Monday, December 8, 2014

The Best Mawal For Your Money! Thank You Melhem Zein @melhem_zein

Melhem Zein is not a star made for the social media and the new media, he is a star who seems to have landed in the wrong time. An old fashioned artist who likes to be a private citizen even when he is always on TV and the airwaves. He is a singer with that distinct all-Lebanese flavor. He is not one of the pretty boys of Beirut, he is a manly man. Rugged, scruffy and candid....just like I think of my pops.

See him to live up to all what I am saying about him in this retro performance that makes you think, did not my pops used to listen to this song on their village cafe in the 30s? This is how Melhem sounds her and he much he gets into this song about family and country.

I think we have only seen twenty percent of what Melhem is capable of--we may be suckers for commercial hits, but he is so much more. You cannot beat that Mawal. 
Melhem Zein - Yabni [Cover: Wadih Al Safi] / ملحم زين - يابني


  1. You should youtube Najwa Karam's cover of this mawal. She did it amazingly!