Wednesday, December 31, 2014

UTN1 Band Just Released A Modern-Day Iraqi Classic Hit Song

Out friends at the Iraqi rock/pop band just released a new music video for their new Iraqi hit. Guitar is the flavor you will remember the most. These guys managed to make what I would call modern-day Iraqi classic. A song that feels old, a song that feels like a remake from the 30s, but it's not. It's a completely new song, they putt he music and one of their buddies crafted the lyrics.

The band has moved to the States and Sweden, but they still get together for concerts and new songs. Filmed in DC and Virginia, this song will linger around in our memory as we remember Iraqi songs like this survive the noise. I can see this song being chosen for Star Academy or Arab Idol. This song feels familiar to one's heart.

I did hear this song early on this year and I recall, how excited I was. When the song was officially released, the fans loved it and a number of radio stations in the States and the Middle East just ran with it. This is a nice comeback song from a band that wants to stand from the pack and sing music about the motherland and the loves ones over there.

I am reminded by the music of the likes of Ilham Madfai and such artists who do music fusion without losing that distinct Iraqi vibe loved by the Arab folks and appreciated by Westerners. UTN1 does it here and one cannot help but ask for more.

UTN1 - Music Video Mur Biyya 2015 / يو تى ان وان -فيديو كليب مر بيه

Where Has Ayman Zbib Gone? Maybe in 2015

Two years ago the Arab world seemed not to get enough of the smiling pop star Ayman Zbib. I hardly heard anything from him or about him in 2014. No idea what he has been up to, maybe he is not as active as he used to be. I swear back then it seems that every other week, he had a concert, he would always be in Dubai singing. I did hear that he had a single in 2014.

But the single seemed to have been also sang by Ziad Bourji. Ziad had a dispute with the lyricists who gave the song to Ayman, but then Ziad decided not to collaborate with the lyricist so he asked Ayman for the rights, Ayman did, but then he still had the same song with a different title. I would love to hear more of his songs this Ayman. He is packed with charm and reasonable romance. He is promising a new album and a music video. So stay tuned!   

Ayman Zbib ... Kel El Omer | أيمن زبيب ... كل العمر

اغنية ايمن زبيب - خاين 2014 | النسخة الاصلية

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Egypt's Fun Voice Semsem Shehab Meets The Country's Official Belly Dancer

Semsem Shehab may not be a name casual listener of Arabic music would know, you must know a lot more about Egyptian pop to recognize the name. He is the voice of the streets, the one who sings for the people who are broke. He sings for the people that never made it and never will. He tends to sing "I got The Shaft" style songs.

Life screws so many people, and they need to know that's ok. Semsem often sings while a belly dancer moves around, he is seen most recently in a movie where he sings and Dina dances. He has made an appearance in a number of movies, and his fans like it this way. The kind of movies where Semsem is one of half a dozen singer and dancers who sing during the course of the movie.

He is a voice to know, but outside of Egypt he has not made a name for himself--maybe in Libya and Sudan. But he must try to do something new, bold and fresh to get out of town.

حصريأ اغنية سمسم شهاب لقمة العيش من فيلم عيش البلبل كاملة نسخة جديدة

The Mandatory Happy New Year Song Sana Saeeda - Dolly Shahine سنة سعيدة - دوللى شاهين

The Lebanese Brazilian Egyptian entertainer is surging ahead in 2014 and marching into 2015 with a hot new single for the new year. The song wishes you a Happy New Year in style, from this popular and fashion-forward diva.

She seems truly excited for the new year and she is all hopes for the coming year. It's a love song and it feels like a foreign track with the live band and she has so many prayers for this 2015. I think it's good to be positive.

Still Dolly thinks she can sing in foreign languages. I like the background and that band gets to be seen, it seems like a festive time. Not sure what to make of the unnecessary darkening of the skin. I think Dolly is going through a phase, she seems to fear aging and compensating for that be revealing more skin.  

Sana Saeeda - Dolly Shahine سنة سعيدة - دوللى شاهين

Baby Jesus And My Arabic Christmas With Magida El Roumi

This album will be releasing soon or later this year as as Christmas season approaches us, the teasers of Magida El Romui upcoming project is making a lot of people happy for this time of year. This album makes no apologies, it jumps right into he Christmas spirit and the story of Christ takes cent er stage. They have made vague albums before about Christmas this is a first rate album. This album came as a surprise form this Lebanese diva whose voice has always kept our hearts warm.

Magida does her Christmas album, and this way she joins the likes of Fayrouz whose Chrismas album remains the go to for this time of the year. Magida makes you feel like you are sitting in intimate chair, by the fireplace, and thinking about what you believe in. A cozy album form a lady that just about every Arab who has ever listening to a song, like her

ماجدة الرومي - مين اللي طل

ماجدة الرومي - سهرة عيد

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Merry Egyptian Christmas (Video) كان يا مكان كريسماس

Here's a Christmas video by an Alexandria (Egypt) based studio who wanted to wish the world a Merry Christmas. While the studio makes so many songs, and shoots music videos, they took special pride in this production that brought a range of elements into play.

The song choice went with Once Upon A Time At Christmas. It combines Arabic and English verses. I like the hip El Refak choir and trendy outfits. It's a sprit filled song with a number of styles, it combines the religious and the commercial aspects of this holiday.

This is an incredible production that lives up to the hype. Keep on mind the Christmas day may be different in some Christina dominations. I like the little kids who get to sing and have fun.   

El Refak Choir - كان يا مكان كريسماس - Once Upon A Time At Christmas

Saudi Gem Esmail Mubarak Will Sweep You Off Your Feet (Video)

For a Saudi to make it big in music they have to get everything right. A song with lyrics that add to the conversation, smooth music, and a modest music video. Esmail Mubarak had it right in "Shooq", the song that went viral the moment it was released. The song ranked fifth amont most watched Arabic song in 2014, at 1,162,636 views. The youngsters in Saudi Arabia found a star to call him their own.

They headed to Google to find this song and play its romantic style time after time. The song moved outside Saudi Arabia, into the Gulf and later to MBC radio. Esmail Mubarak  did take part of a local singing scout program where he won second place, but this song puts him back on top. Esmail still composes music to other artists and poets. He is also recording new works and releasing them in time.

His breakout song is about yearning to the loved one in such a classy manner that makes it criminal not to appreciate the slick ways of the young charming artist from Saudi Arabia.

#اسماعيل_ مبارك (شوق) - Esmail Mubarak (Shooq

Shatha Hassoun Goes Soft For "Amout Aliek" شذى حسون ... أموت عليك - فيديو كليب

The Saudi music company Rotana loves Iraqi-Moroccan songstress Shatha Hassoun. She is prolific, active, and sells well in more than one Arab region. Not to forget her versatile styles and fan base. She sells as well in Iraq as in Morocco, Dubai hearts her, and Lebanese find her super talented. She does have a link to more than on Arab country so she can connect with them on personal levels. She goes where Iraqi diaspora go, which means pretty much anywhere in the Arab world.  

Of course her talent is huge and people find her quite amusing. This is why she makes making albums and music videos more frequently than her peers. See her in the latest romance gem where she appearances in few looks and hair styles. She is going for dreamy and longing to be loved. The song is a departure from her last few songs. Much slower and softer.

Shatha Hassoun ... Amout Aliek - Video Clip | شذى حسون ... أموت عليك - فيديو كليب

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yasmena Brings Back Om Kalthoum And Sets Arabs Got Talent On Fire! (Video)

She is not even sweet 16, but she has already turned up the sweetness and excitement for Arabs Got Talent. Many who comes with big dreams to such talent scouting programs, but Yasmena will leave an impression wherever she ends.

The four judges were her biggest fans when they heard her sing, some of them were moved to tears as they saw this young woman do an impressive cover of the lady Oum Kalthoum. Yes, the iconic Egyptian music legend. She was a bit overwhelmed with the moment, but as soon as she got into the element, she was flying and she was joined by the judges.

She did sing more than one song and each time, she dazzled them and blew their minds away. And she was moved ahead of the pack and boy did she advance. It's not that she does a great job, she is like she is that late legend in the flesh. It's nuts how good she sounds, for her tender age, she has a perfect impersonation and performance of the one and the only. Those vocal muscles are wrapped in gold. You see this lady, she is going to make millions happy.

Arabs Got Talent - ياسمينا - مصر

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Essensial Eighties With Hamid Al Shaery--The Man Who Rocked These Years

He first started with his guitar, then he went to the keyboard and got Arabs to dance to his beat. He was the fixer, the guy you go to to make any song you had cool. He made those slow an mellow songs to upbeat hits, that got you excited to play such cassettes in the car. If a star was big in the eighties and early nighties, know that the Libyan Hamid Al Shaery worked with him or her.

He also produced records for new comers and help make them stars, see him this time grab his guitar and sing in this retro music video--it feels like a Gypsy Kings settings. It's a good song but it's not meant to get you to the dance floor, it's a soothing song.

Luckily, Hamid is still around singing records and producing new music at his studio and his radio--one of the most popular in Egypt and in Libya. Let's see how many pop stars you can spot in this music video--I think I see Ehab Tawfik and Mostfa Amar.

حميد الشاعري - عودة

Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Music Video By @marwanasr Asks Us Not To Kill Those Who Cheat On You

That's a sobering message, if someone cheats on you do not kill this should go without saying. But in some parts of the world, some think murder in those cases is justified. At some instants the law even can explain such crimes....crime of passion/honor...etc. It's a bunch of men making laws to shield themselves from doing stupid things.

In the process someone loses their lives so the ego of the man remains intact. This might not be a song to my taste, but I love the message Marwa Nasr is spreading, do not kill them, let your abandonment do that. Too bad, the song's message got muddled with accusations of Marwa wearing a head cover that looked like the religious veil. She denies those charges. I like the filming style and the coloring, it's something different and it feels creative.

Marwa's album landed well and it offered a verity of songs mostly happy, funny or dark. This is the grim one. Heartache sucks, but people should not lose their lives for silly mistakes.

Marwa Nasr - Mosh Nadmana (Music Video) | (مروة نصر - مش ندمانة (فيديو كليب

From "Ahsan Halaty" Album
Lyrics by Gamal El Khouly - كلمات: جمال الخولي
Composed by Sherif Badr - ألحان: شريف بدر
Arrangement by Ahmed Abdel Salam - توزيع: أحمد عبد السلام
Mix by Mostafa Raouf - ميكس: مصطفي رؤوف
Digital Master by Khaled Raouf - ديجيتال ماستر: خالد رؤوف
Post Production by Reality
Edit by Amr El Sheshtawy
Color Grading by Ahmed El Sheshtawy
Photographed by Jakob Lambaz (Fawda)
Web/Social Media Management by Ultimade®
Directed by Jakob Lambaz
Distributed by EWE / توزيع شركة إي دبليو إي
Produced by MR / انتاج شركة ميوزك ريكورد

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shatha Hassoun's Butt Had The Biggest Year! @ShathaHassoun شذى حسون ... أموت عليك

Iraqi Moroccan hybrid Shatha Hassoun returns with a music video where she is pulling a class act. The black dress whose class, but whoever shot that music video has none. The promo is all about the butt....No I was not staring, it's in focus.

I like Shatha Hassoun's music, not sure if I like her personality and her clashes. She is a hard-working artist who does not quit and travels worlds to make better music. We have to wait for the music video, but the promo shows nothing but mostly the artists backside.

I know recession in the music industry leads to artists trying different things. Here's Shatha Hassoun's moment to shine.

Shatha Hassoun ... Amout Aleik - VC Teaser | شذى حسون ... أموت عليك - برومو الكليب

Arab Idol Runner Up Ziad Khoury On Pursuing His Father's Dream

I have no idea that the young charmer and runner up on Arab Idol comes from a musical family. In the video interview you hear him talk about his father who quit the music industry years ago, only to have his dreams continued and brought to life by his own son Ziad Khoury.

Ziad just released his debut song and music video, it was pretty nice and a great start for a guy who seems like a nice guy and has no enemies Get to know him a bit and see how he talk about his work and his fans. The interviewer seems to like him and that shows as they exchange words.

I like Ziad when he talked about his family history and when his father tried to appear on a singing competition during the Lebanon's civil war. But after releasing two single, he quit the music scene and traveled to work in Saudi Arabia.

Zaid Khoury | Special Interview زياد خوري | مقابلة خاصة أبي فنان معتزل وأحقق حلمه اليوم

Nostalgia! This Was Beirut International Award Festival (BIAF) 2013

Entertainers like to be seen, they even create  award events and ceremonies so that they can feel good about their choice of career. BIAF takes place in Lebanon each year, the best Arab talents from music, TV, publication, movies and other professions gather to celebrate one another. Of course, they dress like a million dollar and chase cameras to give interviews and statements....

This is Beirut International Award Festival, an award ceremony that dubs itself as a place where distinguished personalities and figures that have had a special and unique mark in communities and fields all over the world. The committee of BIAF is selected from all disciplines, and that is done for the important purpose of collecting and merging those individuals' significant experiences in their respective fields. The goal of this committee is to honor people who deserve special recognition, and to shed light on their career, history and heritage. This superior committee represents a large segment of people seeking to honor the best.

While the event is Lebanon focused, but a large group of Arab entertainers also attend, I spotted Tunisian Latifa and Lutfi Bouchnaq,, and Emarti Hussein Jassmi and Egyptian Ezzat El Alayly, Yosra. Too bad Arab scientist cannot be this cool. I do not see any non-Arabs turning out for this supposedly international event

Official site

إيلاف في كواليس مهرجان BIAF 2013 لتكريم المبدعين

This Palestinian Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Here's Hiba Tawaji messing around with a piano and her pal Oussama wishing all of us a Merry Christmas from Lebanon. These Lebanese artists do celebrate the season and billions around the world join them in celebration.

I like to wish you a Merry Christmas, as a Palestinian where it all began, this is a special occasion for many of us Palestinians Muslims and Christians are united to fight back against the occupation and hold tight to the land where Jesus Christ once lived and preached.

Hiba Tawaji - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Listen: Oumina Mohamad – Tara Azaal Minnak – أميمة محمود – ترى أزعل منك

This is a very loud song from a lady who is really hard to find, she has a pleasing voice, a bubbly character radiates from this song. The new single from Oumima Mohammad is a sure dance song, I know the Gulf will find it special.

I do not get how these young stars are revealing more and more of their physical attributes when they are aiming to be singing with their voices. Have you seen the hit-makers in 50s? and 60s? Looks is not what hey are known for, but now if you do not look good, you do not sell well.  

I mean we like good looking people, but the voice is what should have more weight not how they look in a swimsuit.

امنية ترى ازعل منك oumnia tara az3al mink

Random! Mai Kassab To Marry Sha'abi Singer Oka (Wedding Soon)

I think the internet went crazy for this news item. It's a random news story, but who are we to judge. The beloved entertainer Mai Kassab is set to wed Oka, the famous guy from Mahrganat parties. The duo have shared the screen at least twice on films. And what started as friendship has moved into a full-fledged courtship and now news on marriage.

I think most people could not get their heads wrapped around the idea of one of the good girls marrying Oka, the guy whose fame is well-known among the youth and fans of auto-tune music. He is the headliner and the main drive behind many dance parties in Egypt. But this is not why the fans are surprised by this news. There is at least ten years of age difference whereas Mai is 10 years older than Oka.

Mai Kassan did actually study music and has performed in the House of Opera. Oka dropped out of school, so he does not have the education. But Oka is a popular hit-maker inside Egypt and he makes money.

In the Arab world this is almost unheard of. Sure, it happened in the past, but this time it happens when we have social media and lots of opinions. If the news of wedding are true I say good fro them. They never care if the guy was older, but they raise hell if the lady was a big older than the groom.

اغنية انا باربي من فيلم 8% اوكا و اورتيجا وشحته و مي كساب فيلم العيد


New Gulf Unity Song! The Ruling Family in #Dubai Has A New Song @7sainaljassmi

Prince Moe wrote so many poems, and so many of them poems have been turned into hit songs. Why not when the ruler of Dubai makes it rain. Folks like to sing whatever he jots on paper because he rewards people financially. Though he is a clever guy with charisma that many Arabs come to respect him for what he has turned Dubai into.

This is why one of the UAE's biggest entertainers Hussien Jasmi took one of these poems and worked it into a song. He wrote the music and sang it in celebration. The song is a ban Gulf song where each of these countries are sang praised. About the Gulf unity--they are passed the Arab unity thing and focused on their own back years. If you have been following the news the Gulf countries have made nice and Qatar is now one of the cool kids. Saudi Arabia made the deal and the UAE is no longer saying and doing stupid things--at least not in public.

Note that these countries are fighting each other not at home, but in places like Libya, Egypt and Syria. Where sometimes they have bombed one group that's affiliated with another country. Either way, they kill other Arabs.

حسين الجسمي - الدار للدار (النسخة الأصلية) | 2014


Monday, December 22, 2014

Deal With It! The Next Muslim Rock Star Is Harris J

Harris J is who might be the next Muslim Rock Star, he's got the Justin Bieber thing going for him, and now the London native signed up with Awakening Records. His father is Irish Indian, mother has more colorful background. Harris might just give One Direction a run for their money, he has many years to get to where they have already accomplished. He comes from London, and so do they

Young kids have always been a welcomed voice in Islamic music, they use them for their naturally soft voices and energy. He won the Talent Contest and now you see him working on a new album where he will call on all the young Muslims to be good by doing good. I think he is up to a good start and we may have us a positive role model.

Aside form making music, he recites the Koran very well, and his voice sounds near perfect.

Harris J - Awakening Talent Contest Winner #AwakeningStar

Listen: Loai Returns To Making Music "Aayeshha" #Comeback عايشها - لؤى

Loai has not released an album since 2006 and he has not had a big hit since 2002, but he is still making music when he is legally able to. Loaid has been locked in a battle with a production company that has yet to release his album. Loai is not allowing them to release the album until they meet their contractual obligations. So he parted away from that company and joined another company to make a new album with them.

This is a first to me, Loai has two albums ready to go, and nothing out yet. Mazzika will release his new album but Pyramedia is unable to publish his other album. Luckily, the upcoming album has a song that we already have. It's below and if you wonder, if it was worth the wait? I do not know if I can answer that.

I like his sound here, and it feels like the song has a texture. We miss that side of Loai, I think he deserved a better melody for his comeback song. Loai is one of those gifted performers who have been buried due to circumstances. He did have a number of singles that brighten one's day. This new track "Living it" hits all the right notes and   

Aayeshha - Loai عايشها - لؤى

WATCH: Ayam We Ayshaha - Asma Refai ايام وعيشاها - اسما رفاعى @asma_refai

Ladies of pop have it tough, there way too many of them, which makes it harder to stand out, find decent songs, and make money. Guys have it tough, but they seem to have no trouble entering the business world through their fame. Sadly, most female pop artists settle for a husband and then disappear.

With that in mind, here's Asma Refaei with a new single about nostalgia and the lives we lead. It's a dark song after the storm feel when one feels alone and abandoned. The song got to air on Mazzika, which means more people will see it, but not clear if this is an amazing thing anymore. The music video is about having it all and all of sudden it's all gone.

Ayam We Ayshaha - Asma Refai ايام وعيشاها - اسما رفاعى

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Women Can Have It All, Amal Maher As an Example

I like the voice of Amal Maher, in fact she is one of the finest voices in Egyptian pop that's becasue she did not get into it to be popular, she shot to fame years ago with her covers of oldie songs that we know too well. It took her years to sing her own songs, and this is why she has done it right, the Gulf adores her and keep asking her to sing for them in private functions and public. Egypt is crazy about her and her success of three years with the release of her second album were hard to ignore. And yes the mogul of Beruit love to have her on their shows--she just owned on Star Academy few days ago.

Amal Maher is now working on another album project, this would be a touch one as the last album from her was so perfect it makes making another great album an ever harder job. But Amal Maher has the IQ, the connections and the friends who will make sure she make all the right calls. And once again, she has time on her side--she can take all the time in the world. Summer of 2013 she came to sing for Egypt and its people--she did not seem partisan.

She demonstrated that it's possible to make good art and be commercially successful. She did the emotional, dramatic, romantic and upbeat dance songs--all without missing a heartbeat. She performed every song like it's a title song she does not rush and takes as many takes as it needs. And aside form the show businesses, she seems to be a loving mother and happily married.

Mesana Le Sana - photo - Amal Maher م السنه للسنه - صور - امال ماهر

اغنية امال ماهر - مكانك مش هنا | النسخة الاصلية | روعة

امال ماهر وزينب اسامة - البرايم 11 من ستار اكاديمي 9

Friday, December 19, 2014

Amr Mostafa Stole This Song! Here's How His Hit Song Is A Fraud (Video)

Panjabi Mc did have a good hit that traveled the world and was a dance favorite for about 12 months. An Egyptian hack composer took notice. So he ripped the song and broke down the melody, the notes, and rhythm. He took the song and reversed it, put some affects on it and boom, you have a proceed hit song in disguise.

It was a hit song used by the anti-democracy crowd in Egypt to celebrate yet another dictator to rule them all. They hired a UAE artist Hussien Jasmi to sing it for them, and a popular hack lyrics Ayman Bahgat Amar wrote the lyrics to the melody. And the trio won awards, and bragged about having worked on the most successful pop his in 2014.  
Unluckily for them, the internet showed us that the trio is a fraud. See the video below it will walk you through it and show you how this song was stolen from the Panjabi Mc. It makes it worse that this song was used to urge people to vote for Sisi--the tiny yet sneaky man who wanted to be president. But it should be no surprise that he too stole the presidency from a guy who now sits in a prison cell for no fault of his own.    

حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير | 2014 وفضيحة عمرو مصطفى (النسخة المسروقه) من Panjabi Mc

Scandal! More Naked Dresses On CBC Star Academy By @myriamfares

It has to be a record setting season for Star Academy. This is the third performance where the artist sports a questionable wardrobe. Sure many among us secretly admire such high and transparent fashion. Haifa Started the naked and revealing dresses that left little to the imagination. Then Maya Diab refused to be upstaged so she did wear a short dress and a head cove that looked like a Hijab. Naturally people were confused.

Now enter the stage Myraim Faris who appeared on the show and she chose two dresses, both were showing more of her body in a statement. The darker dress seems to reveal her bra. I guess this might be some marketing strategy, had she not wore these outfits, about ten outlets would talk about her appearance, but with the dress about a thousand would write up stories about her performance. Now, I like the songs she performed, but I think those ladies are breaking stereotypes and changing things up. I really no longer able to tell if this is an Arab TV or a Western one, it's like we have lost out soul to be unique.

At first the show and the network apologized about the naked dresses worn by Haifa, then now they did not brother to comment on this latest assault on entertainment geared toward young should and families.     

كيفك انت ميريام فارس ومينا عطا في البرايم 15 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Myriam & Mina

بزمتك ميريام فارس في البرايم 15 من ستار اكاديمي 10 - Myriam Fares Star Academy 10 Prime 15

WATCH: Qatar 2015 Official Anthem "Live It" Handball- "أغنية قطر 2015 الرسمية "عيشها

I guess Qatar is hosting the world's championship for handball and many folks are excited about this big sporting event. Qatar is gearing up for the world cup in  few years, but they are doing smaller events to test the water. This explains this new song, a global hit song led by few singers from around the world. It breaks in English and then you get the idea.

This is how you do a sporting event song, not that Assaf 360 world cup song. This is a true celebration and I like the traditional Qatari hand drum that tells a story. I am in love with Arabic portion of the son g where half a dozen bright and young singers participate. Note, how the construction workers are also featured. And the Qatarti singer leads the Arab pack and he sings for Doha.

I wish they would use other languages beside English and Arabic. This is a cool party song where the production has been the work of Egyptian producer Hassan El Shafie. Egypt will be competing for the 2015 tournament. We will see them play along with other teams in January 15th 2015 along with 24 other countries.

The song does not fail to give you a quick tour of what Doha has in store for the guests. The flags on the drums is a nice finish.    

Qatar 2015 Official Anthem "Live It" - "أغنية قطر 2015 الرسمية "عيشها

Is Lara Scandar, The Arab Answer to Taylor Swift? @LaraCScandar #Lovebirds

She is young, she is popular, and she makes hit songs in English that the Arab youth find entertaining. I do realize that both artists are Americans--Lara is from California. I could not help the comparison as I heard Lara's latest song Lovebird.

Lara's songs do tell stories, love stories and memories when one is first at love. I like when Lara does Arabic songs, but most of her adoring fans, like her English songs too. I am not sure if I am ready for English pop coming from Arab artists yet. But overall Lara is finding her voice and she writes some of her songs, she has good mentors in both Lebanon and Egypt.

Lovebirds is hardly her first song in English, in face, Lara started singing English before Arabic and this is how most her fans know her from Star Academy. Maybe too she can be a global hit-maker whose music comes to define a generation. She has all the right ingredients. Have a good Friday.

. Lara Scandar - Lovebirds

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Listen, Hussain Al Jassmi Best Song To Date حسين الجسمي ما نسينا جديد

Love songs are central to pop music. Try putting your heart’s desires on paper — and then singing them out loud. Hussien Jasmi just recorded a song that made me realize that love is better when you’re young. That’s when you can enjoy it freely, without all the adult complications

Whenever you write about someone you’re close to, you can’t help but be nervous about it. Hussein seems to have been experimenting with combining singing styles. You can hear how he matched three singing styles. We couldn't stop listening to that, and we wanted to write one as good that had the same kind of yearning.

Barry hit the melody first and I put together two verses and the chorus, his new single Ma Nissena is a hit because it is about vulnerability, turmoil and how ordinary people risk everything for love. Ma Nissena is the kind of song that always moves me because it’s so close to me. It’s such a heartbreaking song and there still so much love in it. It’s about loving each other but not being able to live together.”

Some may consider his pro Egyptian army song and anti democracy track as his best work yet. I do not see the song having a lasting impact.

حسين الجسمي ما نسينا 2013 جديد

حسين الجسمي ما نسينا 2013 جديد

Afaf Radi, The Unforgettable Seventies Diva عفاف راضى

One of the most beautiful Egyptian voices is Afaf Radi who came to Cairo to take part of children TV programming and began to make a name for herself in the late sixties and early seventies. She does romantic songs, and children songs like it's nobody's business. She can do that kiddie voice that the little ones and she can pull off the dreamy teenager love voice so well.

Afaf studied the piano at tend years old and graduate with a BS with excellence when she was 18 years old. She did not stop there, she went for a Masters and later a PhD from the art institute in Egypt. She did a number of plays and theater, and one movie. Her movie was son many songs, she co-starred Mahmoud Yaseen in "Moled Ya Donia" One of her many memorable songs is "Egypt is My Mother".

I think of her as the alternative Soaud Hosny, they shares a lot of talents, but what you will notice they both pull the cheeky girl so very well. Afaf also sang for Palestine a number of songs "Jerusalem Will Not Fall" and "Akko--Acre Is My Home" Most of the children songs she sang where written by poet Sayed Hijab and the music is for the late Ammra Sharie. The icing on the cake was her starring on lone TV drama, where she co-starred with one of Egypt's finest composers Baligh Hamdi

عفاف راضى ( قالى تعالى ) - من روائع عمار الشريعى.

عفاف راضى - مصر هي أمي - النسخة الأصلية

R A S M A L A T عفاف راضي ردّوا السلام
عفاف راضي هم النم

الفنانة عفاف راضى ( راح وقالو راح ) - حفل نادر - جودة عالية

من أغنيتها ردوا السلام، وحدى قاعدة في البيت، هو يا هوا، عطاشى، النبى تبسم، تعالى جنبى، لحن لها كبار الملحنين مثل بليغ حمدي ظهرت في اواخر الستينات في حفلات أضواء المدينةومثلت في فيلم مولد يا دنيا مع محمود ياسين ومحيي إسماعيل من أشهر أغانيها بتسأل يا حبيبي -مصر هي أمي-ابعد يا حب-المولد-بستان من الفرح-تساهيل-تعالى جنبي جرحتني عيونة السودا-حبيتك-راح وقالوا راح-ردواالسلام-سلم سلم-طير يا حمام الدوح عشاق الليل-عطاشي-عوج الطاقية-قال لى تعالى-قضينا الليالى-كله في المواني-لمين يا قمر هو الطريق هواه-هوا يا هوا-والنبي ده حرام-وعدى ع الغربه-ولما بيهل المسا-يا وابور الساعة 12-يلا يا دنيا-يمكن علي باله-يهديك

WATCH: Two Tone feat Rhany - Mektab / Destiny

Enjoy this song with two bros singing  for your pleasures Two Tone accompanied by Rahany filmed a music video in the Gulf city of Dubai. It feels like a music video filmed in Hollywood. They are singing in English and Algerian and hoping you would notice.

I do not hate this song, I am just much into American rap / R&B music like Arabs are. This is an interesting combination. Two Tone is a Moroccan (via the Netherland) artist working in Dubai. I wish him well and hope he finds his strength.
Two Tone feat Rhany - Mektab / Destiny (THE MAKING OF)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lebanese Yara Chases The Gulf Money! She Was GREAT

Yara started off his career in 2005 promising something different, focus on good music and lyrics, she also made a point of puking fun of the fashion show singers. Then four years later, she made her career about money and making it. Of course, she went to the Gulf, released a beautifully created album in the local dialect. Then she got to judge some singing show for the people of the Gulf, and thee wedding concerts came.

In very short years, she has released nothing exciting for her broad audience, and she seems to only sing for the Gulf now. It's not selling out, because this is her job....but disappointing it's indeed. Yara is making a new song and a music video as well. She still has the voice, we all love, the warm persona and the conservative dressed songstress. But she is not making music for her early fans--maybe that thee fans are not paying the bills for the fancy lifestyle Yara enjoys.      

Update, when I wrote this, she had not yet released her Lebanese pop album, she really made a great album in every sense that showed us she still has it. You just do not get sick of the album. It's lyrcis, music and production keep it interesting and upbeat.

Yara - Making Of يارا في تصوير كليب أجيك و لا تجيني مع المخرج فادي حداد

مشهد حصري من كليب يارا لأغنية "أجيك"

Haifa Kamal: The Palestinian Mathematician Who Rocks

Alaa Wardi is moving away slowly from doing cover songs with the human beat box he has become. The viral guy who makes so many cool hit videos and songs in so many languages is now getting into the musician chair. See the song that he composed and produced for Haifa Kamal. She is a Palestinian artist whose comfort zone are in folk, pop and Arabic vocals. She is a citizen of Jordan

An indie song that brings warmth to this cold season. She could that thanks to her heavenly voice that makes the cold go away.

As for the artist, she has a degree in match and a bachelor in music/Arabic singing.
 Haifa is a professional actress, as she starred many Jordanian theatre plays, and played the role of Palestinian Poet Fadwa Tuqan in a T.V series about the unforgettable poet.

Haifa has performed as a solo vocalist with many professional Musical groups and orchestras locally and internationally, such as Baladna (Kamal Khalil) , Rum (Tareq Al Nasser),Razz (Aziz Maraka), National music conservatory orchestra, Amman Symphonita, Amman Arabic string Quartet, and many others.

 She represented Jordan as a professional singer and actress in different countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Cyprus and Scotland. Haifa is one of the main vocalists in the Jordanian Female musical group NAYA.

Haifa Kamal - Denya (Music by Alaa Wardi)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Rejects DNA Test Becuase He Is The Father Of Zeina's Twins!

Zeina and Ahmed Ezz made headlines when they met for the first time since her return from the US with twins and claims that Ezz is the father of her children. Zeina also claims to have married the actor in secret before heading to the US for their honeymoon!

An Egyptian judge ordered the playboy Ahmed Ezz and deadbeat father to take the DNA test. Ezz can make all those things go away if he took the test. He claims innocence and that Zeina is not his wife. Which makes him not the father of the twins. Now, if he is right why would not he take the DNA test.

He did fail to go to the clinic to take the test, Zeina and her beautiful twins did go and took the test, now Ahmed Ezz rejects to do the same. Instead this jerk is now changing the conversation, one time though his attorney he says "I will only take the test in the United States", he is asking the court to let him travel to the States to take the test. And he is now suggesting that he wants to take a peek at Zeina's medical records while she was in the States. He is also now saying who paid for all her fees while she was in the States? He is saying that she did not have enough money to begin with, so there must be another guy paying for it?

What a class a$#hole this guy. So deep down he knows he is the father--why else he would say not to the DNA. But since this is Egypt, he might restore to tradition of character assassination. Hires some guy to go on TV and tell folks he is the father and then submit a fake DNA and boom, justice has been served.  

Let's see of the justice system in Egypt takes this seriously and forces Ahmed Ezz to take the test. this way we will know for squire. No matter how long this takes, Ahmed Ezz will be shown to be a lair, and a person with little integrity. He could have avoided all this by doing the right thing, which is either say yes, they are my kids or just take the DNA test right away.  

The Ridiculous Cumin Song By Shakira. When Sexy Goes Wrong

spices are back in season and this is why a singer with the name Shakira picked cumin to sing honor with her latest song. It's a high school song fashioned after sexed up high schools outfits. It's a ridiculous song meant to entertain the sleazy guy. I have no idea what to make of this assault on art.

Watching this music video is like being artistically raped by the folks who brought the song to life. I am sorry for this young women's family they have to go through this. A sad song for people with low self-esteem. She calls herself a cat and dances suggestively and puts on a sex show that lacks class or to be blunt morals.

I do not know who will find this song entertaining, it's just a terrible no good song and that's without seeing the music video that makes it so much worse. Keep on mind people use cumin to avoid becoming gassy, and this is the feeling you get from the dancers.  

El Kamoun - Shakira الكمون - شاكيرا

Monday, December 15, 2014

Her Best Song! Najwa Karam - 3al Sakhra / نجوى كرم - عالصخرة

Najwa Karam returned with a Christmas gift to all her fans, a new single about love founded on a bedrock and love founded on sand. She is as passionate as hell, and as loud as they come. She rocks out in this track with so much firepower. She sounds like her best 90s songs.

Najwa Karam has broke records again, as this single has so many viewership, it's a stunning outcome to a great song. Najwa will be back on the judge chair on Arabs Got Talent in few days, so we await her return to the small screen. 3al Sakhra is about love, when you give and the other person does not give as much. The track allows for Najwa to show off her best attributes and she takes advantage of the song as a vehicle.

This is a dark song with a dance beat and it really lands well. It shows that Najwa Karam is not just a diva but a songstress made off legendary stuff.

Najwa Karam - 3al Sakhra (Official Lyric Video) / نجوى كرم - عالصخرة

The Arab Idol Winner Hazim Sharif Unites Syria And Ditches Politics

Syrian Hazim Sharif won Arab Idol on Saturday, calling it “a dream” and choosing not to make the moment a political one.

The 21-year-old Syrian — the favorite to win the popular contest — beat a Saudi and Palestinian to take the third Arab Idol title in a show broadcast on MBC pan-Arab TV channel.

After a moment of tension, fear and tears, when Sharif’s name was called he kneeled on the ground, thanking God for what he described a dream come true, while the audience burst in joy. The young man was smart enough to avoid getting in trouble for wearing one flag or another. As Syria has two flags right now, the official one which is in the pro Assad camp, and the revolution flag that stands with the oppositions. So when Hazim found out he won the title, he ditched the flag.

He is a good looking guy who has a serious talent. See the presser with the judges, the head of the MBC and the young winner. There is so much energy in the room and so much shouting. This conference got into the wrong start when it became about how cool Nancy Ajram is. I think she should've celebrated the young man.

He is a soft-spoken young man who showed so much diplomacy. He faults MBC and policies of Arab Idol. Now MBC is revealing that they are not allowing the flags. A cop out. He sings for all Syrians, all of them.

حازم شريف: لا أريد لفنّي أن يتعلّق بالسياسة

The Intersting History Of Legendary Egyptain Singer Mohamed Abed El Motteleb

Back at his prime, the classically trained Arabic singers in Egypt, mocked him, and some even went as far as calling him "the donkey of the radio" but the joke was on them. The name stuck around and now he is one of the most beloved and celebrated voices whose music lands in people's hearts--more people from all walks of life.

This is Mohamed Abed El Motteleb, the boy from El Giza Egypt who memorized the Muslim holy book and after listening to too many music records at the local cafes, he made it as a backup singer in Abdel Wahab band--the biggest band at that time. Then he went solo from Badee'a Massabny band, later he did a play for Egypt, and starred in a number of movies. Under his name, you will find about a thousand song.  

His first hit song was in the thirties of the 19 hundred, and he passed away on August 21, 1980. And yest most Arabs know his love songs as well as his moved iconic song, that Ramadan song.

محمد عبد المطلب - ما بيسـألش عليـا أبــداً

اسأل مرة عليا,محمد عبدالمطلب

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Syrian Hazem Shareef Wins Arab Idol Declines To Wear Flag

Syria’s Hazem Sharif was crowned on Saturday Arab Idol 2014, the most watched show in the Middle East, beating off his two rivals Palestinian Haitham Khalailah and Majid Al Madani from Saudi Arabia.  He came from the war battle-ravaged city of Aleppo won the annual "Arab Idol" singing contest late on Saturday, then prayed to God to end calamities in his country.

Hazim Sharif steered clear of specific political references in interviews and Facebook messages after his victory, which was broadcast to millions of viewers across the Middle East. In the government-held capital Damascus, people celebrated in restaurants and waved the Syrian national flag in the streets.

Judges Ahlam, from the United Arab Emirates, Lebanese singers Nancy Ajram and Wael Kfouri and Hassan Al Shafe’ei, an Egyptian music production expert, all cheered as Sharif accepted the award, the third to be given since the popular contest came to television screens in 2011.

On Friday, the contestants sang one last time at the Beirut studio staging the MBC program, scrambling for votes from audiences across the region.

In the latest finale, the winner -- Hazem Shareef of Syria -- broke with the trend and refused to carry his country's flag in his victory celebration.

Shareef wins 250,000 Saudi riyals ($66,000) in cash and a contract with Platinum Records for three singles and a video clip. A trip to the Seychelles courtesy of Emirates airline rounds off the prize.

Arab Idol - حازم شريف - يا طيرة طيري - الحلقات المباشرة

Issam El Moudni Left Arab Idol, But Not Our Collective Memories (Video)

From the West side of Arabia he came to Arab Idol with hopes and dreams, Ezzam Muzny did make an impression on the show. The Moroccan young singer did have so many friends and fans, his renditions of beloved songs were captivating, but at the end he did not have enough votes to stick around.

But his songs will be out there, no matter what he choses to do next, Essam has this videos to look back at. From the city of Tanja he came to reach for the stars. The video gamer and aspiring artist came to be likened by the UAE native Hussien Al Jasmi.

Essam doesn't like red, and prefers black. He seems like your average big boned young soul, a sense of humor, a baby face, and a never give up mantra. See him do his bit and enjoy his minutes of fame.

عصام الموذني - يا عسل - الحلقات المباشرة - Arab Idol

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hany Shaker Should Shut His Face! New Song "Sekety Esmek"

There was a time when I loved this legend, the prince of romance darkness was like a voice that you needed in your life. But then he started speaking politics, which is fine. Then he started calling in TV programs and saying stupid garbage, and once he asked the government to murder anyone who disagrees with them.

I did not know what to make of all that madness of silliness, I know Hany loves Egypt and sees it as a strong country. But Hany strong countries can take criticism, and they do not murder their own people and disseminate lies via official media. Now Hany returns with a new love song for Egypt. He sings about this country as someone would sing about a love interest.

This is not his best song, it does not allow him to show his vocal strength. He is a big ego, take for example when a guy had a hit song about Egypt that everyone sang, he shamed the team behind the song--he charged them with turning Egypt into a night club. Again, this is not an exciting song, it's probably a throwaway song recorded in under few hours to make some deadline. Hany, go back to your old days and sing whatever you want, just do not ask the government to kill the innocent.

هاني شاكر سكتي اسمك | Hany Shaker Sekety Esmek

Friday, December 12, 2014

(Pictures) The First Arab Stripper Arrives--Thank you @myriamfares

We know she is married now to a mysteries US based business man. But Lebanese dance and pop music sensation is not ready to settle down and she just released the cover for her upcoming album. Does that make her look like a stripper? I do not know maybe the wardrobe, and that sultry tortured look give it away. I do not know, but this is going to be an album people buy for the cover art.

Love the title "Aman" The good news this is a self-produced album by "Myriam Music" It will feature 13 tracks in between Egyptian, Lebanese and Gulf tracks to make sure to cover all the major markets. I do appreciate the Arabic calligraphy. We are told about a big event for the songstress in the Emirates Palace in the capital city of Abu Dhabi in concert with a fancy car company.

Below is the first song from the upcoming album.

دقوا الطبول ميريام فارس /Degou El Toboul Myriam Fares

Lions Clubs International (LCI) Holds Event in #Lebanon

Lions Clubs International (LCI) is a secular service organization with over 45,500 clubs and more than 1,368,683 members in 205 countries around the world founded by Melvin Jones in 1917. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, United States, the organization aims to meet the needs of communities on a local and global scale. They have branches in a dozen Arabic cities and countries. I know they have a very active one in Egypt, now their Lebanese chapter held an event. They have presence in Iraq and Jordan.

The event was well-attended packed with dozens of celebrates and media personalities. It was a celebration of art. They like to do good around the world and yes they donate money to charities. Watch a number of Lebanese who's who give speeches and comment on the event. The event in Beirut recognized a number of creative figures and literary figures.

Lions Ceremony

@FayrouzKarawya Offers You A Muscial Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Winter and snow are the best time of the year to have yourself a warm and foamy cup of hot chocolate. This is the season and I know I have been making my hot chocolate special for the past two months at home. Now Fayrouz Karawya released a new single about this very topic. Her song is titled A Cup of Chocolate, it's what she does best.

An indie song about a number of personal topic that tend to be on everyone mind but so few verbalize those thoughts. She captures such little tidbits and sing about them in a fresh way. Luckily Fayrouz now self-produces so she has control of the operation. She can tell the stories she has always wanted to tell us.

It's a song that needs to grow on you, listens need to let it brew for a bit to relate to it. The song is not about the decant drink, but about Fayrouz and her diary.

فيروز كراوية - فنجان شوكولاتة | Fayrouz Karawya - Fengan Chocolata

Vocal: Kareem Hossam
Drums: Mohamed Raafat
Percussion: Hany Bedair
Keyboards: Faisal Fouad
Bass guitar: Kareem Hossam
Recording& mix. : Taher Saleh
Artistic producer: Taher Saleh- Fayrouz Karawya
Producer: Fayrouz Karawya

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reem Nasri Wins. Elissa Loses. Marwan Khoury Is A Kingmaker! @iMarwanKhoury

At first this song was meant to go to Elissa. The man behind the song, musician Marwan Khoury give her the song, and they recorded it and it was a done deal. then Rotana (the producer) was less than gracious to Marwan's talent. And he went public and told the world he would not give away his rights and sell her soul. So he asked them to remove the song from the Elissa album.

The Elissa album came out and it did not have the song--this is the first time in the past five years where an Elissa album lacks the Marwan Khoury treatment. Couple of weeks after the release of yet another successful Elissa album, the song with Elissa's voice leaked and we got to hear it. It was a Tarab song meant for the heavy duty music listener. Too bad it was not in the album. Rotana forever lost a good song and a wonderful wholesome artist.

Since he still holds the rights to the song, Mr. Khoury gave the song to an unlikely songstress. Reem Nasri won him over and released the song with her voice. Now Reem is the little sister of Syrian diva Assala Nasri. the two sisters do not see eye to eye on political Syria. Reem and Assala has their public spats and feuds for few years. Reem has also began singing for some time. She mostly stuck to national song about Syria, its people and its leadership.

Reem has a decent voice and her performance in this song is worth remembering. I am sure having one of the best musicians on your side inside the studio helps. The song will help launch Reem's career and soon enough the Arab world has always been welcoming of pop divas whose talent is much better than their neighbors south of the borders.

As for Marwan, this is a clever move, not only is he releasing his own songs on his own terms, he made sure that it will be news and it will circulate. Now that the song is out, fans and supporters of Elissa are attacking Mawan and calling him names. They argue he promised to give the song for free to Elissa as a gift. Here's an idea, has Elissa ever given away any of her songs for free? Mention an example.
REEM NASRI TA3BANI MINAK / ريم نصري تعبانة منك

Elissa - Ta3bani Mnak (Official) - اليسا - تعبانة منك - 2014

Arab Idol Becomes The Palestinian Idol? Will Haitham Khalaily Win?

Arab Idol is almost over, they have three weeks to go, and it seems that another Palestinian comes to be a finalist. The first season they had Yousef Arafat who came in third, the second season, they had the mighty winner Mohammad Assaf, and now the third season we have another local boy from historic Palestine. Haitham Khalaily, the guy who has a strong voice and a humble demeanor.

I must admit he is not as exciting as Assaf, but he has a good voice, and does a range of styles, he lacks the warmth and the persona, but he has a great set of hair and a wonderful complicated background. If you had doubt about the size of his talent see him knock one out of the park in this Mawal He gets in the zone and almost forgets about the audience and the judges, he delivers a performance for the ages.

In the song below he made converts of those who like the late Wadie Safy, the iconic Lebanese legend, not many can do these songs, Haitham Khalaily did and he not only survived, but he thrived. I had my doubts, but now I think Khalaily is a strong contender.

Arab Idol - هيثم خلايلي – طلوا حبابنا- الحلقات المباشرة

This Lady's Voice Makes Me Smile! Tunisian Diva Oulaya

About ten years ago, Syrian Hit-maker and diva Asalah did a song I love so much, I mistakenly thought this was her own song. The song was performed as a duet with Tunisian Saber El Robai, it was a lovely song that pierces one's heart. 'Aly Jara was that song!

Then just today I learned this song was a cover of an older song for a little known Tunisian lady Oulaya. She is certainly big at home and well-known among her generation, but I fear I have either failed to find out about her or have not looked hard enough. Though I know one of her other songs but have never knew her name Jary Ya Hamouda song.

Let's meet Oulaya,

She started to sing a the tender age of 14, in 1957 due to the Independence of Tunisia and forming the national broadcasting agency, she got a head start and shot to fame at home. She sang during an Umm Kalthoum singer when she came to Tunis for a concert in 1968. The legendary Egyptian loved her voices and invited her to come to Egypt. Oulya moved to Cairo and took part of a number of concerts and was the headliner of Tunisian cultural nights in Egypt. She would stay there for 12 years, then went home.

Her father insisted she get married, and she did marry a much older guy who had three kids with her. She sang in most cities in Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Kuwait. She married again to Egyptian composer Hilmi Baker who wrote her the song.  She died relatively young at age 54 in 1990 at home where she was buried.

I will always remember her by her song that talks about homesickness, love and long distance relationships. There is simply no other Arabic songs that covers this topi with so much passion as Oulya did.

For More about her, please visit

Oulaya - 3alli gara(original) عليا التونسية علي جرى الأصلية

Oulaya - Alli Gara (Live) علية التونسية - علّي جرى

علية التونسية - جاري يا حمّودة

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finally An Album That Inspires Hope! Hamza Namira 2014

Get your copy here

Please purchase this album and ditch the internet downloads. This is an amazing album with thousands of hours going into its making. Hamza Namira is a man for all seasons, he is the musician for all of Egypt.What I mean by that is that he sings for those who have hope for a better and a more free tomorrow. His hope for tomorrow got him banned in Egypt by the state. See the current state of Egypt is too weak to withstand his art and his music, so they banned him.

This is an album about listening and the title asks of you to listen to the artist, give him a chance to inspire you and show you the creative process. He recorded in between Egypt, Turkey, Sweden and London with many musicians who like what they do. He takes his music seriously and it shows in each og the 12 tracks. You get to live a different experience. Hamza wrote the music for 11 of the 12 tracks. This is both wonderful and smart because the music had two years to brew. It's not an album where the artist recorded in a month. That prevents running into making the same music or running out of ideas.    
It took Hamza and his team two years to bring this album to the light and it was worth the wait. He is a guy who is a musician by practice, he feels for a lot of things and likes to give those things the musical treatment. I liked his last album which saw the light in 2012--it was refreshing to hear music unlike any other they make in the Arab world. Even those who may disagree with Hamza, they still appreciate his talent.

I also like the album cover it allows people to look at different ways to unlock their potential and open their minds. Most of the lyrics have been composed by one person Mahmoud Farouk and that may have been risky, but it worked here well. As for the production and mastering, Hamza put his touch as well. I am grateful for Awakening Records from London for their full backing of Hamza any other like-minded artists. This shows, you do not need to have fancy pants to make a change in people's life, you just need to be driven from the inside and have a sense of ownership.

I hardly can wait to listen to each of the tracks and play them over and over again. I look forward to seeing the artist perform these songs in the United States, but I also pray to see him do the same thing in Cairo. I know the sad events in past year and half that developed in Egypt have helped the writing process. Nothing like the sense of being wronged that gets the venting process running.  

1. Sabah El Khair
2. Ya Lala
3. Esmaani
4. Ay Kalam
5. Dallemet Keda Leh
6. El Atr
7. Tesmahi
8. Ya Seedi
9. La Tabki
10. Kollo Bey addi
11. Ya Mazloum
12. Ma assalama

Get your copy here

1- صباح الخير
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع مصطفى نجم (ألحان نوبية).

2- يا لا لا
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع حمزة نمرة (فلكلور بدوي).

3- اسمعنى
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع مصطفى نجم وحمزة نمرة.

4- أي كلام
كلمات محمود فاروق ومأمون عرفة، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع حمزة نمرة.

5- ضلمت كده ليه
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع إيمري موجولكوش.

6- القطر
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع عزت خاليكوف ومصطفى نجم.

7- تسمحي
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع حمزة نمرة.

8- يا سيدي
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع حمزة نمر.

9- لا تبكِ
كلمات آدم فتحي، ألحان مصطفى نجم، توزيع مصطفى نجم.

10- كله بيعدّي
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع حمزة نمرة - أندريا مينا.

11- يا مظلوم
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع إيمري موجولكوش.

12- مع السلامة
كلمات محمود فاروق، ألحان حمزة نمرة، توزيع مصطفى نجم.