Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Egypt's Fun Voice Semsem Shehab Meets The Country's Official Belly Dancer

Semsem Shehab may not be a name casual listener of Arabic music would know, you must know a lot more about Egyptian pop to recognize the name. He is the voice of the streets, the one who sings for the people who are broke. He sings for the people that never made it and never will. He tends to sing "I got The Shaft" style songs.

Life screws so many people, and they need to know that's ok. Semsem often sings while a belly dancer moves around, he is seen most recently in a movie where he sings and Dina dances. He has made an appearance in a number of movies, and his fans like it this way. The kind of movies where Semsem is one of half a dozen singer and dancers who sing during the course of the movie.

He is a voice to know, but outside of Egypt he has not made a name for himself--maybe in Libya and Sudan. But he must try to do something new, bold and fresh to get out of town.

حصريأ اغنية سمسم شهاب لقمة العيش من فيلم عيش البلبل كاملة نسخة جديدة


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