Monday, December 22, 2014

Listen: Loai Returns To Making Music "Aayeshha" #Comeback عايشها - لؤى

Loai has not released an album since 2006 and he has not had a big hit since 2002, but he is still making music when he is legally able to. Loaid has been locked in a battle with a production company that has yet to release his album. Loai is not allowing them to release the album until they meet their contractual obligations. So he parted away from that company and joined another company to make a new album with them.

This is a first to me, Loai has two albums ready to go, and nothing out yet. Mazzika will release his new album but Pyramedia is unable to publish his other album. Luckily, the upcoming album has a song that we already have. It's below and if you wonder, if it was worth the wait? I do not know if I can answer that.

I like his sound here, and it feels like the song has a texture. We miss that side of Loai, I think he deserved a better melody for his comeback song. Loai is one of those gifted performers who have been buried due to circumstances. He did have a number of singles that brighten one's day. This new track "Living it" hits all the right notes and   

Aayeshha - Loai عايشها - لؤى


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