Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sofia el Marikh & Jennifer Lopez @ Morocco Mall

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend have hailed as guests on the King of Morocco who is brags about being related to the prophet. Jenny left Los Angeles on a private jet Tuesday night and landed in Morocco on Thursday, were she's set to perform at the launch of the Morocco Mall in Casablanca.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the main acts, in fact she was the show, but also Sofia Marikh, the popular singer who does mean Arabic and French songs was at performing at the opening of this new mall in her home country.

Not sure what's the point of holding such event in a magical place that has a rather large unemployment rate for the youth. They might not be able to shop in the mall, but they can go to a concert.

When Angham Lip Syncs, She Is Not Paid Enough

No two Arabs older than 20 years of age can disagree on Angham and her talent as one of the better Arabic vocalists. She is a diva without all that drama and ego. She might have a different personal story--troubled relationship with her father and a bitter divorce. But this gal can sing.

However, I do not think this song of hers sounds live, Angham sounds like she is on tape. You just do not get that in real life. Where is the band? This is what happens on most TV shows and concerts for TV. They often do not pay enough to get the band or to get all the technology. So No one can beat the lip syncing. Hey they do it here in America too.

But, that takes little from Angham, she made is look like a live performance. The place she is performing at, seems to be some private function. (Check out the bit at 2:51), you know she has the charm to make the performance a treat
Shoft El Donya - Angham شفت الدنيا - حفلة - انغام

Saudi Band Al Farabi Brings Back Arabic Poetry

Al Farabi is a an awesome Saudi band that sings about the same things celebrated Arab poets wrote about ages ago. So that means that are not in the love business--they mean poetry and the Gulf is the right place for this kind of music.

Hoewver Al Farabi made a very cleaver choice, they choose a poem that all Arabs adore, about how the big Arab world is one country for all of us. This is how you get in the hearts of all Arabs in the East, West and in the Middle. Preserving the legacy of Arab poetry is not easy task, but inviting new generation to taste it.

Making some modern music to grab the attention of the young YouTube generation. This band is kind of cool, not becasue of the western sounding music, not becasue of the clearly Arab lyrics, but becasue they brought them together in harmony. Those younger than 30 years old band members are to be applauded. There are seven of them and they all hail from the city of Jaddah.
بلاد العرب - الفارابي و مشاعرتصوير منال فلمبان Al Farabi - Ft. Mashaer - Land Of Arabs

Saber El Robaee Cannot Let Go Of The Past

This is a human song more than anything else. About growing old and not finding anything to show for the life you have lived. Titled gathering my papers, taking inventory of the past. Saber is no stranger to this kind of music. Every now and then he has a hit pop song and that sells.

But as a complete artist, he is unhappy unless his is loved by even the critics and those journalists who want some heavier songs. Darker themes tend to win, if they are done right. Not all songs have to be happy and vivacious, sometimes in life we are down and we need to hear things that speak to that.

The music has a backs troy about an old man and the decision he made in his life and his business. This Tunisian singer who made the Lebanese dialect his go to in times of great need for serious darker topic to sing about.

Lamlemt Awraky - Saber El Robaee لملمت أوراقى - صابر الرباعي

The Proudest Emarati Singer Is Also The Biggest

The UAE is a small country with a lot of promise and a great deal for success and fame. It's one of those countries that most Arabs are proud of--even those who have never been there. Therefore, every time that country celebrates it's national day, people tune in.

That country sticks to its business and doesn't tend to interfere in any other country. Now comes droves of local and pan Arab singers to pitch in with songs for that country on that day. Their biggest male star is Hussein Al Jasmi who has been rocking Arabic music ever since 2002.

For his next song, he got a big help for the army and the air force of his country, he wore the uniform and shot a music video. This song is about pride and about the leader of that country--the natives love him. I like it when singers salute their homeland, sometimes it might not be such a great idea to celebrate the leader. But in the case of the UAE, I think this is not such a terrible idea.

اغنية حسين الجسمى رقاب العز Hussain Al Jasmi Regab Elezz

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cairokee ft Aida El Ayouby, Cream Of The Crop

Aida El Ayouby looks good with a oud and she even looks better with her everyday look. But this is not about looks, this is about vocalists with some music. It's as much about patriotism as about the show business.

They make an odd couple Cariokee, one of the most active rock band that offers simple solutions to complicated political problems. These two got together for a song about the Tahrir Square, like the dreamers who call it home.

Aida has quit the show business years ago, she is more focused on her family, but something has changed that, the days leading up to the Mubarak ouster, she released a song in time. This is a marriage of the Western Guitar with the very eastern lute. Cairoke wrote the music for this timely song.

Cairokee ft Aida El Ayouby Ya El Medan كايروكي و عايده الايوبي

Mohamed El Helw, The Big Boss Of Egyptian Music

Few months ago singer Mohamed El Helw was voted to be the head of Unions of Egyptian artists/Entertainers. He made a big deal of that fact that he has never sang for the regime or anyone who has anything to do with Mubarak. for that he was buried in the news and he has never been able to get a gig on the state TV.

El Helw is now back in charge of all there's in Egyptian music, he is the boss and he seems to be doing well there. He released a song few months ago fro the fallen Egyptian young man Khalid Said who inspired the revolution. El Helw has also met with the mother of that young man.

But in the late 90s, El Helw had another hit song that was mainstream, a romantic song that had all the right things going for it. Ya Fatena....the bewitching lady. It had a gorgeous music video back then.

Ya Fatena - Mohamed El Helw يافاتنه - محمد الحلو

Hany Shaker, The Helpless Arabic Romance Prince

If I give you lyrics, then you would be able to tell me if this is a song Hany Shaker would sing. The man who has brought Arabic romance to a new level ever since the 70s and he has been doing the same songs over and over, but without ever sounding dated.

The man with warm voice who has always bee loyal and found nothing by disloyalty and under appreciation. For those two things he sings and in those two feelings he thrives and his career prospers.

Every few years Hany Shaker would come with a universal hit that will be embraced by the young the the old which buys him few more years of stardom. Hany is close to hanging his mic, but most people wish to hear more of him. Why? Very few people can do the kind of music he can, he does it and makes it look so easy. He is the real deal in Arabic romance, and the good news, most dudes appreciate that too.
Lesa Btesaaly - Hany Shaker لسه بتسألى - هانى شاكر

Someone Should Regret This Awful Music Video

I hate the hair, I hate the outfits and lack of style, I resent the cheap studio set up, I do not buy the Arab biker thing. And I do not appreciate the married man taking his ring out of his finger.

The singer is clearly obese, and the models are thin. There's cheesy Karaoke music, but that was the 90s and everyone was just copping MTV and thinking it would translate well. not this song. I do not even recall this song making any waves, it should remain in the past where it belongs.

Kololha - Medhat Saleh قولولها - مدحت صالح

050 Band Sees The Revolution Through

Bring a guitar a drum, a microphone and hundreds of energized young Egyptians, and you are guaranteed one heck of a show. This is what 050 Band is doing with their new song that they performed live in a concert sponsored by Coca Cola--Arabs side with Pepsi or so they seem.

This is a western sounding song musically, rock is everywhere, but the lyrics are unmistakably Egyptian and timely ones if anything. I like a bit of rock music, it brings some speed and some force. I do not see it as a threat, there will always be supply and demand of Eastern melodies.

050 Band - Mahma ( Khaleek M3aia Lel Nehaya )

Monday, November 28, 2011

Yasmin (and Zeid) Hamdan: From Soapkills To Y.A.S.

Written by ibn yemin, a friend

I can’t claim that any of this is exactly breaking news – Soapkills broke up sometime around 2008 – but this music is new to me, and for those interested in contemporary Arab indie pop and electronica, Yasmin Hamdan is a good name to know.

Hamdan is a native Beiruti who came to prominence as one half of the indie/electronica duo Soapkills. Together with Zeid Hamdan (no relation), Soapkills released 3 full-length records between 2001 and 2005: Bater, Cheftak, and Enta Fen. It’s pretty soft stuff, lots of low-key guitars, strings, and the occasional synth.

At times evocative of other downtempo lounge-style music like Gotan Project, Soapkills is uniformly pleasant to listen to, and never overbearing. Plus Yasmin has a beautiful voice.

Zeid Hamdan is pretty well-known in Lebanon for being the guy who was briefly arrested, then immediately let go, for his 2010 song “General Suleiman.”

Following the breakup of Soapkills, Yasmin teamed up with French-Afghan producer Mirwais Ahmadzai (who goes by Mirwais). Mirwais has been at it for a while, and he’s most famous for his work with Madonna in the early 2000s and his 1999 hit “Disco Science.”

Y.A.S. is a mostly straightforward electro affair, with Hamdan’s voice laid over synth stabs and a lot of keyboards. The group’s debut record Arabology (2009) works, and is listenable and engaging throughout. The tone of the album ranges from upbeat to downtempo, more in the vein of some of the original Soapkills material.

Hamdan is a real talent, to be sure, and I’ve enjoyed everything she has been associated with thus far. It’s unclear if Y.A.S. has another record coming, as it has been a couple of years since Arabology dropped, but I’m on the lookout.

Medhat Saleh Was Cool For A Minute

Medhat Saleh is name that rings with people north of the age 25, they would know him well, and younger ones, are not going to have a clue why he matters. Now, I went back and dug out a cool song of his that made it big--that means it was on every radio all summer long.

This was his song that you could jam to in your car and dance along your buddies, check out that dance form the music video, you would know it took some really money to film this one. Aside form the cheesy outfits--back then they were the bomb.

Ten years later and Medhat is still around, making music and releasing albums, but he no longer race to the top, his legacy speaks for him.

Allah Ya Sidi - Medhat Saleh الله ياسيدى - مدحت صالح

Nancy Ajram 2012 Music Video, New Look

Nancy had many stunning looks in her 10 year long career, she has manged to preserve her youth, her energy and her good nature. While stars come and go, many fade, thanks to good management and great choices, Nancy is still number one in sales in attention and in her her family as we..

There will be a new music video for Nancy, and she is promising a new look for this dramatic song of hers. Trust me her dramatics songs are as well made and as popular as her happy pop songs. she reveals some serious acting in those.

This would be the 5th music video from her 7th album. Laila Kanaan will direct this music video once again.
نانسي عجرم 2011 امتى هشوفك & امتى حشوفك

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bassem Abdel Monem New History Album

Upbeat album from new comer Bassem/Basim that salutes the people of Egypt the living as well as the fallen. You don't need t be an A Lister to make good music that speaks the heart. six tracks for the revolution are not easy to do and released within a week of those events.

البوم باسم عبد المنعم تاريخ جديد 2011

1- A7la balad
2 - Aza3t.el.cahara
3 - han5leha a7san
4 - masrryan
5 - Tare5.gedad
6 - Tari5 gded Vo

باسم عبد المنعم .. تــاريخ جديد

Mado From Taxi Tweaks His Hit Song For Almosheer

Mado revisited his classic song, they said, I was crazy.....the song was about skeptics who said, they would never see Mubarak go away. Now he tweaked his song to accommodate the Never 18th 2011 revolution.

The song takes on the Islamic brotherhood, Salafi groups and the militarily. The public Egyptian broadcast system does not get a break either. Those silent majority get a shout-out as they just sit on their chair and watch TV.

This is about humor, and funk, but it also says what needs to be said. I like Mado style, it's sarcastic and it leaves a room for opposing views. This time Wael Amer Joins him in performing the song.

مادو- وائل عامر.. قالوا مجنون ١٨-١١-٢٠١١ ثورة التصحيح

The Story of Palestine As Told Via Video

Palestine is not a left or right issue, it's a human rights issue, about a people that held unto their land and an occupation that plays by no rules and keep changing its mind about what it really wants.

Here's a cool video with a song, this is a slideshow that attempts to tell a story via YouTube. It's simple really. The info and the history you find here are true. There are also UN resolutions.

Leave it to the team of Never Before Campaign to make yet another heartwarming video that tells a simple story that seems so complicated.

The Story of Palestine

BIAF, the Beirut International Awards Festival

Well Arabs are just bossed about celebrities as everybody else. This cult of celebrity worships is created when TV networks spin out of control and when entertainers think that they are worthy of people's attention all the time and not just when they are making them music.

When the entertainer wins an award he wants us to see it, that's why in Lebanon they have this big thing called BIAF, the Beirut International Awards Festival where fashion designers get to showcase their best work on Arab singers and dancers. Now, people tune in for sure and award recipients come from all corners of the world--mostly Arab countries.

all the has-beens and the ones that can afford to pay some money can attend and schmooze with the celebrates. Hey, they must feel good, everything they do, is under the, they will ask us for some privacy. This is the big bubble where those entertainers live.

BIAF يستقطب وجوهًا وأسماءً كبيرة ويكرِّمهم في لبنان

Madeleine Matar Doubles Down On Gulf Music

Madeleine had some success with he r debut song using the Gulf dialect, it's a tough crowd to please, so she made sure to have the lyricist and producer present as she records the song--she does not want to mispronounce the words. Accents in Arabic do matter.

Now, she is recording a new simplified Gulf song to help her break into the market--she is also talking about another Egyptian song for her. I have not been too keen on Madeleine, but I do not mind her. What she does usually stays in Lebanon, she did make a movie in Egypt.

" شفتو " تعيد مادلين مطر الى الأغنية الخليجية

Sara Al Hani Hopes For A Slice Of Your Pop Pie

Sara can sing, this Lebanese singer that made it big in 2007 and 2008, then she went missing. She kept being a guest on a number of talk shows where she has performed. But this singer is now working on a new music video with the 50s and 60s theme.

A love story, I do not think the music video would be anything new, but the song is pretty awesome. It works well for the kind of voice Sara is endowed with. Putting together a team of Lebanese talents to bring her vision to life.

I see a snake and a guy with a mustache, you cannot go wrong with that. Sara insists she has what it takes to appeal to the youth music--most people came to know her through her Tarab songs--slower songs with beautiful lyrics.

سارة الهاني تعود الى الساحة الفنية بـ" يا ليل

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jad Shwery Rapes An Arabic Gem

It's ok to do a cover of an old song, but it's quite a different thing to remake it and bring it back to life in a karaoke version. I might be harsh on Jad, I rarely like him or his work--some of his music videos are fun to look at. But when he released his latest album a month ago, it has an old classic song Hebbina.

See, it was a Syrian singer who made it big in Egypt who was behind this song, that we cane to adore. Now a young Lebanese singer director is taking it back. Look no further than the music video for the song with the strange dancers. Not sure if this was some Jad promotional event or some concert.

Jad knows his way around other Arab entertainer, so he enlisted few of them to appeal in his music video/concert. We will name Haifa Wahbe. Not sure if the music video was made for 15 years old or something, but it should be clear that Jad is not doing the song any favor.

It makes senses that most of those concert goers appear intoxicated.

Jad Shwery - Hebbina / جاد شويري - حبينا

Fayrouz Karawya Too Mourns The Dead In Tahrir

Accomplished Egyptian vocalist Fayrouz Karawya is never late to offering support for the people of her country--especially the youth. This time she has gloomy song that speaks truth to the powers. She takes a confrontational approach, speaking like one of the commons who struggle to make a living in their homeland Egypt.

Karawya is known for her outspoken personality. She also sounds good with that mature musical themes. Current in events provide her with the inspiration to sound as real as it gets. A fed up soul is what Karaqya is singing about.
فيروز كراوية - آخر مرة

Diana Karazon Goes The Extra Mile With Gulf Music

Jordanian super star Diana Karazon is working her way back to earth. This time she is gearing up for a new album for that Gulf music--Jallasat style. Where heavy music focuses on poetry and flirtation is accompanied by native music and dances.

Diana did the Jordanian song, the Egyptian one and the Lebanese one, so now she has to do the gulf album--it pays. I think it will be good album Diana has what it takes with that flexible voice of hers. There's little Diana can do to win over fans especially the hates who do not like her new and improved look. But for everyone else, there's her good music and her swagger.
ديانا كرزون -إعلان الألبوم الخليجي ٢٠١٢- أغنية مكانك

City Band To Cover Muhammad Muneer's Ezzay

Muhammad Muneer has seen many cover his songs, he has a large archive of hit songs that fit any occasion and anytime. This time one of his latest songs he wrote for Egypt and released on the day Mubarak stepped down. Ezzay (How Come), a song for Egypt and about that place. Wael Amer and his band are about to give this song a remake. The former participant of Star Maker is recording his attribute to this song.

There's a band that is trying to remake the song by covering it, it might even help the band get their name out there. City Band has decided to release a promo of their cover for this song. Ezzay had traveled all over the world and radios and TV networks have picked it up and called it, the song of the revolution.

Wust El Balad‏ - New Song For Egypt Revolution

The music is a lot more sober than all their previous songs, just like the new round of the Egyptain revolution, it's about rage, but only a sound mind can get it resolved. This is a complete revolution that asks people to change and fight those who tell lies. It also urges the people to break free.

This is a different song, a real pleasant change. I thought I was getting a song with Western melody, but no. This is as Eastern as it gets, making it sound like a Marcel Khalifah song. Wust El Balad is trying to challenge themselves musically with this Tarab song. I do not recall they have ever done this style before, as they seem more itnrested in Western musical elements. But that's not to say, that their song is pretty wonderful.

اغنية فريق وسط البلد - ثورة غضب | Wust El Balad‏ - Thawret 8adab

Arabs Need Reform and Jobs, Not Celebrity Duets

There are so many senseless Arabic music programs, they are getting desperate and the ideas are becoming shallower.

The latest craze is a little show called celebrity Duets where they get an A list singer and a dozen of wannabes to karaoke together. Of course there are commercials and some fashion shows. Luckely, there are celebrities like Haifa Waheb would do not mind to live on their own bubble and pretend the world still needs more of the same.

The kids are dying in Tahrir Square and these silly folks get the prime time. This is not something I am proud of writing about, but seriously why do we need more of those programs? Such programs might be popular as a result of high unemployment, people who work don't watch much tv.

Haifa Wehbe- Celebrity Duets 2/هيفاء وهبي- ديو المشاهير ٢

Haifa Wehbe- Celebrity Duets 2/هيفاء وهبي- ديو المشاهير ٢

Haifa Wehbe- Celebrity Duets 2/هيفاء وهبي- ديو المشاهير ٢

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dream Of Peace AnOperatte In Search of Peace

Fola, Diana Haddad, Fayez Al Said, and Abdallah Roushid all took part of this gigantic song that few has talked about it. they just recorded it and let it out there for all of us to see. A good song that will land somewhere. I do not know enough abut this song or the story behind it, but the video strikes me as heavy on news footage.

Those singers are like odd couples, they come from all very the map with different styles. I do like them individually for sure. Arab unity is all over the song through the flag waving youngsters. The singers strike me as dreamers who believe in the pan Arab call of unity.

From Kuwait,, Algeria and the UAE come these singers Anyhow, you be the judge of this song and its message if you can understand it.

الرويشد, السلام, السعيد, اوبريت, حلم, جداد, ديانا, عبد, غناء, vcq, فايز, ،فلة

Moustafa Amar New Tahrir Square Song

The King of Arab pop just released a random some for Tahrir Square. But Moustafa seems not to be taking sides--he sides with the fallen ones. Moustafa has skipped the revolution and has not commented on it, and no one asked him to do so. so he survived it with minimum damage.

This is a risky song, as Moustafa ventures into a new Territory he knows little about singing in Modern Standard Arabic has never been his schtick. The lyrics are pretty powerful, but I am inclined to think this is not the right style for Mr. Amar.

Not clear on the timing, again, this song is focused on Egypt, but brings in the rest of Arabia. The song plays like a poem, so I am a sucker for those. and add my voice to Moustafa the sun of Egypt will not set.

Moustafa Amar '' Midan El Ta7rir '' Exclusive Song

Medhat Saleh, The Beta Male Of Egyptian Pop

I grew up watching the short clips for the music Medhat made in the late 80s and the early 90s, I have also enjoyed his theme songs for a number of TV drama. Luckily Medhat is not showing any sing of slowing down.

His last album came in 2009, it offered more than a dozen of pretty catch songs and number of duets. His next album is due late this year, but sometimes tells me it might see some delays. Medhat is one of those voices that if you grew up with him, you like him and if you do not know him or if you are young, you do not really resent him.

That's why we now have a single song for Egypt or his loved one. He is asking for change and says, he won't be silent no more. Not great music, but a decent throwaway song. Not sure what will be next for Medhat Saleh, but he seems not to have problems making it to the news for all the good reasons of course.

اغنية مدحت صالح - حلفت بربى / Medhat Saleh - Heleft Be Raby

How Egypt's Rappers Warned SCAF About the Current Uprising

Hi there! Ulysses (a.k.a. @ArabRevRap) here with a new post for you to check out. Many thanks again to Hani for kindly publishing it on his blog. I hope you enjoy it!

As you're well aware, Egypt is in the midst of a revolutionary uprising against SCAF, the ruling military junta that took over after the January 25th Revolution forced Mubarak from power. This all started on Friday, November 18 when, with parliamentary elections just a few weeks way, various currents and movements of Egyptian Islamism came together for a huge rally Tahrir Square. They were protesting how the latest draft of the constitutional principles document gives SCAF an overwhelming and permanent influence on Egyptian politics. Most of Egypt's liberal and leftist activists decided against participating because of their differences with the Islamist movements. The Islamist demonstrators went home that night, but about 200 mostly leftist protesters set up tents and staged a modest sit-in in Tahrir to air their grievances, including SCAF's attacks on free expression, its detention of prominent activists, its imprisonment of over 12,000 civilians through military tribunals, and its utter unwillingness to begin reforming any of Egypt's major institutions (particularly the Ministry of Interior's police and security forces) and hold them to account. So when security forces cavalierly stormed the Tahrir encampment and broke it up with extreme prejudice, they unexpectedly created the spark that ignited what could very well become the Second Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The 4 Cats New Lesbian Love Music Video

No judgement whatsoever. By now you might know that the pop music and fashion show band 4 cats are forming again with new band members. None of the original band members have anything to do with this band. Just took another look at the comeback music video.

This music video made some waves before it was released, but once it was made public it was so horrible that no one spoke about it. Checkout the dislikes and you will know what I am talking about. It was not a song, not even close just a bunch of girls having fun and parading themselves around the camera in front of a huge sign that reads freedom.

The music video was, I think with no rhythm, no class and little glamor. I have nothing against those young ladies, but as a song and music video, this one is forgettable. Sex no longer sells the same way it used to, people now have access to too many entrainment channels that offer everything form quality to pornographic entertainment.

The 4 Cats - Shouq El Ayam / فور كاتس - شوق الأيام

P.S. I do not know anything about the sexual orientation of any of those ladies, they just act in a suggestive manner.

A Palestinian Class Act Called Cedar Zaitoun

Cedar Zaitoun is a Palestinian vocalist with a husband whose a composer and lyricists. She is the star and he is the background. Releasing a number of classical sounding songs through out her career. Her latest due to be released soon dedicated for cancer patient.

Here's the news, Ceder makes no cheesy songs, the jazz and lounge music is her style. For change, this adds more glamor to her Palestinian soundtrack. I am surprised I have not heard earlier about this dazzling vocalist, but when I did listen to her songs, I am a fan.

Cedar is not a household name as of yet, but in a big name with her community up north and the Palestinian intelligentsia seem to have taken a notice of her.
سيدر زيتون - اهديت قلبي

ya khofi - cedar zaitoun new 2011 سيدر زيتون - يا خوفي

Sana Moussa: Sings For The Past, Looks For The Future

Sana Mousa released a collection album in 2010 for her cover of older Palestinian songs performed with her warm voice that holds nothing back in its tribute to the oldies of Palestine. Sana said, that those songs come from her memory when she used to sit next to her grandma and listen to the old jazal songs. Sana was 4 years old then. Here's her Facebook page

Sana's style is not dated, the voice clearly out powers the music, music in Sana Moussa's track plays a supporting role. The lyrics and the stories take center stage.
Sana Moussa - vocalist. Born in Deir Al-Asad in the Galilee, Sana was raised in a musical family where she developed her passion for classical Arabic Music and traditional Palestinian music.

Not only is she a vocalist and an accomplished entertainer, as a good Palestinian she is Sana is working on her PhD in micro-biology. Sana studied the basics of classical Arabic music and scale (maqam) at the Al-Urmawi, Center for Mashreq Music in East Jerusalem. She is also completing her doctoral studies in neuroscience. The cool factor is this, her music is about the past, but her career is all about the future.

I am a fan and hope that one day Sana would come out to perform in the States, this is one live experience I have yet to have.
سناء موسى - يا عيونك

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wael Kfoury Finds His Groove Back

Few Arab singers can commend the popularity and the love of the ladies like Wael enjoys. This is one of the reasons he has yet to speak about his marriage in public. It took him few singles to find his voice back. In one of those singles leading up to his much ado about nothing album, he asks his former lover to give him back all the pictures.

Really, they are on Facebook man! I am hardly the only one to lampoon this song. It was asking for this treatment. This song of his that he just released seemed to have the Wael safe formula. Passion that allows for his vocals to shine without overdoing it. Doing romance in Arabic is really hard because last thing you want to do is come across as a cheese.

I think Wael Kfoury is making good on making a delightful song that only he can bring to life. "With Love" is the title...the universe started with love. No stars not want a moon, and no night rejects sleepless folks.

وائل كفوري بالغرام

UAE Gets Yet Another "I Love You" Song

UAE never has seen a bad day, so when a singer talks about protecting the homeland with their lives, I dismiss it. It does not carry any weight. But I get it the UAE is good to its citizens and it makes sense who they would adore this generous land.

So they lined up Ahlam, the top singer from that country, she was cool few years ago. and then the hottest composer, producer and singer Fayez Al Said, and young voice Jassim Mohammed. They all make a nice collection in attesting to their homeland and its beauty.

For the record, I was born there in Khur Fakan, and I love that land too, but my commtiment to the people and their good nature, not politicians. This song is good and it might move some people, but I am not feeling it.

اغنية احلام و فايز السعيد و جاسم محمد - مرايا العز

Mounir Sings For Freedom, But Takes No Side

Mohammad Mounir is back with a new song about the homeland and freedom, a call to protect the land, and protect freedom so that's not clear, what Mounir wants in this song. What side is he on? Unlike his hit single which was against the regime, his new Egypt love song is not taking sides, not once.

I think it might be hard to pick a side, there's no clear villains here. So Mounir is not our to instigate more troubles and driving people apart. He wants Egypt intact and he wants people to have freedom. Not sure if this son will be timeless, but it's what's it's and we have to wait and see.

كليب محمد منير - حريتى يا بلادى 2011

Hasnaa Makes Music For The World Music Section

Hasnaa comes from Morocco and thus she knows a thing of two about world music. Morocco has been a place where musicians from all around the world go to get inspired. Arab artists are no different. Hasnaa grew up in that kind of culture and it shows in her music.

Take for example one of her early songs--that's prior to her smashing album of 2005 Bamaba. A song she make with the Gypsy kinds who seem to love Arabs and Arabs love them back. Scores of Arab singers have done songs with those guys. The Spanish guitar bewitches Arabs like no other musical instrument.

Elissa did a song with them too, and so did others, but their music also shows often in Arabic music. You can argue that Muslims in Spain has a thing or two with the guitar. We know Amr Diab shot to fame once again with his Habiby Ya Noor Al Ain hit of 1998.

Yala Bena Yala - Hasnaa Wa Gipsy يالا بينا يالا - حسناء والجيبسى

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Egypt Haters Will Love This Shitty Song

Here's a proof that not everything in Egypt is of value. The land that made the best Arabic music is also the same land that gives birth to voices like those two new singers who make songs for their local block and taxi driver.

It's not their superior voices that got them there, and it certainly not their style of good looks that got these two singers. This is the one song that if you hate Egypt and the music from that place, you would use to say this place sucks.

But you know this is not true, Egypt makes very fine music, but people have different tastes in life, some like crazy music, other like their music like their politicians make no sense. One thing for sure, those people who are mad at life in Egypt, the marginalized will enjoy it. I am speaking of those kids sleeping in the streets and causing problems for everyone.
اغنية عصام اسماعيل ومنار محمود سعد - الواد ده مين

Iraqi Composer Ahmad Mokhtar Throwback Music

There are very few composers that can claim the sort of credit and fame Iraqi composer Ahmad Mokhtar enjoys. He comes from the shadows of the great Iraqi school of Arabic music. There are many who play the instruments Ahmad plays, but few can pull it off as well as he does.

When he is playing Arabic music, Ahmad seems to be living the moment, he is going back in time and bringing back those notes with his own twists. His CDs are a work of art as he innovates and infuses Arabic music with newer elements

قطعة موسيقية جديدة لأحمد مختار

Egyptian Revolution Take Two

It takes real men and women who are dedicated to their country to do what one sees in Egypt now. The old farts of Egypt are trying to steal the people's power. They did nothing, they people kicked out Mubarak not those old farts.

So now comes back round 2 of the struggle toward democracy. The youth are too smart for their own good, they are not buying those empty promises and the army custom making the next leader, it's something the people have to do not some council run by people with personal agendas.

This track has been circulating the net by Qabila support of the round two of the protests. It's interesting to see the same ones who did the killing during the Mubarak years, are now back doing the same thing like nothing has chanced. Business as usual, this is something no one agrees with.

مفيش رجوع @QabilaTv

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rest In Peace Amer Mounib--A Tribute

It's no longer a mean rumor or a cruel joke, Egyptian singer/actor Amer Mounieb has passed away in his hospital today at age 40. He died as a result of complication in tumor in his colon.

His funeral has seen just about everyone in the entertainment business showed up and even few sport legends. Amer seemed like a nice guy who loved life and it loved him back. He will live on through his art and will be survived by his family.

Amer Mounib's last audio message for his fans, talking about his health and denying rumors that he has passed away. He also talked about his new treatment, the one he got in Germany.
رساله خاصه من الفنان عامر منيب لكل جمهوره

Here's what some of the biggest names have to say about this tragic passing. Names like Warda, Richard Hajj, Mohammad Mounir, Elissa, Sherine, Hamid El Shari and others have commented on his passing.
المطربة الكبيرة وردة
"وفاة الفنان عامر منيب عن عمر يناهز الأربعين عاماً بعد صراع مع المرض.. البقــــــــاء للــه، ادعوا له بالرحمـــة يا جماعــــة".

النجم محمد منير
"البقاء لله.. الفاتحة والدعاء لعامر منيب.. ربنا يرحمه ويسكنه فسيح جناته"

الفنان حميد الشاعرى
"انتقل إلى رحمة الله تعالى الفنان والصديق عامر منيب وندعوا من الله أن يلهم أهله الصبر والسلوان ويغفر له ويجعل مثواه الجنة.. إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون".

الفنانة شيرين عبد الوهاب
"الـبـقـاء لله: انـتـقـل إلى رحمه الله الفنان عامر منيب.. اللهم ارحمه واغفر له وثبته عند السؤال وأدخله فسيح جناتك"،

المطربة اللبنانية إليسا
"حزنت كثيراً لوفاة عامر منيب، فلترقد روحه فى سلام، خالص التعازى لأسرته ... إليسا".

المطرب الشاب حسام حبيب
"الـبـقـاء لله: انـتـقـل إلى رحمه الله الفنان عامر منيب.. اللهم ارحمه واغفر له وثبته عند السؤال وادخله فسيح جناتك"

المطرب الشاب أكمل رسلان
"إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.. ربنا يرحمك يا عامر منيب.. ربنا يصبر أهله ويسكنه فسيح جناته إن شاء الله"

المطرب الشاب هيثم نبيل
"الـبـقـاء لله: انـتـقـل إلى رحمة الله الفنان عامر منيب.. اللهم ارحمه واغفر له وثبته عند السؤال وادخله فسيح جناتك"

ميس حمدان ومى سليم
"الـبـقـاء لله انـتـقـل إلى رحمة الله الفنان عامر منيب.. نسأل الله أن يدخله فسيح جناته ويغفر له ويرحمه.. اللهم آميــن"

النجمة حنان ترك
"توفى صباح اليوم الفنان عامر منيب وذلك بعد تدهور حالته الصحية.. ادخلوا الآن الصفحة حتى تكون ذكرى له وادعوا له فيها بالمغفرة والرحمة"

الفنان أحمد السقا
"وفاة الفنان.. عامر منيب بعد صراع طويل مع المرض عن عمر 40 عاماً رحمه الله وأسكنه جناته وغفر له إن شاء الله".

الشاعر خالد تاج الدين
"صديقى وأخويا وبدايتى فى الوسط الفنى عامر منيب البقاء لله"

الملحن مصطفى شوقى
"الفنان عامر منيب فى ذمة الله.. وصلاة العصر على جثمانه من مسجد رابعة العدوية..إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون"

المخرج عثمان أبو لبن
"إنه فقد اليوم صديقاً حقيقياً ورجلاً جيداً.. الله يرحمك يا عامر"

المنتج ريتشارد الحاج
دعاء لروحه أن ترقد بسلام وأن يصبر أهله

المنتج ميدو منيب
"أن لله وإن إليه راجعون.. البقاء لله. عامر منيب"
المصدر: أحمـــد زيــــن

Hisham El Hajj On Lebanese Beauties

Hisham El Hajj has never shied away from his home Lebanon and frankly this young and charming singer knows how to make a really attractive and original Lebanese song with that distinctive beat.

Every country thinks they are the coolest people and the world revolves around them, but the Lebanese people really believe that. Despite all odds and hardship, the love and the festivities of Lebanon never stop. Hisham is one of the few male voices that can express that so well. His mountain voice under promises and often over delivers.

As far as Hisham goes, he is not out to make cute Lebanese songs about the girl that broke his heart or being that best man out there. He seems to stay loyal to the style of his home..the land the people and the good looks without going over the top. Keep it simple, bring out a dance melody and simple proud lyrics that gets you going.
اغنية هشام الحاج - احلى لبنانية / Hisham El Hajj - Ahla Lebnaniye

Hany Zakraya Debut Single- A5retha Keda

You know when you hear something that is not bad, it's not great either. So you say this is bland, like lacking salt or something to give it character. This is how I feel about Hany Zakrya's new single.

This is a romantic song, a slow dark song. I have nothing against new and young voices, I just do not think people have the time to enjoy a song that is ok. In this age, if you are not top player, then you are nobody.

اغنية هانى زكريا - اخرتها كده / Hany Zakraya - A5retha Keda

Tamer Ashour ReNewing An Old Song

Tamer does two things really well, write good music and sing sad songs pretty well. His voices and his talent make him a prime player in those two markets. Messing up the release of his album during the days of the Egyptian revolution has put him at odds, but that doe snot mean he could not repackage an old song of his by re-producing it.

Fy Layaly Azaby Ma'ak is that song, a very good song on the first release, but now I think some others would enjoy it as the music is a bit more upbeat saving the gloom lyrics. Anyhow Tamer is a hard working musician who makes good choices, I am sure his next big thing would be worth covering. However, I am not seeing concerts with Tamer, maybe he does private parties, but I know he ones said, my songs do not tend to be the life of the party, they are dramatic. He is right.

اغنية تامر عاشور - وفى ليالى عذابى | توزيع جديد | جديد

Angham Closes Arabic Music Festival in Egypt

While Cairo burns, nothing can stop the music, not even death mayhem and violence. Egyptain super diva Angham was to close the Arabic Music festival in Cairo. That's her first appearance in the opera house after few years of not performing there. Supposedly, the organizers and Angham have fallen out of love, but last year that changed when they gave her an award.

Dude, don't make Angham angry, she is the best there is. She can sing and she can entertain the hell out of you. The concert was delayed by few days, but on Sunday even violence and chaos in Cairo did not stop the concert. People came to see Angham in action.

It was a night of beauty, tarab and all things considered. Maybe now Angham can fell the urge to make a decent full album that will be the rock of ages. But something tells me the mode is not ready. Egypt needs some time to hear once again. To be frank, this is one event, I would have loved to attend, my kind of night.

أنغام تختتم مهرجان الموسيقى العربيَّة

Does The Name Singer Neama Click?

Egypt has seen many stars come and fade, many leave with grace and a song or few that stick around. Alam Alphan, the music label that Mohsin Gabar launched in the early 80s, has been a gate keeper fro many of those voices, they helped them launch their careers.

Now Mazzika is uploading all their old clips and music videos all the day from the company's early days, I must say this is pretty cool as we get to learn more about the stars that helped made the translation from classical Arabic music to pop. Remember that sub par makeup makeup and outdated camera movement.

Neama was standing in the middle of it all, as the style she chose was slowly being pushed out the door, and welcoming the new funky pop. I am inclined to think that Naema is an Egyptian, but cannot find much online to back that up. I did mange to find a n old cassette cover of hers.

Nouma did not last long, maybe she just wanted to quit after one album it might also have been that she did not want to get into the image obsessed business and fast beat.
Haram Aleik - Neama حرام عليك - نعمى

Ana Bastaghrab Aleik - Nouhma انا باستغرب عليك - نعمى

Ala El Meena - Nouhma على المينا - نعمى

It Takes A Village To Shoot a Music Video

Most music videos have have one or two stars, telling the story with the lead artists and everyone else. But the number of people involved with the making of the music videos can vary. Now I just watched a music video for UTN1 with the crew in NY helping them shoot their song.

Can you could how many people are involved with the project? The behind the scenes is sometimes more important than the song itself--it's the way the sausage is made. It takes a village to make one person look good on camera yet alone a band of 4 musicians in the biggest city in this corner of the world.

I actually enjoyed this clip the features the people that you do not see on camera, but their work is not to be underestimated.
UTN1 Behind the scene in NYC كواليس تصوير بدي قول في نيويورك

Saief - Hansaky Really Wants To Forget YOU!

American singer Cee Lo might have told his lady "Forget You" or if you have listened to the unedited version he told her "F**k You" and now comes Egyptian up and coming singer Saief with his "I Will Forget You" song saying the same thing with few differences.

Saief is not a hater, he does not sound like a guy who wants war and that means he was not seen the worse of his lady. He is still in love, but that might say he is a nice dude with a heart of gold. But the picture accompanying the song makes Saief look like a bad boy.

I am not in love with slow songs, I think sometimes they do not help artists becasue they don't all them to show all their vocal strength.

اغنية سيف - هنساكى / Saief - Hansaky

Rashid Al Majid's Generous Second Act

He might be the richest Arabian singer, just look at his fancy cars collection to know that's is very true. He is the guy that seasoned poets chase him in fact some would even offer to pay him just to sing their writings. So when Rashid announced last week that he is recording his album in secret to avoid getting calls from people and lyricists asking him to sing their work.

The household name singer who seems to sing for the heck of it and seems not to enjoy public attention. So he rarely gives interviews, maybe becasue he is a private guy. One of the cool thing about Rashid the singer of the United Arab Emirates was asked to let his fancy car used for Mission Impossible 4 that was filming in Dubai. He turned them down.

Now a new album is about to see the light, but singles are creeping on us and people are talking again about this reclusive star. But for Rashid who has been focused on music made for the Gulf seems no longer interested in his early pop songs that made him the mega star of Arabia. Maybe he just doe snot like filming those music videos anymore.

راشد الماجد يا من تمنى / 2012 . حصريا ،سخه اصليه

راشد الماجد في الناس 2012 - راشد الماجدفي الناس

Fahad Alkubaisi Qatar's Lone Singer

When it comes to TV Qatar has Aljazeera network and one lone singer Fahad Alkubaisi, the young charismatic singer from that country who participated in the Bokra--Tomorrow operetta. Now comes his most recent music video where he is asking someone--not clear who to take it easy.

There are kids in the music video not models or grownups and a grandpa figure. There's also a nice looking grandma who is looking depressed. Not sure what the message here, but I am not a big fan of this beat--it feels tired. There are heavy messages in the song about not worrying about the haters. But where do these kids fit in the story?

جديد فيديو كليب بشويش فهد الكبيسي 2012

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sara Al Hani Wonderful Vocals, Poor Marketing

It takes more than a decent voice to become a household name. While Sara Al Hani is no stranger, she has rather a large fan base and a strong name recognition for her awesome voice. What she lacks is a good song that can bring out her name to the masses and I mean the masses that include the people that do not pursue music.

Sara has that kind of warm voice and personable character that shows in her interviews mostlry in Lebanon. Not sure if Sara tried to make a run for Egypt. She has two albums one of original material and another of her covering old Tarab style classical Arabic songs.

Sara is like Amal Maher, a great Egyptian voice, but needed a strong album. Amal Maher manged to leave the good voice and not brand category to an A list complete artist. I think with good choices, some cash in the bank and determination this could happen as well to Sara. Look no further than her new single released few days ago for those hard to please appreciators of Arabic music.

Sara Al Hani- Meen Elly 2al 2011/سارة الهاني- مين اللي قال ٢٠١١