Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sari And Karim Mohsen Team Up For Complicated!

The boys are back and they sound so good. Karim Mohsen teamed up with Sari on this song that will be on Sari's new album. Karim composed the music and joined the song as a feature. I like the dude's music, style and his voice.

The song gives the impression it was filmed in Dubai, it feels like a camera trick and some graphics and stock footage....The song is about falling in love and how it complicates things. Sari sounds like he is really going through this.

Then comes to the rescue the cool dude Karim to back up his buddy Sari. It's a bittersweet song from two artists who keep it interesting and worthwhile. I like both artists, there's Sari the handsome man with a soft voice and there is that Karim Mohsen, the rugged dude with force. It's a good team work, and I wish the music video was not so weak. It robes the song really. Nabil Mekawwy should go back to film school and spend more time on his music videos than on his beard.

The song it perhaps too short to connect with the listener, it creates an experience and then disappears like a flash.
Hayati Et3a2adet - Sari Ft Karim Mohsen حياتى اتعقدت - سارى و كريم محسن


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