Monday, November 21, 2011

Rashid Al Majid's Generous Second Act

He might be the richest Arabian singer, just look at his fancy cars collection to know that's is very true. He is the guy that seasoned poets chase him in fact some would even offer to pay him just to sing their writings. So when Rashid announced last week that he is recording his album in secret to avoid getting calls from people and lyricists asking him to sing their work.

The household name singer who seems to sing for the heck of it and seems not to enjoy public attention. So he rarely gives interviews, maybe becasue he is a private guy. One of the cool thing about Rashid the singer of the United Arab Emirates was asked to let his fancy car used for Mission Impossible 4 that was filming in Dubai. He turned them down.

Now a new album is about to see the light, but singles are creeping on us and people are talking again about this reclusive star. But for Rashid who has been focused on music made for the Gulf seems no longer interested in his early pop songs that made him the mega star of Arabia. Maybe he just doe snot like filming those music videos anymore.

راشد الماجد يا من تمنى / 2012 . حصريا ،سخه اصليه

راشد الماجد في الناس 2012 - راشد الماجدفي الناس


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