Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hany Shaker Should Shut His Face! New Song "Sekety Esmek"

There was a time when I loved this legend, the prince of romance darkness was like a voice that you needed in your life. But then he started speaking politics, which is fine. Then he started calling in TV programs and saying stupid garbage, and once he asked the government to murder anyone who disagrees with them.

I did not know what to make of all that madness of silliness, I know Hany loves Egypt and sees it as a strong country. But Hany strong countries can take criticism, and they do not murder their own people and disseminate lies via official media. Now Hany returns with a new love song for Egypt. He sings about this country as someone would sing about a love interest.

This is not his best song, it does not allow him to show his vocal strength. He is a big ego, take for example when a guy had a hit song about Egypt that everyone sang, he shamed the team behind the song--he charged them with turning Egypt into a night club. Again, this is not an exciting song, it's probably a throwaway song recorded in under few hours to make some deadline. Hany, go back to your old days and sing whatever you want, just do not ask the government to kill the innocent.

هاني شاكر سكتي اسمك | Hany Shaker Sekety Esmek


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