Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Songs Of War: Torturing Prisoners With Music

I know sometimes, I joke about some music feeling like torture to me. But in reality some government have been using noise of music to break down terrorists. This sounds like a soft form of torture that might give people a giggle. I know the US likes to go to wars with regimes that torture, or at least that's what they say. Torture is wrong.

Word on the street that the US has been using music to torture some of its prisoners of war or suspected terrorists. I have read about this before during the Bush years, and now Aljazeera English has a good report on it, tracking reports that go back to 2003. Sometimes they would let them put headphones one and tie them into a chair making them listen to loud music. Aljazeera interviewed a former guard who cites rock music being used to bug prisoners. Sometimes, they would play two different songs at the same time an dyes, they are English songs.

Christopher Cerf, creator of the children’s program The Electric Company and an award-winning composer who produced the theme song to Sesame Street, told a reporter recently that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “perverted” his music “to serve evil” by using his most famous composition to torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.
Documents made public in 2010 revealed that ten specific torture techniques wererecommended by Bush administration attorneys, although the CIA had proposed 12. Among those rejected were mock burials and prolonged diapering, but among the legal tactics, loud music, threatening prisoners with power drills or guns, physical abuse, simulated drowning and sensory deprivation were all commonly deployed.
In a documentary aired Wednesday, Al Jazeera World
Aljazeera World Songs of War


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