Monday, June 30, 2014

Fadel Shaker Releases Yet Another Hit Despite His Unknown Whereabouts

Brother Fadel Shaker, the retired hit-maker who has gone missing keeps churning out hits despite the fact that we are confused about whether he is alive or dead. Is he still in Lebanon inside that camp? Or did he make it out of Lebanon. He is a wanted man as the Lebanese justice system and the army want him dead. But somehow he survived the siege and seems in a place where he can record new songs.

This once he has a religious prayer in time for the Muslim holy month. He sounds comfortable in the track, not a guy who is running for his life. Saudi Rotana manged to release one of his songs. Reminds of of the Bin Laden tapes with Aljazeera.

The longer this goes on, the better are the odds of being forgiving the controversial (and perhaps criminal) I do not see a way out, but I like to hear from Fadel Shaker whose voice we are in love with.
عشق الحواس - فضل شاكر- حصريا رمضان 2014

WATCH: The Forgotten Sweetheart Duet By Maya Nasri & Hadi Khalil

Two good-looking and young Lebanese singers wanted to do a memorable song, so they joined forces in the late nineties and those who appreciate romantic duets won big. Maya Nasry and Hadi Khalil did a modern-day classic song that was a massive radio hit, and the internet was not around it to preserve it for a longer period.

Luckily, someone had a VHS tape, and uploaded it on the internet. It was a sweet song from what seems a simpler times, we had so much time to chill, no red blue and no smartphones to preoccupy us. The duo seemed like a couple and to be real in they story they told. Note, how the artists hold hands and sing

I like the music, it's very Lebanese where classical elements with more modern music are fused. I love the lyrics where the guy and the girl speak up their minds about their inner feelings, so naive early days of love. They still make duets now, but they seem to cram so much and feature loud music. It's not love if you cannot relax and feel good.

Maya Nasri &; Hadi Khalil مايا نصري وهادي خليل انت حبيب عيوني

Her First Song Ever, Donia Samir Ghanem in " Khalas Art7at "

They already call her "the lady that will rescue the cassette market", "the bailout for the music industry" and she has yet to release a full album. The beloved cheeky actress Donia Samir Ghanem has been working in silence on her breakout album as she transitions from acting into music, the fans cannot contain their excitement.

Most do not know that she has already two singles form the new album, and as a song it was good, as a message it wronged women--I think. But looking back at her foray into the music biz, Samira has done a single already on Free Music label album and it went largely unnoticed until Donia Samir Ghanem started doing songs an random when she has interviews. " Mesh Adra Asda2 " was the better song from the two.

She has the pop personality already, and I know she will do well, as most people indicate they would buy her album. I like her style and now we know she got married to a guy she really likes and it was not some shady business deal--good for her

she is one of the stars that one cannot hate, she seems to be real as she does not care to make up this fake personality and let people think she is all glamour. She is funny as hell, she loves to joke and play pranks and she gets her talent from her parents--both are beloved actors.

Donia Samir Ghanem " Khalas Art7at " / " دنيا سمير غانم " خلاص ارتحت

Doina Samir Ghanem " Mesh Adra Asda2 "/ " دنيا سمير غانم " مش قادرة اصدق

دنيا سمير غانم | اغنية واحدة تانيه خالص - Donia Samir Ghanem | Wa7da Tania 5ales

Sunday, June 29, 2014

That's The Ramadan Spirit! "Ahlan Ramadan" By Mohamed Kamal

Ramadan is a special month, there's the holy side of it and there is the fun and festive side. Reading the Koran, praying Taraweeh, attending lessons and sermons, praying in groups is part of the religious side. Being with family, partying till the dusk, drinking cool beverages and enjoying special foods and desert goes with the fun part. Not to forget the special TV programming that happen in Ramadan where folks are glues to their TVs.

Ahlan Ramadan is a new song by Mohamed Kamal where he talks about all these aspects. People tend to be generous and super kind during this month, I like that. I do not like seeing angry smokers who are mad because they have not had a smoke. Watch the song and the footage that accompanies the song, it's pretty awesome. They have done a good job showing Ramadan in Egypt

 Ahlan Ramadan - Mohamed Kamal اهلا رمضان - محمد كمال

Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Day Of Ramadan Song! Happy Ramadan

Ramadan songs are not slowing down. Here's a new song by Aziz Shafie, a song about how he feels on the first day of the holy month. It may be tough, but God promised him to be happy right when the time to break the fast....

I like this person, it's less commercial and it has the delightful voice of Aziz, and then it ends of supplication about miracles. This is a short track, I am guessing the artist is doing a song for each of the 30 days of the month where Muslims are asked to fast.

Azan time comes, and joy is unleashed.
0:28 / 1:30 العداد - ١ رمضان ٢٠١٤

Rotana Restores Egyptian Films! Egyptians Are Not Pleased

Yes, the name Natasha sounds Russian, and has little to do with pop music of Arabic, but the charismatic, lovable and talented Lebanese vocalist and pop star Natasha returns with a new song about old movies. The song pays homage to old Arabic films that have brought life to us--entertained us throughout our lives.

The timing of the song is perfect as Rotana has already announced they are restoring and re-mastering dozens of older Egyptians films to preserve them for the coming generations. This answers the man critics who are unhappy about a Saudi company controlling Egyptian legacy, and getting to decide what fits and what does not. The song is pretty rad, and the clips from these popular films fit well. The clip shows the process of resorting so many of these films. Rotana is answering the call and talking back at each of their critics.

So long Natasha,
ناتاشا - افلام رجعتلها الحياة

Friday, June 27, 2014

Samira Said Releases Her First Single With #Rotana

Samira Said is having a wonderful year, now that she has found a new home with the new Rotana contract. The ageless pop diva from Morocco released another single that breathes a new life into her thriving career. I do not know what she will do next, but Rotana will take her places, and this is why they used her song along with some of Rotana owned films.

This is a neutral song even thought the writer is Moroccan, the song feels right. This is her first collaboration with Rotana. Samira did win the World Music Award, but she did a strange thing, she did not go collect the trophy she would not say why, but she did not end up going to collect her wining for her blazing hot "Ma Zal"
سميرة سعيد - اللي بيننا

Meet Miss North Africa--Moroccan Chaabiya

Slow news days lead to stories we would never have read. But her's an interview from a star getting ready to shoot a music video, her makeup, her hair, and her fashion, you get to see the process and the photo shoot. This is Chaabiya, Miss Morocco who came to Lebanon for business and such. She is very Moroccan and her beauty is hard to miss.

Not sure what's next for Chaabiya, but I think moving around the Arab world is helpful, and these photo shoots are a great marketing strategy. Hang in there, something good will turn up. I know some past winners of the beauty pageants have gone into the music video business, others in the business world and product endorsement. Some took gigs on TV. It's smart for the Winner of Miss North Africa for this year to try to get her name out there.

As for the name it's catchy and attractive, it might need to be refined as it's harder to find info on the model because her name means folksy....the search engine results bring back many tings but none of them about the model.


Sadoon Jaber, The Iraqi Music King-Maker and Professor

Among his country men he is a king-maker in the music industry. He does not have to work hard now, as he worked in the eighties and established a name for himself. Iraqis would pay top dollars to see him perform. The same goes for his fans who are found around the Arab world--mainly in the Gulf. He started as a local singer, but he learned there's appreciation for the local Iraqi song outside the borders. He does folksy sounding songs/ballads of love stories on the land of the two rivers.

He is the radio guy started singing in the in the late sixties after he was inspired by the Egyptian crooner Abdel Halim Hafiz. He does romantic songs in Iraqi, poetry is not an option. I know of this song because my younger brother was listening to it when he was in Israeli jail. Now, Sadoon is the name most young Iraqi singers chase to do a duet with or do a cover from his songs. He seems to be very hard to pin though.

Sadoon also studied music in London (masters), and in Cairo where he had his masters degree in Iraqi music. The period of 1886 and 1990 was his prime. He still makes music to this date, his song almost won the Voice title and now I am certain he weeps over the state of Iraq he sees.

سعدون جابر - جتنى الصبح وعيونها ذبلانه

Thursday, June 26, 2014

WATCH: Raef - So Real feat. Maher Zain | Official Music Video

There it's...the new music video from Raef and his debut album "The Path", the music video is a day on the beach where he sports his guitar, play in the sand and run into old pals of his. It's an American song and it has a while boy reggae feel...Maher Zain is always a welcome guest on the Awakening Record songs.

Raef knows the American music experience....I dig the animation bit in the sand. It feels like a video game from the distant past. The song is about real emotions and this life. Enjoy this serving from Raef and the team at Awakening Records.
Raef - So Real feat. Maher Zain | Official Music Video

World Meets The Sizzling "Never Down Band" @NeverDownBand

Arab bands with English names, tend to pick the funniest and the cheesiest names. The thinking is because they think the band's name has to make sense in English, but that's not always true. You just need something relevant and catchy. Take for example a band that goes in Egypt with the name "Never Down"

While they may do well with English and singing in a foreign language, I like the lady vocalist, she is the glue for the song that keeps is interesting. She has a versatile range that brings out different emotions at different parts of the song. Do not sell out, do not let your good side take a break, conscious matters do not let it go to sleep, this is the message. Members Vocal : Ahemd Adel Vocal : Rasha Nagib Vocal: Mahmoud El Ngar Sound engineer : Kareem Hassan. I guess all of them are great but in this track, I connected a lot more with Rasha Nagib. The song is a plus for the band and shows a lot of promise. How to market that remains a question.

Never Down Band describes itself as an Egyptian team provides all kinds of music and singing the eastern, western and R&B. The band saw the light in 2010 by Ahmed Adel & Eslam Ashraf .. the band was featured on a dozen of concerts all over Egypt .. they are known for there different kind of music which Fuses the Arabic singing with English singing. They have plenty of talents and I love their attitude about making music.

نيفير داون - مات ضميرك / Never Down - Mat Dameerak

Dude, Where Is My Koran? #Ramadan

Comes Ramadan, everyone searches to become a better person, more responsible and spiritual. The same goes for pop star Mohammed Nour who works in between Egypt and Lebanon where he likes to schmooze. Now Ramadan is here, and the artist finds solace in the holy book of Islam.

His song goes, whenever I am not feeling easy or overburdened , I reach for the Koran. I did not really take Nour to be a big religious type, but this is Ramadan the time for forgiveness and reconsideration. He also prays and asks for joy in life.

اغنية محمد نور لما بكون تعبان جديد

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Listen: Tamer Ashour Fe Wahday - تامر عاشور في واحده @TamerAshourMag

Tamer Ashour returns with something we actually like and have been asking for. It's a song about the different ladies we know. The good, the bad and the worst. The sweet ones, the loving and caring kind, the heartbreaker types, the evil minority and a number of other assortments.

The lyrics give this track its strength. It's pretty awesome track that will be appreciated by second year college kids and more seasoned guys. There are a type of women who lift you up and there are those who run you to the ground. Same goes for the guys, I suppose. There are the dedicated type, and there are those who do not care....

This song was made perfect for Tamer Ashour, he makes it so much better. He leaves this dark song on a hopeful note. There is that one whose life won't be complete without you.  

Tamer Ashour Fe Wahda High Quality - تامر عاشور في واحده


He is happiest kid with the saddest voice, this is why he gets to sing a title song for an upcoming TV drama set to air in Ramadan. Mohamad Majzoub is that guy, he is transforming into a a grown man with real talent and some serious songs. Very few good songs come out by kids, he was a kid on Star Academy years ago and now he has been tested.

The upcoming show is "Gherbal" and I like the song by Mohamad Majzoub, he shows again some of the main features of his quality voice.
أغنية شارة مسلسل الغربال - محمد مجذوب 2014

After His American Debut, Haitham Shomali Heads For Palestine

 The Artist, Haitham Shomali, just returned from a great visit to Washington DC, where he was invited by the Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee to receive the "Excellence in Arts," award at their 34th Annual Convention for his achievements for being the first Palestinian to successfully arrange, compose, write and direct his own brand of music. He promised to continue to create great music and dedicated his award to those that supported him over the years and his "Beautiful country, Palestine."

During this trip he also received and invitation to tour the White House. A privilege that requires several months of waiting and special permissions. Permission was granted to him without any delay. While on this trip he also met with the Palestinian Embassy and other Palestinian Organizations, like ANERA, a non-for-profit, dedicated to assisting Palestinian refugees in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. There were discussions about future collaborations between he and the Group for future community projects.

This was Haitham's firs trip back to the US in almost 10 years. The visit was a success and the community was up in arms as to when a U.S. tour would begin. Stay tuned as soon, you will hear of Haitham's tour to come!

Connect With Haitham!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Wisdom Through Pop Songs, Medhat Saleh Always Sings

Songs can be a source of wisdom and commentary on life. In Egypt, there has been a guy doing these kind of songs of over thirty years now and his name is Medhat Saleh. He is the street smart voice who had many of those songs throughout the course of his career.

In pop music, he is like statesman offering wise life antidotes to whomever will listen. I have grown to like his songs and the topics he chooses to cover. Take what has fallen from you, grab it before someone else reaches for it...before it's too late. This kind of commentary on people and their personal attributes some we like others not so much.

Medhat Saleh might be one of five bankable pop stars who tend to get these kind of songs for movies and TV dramas....He is just available, safe and marketable. His voice transcendence the moment maybe because he has been involved in too many things--he has even been sentences to serve time in jail.

مدحت صالح- حوش اللي وقع منك

Morocco For Kids By Noon Channel Stars (Video) @NOONKidsChannel

Noon is one of these specialized TV networks for children. They got their performers and kids to do a special song for the Moroccan Kingdom bragging about how nice it's to be living in that part of the world. I am certain Morocco is dazzling, but vocalists who earn their paycheck singing for kids next to little kids may have little to brag about.

I want to visit Morocco, Noon Channel did a good job capturing some of the awesome views from around that dazzling land. As for the song, it's not terrible. They concert was a sold out event, and lots of kids came out for this event, to be with their favorite idols.

Here's Noon's Facebook page

جينا للمغرب - فريق نون | 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Teaser For Raef - So Real feat. Maher Zain (Video)

Europe based Islamic singers seem to have a bigger share of the fame pie than their peers in North America. This is why Awakening Records is based in London and not in New York City or a Washington DC based songwriter is on his way to change that as he just released his debut album with that record company.

But he is also releasing a music video for that song and he is talking to us from behind the scenes where he is accompanied by his buddy Maher Zain and a little girl. I think Raef is comfortable blending faith and love in his songs so clearly.

Raef - So Real feat. Maher Zain | Teaser

Adam Sings For Myriam Fares' New Ramadan Drama

When Lebanese eye candy Myriam Faris decided to star in a TV drama this Ramadan, the backers got millions of dollars on her. They booked a team of an A list of Egyptian actors to back her up, and now comes the new song for the opening credit and promo....

Adam, one of my favorite Lebanese pop artists got the contract and his voice graces the show. Watching the clips that went with the song you can tell the makeup work is second to none, the locations are fancy and does not cheap. The song is about being wrongfully accused. I am sensing a love triangle, betrayal, jealousy, family drama and tragedy. I will not have time to watch the show, but I know this will be a strong show this season for a number of reasons.

There are half a dozen Arab networks that have already bought the rights to broadcast the drama. Now, the Gulf will be interested in seeing Myraim, Lebanon likes her, Egypt is mad about her, and the rest is history. The song was actually recorded and mixed in Turkey with A list musicians and producers.
أغنية مسلسل اتهام - ادم

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Youth of #Egypt Want..... By @Axeerstudio | Asfalt Ft. Mado

Mado had a good run as that indie guy with a guitar, funky hair and a million problem to sing about. Now he is going for the soccer player look, crazy hair and something messed up on his eyebrow. He is still angry, and still got some songs inside him. His song is about what they want and expect from Egypt. As a youth collective who loves Egypt and want to do right by it.

What did he get? Nothing, the got the middle finger from the army generals who took them for a ride and when the ride was over, they asked them to pay the fare! If they did not, they would throw them from the car and run them over. Sisi is running the country now, too bad not much is left to I am a little bit upset with these indie artists who rallied with the army less than a year ago, only to come back now and say "Shit!'
@Axeerstudio | Asfalt Ft. Mado | عايز (Lyric Video)

Mohammed Assaf Sings To The King Of #Jordan In "Yabo Hussein" #Confused

Wissam Al Amir wrote the lyrics, and Nizar Francis took care of the music. But Mohammed Assaf now is getting into the business of singing for kings! He did at the celebrated Jordan Jarash Music Festival. Assaf knows how to make good on his word, he traveled to Jordan for this concert, and there he sang for the King of the land....question....why is this Assaf song so stupid?

To start, I really like the King of Jordan and I think he is the smartest Arab leader who is running a better country--relatively. But I am not from Jordan and I do not know how the people feel, so I won't go and tell people this. Worse, Assaf is singing about this, and calling the King as if he was his pal and his best friend. I know this song makes good with the local Jordanian population who thinks the world of the King, but some locals do not approve of his way of handling certain portfolios.

I do not think this is smart, to get a Palestinian singing a song written be Lebanese paid for by a Saudi company made for a king of Jordan! I know there are millions of Palestinians who call Jordan their second home, but once again as Palestinians we should never speak our opinions about other Arab leaders. It has not worked too well for us in the past! It's one thing to sing for Jordan and its awesome people and another to sing for a leader.

Update: For the idiots who think, we do not love Assaf on this blog, think again! Here's an article written by me last year "The Palestinian Idol and the Gaza Rocket". But there's a big difference between a global star that he already becoming and the typical Arab artist who sings for politicians. Take for example, did Mohammed Assaf sing for President Mahmoud Abbas? He met with him already, but he hat yet to sing for the man who gave him unlimited support....He should not sing for figures whom people have different opinions about.  

#محمد_عساف - يابو حسين | Mohammed Assaf - Yabo Hussein

Saturday, June 21, 2014

WATCH: Haifa Wehbe -Ana Farhna 2014! She Is Happy

Haifa Wehbe won't go retiring anytime soon, she still makes news and thanks to the idiots men and their ways, she still making news whether she is being raped on screen for a film, or dancing like a little girl on TV. She is like one of those diseases that no one can get cured. She is the Ebola of Arabic pop, she cannot be defeated.

She may have seen that Happy song be the song of this Spring, so she has just released a song where the title is "I am Happy" It's a weak song really, bur it always her to show off some dance moves and pose as a real pop star. Never has she challenged herself vocally. But when it comes to the show biz, she can show off!

No one things she is a great vocalist, but rather a fun singer whose image and name is really bigger than her talent. Good luck!

Haifa Wehbe اغنية هيفاء وهبي فرحانة - جديد 2014 - شكلك مش غريب الحلقة الاخيرة

اغنية هيفاء وهبى - فرحانة | جديد 2014

WATCH: The Arabic Grendizer Theme Song By Sami Clark أغنية جريندايزر بصوت مغنيها الأصلي سامي كلارك فى حفلة

Grendizer is a Super Robot TV anime and manga created by manga artist Go Nagai. It is the third entry in the Mazinger trilogy. It was broadcast on Japanese television from October 5, 1975, to February 27, 1977, and lasted 74 episodes.

But it's the show I grew up watching and now I know the voice behind that son that used to supercharge me is by Lebanese Sami Clark and he took it on during one of his recent live performances and breathed a new life in this old song.

The plot for the show is no different than those blockbusters movies, the Vega homeworld has become unstable due to the exploiting of Vegatron, a powerful radioactive ore. Seeking to expand his militaristic empire and find a substitute planet to settle upon, the ruthless King Vega unleashes his armies — composed of flying saucers and giant robotic monsters — and turns first against neighbors such as Fleed, a highly advanced but peaceful world.

أغنية جريندايزر بصوت مغنيها الأصلي سامي كلارك فى حفلة

Friday, June 20, 2014

Iraqi Simor Jalal From The Voice Retruns With A New Single

The Voice contestant Simor Jalal, the young and friendly Iraqi vocalist releases a new song with the catchy title "Your Love Is Civil (Sophisticated)" He sounds like these super emotional Iraqi artists whose voice has about 5000 years of civilization backing them up. While another Iraqi took home the title of the Voice, Simor took back with him the memories, the connections, and the name recognition.

Simor actually studied music in Iraq in the year of 2004--a tough year where he learned to play four instruments among which is the oud and the violin. Simor joined the Saber Robae team on the Voice. But you know what he is actually able to sing in seven different Arab styles and dialects and he is able to sing in Turkish as well. so here's Simor, invite him into your life.

اغنية سيمور جلال حبك راقي 2014

See Maria Get Married! Nadran Alaya - Maria ندرا عليا - ماريا

Some pop stars never grownup, some cannot grow up....exhibit A Maria sings about soccer and getting married....she tells the guy if he scores a goal, she will marry him. I do not know what goal is she talking about here, but she also has a lemon stand, dancing in the street with so much energy.

I do not get these really short shorts, and babes talking to these dirty and sweaty boys.These folks look as if they live in a refugee camp. Maria's Arabic still feels foreign. This song is  an improvement for Maria as she found the courage to wear a white dress. See if they groom to be scores the goal!

The song, the title, and the musics video are about keeping promises....  

Nadran Alaya - Maria ندرا عليا - ماريا

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back From The Dead! General Maher al-Assad And George Wassouf

Twitter had a different story to tell, bad news for the Syrian opposition! It seems that the tough army guy general Maher al-Assad is not dead, nor has he been assassinated. Maher is commander of the Republican Guard and the army's elite Fourth Armored Division, which together with Syria's secret police form the core of the country's security forces. He is also a member of the Central Committee of the Baath Party's Syrian Regional Branch. He is thought by some to be the second most powerful man in Syria after his brother Bashar, the current President And what does he do?

He is palling around with cult singer George Wassouf, not clear, where but it looks like the two are buddies. Maher has not been seen in public for over four years, but the images surfaced to tell a different story about the general. George Wassouf visited the Assad family and took some pictures. Now, Wassouf did give a recent interview in Egypt to that dumb host who thinks he is the shit. Now that dumb host shared those images on Twitter. We now know these pictures are recent, and they were take in the first week of June 2014.

contrary to popular belief, Maher did not get killed in the 2012 explosion at the National Security building. I know one thing, Maher has benefited from Syria and the regime, but still he believes in a set of ideals and fantasies shared with him by many among the Arab world. now, those images are not old, we know this because George Wassouf has that medical condition after surviving that stroke.   

Nancy Talks About Being Rich, Money And Family

We all know Nancy Ajram is loaded with money from concerts, album deals, product endorsement, Arab Idol, TV appearances, private functions and what's not!

Nancy opened up about all that, "I know and my husband Dr. Fady knows our money and how much we have" "we employee a team of people to watch over our money" "Fady and I keep our eyes on them together, and we have employees (guessing accountants and wealth advisors) who oversee our money" "we are people who live within their means and I do not like to showboat what I have" (Looking at you Ahlam showing off)

She added, "I have a private bank account and another with Fady, when I need something, I ask Fady" "Both of us think about our kids and their future of a good life"

Further, "I just started a web YouTube to generate future income for my little girls" These statements and interview were given during an intimate interview with the popular Saydaty Magazine. Let's not forget that Nancy and Dr. Fady got a civil marriage in Cyprus in 2009. In the year 2006, Ajram opened an organization under the name "Jam'iyet Nancy Ajram Al-Khayria" (Nancy Ajram's Charity Organization) in Beirut, Lebanon, that works on collecting and distributing money for the poor.

(one source)


Making An Old Classic Sound New! Grace Deeb Helwa Ya Baladi @SingerGraceDeeb


She is the Cinderella of Lebanese pop songs, she sings in half a dozen languages, and we know little about her. but when it comes to her many hit songs, we surely remember the name Grace Deeb. But in 2014, she is travelling back in time to bring back a beloved pop classic, but Dalida who loves Egypt. This one hell of a Lebanese artist sings in (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Greek

Grace is even releasing a music video for the song, but I think Grace is doing her own thing to the song, she is making it her own. I like the new look Grace, and your choice of location and dresses is worthy of this summer. Grace does the classy black and trendy jewelry with the casual beach style.

Songs for the mother land and first love are always in style. Grace playing guitar is pretty sweet. I like the free spirited way, it fits her well. I like the dog--not really. Grace takes on a number of issues, one of them is animals.

Grace Deeb Helwa Ya Baladi - غريس ديب - حلوة يا بلدي

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Madeleine Matar Goes Crazy For #Brazil @madeleine_matar



It may have been a slow day for Lebanese singer cum actress Madeleine Matar, but she did a photo shoot where she is sporting all Brazil colors and outfit as if she was in Brazil at the World Cup cheering them on. There was an even interesting picture (porting water from the bottle and water all over her mouth)

But Madeleine Matar figured an inexpensive way to get on the radar once again, and the media loved her Brazil stunt, but they went crazy for her shorts I like that Madeleine Matar is really fit and these images work well for her--. I think the makeup was a bit much, but who am I to judge?

There are plenty more pictures on the artists official Facebook page. I know Madeleine has not done much lately, but that Iraqi song she talked about. But she took this seriously, other pop stars would take pictures wearing a jersey or holding the flag of the country they like. Madeleine hired a professional photographer, booked a soccer field, and got into the Brazil zone aided by the swagger.  

Photo BY: Zobian saad
تم التصوير في Hoops Club

 بالفيديو: مادلين مطر تشجع البرازيل

This is Algeria's Song At The #WorldCup #FIFA (Video)

Amel bouchoucha did this pro Algeria song for the 2010 World Cup, and it's still as good as we see the Algerian national team play once again in this global soccer tournament. The team lost against Belgium in a hard fought game. But they did mange to score their first goal in the world cup in 24 years. They do have a better team than in 2010, but I feel that they gave away the game.

I like the Algerian team--my wife was born in that country. I know all Arabs stood behind them in support, it was a good game, but the team could have done better. Hope their next game will show a better showing. I gotta say, their goalie is pretty capable.

I think this is a classic song from a super talented Algerian entertainer whose acting is as good as her staller voice. The song will be around for a while, and each world cup or Algerian game, it will be aired for those super fans.

 Amel bouchoucha - Batal Al Alam Al Arabi (Official clip) / أمل بو شوشة - بطل العالم العربي.

Oral Fixation Maria Retruns With A New Song

So she sang in Armenian to her people after years of doing catchy pop songs that go viral. Maria is making a run again with the release of a new song and a fresh music video where she is back to the same old trick--use your strength and flaunt it. The clip is being dubbed as the sequel to her popular song "El'ab" or "El3ab"....the one where she has an oral fixation.

Alam Alphan is producing the new album and the music video. Maria seems to have taken a sabbatical for few years, and now she returns. Recall the scandal where she stepped on some cake celebrating her birthday and people got mad at her?

Let's see if the new song will bring back those glorious memories. I think Maria became a cultural icon in pop world, so many movies and songs paid homage to her music video.

Nadren Alaya Soon - Maria ندرا عليا قريبا - مارياa

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Just LOVE Everything Naji Osta Does @OstaNaji

I think Naji Osta is working on a transition from a guy who does light songs and pop type into a guy who sings serious songs and make them popular. Naji Osta has been around for a long time inside Lebanon he is a big player and he has his crew. But now his name is getting bigger, much bigger--a name like that hard to contain in Lebanon.

Something about growing and working with grownups, Naji found his voice, his style and I love him for it. This must be the third single from Naji in 2014 and he has 3 on three. I love how Dany Helou who produced....and the sensual Salim Assaf does not disappoint. Naji, keep doing this, you are really making pop music much better, and I think your delivery, flow and energy make a nice wrap for the great gift you have in those vocal muscles.

I know Naji is a big deal to his fans, but he also goes to a great length to meet them--even if he had to sing inside a restaurant. I know I would love to see him sing live and do his smooth deep from the gut songs where he is unafraid to connected with his emotions like he does below.
Naji Osta -Sett El Sabaya / ناجي اسطا - ستّ الصبايا

Listen: Raef - Peace & Blessings | "The Path" Album Available Now

Here's another song in praise of the prophet of Islam by American artists Raef who was inspired to write this song to honor the prophet. It's also a love song in Arabic and English for the man who changed history.

I like how the song feels like every other song in praise of the prophet in terms of lyrics, but when it comes to music, it's something else. The song is part of the new all original album "The Path" by Raef who has written so many songs and covers about a wide range of topics.
Raef - Peace & Blessings | "The Path" Album Available Now

Monday, June 16, 2014

Miss Universe Georgina Rizk Comments on #Lebanon and #Women

Lebanon's first and so far only Miss Universe. She is currently a main beauty pageant judge for the Miss Lebanon contest--two years ago and is the current wife of Lebanese singer and actor Walid Toufic.

Rizk was born in Beirut in a Christian household, to a Lebanese father and Hungarian mother. Her mother was married to an Italian prior to marrying Rizk's father. Now she is back in the news giving her comments and opinions about her career and country. She believes in a number of Lebanese causes. I like how accessible she is, and real...Miss Universe does not keep up with the organizers of the pageant.

She talks about her husband and her kids who now attend colleges abroad. I do not think she is doing anything right now, but she still retains her stature and grace. I like how she talks about the domestic violence bill. She is really upset....she seems not to be impressed by her country's politicians. I love Georgina Rizk's take on how the government does not extend the citizenship from the mother to her kids. She said, Lebanese go everywhere to get a citizenship--why should not we give ours away to those who deserve it.    

ملكة جمال الكون جورجينا رزق لـ"إيلاف" : خلاص لبنان صعب

Brazilian Samba By Lebanese Zinat #worldcup2014

People who like Brazilian soccer are a vocal bunch. In reality, no one likes Brazilian soccer, they only love it. Take for example Arab singer Zinat who just released and filmed a new song for the Brazilian national soccer team. This way the songstress joined the a global movement that speaks many languages, but are united in their appreciation for the Brazilian school of soccer.

Lebanses Zinat knows this, millions of her people call Brazil home! So since the world cup is held in that country, she filmed the song inside a Lebanese soccer stadium. I like the music, the lyrics are a big meh for me, and the voice does not come through from me here! But I look forward to Zinat's new album which is set to release this year with 9 tracks.

samba - zinat سامبا - زينات

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Listen: Samira Said ... Elly Benna - Song | سميرة سعيد ... إللي بيننا - أغنيه

It looks like Rotana has snagged Moroccan diva Samira Said who just last week singed a contract with their CEO to put the Saudi company in charge of producing her upcoming album. Samira met in Dubai and signed the contract. In celebration of this new deal, Samira and Rotana released a new single to give us a taste of what yet to come.

Samira had a great year when her all-Moroccan song won Mazal won a number of awards for being so awesome. Samira's followup song is pretty upbeat and radiated happiness and energy. It's a love song with a twist.... the song is about the kind of feeling in between new and old couples.

I like Samira and love her new singles, she is telling all these young artists, good things never grow old, it's in the air, and yes by the way even though Samira is pushing 50, you would not know it form her sound and her look. This is a young track, Samira's voice and performance show that you still has the same youthful style she did in the 80s.

Samira Said ... Elly Benna - Song | سميرة سعيد ... إللي بيننا - أغنيه

Aida El-Ayoubi, The Vocalist With Head Cover And Rock Star Persona....

Just when we thought the indie-spirited artists from the 90s Aida El-Ayoubi has hang up her mic, we learn she returned three years ago--it took a revolution in her motherland to convince her to come out of retirement.

Half a dozen songs later with indie rock stars and solo, Aida returns with a new song about the people for the people and their motherland. The abuses that take place in her country, against certain people with political vies, women and little kids.

Her song is about respect and appreciation  
عايدة الأيوبى - مكتوبالك Aida El-Ayoubi - Maktobalak Aida El-Ayoubi

#Salamband USA Tour Schedule And Album Release

This is old! I know....

Save me a spot in DC, please! I hope if you live near one of these venues, you can make it to the concert and get a signed copy of Salaam Band throwback album for what we love about Iraqi and Arabic music. Iraqi stories to the backdrop of classical Arabic music, you just cannot get anymore authenticity than that.

Salaam, Train to Basra and Other Stories:
Full Tour Schedule

10/08/2013, Tue
Allendale, MI

Cook-DeWitt Center at Grand Valley State University
1110 Kirkhof Center

10/09/2013, Wed
Chicago, IL

Maurer Hall - Old Town School of Folk Music
4544 N Lincoln Ave
Show: 8:30 pm

10/12/2013, Sat
Bloomington, IN

The Players Pub
424 S Walnut St
Show: 8:30 pm

10/25/2013, Fri
Washington, DC

Busboys and Poets
2021 14th St NW

10/26/2013, Sat
New York, NY

Alwan For The Arts
16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor
Tix: $$15/$20, Show: 8:00 pm

  • Ph: (646) 732 3261 Admission Discount for Students, Members, Seniors
10/28/2013, Mon
Boston, MA

The Lily Pad
1353 Cambridge St.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

All The Rocking Pretty Boys! Listen: WAMA - Leh Laa | واما - ليه لأ

They are the fresh boys of pop, there are four of them and they know they are a hit with the ladies. Not sure how the boys feel about them, but they know they have each other, and together they can make and record the best album.

They do it for fun, marketing, and the love of music. They four individuals artists who make up the band, have their own careers, but they seem to like being part of WAMA. Not many of the boy bands are left, but this one seems to be timeless....they have been making music together and lone for more than a decade.

And you know people are still talking about them-their latest album will be releasing soon....but the word cup and Ramadan are not helping bringing it sooner. I like the Latin and French beat their new single has "Leh Laa" Why not?

I like what I heard so far cannot wait to take a look at the new album and see where their creative vision will take us...I know this summer we can use some cool breezes like the one you will hear below.
WAMA - Leh Laa | واما - ليه لأ

Friday, June 13, 2014

WATCH: Ahmed Adaweya &; Wust El Balad "Karakashangy" - "احمد عدوية و وسط البلد "كركشنجي

Pepsi seems to have put Egyptian producer Hassan El Shafie in charge of making them cool once again. Hassan brought in his record company The Basement Records and got the ball rolling. He put together an icon of popular folksy song in Egypt, Ahmed Adaweya, and invited the hit Wust El Balad band and together they made an unconventional song with a title that makes no senses to me.

This sounds like an African song, with lots of cool musical elements. The song is a retro song by Ahmed Adweya who recorded it back in the eighties as a humorous song. This is a song about someone with a big belly and it feels like a song written  when someone took a tour of some big fat dude's belly.

Ahmed Adaweya &; Wust El Balad "Karakashangy" - "احمد عدوية و وسط البلد "كركشنجي

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Return of the Last Boy Bands @WAMABAND

They are not just a boy band, they are actually a group of friends made up of four talented musicians who are partners. WAMA has four band members, and four stars who share so much, but they are not just friends....they entertainers with a lot of solo songs, and at least two of the band members have their own albums. The four have also starred in movies separately.

They have gotten together once in 2010 for a reunion, but the album was shadowed by the Arab Spring in Egypt. Now in 2014, they try again and they are hoping for the best. I do note that the lead song has been written by a fellow singer Mohamed Attia and composed by band member Nadir Hamdy.

I think Cube Music who is producing this album has a lot of hopes for concerts and other deals where these celebrity band members would be a huge draw. Take for example Ahmed Fahmy, the presenter for Arab Idol, his return to the band shows loyalty to his friends.

#WAMA - Leh Laa Teaser / واما - ليه لأ#

From "Kan Yama Kan" Album - من ألبوم كان ياما كان

Lyrics by Mohamed Attia - كلمات: محمد عطية
Composed by Nader Hamdy - الحان: نادر حمدي
Arrangement & Mixed by Nader Hamdy - توزيع ومكساج: نادر حمدي
Mastering by Abbey Road Studios

Photographed by Emad Kassem - تصوير البوستر والغلاف: عماد قاسم

Produced by Cube Music / إنتاج: شركة كيوب ميوزك


Finally Assaf was able to perform in front of the Fifa Congress. I had no idea what does he want that gig so bad....It did not really look that good, and it seemed it was not even that live. I think he should have said no, did it add anything to his career, hard to imagine. The song is not his best and it's actually a disappointing chapter in this Arab Idol's career. You just do not create a song by committee. Happy that Assaf was the first Arab to sing in front of the Fifa Congress, but not pleased of his choice of songs.

I am not some guy who does not like Assaf, I do, he is a cool dude. But he cannot just be happy with B songs and take pride in them. Maybe in few months he would be able to tell that this song was really silly. He should not have sang these crappy lyrics in English. "We will survive?" In sports you need to thrive not just survive! seriously.

World Cup is a big deal, but this song does not really do much for anything. Sure it mentions the flag and country--for a second Assaf gets a chance to show off his amazing voice, but overall this song is a dud. This was filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and according to Mohammed Assaf Facebook, a billion people saw his performance. I think this is bad, not great news. The only benefit of this song is that all proceeds are meant to be donated to that NGO working to help refugees.

#محمد_عساف في كونغرس الفيفا - MOHAMMED ASSAF #ASSAF360 FIFA CONGRESS

Listen: Elissa - "Law" from "Law" series Are We Getting Too Old For Elissa? @elissakh

Elissa returns with a new single, the Lebanese hit-maker and Rotana Darling does not really do singles, she releases an album every three two years and vacations. Now she has a new song about cheating lovers. Do I love it? Hard to say, but the song is already making waves.

Not clear to me what purpose the song services, but summer season is here and with it comes the music festivals. Arab artists make most of their living from these concerts and the more new songs they have, the better their chances are of getting booked for such events.

I think as Elissa's core fan base grows older, gets married and moves on in life, she has to find new fan base. I know for me, the songs are no longer special, no longer do they have the same affects on my as they did a decade ago.

This song is for an upcoming Lebanese drama, a promo song for the opening credit. Elissa did this at least once before. Now, not to be mean, what has Elissa done to hr face? Something makes her face look fat and particularly her lips

Elissa - "Law" from "Law" series / "اليسا - اغنية "لو" من مسلسل "لو"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Listen: Marwa Nasr Ft. Samer Abo Taleb - Ahsan Halaty

I like Star Acedemy Marwa Nasr, and love The Voice Samer Abo Taleb. Put them together and you are supposed to get good duet. Marwa is the female fatale of pop, and he is that skinny guy whose voice shows maturity. They joined forces and teamed for Ahsan Halaty, I am in the best state of conditions.

A love song about completing one another. This is the social media track and video shows how much likes it's already getting. The music is a downer for me, but the song itself is entertaining. I love both artists and think they bring something awesome to the's like each says his lines and then the producer has to stitch the song together.

the song is nice, but I feel it does not allow the artists to shine for a long time. I mean they both have better voices than the song permits through. So, I like the song, but I think there is more vocal muscles that were not tabbed.

Marwa Nasr Ft. Samer Abo Taleb - Ahsan Halaty | مروة نصر و سامر أبو طالب - أحسن حالاتي.