Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Her Longest Song Yet! كارمن سليمان - حسيبك ربنا | Carmen Soliman - Hasebak rabana

She is the original and the first Arab Idol and she likes to be busy. She is an Egyptian with a golden voice and she is not even 25 yet. Carmen Soliman has done many songs singles and for TV Dramas, she has also released an amazing album earlier this year. On top of that she appeared as a model with Saudi legend Mohammed Abdo who has written her music before.

Now she figured she is so good with the Gulf music and the dialect so she is released a second music video for a new song of hers. It's tooled for the folks in the Gulf where money is abundant. They pay for the music video as well. Carmen continues to be with Platinum Records. This is a dark song about break ups, divorce and what's in between. First there was love, then there wasn't

I am not sure how I feel about the makeup work here, this is a song that still allows Carmen to shine and use her vocal muscles to the maximum. I like the location and the set they have. But one thing, this is not just a song it's an epic love tale. The song clocks at close to 8 minutes and it keeps going. I love how this song chose a set that reminds me of those used to be picked in the 90s when there was so much money for so few songs.
كارمن سليمان - حسيبك ربنا | Carmen Soliman - Hasebak rabana


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