Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ahmed Ezz Rejects DNA Test Becuase He Is The Father Of Zeina's Twins!

Zeina and Ahmed Ezz made headlines when they met for the first time since her return from the US with twins and claims that Ezz is the father of her children. Zeina also claims to have married the actor in secret before heading to the US for their honeymoon!

An Egyptian judge ordered the playboy Ahmed Ezz and deadbeat father to take the DNA test. Ezz can make all those things go away if he took the test. He claims innocence and that Zeina is not his wife. Which makes him not the father of the twins. Now, if he is right why would not he take the DNA test.

He did fail to go to the clinic to take the test, Zeina and her beautiful twins did go and took the test, now Ahmed Ezz rejects to do the same. Instead this jerk is now changing the conversation, one time though his attorney he says "I will only take the test in the United States", he is asking the court to let him travel to the States to take the test. And he is now suggesting that he wants to take a peek at Zeina's medical records while she was in the States. He is also now saying who paid for all her fees while she was in the States? He is saying that she did not have enough money to begin with, so there must be another guy paying for it?

What a class a$#hole this guy. So deep down he knows he is the father--why else he would say not to the DNA. But since this is Egypt, he might restore to tradition of character assassination. Hires some guy to go on TV and tell folks he is the father and then submit a fake DNA and boom, justice has been served.  

Let's see of the justice system in Egypt takes this seriously and forces Ahmed Ezz to take the test. this way we will know for squire. No matter how long this takes, Ahmed Ezz will be shown to be a lair, and a person with little integrity. He could have avoided all this by doing the right thing, which is either say yes, they are my kids or just take the DNA test right away.  


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