend with this song and create joy for the world. You need to make time and enjoy this song, it's like a therapy to one's soul

06 Ablani Hayk this is a song that Magida have become known for, the dreamy girl who sees his man as the perfect and most handsome on this planet. Love the lyrics and the imagery we almost can touch, butterflies and red roses 

07 Al-Tayrou Taraban Yougharidou, a song both adults and kids would appreciate, something you can sing to your kids and also your loved one. This is the music you play when the princess walks down the sitars or the aisle and all eyes will be on her. The song also flirts with the subject of the song, a love the creative style in music and simple yet fitting lyrics.  And by the way, the spring just found it's official anthem.

08 Salawna, a duet from a time other than our time, sounds like something you would hear in Paris or NY Jazz clubs in the 20s where music is the attraction, but where a good vocalists can seal the deal. I love the way the song changes pace with highs and lows. I do not know how team Magida manged to give us a snapshot of a time where imagination was not so expensive. Both singers brings a flavor to this track that helps make so accessible. Composed by her own father and  with lyrics put forth by the Rahbani brothers.

09 La Ma T'illi Habbayna, the music sounds very East, a funny song where a woman tells a man that he is delusional, a cute song with create production and music that pumps your heart. It's made for concerts mean to bring the energy up a bit. I am a fan of such songs, and I like a proud woman who can stand up and school a man. Magida moves into a happy mood in a heartbeat and manages to capitalize on her energy and channel all of that to the listener.

10 Ala Albi Malak, this sounds like an Egyptian baladi melody, (the kind you can belly dance to) it feels like the first song one hears from Magia, she made this kind of song sin the 80s and we were fond of them. Magida outdoes herself again and channels the high moment sin her career and brings them back 30 years later with might and passion. I like the mini stories in the song, Magida is made for ballads. Not to forget the cleave play on words in Malak (owner) and Malak (angel)

11 La Ma Rah Ez'al A'chi, it does not feel like an Arabic song, the music sounds a bit European to my ears, a lot darker than other songs. It does resembles some of Fayrouz's songs which is always good. It might be a song about a modern day prophet who wanted to spread the good word--he cannot give up and he cannot be broken. I have to listen to it few times to get a good grip on it. Marwan Khoury composed the music and it feels like he has left his comfort zone to come up with something fresh.

12 Law Ta'ref, another confessional song where the female cannot speak her mind and confess her love because if she did, she would undervalue herself. This is the mature side of Magida where real life experiences come to play. he selfish and nothing worries him, he is in love with himself making him self satisfied. I think the best part of the song is how Madiga moves from the angry frustrated lady to the sweet and lowdown one

13 Bladi Ana, Things are looking scary in some parts and promising in others. It's a song for Lebanon with some Spanish flavor (some foreign language too, I think Italian) Lebanon is a country of love says Magida, no place for hatred. There's a subtle message where some voices in Lebanon call for looking out for the the interests of some Arab nation at the expense of the people of the land.

14. Nashid El-Shohada, You cannot skip the Arab Spring and Lebanon at the moment, Magida dedicates a song to all the fallen men and women which fought for freedom all across the Arab world. It's a song she sends to the families of such heroes. Magida takes no sides, she just urges everyone to find ways to make peace. I welcome the song and the very fine balance Magia has to keep. After all she is a star that almost all of us agree to honor and respect, yet the uprising in the Arab world have many voices. As a song, you might get shivers when the chorus and Magida voices meet.

Note on album cover ماجدة الرومي كفرات البوم, Magida El Roumi came from a proud home where her father was a well known composer Halim El Roumi, it's only fair for her to boast about the talented home she comes form. 

ماجدة الرومي وعدتك Majida El Roumi 2012

Mohammed Abbas Shames Egyptian Voters

This song was released for those who think about boycotting the elections in Egypt and those who want to vote to help bring back the regime that killed so many people. Mohammed Abbas is shaming all of those in Egypt at the moment by reminding them of the heavy toll paid by so many people to bring down the regime. Why would the living now bring back the same regime?

This is a sad song with good production. Lyrically rich, musically appealing. But this is a really smart song with a guy who does not lack passion. I did learn that this song is part of the Muslim Brotherhood push for winning the election. They want to turn out the votes, help get people rallied around them. Abbas is a Muslim Munshid whose earlier songs included a song where he refuses to leave Egypt to look for better opportunities.

They picked Mohammed Abbas for this task. He has a low profile yet a very capable song. The Muslim Brotherhood made the right call to achieve their goal here. they did not put their log on the song, but the song serves their cause. Notice, how the song also mentions the name of some Christians who also lost their lives in an effort to oust Mubarak.

وهانوا عليك | محمد عباس

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Good Is Waynak? By Sabine Atallah.سابين عطاالله وينك

Here comes a Lebanese single for this summer with a new singer that goes by the name Sabine Attallah. While the song won't be winning awards for lyrics, but for clubs, parties concerts, she will be a big hit this summer. I like the single and the music accompanying it...

There might be an album coming soon for this young Lebanese singer who wants to entertain. K Music picked her up and they are producing her music. Sabine Attallah is a bankable pop stat as she is young, good looking and wants the fame. I do enjoy chick pop, where the girl tells the boy how it is.

I am reminded my Darine Hadchiti and few other singers who have done similar songs before.

Waynak sabine atallah.سابين عطاالله وينك

Stupid Guys Song By A Passionate Lebanese

The guy is asking his girl to be proud as she walks in the streets. Why does he wants her to do that? He wants her to tell the folks she is with him and thus she must be proud. If this is not obnoxious, I do not know what is. Walk tall, hold my hand and do not be bothered by your family or anybody, we are together.

Sijal is his name...Sijal in Arabic means a fight. Maybe that's why he is feeling testy in his single. I do like the part where he tells her not to sweat the small stuff. So he is asking her to ignore her family--the ones who raise her and only pay attention to him and what he wants her to do.

I do like the beat, and I think Sijal Hachem has what it takes vocally to do weddings and concerts in Lebanon, he can get people excited and ready to party. I think the lyrics might be well recived by some, I might have been living away from home so some time.

 سجال هاشم- ارفعي راسك / Sijal Hachem- Rfa3i Rasik 2012

The Borke Ass Arab Song By Samy Shamsy

To be poor is not something bad, to be broke might be. However, we all love a someone who is doing a song about being broke. I especially love Samy Shamsy because his song goes against all things pop. While most pop singers boast about the cool life and the clubs, he is doing the anti-pop song song. A song about his miserable finances.

He calls is chronicle poverty. Kicking off song with a solid mawal performance. Then he asks God for relief. This is a new single that will make it big with high school kids. I love the story where the girl he loves is going to get married to her cousin, since he has no money. Then he delivered the funny line, "had I had money, I would have even been able to marry her mom"

 سامي شمسي - الفقر / Samy Shamsy- Al Fokr 2012

Ehab Tawfik's Song That Made Arabia Dance!!

Ask any Arabs girl older than 24 years of age, she will tell you she has danced to this song! Man the good old days when Ihab was making good dance filled music, we loved him then. He was a household name, and he had a cool factor even though he was not that even good looking. His music made you good looking by making you dance.

Here's another thing about him, Ehab was a lonely child. His first single came in 1989, and first album came in 1990. Top point of his career was in 2002 when he performed in front of 50 thousand concert goers to raise money for Iraq during the American invasion. Other random facts  about him is collaboration with the band outlandish on a track.

In 2007 he switched to more religious songs, and he earned few fans doing this kind of songs, then he started doing more of these songs and less of the pop dance songs. Ehab did have many fans in the 90s both mena dn women. Women liked his dance songs, and so did the guys. The guys loved his hearbreaking songs about being passed over by the one girl he has always loved. Thanks to his warm voice, good lyrcis and his collaboration with hottest composers in town.

اللي مدوبني

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exclusive: To The Most Coveted Album, Magida El Roumi Ghazal 2012

This time around Magida is a poet--she wrote the lyrics for most of her song on the album album, The ones she did not compose, she took from Nizar Qabbani who can do little wrong. then she hired the best and most talented composers--who only work for themselves. Lastly she got the music doctor of Lebanon to oversee the entire album, what she got is a gem. The album is titled Ghazal, teasing or flirting.

You may also know her as Majida el Roumy, but we all know her as a musical genius who always challenges others who making them do better. The album makes you a lot more classier and a lot more refined by just owning it....Her dad who was an accomplished musician would have been proud.

The album has made it to Egypt now and to the rest of the Arab world so, go stand in line and get your copy. This album will be around for some time and many of us will be talking about it. I love the liver orchestra and accompanying this legendary Lebanese yet proud Arab diva.

With this album Majida tell those half baked talents that they have a long way to go and that there's room for good music. download the album on iTunes if you cannot secure a hard copy

we will update the review in time

01 W Btetghayar El-Da'aye'
02 Wa'adtouka
03 Bass Ellak Habibi
04 Metghayar W Mhayarni
05 El-Alam Elna
06 Ablani Hayk
07 Al-Tayrou Taraban Yougharidou
08 Salawna
09 La Ma T'illi Habbayna
10 Ala Albi Malak
11 La Ma Rah Ez'al A'chi
12 Law Ta'ref
13 Bladi Ana
14. Nashid El-Shohada
ماجدة الرومي وعدتك Majida El Roumi 2012

ماجدة الرومي تتغير الدقايق Majida El Roumi 2012

I Just Danced To This Song...For My Wife

Essam Karika knows how to put out a party song, he has given the world of Arabic pop a while library of happy and dance inducing hits. He just did last year when he composed this song to Algerian singer Fella who is trying to reach out to Egypt.

The song pays a tribute to all things Egypt and all things tourists like about this massive country.  It was a hit, but it could have been bigger had it been allowed to air to the public in Egypt and not just remain online.

Anyhow, on a slow night, I got this jam stuck in my head, so I opened up the laptop hooked up the speakers and told my wife to watch....I danced for the duration of the song and it felt good. My wife did not complain.

It's a pop song that gets your hear racing.
Fella - Wahshany Ya Masr / فلة - وحشاني يا مصر

Balqees Fathi, One Of The Best Thing About Yemen

Yemen is an awesome place with history so deep and heritage so rooted in the land. No other pop star is rooted in the land of Yemen as much as new sensation Balqees Fathi is. She is the daughter of Yemen's most famous composer and singer Fathi Ahmed and she offers so much more than other can afford to. Her voice, and her lovable personality make me think, this is someone who was born to be a star.

Her work has not gone unnoticed, as she was named best young talent by the French fashion magazine L’Officiel at the 2012 L’Officiel Arab Woman Awards held at the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi.

She is young yet she is very talented and seems savvy in the business and musical choices she makes. She filmed her latest clip in Lebanon with a Lebanese crew, but the song is in the Gulf Dialect, she is not trying to be cute and sing Lebanese and Egyptian. She is very proud and I know she wants to make it big using only her local Dialect that brought her fame and cemented her status as a leading lady.

The song is about a jealous lover....and the struggle to stay sane. Hollywood got nothing on Balqees, she has those exotic looks, confidence and charm. She knows how to tease the camera and the fans at the same time, she has some dance moves...BUT she does it without disrespecting her conservative upbringing.

“Ya Hawa” (“Oh It’s Love”)

Balqees Fathi - Ya Hawa Video Clip

Naya "No Regrets"Album البوم نايا - ماندم 2012

If your wife dumps you and moves on, what do you do? Well for one music executive who was fired by his wife and she manged to divorce him (Lebanese church weddings are hard to navigate), you go on a hunt and find a younger version of your wide, same color of hair and similar voice then go on offense. The pathatic husband spoke to many media outlets and declared that Naya is his way to get back at his wife. He even called the young singer "more talented" than the mother of his children.

Not upset yet? How about the title of Naya's album "Ma Andam" a popular hit by the producer's ex! Not classy at all. I think there are two issues here:

Naya is a talented young singer with a great potential to be the next big thing, and the producer who is a jerk with a long track record to proof it. This is an album with 9 tracks, some of the songs are made for the Gulf market to bring in the concerts and the people who buy CDs! Others are lovely Lebanese hits.

I did not see much fanfare for this album not too many spoke about it. Arabica music is in the distribution side and as far as I can tell, they are not on top of their game or connections. On other news, do not the cover picture makes Naya look like another Lebanese pop singer? I won't give any names.

01.Men Eidy, happy song where one dances to a bittersweet song. The music is a mush and so are the lyrics
02.Wakhedny Hawak, pop song meant for Egyptian consumption and young spirits who want to jam.
03.Mandam, mean for the folks in the Gulf, a darker feel with good music, not sure how the Gulf will like it
04.Leih Bahebak, Spanish guitar can make everything sounds better...a girl--not a woman song to her man
05.Bel Zouq, A Nancy Ajram clone, and I like it. Will be a big hit in Egypt and with fans of light happy pop
06.Mama Ya Mama, If you like Lebanese mawal you will like this family friendly song about love and mothers, love the dance beat. This is a good track that allows Naya to show off.
07.Tezkar, the winner on this album and we have heard it months ago with heartache causing by Naya
08.Batmanna, your average gillie pop song sin Arabic, not much to be gleeful about
09.Gheerah, another song we have heard months ago, an instant hit and a delightful song that blends pop with good lyrcis from the Gulf.

Teaser Mandam / 2012 اعلان البوم نايا - ماندم

Naya - Batmana / نايا - بتمنى


The Arab Kim Kardashian Is Also A Walking Billboard

Maya Diab is a celebrity, but unlike Kim she has done something with her life other than an adult tape. Maya hosts TV shows, sings (decent songs). Now she is collecting a paycheck for endorsing a product, a makeup company called Make Up For Ever, launched a line with Maya, water based makeup is a big deal for many. Maya will do well selling products for the masses.

Maya has her own makeup bag too, and a complete line of makeup that Maya swears by. The company made a promotional video for their event where Maya is looking gorgeous with that makeup, you can see loads of ladies waiting to snag some of those products and sure there is a number of makeup artists who are ready to convince women that they need this product of that. Everyone wants a piece of the glamour business.

Aside from that, Maya talked shop about her reaction to summer albums, she seems to love Elissa's album and she also seems not to have taken the time to congratulate Haifa Wahbe on her smashing album MJK. I like the bit when Maya said she forget to go to this big gala in Lebanon.

مايا دياب: نسيت موعد الموريكس ولم أهنئ هيفا

The Best Arabic Music Video You Will See This Year!

It takes a women to know what goes on the head of another woman, no guy can figure that out. That's why when you watch this music video you will know exactly what I mean. Rich guys tend to be obnoxious, busy and insensitive. In the video below Fayrouz seems to have married one and she fantasies about payback time. For that she goes all dark shadow on us and she escapes to that dark place to feel herself.

The part in her mind when she feels how her life is is AMAZING! The way the music video transitions from this richy rich into an empty dark room with a creep feel to it is done so well. I am surprised because the singer has also produced the music video...while she did not write the lyrics, she sings as she feels them. The goth feel reminds of a of many of those pictures Tim Burton makes.

The song does not hold bag and runs through a list of things she hates about this guy...I want to stop hating my body when I see the way you look at me, I am sick of your smoking, I want to wear my style and have my own friends. In reality however, she does not say a word and stays with the very same man that she despises.

What a breath of fresh air....welcome Fayrouz!

Fayrouz Karawya - Barra Menny / فيروز كراوية - برَّة منِّي

Hisham Abbas And Computer CG In Helm Aziz

Arab filmmakers are still trying to figure out a way to make good CG work and incorporate it in films. Egyptian romance comedy flick Helm Aziz might go down as the first film to include crisp comuter generated graphics. The graphics are much better than we have scene in previous films and other music videos. They seem more elaborate.

This is a big budget film with Egyptian heartthrob Ahmed Aziz and Sharif Muneer the guy who does so well in complex characters. To promote the film, they have hired Hisham Abbas, a fixture of Arabic pop who seems to be MIA for the past 7 years or so.

This is not a great song, it's just fun to hear Hisham Abbas once again. His voice radiates happiness and a throwback.
 هشام عباس - متتهورش من فيلم حلم عزيز | Hisham Abbas - Matethawarsh

Monday, June 25, 2012

Egypt Lost In 1967, This Song Offered Hope

Israel attacked Egypt in 1967 and sneakingly destroyed that country's ability to fight back. Israel occupied The Sinai Desert, Gaza, The West Bank, East Jerusalem and The Golan Heights. Not too many movies in Egypt dealt with the loss, but the entire country and along with it the rest of the Arab nations were humiliated by this defeat.

But Egypt went back to work and did what they wanted to do in 1973. However, a movie that was produced in 1972 dealt with the 1967 loss, and evoked so many memories of unity and call to arms. You see a legendary actor Mahmoud Yaseen standing in for Egypt and talking about the war. The song is titled, long lives your smile Egypt.

The movies tells the story of an Army unit that held their ground and refused to retreat even though the Egyptian army has bailed out on them. It's a movies about real heroes. The movie's title is a "Song on the Passage/Path" You see an Egyptian army officer deliver one line that always goes on my mind which is, "Are We Going to defeat Them With a Song? "

 أغنية على الممر - تعيشي يا ضحكة مصر

Magida El Roumi Ghazal 2012 Album ماجدة الرومي البوم غزل

The mighty Soprana Magida El Roumi has struck again, her first album since 2005 sees the light and everyone is happy about it. The album only took 6 and half years to make--a very long time indeed. In a small gathering at a friend's house, the team behind the album gathered to celebrate with the Lebanese diva Magida.

The only person who was MIA is Lebanese composer Melhim Barakat who has given Magida one of her gems on this soon to be released album. Word on the street that Melhim was upset his song was not released as a teaser for the album. Magida's office made the case that they are saving the best for last and that the composer;s song is # 1 track.

Kathem Al Saher wasn't there either, but he has manged to tweet about the album--he composed one epic song for it. The album was released yesterday in Lebanon with a number of radio stations playing songs from it, the album has not hit the internet as of yet and we are waiting to get a copy so that we can review it. Officially the album will be released the first week of July.

Buy this album and share with all those classy people in your life

Magida ElRoumi - Metghayar w Mhayarni - New 2012 - ماجدة الرومي متغير ومحيرني


Good News! Rotana Finally Discovers There's Something Called Internet

Rotana produces music and films for the Arab world. Even though they are based in Saudi Arabia, most of their operation is located in between Beirut and Cairo. The company that pays  tens of mangers to make the company look cool are really just a bunch of losers. They are all old school, even the young mangers at Rotana think like old school. Rotana does make good albums and exciting music videos, but they are light years behind their rivals when it comes to presence on the internet.

It's 2012 and the company has just figured out the importance of the internet. So, today they release a video asking their non-existing viewers to bookmark them. Sure, they have a lot of fans, but the company sucks in this field. They should ask one of their stars Haifa Wahbe, Amr Diab or Elissa to teach them a thing or two about the bookmarking world.

I think the dude with glasses who comes out in every Beirut event for Rotana should rethink his cool factor now. They may have the fans and followers, but I doubt if half of them are even real people. I have not liked Rotana's activities on the web ever since they locked out all their material from the ne, and aksed viewers on their website to go watch the clips on TV. Rivals of Rotana did it right, open internet for all with a lot of advertisements and engagement.  

Rotana Social Networks: Facebook , Youtube & Twitter

How Did Arabic Music Sounded Like In The 1920s?

Um Kalthoum recorded many songs in the 20s and early 30s. She was not a big name back then, but she was wrothy of being recorded. Frankly, we do not have many recordings Arabic music in that era. But from what we have, we can tell that the music was a little bit different.

The music wasn't the show, it was playing back up to the singers voice, it sounds shy and at times boring. There was no big name composers in that era. The music they had all sounds too similar because they used molds, these molds were the orthodox approach, you could not do something that would stray from that school of music.
The one guy who changed all that was Egyptian composer Mohammed Qasabji, he had it in him to try different notes and even borrow from Classical European music at the time. Listen to this song where Qasabji putt he music. He was doing the music of the 20s , then. Later in his career he would try doing something different. Other early one composers was El Sheikh Abu El Ola, he composed many songs for Um Kalthoum early on her career.
ام كلثوم ... سكت والدمع تكلم

أم كلثوم - قل للبخيلة - 1928

Fat Amr Katamesh Wants To Sell You Chicken

He was supposed to be a funny poet, the kind the reads poetry in slang and with a great deal of humor and play on words. Two years later he is back this time in a commercial selling Arab chicken that will make them fat and clog their arteries.

He surely needed the money as he is a married man now. He is reading his bucket of chicken poetry and making us all want to buy the food--he did his job. This ad might have some truth in advertising, a fat guy wants you to enjoy something that will make you just as fat as he is.

Not sure what does fried chicken has anything to do with poetry....but here's the video that will make a lot of business people very rich.

اعلان عمرو قطامش لدجاج كنتاكى