Friday, December 12, 2014

@FayrouzKarawya Offers You A Muscial Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Winter and snow are the best time of the year to have yourself a warm and foamy cup of hot chocolate. This is the season and I know I have been making my hot chocolate special for the past two months at home. Now Fayrouz Karawya released a new single about this very topic. Her song is titled A Cup of Chocolate, it's what she does best.

An indie song about a number of personal topic that tend to be on everyone mind but so few verbalize those thoughts. She captures such little tidbits and sing about them in a fresh way. Luckily Fayrouz now self-produces so she has control of the operation. She can tell the stories she has always wanted to tell us.

It's a song that needs to grow on you, listens need to let it brew for a bit to relate to it. The song is not about the decant drink, but about Fayrouz and her diary.

فيروز كراوية - فنجان شوكولاتة | Fayrouz Karawya - Fengan Chocolata

Vocal: Kareem Hossam
Drums: Mohamed Raafat
Percussion: Hany Bedair
Keyboards: Faisal Fouad
Bass guitar: Kareem Hossam
Recording& mix. : Taher Saleh
Artistic producer: Taher Saleh- Fayrouz Karawya
Producer: Fayrouz Karawya


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