Friday, December 12, 2014

(Pictures) The First Arab Stripper Arrives--Thank you @myriamfares

We know she is married now to a mysteries US based business man. But Lebanese dance and pop music sensation is not ready to settle down and she just released the cover for her upcoming album. Does that make her look like a stripper? I do not know maybe the wardrobe, and that sultry tortured look give it away. I do not know, but this is going to be an album people buy for the cover art.

Love the title "Aman" The good news this is a self-produced album by "Myriam Music" It will feature 13 tracks in between Egyptian, Lebanese and Gulf tracks to make sure to cover all the major markets. I do appreciate the Arabic calligraphy. We are told about a big event for the songstress in the Emirates Palace in the capital city of Abu Dhabi in concert with a fancy car company.

Below is the first song from the upcoming album.

دقوا الطبول ميريام فارس /Degou El Toboul Myriam Fares


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