Friday, December 5, 2014

Palestinian Artists Shame Politicians To Break The Gridlock

This is a song done calling for unity in Palestine. Politicians and militants drove us apart, let's hope music will be able to do what has been undone in 2007. Gaza Strip is another universe and the West Bank is lost somewhere, Jerusalem is under attack--nothing new there. It's a shame they cannot get their act together when there is so much at stake.

Two artists from Palestine local artists Ghassan Al Sheikh, and Niveen Al Sawy join forces to remind the people of the only flag that matters, Palestinian flag. They are joined by the young and innocent Bara'a whose voice stick out. Palestine is above all! I wish politicians in Palestine would remember that.

This is a song done in basic format, local artists do not have the means to produce a top-notch mastered song, but that won't stop them from doing what the like doing the most to help their motherland.

Note, the song was removed from Youtube
غسان الشيخ راية وحدة


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